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8 Affirming Quotes After Being Dumped

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Millennials Are the Gayest Generation

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By Dr. Harvey Carr

By Samantha Allen

TX Senate Passes Anti-Trans Bathroom By David Vandygriff

Naysha Lopez On Pageant Queens Sabotage By Rachel Davis

Mister B&B For LGBT Travelers By David Vandygriff

5 Amazing LGBT Friendly Destination By Debi Perry

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designed to overcome heartbreak in as little as 3 months. A breakup can make some 8 Affirming quotes after being dumped people By Dr. Harvey Carr stronger. Try You fought hard for the affirming: "I am an overcomer relationship and now it's over. If and I am strong in the Lord." It is you are having a difficult time only through trials that the soul and struggling with the pain of a can be strengthened. "If God breakup, it is time for you to rise sends us on strong paths, we above the opposition, to use this are provided strong shoes," as ammunition to become better author Corrie ten Boom wrote. than ever! In Isaiah 41:10 we are 3. "You will find love again." reassured to not allow fear to consume us no matter what the Affirm: "I am open to finding struggle may be. “Fear not, for I healthy love and finding a relationship that is everlasting." am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strength- You now have freedom to do whatever you want and to find en you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right the right person. Every time you hand.” Some people lose them- start feeding into the bitterness, selves in a relationship and lose worry and insecurities--you will themselves again when the rela- go back into a hole. Heartache tionship fails. Think of this recu- can be substituted with laughter, joy and love, but you need to peration time as being an emobelieve it! tional bruise and not the end.

the victim and blaming others as this will keep you chained to despair. Affirm: "I am a person of power and I choose to let this person finally go and to be released from my life. I release the pain and the disappointment and will not look back in regret." 5. "You are healed." If you suffer from a case of the rose-colored rearview mirror, keep a list of the top 5 reasons you're better off without your ex and review it as needed. Claim the blessing that you have a healthy mind and are healed from trauma. Cast down any dark thoughts that go against the positive. Choose the path of healing today by speaking positive life and power over the given situation. Affirm: "I am healed in my mind and in my soul."

6. "You are grateful." Start making a list and count your blessings of what is good in your life. Food, shelter and friendship are just some things for which 4. "You can let it go." “We must you can be thankful. When we 1. "You will survive." Psalm think about our blessings, we 84:11 tells us, "For the Lord God be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the can feel more joy and more is a sun and shield; the Lord life that is waiting for us,” writer happiness. Be grateful that you bestows favor and honor. No E.M. Forster shared. We can get could have been stuck with the good thing does He withhold caught up in the morose phase wrong person for the rest of your from those who walk uprightly." life but are now free. Declare: "I Look for a healthy alternative to of a breakup and it can really damage the mind. Stop being keep my focus on the present your situation. Try exercising, doing yoga, begin a class at the local university or find a new hobby. When you are ready, reach out to friends in whom you can confide. This will rekindle your optimism and energy. You can attract wonderfully positive people into your life, and you will persevere. 2. "You are strong." According to Elite Daily, studies have shown that the heart is 06

and on the blessings of my life and will turn from any ungratefulness."

7. "You can love yourself." Many times we don't have a romance with ourselves, and it impacts the quality of life after a breakup. If you want to change your life and the direction that you are headed, really dig deep to discover if you love yourself. When we don't love ourselves, we end up caring more about what others think of us and could become hardened by life. After all, Jesus said in Matthew 22:39, “Love your neighbor as (can be translated “like” or “ while”) you love yourself.” We cannot love others until we learn to love yourself. Declare: "Being single doesn't define me as a person or my self-worth." 8. "You will have peace." John 14:7 promises us, “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” You can have peace again, but you need to accept it and allow it to override the sea of emotions. Affirm: "I have the peace of God today." Being dumped is an ordeal no matter how long you've been together. It is painful, discouraging and can damage your emotions for years to come. You don't have to allow it to make you the victim. 7

hidden virus several years ago, but it has taken two studies Dr. Dan Bowers over the last five A new drug is helping scientists years to define the proper deliver a new one-two punch interval dosing strategy to use that would cure people Vorinostat safely and infected with HIV by using a effectively,” said Nancie Archin “shock and kill” concept using Ph.D., lead author of this study the cancer drug Vorinostat. and an assistant professor in the Division of Infectious Cells infected with HIV are Diseases at University of North constantly being killed by Carolina. “Now we can attempt medication or the body’s to chip away the viral reservoir.” immune system. Some of the cells stop actively producing the Medications can stop HIV from virus and go into a dormant infecting new cells, but state in a “viral reservoir”—but doctors those cells can still reactivate haven’t and start producing the virus been again. able to eliminate Vorinostat would “shock” the the HIV-infected cells awake, disease bringing the virus out of hiding, from the which once dormant detected the cells can be reser“killed.” voirs, resulting “We showed that a single dose in HIV of Vorinostat could expose the positive

New ‘Shock & Kill’ HIV Treatment

people having to take medication for the rest of their lives. Trials pairing Vorinostat with other HIV drugs are already underway, but the researchers at UNC are finding that the once dormant cells are not being killed by the immune system like other HIV-infected cells. “We do not expect immediate success, but hope to make progress towards the goal of developing treatments that someday might clear HIV infection,” said David Margolis, M.D., director of the UNC HIV Cure Center at the UNC Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases. 09

as LGBT as but it did obscure the true size of other American the LGBT population. The adults. picture has remained unclear ever since. But where did this statistical As the Pew Research Center doubling come notes, conventional surveys may from? Is the underestimate the size of the gay population LGBT population due to poised to get unreliable self-reporting. A team larger over of researchers from Ohio State time, or are University and Boston University By Samantha Allen LGBT found that survey respondents millennials were far more likely to report a A new study finds that 7 percent simply more forthcoming about non-heterosexual identity when of U.S. adults aged 18-35 their gender and sexual identities assured of absolute anonymity identify as LGBT—fully 3 perthan members of previous than they were when interviewed centage points higher than a re- generations? using a standard public opinion cent study of adults of all ages. method in which respondents Why that number will get even Demographers have struggled can still be connected to their bigger. for decades to produce an answers. accurate picture of the size of The Americans who fought in the LGBT population in the But even providing for absolute World War II might have been United States. In two studies anonymity may not be enough to the “greatest generation,” but from 1948 and 1953, sexologist demystify the size of the LGBT millennials are by far the gayest. Alfred Kinsey estimated that 10 population. It’s nearly impossible Included in a new report from the percent of men and 2 to 6 to replicate the conditions of the Public Religion Research percent of women were “more or closet in a scientific survey. Institute (PRRI) on the sexual less exclusively homosexual.” attitudes of millennials is the Early gay activists quickly The result of the reluctance to finding that “seven percent of dropped the female side of that self-report has been a muddled millennials identify either as equation and claimed that one mess of varying estimates and lesbian, gay, bisexual, or out of every 10 people strayed statistics. The Centers for transgender.” The report is from the straight and narrow. As Disease Control (CDC) in 2014 based on a survey of more than Gary J. Gates of the Williams measured lesbian, gay, and 2,000 U.S. adults between the Institute notes in a Washington bisexual people at 2.3 percent of ages of 18 and 35. Post op-ed, the 1-in-10 statisthe adult population, while the tic—which continues to circulate 2010 National Survey of Health The last major meta-analysis of colloquially to this day—was and Behavior found that 7 the size of the LGBT population more strategic than it was percent of women and 8 percent in the United States, produced factual. of men identify as gay, lesbian, by the Williams Institute in 2011, or bisexual. estimated that 3.5 percent of “One in 10 was big enough to adults identify as lesbian, gay, or ‘matter,’” he writes. “But the Americans are clueless about bisexual, and 0.3 percent identify percentage was not so large as the size of the LGBT as transgender. to overly threaten a society still population—a 2011 Gallup poll extremely uncomfortable with the found that more than half of The contrast between the two idea of gay people.” them believe that gay and studies is as stark as an lesbian people constitute 20 perInstagram filter: Millennials are This political maneuvering may cent or more of the population— nearly twice as likely to identify have been rhetorically effective, but can we blame them for not knowing the truth when the truth 10

Millennials Are the Gayest Generation

adults is closer to the 7 percent figure for millennials than it is that millennials have somehow contracted the gay gene from Tumblr. That hypothesis is supported by the PRRI report’s finding that 82 percent of millennials say “their understanding of their own sexual orientation has not changed since they were young adolescents.”

isn’t out there?


As the Kinsey Institute’s own bibliography of prevalence studies reveals, the confusion has only been compounded by the sheer breadth of survey methodologies: Some researchers ask about sexual attraction, some about sexual behavior, and others about sexual orientation.

If anything, the new data suggests that more older Americans may be lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender than previous estimates have led us to believe. Putting paranoid and moralistic rumblings about the corruption of American youth to the side, it seems unlikely that the overall proportion of LGBT people has shifted much over the last few generations.

In other words, the spike in LGBT identification among millennial adults probably can’t be chalked up to tired talking points about attention-seeking and narcissism. Much like their forebears, LGBT millennials understand their own identities from a young age but, unlike their forebears, they have more latitude to express them publicly.

And if 7 percent of millennial adults self-identify as LGBT under current conditions, there’s In the 1970s and ’80s, it made no way of knowing how high the more sense to ask about statistical ceiling will eventually behavior than identity. In the According to a recent study in reach. According to Pew, less Bowers v. Hardwick era, the Journal of Sex Research that than 20 percent of LGBT adults respondents might have analyzed data from 1991 to report that there is “a lot” of admitted to having once had a 2010, the prevalence of reported social acceptance for LGBT homosexual experience while same-sex sexual behavior has people in the United States. being more reluctant to come out fluctuated substantially over Self-reporting could as gay or lesbian. time, but “the percentage of hypothetically increase even people reporting a pattern of further in a future where being The fact that a full 7 percent of predominantly same-gender LGBT is not a big deal or, as a millennials identify as LGBT is sexual behavior has neither millennial might say: LGBTQIA? an encouraging sign that relucincreased nor decreased over NBD. tance to self-report may be fad- time.” ing as social acceptance of So that 1-in-10 statistic, once LGBT people increases. Being LGBT identity is not some viral thought to be drastically labeled as “gay” was once a big trend that’s here today, gone overinflated, may be closer to deal. These days, it’s just one of tomorrow. It’s much more likely the truth than we knew. 12 sexual orientations on that the figure for all American 11

the lives of transgender Texans,” said JoDee Winterhof, senior vice president of policy and political affairs By David Vandygriff at the Human The Senate in the US state of Rights Campaign. Texas just passed a “It is appalling that after hearing discriminatory anti-trans more than 10 hours of testimony, bathroom bill. The Bill forces overwhelmingly from Texans people to use the bathroom that who oppose this legislation, the corresponds with the gender Texas Senate still voted to move they were assigned at birth. It SB3 forward. Despite this broad also prevents public buildings opposition — including from such as schools and government businesses, sports leagues, offices from enforcing rules parents, and faith leaders — the which would allow trans people Texas Senate and Lt. Gov. Dan to use the bathroom that Patrick appear to be fine with corresponds with their gender establishing Texas as the next identity. North Carolina. HRC will contin-

Texas Senate passes anti-transgender bathroom bill

of SB 3. Senator Lois Kolkhorst, who authored all three pieces of legislature, said in the opening of the hearing for SB 3 that it was a “Texan tradition” to “take care of these issues”. Kali Cohn, a staff attorney for ACLU Texas, said that the bathroom bill is in violation of federal law and the US Constitution. Cohn testified before the senate committee, referencing Supreme Court cases and other legal precedents the ACLU says makes SB 3 and SB 91 illegal.

“They’ve introduced legislation that targets transgender Texans under the guise of privacy and safety,” Cohn said. “That’s not what those bills do — what they in fact do is push transgender people away from being able to participate in public life.” Ten hours of testimony was ue to fight this harmful bill as it Business owners in large cities heard at the weekend before a moves to the House.” in the state have already Senate Committee passed the Senate Bill 91 debated last expressed fears about the effect legislation. It then went to the full week. The two pieces of the Bill is going to have. Phillip Senate and passed with 21 legislature are almost identical. Jones, CEO of the Dallas votes to 10. SB 6 was a similar bill that was Convention & Visitors Bureau “The Texas Senate just passed earlier this year in the said that Dallas had already approved a blatantly Senate, but it failed in the house. seen losses of $40 million, and discriminatory bill, demonstrating Activists spoke for 18 hours could expect to lose another $1 yet again that these lawmakers during testimonies against SB 6, billion if the law is passed. care more about pursuing cheap meaning that the Senate set a political points than protecting registration limit for the hearing 13

consume and transform her life. “I worked at a finance company, but I was doing so much By Rachel Davis drag that I She may not have won the started coming into work late all competition on the eighth the time,” she reveals. “It was at season of RPDR, but Naysha that point that I decided that I Lopez is no stranger to taking wanted to pursue drag 100 home the crown. percent.” Long before RPDR, Lopez was “I was doing bar gigs like seven a force to be reckoned with on nights a week and then I started the pageant scene. doing the pageants. I saw that

Naysha Lopez On Pageant Queens Sabotage

Naysha’s journey in drag hasn’t always been pageant perfect. As a child, she describes herself as “thin” & “girly” and that she just didn’t fit in.

there was an opportunity where this could actually put food on the table and it’s something I loved to do so I just stuck with it.”

“Growing up was rather difficult,” she reveals to Hey Qween host Jonny McGovern.

As Naysha’s drag persona began to form and her look became more refined, she found herself in the high stakes world of drag pageantry.

“The first time I was caught in drag, I was like four or five, I was wearing my cousin’s bridesmaids dress,” she explains. “And mind you this was 1989, it was purple with these big ruffles and totally hideous, but I was living for it.” As she grew up, Naysha found dance as a way to express herself, but it wasn’t until one fateful day that she embraced the expression of drag. “At the time I was a backup dancer,” she says. “There was this amateur drag contest and I was convinced into doing it and I ended up winning.” After winning the contest Naysha continued performing in drag, a decision that would soon 16

“Back in the day, pageants were very cut-throat. You had an assistant and his job was to watch your stuff. Back then the competition would spill stuff on your gowns, put glass your your powder, they’d spill water on your makeup, things would go missing… it was just really cut-throat.” As for her experience in the pageant world, Naysha says things are “cut-throat” environment of the past. “It’s a great experience and now everyone wants to be Miss Congeniality,” Naysha says. “I really encourage girls to do pageants because before ‘RPDR’ there were pageants &

after ‘RPDR’ there’ll still be pageants.” She adds, “It really does help you polish your look from head to toe & really helps you find yourself as an entertainer.” Years in the pageant scene Naysha would achieve her dreams of being crowned Miss Continental. “Winning Continental was always a dream and goal for me and I achieved it. So after that, I was ready to move on and so I went for Drag Race.” But as many queens know, getting on the Race isn’t as easy as one may think. “I actually auditioned for season one and didn’t get it… then I auditioned for another season and some queen ruined that for me and I didn’t get on.” As for who the mystery queen is, you might remember her from the very first season of RPDR & as for what that certain queen did, Naysha’s keeping that sip of tea to herself. “I don’t really want to talk about the queen… Jade Sotomayor,” Naysha says under her breathe. “I won’t go into what happened, but yeah she ruined it for me.“ Despite the setbacks Naysha would soon be cast on the eighth season and would be eliminated and called back during that infamous episode. “I was heartbroken the first time I was sent home, I didn’t get to show anything that I brought and I didn’t get to really do anything! But when I came back I felt like I was able to redeem myself to a certain extent and I was able to come to terms with it.”

faced just that when he and his partner booked a shared apartment in Barcelona, Spain. After arriving to check in, their female host By David Vandygriff was clearly If you’ve ever experienced uncomfortable with having a gay awkwardness or worse when couple stay in her home, even renting accommodation, this ‘gay going as far to ask if the two Airbnb’ might be the answer. were going to sleep together in Not only that, but this new the same bed. This is not an service also helps to connect uncommon situation and many gay men with likeminded guys gay couples have had similar around the world, adding a experiences when travelling both sense of community to the domestically and abroad. short-term accommodation rental market, while enriching the The following year when Jost experience you get while launched Mister B&B with his travelling abroad with in-depth co-founder, a short-term travel guides and accommodation rental recommendations. service by and for gay men, and the first gay Airbnb-style service It is an unfortunate reality that of its kind. many travelling gay couples often face uncomfortable The site can help provide safe circumstances when it comes to and comfortable experiences for booking a room. gay male travelers, connecting them with friendly renters. Back in 2012, Matthieu Jost As well as just offering


accommodation, Mister B&B also helps to expand the sense of community among gay men internationally. For those providing access to their homes, Mister B&B allows men to earn money from their spare-space and provide affordable temporary living arrangements. Since its founding, Mister B&B has become the largest and most successful gay hotelier in the world, and has positively affected the lives of thousands of gay travelers, providing them with safe and hospitable environments. Mister B&B also offers a welcome feeling and help travelers to connect with the largest global gay community. Mister B&B has helped foster connections with gay men across the world and provided travelers with the best experience for gay visitors to any new city.

world-famous LGBT Pride Parade. Whether it is shopping, theatre show, great food or family fun you are looking for, this really is the city that never sleeps (although if you do, there are also hotels on offer for families of all ages)!

5 Amazing LGBT Friendly Destinations By Debi Perry

cityXtra counts down the top 5 LGBT friendly destinations for you and your family. Although many countries have only recently legalized same-sex marriage and adoption, there are still plenty of options for you and your family when it comes to holidaying as an LGBT family. Here, cityXtra looks at the top 5 places to go – but be warned, you may never want to come back! 5. Stockholm - Known as the Venice of the North thanks to its scenic waterways and leafy green parks that cover its various islands, picturesque Stockholm must be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, if not the world.

3. Sydney - If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, why not opt for the stunning city of Sydney? While most gays associate Sydney with its infamous gay night life, this Down Under destination also has plenty to offer for family travelers too, including the world-class Taronga Zoo, beautiful Bondi Beach, a hike up the steel spans of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the famous Sydney Harbor – which can be explored by ferry or private boat.

2. San Francisco - An infamously LGBT friendly city, San Francisco is world renowned for its open minded and welcoming attitude. The local LGBT community stretches throughout the city’s Bay Area – whether in North Beach, the Haight, the Mission, or the Castro – and there’s no city that match its unique allure with cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, and nearby wine country.

1. Hawaii - A family to trip to beautiful Hawaii is one you’ll never forget. The island destination is scenic and sunny, with a host of activities for children. Whether you want a holiday packed with history (pop to Pearl Harbor) or simply want to play on the beautiful beaches or splash about in the achingly blue sea, Hawaii is the arguably the best destination for LGBT families, with all of the islands offering an unforgettable LGBT-friendly experience.

It also happens to be one of Europe’s most LGBT friendly cities – with a huge annual LGBT Pride Parade. So, if you’re looking for a trendy city break that is fun for all the family, why not try Sweden’s stunning capital city? 4. New York City - New York City is one of the friendliest cities in the United States for family travel. The list of activities is endless: Central Park, Broadway, Times Square, top restaurants – not to mention the 23

with the Herald/ Times. "The most important thing is that anyone working Washington has got to work in a bipartisan way and, for the last five By Jesse Childers years, I've demonstrated State Rep. David Richardson, I've been able to get things done the Miami Beach Democrat and in the minority." retired forensic auditor who has used his expertise to uncover Richardson said he has financial abuse in the state considered a run for Congress prison system, will run for US for some time but expected Congress District 27 in the Miami Ros-Lehtinen to retire in 2020. -based seat being vacated by Her unexpected announcement U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, that she will retire in 2018 after who announced her retirement 35 years in office accelerated his last month. timeline.

Gay Fl State Rep David Richardson Running for US Congress

"I'm ready for it,'' Richardson said in an exclusive interview


Miami businessman Scott Fuhrman, the first Democrat to

announce a challenge to Ros-Lehtinen before her resignation, said Tuesday he’s suspending his campaign. Richardson, who spent Tuesday in D.C. meeting with pollsters and party strategists, said he has hired Eric Johnson, who managed Fuhrman's campaign, to be his campaign manager. Richardson, 60, became the first openly-gay lawmaker elected in Florida when he ran and won in 2012. And if he were to run and win in CD 27, he would be the first openly gay member of Congress from Florida. The Victory Fund is a national committee supporting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gender candidates, and has supported him in his Florida House runs. He won his last race with 65 percent in House District 113 which is within the Congressional District 27.

STD & Oral HIV Testing Every Second Tuesday of Each Month By The AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Becomes Him provides an intimate glimpse inside the life of internationally acclaimed drag performer Jinkx Monsoon. This raw and affectionate By David Vandygriff film follows Now that Season 9 has ended, the passionate pursuits that many fans are suffering transformed a working class boy symptoms of withdrawal. into an illustrious performer on a There's no doubt that RPDR is a global stage, following Jinkx's cultural phenomenon with a trajectory from a small stage in cult-like following. After nine Portland, Ore. through to a seasons, an Emmy Award and growing career in Seattle, then to seven 2017 Emmy Award the finale of RPDRS6, when she nominations, the show continues relinquished her crown. to influence pop culture both in 2. Hurricane Bianca - Calling all North America and worldwide. fans of RPDRS6 winner (and

6 Shows To Fill The RuPaul's Drag Race Shaped Void In Your Life

digital series where she spills the T on a variety of topics through her own unique point of view. 5. Gay for Play - Gay for Play, a trivia-based game show hosted by RuPaul Charles, features contestants who answer popculture questions with the help of a celebrity panel (often including Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews, Mindy Cohn, Carson Kressley and Mindy Cohn). This panel is even supplemented by a rotating panel of former RPDR contestants. Gay for Play delivers RuPaul's humor and the eye candy of the six insanely hot Gay for Play dancers.

6. Pride - This award-winning movie from Matthew Warchus profiles how a group of Londonbased gays and lesbians lent their support to the striking coal miners in South Wales in 1984. Pride explores how a With record-breaking ratings this clown-in-a-gown) Bianca Del motley crew of urban LGBT season, RPDR shows no signs Rio! When a gay man loses his youth, coal miners and their of slowing down. This year was job at a small Texas school families became unlikely allies in the most-watched finale in the because of his sexual the fight for mutual rights and show's history, as an estimated orientation, he disguises himself values in the Margaret Thatcher 859,000 viewers tuned in to see as a woman and returns to even era. This delightfully inspiring film Sasha Velour crowned as the score with those who bullied will show the true meaning of America's Next Drag Superstar. him. This motion picture also RuPaul's saying "If you can't love features performances from On the night of the Season 9 yourself, then how the hell are RuPaul, Margaret Cho, Rachel finale, RPDR was the top you going to love somebody Dratch, Alan Cumming and Drag else?" trending topic on social media, Race alumni Willam, Shangela and viewership among adults RPDR may be done for 2017, aged 18 to 49 increased 218 per and Alyssa Edwards. but these six shows can tide you cent. More than just a show for 3. I am Michael - This 2015 over until Season 10. the LGBTQ community, it has movie, based upon the book My recently become a universal Ex-Gay Friend by Benoit Denizet cultural phenomenon, even the -Lewis, tells the true-life story of subject of a Chris Pine sketch on Michael Glatze (played by James Saturday Night Live. Franco), a gay activist turned anti-gay Christian pastor. Now that Season 9 has ended, many fans are suffering 4. Alyssa's Secret - Alyssa symptoms of withdrawal. Check Edwards, the unforgettable out these six shows to tide you Season 5 contestant of RPDR, over until season 10. has gone on to a successful 1. Drag Becomes Him - Drag career that has included drag, a dance company and, now, a 30

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