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One of the success factors of group problem solving is the selection of a group of people who collectively have the best possible knowledge and understanding to resolve issues and evaluate solutions relating to the problem. Not everyone who is involved in the issue can be present at the workshop. It is, however, essential to have all the stakeholders who will be affected by decisions made during the study - represented. Representatives of transport operators, vehicle suppliers, government regulators and environmental organisations were invited together with proponents of alternative technologies. Over 90 people attended the workshop. The participants, who are listed in Appendix A, were invited to contribute their knowledge of the Industry, their technical, intellectual and creative resources and their experience to contribute effectively to solve the problem of continuing and increasing vehicle pollution in Hong Kong. 7. KEY ISSUES AND CONCERNS Following the introduction session, participants were invited to join their interest group and discuss the key issues about vehicle pollution that concerned them. A spokesperson from each interest area then shared their group’s key issues and concerns with the whole workshop. A composite list of key issues and concerns was compiled and a copy posted in each work room to focus the minds of participants on what collectively were felt to be key issues. Table 6.1. - Table of Key Issues (collective) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Traffic congestion Inspection and maintenance for all vehicles Infrastructure Dirty diesel Transparency of process in choosing technologies Public awareness of environmental concerns and health Cost: who pays? Clean fuels are expensive Need to do quickly Safety Government policy Town planning-mobility Need for new technologies/availability Too many old vehicles Effectiveness of alternative technologies Durability Social cost of pollution/health

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Reduction of ground level air pollution Awareness or acceptance of new technology by trade organizations Lack of respect for vehicle maintenance profession Sustainability of new technologies Co-operation between government and trade Refuelling or vapour leakage at petrol stations Enforcement efficiency Quick fix attitude-no long term view Present transport system geared towards diesel or internal combustion Acceleration is addictive-people want to accelerate i.e. driving behaviour and attitudes More stringent regulations ASAP Realistic and achievable targets Education and training

Details of the key issues and concerns for each interest area is given in Annex 1.



Final report Appendix 1 typeset  
Final report Appendix 1 typeset  

Table A1 Costs (HK$) of ULSD compared to standard diesel Diesel standard Import price ($/L) Duty ($) Retail price ($/L) Regular diesel (350p...