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From spectacular pools to sublime beaches, Atlantis’ twenty swimming areas and miles of white-sand beaches add to the resort’s allure. More than 20 million gallons of water course through lushly landscaped scenery, allowing for endless hours of thrill-seeking adventure or lazy river-rafting relaxation.

AQUAVENTURE Atlantis offers unparalleled fun and excitement with a water experience unlike any other in the world. Introducing Aquaventure. You will enjoy innovative slides and rides that redefine water fun allowing you to enjoy the water in a variety of ways all day long without ever leaving it: • Experience the Power Tower – the grand centerpiece of the Atlantis waterscape – at a towering 120 feet tall, four adrenaline-inducing water slides include: • The Abyss, a 200-foot body slide that descends a staggering 50-foot nearvertical drop and plunges into a lagoon swarming with alligator gar. • The Drop spirals through the center of the Power Tower as riders encounter the momentary fear of sliding into an optical illusion projected in the slide tube.

drop that ultimately passes through a shark-filled lagoon. • Guests can race one another, twoat-a-time, down the twin highspeed Challenger Slides and their speeds are displayed on time clocks located at the bottom of the slides to determine the winner. • On the 5-story corkscrew Serpent Slide, riders travel on a tube at high speeds, twisting and turning through the dark core of the Mayan Temple and culminating with a leisurely pass through a clear acrylic tunnel submerged in a shark-filled lagoon. • The Jungle Slide takes guests on a thrilling high-speed safari through exotic jungles and caves built into the heart of the Mayan Temple. •F  or a tranquil pursuit, Enjoy The Lazy River Ride, lounging on tubes while a gentle current slowly propels you along a quarter-mile loop.

• The Falls drops down 58 feet to ground level, then propels riders up again through twisting turns.

Guests must be at least 48 inches tall to ride the water slides in the Power Tower and Myan Temple.

• The Surge, accessible from the stairs at Power Tower’s top level, features a camel-back drop into a cavern where a flash flood pushes the inner-tubers to the end of the ride.

Non-motorized water sports equipment, including water bikes, pedal boats, kayaks, water hammocks and snorkeling equipment can be found at The Blue Adventure’s hut at Paradise Lagoon.

• Surrounding the Power Tower is The Current, a mile-long expedition with 4-foot waves pushing guests along in underground tunnels, rapids and slides. • Climb the 6-story Mayan Temple and plunge down one of five rides, including The Leap of Faith, which propels adventure seekers on an near vertical

POOLS & BEACHES Revel in our 20 different swimming areas catering to your every whim: •Z  ero-entry children’s and family pools, including 3 dedicated just for toddlers • Free-form and formal pools

•T  he 7-acre protected Paradise Lagoon, ideal for snorkeling or enjoying nonmotorized water toys •C  omplimentary lounge chairs and beach towels for guests of the resort •M  iles of some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world • Atlantis Beach Endless miles of white-sand beach; lounge chairs, umbrellas and beach towels available exclusively to Atlantis guests. • Cove and Paradise Beaches Quiet havens fringed with shady palm trees where the protected cove offers days of sun and relaxation. Lounge chairs and beach towels are available. • Paradise Lagoon Beach Your clients can relax on one of two sandy beaches and enjoy the warm Bahamian sunshine. The 7-acre Paradise Lagoon offers snorkeling, paddle boats and other water sports in a protected environment perfect for kids. FOR THEIR SAFETY It is recommended that guests do not swim or venture beyond the areas marked by buoys in the lagoon and ocean. Please be advised that providers of motorized water sports and excursions are independent operators and are not affiliated with the resort. Please be aware that all risks incidental to participation in water sports activities and other recreational facilities of the resort are assumed by the guest. Children ages 16 and under in the pool and beach areas must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

DOLPHIN CAY Welcome to Dolphin Cay. An extraordinary, 14-acre dolphin and sea lion habitat— one of the largest and most sophisticated in the world. Your clients will interact in a way that leaves a lifelong impression. Choose from several very exciting programs: • The Shallow Water Interaction allows guests to touch, and even kiss, an Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. This is the ideal experience for families and groups because there are no age or height restrictions. A parent or guardian must participate in the program with children under age 10. • The Deep Water Swim allows guests to swim with a family of dolphins and experience the dolphin’s strength as

they push them through the water at amazing speeds. Participants must be 10 years of age or older and able to swim unassisted in deep water. Keepsake snorkels and masks are provided The Shallow and Deep Water programs are approximately 90 to 120 minutes long and include complimentary use of wetsuits, beach towels and nonalcoholic refreshments. • Sea Lion Interaction – Guests will wade into waist-deep waters and come faceto-face with one of our playful Sea Lions for the incredible chance to hug, play with and even kiss one of the world’s most captivating and graceful marine animals. All ages can participate in the sea lion program, but anyone under the

age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. • The Beach Pass is open to guests of all ages. Purchase a Beach Pass and receive exclusive, unlimited access to the beach at Dolphin Cay. Your pass includes all-day beach service with complimentary nonalcoholic refreshments. You can also take part in our dolphin orientation program, designed to familiarize guests with Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins-and to prepare them for the thrill ahead. Advance reservations are strongly recommended and can be booked by calling (888) 855-8525 or (954) 809-2801.

ATLANTIS ADVENTURES • Snorkel the Ruins of Atlantis This thrilling 60 minute adventure includes a 30 minute snorkel through the exquisite Ruins Lagoon—amid the sunken ruins of the Lost City of Atlantis. You can swim alongside giant rays, sleek sharks and brilliantly colored tropical fish. It’s a close up look at some of the most awesome creatures in the world’s largest open-air marine habitat. Participants must be at least 8 years of age. A parent or guardian must participate with anyone under the age of 12. • Ultimate Trainer For a Day Guests can spend a non-stop, 7-hour day in customized dolphin and sea lion training sessions, including our exclusive double dorsal tow and signature foot push, come in contact with and feed predatory nurse sharks and experience their unique feeding behavior. Then hand-feed gentle stingrays in waist deep water, and snorkel with them and hundreds of other tropical fish, sharks and rays. A behind-the-scenes tour of

our world-class facilities and animal hospital will teach the basics of animal care, feeding and diagnostics. A private lunch with Atlantis marine specialists is included. Guests receive a gift bag with snorkel gear, fish guide and Ultimate Trainer for a Day T-shirt. Memorable moments from the program will be captured by a professional photographer and downloaded to a 1GB flash drive for guests to keep. Guests must be in good physical condition and at least 10 years old. • Stingray Experience The Stingray Experience provides an amazing hands-on encounter with hundreds of stingrays and colorful, tropical fish. Guests have the unique thrill of feeding rays in a shallow lagoon followed by the opportunity to snorkel alongside them. Guests will receive their own container of food to feed sleek stingrays and tropical fish in the Waters’ Edge Lagoon. Small children feed from the shallows, while older children and adults can feed in waist-deep water.

An Aquarist will demonstrate the proper way to feed and share fun facts about the rays. A professional photographer will be available to take photos of your Stingray Experience. The program is 45 minutes in length. Groups are limited to 8 people.

BLUE ADVENTURES Blue Adventures are programs developed with Stuart Cove, offering snorkeling or diving in both healthy and endangered reefs, while learning about the indigenous marine animals from an onboard Atlantis Aquarist. Five dollars from each booked tour is donated directly to The Atlantis Blue Project to fund the creation of the first underwater coral reef nursery on Paradise Island. In the future, guests will have the opportunity to assist Atlantis Aquarists grow Atlantic coral cultures in the endangered reefs.

SNORKELING / SCUBA Tropical fish and magnificent coral reefs await guests on a snorkeling or scuba adventure. You can snorkel in the 7-acre Paradise Lagoon or learn how to dive with a licensed instructor at a customized PADI SCUBA certification class. Children ages 5 to 9 can discover the magic of the sea in SASY, Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth. The Bubble Maker scuba program is for children 8 years and older. For registration and more information, please call (242) 363-3000, ext. 55319.

SEA SQUIRTS Atlantis adventurers ages 3 – 6 years can wade into an exciting world filled with marine animals with the Sea Squirts program. This one hour program includes 20 minutes of educational fun in our fish hospital and 30 – 40 minutes of feeding time. Children enter our fish nursery to enjoy the experience of hand feeding marine life like baby stingrays, sharks and schools of fish. Each participant is given a Sea Squirts swim shirt that they can take home as a keepsake from this incredible experience

MARINE HABITAT Atlantis is home to the world’s largest open-air marine habitat, second only to Mother Nature: Experience up-close views of more than 50,000 marine animals from over 250 species in 14 exhibit lagoons:

• Ruins Lagoon Home to more than 20,000 deep reef and pelagic fish normally impossible to view without getting wet (viewed from within The Dig). Meander through passageways and observe stingrays, moon jellies and piranhas. • Predator Lagoon A fascinating wildlife habitat under the sea featuring predominantly deeper reef fish such as sharks, barracudas, rays and more. Walk through the spectacular 100-foot clear underwater viewing tunnel in Predator Lagoon and come face-to-face with sharks. • Mayan Temple Shark Lagoon Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks can be seen from extraordinary vantage points: from an exhilarating ride on a water slide through the middle of the lagoon in a clear tunnel - or from

the surrounding deck and panoramic windows, which offer a more leisurely look. •C  enote The endangered alligator gar may grow up to 10 ft. and is aptly named from the Greek word “spathe” meaning any tool with a broad flat blade. Look for catfish and cichlids. • Estuary Lagoon Many of the newborns at Atlantis spend their early years in the safety of this shallow-water nursery environment. Southern stingrays and bonnethead sharks are frequent residents. • Reef Lagoon The Reef Lagoon is a fascinating marine habitat home for Paradise Island’s bottom-dwelling nurse shark residents. And an opportunity for resort guests to get an up close and educational look at a collection of marine animals who protect Atlantis’ myths and treasures.

• Hibiscus Lagoon This lagoon is home to green sea and hawksbill turtles indigenous to The Bahamas. During feeding times, guests have the opportunity to feed the turtles. • Seagrapes Lagoon Peering through giant viewing windows into the 500,000-gallon lagoon, guests can see French angelfish, parrotfish, butterfly fish and squirrelfish. During feedings, they will see the rays being fed by hand. • Stingray Lagoon This sandy, shallow lagoon affords guests an up-close look at the Rays found here. During feeding times, guests have the opportunity to feed the rays. • Royal Ray Lagoon Spanning the left and right side of the Royal Walk, the Royal Ray Lagoon is home to spotted eagle rays on one side and southern stingrays and blacktip reef sharks on the other.

• Water’s Edge Lagoon This lagoon is a shallow and tranquil marine habitat inhabited by sea life such as bone fish, bonnethead sharks and cownose rays

• The Navigation Room features a city model of Atlantis.


• Touch tank, where you can interact with the wonders of the sea including starfish, conch and sea cucumbers

You will enjoy discovering the recreated ruins of ancient Atlantis in The Dig: • A captivating interpretation of how Atlantean life may have been over 11,000 years ago, The Dig is an elaborate maze of passageways taking them back to the ancient city streets of Atlantis while surrounded by a stunning civilization of marine animals, including moray eels, jellyfish and piranha. • Rare Atlantean artifacts preserved by the sheltering sea amidst majestic ruins. • Enigmatic machines and mysterious hieroglyphs. • Murals depicting Atlantean life that invite curiosity.

• The Submarine Room holds the ancient Atlantean diving suits and diving bell.

SEAKEEPERS The Seakeepers staff feed and care for the extraordinary aquatic animals that live in the waterscape. You can join the Seakeepers for daily feedings throughout the resort, and enjoy informative talks about the various interesting habits — mating, eating and more — of our underwater friends.


SEASIDE GREENS From golf on one of the world’s most beautiful and demanding courses to active pursuits of fitness and sports, the playground of Atlantis offers fun for everyone. The nearby Ocean Club Golf Course offers guests of Atlantis an invigorating game with spectacular ocean views. Designed by Tom Weiskopf, this 18-hole, par 72 championship PGA course is sure to be an amazing experience for any golfer. Guests also enjoy a state-of-the-art fitness center, tennis courts, a climbing wall and more.




• The Ocean Club Golf Course is a PGA course, featuring meticulous seaside green and tee settings, alternating fairways and breathtaking signature holes stretched over 7,123 yards.

The wide array of exercise equipment provides guests with a satisfying workout. Personal training sessions and invigorating workout classes with certified health and fitness professionals are also available. Fee applies.

A rock climbing wall covering the face of the tidal wave generator building, (pumping 10,000 gallons of water per minute through the waterscape), Climbers Rush offers 12 different walls of varying skill levels.

The fitness center accommodates two movement studios featuring spinning, yoga and pilates classes, as well as a wellness area. Fitness seminars cover nutrition, weight management and group exercise.

Programs range from one-on-one sessions with instructional coaching to group climbing challenges with a focus on team support and interaction. Participants of all ages and degrees of strength have an opportunity to learn basic climbing styles incorporating back steps, front steps, pivots and rope safety skills.

• Men’s tees are located at 6,500 yards, resort tees at 6,000 yards and women’s tees at 5,300 yards. • On-site pro shop and Clubhouse. • Golf bag storage is available. Tee times can be arranged by calling (242) 363-3000 Ext 64561. Fees apply


Three hard courts and three har-tru

Featuring a 25-meter four-lane lap pool, tennis clinics and hourly lessons taught by an on-site tennis pro, the Sports Center at Atlantis has something for everyone. Guests can enjoy a spirited game of tennis or basketball and visit the fully stocked pro shop for a full line of sports apparel or to arrange racquet rentals.

courts dedicated for lessons with the tennis pro all feature stunning harbour views. The fully stocked pro shop provides racquet rentals and lessons. Fees apply. To reserve court time prior to your client’s arrival, please call (242) 363-3000, ext. 69628 .

To inquire about program availability and prices, guests should visit Climbers Rush located near the Fitness Center.

MANDARA SPA Pampering visits to the serene Mandara Spa, renowned for its spa treatments, provide a heavenly escape for your clients, while the natural beauty of The Bahamas is explored with revealing tours, invigorating excursions and thrilling adventures. The Mandara Spa, a 2-story 30,000square-foot spa facility, features Balineseinspired therapies blended with European techniques. Accessed via a glass bridge spanning a bamboo water garden, this truly divine sanctuary is awash in soothing natural elements such as wood, stone and bamboo.

A fusion of the beautiful traditions of exotic cultures found worldwide, Mandara Spa applies ancient Asian secrets with traditional spa therapies and natural spices, fruits and minerals indigenous to The Bahamas. Here, you may relax and take a steam or a tropical rain shower. Unwind in a saltwater pool. Succumb to a Swedish massage, or luxuriate in the ultimate “taking of the waters” bathing experience that includes sauna, steam, cold plunge and hot whirlpool. Guests enjoy a full complement of therapies, from refreshing facials and exotic body scrubs to a full range of salon and beauty services.

Innovative programs also include teeth whitening, micro dermabrasion, “Generation Y Spa” therapies for teenagers, “Time for Men” grooming menu for barber services, and other signature Mandara Spa treatments Reservations are required and there is a two-hour cancellation policy. All treatments are subject to an automatic 15% service charge that is not included in the pricing. For reservations and more information, please call (242) 363-3000, ext. 65900.

EARTH & FIRE POTTERY STUDIO You can take home a lasting memory from the lost continent by honing your craft at the Earth & Fire Pottery Studio. Fun pieces and great gift options such as picture frames, plates, vases, hurricane lamps and more await their artistic talents. Prices range from $15 to $50 and include studio fees, paint, instruction, firing and bisque ware. No appointments are necessary and all ages are welcome. The studio is located next to Seagrapes in the Beach Tower lobby (242) 363-3000 Ext. 64470.

TOURS & EXCURSIONS From high adventure to low-key discoveries, highlights include: • Cruising the sky at speeds in excess of 120 mph on an Island Helicopter Tour • Touring Paradise Island, Nassau and surrounding locales to take in spectacular views

• Sail the Caribbean on a catamaran, or jet over the waves in a highspeed power boat • Charter a deep-sea fishing trip. Advance reservations are recommended for helicopter, fishing and power boat tours. Please call Guest Activities at (242) 363-3000, ext. 64020. SEAHORSE SAILING & SNORKEL ADVENTURE Discover the beauty of the Bahamian waters aboard a state-of-the-art catamaran. The 54-foot and 63-foot vessels accommodate up to 60 and 100 passengers, respectively, for snorkeling trips, sunset cruises and custom-catered charters. A spacious covered bar and lounge area are perfect for cocktails, luncheons or dinner parties. Ideal for groups of any size, from couples to large parties.

Advance reservations are recommended Please call (242) 363-5510. For more information, or to make reservations for exciting island excursions, visit one of the Atlantis Tour and Excursion Centers, located in the lobbies of the Coral Towers, Beach Tower and The Cove-Concierge Desk. Please be advised that the providers of excursions offered at Atlantis are independent contractors, not affiliated with the Atlantis Resort. Atlantis Resort, it’s employees, officers and directors are not responsible for the acts, neglects or defaults of such independent contractors. All risks incidental to participation in water sports activities and other recreational facilities of the resort are assumed by the guest.


The nightlife at Atlantis is energetic and exhilarating. In addition to our electrifying casino and entertainment venues, Atlantis also has an array of lounges and bars that will complement any mood. Choices range from intimate, upscale environments to casual poolside bars.



Dragons Ultra Lounge

Like none you have ever seen, in a place like nowhere else on earth. Discover over 750 of the newest slots available 24 hours a day. Try your luck at 86 table games including blackjack, baccarat, roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let It Ride and craps, offering 3x, 4x and 5x odds. Use your room key when you play slots and tables and you can earn casino rewards; such as complimentary rooms, invitations to special events and other exclusive offers via mail or email.


Unwind and enjoy a cocktail and great music in Atlantis’ ultra lounge. Located just off the casino floor.

Atlantis Race & Sports Book Powered by Cantor Gaming Atlantis Race & Sports Book offers wagering on all major sporting events and thoroughbred racing, with over 50 betting stations, an LED video screen wall and state-of-the-art betting technology. Only adults 18 years of age and older are permitted to be in the gaming areas and play.

This 7,500 square foot club, is the hottest nightlife destination in The Bahamas. Located just off the Atlantis Casino, Aura features VIP seating, sunken dance floor and two bars. Cover charges apply.

Atlantis Theatre Recent Hollywood hit movies are shown in the Atlantis Theatre, located in the Convention Center Rotunda. Guests can stop at the theatre concession stand for favorite movie time snacks. For titles, show times and ratings, guests should refer to The Atlantean daily newsletter. Complimentary admission for hotel guests.

CRUSH The ultimate teen club for guests. CRUSH is 14,000 square-feet of sophisticated and high-tech fun. This hot-spot boasts an interactive Internet Lounge, Gaming Stadium, Dance Club and Café. Identification with proof of age is required upon initial visit. Open from 5:30 pm - 12:30 am. Cover charge applies. Located in the lower level of Coral Towers.

Joker’s Wild Comedy Club Some of TV’s funniest headliners keep’em in stitches at Joker’s Wild. Located between the Beach and Coral Towers. Cover charges apply.

Marina Village A unique marketplace serves as an authentic backdrop for local Bahamian festivities, live music and performances.

Moon Club The Moon Club’s main focal point is a marine habitat with moon jellyfish directly behind the bar. Featured cocktails, an extensive wine collection, a plethora of draft beer options and a selection of cigars are available.

Plato’s Lively music, dancing and cocktails are enjoyed at Plato’s lounge. Live evening entertainment features Calypso favorites, Top 40 and Golden Oldies.

Sea Glass The Cove’s Sea Glass Lounge – with its stylish interior and cozy outdoor patio overlooking Paradise Beach – proves equally as enticing a venue, offering a unique gaming experience with blackjack, roulette, mini-baccarat and 29 of the latest slot machines. Open for breakfast, light lunches and evening appetizers, any time is the right time to play in Sea Glass Lounge.


With an exceptional variety of boutiques and shops featuring luxury fashion, sports and beachwear, as well as beautiful handmade crafts from local Bahamian artisans, the shopping experience at Atlantis is unrivaled in the Caribbean. At the heart of it all is Marina Village, a quaint Bahamian marketplace boasting superlative dining and world-class shopping in one spectacular location.



Over 20 colorful specialty shops – showcasing everything from necessities for a day at the beach to fine jewelry, watches, clothing and crystal

A two-minute walk from Atlantis, guests discover the BahamaCraft Centre specializing in traditional Bahamian souvenirs and gifts.

Offers a curated collection that celebrates artists and designers who consistently push the boundaries of style. The boutique consists of exclusive selections of fashion and jewelry to timeless gifts

• Luxury boutiques include Versace, John Bull and Solomon’s Sea Treasures



• The latest Italian and French fashions, Cuban cigars, one-of-a-kind creations, beach attire, and children’s clothing and toys

Atlantis Logo Stores feature souvenirs and gifts for adults and children, including t-shirts and caps, mugs, beach bags, plush animals, postcards, towels, housewares, artwork and crafts by local artisans and more.

• Other unique locations in the Village feature local handmade gifts from stylish creations in straw to local craft items and souvenirs • Casual collectibles as well as resort wear by Tommy Bahama are also available

• Exclusive haute couture boutiques like Versace, Cartier, Gucci, Michael Korrs and Bulgari.


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