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norðurflug helicopter tours • reykjavik domestic airport • • +354 562 2500

We are proud to be the largest helicopter service in Iceland with a long reputation of exceptional customer service and high operational standards. We own and operate an elegant fleet of black luxurious helicopters, flown by the most experienced pilots in the private sector.

professional & passionate

with a solid foundation of experience

The true essence of the company is a great group of people. We like to think of ourselves as something of a big family, held together by a freakish love of helicopters and a passion for traveling around Iceland. As you take to the sky with us, you'll quickly realize it's not just about the destination, it's also about the journey and the people you're sharing it with! We are family-friendly and offer a 25% discount for children under the age of 12!

our helicopters

sa 365 n dauphin

8 passengers max. Speed 155 knots / 275 kph

as 350 b2 ecureuil bell 206 jetranger

5 passengers max. Speed 125 knots / 230 kph

4 passengers max. Speed 100 knots / 180 kph

Photos: Mats Wiebe Lund, Rafn Sigurbjรถrnsson, Fredrik Schenholm, Baldur Sveinsson, Shutterstock and more.

"the view from up above is incredible! as we got closer to the mountain i realized that i had the biggest smile on my face, it almost felt surreal." -trip advisor feedback

reykjavik by air & reykjavik summit from city to summit: discover the charm of reykjavík and its mountains reykjavik by air

A short but spectacular sightseeing flight over the colorful and charming dollhouse roofs. After enjoying a bird’s-eye view of the cityscape, we fly to the northern and southern extremes of the capital. We will see its neighbouring towns and the surrounding countryside, where the extensive lava fields remind us of the true volcanic nature of Iceland.

reykjavik summit

This round trip to a nearby mountain takes in breath-taking views of Reykjavik as we overfly the city and land on one of the table top mountains overlooking the area. We will stop on the very summit for the photo opportunity of a life-time, with unforgettable panoramas of the coastal plain, the cityscape of Reykjavik and distant mountains.

price per passenger: 25,500 isk reykjavík by air duration: 15–20 minutes reykjavik summit duration: 30–45 minutes, including 1 landing minimum: 2 passengers


destinations tour route

esja summit úlfarsfell summit helgafell summit kleifarvatn lake

"the views were exceptional throughout and it was fascinating to see the hot springs and hot mud baths when we had our stop. i cannot recommend this tour highly enough!" - trip advisor feedback

geothermal tour & black sands

land next to remote geothermal hot springs geothermal tour - 38,600 isk

Iceland’s subterranean energy is revealed from the air as we tour across Iceland’s volcanic landscape. Our journey takes us over geothermal hot springs, colorful mountain ranges, power plants, lava fields and craters. We land far away from the crowds and make a brief stop to witness the raw, primeval energy rising up from the earth beneath us. Finally our flight path concludes with a flyover of Reykjavik to give us an aerial overview of the city.

geothermal & black sands - 59,900 isk

Extend your flight and add a landing at the black lava sand beach that stretches hundreds of kilometers to the East. The black beach is a vast expanse of volcanic material laid bare by the endless tides of the ocean. The black sands are quite sought after by Hollywood film studies to provide the landscape for films like Oblivion, Prometheus and other science fiction films. En route back to Reykjavík we soar over lava fields and explore a few craters.

price per passenger: see above duration: Geothermal Tour 40-60 minutes, including 1 landing Geothermal and Black Sands 55–75 minutes, including 1 landing minimum: 3 passengers


þingvellir hengill

destinations geothermal tour route black sands route

countless craters

see the countless craters of reykjanes peninsula countless craters - 56,900 isk

Catch a glimpse of the rough but magical beauty that the volcanic landscape in Iceland is renown for. As you soar above the lunar like Reykjanes peninsula you get to truly appreciate it‘s grandeur - something only possible from air. You will see countless volcanic craters, Seltún geothermal area, the rugged coastline, the Blue Lagoon, lake Kleifarvatn and lake Grænavatn. This area is a constant reminder of the untamed power that sculpted the island.

countless craters & continents - 73,900 isk

Extend your tour to seeeven more volcanic features! We will fly over the biggest hot mud spring in Iceland, Gunnuhver, and the black lava sand beach Sandvík where our pilots filmed Clint Eastwood‘s movie Flags of our fathers. Last but not least you will get the best possible view of the Bridge between the continents, the ridge and the associated fissures and faults.

price per passenger: see above duration: Countless Craters 55-75 minutes, including 1 landing Countless Craters and Continents 75-95 minutes, including 1 landing minimum: 2 passengers

reykjavík destinations countless craters countless craters & continents

waterfalls & valleys

get the best possible view of the continental rift This fabulous tour takes us to the highest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur, and the spectacular UNESCO site, Þingvellir National Park. Magnificently revealed from the air, this unique site bears witness to the tearing apart of the American and European tectonic plates and the immense geological forces which have formed Iceland. Other highlights include colorful mountain ranges, power plants, lava fields, landing in Hengill geothermal area, and a flight over Reykjavik.

price per passenger: 69,800 isk duration: 70–90 minutes, including 1 landing minimum: 3 passengers


destinations tour route

glymur þingvellir hengill

"this is indeed the perfect topping for an amazing trip" -feedback

glacier landing

surrounded by surreal landscape

From Reykjavík city we head straight to Þórisjökull glacier which sits tight up to the second biggest glacier in Iceland, Langjökull. After we land on the glacier you get a chance to set foot on this exclusive location only accessible by helicopter. Breathe in the clean alpine air, fill your camera with photos, throw a snowball or simply enjoy gazing at the majestic landscape that surrounds you. As we take to the skies you will see deep crevasses and steep icefalls that make a totally surreal setting. En route back to Reykjavík we peek inside the crater of the shield volcano Skjaldbreið, and follow the continental rift through Þingvellir National Park.

price per passenger: 89.900 isk duration: 1,5–2 hours minimum: 3 passengers

langjökull skjaldbreiður þingvellir reykjavík

destinations tour route

"an incredibly breathtaking perspective of the landscape of iceland as seen through the eyes of a wonderful pilot. thank you for the opportunity of creating some beautiful memories." -trip advisor feedback

essential iceland

beyond boats, super jeeps, and foot, the true iceland begs to be discovered from the air! An extensive tour that embraces the highlights of Icelandic nature in an unforgettable journey across Þingvellir, Geysir, the spectacular Gullfoss waterfall, geothermal and hydroelectric power plants, Háifoss watefall, Mt. Hekla and the rhyolite mountains of Landmannalaugar. From the geothermal area Hrafntinnusker, we overfly the black lava sand desert Mælifellssandur, Þórsmörk nature reserve and the world famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano before a luxurious lunch at Hotel Rangá Luxury Resort.

price per passenger: 169,200 isk duration: 4–5 hours, including 2–3 landings minimum: 3 passengers

gullfoss þingvellir reykjavík


landmannalaugar destinations tour route


"it was thrilling for me, one of the most beautiful and exciting things i have ever done in my life" -robin swados, travel journalist

volcanoes & glaciers

get off the ground and discover what kept everyone on the ground! On our spectacular volcano tour we overfly Þórsmörk and land on a volcanic crater on Fimmvörðuháls. We also fly above the infamous and now dormant Eyjafjallajökull glacier volcano, whose eruption in 2010 became global news. From the top we head down its glacier tongue Gígjökull that was split in half by hot melting lava. If we're lucky we might even catch a glimpse of Iceland’s most active volcano, Hekla, and the Westmann Islands.

price per passenger: 118,900 isk duration: 2–2,5 hours, including 1 landing minimum: 3 passengers


destinations tour route



iceland energy

a journey to the center of the earth, mr. vernes couldn't have said it better

Snæfellsnes peninsula is crowned with the glistening white glacier Snæfellsjökull volcano and the sea pounds into the moon-like lava field at its base. After passing Breidafjordur Bay with its countless islands, fishing villages and contrasting landscapes, we stop at Hotel Búðir for a delicious lunch before heading back over golden beaches for chance sightings of seals that often visit these secluded shores.

"absolutely wonderful experience! great flight, great pilot, good ground staff and what a landing on the glacier! thanks again!" -trip advisor feedback

price per passenger: 157,500 isk duration: 3–4 hours, including 1 landing



minimum: 3 passengers


destinations tour route

"this was an amazing way to see many of the sights of iceland that you won't be able to access just by renting a car." -trip advisor feedback

golden circle by air / golden circle & glacier

soar above the crowds and take the big picture for yourself!

golden circle by air - 96,900 isk

Soak in the sights of the ever so popular tour in style! Along our route you'll get the best possible view of the continental plates of Europe and North America drifting apart at the UNESCO world heritage site, Þingvellir National Park. We fly past desolate black sands, lunar landscapes, the volcano Skjaldbreiður, the geothermal wonders of Geysir, the spectacular waterfall of Gullfoss and Hengill geothermal area.

golden circle and glacier - 115,000 isk

Let's crown this exceptional Golden Circle trip with a landing on the second biggest glacier in Iceland, Langjokull Glacier! We'll fly the exact same route as mentioned above except we add a glacier landing. You'll get a chance to walk on an ancient glacier, throw a snowball and get a photo of yourself on top of the world!

price per passenger: see above golden circle by air duration: 70–105 minutes, including 1 landing golden circle & glacier duration: 90–120 minutes, including 1 landing minimum: 3 passengers

langjökull gullfoss þingvellir reykjavík

destinations tour route


"i am lost for words at the spectacular scenery that this tour opened up to us. 100% the best thing i've ever invested in." -trip advisor feedback

glacier lagoon expedition

you will always remember the day you got married, the day your child was born and the day you did this tour. it's as simple as that.

From Reykjavik we fly East along the dramatic South Coast of Iceland. En route to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon we follow the never ending stretches of black lava sand beaches past the famous Eyjafjallajökull glacier volcano and tumbling waterfalls. Once we reach the glacier lagoon we stop for 30-45 minutes to give you time for a boat ride (not included), ice bergs exploration and seal watching. As we head back on a westerly heading we fly over the countless Vatnajökull glacier tongues, past the highest peak of Iceland, and to the remote and rugged Fjallabak nature reserve. You'll see parts of the island that are hidden to all but a few and get access to highland lakes, braided rivers, glacial-hewn valleys, towering mountains and majestic and primeval volcanic scenery. We'll explore the colourful mountain ranges around Landmannalaugar geothermal area and Hraftinnusker before we fly past Hekla volcano en route back to Reykjavík city. During the whole tour we make three landings. One is at the glacier lagoon but the other two depend on your own interest. Usually we land on Fimmvörðuháls by Eyjafjallajökull glacier volcano and at Hraftinnusker geothermal area. A packed lunch is included in the price but it is highly weather dependent where we decide to have the picnic.

"... it was so amazing that I can't really put it in words. if you can take this tour, do it. even though it's a bit costly, the money you spend on this trip is money very well spent. i'm going to be telling my grandchildren about this." -trip advisor feedback

vatnajökull reykjavík



landmannalaugar eyjafjallajökull

destinations tour route

price per passenger: 299,000 isk duration: 5–7 hours, including 3 landings minimum: 3 passengers

heli-dining ion luxury adventure hotel 39,000 isk per passenger dinner and drinks are not included minimum 3 passengers 1,5-2 hours, incl. 1 hour dinner stop

hotel rangá luxury resort 69,000 isk per passenger dinner and drinks are not included minimum 3 passengers 2-2,5 hours, incl. 1 hour dinner stop

In partnership with Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel and Hotel Rangá we offer you truly unique venues at superb locations. Heli-Dining is a romantic escape with spectacular views, sublime food and a relaxed atmosphere.

heli-blue lagoon bathing 69,000 isk per person minimum 3 passengers 2–2,5 hours, including 1 hour bathing From Reykjavík City to the Blue Lagoon we fly past colorful hot springs near Lake Kleifarvatn, spectacular cliffs on the South Coast, and across astonishing volcanic landscape and lava fields. After this scenic flight it's time to relax for one hour in the steaming geothermal waters before flying back to Reykjavik.

heli-happy hour 29,000 isk per person minimum 3 passengers 40-50 minutes, including 1 landing Whether it is your first drink of a 12 hour party night or just a special occasion... it will truly be a story worth telling. After a thrilling helicopter ride above ReykjavĂ­k we land on one of the summits surrounding the city, enjoy the scenic views, and pop up a bottle of Champagne!

"this was really one of the best things we have ever done and i'm so thankful to the nordurflug helicopter tours, for making our day and holiday unforgettable!" -trip advisor feedback

heli-hot spring bathing 44,500 isk per person minimum 3 passengers 1,5–2 hours, including 1 hour bathing When in Iceland... you simply have to bathe outside in a natural hot spring! After a scenic flight from Reykjavík to the colorful Hengill geothermal area we will drop you off close to a natural hot spring. Take 'bathing-in-style' to the next level!

when in iceland... • stand on top of a glacier • bathe in a natural hot spring • peer deep inside a volcanic crater • discover colorful mountain ranges • take to the skies to unlock nature's true magic! Escape the crowds and join us on an exhilarating flight through Iceland's raw and rugged nature with a professional pilot guiding your journey.

norðurflug helicopter tours • reykjavik domestic airport • • +354 562 2500 With your safety in mind we reserve the right to change the itineraries due to weather conditions or any other factors beyond our control.

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