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On The Cover: Getting every drop possible out of the swell - Lowers CIVIC 2 COUCH Photo: Bryce Lowe-White

We Get Great Submissions Civic Couch would like to give surf photogs a chance to get their work in front of as many eyes as possible. By putting together an online magazine showcasing surf lifestyle/action shots from across the world, we will offer viewers a place to go and see the highest quality images while promoting the photographers. All photogs are welcome to submit their work. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting action or lifestyle, Kelly Slater or John Doe. As long as your image captures the surfing lifestlye and is a high quality shot, we will add it. Each picture includes the photographers name and his website. The website is a direct link to their site. If you like the shot, click on their site to check out more of their work. Have questions? Want to know more? Feel free to send me an email:

Thank You, Brad Jacobson Publisher

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This page: Northern L.A.

Photo: Bryce Lowe-White

310.406.5998 CIVIC


South Sw The Pacif

well Hits fic The Swell of the Summer swings in to California and Hawaii

The Swell Attacked Malibu Photo :Paul Fisher Website:



Kolohe Andino

Photo: Jacobson


Photo : Brad Jacobson Website:

The Same Swell That Rocked Southern California Brought Some Smiles To Oahu Photo : Paul Topp Website:



Room for more - Wedge Photo : Brad Jacobson Website:





Nature Washing the Apartments Photo : Paul Fisher Website:

Colton Sarlo Photo : Paul Fisher Website:



Rotation Photo : Paul Fisher

Photo: Shea


Northern LA Wide Open

Photo : Paul Fisher Website:

Colton Sarlo

Photo : Paul Fisher Website:

Stoked...Bowls Photo : Paul Topp Website:

Wedge Peak Photo: Ken Pagliaro


People line the beach at the Wedge Photo: Ken Pagliaro


Malibu Wall Photo: Ken Pagliaro Website:

Andrew Jacobson - County Line Photo : Bryce Lowe-White Website:

Luke Rife Photo : Justin Lahr Website:

Luke Rife Photo : Justin Lahr


Derrick Disney Photo : Justin Lahr


Magic Island Representing it’s name Photo : Paul Topp


Brian Woods Northern L.A. Photo : Bryce Lowe-White Website:

Andrew Jackson Photo : Bryce Lowe-White Website:

kanoa igarashi

Photo : Bryce Lowe-White Website:

Northern L.A. Photo : Bryce Lowe-White Website:

Waiting at Lowers Photo : Bryce Lowe-White Website:

Northern L.A. Photo : Bryce Lowe-White Website:

Wedge Fury Photo: Brad Jacobson

Cylinders throwing water Photo: Brad Jacobson

Rolling Thunder Photo: Brad Jacobson

The United Nations of Surfing Photo: Brad Jacobson

Nicaragua Boat Trip

a p All pictures: Bryce Lowe-White AST SURF TRIP


Nicaragua Traffic

Photos: Jacobson

Matt Pagan

Another Emty

Uneasy passage

Stoked Trip

Another A-Frame




Matt Pagan

“Nicaragua is an amazing place. Warm water, waves of all variety and awesome people. The AST Camp has a few different locations down there and they showed us the ins and outs of every surf spot. We got barrels, long point breaks, beach breaks, you name it.� ~ Matt Pagan



Austrailia Slab

an All pictures: Mike Riley All my Shots are from Northern Western Australia. cant say the spot, it’s something we will just call the desert or the edge of the world. ~ Mike Riley To view more of Mike’s shots, view his website : Click here:

Kane Perkins

Kane Perkins

dino adrian

the story with wave in the desert.... well it is very issolated and hard to get to. everything there is battling you. the reef is extremly sharp and covered in barnacles and urchins, you want to go in a boat so you dont have to deal with getting in an out because it is a very difficult task even for some of the best surfers in the world. a lot of us lads up here are fisherman so we have the pleasure of seeing whats swimming around up there. that place is home to some of the biggest tiger sharks in the world. the boys see them on a regular basis at work and there have even been a few white pointer sightings around.





dino adrian

JY Perkins

liam carter deep

a few of the boys copped a whipping. my mates brother surfs up there quite a bit. about 3 months ago he came off on a bomb and broke his jaw in 2 places and woke up on the reef and didnt know what had happened. that day was the first day that he had been up there since the last accident. he broke 2 boards in the moring and was still frothing to get a few more. he got a really wide one that closed out on him and he got drilled. smashed in to the reef and knocked out cold and woke up on the reef again. he paddled back out in the line up blood pissing out if his head and looking a little dazed. we started talking to him and he was wiggin out. he had no recalection of breaking the 2 boards earlier and he didnt know how he got up there. he ended up getting 6 stitches in his head and a concusion

All Eyes On JJ

B/W Air- Dane Zaun Photo : Ricky Lesser Website: www.

Kerby in the shade

“I was lucky this day and didn’t get sucked over the falls. the desert is a wild place where any thing can happen and you have to be prepared for the worst. every time we go up there something dangerous happens.�

Our Favo August Submissio


ons Photographers submit their photos to us and we selected our favorites to spotlight. Want to submit your photos for our next issue? Send them to

Matt McCabe Photo : Paul Fisher Website:

Pool With A View Photo : Ricky Lesser

Sunset Walk Photo : Justin Lahr Website:

Matt Pagan Photo : Justin Lahr Website:

Prepairing Photo : Justin Lahr Website:

Dane Zaun - South Bay Photo : Ricky Lesser

Mavericks Yard Sale Photo : Paul Fisher Website:

Leroy Grannis Memorial Photo : Ricky Lesser

Nicaragua Traffic Photo : Ricky Lesser

Nicaragua Photo : Ricky Lesser

Jude Luhrsen

Photo : Justin Lahr


Mike Gleason

Photo : Justin Lahr Website:

Brad Ettinger

Photo : Bryce Lowe-White Website:

Bryan Timm Photo : Phill Gibbs Website:

Marcelo Malinco and the Legend, Jay AdamsPhoto : Paul Fisher


Carl Holm Ventura Photo : Paul Fisher Website:

Trestles Sunrise Photo : Phill Gibbs Website:


Lucas Rogers launching Photo: Justin Lahr Website:

Our SeptemberPhoto Issue  

Civic Couch would like to give surf photogs a chance to get their work in front of as many eyes as possible. By putting together an online...