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Friedland Gate Museum

The museum with the local history exposition is situated in the architectural complex Friedland Gate, which is being renovated. On the exterior the statue of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order Siegfried Von Feuchtwangen has been reconstructed and the statue of the great komtur Friedrich von Zollern, which decorated the interior façade of the gate, was recreated from the old photographs. Museum’s exposition is dedicated to the history of pre-war Königsberg. Here you can go for an entertaining and educative virtual walk along the streets of old city, see how it looked like at the end of the 19th – early 20th centuries and look in shop windows of Königsberg shops. Exhibition “Königsberg in the first half of the 20th century” gives insight about the life of Königsberg citizens and exhibition “Civilization begins with the sewers” tells about the history of water supply and sewers from ancient times to modern day. Working hours: every day 10.00 - 18.00 Dzerzhinskogo str., 30, tel: 64-40-20


Cathedral Church Museum Complex

Cathedral church on the Kant’s Island, formerly known as Kneiphof, has been one of the main symbols of the city for more than seven hundred years already. It preserved monumentality common to North German Gothic: length - 88,5 m, width – 36 m, the height of the reconstructed tower after the fire – about 60 m. Under its dome first Lutheran sermons were heard and in its walls the Grand Masters of the Teutonic Order, secular rulers, bishops and professors of Albertina found their terminal home. Today, the Cathedral Church houses orthodox and protestant chapels and museum expositions, dedicated to regional history: “The history of the Kneiphof Island”, “Immanuel Kant and Königsberg” and “The Cathedral Church. Resurrection from ruins”. In the altar part the headstone of Duke Albrecht, whose monument is installed on the opposite of Kant’s Tomb near the north-eastern corner of the church, is being renovated. Working hours: 10.00 - 17.00 Kant’s Island, tel: 63-17-05



Friedrichsburg Gate Museum

The central Russian museum dedicated to the research history and nature of the World Ocean has only recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, yet it became one of the major attractions of Kaliningrad and main tourist routes a long time ago. Visitors are first of all attracted by the historic fleet quay in the center of the city. The museum’s main exhibit is located there – legendary research ship “Vityaz” which laid the foundation of the museum’s collection, as well as the only operating space communications ship in the world “Cosmonaut Viktor Patsaev”, submarine B413 and catching trawler SRT-129. All of them are available for visitors during the museum’s working hours. The museum’s exposition is situated not only on the ships – the museum’s exposition area near the quay covers more than five 2 thousand m , dedicated to the endless variety of the world of the ocean. Notable items among the thousands of exhibits are furniture from Admiral Makarov’s cabin, personal items of Soviet cosmonauts, including Leonov, skeleton of a sperm whale, underwater manned vehicles, collection of ocean engineering, magnificent maritime aquarium, collection of seashells, corals, amber with biological inclusions and decorations made of amber. Exposition halls “Maritime Konigsberg-Kaliningrad” tell about the maritime history of the region. Notable characteristic of the museum is the big number of branches, located not only in Kaliningrad, but also in Saint Petersburg, where the famous ice-boat “Krasin” is on its eternal stand.

The Gate was constructed in 1858 and unlike others, it wasn’t a city gate. It led to fort Friedrichsburg, built in the 17th century to cover the bed of the Pregel river. The fort became an element of the second city fortification in the middle of the 19th century. The citadel was demolished after the WWI during the new railway construction. Recently renovated Friedrichsburg Gate is the only reminder of formerly existing fort, where Peter the Great studied artillery science, during his visit in 1697 with the Grand Embassy as Peter Mikhaylov, and even received a certificate, which said to “recognize and honor” its owner "for the skill in throwing bombs, being a cautious and skillful gun artist". The branch of the Museum of the World Ocean, situated in the Friedrichsburg Gate, the Historical and cultural center “Revival of the Fleet” is dedicated to the history of ship building, which is presented not only as photographs and pictures, but also as “live” exhibits. On “Ladya yard” traditional Russian boats are displayed – Vologda “berestyanka”, Azov strug, Chukot baidarka and others.

Working hours: 10.00 - 18.00 Closed on: Monday, Tuesday Peter the Great Quay, 1, tel: 53-17-44, 34-02-44

Working hours: 11.00 - 19.00 Closed on: Monday, Tuesday Portovaya str., 39б, tel 53-17-44, 34-02-44

Regional Tourism Information Center 236000, Kaliningrad, Prospekt Mira, 4 tel: 8(4012) 555-200 fax: 8(4012) 957-980 e-mail: Agency for Tourism of the Kaliningrad Region e-mail:

Museum of the World Ocean


Blindage Museum

The most famous branch of the Museum of History and Art is located in the former bunker. German garrison commander General Otto Lasch headquarters were situated there during the assault on Königsberg, where he signed the act of capitulation. The war atmosphere is recreated in the museum and the small exposition tells about the assault on Königsberg by the Soviet troops. Visiting Blindage Museum won’t take a lot of time

Музей Янтаря

Tourist route “Museum values” For the last decades Kaliningrad has earned a reputation of a major museum center. The unique character of the Museum of the World Ocean and the only amber museum in Russia are well accompanied by various expositions, dedicated to the region’s rich history. Most buildings, where museums are located, are historical monuments.

and can be done during a walk through the city center. The museum is also recommended for those who are interested in the history of fortifications. Excursions are available in Russian and German languages. Working hours: 10.00 - 17.00 Closed on: Monday Universitetskaya str., 3, tel: 53-65-93


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King’s Gate

The King’s Gate, one of the most beautiful gates, renovated for the 750th anniversary of Königsberg-Kaliningrad, houses a branch of the Museum of the World Ocean – the Grand Embassy historical and cultural center, dedicated to the famous diplomatic mission of Peter the Great. The expositions tell about the history of Russian and European diplomacy. Of special interest is the Amber Cabin, where exhibits of sun stone are gathered from all over the world. Near the Gate there is an entrance to one of the Litovskiy Val posterns, which after the renovation will house a new exhibition hall “History from the depths of the sea”, dedicated to underwater archaeology.


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Bogdana Hmel'nitskogo Str.

Working hours: from May until September 10.00 – 19.00, from October until April 10.00 - 18.00 Closed on: Monday Ploschad Vasilevskogo, 1, tel: 46-68-88






It is no coincidence that the only amber museum in Russia, which opened in 1979, was settled down in Kaliningrad, as more than 90% of the world’s extractable amber is located in the region. The museum’s expositions, telling about amber origin, its extraction and processing history are situated in the Dohna Tower, which was an important part of city fortifications in the middle of the 19th century. Today, the museum houses 28 halls with an area of more than 2 one thousand m , where amber is presented in its great variety: the world’s second largest amber piece weighing 4 kg 280 g, items of unique form and colour and a great collection of inclusions – amber with included animals and plants, as well as items of amber from various eras. Among them the works of the 17-18th centuries and monumental works of the Soviet period are of the most interest.





Amber Museum




Gorn a

Working hours: 10.00 - 18.00 Closed on: Monday Klinicheskaya str, 1, tel: 45-38-44





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The museum was founded in 1946 as the local history museum becoming the first museum in the Kaliningrad region. Since 1991 it is situated in a reconstructed building of former concert hall Stadthalle, built in 1912. The museum’s exposition tells about flora and fauna variety of the region, culture of ancient Prussia, history of East Prussia and the Kaliningrad region. Special attention must be paid to museum’s archaeological collection of more than 30 thousand items from former Prussia museum, which had been considered to be lost before. In the exhibition halls there are art exhibitions of Kaliningrad, Russian and foreign artists. In the 1980’s an open air Sculpture Park exposition was opened on the Kant’s Island. The museum consists of the following branches: Sculpture Park on the Kant’s Island, 43 Army command post, Fort №5, church Arnau in the settlement Rodniki and Kristionis Donelaytis Museum in the settlement Chistye Prudy.

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Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art

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Working hours: 11.00 - 19.00 Closed on: Monday, Tuesday Frunze str., 112, tel: 58-12-72


Art Gallery

Art Gallery’s collection mostly consists of works of Russian and foreign artists of the second part of the 20th century. Unique collection of contemporary graphic art, compiled after hosting International Biennale of Easel Graphic Works is gallery’s most significant project. There is also a small collection of East Prussia art of the first part of the 20th century. The center “Virtual world of the Russian museum” operates in the museum. It displays programs on collection’s history and palaces of the Russian museum, as well as electronic exhibitions. Dozens of exhibitions and art projects, held in the gallery every year, help to learn about the contemporary art and works of other periods. Working hours: 10.00 - 18.00 Closed on: Monday Moskovskiy prospekt, 60-62, tel: 46-71-43

Tourist Route: Museum Values