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Catholic Students & The Rainbow

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Trans Lacking In HIV Testing By Dr. Dan Bowers

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Why Gay Pride Still Matters

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By Jack Davis

By Samantha Allen

Pulse Looking To Open New Location By David Vandygriff

VH1 RuPaul’s All Star S3 A Go By Rachel Davis

Jax Black Car Executive Service By Jax Black Car

5 Amazing LGBT Friendly Destination By Debi Perry

Jacksonville Confederate Monuments By Jesse Childers

A&E Renews ‘Born This Way’ By David Vandygriff

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Explaining the protest, the student wrote that it was not against their school but rather the BishCatholic students and the rainbow op. “This little By Jack Davis movement we A group of Catholic school had was not against our school it students in Sydney have taken was against the Bishop’s stance on a homophobic bishop by on the matter and we did it to covering their school crest with make sure that everyone feels rainbows. The protest is being welcome in our school and shared by a 17-year-old female knows they will not be judges,” student at the school. She she wrote. became annoyed after the school released a statement in She explained that the which the bishop urged for a no movement was started by vote in the upcoming equal students in the year above her marriage postal survey. who had created the rainbows and left them on a table with a Taking to Twitter, she shared “please take one” sign. The images of students wearing student added: “I really do think drawings of rainbows stuck over my school is a really the school crest. The student supportive, welcoming place and and school have not been I am grateful to be able to attend. named because she feared expulsion. The tweet has since “I hope that you can all know we been shared by thousands of weren’t trying to shame out people. school it was a fight for what is


right against the Bishop and Catholic School Board.” People congratulated the students on the peaceful protest movement. “Thank you! People like you and your friends make me feel better about the world,’ one person said. You are all fabulous and awesome and wonderful and brilliant! Please pass that on to all your classmates,” another added. 7

percent reported ever being tested and 8.6 percent reported being tested during the previous year.

Trans lacking in hiv testing Dr. Dan Bowers A CDC report found that despite their high overall risk of HIV, transgender individuals get tested only as often as cisgender heterosexuals.

to account for differences in demographic characteristics between the gender groups, the CDC investigators found that among trans women, the proportion reporting that they Despite their high overall risk of were ever tested for HIV was HIV, transgender individuals get 35.6 percent and the proportion tested for the virus only as often reporting that they were tested as cisgender heterosexuals, in the past year was 10 percent; who are at much lower risk for among trans men those figures the virus. were a respective 31.6 percent and 10.2 percent. The A recent Centers for Disease corresponding rates for Control and Prevention (CDC) cisgender MSM were report analyzed data from the considerably higher, at a Behavior Risk Factor respective 61.8 percent and Surveillance System (BRFSS), 21.6 percent. The testing rates which provided survey for trans individuals were similar information drawn in 2014 and to those of cisgender 2015 about HIV testing habits heterosexuals, of whom 35.2 among individuals in 27 states and Guam. All told, the survey collected responses from 732 trans women, 451 trans men, 3,798 cisgender men who have sex with men (MSM) and 301,524 cisgender heterosexual men and women.

“This finding suggests that transgender women and men might not be sufficiently reached by current HIV testing measures,” the report authors wrote. “Tailoring HIV testing activities to overcome the unique barriers faced by transgender women and men might increase rates of testing among these populations.” The rates of ever having been tested were higher among Black trans women and men, at a respective 62.6 percent and 66.9 percent, compared with white trans women and men, who got tested at a rate of a respective 33.2 percent and 30.7 percent. Among trans women, the subgroup with the highest rate of ever having been tested, 68.5 percent, was among those who had ever been diagnosed with a depressive disorder.

In 2015, the CDC produced a report that analyzed 9 million HIV tests funded by the agency, finding that trans women had the highest rate of positive test results, 2.7 percent, among any gender category. In the new report, the CDC noted that trans men are also at high risk for the virus.

After adjusting the BRFSS data 09


but our gay professional sports hero, Michael Sam is doing something wrong by kissing his boyfriend on television. That kind of controversy needs to end. Gay Pride helps.

whole day and evening hanging out with this mixed tribe of LGBT people who were celebrating being out and open about themselves. It was empowering. And today as I sit in Provincetown, Mass. enjoying a peaceful library space to write this post, I’m in awe of the community that has been created here.

There’s pride in being out and open. Pride that comes from being able to hold your lover’s hand openly as you walk down the street. And in most of the USA, it takes a Pride Parade for LGBT couples to be able to do that. Gay Pride is about caring and responsibility. We do care for our community and we want to express that it is important. We Since then Gay Pride, which is want our community to kick usually the whole month of June, shame to the curb and celebrate has expanded around the globe. The first time I attended a Pride the amazing lives we are living. This celebration of life, love and Parade after coming out was a We want to take pride in our liberty isn’t just about parades deeply meaningful experience community activism, take pride and partying. It’s about the gay for me. Walking in that parade in our relationships and take community being visible and be- wasn’t just about having fun; it pride in ourselves as individuals. longing to a community, a town, was a declaration of personal Gay Pride is the celebration of a city, a nation and the world. self-acceptance. It was a decla- life, human rights and ultimately ration that I really was a part of the right to love whoever we It’s about spreading hope that the LGBT community and I didn’t want. That is always worth celenot only are things getting better want to hide it anymore. It was brating. but things will continue to iman amazing feeling to spend a prove because we won’t forget the battles, the lives lost and the pain suffered that now affords us a growing list of equal rights in the United States. But let’s not forget places like Russia, India or Uganda that have criminalized being gay or doing anything that publicizes the LGBT lifestyle. We call it Gay Pride. A series of events that happen in cities big and small that celebrates being gay in a straight world. It’s a powerful symbolic action that started after the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City when gays fought back against police brutality.

Pride matters because it’s not always obvious that our world is built around straight privilege; which says it’s ok that the top NFL draft can kiss his girlfriend 10

Same sex marriage rights are in part the result of Gay Pride. When Pride parades, events, movies, parties and discussions happen, LGBT people are seen for more than just a caricature of who we are. We are seen as real people: mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Funny, silly or serious we become more than just a shadow to be afraid of.

memorial, but it’s not clear what she’ll do with the original building. There’s been debate among the community about the origiBy David Vandygriff nal Pulse nightMore than a year after a mass club, with some arguing that it shooting killed 49 people at should be reopened as part of Pulse, the gay nightclub looks onePulse’s mission to “not let poised to rise again. According hate win.” to the Orlando Sentinel, the club’s owner, Barbara Poma, is In May, Jason Felts, CEO of Virlooking for a new location for the gin Produced and board member club “somewhere in central or of onePulse Foundation, exurban Orlando.” The news plained the goal of the memorial, comes ahead of a town-hall stating: “This project is not about meeting on September 13 that replacing a building or a fun will discuss plans for a memorial. hangout for the gay community. This project is about healing After the deadly massacre, PoCentral Florida, the GLBT comma started the onePulse Founmunity, the Latino community.” dation to help victims and build a

Pulse looking to open in new location

On the day of the town hall meeting, an online public survey will go live asking for input on the future of the Pulse building. Visit 13

Competition Series, making it the first LGBT-oriented show to land a nomination in the category.

VH1 RuPaul’s All Star S3 A GO By Rachel Davis

RuPaul is bringing back more Drag Race all-stars for season 3, henny. VH1 announced Monday it has greenlit a third edition of the reality competition spin-off, which reunites formerly ousted RuPaul’s Drag Race cast members for another chance at winning the title and securing a place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame, next to prior All Stars champions Chad Michaels and Alaska. “The world is calling out to see


more of these beautiful queens and I am going to give them every bit of it they can handle,” RuPaul, who also executive produces and hosts the series, said via statement. “These All Stars represent the best of the breasts, legs, and thighs. They are giving everything and you’re not going to want to miss it!” Filming for All-Stars‘ third season reportedly began in July, the same month RuPaul’s Drag Race scored seven Emmy nods — including one for Outstanding Reality

Companion series Untucked — a behind-the-scenes aftershow that airs online after new Drag Race episodes — has additionally been renewed for another season, following its debut Emmy nomination among the Unstructured Reality Program set, and will premiere alongside season 10 of the main competition next year. All Stars‘ third season is expected to debut at the top of 2018, with the 10th season of Drag Race following in spring. RuPaul is taking the WORLD by storm with a whooping 8 Emmy nominees. She won her first Emmy this year for Best Reality Host. So start your engines girls her comes Momma again.

Rogue, a beautiful Kestrel Falcon as well as Khaimah, a stunning, greater spotted eagle. The scene is far from what By Jax Black Car travelers may JaxBlack Car Executive think of when contemplating a Transportation is committed to trip to this indulgent destination, your travel needs, whether those yet for the birds and falconers of needs take you across town or Royal Shaheen; mornings like across the world. We are this are just another day in pleased to bring travel to life for Dubai. our clients; inspiring them to Traveling from the center of the travel well, travel further and city to the Dubai Desert travel smarter with us“. Conservation Reserve, where In Dubai, the hours just before Royal Shaheen is one of just a dawn are nothing short of handful of operators who have magical. The air, yet to be been granted permission to set warmed by the relentless, Middle up camp, is an event in and of Eastern heat is deliciously cool itself. With the hooded birds and the stillness holds a silence their silent companions, guests that is deafening. Despite a set- within the luxury vehicle travel ting so languid, the hour of day- past stately Oryx delicately break in Dubai has an exciting picking their way through sandy secret to share. dunes and caravans of slow

more so when one’s view broadens to include the nearby collection of perched, hooded raptors waiting patiently for their turn to soar.

After breakfast, Khaimah is freed from his hood. His brilliant, black eyes blink and in a flash, he’s off. The Falconer slips on a leather glove takes a piece of fresh quail in hand and raises his arm. Almost instantly Khaimah appears on the horizon, the majestic bird slicing through the morning sky before landing squarely on the falconer’s arm to collect his prize. Time and time again, the eagle hits his mark and time and time again, his spectators are left spellbound. “Ready to give it a go?” the Falconer asks and with a rush of excitement, the first guest nods his agreement while thrusting an arm into the heavy glove. The air stirs from the eagle’s approach and then all at once, there he is. Having ‘come to glove’ Khaimah is standing regally on the arm of a traveler At 5:30 am, a sleek, black car moving camels, their outlines who before this day had only arrives to collect a well-heeled silhouetted by the day’s first rays dreamt about how such an couple from where they wait of light until finally reaching the experience might feel. The within the lobby of a glittering gated entrance to the Reserve passion of its founder and Dubai hotel – its arrival heralding and ultimately, the Royal president, Peter Henry Bergh, the start of an exotic day, and Shaheen ‘camp’. Marked by a Royal Shaheen Events has what promises to be a beguiling lone, scrubby tree and a rustic, catapulted the ancient art of desert experience. Inside is reed fence designed to ward off falconry into the center of luxury Hendri, a falconer with Royal desert winds; the camp consists travel’s very modern spotlight. Shaheen Events. As one of the of a brilliantly hued rug upon And in doing so, has given United Arab Emirates most which a welcome breakfast of well-heeled travelers another – well-respected falconing groups, thick, Arabic coffee and sweet perhaps unexpected – reason to Royal Shaheen provides dates has been laid out. The visit Dubai. That is a quinteseverything from interactive VIP collective effect of the simple sential travel moment. And the falconing experiences to falconry meal served against a pristine, experience of a lifetime. training for competitions around desert landscape is stunning – the world, to ‘on-camera’ talent for film production and photo shoots – indeed collecting their guests in style is just one of the many upscale services the day will bring. Also in attendance is

Jax black car executive service

world-famous LGBT Pride Parade. Whether it is shopping, theatre show, great food or family fun you are looking for, this really is the city that never sleeps (although if you do, there are also hotels on offer for families of all ages)!

5 Amazing LGBT Friendly Destinations By Debi Perry

cityXtra counts down the top 5 LGBT friendly destinations for you and your family. Although many countries have only recently legalized same-sex marriage and adoption, there are still plenty of options for you and your family when it comes to holidaying as an LGBT family. Here, cityXtra looks at the top 5 places to go – but be warned, you may never want to come back! 5. Stockholm - Known as the Venice of the North thanks to its scenic waterways and leafy green parks that cover its various islands, picturesque Stockholm must be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, if not the world.

3. Sydney - If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, why not opt for the stunning city of Sydney? While most gays associate Sydney with its infamous gay night life, this Down Under destination also has plenty to offer for family travelers too, including the world-class Taronga Zoo, beautiful Bondi Beach, a hike up the steel spans of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the famous Sydney Harbor – which can be explored by ferry or private boat.

2. San Francisco - An infamously LGBT friendly city, San Francisco is world renowned for its open minded and welcoming attitude. The local LGBT community stretches throughout the city’s Bay Area – whether in North Beach, the Haight, the Mission, or the Castro – and there’s no city that match its unique allure with cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, and nearby wine country.

1. Hawaii - A family to trip to beautiful Hawaii is one you’ll never forget. The island destination is scenic and sunny, with a host of activities for children. Whether you want a holiday packed with history (pop to Pearl Harbor) or simply want to play on the beautiful beaches or splash about in the achingly blue sea, Hawaii is the arguably the best destination for LGBT families, with all of the islands offering an unforgettable LGBT-friendly experience.

It also happens to be one of Europe’s most LGBT friendly cities – with a huge annual LGBT Pride Parade. So, if you’re looking for a trendy city break that is fun for all the family, why not try Sweden’s stunning capital city? 4. New York City - New York City is one of the friendliest cities in the United States for family travel. The list of activities is endless: Central Park, Broadway, Times Square, top restaurants – not to mention the 23

memorials and markers on "I respect the Council’s role in public property. moving forward with priorities that are their priorities that may "Upon not be mine," Curry said. "Look, completion of you can’t be all things to all the inventory, I people. And I’m very focused on intend to a city that’s fighting its way out of propose violence because public safety legislation to was gutted." move By David Vandygriff Confederate Community efforts to have the monuments, Confederate soldier marker in The president of Jacksonville memorials, and markers from Hemming Park removed, as well City Council on Monday asked public property to museums and as similar statutes removed and several city departments conduct educational institutions, where Confederate Park renamed have an inventory of all Confederate they can be respectfully been gathering momentum. monuments, memorials and preserved and historically markers on public property with contextualized," Brosche said in Lakey Love, with the American the intention of asking that they a statement announcing her Civil Liberties Union, agrees that be removed. plan. "It is important to never the monuments should be gone. forget the history of our great "At the end of the day, I’d like to city; and, these monuments, "I stand for taking them down. move them," President Anna memorials and markers They represent white Lopez-Brosche said. "I’d like to represent a time in our history supremacy, a history of racism -make sure that we can that caused pain to so many." internment of black and brown appreciate the history and people," Love said. "I’m all for heritage of what these Mayor Lenny Curry said Monday taking down anything that reprememorials, monuments and that the Virginia tragedy was sents a historical path that markers mean to city of awful and he respects the City marginalizes people." Jacksonville. At the same time, Council's role in making law. If also realize that these are Council passes a bill removing There are also people in symbols that evoke a significant the statues, he will review it and Jacksonville who oppose moving amount of negative emotion for decide whether he will sign it. the statues. some in our community."

Jacksonville confederate monuments

Brosche said her action comes after the "horrific and unacceptable incidents" that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia, and follows the actions of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and, most recently, the Florida Senate, who removed Confederate items from public places in Tallahassee. She directed the Parks and Recreation Department and planning division's Historic Preservation Section to inventory of all Confederate monuments, 26

STD & Oral HIV Testing Every Second Tuesday of Each Month By The AIDS Healthcare Foundation

brand-new episodes that will continue to follow the lives of an inspiring group of young men and women born with Down syndrome. By David Vandygriff The A&E NETWORK’S EMMY®announcement was made today WINNING ORIGINAL by Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP DOCUSERIES “BORN THIS and Head of Programming, A&E WAY” RENEWED FOR Network. FOURTH SEASON “Over the past three seasons, GROUNDBREAKING SERIES ‘Born This Way’ has been a LOOKS INTO THE LIVES OF A prime example of quality DIVERSE GROUP OF YOUNG storytelling that motivates us to MEN AND WOMEN BORN celebrate and embrace WITH DOWN SYNDROME diversity,” said Frontain Bryant. “We are honored to reunite with A&E Network’s these incredible young adults critically-acclaimed docuseries and their families as they fear“Born This Way” has been lessly share their accomplishpicked up for a fourth season. ments, struggles and dreams, The 2017 Emmy® nominee and shifting society’s perception 2016 Emmy® winner for about differences along the way.” Outstanding Unstructured Reality Series will return for eight Produced by Bunim/Murray

A&E Renews ‘Born This Way’


Productions, “Born This Way” provides an intimate look at a diverse group of young men and women with Down syndrome as they pursue their passions and lifelong dreams, explore friendships, romantic relationships and work, all while defying society’s expectations. The series also gives voice to the parents, allowing them to talk about the joy their son or daughter brings to their family, and the challenges they face in helping them live as independently as possible. “Born This Way” is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions (“The Real World”). Executive producers for Bunim/Murray are Jonathan Murray, Gil Goldschein and Laura Korkoian. Kasey Barrett and Millee Taggart Ratcliffe serve as co-executive producers. Executive producers for A&E Network are Elaine Frontain Bryant and Shelly Tatro. A&E Network holds worldwide distribution rights to “Born This Way.”

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