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Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

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Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

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elcome to Heber Valley, one of Utah’s finest treasures. Situated only 45 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City, the beautiful Heber Valley is a quick and convenient family escape that offers a wide range of adventures and activities for all ages. With three state parks, a handful of pristine lakes, blue ribbon fly fishing, endless hiking and biking trails, 90 holes of public golf and majestic mountain views, the Heber Valley boasts scenic and recreational opportunities all year round. Throughout the year, Heber Valley is home to dozens of events that are sure to entertain, educate and inspire. For western folks, the annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering will bring out your inner cowboy spirit. During Labor Day weekend, more than 90,000 people participate in the Swiss Days celebration as well as the Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championships. Mountain races, worldclass rodeos and challenging marathons are just a sample of the extraordinary events found here in the Heber Valley. Whether you’re looking for unique recreational activities, overnight stays, authentic dining or beautiful vistas, Heber Valley provides an abundance of unforgettable experiences for everyone. To learn more about Heber Valley visit or call our friendly Visitors Center at 435-654-3666. | page 3

Mount Timpanogos watches over the Heber Valley

Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

The Legend of Mount Timpanogos


long, long time ago, the Uintah Indians lived by a beautiful silver lake. The lake abounded in fish which the tribe would dry and store for future use. Eventually, the tribe accumulated more dried fish than they needed. Far to the North, there lived another tribe of Indians called the Nez Perce. One year there was no rain and many of the Nez Perce died from famine. To save his people, Timpanac, the leader’s son, went to pray to The Great Spirit and was told to go south where he’d find a tribe to sell him food. After many days, Timpanac came to the Uintahs’ lake. The leader treated Timpanac kindly and was willing to exchange dried fish for rich furs. In the leader’s teepee, Timpanac saw Ucanogos, a beautiful Indian maiden. When Timpanac returned home, he gave Ucanogos a beaded headband. In return, she gave him a pair of gloves. When Ucanogos was old enough to marry she asked her father to hold a contest for all braves who wished to marry her. Ucanogos sent a runner to tell Timpanac to come. In order to marry Ucanogos, the assembled braves were required to climb to the top of a mountain where Ucanogos waited. The first to reach her could claim her as his bride. When Timpanac reached the steepest place on the mountain, the other braves were waiting for him. They pushed Timpanac over a ledge where he fell to his death. Ucanogos saw what happened, wept great tears and vowed they would never stop falling. A wall of tears still falls down this canyon— now named Bridal Veil Falls. She then threw herself off the mountain, praying to The Great Spirit to take her soul and join it with Timpanac’s. The Great Spirit was so saddened by these events he joined their hearts together as one to hang forever in Timpanogos Cave, and he set the Indian Maiden on the mountain top for eternity. Those who travel through Provo Canyon can clearly see her features. The name Timpanogos combines the names of the ill-fated lovers: Timpanac and Ucanogos. | page 5

Take a front row seat to our once-in-a-lifetime views

Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

Take a Ride on the Heber Valley Railroad T

he Heber Valley Railroad’s history began in 1899 when trains carried livestock down the canyon to Utah Valley. In the 1970s, the renamed “Heber Creeper,” became a tourist passenger train transporting thousands of visitors around the valley. The Heber Valley Railroad is reminiscent of the typical short-line railway that could be seen historically throughout rural America during the golden years of U.S. railroading. Today, diesel electric locomotives pull vintage and restored coaches through the beautiful Heber Valley. The track runs through the lush Heber Valley, along the shore overlooking Deer Creek Reservoir and through the beautiful forested Provo canyon. The Heber Valley Railroad has several scenic excursions, adventure trains, dinner trains and special events year-round. The scenic trains include breathtaking scenery of Heber Valley’s natural landscape, the beautiful Deer Creek Reservoir, and the majestic Provo Canyon/Provo River. If you want more adventure with your train ride combine it with a rafting trip down the Provo River, horseback riding through the countryside or zip-lining down Provo Canyon’s steep inclines! | page 7

2002 Winter Olympic venue operates year-round Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

A Year-Round Destination Olympic Venue


n the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains lies a world-class, historic 2002 Olympic Winter Games venue, just south of Heber City. Soldier Hollow served as the busiest venue during the Olympic Winter Games and hosted 18 exciting biathlon and Nordic combined cross-country skiing events. Today Soldier Hollow is used for its more than 16 miles of trails that wind through the trees and hills. The trail system provides cross-country skiing and snowshoeing opportunities for athletes of every ability. Soldier Hollow’s rustic full-service day lodge offers ski, snowshoe and bike rentals, souvenir items, accessories and a restaurant—the Soldier Hollow Grill. The lodge has fantastic architectural features with weathered trestle beams and large windows providing spectacular views of the Wasatch Mountains, Heber Valley and the trail system. Soldier Hollow also has two 18-hole golf courses that offer challenging play for golfers of all abilities and amazing views of the Heber Valley and majestic Mount Timpanogos. Soldier Hollow has one of the longest courses in the state and the distinction of being the only 36-hole facility golf course built at an Olympic venue. Athletes of world class ability and weekend recreationists enjoy Soldier Hollow on a year-round basis. | page 9

Four world-class golf courses each with its own breathtaking view

Four Unique World-Class Golf Courses


visit to one, or all, of the Heber Valley golf courses is the perfect way to enjoy this beautiful mountain valley. Each course is award-winning and is situated against a breathtaking back-drop rarely matched by courses elsewhere. From the challenging Lake Course at the Wasatch Mountain State Park to the mountainous courses found at Soldier Hollow to the rugged red rock views found at Red Ledges, each course in Heber Valley has its own style and beauty. Soldier Hollow This championship facility, located at a 2002 Olympic Winter Games venue, contains two 18-hole courses—appropriately named the Gold and Silver courses—which offer challenging play for golfers of all abilities. Wasatch Mountain State Park Wasatch Mountain’s 36-hole championship complex is home to two of the most popular Utah mountain golf courses. The Mountain and Lake courses were carved from the mountain canyons and native forest. Red Ledges Golf is at the heart of this celebrated mountainside community with a spectacular 18-hole Jack Nicklaus Signature course. The unique natural land formations of the area give the course a special character and add to its beauty.

Top: Red Ledges Bottom: (left) Wasatch Mountain State Park, (center) Soldier Hollow, (right) Crater Springs

Crater Springs Experience the fresh mountain air while enjoying a day surrounded by the stunning Wasatch Mountains. The beautifully maintained greens, babbling brooks and water features at Crater Springs, located at the historic Homestead Resort are sure to make a lasting impression. | page 11

World-class nordic and alpine skiing

Come Ski the Greatest

Snow on Earth


ach winter, Heber Valley, nestled between the Wasatch and Uinta mountains, receives an abundance of Utah’s famous champagne powder snow. With world-class resorts just minutes away and great cross-country trails everywhere else, the valley is the capital of Utah skiing! Whether you prefer the peaceful solitude of flat-track skiing on a mountain trail, skate-skiing on a groomed track, or carving turns down an untracked mountain slope, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Cross Country skiing The mountains and valleys here offer world-class skiing. The Soldier Hollow and Wasatch Mountain State Park complexes are the valley’s most popular crosscountry skiing destinations. Soldier Hollow was one of the busiest venues during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games with 18 events, including six biathlon events, ten cross-country events, and two skiing portions of Nordic combined. Wasatch Mountain State Park, located along the eastern foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, is a winter wonderland for cross-country skiers of all abilities. Downhill Skiing At the northernmost end of the Heber Valley is the mile-long high speed Jordanelle Express Gondola—part of the prestigious Deer Valley Resort, ranked #1 by SKI magazine readers five years in a row. Eleven Deer Valley ski runs lie within Heber Valley’s boundaries. One run and you’ll understand why the Deer Valley Resort and Utah powder are world famous.

Top: Deer Valley Resort Bottom: (left, left center) Deer Valley Resort, (right, right center) Soldier Hollow | page 13

Experience one of North America’s greatest blue-ribbon trout streams

Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

Fishing in the Heber Valley M

eandering through the middle of the Heber Valley, and famous for its blue-ribbon fly fishing, you’ll find the Provo River. The Provo River originates high in the Uinta Mountains and works its way down the mountains to be collected at the Jordanelle and Deer Creek reservoirs before arriving at its final destination, Utah Lake. The Provo River is primarily a fly-fishing stream and is one of the most popular in Utah. Anglers can be found year-round trying their luck on the lower Provo River below Deer Creek Dam. Long stretches of flat water give anglers an excellent chance of catching good-sized brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout. For dedicated anglers, fishing doesn’t end when the lakes freeze over. The reservoirs that surround Heber Valley develop a thick sheet of ice during winter and offer some fantastic ice fishing opportunities. Both the middle and lower sections of the Provo River offer year-round fly fishing due to the consistent water temperatures released from the dams. As an added bonus Heber Valley winters have a large number of sunny, warm days so there is no excuse to miss an exciting day out on the water. | page 15

Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

Water Sports in the Heber Valley T

here are three large reservoirs in the Heber Valley. All open to boats and personal watercrafts, each with their own unique campgrounds, facilities, beaches and day use areas.

Strawberry Reservoir Predictable afternoon winds make Strawberry Reservoir a guarantee for great sailing. Although the reservoir is open to all types of watercraft, Strawberry’s biggest draw is its unbeatable fishing. Deer Creek Reservoir Situated at the base of Mount Timpanogos, Deer Creek Reservoir has the ideal conditions for sailing, kite boarding and wind surfing. Wave runners enjoy the typically choppy afternoon waters and water skiers usually find a glassy lake in the early morning hours. For those who just want to relax, Deer Creek Reservoir has beautiful sandy beaches. Jordanelle Reservoir Just minutes north of Heber City, Jordanelle Reservoir provides the ideal setting for any type of water play. Constructed in 1992, Jordanelle has become a favorite of boaters, water skiers and paddle boarders. The reservoir’s sandy beaches, day-use cabanas and a children’s play area make for an unforgettable experience. In addition to its reservoirs, Heber Valley also offers rafting and tubing adventures down the Provo River—which runs through the valley and down the Provo Canyon. During the summer, visitors can enjoy tubing down calm river stretches or rafting through exhilarating whitewater rapids. Left: (left and left top) Jordanelle Reservoir, (left bottom) Midway Adventure Company Right: (left) Jordanelle Reservoir, (center) Midway Adventure Company, (right) The Crater | page 17

Hundreds of miles of trails wind throughout the valley

Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

Trails that Wander throughout the Heber Valley T

he mountains and hillsides surrounding Heber Valley contain a multitude of beautiful trails that meander through forests and meadows. Terrain varies from a steep, all-day climb to the top of Mount Timpanogos to an easy stroll along the shores of Strawberry Reservoir. But Heber Valley’s trails aren’t just for hikers. Heber Valley trails are a mecca for horse enthusiasts and mountain bikers alike. The mountains surrounding Heber Valley offer some of the best riding (horses or bikes) terrain around with spectacular scenery and a multitude of wildlife. Regardless of your skill level, you can find the perfect ride that suits your mood. Heber Valley boasts hundreds of miles of bike trails through all types of terrain. Single-track or dirt road trails climb through forests and across mountain meadows. Cool summer temperatures and wide open paved roads in the Heber Valley make road biking the perfect summer sport. The rugged terrain of the Wasatch Mountains offers some challenging climbs, or, if you’re looking for something gentler, follow the wellmarked Dutch Hollow trail. The flattop meadows of Strawberry Valley are ideal for beginning riders, and the endless miles of trails through the Uintas are a horsepacker’s paradise. A few campgrounds in the Uintas even have mangers, hitching rails and loading ramps next to miles of riding trails for horse lovers wanting to spend multiple days out in some of the most beautiful countryside Utah has to offer. | page 19

Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

Experience a Thrilling Off-Road Adventure


pectacular mountains and scenic open space make Heber Valley an off-roading paradise. Miles of groomed trails during the winter and dirt trails during the summer wind through mountains and forests, opening onto delightful meadows and vast plateaus. Whether you want maintained trails or untracked isolation, off-road opportunities abound in the Heber Valley. If you plan to visit the Heber Valley during the summer, you can explore the beauties of nature from the back of an ATV or the popular family-friendly Razor. Heber Valley Off-Road Facilities: Wasatch Mountain State Park provides parking, restrooms, and warming stations during the winter. Strawberry Valley, Wolf Creek and the Mirror Lake Highway all have parking and restrooms. The Daniels Summit Lodge provides snowmobile, ATV, Razor and clothing rentals as well as an on-site restaurant and hotel rooms. Midway Adventure Company rents streetlegal ATV and Razor machines that allow you to leave directly from their downtown Midway location and head straight for the hills. When you’re in the Heber Valley great ATV terrain and four-wheel drives are never far away. Right: (top, bottom) Midway Adventure Company | page 21

Places to See: Cascade Springs T

ucked in among the tall mountains of the Wasatch Range, just west of the Wasatch Mountain State Park is Cascade Springs, a beautiful and hidden oasis. Here water bubbles up from the ground and cascades over travertine terraces and pools while all kinds of wildlife, including otters, beavers, deer, moose and elk gather to drink. A trail system winds its way through the springs, consisting of paved paths, raised boardwalks and wooden bridges to protect the delicate ecosystem. Crystal clear waters

make it easy to spot the native trout that inhabit these pools. Signs along the pathways explain the geology of this natural wonder. The short, easy walk through Cascade Springs is only half a mile, but its scenic beauty is enjoyable for hikers of all ages. Benches are provided along the walkways, allowing for rest or just taking in the quiet beauty of the surroundings.

Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

Time to Allow: 0.5-1 hours Difficulty: Beginner Trail Length: 0.5 miles

Places to See: The Crater O

ne of the most unique hot springs pools in the world is found at the Homestead Resort in Midway. Affectionately known as “The Crater,” this geothermal spring is hidden within a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock. Over 10,000 years in the making, The Crater formed when melting snow from the mountains seeped deep within the earth and was heated. As the water percolated upward, it picked up minerals which were deposited on the surface, forming the volcano-shaped

limestone deposit. Visitors can swim, enjoy a therapeutic soak, take a paddleboard yoga class or even scuba dive in the deep clear waters of the Crater. The Crater is the only warm water scuba diving destination in the continental US and attracts many diving enthusiasts year-round from all over the world.

Open: Year-round Water Temperature: 90-96 ºF Reservations: Required | page 23

Places to See: Wasatch Mountain State Park Y

ear-round adventure awaits at the Wasatch Mountain State Park. During the warmer months, visitors can hike, bike, camp, horseback ride or reserve a tee time at the popular Lake and Mountain golf courses. When the weather turns cold there is plenty of snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing available through the alpine terrain. In addition to the myriad of recreational opportunities available, the park also includes two historic areas, the Tate Barn and Huber Grove. Tate Barn stands as a sentry at the southern

end of the park. Visitors can visit the Huber Grove, which features the Huber Farmhouse and Creamery and a hundred-year old apple orchard. During the fall season, the park allows visitors to pick the apples for a small fee.

Est. 1968 Park Acreage: 21,592 Park Elevation: 5,900 ft Facilities: Restrooms, Visitors Center, Rental Cabins, Camping, Day Use Group Pavilion

Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

Places to See: Jordanelle & Deer Creek State Parks T

he Heber Valley is surrounded by two large fresh-water reservoirs that offer an abundance of recreational opportunities to both residents and visitors alike.

Jordanelle The picturesque Jordanelle State Park offers an array of popular recreation opportunities such as boating, swimming, fishing and hiking. For those visitors wishing to spend a few days enjoying the cool waters of Jordanelle there are plenty of

options. The park has three separate campgrounds, or, for those who want more luxury and warmth than a tent, Jordanelle has cabins available that provide a few more comforts. Deer Creek Deer Creek State Park, consistently ranked as one of Utah’s most-visited parks, lies in the southwest corner of the beautiful Heber Valley and provides some of Utah’s finest year-round fishing. Beautiful Deer Creek reservoir is also extremely popular for boating, wind surfing, kite boarding, sunbathing, swimming and sail boating.

Jordanelle Elevation: 6,165 ft Jordanelle Max Depth: 292 ft Deer Creek Elevation: 5,417 ft Deer Creek Max Depth: 137 ft | page 25

Places to See: Mirror Lake Scenic Byway T

he Mirror Lake Scenic Byway is one of Utah’s most spectacular drives, ascending over 10,000 feet through the heart of the rugged Uinta Mountains, home to Utah’s highest peaks. Countless lakes dot the landscape and a variety of wildlife can be frequently spotted along the highway. The views seen on this drive are breathtaking as the road follows the picturesque upper Provo River as it drops over boulders and falls from its headwaters in the Uintas. Numerous

pullouts access the river and are perfect for picnicking. Various trail heads offer a chance for a short hike into the woods. Don’t miss the overlook at Provo River Falls where walking paths make for a great stop. The Mirror Lake Highway is paved, but closed during winter due to the elevation and heavy snow accumulation.

Scenic Viewpoints Picnic Areas Open: Summer Top Elevation: 10,687

Photography courtesy of Alan Day

Discover Utah’s Adventure Escape

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