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BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |



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BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |




When you’ve had as many ailments, injuries, creaky bones, infections and migraines as I’ve had, it’s a good idea to know where to find the best aid and medical attention possible. Let’s see: At least 100 stitches since my first ones I had by stepping on a broken soda bottle when I was a kid. A dislocated right shoulder playing high school football requiring crazy repair surgery that didn’t really work, resulting in about 20 subsequent dislocations. Trust me, they hurt like hell. A full leftshoulder replacement surgery last year that did work. Both knees scoped. Accidentally drove a knife into my thigh, seriously sliced my fingers carving wood and dicing vegetables over a dozen times. Trigger finger operations on both hands. Septic bursitis surgery on left elbow. Three hernia operations, one to remove mesh and edema from a previous surgery. Sheesh. But there’s been some easy stuff, too. Gall bladder removed, wisdom teeth removed, incisors removed, matching broken ankles, broken hand, LASIK and lens replacement. Add to that all the things that can and did happen to my three grown kids (plus the diseases real and imagined, then shared with me by a neurotic employee or two) and I can confidently say that I can have a fairly decent conversation with most any medical professional. To be fully honest, I’m a bit of a neurotic myself at this point, evidenced by the blood pressure medication I swallow every morning among other pills and aspirins. Yeah, I’m a wreck. Thanks, newspaper and magazine business! At least I have my hair. So, what to do? Well, how about publishing this Best of Utah Body and Mind issue (BAM!) for starters. On the heels of last fall’s traditional Best of Utah, an issue that focuses mostly on local lifestyles and people, we decided to follow up with a specific Best of Utah poll that concentrates on the medical profession and professionals, which also includes selections for health and wellness professions, too. That poll ran online and in City Weekly in late December and early January. The results were tallied and you hold in your hand the first-ever Best of Utah Body and Mind issue. Did you just wreck your knee up on Ninety Nine 90? We have an orthopedic surgeon and an orthopedic clinic you’re going to need, STAT. Does your lower back feel like an iron poker has taken up residence? Our readers have a pain clinic in mind. How about the best places to get back into shape at any age, or where you should go to speak with someone if you’re sad and confused— and who isn’t? We have that, too.

We hope you enjoy this special issue. Congratulations to everyone named best-ofsomething, herein. Whether first, second or third, you know you’re in tall company. Happy reading—and best of health to all of you. John Saltas Publisher, Copperfield Media

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BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |



Faster, Mr. Limón, faster!” So starts the most memorable health story in my family. It was recounted by my father, Don Hernando, in such an awe-inspiring and comedic way, that it would be one of those tales you’d expect to hear around the fireplace. See, my dad had just gotten a physical (that particular line was from when, much to his chagrin, he was asked to step it up on the treadmill), and for me, growing up in Mexico, the whole experience seemed like an unattainable luxury. An aspirational milestone, if you will. My dad suffered from Parkinson’s disease. I never knew a version of him that didn’t have it. Like every debilitating/incurable condition, its cruel nature chips away at a person’s being to the core. Still, he persisted till the end. His spirit was indomitable—and across every health up and down; through the disease taking parts of his speech and movement—he forever remains the strongest person I’ve ever known. I share this deeply personal story because we all have versions of it—resiliency in the face of sorrow; the worry we hide from those we love after a painful diagnosis; and the soul-quaking admiration we have for our close friends and family members who overcome medical adversity. Last winter, when the time came to roll out City Weekly’s biggest Best of Utah issue yet, I had somewhat of an epiphany: Why not include a Health and Wellness category? Sure, off the bat it didn’t sound like the sexiest idea—what, with all the prodding and poking involved—but the brass went along with it and, thanks to its quick hold, this splinter publication was born. In it, you’ll find that original category’s natural progression to more specialized fields across five new sections. You’ll also see 8 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018

editorial-focused pieces on everything from how to realistically alter your diet in small but meaningful ways, to a first-person take on the slow but enlightening journey one author took post-hipreplacement surgery. You’ll also be able to read the original 12 Best of Utah blurbs that inspired it all, and get up-close-and-personal with broadcast news fixture (and perennial BoU winner) Mary Nickles’ own journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer. In the end, this magazine is meant to enlighten, inform and maybe nudge you in the right direction—humanizing the faces behind the surgical masks—given a February 2018 survey by the Tinker Law Firm found that 47 percent of Utahns self-diagnose online rather than seeing a doctor. It’s also about taking care of your most precious possession: your health. Thriving knowing you’ll be around for many more days, laughs, kisses and everything else this collective adventure known as life throws at you. What could be sexier than that?

—Enrique Limón Editor, Best of Utah Body & Mind CITYWEEKLY.NET

BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |




212 Degree Fitness

Best Acupuncturist

Best Aerobic Instructor

Best Personal Trainer

Needles penetrating your skin—horrifying, right? Not if Zappa is at the helm. Dating back to ancient China, the complementary medicine practice has been fully accepted and revered for its therapeutic qualities. Holding a master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine (MAcOM) from Portland’s College of Oriental Medicine, Zappa’s specialties include pain relief, hormonal imbalances, sports medicine, sound healing and aiding digestive issues.

Confession time: I was never the most athletic of kids (or adult for that matter), so I hold dearly the two sports-related medals that have ever made it through my melon— one for swimming when I was a kid (which I have a strong suspicion was a pity prize) and an aerobics one for my steppin’ abilities during my teens. Aerobics have come a long way since, and leading the way is Seek Studios’ Maack. Try her signature Seek Sweat class, a one-hour class guaranteed to “get you sweaty, strong and that good-kindof-tired.” Who knows? With Maack’s help, I might just add another award to the roomy case.

Never mind the anxiety the term #SummerBod brings. How about working on your physical fitness because it’s the maintenance you should give your most precious tool? Gladly, professionals like Schultz are here to help you achieve realistic fitness goals that make you feel good from the inside out. Sure, the outdoor enthusiast will listen and be tactful, but he’s also not afraid to tap into his training as a Marine scout sniper to whip you into shape. Now, leave your excuses at the door and drop and give him 20.

Melissa Zappa—Flow Acupuncture

2. Amanda Valenti—Valenti Acupuncture 3. Bea Hammond—Harmony Acupuncture Clinic

10 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018

Dominique Maack—Seek Studio

2. Michele Lowry—Seek Studio 3. Jazmin Martinez—Salt Lake Elevated

Josiah Schultz—212 Degree Fitness

2. Collin Vestal—South Davis Recreation Center 3. Jazmin Martinez—Salt Lake Elevated CITYWEEKLY.NET


Jessa Munion

Best Dietician

Elise McVicar—John Madsen Performance We all know what going on a diet means— cutting sugars, eliminating carbs, avoiding pretty much anything that gives you joy, crying outside bakery windows, moving to a distant yurt and swearing off anything that remotely tastes palatable, right? Not if McVicar has a say in the matter. A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), the British expat specializes in sports nutrition and has worked with University of Utah Athletics over the past three seasons. Ready for a lifestyle change? McVicar is here to help you overcome any hurdle. (No, seriously. She ran in the 2012 Olympic trials representing the U.K. in the competitive 400-meter hurdles race.) 2. Anne Dorsey—Milk & Honey Wellness 3. Angela Martindale

Best Massage Therapist

Jessa Munion—Rock Steady Bodyworks You know what’s a real pain in the neck? Well, pains in the neck. Be them from workrelated stress or trauma, and on the neck or otherwise, Munion is here to help with her healing touch. The licensed massage therapist who specializes in deep tissue, joint mobilization and myofascial stretch and release, considers yoga and meditation additional “secret weapons” that help her and her clients maintain a fuller life. Whether you’re a climber, skier or a curmudgeonly journalist who spends 10 hours a day sitting in front of his computer, Munion’s got your back—literally. 2. Jasmine Percy—Basalt Day Spa 3. Gabbi Fredrickson

Best Naturopath Todd Cameron—Cameron Wellness Center

Cameron’s introduction to wellness began during his 20s, when he worked as an EMT. A nursing degree from the University of Utah followed, and the trifecta became complete when he earned his doctorate in naturopathic medicine. Now, offering services that include naturopathic family medicine, pain management, hormone balances and vitamin IV infusions and a fully equipped life spa, the Sugar House center is a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs. Bottom line: Are you sick of being sick? Cameron is here to help. 2. Suzie Rowley—Stone Path Massage & Energy Center 3. Leslie Peterson—Full Circle Care BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |




Parinaz Samimi

Best Nutritionist

Anne Dorsey—Milk & Honey Wellness Leave your stale and clinical expectations at the door. Dorsey’s brainchild, Milk & Honey Wellness, is revolutionizing the approach to healthy eating. Adhering to the motto “Life is about taking care of a body you love, not shrinking a body you hate,” the wellness center’s radicalness begins with self-acceptance and aims to deliver “food freedom once and for all.” I’ll raise my fist to that. 2. Erin Butler—Seek Studio 3. Cassidy Duffield—SLC Crossfit

Best Physical Therapist Susan McLaughlin—Align Integration | Movement

To properly list McLaughlin’s specialties would warrant a single magazine all its own—they range from the treatment of pelvic- and pregnancy-related pain to urinary incontinence, organ prolapse and orthopedic dysfunctions. The specialist’s foray into physical therapy began in her 20s after being involved in a car accident that affected her lumbar disc. “I tried conservative approaches,” McLaughlin 12 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018

recalls, and while surgery was a good fix-all, its effect was temporary. Her struggle was the basis of her professional career, which led her to establish Align. “You don’t have to live in pain!” McLaughlin now boasts. 2. Sandy Vojik—Studio Pilates 3. Brent Butler—Revere Health

Best Yoga Instructor

Parinaz Samimi—Salt Lake Power Yoga To outsiders, yoga might just be an excuse to rock fancy $98 pants. For those who have experienced the healing serenity of the Hindu ascetic and spiritual discipline, it’s a way of life. Through breathing control, meditation and a series of specific body postures, yoga is practiced the world over both for relaxation and health. “Exercise was never my favorite thing to do,” Samimi admits. That all changed a decade ago when she was introduced to Muay Thai. A progression for a better balance between body and mind ensued, et voilà, she is now at the forefront with her challenging and enlightening PowerFlow and PowerFit sessions. 2. Sarah Betts—Seek Studio 3. Trisha McBride—Avenues Yoga CITYWEEKLY.NET



The Originator of Fresh Organic Meals Delivered in UTAH- Since 2002 Milestones are set beside a road not to commemorate how far you’ve come, but to mark the distance to the destination ahead. MEALS THAT TRANSFORM and Angela Martindale are proud to celebrate 16 years of serving our community with a great sense of honor. Its a landmark that comes amid great change in where, how and why we fuel our bodies. This award for is for ALL OF YOU!!!

Thank you for taking this journey with us. I 801-733-9638 BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |



Best Acupuncture Facility SLC Qi Community Acupuncture

SLC Qi Owner Matt Jevtic

How does a body flow? Acupuncturists explore the relationship between energy and matter as healing agents. And whether you call it qi, prana or something else, the concept of an internal fueling bioenergy persists. As part of a growing movement led by the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture, SLC Qi makes treatment accessible through a sliding pay system that puts patients back in control. According to SLC Qi, this altruistic emphasis makes acupuncture “affordable and accessible: an everyday medicine for everyday health care needs.” 2. Flow Acupuncture 3. East West Health

Best All-Purpose Gym

SLC Strength & Conditioning Recovery is as important as action, so that’s why Steven Pizza, body specialist and owner of SLC Strength & Conditioning, puts his team’s emphasis on quality training and injury prevention. “The training strategy that we implement at SLC Strength & Conditioning is designed to constantly progress the body and push your body to new limits with little to no risk of injury,” his online post reads. This immersive program offers full fitness integration beyond gym life for every student—from elite athletes to beginners. 2. Salt Lake Elevated

Best Boxing Gym If you’re craving a cool workout catalyst, then Title Boxing is the “health club with a kick” to get you going. This badass community for both ladies and guys vows to be the fitness addiction you just can’t quit and the confidence booster you’ve been looking for. Title is “committed to giving people of all ages, all bodies, all weights and all abilities the most empowering workout of their lives!” the franchise roars. “Don’t just lift weights,” another pumpedup computer tagline zings, “Lift yourself!” 2. Boxing is for Girls 3. Flash Academy 14 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018


Title Boxing Club


Best Community Best Crossfit Clinic Gym University of Utah Clinic

Redstone Health Center, Park City Park City’s Redstone Health Center is a family and community clinic driven to cultivate thoughts and programs that matter. Redstone’s evolving approach to treatment keeps staff members feeling empowered and high-quality patient care at the center of their practice. “We’re very honored to have this recognition,” says Mary Parsons, medical director of Redstone Health Center, in an email. “We have a great team of compassionate providers and engaged staff who are always working on quality of care and a better experience for the patient.”

212 Degree Fitness

“212 is not a gym where we do exercise. 212 is a gym where we have workout programs,” explains the facility’s owner, Josiah Schultz, in their Training Elevated campaign. “So you’re going to notice changes over time and you’re only going to continue to progress.” Always dedicated, this team never sacrifices safety for development as they equip your body to cross personal goal posts. It’s a fine line that gets water boiling, and Schultz reminds us that, “one degree of effort can make all the difference.” 2. SLC Crossfit 3. Kirin Crossfit


Title Boxing Club

Best Day Spa The Kura Door

Warmly embellishing the quaint streets of Salt Lake’s Lower Avenues is a bathhouse cloaked in the lore and earthy texture of holistic practitioners who came before: Welcome to The Kura Door. “Relax in a cotton kimono and let the fragrances of green tea and hinoki cypress transport you to another world,” its suprisingly enchanting web copy reads. “…let the sounds of the Japanese wind flute carry you to another time.” Fused in fragrance and folk-tale ingredients, The Kura Door opens a timeless experience. 2. Basalt Day Spa 3. Sego Lily Spa

2. Planned Parenthood 3. Foothill Family Clinic BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |


16 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018




Age Performance

Best Family Fitness Center/ Gym

Best Fitness Best Hospice Center for Older Facility The Inn Between Adults

Inclusive family, youth and fitness programs add an exceptional level of thoughtfulness to the social fabric of the Jewish Community Fitness Center, where top-rated facilities and charitable scholarship programs continue to enrich surrounding communities. The center’s extra layer of mindfulness and caring keeps this hidden gem shining far beyond the facility’s boundaries. “When we surround ourselves with people from other cultures and backgrounds and different economic circumstances,” as Karla Pardini, director of programming at the JCC, puts it, “…it makes us all more aware.”

Paul Holbrook, founder of the senior fitness facility Age Performance, hopes to change the way we age through strength training and pushing the reset on pain. This specialized team can help clients increase mobility and regain their independence. “It’s a gift that we all have accessible to us,” instructed Paul in his featured Utah Business Matters video. “It’s not me, it’s just our bodies respond really well to a physical stimulus. You couldn’t dream up a medicine to do what it does. You just can’t!”

Jewish Community Center

Age Performance

For hundreds with nowhere else to go, The Inn Between hospice has become a gleaming beacon of comfort. Its devoted staff works to reconnect the dying with their estranged family through personalized blog posts and obituaries. These small ghostly tokens remind us that hypothetical nobodies were all once somebody, and as the hospice’s YouTube channel urges, “Homelessness is a circumstance, not a character trait. Every person deserves to die with dignity.” 2. Brighton Home Health & Hospice 3. Community Nursing Services

2. Millcreek Community Center 3. Jewish Community Center

2. South Davis Recreation Center 3. Sports Mall BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |




Cottonwood Heights Rec Ctr.

Best Hypnotherapy Andrew Green

If the word “hypnotherapy” leaves you dizzy with thoughts of mind control and protective tin foil, then Andrew Green hopes to demystify this mental health tool and unlock your true potential. “I know when it comes to finding the right hypnotherapist you want to find someone who is trustworthy,” sympathizes the experienced professional in a video tour, “I like to think of myself as a heart-based healer … you’ll notice that this isn’t a place of judgement. This is a place of healing.” 2. Allison’s Hypnotherapy Center 3. InVision Therapy, Tooele

Best Pool

Steiner Aquatics Center The Steiner Aquatics Center, working in part with the Salt Lake City Sports Complex, boasts a gold-medal tier facility and the “best pool” experience of 2018. The center’s two Olympic-sized pools, detoxifying saunas and jet-powered hot tub are part of what made it an ideal training venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics. This affordable, youth-centered fitness facility might be training a different generation of champions in its chambers these days, but it has upheld its world-class programs and amenities for athletes of all sizes. 2. Jewish Community Center 3. Cottonwood Heights

Best Recreation Center Cottonwood Heights

“Cottonwood Heights Parks and Recreation Service Area is a self-contained political entity and has served the community for over 40 years,” writes the webmaster for this beloved center. “The service area consists of six neighborhood parks and the multifaceted Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center. The community of Cottonwood Heights boasts a high quality of life and numerous healthy lifestyle opportunities offered through the Parks and Recreation Service Area.” This enormous community entity provides parks, programs and more for its many valued members. 2. South Davis Recreation Center 3. The Park Center in Murray

18 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018


Located in the heart of Holladay, Smiles Dental Studio offers a warm, tranquil atmosphere. Dr. Scott Kiser and Dr. Ericka Smith will provide you with exceptional treatment using only the most advanced technology available. Our dental team consists of friendly, highly-trained individuals to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. Seeing you with a bright, beautiful smile is as important to us as it is to you. If the gradual process of age and decay, an accident or irregular care has left you self conscious about your teeth, it’s time to visit Smiles. We can restore your youthful appearance and your teeth to a more natural, comfortable feel.

natural and lasts a long time. We’ll make you comfortable, listen to your concerns, answer your questions and customize a treatment especially for you. Having completed over 30,000 cosmetic crowns and several thousand hours of advanced training years of experience and extensive postgraduate training has helped Dr. Kiser to a continued commitment to seek new and better ways of dentistry. He has also been an educator and speaker in the areas of clinical procedure and practice management at University of Washington’s Northwest and Oregon Health and Science University.

Dr. Kiser received his degree in zoology from Brigham Young University. After graduating from the University of Pacific School of Dentistry, Dr. Kiser moved to Salt Lake and established Holladay Dental which is now Smiles Dental Studio. Smiles works with one goal in mind- providing personalized, high quality dentistry, that looks good, feels

When not in the dental world Dr. Kiser loves spending time with his wife, kids and grand-kids, biking, and tennis.

801-277-1010 2240 E Murray Holladay Road 8am-5pm BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |


Renato Saltz, MD, is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who has practiced in Park City since 1993 and taught Plastic Surgery at the University of Utah for ten years. Dr. Saltz is also the President of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He specializes in facelifts, body contouring surgery and breast augmentation. His goal is to deliver the best surgical results, accompanied by the highest level of patient safety and service. Saltz Plastic Surgery & Saltz Spa Vitoria is Utah’s first medical spa. There are two convenient locations, one in Salt Lake City and the other in Park City. The Saltz team provides treatments such as • Coolsculpting • HydraFacials • Cellfina • Botox • Dermal Fillers • Laser Skin Resurfacing • Chemical Peels • Facials • Therapeutic Massage • Thermage • Laser Hair Removal • and much more!

Call today to schedule a complimentary skincare consult with one of our Master Aestheticians!


5445 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, UT


1820 Sidewinder Drive, Park City, UT I 20 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018



Best Retirement Center Cottonwood Creek

Revere Health

Cottonwood Creek could be even better than home for those who require assisted living. Recently remodeled, the inviting atmosphere of the center grounds allows residents to live a lifestyle of respect and freedom. “Cottonwood is secured by a wooded courtyard with a continuous walking trail for any bird watcher and nature seeker,” its website explains. “We create opportunities for our residents to remain involved in the familiar routines that enriched their lives as well as give gentle reminders to help them throughout their day.” 2. St. Joseph’s Villa 3. Sunrise Living Center

Best Water Aerobics Classes

Holladay Lions Recreation Center Combine the ease of water and the swiftness of breath with an enthusiastic crew, and what do you get? Holladay Lions’ award-winning water aerobics classes, of course. These programs promise to bring fast paced pool- and noodle-work to the table that’s easy on joints but brutal on fat, and by partnering with other Salt Lake County facilities whose collective banner reads “Improving lives through people, parks and play,” you’ll find your land-based aerobics like zumba, pilates and kickboxing right next door if you need more. 2. Steiner Aquatics Center 3. Sports Mall

Revere Health

Revere Health stays true to title by honoring patients through their “value-based care” systems and medical weight-loss programs that respect the phases of the individual’s shifting lifestyle. “Value-based care is important in the health care industry because costs are spiraling out of control and the current rise in health care spending is not sustainable,” Revere representative Kurt Bodily says in an educational clip. “But similarly, we need to improve the quality of the care we provide.” 2. Weight Watchers 3. Total Health and Fitness


Best Weight Loss Clinic Best Wilderness Therapy Program Second Nature

Wilderness Therapy brings troubled families face-to-face with nature under the expectation that they will find their own image peering back at them. “To our students, fire by bow drill initially seems impossible but once the components are in place, just about anyone can achieve success…” Second Nature’s clinical director Steve DeBois muses in a blog post that reads like a microcosmic metaphor for making yourself. “That moment when everything just ‘clicks’ for a student and he/she achieves a first flame is truly inspiring.” 2. Anasazi Foundation 3. Aspiro Group

BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |


Mind , Body & Soulstice

...where beauty and wellness intertwine! Jordan Landing 7138 Plaza Center Drive West Jordan, Ut 84084 22 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018


Offering a variety of services: • Hair studio • Skin care • Body wraps, scrubs • Massage therapy • Nails • Waxing services Fort Union 6981 S. Park Centre Drive Salt Lake City, UT 84121 CITYWEEKLY.NET

BY ALEX SPRINGER, Body & Mind Feature



Tony Hawk burger at Vertical Diner

Crash Diet

How I learned to stop worrying and expand my food options.

Discipline and I have never been very good friends, especially when it comes to food. I know that sticking to a healthy, low-carb diet is one of the most effective ways to shed pounds from my midsection, but the mental strain that dieting takes on me has never really been worth it. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized the abstinence-only approach has about as much success at keeping me thin as it does at decreasing Utah’s teen pregnancy rate. At the time, I was eating at Thai Siam, enjoying a plate of pad pra ram, which consists of steamed veggies, rice and some spectacular peanut sauce, when it dawned on me—the secret to going out to eat and maintaining a healthy diet isn’t to limit your food options, but expand them. It sounds counter-intuitive, but hear me out. With a restaurant scene as diverse as Utah’s, you end up getting some mighty fine chefs who cook from the veggie-heavy cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam and India. We also have a vanguard of plant-based restaurateurs who have worked hard to establish a sustainable food community that can please even the most fastidious of vegans. Even if you hate cooking at home or just like to go out to eat, Utah’s restaurant scene has enough tasty variety to keep us healthy—you just have to be canny enough to look past the fast food chains and corporate franchises that seem to occupy every strip mall in the civilized world. Lucky for you, I’ve done all the legwork necessary for sticking to a healthy and diverse eating program—but you can always read this article on a treadmill if you’re in need of the exercise. For me, dinner is always the trickiest meal. It comes after a long day at work where I’ve been trying to sustain myself with celery sticks and mineral water, so when it’s time for my evening meal, I want nothing more than to sit down and annihilate a pizza or a bucket of fried chicken. The strategy here is to either channel that desire for soul-filling junk food into a plant-based equivalent, or

to visit your local Thai or Indian restaurant for a meal that is both heavy on veggies and satisfying. Vertical Diner has never let me down when I’m feeling a deep, spiritual need for junk food that’s on the healthier side. Signature dishes like mushroom stroganoff and the jerk chicken burrito provide enough dinnertime clout to keep you full until lunch the next day. I’ve already mentioned the pad pra ram at Thai Siam, but an order of spicy paneer saag at Saffron Valley is a fiery, satisfying answer to the dinnertime crave. I seldom meet a salad that can keep me full for longer than an hour, so they’re not often in my rotation. That being said, if I must break down and bow to the green goddess, then the Frenchie at Toaster’s is my go-to. It’s a jungle of romaine lettuce, tomato, onion and cucumber topped with monstrous chunks of provolone cheese. If I’m feeling a bit less careful about calorie consumption, the meatball salad at Moochie’s is another salad that eats like a meal— probably because it’s a fist-sized, housemade meatball lounging on a comfy bed of greens and marinara. The times when I’m in the mood for a quick bite or a nostalgic snack are also predisposed for junk food. Morsels like hot dogs and doughnuts are barely food as it is, but damn do they taste good. If I’m looking for a hot dog that isn’t going to make my triglycerides skyrocket, World Dog is my best friend. Their tofu dogs are first rate—my favorite is the Taj, which adds pickled cucumber and mango chutney to the mix. Big O Doughnuts makes vegan-friendly versions of the cop-approved snack, making these marginally healthier than those of the Krispy Kreme persuasion. Again, the best way to keep fit and stay healthy is to eat right and exercise, but the eating-right part of that equation doesn’t have to be as terrible as we often make it out to be. Whether you’re dieting or not, Utah is full of ways to eat healthy without losing your sense of exploration. BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |




Wendy L. Matis (IHC)

Best Breast Reconstruction

Best Cardiologist

Best Cosmetic Surgeon (Face)

Their scalpels aren’t wands, but plastic surgeons often make magic. One wizard is Dr. Agarwal, whose specialties include chest wall reconstruction in female-tomale transgender patients. “My results were more than I ever could have dreamed for,” declares one. The University of Hawaii medical school graduate also spent a year studying with Dr. Jack Owsley, a pioneer in facial cosmetic surgery. Another patient enthuses: “Getting the bandages off and seeing what an amazing job she did was one of the best moments of my life.” Dr. Agarwal’s practiced for more than 20 years.

That fist-sized muscle on the left side of our chests beats around 42 million times a year. To keep it pumping away is the goal of cardiologists like Dr. Miller, a 1992 graduate of the University of Utah School of Medicine. Trained in procedures ranging from pacemakers to stents, he spent his residency at the University of Wisconsin. “He never rushes our time with him,” one patient says. “He’s an intelligent and terrific doctor.” Another says: “You can’t go wrong with Dr. Miller. He helped me regain my desire to be healthy.”

The author of over 400 national and international medical papers, Dr. Saltz earned his medical degree from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, one of Brazil’s largest and highest-rated universities. Prior to coming to Utah, the pioneer in endoscopic surgery taught and practiced at the Medical College of Georgia from 1990-94. He focuses on results. One male patient recalls Dr. Saltz saying he could erase 15 years from his face. “Yes, I’m vain … and the first to admit it,” he says. “But he delivered what he promised.” And another sums up her experience: “I don’t call him Dr. Michelangelo for nothing!”

Cori A. Agarwal—U of U

24 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018

Stephen L. Miller—IHC

2. John J. Ryan—University of Utah 3. Scott B. Hacking—St. Mark’s Hospital

Renato Saltz

2. Angela Keen 3. Brian C. Reuben CITYWEEKLY.NET

Best Dermatologist Wendy L. Matis—IHC

At around 18-square feet, the skin is the body’s largest organ. It holds us together, protects us, eliminates toxins and is vital to the senses. Dr. Matis has been taking care of skin since graduating from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1987. She treats conditions from acne to metastatic melanoma—and everything in between. “I feel like she’s genuinely concerned about me as an individual,” one patient says, “and she is superb at what she does.” The board-certified dermatologist completed her residency at the University of Pennsylvania. 2. Leonard Swinger 3. Leo Sotiriou



Moran Eye Center


Bhupendra C.K. Patel

Best Eye Care Bhupendra C.K. Patel Moran Eye Center

Patients from across the U.S. and oversees travel to Salt Lake City to be treated by Dr. Patel, a 1980 graduate of the University of Liverpool. With more than four decades of experience, he pioneered many cosmetic facial procedures for the brows, eyelids and cheeks. “We strive for nothing but perfection,” Dr. Patel declares. “No compromise.” He has the human touch, too. “He gave up opera tickets the night of my surgery just to take care of me,” one patient recalls. “He’s the best doctor I could have ever had.” Says a cancer survivor: “Dr. Patel makes magic happen.”

Renato Saltz

Best General Physician

Stacey Bank—IHC/Granger Medical Clinic Laughter sometimes can be the best medicine. “She’s funny,” one of Dr. Bank’s patients says, “and joked to put me at ease.” On a serious note, the woman added: “She’s very smart and listens to your concerns.” A 2002 graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine, Dr. Bank spent her residency at the U of U and is affiliated with Granger Medical Clinic in Holladay which offers a full range of family medical services from newborn to geriatric care. Another patient has this assessment: “She’s very warm—and listens better than any doctor I’ve ever been to.” 2. Karly Ann Pippitt—University of Utah 3. Jared B. Probst—Olympus Family Medicine BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |



Geriatric Care Anne M. Pendo—IHC

Aging is an undeniable fact of life. But sometimes, as screen icon Bette Davis famously quipped: “Getting old isn’t for sissies.” Since graduating in 1985 from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, Dr. Pendo has been helping older patients burnish their golden years. “You will not find a doctor with a better bedside manner and a willingness to stick with you through illnesses … and get you well,” one patient says, adding: “Dr. Pendo rules!” She’s a member of the American Geriatrics Society.

Best Internist Because of their wide-ranging skill set, one in four physicians in the U.S. is an internist —treating ailments from the common cold to heart disease. A 1985 graduate of the University of California at San Francisco medical school, Dr. Richards sees patients from offices at Intermountain Memorial Clinic at 2000 S. 900 East. “She spends time with me,” one says, “and I never feel like she’s in a hurry to leave or get me out of the room. She’s absolutely fabulous.” another says: “She treats me like an individual instead of just another number.”


Ann Richards—IHC

Clare Eggett

2. Cory W. Ferguson—McKay Dee Hospital 3. Lawrence Nobuhara—Revere Health

Best Nurse Practioner

Granger Medical Center

While they don’t have “M.D.” after their names, nurse practitioners are an integral part of America’s health care system. And they’re fairly recent: They first appeared in the mid-1960s. One of the most dedicated and popular is Clare Eggett, who’s affiliated with Granger Medical Center at 3725 W. 4100 South in West Valley City. Since graduating from Westminster College in 2002, she’s seen patients from newborns to octogenarians. When she’s not taking medical histories and ordering tests, you can find the mother of three mountain biking, hiking, gardening or cooking. 2. Rhonda Lee 3. Tina Goldsmith—IHC/Granger Medical Center

26 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018


Clare Eggett


BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |


801.282.5839 3855 West 7800 South, Suite 250 West Jordan, UT 84088

28 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018




Wasatch Midwifery + Wellness Childbirth is a miracle, and the staff of Wasatch Midwifery + Wellness makes it even more memorable by offering low-risk mothers “signature concierge-style care.” With views of the breathtaking Wasatch Mountains as a backdrop, the center features two birthing suites with free-standing tubs, birth balls, birth stools and hanging yoga slings. Midwives are on call 24 hours a day to answer clients’ questions. Owner Adrienne Brown, who grew up on a farm in rural New York, explains her passion: “I understood the basic concept that birth is a natural process— as it has been for ages—and fell in love with the beauty and power of creating life.”

Wasatch Midwifery


2. Scott Rallison—IHC 3. Tina Goldsmith—IHC/Granger Medical Center

Best Oncologist Joan D. Miles

Cancer. The word itself can strike terror into the most stoic among us. But there’s hope in the fight against the fearsome disease, thanks to physicians like this 2006 graduate of Georgetown University School of Medicine. She says she strives to “figure out each individuals’ priorities so that together we can choose the right treatment.” Always reassuring, Dr. Miles has the common touch: “It was really amazing to me that she offered her cell phone number [so I could] text her at any time with a question or concern,” one patient recalls. 2. Saundra S. Byes

Best Optometrist Don W. Baker

2. William J. Bogus 3. Robert W. Keller

Joan D. Miles


Some say spectacles were invented in China; others say India. No matter, by 1300, they were being manufactured in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Carrying on this centuries-old tradition of eye care are optometrists like Don W. Baker. Using state-of-the art equipment, he’s dedicated to helping you see 20/20. “I’m not fond of going to the eye doctor,” one patient writes, “but he and his staff made me feel very comfortable.” Another says: “He spends the right amount of time, listens and engages both me and my teen boys—and offers up great suggestions.”

BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |



Best Orthopedic Surgeon John G. Skedros—Utah Orthopedic Specialists

n o o S l l e Get W

� the art floral

801-363-0565 | 580 E 300 S SLC |

Joint or back pain sidelines normally active people. That’s where specialists like Dr. Skedros enter the picture. A 1990 graduate of the University of Utah School of Medicine, he focuses on shoulder and elbow conditions. Also, he’s an expert on knee arthroscopy—a procedure to avoid total knee replacement. Dr. Skedros honed his skills during a six-year residency at the University of Southern California, where he was chief resident. The training shows. “He knows what he’s talking about,” one patient declares. “He spent a lot of time with me and went over each one of my X-rays and explained everything.” 2. Brandon Lawrence—Primary Children’s Hospital/Shriners Hospitals for Children 3. Stephen K. Aoki—University of Utah

Oral Surgeon

Todd C. Liston—Oral & Maxillofacial of Utah, Bountiful Injuries to the mouth are far too common. Sometimes, too, birth defects or disease malform this especially sensitive area. Restoring smiles falls under the aegis of specialists like Dr. Liston, who received his D.D.S. in 1989 from the Medical College of Virginia, then served a four-year residency at The Ohio State University Medical Center. “Our experience couldn’t have been better,” one patient recalls. “Dr. Liston’s kindness and humor made everyone feel at ease … a smooth process from start to finish.” He’s also an expert on dental implants.

Best Pediatrician Paul H. Swenson

Youngsters often are more challenging patients because they’re growing and still developing. Not to mention the ups and downs of adolescence. Since he graduated from the University of Utah School of Medicine in 1980, Dr. Swenson has been seeing the younger generation from newborns to young adults, while serving as adjunct professor at his alma mater. “I started taking my children to Dr. Swenson 15 years ago,” one mother recounts. “He understands my kids … he talks to them and explains everything beforehand. From chicken pox and appendicitis to poison ivy, he’s cared for my children.” 2. Suzanne T. Holbrook—IHC/Sunnyside Pediatrics 3. Jed B. Vandenberghe—Holladay Pediatrics 30 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018



Committed to Healthy Living SERVICES: Assisted Living — Blood Pressure Checks — Immunizations Compounding Specialist — Nursing Homes — Delivery Medication Organization — Hospice — Veterinary Medications Worker’s Compensation


Advanced Foot & Ankle Center


Diabetes Shoppe — Prescription Medications — Injectable Medications Full Line of Over the Counter Products — Vitamin & Herbal Products

Best Podiatrist

Phone: (801) 521-6353 Fax: (801) 521-6390 Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm | Saturday: 9am-1pm 82 South 1100 East, Suite 104 Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Advanced Foot & Ankle Center Stand on your own two feet! Now there’s an admonition … unless they hurt. That’s when the specialists Advanced Foot & Ankle Center come in to treat conditions ranging from calluses and ingrown toenails to diabetic foot pain. The state-of-the-art clinics have nine offices in Utah, plus one in Evanston, Wyo. Each is equipped with advanced technology to diagnose and treat all manner of foot maladies. The centers’ physicians all are board certified with decades of combined experience. “I have plantar fasciitis,” one patient writes. “The doctor gave me an injection and a pair of inserts … and I’m not in near the pain.” 2. Ryan Kitterman—Advanced Foot & Ankle Center 3. Ryan T. Rushton—U of U

Best Psychiatrist Jessica M. Jones—IHC

“It was a difficult day for me for reasons of personal loss,” a patient of Dr. Jones recalls. “She was exceptionally gentle and supportive … and I’m very grateful.” That’s typical of the sentiments of patients who place their sometimes-fragile psyches in the care of this 2010 graduate of the University of Oklahoma Medical School. After a residency there, Dr. Jones won a fellowship to the University of Utah, where she’s now an assistant professor. Her research interests include prevention and treatment of obesity. “She addressed every issue I presented,” another patient says, “and provided solutions and gave me confidence in the outcomes.” 2. Stephen Proskauer

BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |





Smart Clinic

Best Addiction Back/Spine Recovery Center Center First Step House

Smart Clinic, Draper

Best Dental Facility

Since 1985, First Step House has been helping men recovering from substance abuse to break free of addiction through individualized treatment. By guiding each patient to rediscover meaning and purpose in their lives, First Step works with men from all walks of life—including veterans and those struggling with homelessness— at their two treatment facilities and recovery campus. Sticking with its clients through the long term with transitional housing, First Step House is there through each step of the recovery process.

For 20 years, the experts at Smart Clinic have been getting patients back to their quality selves with minimally invasive spinal rehabilitation procedures. While treating herniated disks and sports injuries to general back and neck pain, Smart focuses on regenerative and restorative medicine to keep patient after patient in top shape. They’ve even developed their own FIT performance training regiment and nutrition program—going well beyond typical spinal-care treatment facilities.

Many people are nervous about visiting the dentist, and Apex Dental understands that past negative experiences can affect future dental care. They put their all into making sure patients have a comfortable and anxiety-free experience—you only need to glance at the long list of testimonials on their site to get a sense of just how much they put patient comfort first. Plus, Apex locations are spread along the Wasatch Front and offer everything from general check ups to orthodontics to cosmetic dentistry.

2. The Other Side 3. Cirque Lodge 32 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018

Apex Dental

2. Smile Dental Studio 3. City Creek Dental



Nassir F. Marrouche, CARMA Center

Best Health Best Heart Services Research Research University of Utah School of Medicine

CARMA Center, University of Utah

Dedicated to advancing the field of medicine, the doctors, professors and all medical professionals at the University of Utah School of Medicine have committed themselves to not only progressive research but giving personable medical care to their patients. The school ranks as one of the top 50 in the country and employs some of the best medical researchers to study and practice a wide range of health care disciplines. It’s been around for more than a century and will continue to serve the state for years to come.

The Comprehensive Arrhythmia Research and Management Center focuses particularly on atrial fibrillation to further research and understand clinical treatments of cardiac arrhythmia. The center brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines to create a multifaceted approach to treat cardiac conditions that affect millions of lives. They also bring that interdisciplinary mindset to their teaching tactics and provide training to University of Utah schools including radiology, medicine and bioengineering. The result is a well-rounded research center for both teaching and practicing.

2. Huntsman Cancer Institute 3. Roseman University

Best Hospital

University of Utah Hospital Perched on the eastern bench of Salt Lake Valley, the U of U hospital is a flagship institution providing some of the best medical care in the West. But their expertise isn’t limited to just the foothills— they have centers and clinics throughout the valley to serve patients with a range of needs. Stemming from the U’s excellent medical school, the hospital’s state-ofthe-art facilities are continuously being updated to give Utah the most advanced care. 2. Intermountain Medical Center 3. LDS Hospital

BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |



Best LASIK Center

The Eye Institute of Utah

Karrie Galloway

Aside from giving patients improved vision and top-notch eye health, The Eye Institute of Utah’s priority is patient experience during a LASIK procedure. With testimonials from snowboarders and lifestyle bloggers, the right candidates can have their sight revolutionized through an expert procedure that only takes a few hours. Their 30,000-square-foot Salt Lake City facility serves Utah, Idaho and Wyoming regions and has a number of LASIK options for each patient’s individual needs.

Best Medical Administrator

Karrie Galloway—Planned Parenthood If there’s one thing to say about president of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah and Planned Parenthood Action Council Karrie Galloway, it’s that she’s dedicated. She’s seen PPAU through funding crises and navigated political discord in order to bring affordable and reliable health care to Utahns all around the state. Galloway wrote in PPAU’s 2017 annual report, “With government funding at risk, clients can count on Planned Parenthood to make real our promise that these doors stay open.”

Best Mental Health Facility In a time where mental health is often overlooked and under-funded, the University of Utah’s Neuropsychiatric Institute provides a number of in-depth specialty services. Their goal is to offer balanced treatment for each patient while fighting the stigmas often surrounding mental and behavioral health disorders. Offering programs for those with autism, clinical services like addiction recovery and crisis intervention and youthspecific programs, UNI leads the way toward a better understanding of mental health in Utah. 2. Utah Center For Evidence Based Treatment 3. Valley Behavioral Health

34 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018


U of U Neuropsychiatric Institute



Utah’s first 50 plus training facility! Since 1998

“Strength to change the way we age. . .”

START YOUR FREE TRIAL TODAY 2274 E. 3300 S. | | 801.946.9732

Offering Person•al, Semi-private, Small Group and Couples Training. 1291 S. 1100 East − 801.467.6554

BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |


36 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018



Best Oncology Research

Best Orthopedic Clinic

The late philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr. founded Huntsman Cancer Foundation in 1995 and the resulting world-renowned institute will pass on his legacy for decades to come. Home to dozens of research labs leading the field of oncology, Huntsman experts are tireless in their pursuit of a cure. It shows, too, in the level of care patients receive no matter what their financial status or health situation. HCI is a reliable Utah staple overlooking Salt Lake City and serving anyone touched by cancer.

Dr. Eric Heiden is an orthopedic surgeon with advanced experience in the area of sports medicine. His center is well respected and he’s dedicated to his patients. Oh, and he won five gold medals for speed skating at the Lake Placid Olympics, set 15 world records during his speed skating career and competed in the 1986 Tour de France. With someone at the helm of a sports medicine clinic who knows in depth just how hard athletes push themselves, it’s no wonder Dr. Heiden and his team are considered some of the best in Utah.

Huntsman Cancer Institute

Heiden Orthopedics, Park City


Zhizhou Ye working at Huntsman Cancer Institute

Best Pain Center Denali Medical Center, Bountiful

Pain management is often difficult to figure out, and sometimes standard procedures and strong painkillers just aren’t the way to go. Denali Medical Center’s philosophy is that balance within the body can cure pain and restore health—and they accomplish their goals by finding a middle point between contemporary medicine and holistic practices. Avoiding surgery and drugs is the No. 1 solution at Denali in order to get every patient comfortable and pain free for the long term.

2. University of Utah 3. Jordan Valley Medical Center

BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |



Best Rural Utah Medical Center

Dr. Todd Cameron

Garfield County Memorial Hospital, Panguitch

Nestled in central southern Utah’s gorgeous scenery, Garfield County is home to some of the state’s most breathtaking tourist attractions, but has only about 5,000 residents. Though the county might not be populous, those rural towns still need reliable health care, which they receive through nonprofit Garfield County Memorial Hospital. Part of the IHC network, the hospital offers an array of services including diabetes counseling to make sure patients from all over have access to the care they need. 2. Castleview Hospital, Price

Best Urgent Care Facility Intermountain Medical Center

Remember that time you attempted to build a backyard skatepark? Or when you decided to teach yourself how to rewire the house? Or when you found out you were allergic to wasps? Yeah, Intermountain was there for you. And they’ll still be there when the next great idea strikes. 2. University of Utah Hospital 3. InstaCare


Best Women’s Clinic Planned Parenthood

The eight Planned Parenthood clinics spread from Logan to St. George provided judgement-free care to nearly 46,000 Utahns in 2017, according to PPAU’s annual report. The organization provides birth control, STI testing, cancer screenings and pregnancy testing, and women all across the state have relied on its clinics for low-cost health care. Planned Parenthood has been a staple for women in Utah since the 1970s and intends to stick around for future community health needs. 2. Avenues Women’s Center 3. St. Mark’s Women’s Center 38 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018

Best Wellness Center Cameron Wellness Center

The mission at Cameron Wellness Center is not just to help patients get well, but to stay well. There’s no rushed process of getting you out with a diagnoses and a prescription, but you will be counseled on how to keep your health at its best and “leave the clinic with a new ally in your health care efforts.” Acupuncture, chronic disease management and detoxing are just a few of the services the center offers and each person who visits can be assured they will receive personalized treatment and plan for long-term health. 2. Pinnacle Performance 3. The Little Wellness Place CITYWEEKLY.NET

BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |


Where do doctors, fitness coaches and other health professionals go when they need the help?


You might hear your friends mention a great fitness class they attended recently or some emergency they had where they received excellent care from a local doctor. But where do the professionals go to receive some of that same care? City Weekly asked a handful of local health care and fitness professionals who they turn to most and why. To create the first link in the chain, we randomly selected one health care professional from the Best Of list and went from there. From unintimidating resistance training to dry-needling and kidfriendly dentists, here is what the experts have to say.

40 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018

Sarah Betts

Yoga Instructor, Seek Studio “I love taking classes at other studios because it keeps me inspired and creative in my own practice and the classes I teach. Everyone has their own unique way of sequencing a class and teaching certain poses and I think it is super important to experience that in order to be a really great teacher with a multitude of ways of working with students. One of my favorite teachers to go to is Jessa Munion at Rock Steady Bodyworks. Jessa has a wildly unique way of thinking about movement and yoga, which continues to push me as a practitioner and teacher. I always walk away from Jessa’s classes with fresh ideas and a total body high.”


The Medical Chain


BY RAY HOWZE, Body & Mind Feature

Jessa Munion

Yoga/Massage Therapist, Rock Steady Body Works

“I send most of my clients to Nate Bernatz at Vast Chiropractic for ART (Active Release Technique, a soft tissue manipulation) and dry needling. He’s incredible! ART and dry needling work wonders on deep persistent muscle aches or soreness if that hip hurts after every run, that pesky shoulder or that kind of thing. The treatments are quick, affordable and the release and feel-good effect is immediate.”


Nate Bernatz Chiropractor, Vast Chiropractic COURTESY VAST CHIROPRACTIC

“I highly recommend Travis Hendry at Intermountain Summit Orthopedics when my patients with more serious injuries require a second opinion or surgery. He is an incredible surgeon and has helped many of my patients through surgery when many conservative and less-invasive approaches have failed.”


Travis Hendry

Orthopedic Surgeon, Intermountain Summit Orthopedics

“Cameron Brown kind of helped me make a big change in my nutrition and in my workouts. He’s great to go to if patients don’t need physical therapy, but a personal trainer and sound nutrition advice. So many people just don’t know where to start. He’ll sit you down before you ever get into the gym and he has a few lectures for you. I’ve been there with a couple other doctors and he’s talking about nutrition down to the level of biochemistry and how your body uses energy. His advice is very well-founded in science and there’s nothing unsustainable about it.”


Evolution Fitness

“Our pediatric dentist [Scott Folkman, Legacy Pediatric Dentistry] is awesome. We’ve had really good experience with him and a lot of my clients go to him as well. He has special needs kids as well, so if they have Aspergers or something, he can accommodate them. “I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old and they look forward to actually going to the dentist. He’s a fun guy and really smart. Their office is laid out like a space station and their staff is really friendly. When [the kids] even see him at the gym, they run up to him because they love him so much. He’s able to make them feel comfortable and has a really fun personality. It’s kind of like they’re being entertained while they’re around him. They don’t have to think about the fact they’re at the dentist.”

BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |



Best Dental College or University

SLC Farmers Market

Roseman University of Health Sciences

Founded in Henderson, Nev., before expanding into its South Jordan campus, Roseman University of Health Sciences offers a multitude of health-related degrees. The College of Dental Medicine especially has become well respected in Utah, offering advanced education in orthodontics and dentistry with its state-of-the-art educational and clinical facilities. The distinguished faculty, recruited from all over the United States, have at their disposal the latest and greatest teaching tools such as multimedia technology and hands-on clinicals.

Emerging Medical Leader Samuel R.G. Finlayson

Since June of 2013, Samuel R.G. Finlayson, M.D., MPH has been a professor and chair of the Department of Surgery for the University of Utah. Dr. Finlayson specializes in minimally invasive abdominal surgery, with a particular interest in benign and malignant diseases of the colon, abdominal-wall hernias and biliary disease. Before becoming one of the top surgeons in the Beehive State, Dr. Finlayson received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and served a decade at Dartmouth Medical School where he was vice chair of the Department of Surgery. He’s even fluent in Mandarin—what can’t this man do?

Best Farmers Market Downtown SLC Farmers Market

Best Health Insurer SelectHealth

For more than 35 years, SelectHealth has provided health insurance to 800,000-plus members in Utah and Idaho. The provider is affiliated with Intermountain Healthcare, and together they go beyond treating illness and injury—they are committed to members leading longer, more fulfilling lives through clinical quality, excellent service, lower costs and prevention resources. 42 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018


The motto “Make it, bake it, grow it” is an apt slogan for the largest outdoor market in Utah. Created in 1992 by Downtown Alliance in Pioneer Park, the Downtown SLC Farmers Market sells locally sourced food and fosters a sense of community pride. Vendors represent over 100 farms and ranches from across 16 Utah counties, all within 250 miles of Salt Lake City.

Best Healthcare Equipment Provider Affinity Home Medical

No one wants to purchase medical equipment—but if you must, feel at ease at Affinity Home Medical. When insurance doesn’t cover all expenses, it’s a relief to find affordable places committed to customer wellness. Make sure to stop in if you or someone you love needs mobility, incontinence or medical supplies.



4th Street Clinic

Best Health/ Medical NonProfit

Best Home Health/Hospice Care

Best Innovation in Health/ Wellness

Many organizations are committed to the care and well-being of Utah’s downtrodden— but none quite measure up to 4th Street Clinic. Founded in 1988 as a triage clinic, the facility was staffed by just one parttime nurse. Today, the clinic is a well-oiled machine with over 50 employees as well as a volunteer network of over 150. If you want to play a role in helping provide committed health care to Utah’s homeless, visit the Support page at to leave a donation.

The dedicated staff and nurses at Brighton Home Health are committed to the care and stability of each patient. Services run the gamut—each individual’s situation is assessed and treated on a person-toperson basis. Depending on your needs, Brighton’s nurses assist with education, dressing changes, lab draws, monitoring vital signs, IV antibiotics, catheters and injections. The therapy team focuses on strengthening the mind as well as the body.

Getting back on your feet after a series of unfortunate events can be a tiring and trying endeavor. At Healing Mountain Massage School, dedicated professionals trained in kinesiology and massage therapy are there to help you feel like your old self. Accredited through ABHES, Healing Mountain— conveniently nestled in downtown Salt Lake City—has a dedicated and vetted team versed in providing a unique and experiential practice.

4th Street Clinic

Brighton Home Health

Healing Mountain Massage School

BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |



Best Juice Bar Vive

VIVE Juice Bar

CEO Brittany Shimmin started Vive Juicery in 2013 at the ripe age of 23, first picturing her business as a mobile cart, then evolving into today’s version with three physical storefronts. Vive specializes in providing fresh juices for beginner, intermediate and total cleanses, each priced at $330 for individuals, though if you get your friends and family on board, there are special group rates. New to the game? Try the middle-ofthe-road Stella which is a combination of spinach, kale, cucumber, green apple, celery, lemon and lime.

Best Local Health Food Company Dave’s Health and Nutrition

Dave Card, the proprietor at Dave’s Health and Nutrition, brings to the business a lifelong passion for health and wellness. After earning a degree in psychology from the University of Utah, Card went on to obtain a Master Herbalist designation, learning how to create unique herbal formulas for digestion, circulation and nutrition. Next time you need a consultation on herbal formulas or supplements, look no further than the Dave’s, located in Salt Lake and South Jordan.

Best Medical Tech Programs Are you interested in the medical field and enjoy helping others? Eagle Gate College helps medical assistants prepare for a world in a busy, multi-faceted medical office or hospital. Eagle Gate medical assisting graduates are trained by top professionals, and acquire skills such as microbiology, hematology, venipuncture and urinalysis, as well as proficiency in transcription and charting and injections. All this in as little as 16 months.

44 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018


Eagle Gate College



Jolley’s Pharmacy

Best Medical Best Nursing College or Transportation Company University Gold Cross

Weber State University

You’re probably familiar with their vehicles zipping through the city streets with lights blazing. What you might not know, though, is that Gold Cross Ambulance Services has been a staple in the Utah community for 50 years operating with a fleet of over 100 ambulances. Headquartered at 1717 S. Redwood Road, Gold Cross also offers a training program from professionals that equip the community with the tools necessary to save lives on a day-to-day basis.

Celebrating over 60 years in education, the Weber State University School of Nursing is arguably the premier nursing school in the state. With a vision to lead and to innovate learning environments, the school incorporates advanced technology, dedicated educators and a challenging-yet-informative course load. Whether you’re after an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s in nursing, Weber State has the program for you.

Best Natural Foods Store Whole Foods

Whole Foods was founded in Austin, Texas, by four business people who had a vision that the natural-foods industry was primed for a supermarket format. The original Whole Foods Market opened in 1980 and staffed just 19 people. At the time, there were less than half a dozen natural food supermarkets in the United States. Today, the juggernaut has grown to 477 stores all across the nation as well as the United Kingdom.

Best Pharmacy

Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy Located at 1702 S. 1100 East in Salt Lake City, Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy has been serving the local community since 1954. Owner and lead pharmacist Dean Jolley grew up in the family business created by his father, Joel Jolley. The knowledge and experience of being in business with his father allowed Dean to offer modern techniques with a sense of pride and legacy. At Jolley’s, you know you’re getting an enhanced view of the traditional pharmacy, complete with free delivery, consultations and seminars. BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |




BY JERRE WROBLE, Body & Mind Feature

The Hip Trip The long and winding road that my bum hip took me on.

Like the aging process itself, my hip problem began oh-so-gradually. There was a day in 2008 when putting on my socks, I had difficulty lifting my right leg to cross over my left. The weakness seemed to involve my hip flexors, the muscles that enable you to raise your knee upward. Over time, the weakness only got worse, with well-meaning friends telling me I was simply out of shape and had been sitting too long at my desk (all true). Upon learning of my malady, my neighbor, Chuck, introduced me to the sublime beauty of restorative yoga classes. The calm, meditative series taught by the inimitable yoga/Feldenkrais teacher Erin Geesaman Rabke ( made me realize that being present and aware of my body is the best medicine we can give ourselves. Sadly, the yoga studio where the classes were held became a ceramics studio, and my teacher moved on to other ventures. That meant I soon went back to my old ways (too much sitting, not enough stretching). It wasn’t long before the hip weakness actually became painful. When the idea of climbing stairs or hopping aboard a Trax train inspired dread, I knew it was time for medical intervention. I met with an osteopath who looked at my X-rays and said I had advanced arthritis. Worse, I was even eligible for a hip replacement. Who, me? Someone in the prime of her life? (OK, I was in my 50s but still, I felt young.) It was easy to see the condition in the X-ray. On the left (healthy) hip, there was a decent gap (filled with synovial fluid) between the hip socket and the head of the thigh bone. On the right, there was only a thin line between the two. “It’s bone on bone,” the doctor said, “and that creates bone spurs, which cause a great deal of pain.” 46 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018

I can’t even recall a specific injury that triggered the onset of arthritis, though getting bucked off a horse as a kid, a waterskiing wipeout in my teens or that fall on an icy sidewalk at the U of U couldn’t have helped—maybe it was cumulative. Regardless, I felt I could beat it. In the months and years that followed, I first undertook doctor-prescribed aquatic physical therapy, which was very helpful. When that became too expensive, I signed up for jointgentle water-aerobics classes at the Holladay Lions Recreation Center (1661 E. Murray-Holladay Road, Holladay, 801-385-4681700, Another therapy that made a positive difference was structural integration (basically a more gentle form of Rolfing, offered by massage therapists with advanced training). Using fingers, knuckles and elbows, therapists dig in deep to the soft tissue surrounding injuries and bound-up joints. They basically stretch and push apart the muscle facia and fibers. This lets in blood flow, which helps with healing, pain and range of motion. Eventually the structural-integration clinic I frequented closed, and my therapists scattered to the wind. I was once again looking for relief when I found what I call my “nexus of healing” in Cottonwood Heights. Not far from where I lived, I began seeing a trio of alternative health care providers: chiropractor Brad Hendricks (The Joint, 6910 S. Highland Drive, Cottonwood Heights, 801-9433163,, acupuncturist Kris Justesen (Alpine Wellness Center, 1664 Dawn Drive, Cottonwood Heights, 801-263-9380, and the folks who operate Salt City Float Spa (7050 S. Highland Drive, Ste. 220, Cottonwood Heights, 801-450-7461, Each week, I got a spinal adjustment, an acupuncture treatment and an hour-long soak in the Epsom salt-filled flotation tanks. Every day, I walked my dogs around the park. My mood was good, CITYWEEKLY.NET


and I felt oddly hopeful that things would improve. Only they didn’t. I actually started limping! My right knee and the muscles all the way down to my foot began to be affected. There were all sorts of challenges with getting dressed and leaning over to pick something up off the floor. At a family reunion, my brother noticed my gait and asked why I hadn’t done something about it. I didn’t have a good reason other than I wanted to beat arthritis naturally. But I’m just not sure it can be done. The next day, I made an appointment with Salt Lake Orthopaedic Clinic (St. Mark’s Medical Office, 1160 E. 3900 South, No. 5000, 801-262-8486, and had hip-replacement surgery three weeks later. The surgery went off without a hitch; I was home three days later enjoying pain-free movement for the first time in six years. After a few weeks of physical therapy at home, I was able to attend my daughter’s outdoor wedding, walking through the park like a champ. The surgeon told me mine was the most arthritic hip he’d ever operated on. Mine? Someone who was in the prime of their life? I guess those alternative treatments enabled me to keep going and put it off as long as possible. And that’s not a bad thing considering that within 20 years, I’ll likely need to replace the replacement! What? I’ll still be in the prime of my life! The moral of the story is, stretch those hip flexors while you’re young! I don’t regret pursuing alternative treatments, either. Every modality provided some amazing benefits, not only to my joints but to my mood and quality of life. Above all, give restorative yoga a try. Stretch and live!

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Best Gym Fit to Recover

FTR is not your typical bro-lift-things-up-and-put-themdown gym. It’s more of a support group for those in recovery that offers fitness classes. Actually, there are four areas the gym advocates: fitness, creative arts, nutrition and community service, and FTR offers involvement in each of them, all while providing an environment of self-care and encouragement. 798 W. 1390 South, 801-410-8988, 2. The Front Climbing Club 3. Age Performance

Best Alternative Medicine Align Utah


Fit to Recover

The philosophy here is pretty simple: “We believe you were born to be healthy.” Makes sense. For some, their everyday existence is aches, pains and lethargy. But, turns out, that’s not how your body is supposed to be, and Align Utah aims to help patients find a way to wellness through nutrition, detox, chiropractic work and functional medicine. Feeling better and healthy isn’t out of reach. 1860 S. 300 West, Building E, Ste. B, 801-467-2851, 2. Cameron Wellness Center 3. Flow Acupuncture & Apothecary

Best Chiropractor The Joint Sugar House

Sitting is killing us. Some studies even say that sitting all day is worse for your health than smoking. And posture? There isn’t an office worker around who hasn’t been burdened with back pain, neck tension or other chairrelated spine issues. Lucky for us desk dwellers, there’s The Joint, where we can pop in at any time for an adjustment. With package options and no appointments necessary, your back will feel better in no time. 1126 E. 2100 South, 801-467-8683, 2. Align Utah 3. Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center

Best Dentist

Dr. Jason Lewis, DDS 48 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018


Dr. Jason Lewis, DDS

Many people are filled with dread at the thought of going to the dentist, but shake off those worries because they are unfounded at the office of Dr. Jason Lewis. First off, the “office” is more like walking into someone’s comfortably furnished home. Whether you’re going in for a routine cleaning or needing some more serious dental work, it’s apparent why Dr. Lewis is called a “smile artist.” 11447 S. 700 East, Draper, 801-572-5154, 2. Dr. Joshua Holt, DDS 3. Dr. William Sergakis, DDS CITYWEEKLY.NET

Best Family Practice Foothill Family Clinic

Salt Lake Power Yoga

Whether it’s your first yearly checkup or your 80th, Foothill Family Clinic is there to provide quality medical care for every walk of life. Since 1976, each of the clinic’s physicians has been committed to their patients well-being. It certainly shows, especially since the clinic has expanded to three locations. Multiple locations, COURTESY SALT LAKE POWER YOGA

2. Granger Medical 3. Highland Family Practice

Best Fitness Classes

The Bar Method Working every section of your body—upper, lower and core—barre workouts at The Bar Method are about balance and strength more than sweat. Don’t fret—your heart rate will spike but the precise exercises are followed with stretching to burn calories and help you achieve a dancer-like body. The unique class offerings have something for everyone, no matter their fitness goals. 1057 E. 2100 South, 801-485-4227, 2. SLC Strength and Conditioning 3. Salt Lake Elevated

Best Physical Therapy

The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital Heads, shoulders, knees and toes—and backs, necks, hips, wrists, hands and elbows. That’s what TOSH is for: helping you solve your aches, pains and injuries to some of your body’s most vulnerable areas. For 20 years, they’ve been some of the best in the country at helping you bounce back. 5848 S. Fashion Blvd., Ste. 120, Murray, 801314-4100, 2. University of Utah Orthopedic Center 3. Mountain Land Physical Therapy

Best Psychic Margaret Ruth

Margaret Ruth’s insight and advice has been lauded by clients and media alike. She’s been featured everywhere from local publications to the Huffington Post. Not only can you receive a personal reading, but you can learn from Ruth as well. She teaches tarot, palmistry and psychic experiential classes at the University of Utah. Hat’s off for winning (though she probably saw it coming). 801575-7103, 2. Cheryl Merz 3. Ross Gigliotti

Best Yoga Studio Salt Lake Power Yoga

Get ready to perspire, stretch to your limits and put your mental and physical determination in a whole new place—all with amazing Wasatch Mountain views. With an introductory month of classes priced at just $39, it’s easy to see why these yogis keep climbing to the top of this list. 250 E. 300 South, Ste. 200, 801-4689642, 2. Centered City Yoga 3. Core Power Yoga

Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Steven Warnock Plastic surgery can have a stigma attached to it, but Dr. Steven Warnock’s office cultivates a judgement-free environment to help you with whatever body struggles might be bothering you. Whether it’s purely cosmetic or reconstructive and healthminded, he aims his patients’ goals for “realistic expectations of improvement— not outright perfection.” 11762 S. State, Ste. 220, Draper, 801-571-2020, 2. Dr. Renato Saltz 3. Dr. Angela Keen

Best Urgent Care Intermountain Health Care

Remember that time you attempted to build a backyard skate park? Or when you decided to teach yourself how to rewire the house? Or when you found out you were allergic to wasps? Yeah, IHC was there for you. And they’ll still be there when the next great idea strikes. 2. University of Utah Hospital 3. InstaCare BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |





Public Diagnosis Doctors determined KUTV Channel 2’s Mary Nickles had breast cancer during a live-broadcast mammography.

It was a devastating blow when KUTV Channel 2 anchor and Check your Health Spokeswoman Mary Nickles was diagnosed with breast cancer after a live-broadcast mammography in 2011. Facing a life-altering reality, she and her family decided to air the story anyway, “Hopefully, I reached people. Because [a mammogram] could catch it early, and it could save your life,” Nickles says she thought at the time. Even on days when she felt sick from grueling chemotherapy and started losing her hair, the perennial Best of Utah winner remained co-anchoring Channel 2 News and carried on an informative blog, swapping stories with others of her journey through cancer treatment. What gave you the courage to air the segment? It was funny, because the news director at the time said, “Do you want to go on air with this?” And I said, “Of course! It’s part of the story, go get your mammograms,” and now it’s like “this is why.” I was lucky that I did my mammogram. But I hope that I never come across as like I’m pointing my finger, telling people what to do. I hope people know that I am learning along with them.

How was it going from storyteller to being the story? I don’t want to talk about me, I want to tell other people’s stories. But I think that diversion, turning it into a story, becoming a “breast cancer whisperer” of sorts helped me get through it. It gave me a reason to come into work every day. To say, “OK, put your 50 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018

makeup on, put your wig on and get to work.” Even on days with chemo, I still went in. Every once in a while, if I felt a little green I would go home, but that was OK.

What was it like going through cancer treatment publicly? One of the benefits of sharing my story is that I hear other people’s stories. People come up and say, “I’m a stage three survivor of 12 years.” Or “I’m a pancreatic survivor.” I hear all these stories, and it’s like that really makes me love the fact that I shared it. That inspires me.

What it was like when you found out your treatment had worked? At three years, my oncologist said, “Your treatment worked,” and I was a mess. I started crying, I called my husband and I was just balling. I called my sisters, my brothers and my dad, and I cried every single time. And I realized, that I had been scared every day. I convinced myself I was OK, and I look at that now and I realized I was faking it. But that’s what helped me get through it, too.

How are you today? I don’t want to be the cancer lady, I don’t want to just be the health lady. I love my job and I think I do a lot more than just one little label. Right now, my husband and I are empty nesters, we are taking our kids to Las Vegas for their birthday, and we are just trying to be good parents and good people. And cancer happened, and I’ve always said, “It’s not what happens to you that defines you, it’s how you react.” CITYWEEKLY.NET

BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018 |


52 | BEST OF UTAH Body & Mind 2018


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