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Environmental problem Establish an information center for maintenance and different technologies The Government’s policy is not up-to-date (need to be reviewed/ evaluated regularly) Short - term solution: Training/ maintenance/ cleaner fuel – P1 The Government should do more – aggressive practice – P1 Light Goods Vehicle – P1 LPG (Vans) pilot scheme – P1 Long-term Government Policy – P3 short term greed will slow or kill alternative technologies old technologies and infrastructure won’t change fast enough government will not mandate reductions or give adequate support to operators public will not pay higher cost in short term for longer health need to step back “behind” current problems –analyse or discuss how we got there-- quick fixes are of no use health risks to air quality not communicate or understood enough maintenance cleaner fuel better engine design exhaust after treatment alternative fuel

Medium & Heavy Goods Vehicles – Green Group • Cleaner fuels are expensive • Dirty diesel available cheaply • Vehicle maintenance • Mobility • Town planning • Vehicle age • Not innovative enough • Lack of up to date equipment • Driver awareness i.e. idling engines • Lack of relevant specialists • Policies • Emission standards across vehicles • Stakeholders not organized (lack of clout) • Polluter pays inconsistent • Cross border • Legislation • Enforcement efficiency • Education-stakeholders public • Incentives • Relevant technologies not used • Automotive career discounted • Licensing of mechanics and garages • Renewable: attitudes among stakeholders • Acceptance of technologies among trade • Social costs of pollution Buses – Brown Group • In short term recognize existing technologies such as Internal Combustion Engine rather than new technologies • Cost who pays? Government needs to clarify if the polluter pays • Inspection/Maintenance programme necessary even for new engines • Government set zero emission standards within 5 years • Government to have zero or ultra low emission program • Need for bus replacement with new technologies • Dedication of existing transport system to diesel or Internal Combustion Engines • Reduction of ground level air pollution as soon as possible


Final report Appendix 1 typeset  
Final report Appendix 1 typeset  

Table A1 Costs (HK$) of ULSD compared to standard diesel Diesel standard Import price ($/L) Duty ($) Retail price ($/L) Regular diesel (350p...