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Sansicario Cesana






Alpine Skiing


Half pipe



Highway Roads 3

Disabled sport and equipment

BARDONECCHIA CESANA SANSICARIO A ski resort with more than a century of tradition, Bardonecchia caters to sportsmen and partygoers: there are more than 100 kilometres (62 miles) of snow covered slopes, at an elevation of 2,800 to 1,300 metres (9,186 to 4,265 feet), with a maximum vertical drop of 1,500 metres (4,921 feet), state-of-the-art ski lifts, snowboard and freestyle skiing facilities without equal in Europe. The dining is superb, the nightlife is buzzing, and the enchanting “Palazzo delle Feste” offers a full schedule of events.

Info • Elevation: 1,312 metres (4,304 feet) • Ski resort: Bardonecchia Ski • Ski schools: 6 • Accommodation: 23 hotels, 13 aparthotels, 6 properties of other types • Dining&Drinking: 40 restaurants/pizzerias, 24 cafés and bars • Fun&Relax: movie theatre, theatre, disco, spa resorts, gym, sports hall with climbing wall, volleyball field, five-a-side and regular football fields, tennis courts, ice-skating, swimming pool, saunas, horse riding, mountain refuges providing food, adventure park, bike park • Sights&Curiosities: Civic Museum of Religious Art, woodcarving school in Melezet, Bramafam Fort and Museum for Alpine Art and Culture, geological trail, Decauville track, Woodcarving Open Air Museum, Tur d’Amun archaeological park • Activities:

Cesana Torinese, a top class resort, is one of the access points to Vialattea, the world famous ski area boasting 400 kilometres (250 miles) of pistes. There are two main villages in the Cesana community: San Sicario Borgo is the classical alpine old hamlet, among forests and majestic peaks. San Sicario Alto, right at the bottom of ski slopes, is at hand and ideal for skiing to the hotel door. Wilderness and isolated valleys are easy to reach from Cesana Torinese, for snowshoe excursions or backcountry skiing.

Info • Elevation: Cesana 1,354 metres (4,441 feet) - Sansicario 1,700 metres (5,577 feet) • Ski resort: Vialattea • Ski schools: 2 • Accommodation: 9 hotels, 1 aparthotels, 22 properties of other types • Dining&Drinking: 35 restaurants/pizzerias, 32 cafés and bars • Fun&Relax: fun park for the kids, mountain refuges providing food, adventure park, Tibetan (rope) Bridge, rafting, horse riding, free climbing, bouldering, MTB, hiking, fishing • Sights&Curiosities: walk through ancient mountain huts and villages in Val Thures and Val Argentera • Activities:



Located exactly where Italy and France are joined on the Vialattea, Clavière is a charming resort offering pristine snow and scenic ambience, with fine views of the imposing Mount Chaberton (elevation 3,131 metres - 10,272 feet). The spa centre and other wellness facilities are the perfect place to unwind after a day of skiing, or to spend the day if your favourite activity is… relaxation!

Pragelato is an important tourist centre in the heart of Alta Val Chisone, with its own ski area, and connected to Vialattea ski system with a modern cable car lift and a brand new piste. This is a veritable cross-country skiing capital, blessed with many fantastic tracks set amongst the unbelievable scenery and peacefulness of the Val Troncea Park. Pragelato has managed to remain a quaint mountain village, where the alpine traditions of crafts and cuisine are preserved.

Info • Elevation: 1,760 metres (5,774 feet) • Ski resort: Vialattea • Ski schools: 1 • Accommodation: 9 hotels, 1 residence, 5 properties of other types • Dining&Drinking: 10 restaurants/pizzerias, 13 cafés and bars • Fun&Relax: spa resort, saunas, swimming pool, body treatments, ice-skating, Tibetan (rope) Bridge • Sights&Curiosities: Chaberton Fortresses • Activities:

Info • Elevation: 1,524 metres (5,000 feet) • Ski resort: Vialattea/Pragelatoski • Ski schools: 2 • Accommodation: 7 hotels, 7 aparthotels, 11 properties of other types • Dining&Drinking: 24 restaurants/pizzerias, 10 cafés and bars • Fun&Relax: spa resort, sauna, swimming pool, Turkish bath, Jacuzzi, gym, car racing on ice track, horse riding, off-road driving centre, nordic walking • Sights&Curiosities: Fenestrelle Fort, quaint mountain villages, the House of the Escartons, the Alpine Folklore Museum, the Val Troncea Museum and Natural Park, the Sundials Research Centre, the Tinber Art Gallery • Activities:


Sauze d’Oulx


Renowned as the “balcony of the Alps” because of its scenic position, Sauze d’Oulx offers wonderful skiing on groomed pistes through larch and fir woods. Mountain refuges serve traditional food and drinks and a warm welcome is guaranteed. It is the liveliest town of the Vialattea: a trendy and fashionable hotspot, where there is action day and night.

It’s the bright star of the Vialattea constellation, an international ski resort since the 1930s. Sestriere has everything a modern winter holiday spot needs: a vast array of sports facilities, top class shopping, all sorts of amenities and nightlife opportunities. But this fashionable and very busy town hasn’t lost its magic, thanks to the surrounding, unparalleled Alpine scenery.

Info • Elevation: 1,509 metres (4,950 feet) • Ski resort: Vialattea • Ski schools: 4, 1 for people with disabilities and 1 specifically devoted to Snowboarding • Accommodation: 37 hotels, 8 aparthotels, 7 properties of other types • Dining&Drinking: 26 restaurants/pizzerias, 54 cafés and bars • Fun&Relax: spa resorts, sauna, Turkish bath, solarium, Jacuzzi, body treatments, disco, mountain refuges providing food, sports hall with five-a-side football, volleyball, basketball, tennis courts and gym, heli-ski, freeride, horse riding, summer bike park, adventure park, Tibetan (rope) Bridge • Sights&Curiosities: Jouvenceaux old town, Monfol mountain village, Gran Bosco di Salbertrand Park and Forest, Chalet Mollino, Muse’ò Land Art • Activities:

Info • Elevation: 2,035 metres (6,676 feet) • Ski resort: Vialattea • Ski schools: 6, 1 for people with disabilities and 1 specifically devoted to Snowboarding • Accommodation: 21 hotels, 8 aparthotels, 1 properties of other types • Dining&Drinking: 34 restaurants/pizzerias, 20 cafés and bars • Fun&Relax: sauna, swimming pool, Turkish bath, solarium, Jacuzzi, body treatments, movie theatre, disco, ice rink, sports hall with fitness centre, five-a-side football, volleyball, basketball, tennis courts and indoor rock climbing, sleddog, summer bike park • Sights&Curiosities: Fenestrelle Fort, Champlas Seguin, Champlas Janvier and Champlas du Col mountain villages, reachable only by skis or snowshoes, through Monterotta natural area • Activities:

Ski Resorts Slopes elevation

Pragelatoski 2.500/1.500 m 8,202/4,921 ft

Bardonecchia Ski 2.800/1.300 m 9,186/4,265 ft

Vialattea* 2.800/1.380 m 9,186/4,527 ft

Alpine ski tracks

50 km

100 km

400 km

Cross-country tracks

26 km

26 km

51 km

Artificial snow




Half pipe
















Ski lifts/Conveyor-belt lift




*The Vialattea is made of: Sestriere, Sauze d’Oulx, Cesana-Sansicario, Clavière, Pragelato, and the French resort of Monginevro. **Only on cross-country skiing track.


Ski & Chairlifts Pragelatoski

Pragelatoski srl T. +39.0131.222114

Bardonecchia Ski Vialattea

Colomion Spa T. +39.0122.99137

Sestrieres Spa T. +39.0122.799411





be a





fun on the slopes Our Alps are the dreamland of all alpine skiing enthusiasts, encompassing the Vialattea area (Sestriere, Sauze d’Oulx, Clavière, Cesana-Sansicario, Pragelato and Monginevro resorts), the Bardonecchia area (Jafferau, Melezet and Campo Smith resorts), and the region of Pragelato (Clot dla soma, Conca del Sole). Thrilling slopes, scenic valleys, and sunny plateaus provide 500 kilometres (310 miles) of pistes catering to all needs, from beginners to expert skiers. There are modern, safe and fast ski lifts, artificial snow facilities, outstanding ski schools, playgrounds for children and everything else you may need for an enjoyable and energetic holiday.

The cross-country skiing tracks are open from the first November snow to the long, sunny days of April, unwinding through charming scenery in the tranquillity of the mountains. Pragelato is the ideal place, well known to amateurs and professional athletes thanks to its legendary loops in the Val Troncea Park; but you’ll also find well-kept tracks in Bardonecchia, Clavière and Sestriere.

Snowshoes are the perfect way to enjoy the peaceful ambiance of mountain forests, where noise is muffled by the snow. Nowadays, this traditional footwear is lighter and more technically advanced, granting everyone a pleasurable experience. You may enjoy a nice walk in the snow along the many signposted tracks or simply venture on your own.


ard o b

untry skii o c s ng s o r C


ho e s s w o n S



skiing e in

Snowboard enthusiasts will find this the ideal spot for some serious fun: Bardonecchia boasts the only Olympic Half Pipe in Europe, on a par with Nagano, Salt Lake City and Vancouver. If you enjoy freestyling, this is just the place to be: there are five dedicated snow parks in Bardonecchia, Clavière, Sauze d’Oulx, Sansicario and Sestriere with kickers and moguls of all sizes and shapes.


Off-piste lovers can test their skills on our many steep, snowy slopes. If you don’t feel fit enough to tread uphill with the aid of the traditional sealskins, don’t worry: you may use a ski lift or cableway. In any case, offpiste skiing is incredibly exciting - and safe too - thanks to our information service and skilled guides.

ride e e r F

sports for everyone For those with special needs, there is accommodation here adapted to all requirements and with highly qualified staff for to help take part in sports and recreations in total safety. The valuable experience of the Paralympics in 2006 has resulted in an offer specifically for the disabled: here the

thrills and satisfactions of sport are available to everyone. Specialised schools and expert guides ensure that a whole variety of sports can be learnt and enjoyed: tandem ski, uniski, dualski and piloted skiing.



Our villages can be enjoyed by everyone: groups of friends, older folk, singles and couples... everyone gets a welcome. So whoever you are, here you’ll find what you need. If you’re not taking part in the sport, or have come to the end of a day’s skiing, you can spend your time browsing among the fashionable shops and in the typical local stores with their warm atmosphere, strolling through the picturesque neighbourhoods.

But if you want to enjoy the spectacular nature to be found in the valley, go deep into the snowy landscapes where you can enjoy romantic sunsets... or throw snowballs. An exciting evening will be promised by one of the many discos in the area where you can expend all your energy to the beat of the music, or by going to one of the numerous occasions programmed: concerts, shows and other events will ensure even more enjoyment for your holiday.


Children have special needs, so to make sure that holiday is a pleasure and relaxing for the whole family, the destination chosen must be able to meet these needs. The ski resorts offer a wide range of activities for kids: ski schools with specialised instructors, ski clubs and “conveyor belt” lift facilities are all ideal for children who want to learn to ski. A lot of entirely original sport activities are available for the youngest: horse riding on the snow, archery with targets in the shape

of animals blending in perfectly with the woods, and even volleyball and five-a-side soccer on snow-covered playing fields. Entertainment comes from fun parks, kindergartens and various adventure playgrounds including one which has a reproduction Red Indian village. And then plenty of laughs at Bardonecchia with snowtubing, a descent down the snow on special ‘rubber boats’. 17



A warm welcome

Well being


Bar hopping...

The area has a proud tradition of hospitality. You’ll feel at home everywhere, thanks to our modern and well-equipped facilities, catering to all needs. You may choose between luxurious hotels, quaint mountain chalets, comfortable self contained lodgings, charming farmhouses and so on, accommodating 18,000 guests of all kinds - families, parties of friends, couples, corporate parties.

After a day of skiing, there’s nothing better than unwinding in a spa facility: sauna, massage, detox, body treatments and much more will make your stay a truly relaxing experience. After a dip in the pool or a Turkish bath you may also enjoy some novelty treatments, like wine therapy or chocolate therapy.

The Piemonte region is justly renowned for its fine food, and our Alps are no exception: during your stay, you’ll have the opportunity of tasting mouth watering dishes made with the freshest local ingredients. The most famous Alpine dish is polenta (maize porridge), usually served with game stew or tasty mountain cheeses, like the violet-scented plaisentif. Also not to be missed: glara and cajette (both made of potatoes), wholemeal bread soup and gofri (traditional waffles).

Whether you drink a vin brulé (mulled wine) or a rich hot chocolate, sip an aperitivo with nibbles or spend the evening in a lively café, there is plenty of choice. Restaurants, cafeterias, clubs, pubs and wine bars are plentiful but a traditional meal in a mountain refuge is the best way to enjoy the snowy winter atmosphere.


Don’t miss the chance for a fantastic holiday. We’ve already thought of everything: you just book the offer best tailored to you at

The wines of Piemonte are among the best in the world. Val Susa and Val Chisone boast some excellent DOC wines, such as Avanà and Ramie, while regional wines include Barolo, Barbaresco and Erbaluce di Caluso. To keep warm during the long winter nights, you should not miss the delectable liqueurs of the area, made with mountain herbs, such as Genepì and Serpoul, whose secret ingredients are passed on generation after generation.


summer in action Summer is the best season for enjoying nature in Torino’s province: valleys and peaks, wildlife reserves, botanical gardens, lakes, museums and parks characterised by unspoilt ecosystems, immersed in the heady atmosphere of fragrances and colours. The territory forms a spectacular backdrop, ideal for lovers of trekking and cycling because of the very many routes suited to all abilities. It is also perfect for trips with kids, where families can embark on the many activities in total safety and peace of mind.

If you want a sports and nature holiday, all needs are covered here: from free climbing to bouldering, Nordic walking and horse riding. You can try out canoeing or rafting along the rushing streams, or play golf in the exquisite courses at Sestriere, ClavièreMonginevro and Pragelato (which have 18, 9+9 and 9 holes respectively) or in the practice golf course at Bardonecchia. Soon there will be a course also at Sauze d’Oulx. If you enjoy walking, there are plenty of treks lasting one or more days through glorious Alpine scenery, ideal for every level of skill.

Fans of mountain biking can choose from 50 freeride routes, hundreds of kilometres of Cross-Country, Downhill and Enduro trails, Bike&Skill Park, Dirt and Four-Cross areas and North Shore tracks in the Alpi Bike Resorts. You may want to check out Sauze d’Oulx, Bardonecchia and Cesana adventure parks. And if you’re brave enough, there’s some novelty thrills: crossing the Sauze d’Oulx or the Cesana-Clavière Tibetan (rope) Bridge, the longest in the world, and the Tyrolean cable car which crosses the San Gervasio gorge.


Torino in & around there is nothing like it Architectural jewels, art galleries, antique shows, world class museums, royal palaces, fortresses, castles, fascinating festivals and gastronomic delights: this land offers great treasures as well as cosy, everyday pleasures. Surrounded by the Alps, Torino is close to celebrated resorts set in pristine scenery, where many sport enthusiasts gather. The city and the surrounding area take special pride in the famed Egyptian Museum, the second most important in the world after Cairo, the National Museum of Cinema, hosted in the spectacular Mole Antonelliana, Royal Residences, included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and the Sacra di San Michele, a fortified monastery dating from 10th century. Torino and its province are also well known for a relaxed and epicurean lifestyle: the area is famed for its delicious chocolate concoctions, to be sampled in one of the many historical cafÊs, for the aperitivo ritual, an enjoyable pre-dinner habit that drives crowds to the bars, and for its very fine wine and food - a treat that will make your stay truly unforgettable.

City breaks Bardonecchia Ski and Vialattea are just 50 miles away from Torino, a fascinating baroque city where you can enjoy an urban break at low prices, thanks to some tourist-tailored features.

Torino+Piemonte Card

Free admission to more than 190 cultural sites in Torino and Piemonte, special rates on public and tourist transports of the city. Plus reductions for many cultural and sport events.

City Sightseeing Torino

Thanks to this customized double-decker bus you will discover the city’s many souls with two itineraries: Torino City Centre and Unexpected Torino to reach unexplored sites and unveil the new face of the city.

Tour in & around Torino

Choose the guided tour that best suits you: a tour of the historical district or maybe some special interest tours that will make you discover a hidden face of the city or celebrate the skills of Torino top manufacturers.

Merenda Reale


A relaxing break in the magnificent setting of the Royal residences to spend the afternoon in an old-fashioned atmosphere, sipping steaming hot chocolate with bagnati biscuits and tasty chocolates of the Turinese patisserie.

Torino • Piazza Castello/via Garibaldi • Porta Nuova Railway Station • International Airport (interactive totem) Contact centre +39.011.535181

Bardonecchia Piazza De Gasperi 1 T. +39.0122.99032

Cesana Torinese Piazza Vittorio Amedeo 3 T. +39.0122.89202

ClaviEre Via Nazionale 30 T. +39.0122.878856

Ivrea Corso Vercelli 1 T. +39.0125.618131

Pinerolo Viale Giolitti 7/9 T. +39.0121.795589

Pragelato Piazza Lantelme T. +39.0122.741728

Sauze d’Oulx Viale Genevris 7 T. +39.0122.858009

Sestriere Via Louset T. +39.0122.755444

Susa Corso Inghilterra 39 T. +39.0122.622447


pleased to meet you!



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Segni convenzionali 232

E 70

Regional through routes, other roads

References 232

Numeri di strada statale e strada europea Autostrade


E 70


Ferrovie con stazioni e gallerie Strade di grande comunicazione Colle del Monginevro


Colle del Monginevro


State frontiers, Number of andboundaries European roads regional andnational provincial

E 70

Ferrovie con stazioni e gallerie Parchi e riserve naturali Colle del Monginevro

Ski, have fun, stroll, eat, relax, skate, partying… all this and much more in the exciting resorts of Bardonecchia Ski and Vialattea, a fantastic tourist area that offers comfortable facilities in six mountain villages. Come and experience an unforgettable holiday! Scala 0

CesanaSansicario, Clavière, Pragelato, Sauze d’Oulx and Sestriere

Colle del Monginevro

Co Mo

Gap, height inairport metresof Torino International (Caselle Torinese)


Confini di stato, di regione, di provincia

State frontiers, regional and provincial boundaries

Parchi e riserve naturali

Natural parks and reservation areas


Aeroporto internazionale di Torino :Torinese) 350.000 (Caselle Sandro1 Pertini di Torino Caselle 5



Railways with stations and tunnels Natural parks and reservation areas

Valichi, quote altimetrichediinTorino metri Aeroporto internazionale (Caselle Torinese) Sandro Pertini di Torino Caselle


Co Mo

Gap, height in metres Regional through routes, other roads


Confini di stato, Numeri di strada statale e strada europea di regione, di provincia

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Railways with stations and tunnels Highways

Valichi, quote altimetriche in metri Strade d’importanza regionale, altre strade


Number of national and European roads Motorways


km 20

140 km Genève: : 350.000 1701km Lyon: 15 400 km 10 Paris: 395 km Barcelona: 330 km München: 675 km Wien: 885 km Amsterdam:

247 km 314 km 780km km20 877 km 613 km 1024 km 1159 km



International airport of Torino 1 :Torinese) 350.000 (Caselle 5



km 20

140 km Genève: : 350.000 1701km Lyon: 15 400 km 10Paris: 395 km Barcelona: 330 km München: 675 km Wien: 885 km Amsterdam:

247 km 314 km 780km km20 877 km 613 km 1024 km 1159 km


The resorts of Bardonecchia,

wonderfully hosted events of the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics. These resorts offer accommodation and amenities catering for all: winter sports enthusiasts, singles, families, groups and couples looking for a romantic getaway are assured a warm welcome. It’s a perfect location, where the outstanding mountain scenery lends to a sense of well being.

Getting there is a breeze, thanks to a motorway linking Torino to Val Susa and then to France, through the Frejus tunnel, a modern railway and the nearby Torino international Airport which, for two years running, has won the prestigious Aci Europe Best Airport Award in the category 1-5 million passengers per year.

Raggiungere Torino da


Milano: Genova: 0 Venezia: Firenze: Bologna: Roma: Napoli:


To reach Torino from


Milano: Genova: 0 Venezia: Firenze: Bologna: Roma: Napoli:




Mi Ge 0 Ve Fir Bo Ro Na

Raggiungere Torino da

To reach Torino from


Milano: kmterritorio Genève: 247 km Per muoversi140 sul Genova: 314 km da Torino a 170 km Lyon: Venezia: 400 km Paris: 780 km Avigliana: 28 km Oulx: 79 km Firenze: 395 km Barcelona: 877 km Bardonecchia: 92 km Pinerolo: 41 km Bologna: 330 km München: 613 km Caselle Torinese: 16 km Pragelato: 111 km Roma: 675 km Wien: 1024 km Cesana Torinese: 89 km Sauze d’Oulx: 87 km Napoli: 885 km Amsterdam: 1159 km Claviere: 95 km Sestriere: 100 km Fenestrelle: 74 km Susa: 56 km Ivrea: 52 km Torre Pellice: 54 km Per muoversi sul Lanzo Torinese: 34 kmterritorio Venaria Reale: 15 km

Milano: 140 km Genève: To move throughout the territory 247 km Genova: 170 km Lyon: 314 km from Torino to Venezia: 400 km Paris: 780 km Avigliana: 28 km Oulx: 79 km Firenze: 395 km Barcelona: 877 km Bardonecchia: 92 km Pinerolo: 41 km Bologna: 330 km München: 613 km Caselle Torinese: 16 km Pragelato: 111 km Roma: 675 km Wien: 1024 km Cesana Torinese: 89 km Sauze d’Oulx: 87 km Napoli: 885 km Amsterdam: 1159 km Claviere: 95 km Sestriere: 100 km Fenestrelle: 74 km Susa: 56 km Ivrea: 52 km Torre Pellice: 54 km To move throughout the territory Lanzo Torinese: 34 km Venaria Reale: 15 km

Mi Po Ge de Ve Av Fir Ba Bo Ca Ro Ce Na Cla Fe Ivr Po La

Avigliana: Bardonecchia: Caselle Torinese: Cesana Torinese: Claviere: Fenestrelle: Ivrea: Lanzo Torinese:

Avigliana: 28 km Oulx: Bardonecchia: 92 km Pinerolo: Torino International Airport Caselle Torinese: 16 km Pragelato: SAGAT Spa Cesana Torinese: 89 km Sauze d’Oulx: T. +39.011.5676361 Claviere: 95 km Sestriere: Fenestrelle: 74 km Susa: Ivrea: 52 km Torre Pellice: Lanzo Torinese: 34 km Venaria Reale:

Av Ba Ca Ce Cla Fe Ivr La

da Torino a

28 km 92 km 16 km 89 km 95 km 74 km 52 km 34 km

Oulx: Pinerolo: Pragelato: Sauze d’Oulx: Sestriere: Susa: Torre Pellice: Venaria Reale:

79 km 41 km 111 km 87 km 100 km 56 km 54 km 15 km

from Torino to

79 km 41 km 111 km 87 km 100 km 56 km 54 km 15 km


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