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Solar Road studs, cost effective road safety equipment Avoid any kind of hindrance and obstruction with optimum quality road safety products which are specially designed for roads and highways. There are several types of products included like speed breakers, road studs, permanent markers, warning lights, delineator, solar blinker and many more. .All these are designed in a way to provide optimum level of safety and quality performance. Let us focus on the importance of solar road studs in this read. Why use Solar Road Studs These are used to provide high level of visibility on roads to avoid any accidents. These are much required at places where electricity is not available. Even at places where electricity is there, it helps in reducing the cost of electricity. These are also used to provide light on highways where other source of light is not available. These are fully automatic and don’t require maintenance throughout the year. These are cost effective and provide excellent safety on roads. Features and advantages of Solar Road Studs Solar road studs are helpful in reducing the number of accidents and mishaps. These are used to provide long distance illuminations and light. These are a piece of technology working on a solar panel. These are waterproof and unbreakable, thus making them highly durable and useful. These are helpful in providing visibility on roads with poor light coverage. Some of the features highlighted are : 1. These do not require to be operated. These are automatic in function. 2. These provide sufficient light in areas with poor light. 3. These are highly durable, strong and last for a lifetime. 4. Helps in minimizing accidents and mishaps on roads and highways. 5. These use natural source for light and illumination thus these prove to be very cost effective.

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