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INTERCITY TRAVEL is one of the leading tour operators in Ukraine providing a wide range of tourist services for foreign tourists in Ukraine. Our company has been working at Ukrainian incoming travel market for 16 years organizing allinclusive tours for groups and individuals in Ukraine. INTERCITY TRAVEL DMC cooperates with many European and Asian corporations and travel agencies. They service Chambers of Commerce of Ukraine, Taiwan and Mediterranean Region, and have been in charge of many international conventions held in Ukraine over the past decade. Our services include: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Discount hotel accommodation and apartment reservation Conference service Business meetings Individual and group tours Incentive tours Guide and interpreter assistance Sightseeing and excursion programs Car rental Air and train tickets Cruises VIP services Visa support

Our deep knowledge of the destinations allows you to discover the best of historical, cultural and business Ukraine and the CIS countries. Having the great experience in tourism, we can offer you the best option to make your stay in Ukraine unforgettable for any budget! e-mail:

Kiev Kiev is often called the Mother of all Slavic cities. It is more than 15 centuries old and during this time Kiev has made a long way from an ancient settlement of nomadic tribes to one of the largest cities in the world. Kiev is integrally connected to Slavic culture development. Its monuments, architectural ensembles and cathedrals charm with their beauty, harmony and historical meaningfulness. The Ukrainian capital's attractions are covered with the spirit of old glorious times. e-mail:

LVOV Lvov is an extremely attractive tourist area of Ukraine. It is a city of magnificent architectural landmarks: impressive temples and ancient squares, cozy narrow streets, museums and galleries housing artistic masterpieces of different historical epochs. Carefully preserving the historical heritage, citizens of Lvov always try to demonstrate their keeping-with-the-times. It was in Lvov where traditional celebration of the holidays has received the new format of various themed festivals. The creative spirit of the carved in stones centuries’ mystery is as if invisibly breathing everywhere in Lvov. e-mail:

ODESSA Odessa is a wonderful city that houses many amazing sights. Its interesting Monument to Orange, gorgeous Shah's Palace, lovely Mother-in-law Bridge, beautiful Vorontsov Palace, unusual Flat House and historic Gogolya Street will surprise you by their beauty and charm. The architecture of Odessa will remind you of French and Italian architecture from the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Have in mind that Odessa has always been a great port of trade and the city got influenced by many different cultures over the years. e-mail:

CRIMEA Many historical events took place in the Crimea. The earliest traces of ancient people in the Crimea date from 100000 years ago. Ancient Greek and Roman warriors and migrants left the rests of their towns and fortresses for us. Early Christian monasteries and churches are subjects of intent attention of archaeologists. You can find here Goth ancient cave towns in the mountains, traces of the Crimean War and World War II in Sevastopol region. Great Russian writer Maxim Gorkii wrote: "Crimea is a gold bottom of history". e-mail:


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