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Border Fellows

Description Border Fellows is a holistic development program in El Paso, Texas geared towards recent college graduates. Fellows gain professional work experience, serve at a local community development organization, take graduate school courses, and join the family of St. Clement’s Church. Our aim is to develop leaders and “seek the peace and prosperity” of the US-Mexico border region (Jeremiah 29:7). Employment Fellows explore their vocational callings in part-time professional work placements. Community Development Fellows build cross-cultural relationships with families in the Rio Grande neighborhood through regular volunteer work with Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach. Education Fellows continue their studies by enrolling in two graduate courses through Reformed Theological Seminary. Professors delve into relevant topics such as theology, immigration, poverty, and community development. Church Involvement Fellows grow in knowledge of themselves and their neighbors through participating in St. Clement’s Church, living with a host family, and attending a discipleship group.

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Faith in Jesus Christ Commitment to raise financial support of $5000 Medical Insurance Transportation

Border Fellows Vision Border Fellows is committed to the transformation of young people and the city of El Paso. The vision is twofold: one, to equip recent college graduates for holistic lives, integrating faith, vocation, outreach, education and church involvement; two, to build bridges between the Church of St. Clement and the Rio Grande neighborhood, spanning diverse cultural, social, and economic borders. Our hope is for personal and structural reconciliation, resulting in a community-wide shift from strangers to neighbors.

Fellows Share God has used Border Fellows to show m e the blessing that com es with seeing com m unity through His eyes--by coming alongside the materially poor--not to bestow my false idea of kindness, but to learn how to listen, give others a chance to share their stories, and let my grinch-heart grow two sizes too big for those around me that God cares about. – 2013 Fellow This program is teaching m e to pray God's thoughts after Him, gain His heart for El Paso, and love what He loves. – 2013 Fellow

I have absolutely loved how hands-on my Border Fellows experience has been. One single day could include: coordinating transportation for families experiencing homelessness, helping a single mother submit job applications, attending a meeting for all churches in inner-city El Paso, assisting a student with algebra homework, delivering a Gospel message to a group of middle schoolers, and attending a small group with other adults from our church. God has been using these experiences to teach me a variety of skills that I know I will use long after my Border Fellows year is finished: skills for cross-cultural and cross-class ministry, navigating government-run systems, mentoring, teaching, and relationships building. – 2013 Fellow

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Border Fellows  

Border Fellows is a holistic development program in El Paso, Texas geared towards recent college graduates. Fellows gain professional work e...