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Particulate traps for light duty diesel vehicles cost $1300 (fully subsidised by Government) but need daily washing which is time-consuming for operators. Moreover, operators lack convenient locations for filter washing and for disposal of particulate-laden waste water. Diesel oxidation catalysts for light duty vehicles cost $4000 (Government provides $1300 subsidy). CRTs for heavy duty vehicles cost HK$25,000-40,000

Infrastructure costs and requirement • The existing infrastructure can be used. No modifications to diesel engines are required to use cleaner diesel fuels. Safety • ULSD poses no additional safety risks compared to conventional diesel, although diesel in general is carcinogenic. Availability • Euro 2 & light duty Euro 3 vehicles widely available. Euro 3 buses to be introduced 1/10/01. • ULSD (50ppm) is now available from refineries in Singapore. There is no source of 10ppm sulphur diesel in Asia. • Water blend diesel could be imported from the UK. • Particulate traps for small vehicles are produced locally. • CRTs produced by Johnson Matthey. For buses, a similar trap, DPX, is produced by Engelhard. • Five manufacturers have oxidation catalysts certified by the US EPA to reduce urban bus particulate emissions by over 25%.14 Status worldwide and Hong Kong • Diesel engines most commonly used engine worldwide for heavy trucks and buses. In Hong Kong over 150,000 diesel vehicles registered. Many of these vehicles are pre-Euro standard. • First Bus is currently testing a water blend diesel emulsion on 2 buses and may expand if the trial works well. • F-T diesel produced from coal is used as a neat transportation fuel in South Africa and as a blend with petroleum diesel to achieve low sulphur specifications.15 Shell has a commercial plant in Malaysia and other oil companies are developing pilot or commercial plants. • Over 13,000 CRT particulate filters in service in Europe, the United States and the Far East. • The 3 main franchised bus operators have, or plan to, fitted DOCs to their pre-Euro or Euro 1 bus fleet. They are also testing CRTs for operability and effectiveness. If successful they will retrofit CRTs to the bulk of their Euro 1 & 2 fleets. • Government is testing 5 CRTs on Euro 1 & 2 vehicles and may fit more if tests are positive.


Cannon J S and Sun C (2000). Bus Futures. New Technologies for Cleaner Cities. INFORM Report. 15 See footnote 3.


Final report Appendix 1 typeset  
Final report Appendix 1 typeset  

Table A1 Costs (HK$) of ULSD compared to standard diesel Diesel standard Import price ($/L) Duty ($) Retail price ($/L) Regular diesel (350p...