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sectional area of wiring. 49 Total capital costs of a trolleybus system has been estimated to be some 80%-210% higher than that of a comparable diesel bus 50 Substations required to stepdown voltage. Can be compact (2m high, 2.5m wide and 4.6m long) and situated in car parks, under flyovers and on roof tops. Substation transforms 11kV ac supply to 600V direct current (dc).51

Safety • Overhead wires may impede fire fighting in narrow streets. • Auxiliary traction batteries, or small internal combustion engine and generator could allow bus to go “offline” in emergency situations. Availability • Single-decker, 2 or 3 axle rigid chassis or 3-axle articulated versions available. 52 • No double deck trolleybuses are produced worldwide at present but it is possible to produce using an existing bus chassis. Hong Kong would need a 3-axle double decker trolleybus, with air conditioning and low floor. 53 Status worldwide and Hong Kong • In operation in over 340 cities in Asia, America and Europe, including 26 cities in China • In June 2001, Citybus launched a 6 month trial at Wong Chuk Hang on a converted short double-deck Dennis Dragon bus to check reliability, durability, performance and costs. • The Transport Department study on trolley buses was published in June 2001. 54 The Government intends to explore the merits of introducing a pilot scheme in a new development area, such as South East Kowloon Development. Applicability to HK • Relatively short and busy routes most promising. Good for hilly routes and polluted urban areas in both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. • Urban route 98 (Lei Tung Estate to Aberdeen) has been suggested as an ideal trial route, which would require 6 short double deck trolley-buses.55 H.


Vehicle Emissions • Series design hybrids have potentially lower overall emissions than parallel hybrid systems. The latter have improved fuel economy which also reduces toxic and ozone forming pollutants.56 49

Transport Department (1999). A Case Study – Trolley Buses in Hong Kong. Unpublished internal study. 50 Transport Bureau (2001). Feasibility Study on Introducing Trolleybus System in Hong Kong. Paper to Legislative Council Panel on Transport. 22 June 2001. CB(1) 1575/00-01(03) 51 ibid 52 ibid 53 J Blay, Citybus, Pers. Comm. 54 See footnote 50. 55 See footnote 49. 56 See footnote 10.


Final report Appendix 1 typeset  
Final report Appendix 1 typeset  

Table A1 Costs (HK$) of ULSD compared to standard diesel Diesel standard Import price ($/L) Duty ($) Retail price ($/L) Regular diesel (350p...