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Religion & Latinos Coming Out By Drew Davis

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Jacksonville’s Dining Awards By David Vandygriff

Steve Grand ‘Not The End Of Me” By David Vandygriff

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Boot Rack: 4751 Lenox Blvd. (904) 384-7090

Club Jax: 1939 Hendricks Ave. (904) 398-7451 Hamburger Mary’s: 3333-1 Beach Blvd. (904) 551-2048

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both my parents are very Catholic," said Marisa Demeo, an out who is Religion & Latinos Coming Out alesbian former lawyer By Drew Davis with the More than two-thirds of Mexican American Legal DeHispanics (68%) identify fense and Education Fund and is themselves as Roman Catholics, now a judge of the Superior according to a 2007 survey by Court of the District of Columbia. the Pew Hispanic Center and "The main thing I had to do was Pew Forum on Religion & Public to separate the institution from Life. The Catholic Church's what I really believed the position on homosexuality is teachings really were. I am based on a distinction between dedicated to my own faith being lesbian or gay and acting without feeling I needed to follow on it, accepting the former while some of the more conservative at the same time considering the teachings of the Catholic latter to be wrong and sinful. Church," said Demeo. "You have Often, however, that distinction becomes blurred and the message that many Catholics hear is that merely being gay is sinful. This results in condemnation of LGBTQ Latinas/os in communities of faith and has led some to remain closeted when involved in religious activities.

Another important document, the 1986 Letter to the Catholic Bishops on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons, stated: "The teachings of the church make it clear that the fundamental human rights of homosexual persons must be to work out your relationship with defended and that all of us must religion. I feel comfortable with strive to eliminate any forms of my religious beliefs and I feel injustice, oppression, or violence they are compatible with my life against them." as a member of the GLBT LGBTQ Latinas/os are able to community." use this message to help others

There are also many priests, nuns and other religious leaders who work to reconcile the relationship between LGBTQ "A lot of gay and lesbian Latinas Catholics and their families and and Latinos are out in English the church. Members of a but not in their Spanish-speaking congregation, gay and straight, church," said Marianne Duddycan also play an important role in Burke, executive director of educating the rest of the church Dignity/USA, the largest national and advocating for the lay movement of LGBTQ acceptance of LGBTQ Catholics, their families and Latinas/os. friends. And while living an out "For ages, people have found a and open life is powerful and way to use religion and the Bible important for LGBTQ people, as an excuse to hate, ostracize there are some individuals who and attack homosexuals," said choose to be only partially out. Rogelio Z. Zepeda, a Mexican Other Latinas/os find their own path to spirituality that involves the Catholic faith but not necessarily all elements of it. "I was raised as Catholic and 06

Christ's teachings to love one another, and a challenge to be true to myself and accept the love that God gives me."

realize the need for understanding and support. The letter, which was approved by Pope John Paul II, also states: "Respect for the God-given dignity of all persons means the recognition of human rights and responsibilities." While this document does not directly address Catholics who are Latina/o, it is an important message for those who are trying to reconcile their sexuality, their religion and their culture.

Of course, some LGBTQ Latinas/os also opt for less conservative faiths. Gaygay activist, formerly of The Wall affirming churches, such as the - Las Memorias Project in Los United Fellowship of Angeles. "I take that as a Metropolitan Community challenge to change Churches, are appealing misconceptions about gays and because many congregations lesbians; a challenge to confront purposely strive to be ethnically those who do not practice and racially inclusive.

Previous attempts at HIV vaccines have been limited to HIV VACCINE SHOWS specific PROMISE IN HUMAN TRIAL By James Johnson strains of the virus An HIV vaccine that has the found in certain parts of the potential to protect people world. around the world from the virus But for this "mosaic" vaccine, has shown promising results. scientists have developed a

The treatment, which aims to provide immunity against various strains of the virus, produced an anti-HIV immune system response in tests on 393 people, a study in the Lancet found. It also protected some monkeys from a virus that is similar to HIV. More testing is now needed to determine if the immune response produced can prevent HIV infection in people. About 37 million people worldwide live with HIV or Aids, and there are an estimated 1.8 million new cases every year. But despite advances in treatment for HIV, both a cure and a vaccine for the virus have so far remained elusive. The drug Prep, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is effective at preventing HIV infection, but, unlike a vaccine, it needs to be taken regularly, even daily, to prevent the virus from taking hold. Inventing a vaccine has proved an immense challenge for scientists, in part because there are so many strains of the virus, but also because HIV is adept at mutating to elude attack from our immune systems.


treatment made up of pieces of different HIV viruses. The hope is that it could offer much better protection against the almost unlimited number of HIV strains found across the world.

cautioned that the findings needed to be interpreted with caution. Though the vaccine triggered a response in the immune system of the people who took it, it is not clear if this would be enough to fight off the virus and prevent infection.

"The challenges in the development of an HIV vaccine In a randomized, double-blind, are unprecedented, and the ability to induce HIV-specific placebo-controlled trial, immune responses does not scientists tested various necessarily indicate that a combinations of the mosaic vaccine in people aged 18 to 50 vaccine will protect humans who did not have HIV and were from HIV infection," he added. healthy. Nevertheless, the promising results of the study mean The participants, from the US, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, researchers will next test the treatment on 2,600 women in and Thailand, received four vaccinations over the course of southern Africa who are at risk of getting the illness - one of 48 weeks. only five vaccines to make it to All of the vaccine combinations this stage of so-called efficacy produced an anti-HIV immune trials. system response and were Dr Michael Brady, medical found to be safe. director at the Terrence Higgins The mosaic vaccine Trust, said it was early days for combination that showed the the vaccine but the signs were most promise in humans was "promising". found to protect 67% of the 72 Dr Brady added that in the monkeys from getting the meantime there were already disease. tools that were effective for "These results represent an preventing the disease from important milestone," said Dan spreading, such as Barouch, professor of medicine contraception and treatments at Harvard Medical School and for HIV-positive people that lead author of the study. prevent them from passing on the virus. However, Prof Barouch also

corporate world and draped a rainbow flag over its newest family car, which its launching during Pride Volvo Creates LGBTI season. Family Parking Spaces But the firm By Michael Williamson parked that Swedish vehicle maker, Volvo, idea, opting instead to team up could have followed the with the Westfield Shopping corporate world and draped a Centre in London to creates rainbow flag over its newest series of parking spot signage family car, which its launching aimed at LGBTI families. during Pride season. ‘As the contemporary iteration of But the firm parked that idea, opting instead to team up with the Westfield Shopping Centre in London to create s series of parking spot signage aimed at LGBTI families. Swedish vehicle maker, Volvo, could have followed the


our mid-size family estate, the V60 perfectly reflects our human -centric approach to car design which aims to make its owners’ lives easier and safer.’ In addition to the typical signage for family parking which shoppers usually see, the

Westfield Shopping Centre in London’s Shepherd’s Bush area as been adorned with parking spaces featuring same sex couple families and single parents. We think the LGBTI family parking spots are a great idea. And any new gay parents, like Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, will doubtless find the weekly shop a little easier, now that they have their own designated LGBTI family parking spots.

double black belt who, despite having easily passed the military aptitude test U.S. Military Keeping Out Trans Troops and having all By Becky Myers his paperwork Despite numerous courts in order showing he is fit to blocking President Trump’s serve, is still waiting for the transgender military ban, opportunity after six months. bureaucratic red tape is being The 38-year-old has been on used to keep them out. hormones since 2014, and told Following the failed attempt at WBEZ he had been talking with a recruiter since 2015. upholding Trump’s ban outright, the White House Sparta, an organization for announced a new policy in transgender recruits, troops, March that kept most trans and veterans, told the Times people from enlisting by stating that out of its 140 members that people “with a history or who are trying to enlist, only diagnosis of gender dysphoria,” two have made it into the requiring medication, surgery service since January 1, when or other treatment are they were officially allowed to disqualified from military sign up. service “except under certain The Military Entrance limited circumstances.” Processing Command has Documents uncovered in May been rejecting trans applicants showed the administration and holding others up for spoke to so-called experts on months by requiring more and the subject, the names of which more medical records. were redacted, on both sides of the issue and appear to have ignored those arguing for allowing transgender people to serve openly. A report from The New York Times shows the lengths the military is going under Trump’s leadership to keep transgender people out. In fact, nearly all the transgender recruits who have tried to join up since a federal court ordered they should be allowed to serve have been kept from doing just that. That includes Nicholas Bade, a 12

Meanwhile, recruiters are being asked to work weekends to make up for a shortage of eligible enlistees. Several recruits told the Times those recruiters have been supportive, leaving them hopeful they would be able to serve. “We’ve heard people are meeting with mystifying obstacles,” said Shannon Minter, a lawyer with the National Center for Lesbian Rights, which sued over the ban. “We want to give the military the benefit of the doubt, but at this point so few applicants have been accepted, there is reason to be concerned that there is some passive resistance to the injunctions, and people are getting slow-walked.” An applicant who wished to remain anonymous said he was rejected over a knee surgery he had as an infant, which has caused him no issues since.

other crownholder before her. But before ‘Drag Race’ Star In A Gay Adult Film your By Steven Massengill eyebrows raise any A few Drag Race queens have futher, Alaska stays fully dabbled in the gay adult film clothed in the scene, industry before their careers which costars Dante Colle and were kickstarted by the show, Casey Jacks. but this may be the first time a former contestant — and win- Alaska plays a newscaster ner, no less — has appeared named “Alexis Thunderstorm” — a professional gal who’s in a scene after the show. confronted by a most Leave it to Alaska unprofessional work Thunderfuck, fifth season run- environment. ner-up and All-Stars season 2 winner, to make a pivot like no Her co-anchor seems to have some sort of remote-controlled

mechanism inside of him, and as the controls go haywire, things get awfully crazy in the studio! This has Emmy written all over it.

STD & Oral HIV Testing Every Second Tuesday of Each Month By The AIDS Healthcare Foundation


1019 Hendricks Ave (904) 3060100 Yelp: 4.5 stars. The restaurant’s Jacksonville’s Dining Awards motto is "a By David Vandygriff groovy place We have chosen our 25 local to b." Get it? Anyway, they're restaurants for our 2018 Dining absolutely right. The atmosAwards. Our choices range phere, the food, the from the fine dining to the impeccable plating, the wonderful little hole in the wall flavors…everything will make restaurants in Jacksonville. We you feel groovy. They even hope you enjoy some of the bake yummy, gooey wonderful choices. mozzarella into the bread for Eat Like A bruschetta, if you didn’t already Parisian, In believe me. And don't ever skip Florida dessert. The bread pudding is Restaurant amazing. And the key lime pie. And the chocolate cake. You Orsay get it. 3630 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32205 (904) 381-0909 Yelp: 4.5 Stars. At this hip Skip The Food…Just Get seasonal restaurant you can Some Beer finally try all that French cuisine that you’ve never known how to Kickbacks Gastropub pronounce. Escargots, foie gras, ooh, la la! And if you don’t 910-914 King St (904) 388-9551 quite work up the nerve to go full European Orsay also puts a Yelp: 4 stars. Just kidding, don’t skip the food. But you’ll French twist on classic have a hard time with your Southern food too, like pork chops with Pommery mustard drink order here, what with the more than 80 tap beers and cream and potato hash with more than 600 bottles. May the Tabasco beurre rouge. odds be ever in your favor. Go Groovy At Kickbacks doesn’t disappoint BB's on the grub either, with a solid BB's menu starring favorites like Restaurant French dip and specialty burgers (stuffed feta burger, anyone?) that all pair spectacularly with the extensive beer list. Download 16

their app for some help finding the perfect pairing!

Stuff Your Face With A Loaded Goat Maple Street Biscuit Company 1171 Edgewood Ave S (904) 518-4907 Yelp: 4.5 Stars. Yeah I know that sounds weird, just hear me out. The name Maple Street Biscuit Company sounds good enough to try out, doesn't it? This place has a great, relaxed vibe with cozy wood decor everywhere, and you’ll soon realize that it’s called a biscuit company because their biscuits are indeed the true heroes of the menu. Fluffy, crumbly and buttery—so yummy. Here’s the deal: Fried chicken on a biscuit, with a variety of delicious toppings. The Loaded Goat has fried goat cheese. Not so weird -sounding now, right? You can also just get jam on a biscuit, bacon on a biscuit, pulled pork on a biscuit, or egg and sausage on a biscuit. Basically if you’re a weirdo who doesn't like biscuits, don't come here. But who cares, because that’s more biscuits for me. Mexican Food That Won’t Weigh You Down Burrito Gallery 90 Riverside Ave (904) 355-4889

Grilled Artichoke & Prosciutto. Just don’t get too full for the desserts, that would basically be a sin. Chomp On Get The Best Bowl Of Pho At... Tasty Tacos Bowl of Pho Or A Bold Burger At BowlofPho Chomp 9902 Old Baymeadows Rd Chomp (904) 646-4455 Chomp Yelp: 4 Stars. The name is Chomp pretty straightforward because there’s really only one thing they make: Bowls of pho. But they do it so very, very well. Try ChompChompJax the Rare Beef or go for 4162 Herschel St something a little more “out of (904) 329-1679 the bowl” like grilled shrimp or Yelp: 4.5 stars. So much egg rolls. Ok, bowl puns over. alliteration. I think you have to try Chomp Chomp just because it's actually named Chomp Chomp. Am I right? Anyway, Pretend You’re In A French once you try it, you'll want to Café chomp away on a regular The French Pantry Treat Yourself For Any Reason basis. The restaurant has a light menu with interesting TheFrenchPantry At Biscottis flavor combinations like a 6301 Powers Ave Biscottis Korean BBQ sandwich with (904) 730-8696 kimchi and pulled pork, and 3556 St. Johns Ave Yelp: 4.5 Stars. Yes, this is jerk chicken with a grilled another French place. But hear (904) 387-2060 pineapple and cucumber slaw. me out, because this one is a Yelp: 4.5 Stars. At Biscottis you And everything comes with can’t-miss either. And the basically can’t go wrong with yummy curry chips. Plus French Pantry goes far beyond any menu choice. Everything is they’re open until 2 a.m. to the basic French cuisine. to die for. Bread pudding, satisfy your chomping desires Paninis, bang bang shrimp, eclairs, and every kind of cake at any time. French dip—need I say more? you could imagine. I’ll just say All of the ingredients are high four words: Flourless The Go-To quality and delicious and are Chocolate Rocky Road. And Pizzeria combined and presented the choices change daily so Carmines perfectly. And if you feel like you’ll never get bored. Maybe Pie House celebrating at the end of the stop by with a friend to justify meal, try the wedding cake. ordering more than one… And That’s right. You don’t even if you decide to actually stay for have to crash someone's big a main course you won’t be 2677 Forbes St day just to get in on the best disappointed either, with light part. but delicious fare like an Apple (904) 387-1400 Dill Chicken Salad Wrap or Yelp: 4 Stars. This is the place to go in town for fresh and delicious Mexican classics like tacos, burritos and the like. And the venue itself has a festive atmosphere with live local music. But Burrito Gallery gets original too, with flavor twists like the Yellow Curry Chicken Burritos and even gluten-free and vegetarian meals like Ginger Teriyaki Tofu Tacos. So no matter who’s in your party, everyone will find their Mexican food match here. 17

Yelp: 4.5 Stars. Every city needs a dynamite pizzeria, and in Jacksonville it’s Carmines Pie House. You've got your straight-up classic pizzas like pepperoni and mushroom, and then you've got the Purple Haze, The Pineapple Express and a bunch of other awesome pies with fun and flavorful topping combinations. And Carmines has all the other delicious Italian fare you’d want at a quality pizzeria too, like subs, calzones and endless pasta. 1534 Oak St (904) 380-3091 Yelp: 4 Stars. Black Sheep rocks quality American fare made with fresh, local ingredients—which everyone knows really make everything taste better. The menu is full of fancy but still down-to-earth dishes like barbecue pork belly, smoked trout salad and braised beef short ribs. And yes, this is the kind of place where you’ll pay a little more, but it's more

Don’t Skimp Out On The Soul Food Soul Food Bistro at The Potter's than worth it. House Make Your Special Occasions To Taverna San Marco Taverna San Marco 5310 Lenox Ave 1986 San Marco Blvd (904) 394-0860 (904) 398-3005 Yelp: 4.5 Stars. If you're Yelp: 4 Stars. Taverna San looking for real good oldMarco is perfect for foodies, fashioned soul food, get although you'll still like it if yourself down to Soul Food you're not one, trust me. They Bistro at The Potter's House. The place is the real deal: Fried talk the big talk with phrases like "terroir-driven wines" and chicken, pork chops, and the "seasonal European cuisine" best of all the fixins. Mac n' and they have an almost cheese, corn bread, collard intimidatingly-modern and greens…is your mouth perfect dining area, but in watering yet? Mine is. reality, what they have is just really great food. They use You Won't Be local, high-quality ingredients The Black and obviously think pretty Sheep Anymore After carefully about everything that goes on the plates. And they A Meal Here Black Sheep do have a great European selection—try the lamb Restaurant Meatballs, zuppa di pesce and roasted Garlic Hummus. 16

Go Under The Sea At The Wackiest Restaurant Ever Clark's Fish Camp 12903 Hood Landing Rd (904) 268-3474 Yelp: 4 Stars. This place offers much more than the food. You have to go here at least once if just for the experience. If you can stomach it (ha), it's full of taxidermy bears, lions and other wildlife that will watch you eat very carefully. And it's right on the water, so it looks like something out of a movie. Maybe a weird one. But make no mistake: Clark's is the place you come for seafood in Jacksonville. By that I mean that Clark’s carries almost anything you could possibly imagine from the water: Scallops, shrimp, oysters, crab, tuna, calamari, and even "swamp food" like gators, snakes and frogs. Don’t worry, if you’d rather go for the land-dwellers you’ll find them here too, like kangaroo, ostrich and antelope.

Metro Diner Is A Jacksonville Restaurant Icon Metro Diner 4495 Roosevelt Blvd (904) 999-4600

Yelp: 4 stars. This place gives you the ultimate classic diner experience. Even the restaurant itself looks like a place where two weary cops would stop for a bite at the end of a long shift. Breakfast: Eggs, hash browns, pancakes and breakfast meat. Or go for chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits or biscuits and gravy. Lunch: Comfort food like pot roast, chicken pot pie or meatloaf, or something lighter like a sandwich, soup or salad. Plus there are always drool-worth daily specials like a waffle BLT and challah French toast. And it doesn’t matter where you are in Jacksonville when the diner craving hits, because they’ve got four locations.

Small Batch Goodness, Globally Inspired and Southern Approved. The Bread & Board 1030 Oak St (904) 863-6996 Yep: 4.5 Stars. Think of The Bread & Board as equal parts fun-loving sandwich shop and fine dining kitchen. The Bread & Board is an independently owned, fast casual restaurant located in Jacksonville’s Five Points neighborhood. The restaurant as equal parts fun-loving sandwich shop and

fine dining kitchen. By drawing inspiration from classic deli sandwiches and using premium, house-made ingredients, they deliver a dining experience that is approachable and affordable.

Steaks and Rooftop Patio Skyline Views Cowford Chophouse (904) 863-6464 Yelp: 3.5 Stars. With its high ceilings, arched windows, and stylish dining rooms, the Cowford Chophouse is a striking departure from the ordinary steakhouse. Today, guests can gaze across that same river to enjoy Southbank skyline views from Downtown Jacksonville’s only steakhouse and rooftop lounge. Newest Tex-Mex & Grand Service El Jefe 947 Edgewood Ave S (904) 619-0938 Yelp: 4 Stars. At its very essence, Tex-Mex is borderland home cooking. It is a comfort food that is distinctly American: diverse, bold and resourceful. Chef Jose Solome

set to work to recreate these and other iconic dishes unique to the border of Texas and Mexico. The end result is a menu that captures the true flavor of this incredible region of Texas—big-hearted, vibrant and fiery.

Candy Candy Candy But Real Food Too The Candy Apple Café & Cocktails www.CandyAppleCafeAndCoc 400 N Hogan St (904) 353-9717 Yelp: 4 Stars. Mother-daughter duo Liz and Jennifer Earnest, owners of Chef’s Garden Catering & Events and the Cummer Cafe, opened this restaurant at 400 North Hogan Street. Every Hour Is Happy with Craft Cocktails from the Mixology Bar. Featuring a full bar with craft cocktails and beers, as well as a selection of fine wines, The Candy Apple Café & Cocktails brings something special to downtown Jacksonville’s after-work community. Happy hour specials, shareable appetizers, and light dinner entrées are turning Jacksonville’s in-the-know professionals into our afternoon regulars. And the food is amazing. 19

Drag & Burgers Eat, Play & Be Mary

Mary’s Pub House Jacksonville JaxPubHouse 901 King St (904) 361-3802 Yelp: 3 Stars. The twist of Drag Queens with an Pub atmosphere makes Mary’s Pub House unique from the word go. Tasty apps, juicy burgers, and delicious desserts with nightly events ranging from HamBingo, Maryoake, Industry Nights and Drag Shows on the weekends. Burritos, Burgers & Tacos Wow What A Meal Lola’s Burrito & Burger Joint 1522 King St (904) 738-7181 Yelp: 4 Stars. Lola’s stuff is original, the flavors’ unique. So please order wisely. Ask your server any questions before ordering. There are too many hungry children to be throwing food out. All our food is made to order, fresh… there are veggie only options / meat options / big portions / tiny portions / light food / heavy food / 1 foot, 2 foot, red foot, blue foot… LOL. What we are saying is please order from our menu.’ 20

A Lamb Burger……..New Hot Spot In 5 Points Five Points Tavern 1521 Margaret St (904) 549-5063 Yelp: 4.5 Stars. River & Post is a culinary driven restaurant in a warm, modern setting where Amazing Views From we strive to captivate our Rooftop…….Comfort & guests with quality ingredients, Seafood Food impeccable service and River & Post memorable accommodations for any occasion. Be sure to 1000 Riverside Ave check out their Brunch on the (904) 575-2366 weekends. A range of Tunsian Yelp: 3.5 Stars. At the corner of Baked Eggs to an Aussie Riverside Avenue & Post Breakfast stretching your Street, you'll find an exciting palate around the World. new restaurant concept with a rooftop lounge overlooking downtown Jacksonville that offers a view straight down the gorgeous St. Johns River, past the neon glow of the stadium and on up to Dames Point. You'll enjoy an atmosphere like no other and a culinary experience that will make you, well, yell from the rooftops. River & Post is a culinary Social Gathering Spot with driven restaurant in a warm, Excellent Food modern setting where they Town Hall strive to captivate their guests with quality ingredients, 2012 San Marco Blvd impeccable service and (904) 398-0726 memorable accommodations Yelp: 4.5 Stars. The menu for any occasion draws inspiration from developing fresh, layered flavors and using seasonal ingredients from local farms and artisan purveyors. Enjoy a selection of wines from around the world (also available for retail sale), creative wine cocktails, and Jacksonville’s finest local craft beers in our comfy lounge, bar or intimate dining room.

Seafood Anyone? Blue Fish Restaurant & Oyster Bar 3551 St Johns Ave (904) 387-0700 Yelp: 4 Stars. Serving a wide array of the freshest seafood available and great steaks, The Blue Fish is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner! Happy Hour EVERY DAY from 3 - 6:30 pm at our downstairs bar. Blue Fish has a great bar menu... Have lunch or dinner in the courtyard. Enjoy the oyster bar, and join them for a delicious brunch on Sundays! Blue Fish has a large dining room, and upstairs dining suitable for banquets, parties, and receptions. The Blue Fish also has a wonderful outdoor courtyard that is perfect for outdoor events and weddings. In addition, there are 2 private dining room choices. We hope enjoy our choices and visit some of the BEST restaurants in Jacksonville for a wonderful evening with you and your loved ones. Tell them cityXtra sent you. 21

heartthrob looks and sculpted physique compared to his music. He himself Steve Grand ‘Not The End Of Me’ found on what By David Vandygriff seemed like Steve Grand’s Americanaa slippery slope toward infused debut single alcoholism, and so, a few years “All-American Boy” has ago he quit drinking. He dealt become something of a gay with a significant break-up and Fourth of July anthem. But the the loss of close family years since its 2013 release members. haven’t been easy the All of those struggles singer-songwriter. The first went into the making of rush of notoriety that his new album, Not the accompanied the song hit End of Me, out July 6. Grand hard. Like his debut, Grand The video for the track went stresses that this is not viral, and with that success a country album. He’s came a label Grand hadn’t taken a turn into more anticipated. Headlines across somber the Internet touted him as singer-songwriter “America’s first openly gay territory on an album country star.” He struggled dominated by lush publicly with the guitar and piano-driven disproportionate attention he tracks seemingly degot in LGBTQ media for his signed for long summer


drives with the top down. Currently prepping for his summer residency at Provincetown’s Art House. And in case you were wondering, the “All-American Boy” prefers not to dwell on the miserable and divisive state of American politics. At the moment, he’s all about moving forward. We all suffer to some degree, and there’s no easy way out of this life for any of us. So you have to have hope and be strong. Keep on pressin’ on.

Berlin boys know how to party with the best of them.

Open Sea Cruises Plus Euro Clubs By William Joshlin

This September, clubbing hits the high seas in style: Open Sea Cruises, in partnership with Axel Hotels, debuts with a totally new concept in LGBTQ voyages. Fusing the best of luxury cruises and the European club scene, passengers can expect a gaycation like no other, voyaging across the Mediterranean for eight spectacular days.

Gay Village in Rome - The notorious Italian festival combines theatre, concerts, Departing on the Pullmantur film, and public speaking Zenith (720 cabins and 1,400 (seriously) with a huge dance passengers) from Barcelona on party. Part arts and culture September 29, the ship makes festival, part nightclub, Gay stops in Ajaccio, Toulon, Village promises to be a celePalamos, and Ibiza through bration of all things queer, October 6. Italian-style. The luxury liner offers cooking workshops, yoga, meditation and an impressive roster of world-famous performers. In a completely novel twist on the classic cruise, Open Seas is partnering with iconic European gay clubs to throw lavish onboard parties, events, and celebrations, which fit a variety of tastes and interests, rather than the one-size-fits-all theme of most cruises. GMF in Berlin - The thumping party showcases the Take a dive into the current biggest names in dance lineup of club partners setting up high-seas parties, then try to music with a mix of house, tell us you don’t want to book. disco, hip-hop and electro music. Lose your shirt and get ready to work it–we all know 24

TANGA! in Barcelona - One of the biggest LGBTQ parties in Spain has a night to itself onboard, spinning an eclectic mix of pop and house music. TANGA! welcomes everyone at its spectacular show with dancers, drag, and tons of fun.

Club NYX in Amsterdam Cruisers who likes to dance, hang out or just share a laugh with new friends will find a home at Club NYX. Famous for its eclectic, fashionable mixed crowds, NYX brings indie pop, underground rock and a punk sensibility to the mix. Free from September 29th – October 6th? Book the Zenith with Open Seas Cruises now

going to win. He’s running to raise awareness to inequality in Russia and to bolster his political profile. HIV POZ Gay Candidate “It is an illusion that Russia is for Moscow Mayor a homophobic By Jennifer Davis country by its nature,” Krasovsky says. Russia isn’t exactly known for “People do not care if you are its gay-friendliness, fair homosexual or not, nor is elections, or tolerance for anybody interested in your HIV political debate. But that’s not or any other health problems.” stopping Anton Krasovsky from running for mayor of Moscow. Hmmm. We’re not entirely sure about that. The country does 42-year-old Krasovsky is have those homophobic poised to be the first openly “gay propaganda” laws. gay, HIV-positive political And let’s not forget candidate ever to run for office about the kidnappings in the country, though it’s not and killings of LGBTQ totally clear if he’ll actually be people in Chechnya. allowed on the ballot. Still, he’s Still, Krasovsky says going to try because, as he puts it, “everything sucks here.” his sexuality and HIV Yeah, we know the feeling. status have never been To be clear: The former an issue for him. Russian news anchorman “My homosexuality has doesn’t actually think he’s


never helped me but it has never been in the way of my career goals,” he maintains. Except for the time he was fired from his job as a host on Internet Kontr TV in 2013 when he announced, “I am gay but I am just as human as Putin.” Krasovsky needs to gather signatures of 110 municipal deputies before July 3 to see if he can even run. “I want to take part in the election to show the current political elite how to fight for human rights and freedom,” he says. We wish him all the best!

Memories Of A Clown’s Life ‘Corteo’ By David Vandygriff

Cirque du Soleil comes to Jacksonville August 1-5 with a show called "Corteo." We spoke with the artistic director about the story behind the show. Like many of Cirque’s shows, “Corteo” features larger-than-life performances and a variety of acts. But artistic director Mark Schaub says they’re centered on the story of Mauro, a clown approaching the end of his life. "He’s either imagining his funeral or he’s dreaming about it or he’s actually there," Schaub said. "And 'Corteo' is really a parade of his life passing before this central character. It’s a celebration of that life in the circus.” To match this theme, Schaub says many of the individual acts revolve around specific periods, such as childhood, represented by childlike actors bouncing on a trampoline-like bed. "It’s very playful and very childlike. There’s another act that represents his past lovers, and they’re doing aerial work on these beautiful chandeliers. We have flying acts. We have a teeterboard act. We have a suspended pole."Musical Director Roger Hewett says these moments are accentuated 30

by an eclectic score. “We’ve got everything from flamenco feel to some folk to some tango music and sort of like just about everything in between,” he said.

Schaub said. Hewett says they managed to keep several elements from the big top performance. “We still have the split stage, so the arena show for this particular performance of 'Corteo' isn’t down one end of an arena like it usually is.”

Hewett says working But on the musical front, Hewett with this score can says they’ve made a few be Adjustments challenging, because the show “I think that, by looking at the makes use of very few passing of a clown, it’s a chance prerecorded tracks. As a result, to also celebrate the clown, to he often has to adjust the celebrate this character, to band’s performance on the fly. celebrate his life and all the dif“I’m the one that has the ferent aspects of it,” Schaub decision-making process of said. actually deciding which section Asked how Cirque handles goes with which music," he said. safety, Schaub emphasized that "Like, okay, we hold it here for a all performers are trained with few measures because the goal of preventing accidents something happened or they’re before they even happen. He taking time to prepare or they said Arnaud’s death rippled moved ahead and skipped throughout the troupe. “When something, so keeping something happens to one of us everybody in order on that line.” like that, it really affects us all,” “Corteo” differs from Cirque’s he said. other performances in that its Nevertheless, both Schaub and makeup and costumes are Hewett are enthusiastic about much less otherworldly and “Corteo” and say that the fantastical. Schaub says this character Mauro’s was a deliberate choice. remembrance of life pays tribute “It allows the audience to get to the circus itself. into the drama and the comedy Hewett also assures fans the and the emotions that are taking show has elements that will place on stage, because I think appeal to everyone. it allows them just to relate a “'Corteo’ has, despite the little bit more to it,” he said. slightly deep context “Corteo” also is one of Cirque’s surrounding it, it is in fact a very, earlier performances, having very fun show. We’re very close been initially conceived in 2005. to the audience as musicians, “'Corteo' toured for ten years in and I can hear the response of the big top, and now we’re the children close to me, really starting an arena tour that could enjoying what they see. So it’s a go for five to seven years,” good, fun, family show.”

CX July 2018 Issue  

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CX July 2018 Issue  

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