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Cover story, Jan. 4, “Team Wolf”

Controlling the population of voracious predatory animals is a good thing. Killing them all off for fun is not. Huge difference.

SEAN DEVOS Via Facebook

Nobody does sunset better than wolves.

@SARDIRE Via Twitter

Tell that to sheep owners, cattle owners and flock owners. The depredation of stock to small ranchers can be devastating.




4 | JANUARY 18, 2018



RAY MENASCO Via Facebook

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True, but there’s a happy medium.

STEVE TRAGESER Via Facebook Wonderful piece!


Private Eye, Jan. 4, “Started Over”

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Dear John: Having “been there” as it were re. John and Yoko, I took pleasure in reading your candid: “I was never a fan of Yoko.” Whew, glad somebody finally said it. So just to add weight to my “Whew!” I was there when she did her dumb piece at St. Martin’s School of Art, B.J. (Before John) with her first husband. The Bag Piece where they cavorted about inside a black bag for about 30 minutes on the drawing studio floor with the students crammed in raked seats in the form of a mini coliseum as per the drawing studio of the period. I was there too when she miscarried in St. Charlotte’s Hospital. Me on the floor above with my newborn daughter, Liberty, and she downstairs driving the hospital crazy. Sad, but it too, became a show. Then again at Robert Fraser’s gallery for

John and Yoko’s “white on white” show with kitsch charity collecting boxes. Sum total? Pretty vacuous. I would like to heartily raise a glass to CW’s past, present and future and hope that you all think more of new trails than good ‘ol days.

JANN HAWORTH, Salt Lake City

Dining review, Jan. 4, Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade Wowzers!

@HEATHERHEATHERSWORLD Via Instagram Looks amazing.

CRISTIN BISHOP Via Facebook Drooling. Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade is my fave.


Film review, Jan. 4, I, Tonya

I am sad that they did not use the new Sufjan song. Anyone intrigued by Tonya’s story needs to also listen to it. Apparently he has wanted to write a song for years and the film encouraged him to do it sooner than later. It is amazingly well done.


Blog post, Jan. 11, “Bag the Bag advocates hope to build momentum in 2018”

Salt Lake let’s get with the times. I moved from a city where plastic bags are no longer available and haven’t been for a few years now. Reusable or paper are the only way to go.

ANNETTE DEL CASTELLO Via Facebook Plastic bags are such trash. I liked what L.A. did. You have to pay a few cents, and the bags are more durable. And still recyclable. Best to “incentivize” good behavior.

Is it really “acting” if you’re telling your own life story? Either way, it was a fascinating show. I loved it.

@GOPTODD Via Twitter

@MEGANJULI Via Twitter At least charge for them.

MICAH BANKS Via Facebook

Haven’t used plastic bags in years and never want to again.


Via Instagram

Let’s do it and and recycle the ones we have to pave the roads.

Via Facebook

I’m so in!

Via Instagram

Blog post, Jan. 11, “Dabakis the Thespian”


Via Facebook


Via Facebook

Yep, not the best actor.


I’m in Europe a couple of times a year, and I take my reusable bags because they mostly do not have plastic. If Trump can force non-morality down our throats, the rest of us can fight for this.


Via Facebook

Acting must be a prerequisite. Donna K. Bradshaw Via Facebook

have to have a ban. People will usually do what is easiest.


Plastic bags are too much of a nuisance for only having one use before being tossed. Get rid of them and buy your own reusable bag to take with you. Richard Humberg Via Facebook I bring my reusable bags 90 percent of the time. If everyone was doing it, then we wouldn’t


I like the ones that say THANK YOU on them.

MATT HANDY Via Facebook

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City Weekly January 18, 2018  

The No-Fun Zone!

City Weekly January 18, 2018  

The No-Fun Zone!