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INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT GRAND HYATT DUBAI Dubai, UAE - The following are some lesser-known, interesting facts about Grand Hyatt Dubai, the city conference resort hotel located on the shores of the famous Dubai Creek. 1

Atrium garden, Lobby The four hand-crafted dhows (boats) built into the atrium lobby ceiling are made of Ghulam timber from New Zealand and each weighs five tons. The several streams that run through the atrium’s 40,000 square feet of indoor gardens into the outdoors acknowledge the major role that water has played in the growth and success of Dubai’s seafaring history. Dhows have, of course, played a pivotal role in Dubai’s commercial history; Grand Hyatt Dubai’s dhows are not only able to float, but also bear the weight of the Atrium roof!


Chandelier in Al Nakheel Lounge, Lobby This spectacular centrepiece is the focus of the lobby as one enters the hotel. Measuring 9.5 metres wide, strings of hexagonal crystals are hung like strings of pearls, reflecting Dubai’s history in the pearl trade. There are approximately 150,000 crystals on 1,950 strings, all from Swarovski. The name of the lobby lounge, Al Nakheel, means “palm trees” in Arabic, with these trees abundant in Grand Hyatt Dubai’s lush landscaped gardens and an important part of UAE heritage. Historically, date palm trees agriculturally supported the UAE’s Bedouins.


Light sculptures, Lobby Two light sculptures adorn the walls on both ends of the lobby. Each sculpture is made of about 1,200 pieces of elegantly curved pieces of glass imported from Andromeda, Italy, with half of the pieces combined with 24-carat gold to give it a warm glow. Designed by Arkiteknik, the sculptures reflect the two main features of Dubai – the sea and the desert – with the one of the sea showing colours that reflect the beach, sea, coral and marine life, while the one of the desert portrays the sand, oasis, wildflowers and wadis.




Unique artwork Three Arabic artists were commissioned to produce paintings to adorn the walls of Grand Hyatt Dubai. They are Cairo-based artist Mohammed Youssef Hossen, and UAE-based Zohra Moideen and Abdul Quadir Hassan Elmubarak. Mohammed’s work was inspired by the camels and horses of Dubai, as well as by the village scenes, and the city’s strong, ancient ties to fishing and life around the Creek; Zohra’s work features traditional Arabic jewellery; and Abdul Quadir’s style is abstract with Afro-Islamic influences.


Some mind-boggling statistics Grand Hyatt Dubai contains: a. 117,600 cubic metres of concrete b. 250,000 cubic metres of paint c. 125,000 square metres of wallpaper d. 5,700 timber doors e. 124 chandeliers f. Over 40,000 light bulbs g. 15 kilometres of fibre optic cable h. 25,200 tons of reinforcement i. 1,700 tons of structural steel work j. 28,000 square metres of external aluminium cladding … and over 4,000 labourers who brought it all together

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