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Kรถpi, EKH, Ungdomshuset, Christiania, AFA,Vegan Coffee,food not Bombs,Chritical Mass,Straight Edge,HC,crust,grind. And a lot More in da Chapture!! Every city has its own legandary Underground center where youth try to keep alive their shene,which is actually a verry hard job, and demands a lot of work, but for sure the result is allways someting incredibly unic,colourfull,and funny , simetimes on both way. In Vilnius in the end of Kauna gatve, you can find a basement which was the withness of many happening and still gives home to a club called XI20. Their activists run the web page where you can find a lot of interesting information about the further and the near past of Lithuanian underground, and i can say that , i have read this page with a lot of joy before i came to the country. I collected some interting staff 4 U: lithuanian punk: Eastern Punk will always be werry closed to my hungarian 80's punk heart, My home schene got a lot of inspiration from eas germany, and in Lithuania it was just the same as in all socialist countries. It was illegal to be underground, and some members of the subculture ended up in the prison!! Lithuanian squats: Lithuanian Ska/reggae pure political, ice cold, sunshine and palm trees are for mainstream media:D I was so lucky and i could see Berlin, and Copenhagen , bouh for more times, and i have meet some verry serious persones like the punks in Weinsmeister schtrasse or the hobo who is supposed to give metro magazine to the people of the street, but he does not just simply gives it, hi is dancing like in the ballet theatre , and gives a lot more then a free press. These people are allways in the street, you can meet them anywhen when you go there, for sure they are world faumost , but does not earn millions, this city is full of this kind of artictic creations , and my main goal is to see, and write a small description 'bout..:)

A radio to listen!! The Lithunaian air is free to broadcast music for the lovers of any kind of not main stream style, you can listen to it in Starfm radio which is run by university students. Do not hessitate to turn it on!! jazz/nu jazz/psychodelic/electronic/ska/reggae/dub/punk/metal/ whatever!!!

note: you can catch all the musicans in any Vilnius night in one of the pubs, soo be ready to get the rithm:)

Sunday Football if you are a kind of sporty person or you just like to sing butball marchs , you do not have to miss your home team, the local afa organizes a Sunday footbal team, wich has allready played in championships with teams from the neightboring countries like da Baltiruskee and Ukrainian:) here they go: I ques they did not meet the hungarian dinamo torpedo:) who knows what could happen:)))

Art commune in the heart of the city!! the lithuania people have the skill to use the old factories on the most effective way, and Loftas is just a very siple example, near to Panorama it is the old printig house which is the base of an artist communa, they heat their concert hallwiht a metal barrel, the jamaican flag is painted on the wall, and in the chaia shop you can find spicy indian teas and sweet cookies.. but that is on the weekend. On the weekdays thay install their creatures, there are some african dance class or yoga for the

dudes with exteme taste. And their cute dogs of course:)

note: there are no sign on the bulding! Follow the lights!

The solution for an alternative appetite!! next to balti dramblai it is a construction, in a yard full of mud. There are hardwear machines working right now, but if you go inside to the parking place, you will recognize some tables with some empty cans of drinks. Inside in the house it is a book and record libary from underground music and underground litelature . Heavy music comes from the speakers, and the organizers cook some teaty vegan meal, which is for any one who gives some donation! When i was there last we give a bag of yelly frogs:)

note: there are verry serious faces, who were squating in spain or in any possible places, so get ready to hear some interesting stories!!!


fun-zine about local underground scene

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