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Walk&Experience thrills for tourists


What is Walk&Experience? Walk&Experience is a new way of discovering the historical, cultural and natural heritage of our towns, cities, countryside and museums. Based on creating a set of exhilarating experiences, visitors can make the most of the cultural and natural heritage through walking routes with an innovative system of low-cost audio guides, or with their mobile phones in a fun, entertaining way. For tourism promoters or museum managers, it offers a way to make the most of heritage 365 days a year, at any time of day, and without having to manage reservations.

Exhilarating experiences

Walking routes Innovative audio guide system



Walk&Experience means enjoying exhilarating experiences Technical information is only a small part of what visitors want to know. Walk&Experience enhances technical information, transforming it into entertaining stories using: -Literary resources: a script aimed at reliving historical moments of the place being visited through tales, stories, legends and different characters. -Technical resources: period setting with all manner of sound effects.

Reconquest 1359 1781 Philip II 17th Century Neoclassic Charles V

Traditional audio guide


Walk& Experience



Walk&Experience means walking routes with added value The streets of our towns and cities, natural parks or old factories are true open-air museums. There are many ways of walking through these "museums", but not all of them provide visitors with the same experience. It is essential to map out routes, ways of walking through the setting which add value to the visit and to the experience that has been recreated. This is all about transforming the visit into an experience that will be remembered. With Walk&Experience we invite visitors to discover the setting, at their own pace, and to experience an unforgettable adventure.




Walk&Experience means using an innovative audio guide system Citywalks has developed an innovative system of audio guides:

Low Cost The advent of mp3 technology has enabled us to reduce the cost to one fifth of that of traditional systems. Reduced size and weight One of the most striking aspects of our audio guides is their reduced size and weight, which is highly convenient for visitors. What’s more, tourist information offices can have up to 20 devices charging at any one time in a small 27x9 cm charging unit. High sound quality Our audio guides offer high-quality digital sound based on mp3 technology, permitting a rich blend of narration, music and special effects.




Walk&Experience on smartphones and iPads too We believe in innovation as a mainstay of our projects. Thus, we work with the latest technologies on the market and we can offer you Walk&Experience experiences for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

The Walk&Experience system for smartphones is based on visually attractive apps characterised by their usability and simplicity.

We can advise you in selecting the platform which best suits your needs.




Walk&Experience offers advantages for everyone For heads of tourism promotion in a town/city council or museum

- It makes full use of your heritage - It increases the level of satisfaction of your visitors and it attracts a larger number of visits - It enhances trade in the area through the design of the route - It encourages visits to museums, churches and tourist attractions along the route

For visitors - Convenience of having a tourist guide in your pocket, either in a mini audio guide or in your own smartphone - Freedom to stroll through the city at your own pace - Entertainment and adventure of high-quality content that allows you to learn about tales and legends, set in the period in which they occurred and retold by historical characters



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thrills for tourists

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