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APPENDIX 3: SUMMARY OF LIFE-CYCLE GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS This report has tried to cite studies that compare different technologies using similar assumptions. This will hopefully reduce variations attributable to local conditions rather than the technologies themselves. Obviously, local circumstances greatly impact GHG emissions, but it is beyond the scope of this study to examine life cycle emissions for Hong Kong. Nonetheless, the studies provide a rough comparison of different technologies on a relative basis. The absolute figures are subject to many assumptions. Figures 3.1-3.3 provide comparisons of lifecycle GHG emissions associated with different technologies. 1 , 2 Figures 3.1 and 3.2 shows lifecycle GHG emissions for passenger vehicles, the latter based on technologies believed to be in commercial use by 2020. Figure 3.1 shows electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles reduce GHG emissions significantly due to the improved fuel economy of the vehicle. Figure 3.2 shows hybrid vehicles to be the most efficient. Considerable uncertainty exists on the estimates for fuel cell vehicles and depends on the source of fuel energy. For heavy duty buses, diesel hybrid buses and hydrogen fuel cell buses show the lowest emissions of GHGs.

Figure 3.1: Lifecycle GHG emissions for passenger vehicles (see footnote 1) 600


g CO2 equivalent/mile


300 Vehicle Manufacture 200

Upstream Vehicle Use



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1 Transportation Table of the National Climate Change Process (1999). Alternative and Future Fuels and

Energy Sources for Road Vehicles. 2 MIT (2000) On the Road in 2020. A life cycle analysis of new automobile technologies.


Final report Appendix 1 typeset  
Final report Appendix 1 typeset  

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