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before they practise divergent thinking to consider all possible ideas and options. Only then, can they collectively converge to a consensus and preferred option.

Constructive Overlap

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Participants were invited to 1. Enter into discussion sincerely and enthusiatically 2. Give freely of their experience 3. Confine their discussion to the problem and not to digress 4. Actively listen to other participants 5. Be patient with other participants and seek to understand the other participants point of view By having a consensus, there is a greater chance that some of the recommendations identified by the workshop can progress. This is particularly important in a government context. This workshop was quite an unusual event for Hong Kong - there are very limited opportunities for such a diverse group of people to sit down and talk issues through. 5. OBJECTIVES OF THE WORKSHOP The purpose of the workshop is to consider how to reduce vehicle emissions in Hong Kong. The study is limited to Hong Kong vehicle generated pollution:- not looking at possible pollution from Guangdong. - not considering other forms of transport, traffic control measures or switching from one form of transport to another (ie road to rail). In detail, the objectives of the workshop were: 1. To gather ideas on how to pursue ways to improve the vehicle emissions. 2. To develop action plans to take vehicle emissions strategies forward. 3. To provide a network for ongoing development of strategies 6. PARTICIPANTS


Final report Appendix 1 typeset  
Final report Appendix 1 typeset  

Table A1 Costs (HK$) of ULSD compared to standard diesel Diesel standard Import price ($/L) Duty ($) Retail price ($/L) Regular diesel (350p...