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2012 Regulations Introduction The following technical regs are set out in accordance with the MSA format and it should be clearly understood that unless it says clearly that you CAN DO IT, you should work on the principle you CANNOT. No modifications mechanically or physically to the car as sold by Honda, unless otherwise stated within these regulations. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure his/her car meets Blue Book regulations in all matters. Where parts are replaced they should be with Honda manufactured components from the manufacturer’s parts list for the model being raced. In the interest of cost non generic Honda replacement parts can be used, where they can be shown and proven to be of the same material, manufacturing process, form, shape, function and fit without modification as the original.

Description Civic Racing Club, Civic Cup series is for Honda EG and EK model cars only between 1992 and 1999. All models being raced must strictly abide by the Maximum BHP Limit and Minimum Weight. If you are over the BHP Limit, or under the weight limit, Ballast will be added to compensate. All cars must comply with (though do not need) MOT requirements (excluding emissions), be of sound construction and mechanical condition and well maintained. There is no need for an MOT certificate, road tax or insurance unless driven to the circuits.

Safety Drivers should ensure that both they and their cars conform in every way with the MSA Blue Book, with specific regard to safety matters. You are particularly drawn to, though not exclusively, the installation of roll cage, race seat, harness, fire extinguisher, and your racing clothing.

Chassis CLUB CONTROLLED PARTS ONLY No modifications to original chassis and chassis pick points allowed.

Car Exterior No alterations to the shape of standard bodywork. The basic car must retain its original silhouette. Standard wing mirrors must be retained, wiper blades must function, and all lights must function. Towing eyes must be painted in accordance with the MSA regulations. Any replacement body panels must be original shape. No modifications may be made to the body work other than repairs, although single skinning panels to reduce weight is allowed. Exterior trim should remain standard.

No widening of the wheel arches is permitted. Bonnet and engine covers to be in normal closed position with no non standard gaps. No use of tape to fill shut lines.

Interior Drivers seat may be replaced and there is no passenger seat requirement. Floor coverings and roof linings may be removed. A dash must remain in situ, but radio, stereo units, speakers, heater system and associated ducting/wiring as well as the spare wheel and tools may be removed. Steering wheel can be replaced. Glass sunroofs must be removed and the opening enclosed in accordance with MSA regulations. Electric window motors and door cards can be removed but the doors must be covered in accordance with MSA regulations. All cars must be fitted with an MSA approved roll cage.

Ground Clearance It is permitted to alter the ride height but the car must be no less than 75mm from the ground in race trim with driver stationary.

Engine 1600cc Honda Engines only, with no more than 180bhp at the flywheel, and only normally aspirated. The engines are to be run in standard specification. No internal performance enhancing modifications to the engine are allowed. The use of standard or standard pattern parts and components only to be used for rebuilds which should be within the tolerances set down by Honda’s workshop manuals. 1 month before 1st race all cars entered for the series MUST be dyno tested on the same day with same dyno, all engines will be sealed after test. Any engine found to have increased power of more than 2% will have ballast added to compensate. If power is found to be substantial the car may be refused entry. Any engines that are rebuilt after this test, will be re-dyno’d and re-sealed. All cost’s for above to be bourn by the entrant. The first 3 cars in overall classification may be tested after each event.

Oil and Water Cooling Radiators to be standard in terms of capacity and location. Repolacement alloy radiator can be used (Club Controlled item only) Standard sump to be retained, but may be baffled.

Induction System After market air filters allowed and can be fed with direct air feed. No Forced Induction of any kind

Exhaust System Manifold and system may be changed to a club approved product only.

Ignition System Standard ECU only to be used (no remapping). Spark plugs and HT leads free.

Fuel System Fuel pump, fuel rails, and injectors to remain standard, fuel lines and filter are free. Fuel Tank may be baffled or swirl pots fitted. Must be an In-Tank Sytem and Club Controlled item only. There must be a minimum of 2.5 ltrs left in the tank after each race for sampling reasons.

Suspension Permitted Club Controlled only shocks and springs are allowed, providing they mount on the standard mounts. Must be Club Approved Product. Anti-roll bars are free, providing they comply with the club rules, but must not be adjustable by the driver when seated. Poly bushing replacements are permitted.

Prohibited Modifications to suspension pick up points, cockpit adjustable anti roll bars whilst driver is seated, offset or adjustable suspension strut mounts or hub carrier brackets, dampers with remote reservoirs.

Wheelbase and Track Wheelbase and track to remain standard for the model being raced.

Transmission Must remain as standard (gearbox, ratios etc.) for the model being raced. No internal modifications allowed. A controlled limited slip differential or torque biasing differentials may be used. (club control part only) No traction control. Up-rated clutch may be used. (club control part only)

Electrics Ignition system standard, spark plugs and HT leads free. All lights to remain operative as per MOT standards. LED rain light to be fitted in accordance with Blue Book regulations. Batteries may be repositioned, but no external slave batteries to be used. Car must be capable of repetitive starts of main/only battery. A fully working and standard alternator and pulley must be fitted. Engine cut of switch fitted in accordance with Blue Book. The cars key starting mechanism can be replaced with a push button starter. Cut off switch must be fitted as per Blue Book.

Brakes Discs & Calipers must be of standard type, pattern, size and material in all cases relating to that model. No bigger than 282mm in overall diameter. Brake pads must be club controlled items. Handbrake must be standard and must function in accordance with MOT standards. Must be Club Approved Product.

Wheels and Steering Wheels must be standard size for the model being raced, 7x15 max size. either standard. (Club Controlled Wheels Only) Steering locks to be rendered inoperative unless cars are driven to the circuit, in accordance with Blue Book J20.6. Wheels must be Club controlled items.

Tyres The control tyre is the Federal 595 RS-R or Federal FZ-201 which must be purchased from the club. All tyres will be branded and limited to 4 sets per year. These tyres are mandatory to be eligible to run in the series. No Branding, will be considered as cheating. No alteration to the tyres from the manufacturers specification is permitted. No heat retention devices or tyre treatments allowed. No re-cutting, re-grooving or any way that modifies the tread pattern is allowed. All manufacturer’s data should be clearly visible.


Minimum WEIGHT OF CAR = 1050 Kg, INCLUDING driver, At the end of each race. Weight taken after practice or race. Rolling road tests may be required on the day on demand at any time. Random checks will be carried out during the season to ensure no car or driver combination practices or races below these weights. Alternate Materials may be used in order to meet the Weight Limits, parts must remain as per standard ie. No vented bonnets. Cars MUST remain as OEM silhouette. Cars under the weight will have bias weight added. Front screen to be of laminated type and as per MSA rules.

Fuel Tank and Fuel Tanks must be standard in type and position and incorporate a non return valve in vent system. Fuel allowed as per MSA regulations. No Race Fuels over 99Ron

Silencing All vehicles must comply with current MSA regulations. 105DB Max

Driver Aids Driver aids such as data loggers or shift lights can be used during race meetings subject to fitment acceptability by scrutineers.

Series Sponsorship All vehicles must carry any series sponsor decals on the sides, top of bonnet, wing mirrors, top of tailgate below window and sunstrip as designated by the club. Car livery and personnel sponsors are free, but must have club approval prior to racing.

Parts Supply All parts and tyres must be purchased through the “Club� in the interest of control.

Cheating Anyone thought to be breaking any of the above rules will not be eligible for a podium and their points will not be given towards the championship. Cheating = No Podium, No Points & No Trophy

Updates These regs may be updated as and when the club/MSA sees fit. The new regs will be sent out to each driver upon alteration and will shortly follow live on the Civic-Cup Website.

2012 Civic Cup Regulations  

2012 Civic Cup Regulations

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