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Personal Guide for independent travellers

Unique tours tailored to your request. Our professional guides are carefully selected, trained and officially licensed. They will design the best tour itinerary to meet your interests, needs, pace, budget. Every tour gives a unique insight into the Czech history, culture and life. You will get a lot of tips for your independent sightseeing and dining, original history and architecture picture chart, discounts for shopping, museums and much more. Get the most of your visit to Prague! Recommended by: Rick Steves, Travels with Friends, World Travel Centre. © 2007 Personal Prague Guide - Šárka Kačabová

Professional and personal care: • Freedom of choice. Your interests will shape the tour! • Learn how to escape the tourist traps. • Get off the beaten track. • No group to rush you around, or slow you down. • Ask questions and cross the limits of the guide books. • Pay after the tour, so we must strive to keep the high quality. Personal Prague Guide is managed by the local guide Šárka. “I treasure the quality of our services!“

With your personal guide you can see & understand much more than usual tourists!

tel.: +420 777 225 205

PERSONAL PRAGUE GUIDE Šárka Kačabová (Pelantová) mobile phone: +420 777 225 205

Prague Tours


The best way to explore Prague is by walking and using the public transport (or a reliable taxi). We can also book any kind of a car, a mini-van or a bus. Your private tour will be tailored to your request!

Transfers from/to the Airport Reliable drivers, comfortable cars, nice prices. Tel. driver Martin (+420) 608 834 821. Price for the airport transfer: 2 pax - 600 CZK, 4-6 pax - 1000 CZK. Price for the train station transfer: 2 pax - 400 CZK, 4-6 pax - 600 CZK.

Panoramic Transfers around Europe In cooperation with the great English speaking drivers - Mike‘s Chauffeur Service we can arrange a pleasant and informative transfer to any place in Czech, Moravia, Slovakia and abroad. Price for a one way transfer - personal car & driver service: Dresden 5000 CZK, Vienna 8000 CZK, Vienna with the stop in Český Krumlov 9000 CZK. Budapest 10000 CZK Price for a one way transfer - mini-van & driver service: Dresden 5500 CZK, Vienna 8500 CZK, Vienna with the stop in Český Krumlov 10000 CZK. Budapest 11000 CZK

Classic Prague

- get a great overview (3-5 hrs)

Hidden Prague - tour that takes you off the beaten path (3-5 hrs)

Tours can focus on: • Prague Castle • Old Town • Jewish Town • New Town • Gardens • Architecture • Art tours • Art Nouveau • History • Communist era

• F. Kafka • A. Mucha • W. A. Mozart

Europe Trips

• Boat trips • Smart shopping • Czech cuisine

Prague is a great starting point for various all day trips to central and eastern Europe.

• Prague Pubs • Prague Night life • Ghosts & Mystery

Price per hour in CZK

1 person

Walking guide




English speaking driver




Driver + guide


Bratislava, Slovakia - Gate to eastern Europe Dresden, Germany - Florence of Elbe Vienna, Austria - Capital of Hapsburgs Salzburg, Austria - Home of W. A. Mozart

2-3 4-8 persons persons



You will meet your guide at the reception, discuss your interests and a budget and then enjoy your personalized tour. Pay directly to your guide/driver when finishing the tour in CZK.

Prices per tour in CZK Dresden (11-13 hrs) Vienna, Bratislava, Salzburg (15-17hrs)

Driver and Guide

Driver only

1-2 persons

3-6 persons

1-2 persons

3-6 persons





11 000

12 000



Prices include: A guide from Prague, a comfortable A/C car and a driver. Prices do not include: Entrance fees. A local licensed guide at the destination can be booked at your request (for an extra price - 40 EUR/ hour).

Prices for 2007

Best of Prague

Prices for 2007

- the detailed sightseeing tour (6-8 hrs, recommended: two half days)

Personal Countryside Tours

Terezín - WW2 Camp & Museum

Private tours are the most pleasant and interesting way of sightseeing. The itinerary and timing is flexible. Your request will shape the tour! You can see and learn much more than any group-tours.

Terezín is a military stronghold used by Nazis as a concentration camp. Visit the former Jewish ghetto, museum and the Gestapo prison. The Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust has been established here as a memento of the modern European history.

6-7 hrs TOUR PRICE B

We will show you the highlights, moreover you can choose some special options. Time for one option is included.

Options: ➊ Museum of the ghetto + Small fortress (40+80 min, combined ticket 200 czk) ➋ Crematorium (30 min,closed on Sa) ➌ Magdeburg Barracks (30 min)

Karlštejn Castle & Local Village

Kutná Hora Town & Bone Church

5-6 hrs TOUR PRICE A

6-7 hrs TOUR PRICE B

Open: Tue - Sun, 1. 3. - 25. 11. & 26. 12. - 31. 12.

Open all year - read details in options

The most visited Czech castle. The impressive gothic castle was founded in 1348 as the royal treasury. Inside are the medieval residential rooms of the emperor Charles IV and his wife and the precious gilded Chapel of the Holy Rood. All the area is a Nature Reserve with a cave system.

Kutná Hora is a nice old town with many sights reminding you the local silver mining history: The Italian Court - the old coin mint. The cathedral of St. Barbara - the imposing gothic church. Do not miss the Ossuary - a church decorated with thousands of human bones.

Options: ➊ 1st interior route - imperial rooms (60 min, entry 220 czk) ➋ 2nd route - Chapel of the Holy Rood, advance booking necessary (80 min, entry 300 czk, open only 1. 6. - 31. 10.) ➌ Shopping in the village (60 min) ➍ Walk in the nature (60 min) ➎ Amerika - old stone quarry (30 min)

8-10 hrs TOUR PRICE D

Nice old spa-town known by it`s German name: Karlsbad. Visited by many famous people as czar Peter the Great, Goethe, Beethoven, Wagner, Chopin. Try the effect of the warm (up to 70 °C/160 °F) thermal water healing digestive problems, obesity, melancholy. Options: ➊ Famous Glassworks - Moser (60 min, entry 90 czk, closed on Su) ➋ Thermal swimming pool or a spa visit (60 min, fee 100 - 500 czk) ➌ Walk in the nature (60 min) ➍ Shopping in the town (60 min) ➎ Precious reliquary coffin of St. Maur golden relic from 1230s (80 min, entry 90 czk, open: 1. 5. - 30. 9. Tue - Su)


Konopiště Chateau & Park



Mělník Karlovy Vary Lidice Nelahozeves Praha Kutná Hora Beroun Ostrava Karlštejn Český Štenberk Olomouc Plzeň Konopiště Příbram Tábor Kroměříž Třebíč Brno Hluboká Telč Hodonín České Budějovice Třeboň Znojmo S LO VA K I A Český Krumlov

Karlštejn Castle & Bohemian Glassworks 7-8 hrs TOUR PRICE C

Options: ➊ The Italian Court - royal seat and mint museum (40 min, entry 80 czk, open daily) ➋ The cathedral of St. Barbara (20 min, entry 60 czk) ➌ The mines and museum of the silver (narrow corridors, 50 m underground, 70 min, entry 110 czk, advance booking necessary, closed on Mo and from 1. 11. - 30. 3.) ➍ Museum of the alchemy (30 min, entry 40 czk) ➎ Bone church (30 min, entry 40 czk, open daily exc. 24. 12)





Open: Big Glassworks Mo - Fri, Small Glassworks Mo - Sun Great combination tour showing you the famous Czech castle, the traditional Bohemian Glassworks and our beautiful countryside. All the area is a Nature Reserve where the Celts once lived. Options: The same options like the Karlštejn tour & ➊ Big Glassworks interior tour (40 min, entry 100 czk) ➋ Small Glassworks - art colour glass, client can make his glass piece (30 min, entry 50 czk) ➌ Celtic Museum - Nižbor castle (40 min, entry 30 czk, open all year Mon Sun) ➍ Royal town Beroun - local atmosphere, markets in the mornings every We & Sa (40 min)

Off the Beaten Path A Mělník – old royal town & Wine tasting • Beroun - local town, market every We & Sa • Nelahozeves castle - “The little Czech Louvre” • Botanicus - medieval village • Golf Resort Karlštejn - castle view (4,5 hrs, fee + trolley + 1club = 2500CZK) TOUR PRICE B Český Šternberk castle • Tábor town - protestant site • Plzen & brewery TOUR PRICE D Telč - historical town & castle – UNESCO site • Hluboká - romantic castle • Třeboň - hidden medieval town, castle, beautiful nature TOUR PRICE E Třebíč town and Jewish quarter – UNESCO site TOUR PRICE

Tour Combinations Get the most from the day - combine the tours together: TOUR PRICE B Karlštejn + Beroun town • Karlštejn + Golden Horse - stalactite caves • Kutná Hora + Open-air Folk Museum • Karlštejn castle + Golf Resort TOUR PRICE C Terezín + Mělník • Terezín + Lidice • Terezín + Nelahozeves • Karlstejn + Konopiste

Countryside by a Local Train - “Budget Tours” Some tours can be done by public transport: Karlštejn, Terezín, Křivoklát, Nižbor Glassworks, Mělník, Nelahozeves, Kutná Hora. Let us arrange the tickets, time schedules and make your trip a great experience. Price per tour (6-7 hrs): for 1- 3 persons 2500 CZK, for 4-10 persons 3000 CZK. + About 60 CZK for each return ticket.

5-6 hrs TOUR PRICE A

Open: Tue - Sun, 1. 4. - 31. 10

The Gothic castle reconstructed in the Romantic style for the famous Habsburg - Archduke Franz Ferdinand d‘Este in 1890s. This magnificent seat of the intending emperor is decorated with the large collections of hunting trophies, historical hunting weapons, paintings and porcelain. Next to the castle are: Rose garden and Bear pit. Options: ➊ 1st interior route – representative and dining rooms, “hunting trophy corridor“ (50 min, entry 190 czk) ➋ 2nd route - the oldest part of the castle, armoury (55 min, entry 190 czk) ➌ 3rd route - rooms of F. F. d‘Este (70 min, entry 300 czk) ➍ Museum of St George + old Shooting range (20 min, entry 30 czk) ➎ Brewery excursion - Ferdinand (70 min, entry 120 czk)

Český Krumlov Medieval Town & Castle 10-11 hrs TOUR PRICE E

Open: Tue - Sun, 1. 4. - 31. 10.

The charming renaissance Krumlov castle is surrounded by the picturesque streets that still provide the medieval atmosphere enhanced by small galleries, local restaurants, traditional shops with crystal and handicrafts. During the drive you will see the quaint southern Bohemia and Šumava forest. Options: ➊ Český Krumlov castle and gardens (60min, entry 160 czk) ➋ Unique Baroque Theatre (60 min, entry 180 czk, open 1. 5. - 31. 10.) ➌ Stop by Budweiser brewery and taste the original beer (15 min) or do the brewery excursion (70 min, entry 100 czk, advance booking necessary) ➍ Hluboká - romantic castle (70 min, entry 160 czk, closed on Mo - except July & August, closed 1. 11. -31. 3) ➎ České Budějovice historical town (30 min) Driver and Guide

Driver only

Tour PriceS

Tour Destination

A 5-6 hrs

Karlštejn castle Konopiště chateau





B 6-7 hrs

Terezín, Kutná Hora





C 7-8 hrs

Karlštejn + Glassworks





D 8-10 hrs

Karlovy Vary









E 10-11 hrs Český Krumlov

1-2 persons 3-6 persons 1-2 persons 3-6 persons

Prices include: The quality private guide, a comfortable A/C car and a driver services. One Option of your choice! Prices do not include: Entrance fees. Options exceeding the time limit cost: 600 CZK per hour. You will meet your guide at the reception, discuss your interests and a budget and then enjoy your personalized tour. Pay directly to your guide/driver at the end of the tour in CZK.

PERSONAL PRAGUE GUIDE • Šárka Kačabová (Pelantová) • mobile phone: +420 777 225 205

Prices for 2007

Karlovy Vary - Famous Spa Town

Open all year except 24. - 26. 12., 1. 1.

Personal Guide for Independent Travellers