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LUDHIANA Vol. 19 Issue 22 RNI No. 69862/98 WEEKLY 8 Pages PRICE: Rs. 10/Dec. 31, 2017 - Jan. 6, 2018

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E - Elegent V - Versatile E - Enigmatic R - Robust E - Eloquent EVEREST NEWSLETTER S - Systematic T - Talented Mobile: 98154 29998 PUBLISHER: C. M. Sharma

Setting New Benchmarks in Education... Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi - Code 1631081

National Award Winner



Everest International Public School, Moti Nagar Everest Public Sr. Sec. School, Moti Nagar Everest Public School, Giaspura D N Everest Public School, Jaspalon Everest Buds Playway & Nursery School, Moti Nagar Everest Playway School, Ranjit Park

Everest SPECIALSTUDYCENTRES Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Punjab Open Schooling (POS)

Activity Oriented School English Medium Education Holistic Development of Kids Cordial Parent Teacher Relations

Pride of Punjab Awardee Pride of India

Everest Group of Institutes was established in May 1970 with the establishment of Everest Public Senior Secondary School at Moti Nagar, Ludhiana. The founder of the school was late Sh. Dina Nath Sharma (Retd. Civil Engineer) the father of present Managing Director, Sh. Rajinder Sharma who, with his hard work and self-less devotion to the cause of education, has turned a school that started with just 80 students into an institution that is now providing education to around 4000 students. An ultramodern building within Moti Nagar campus is well equipped with latest laboratories, Library and extensive playgrounds. A separate high end building nurses kindergarten tots. A well disciplined Sh. Rajinder Sharma, Managing Director, Everest Group fleet of buses ensures smooth transportation for receiving the prestigious PRIDE OF PUNJAB Award students. Sh. Rajinder Sharma, is a well reputed educationist, administrator and social activist. He is providing yeoman’s service to the education sector as the President of the Association of PSEB affiliated schools. He has taken the cause of student welfare to the highest authorities in India. Sh. Rajinder Sharma has the vision of developing alround personality of the students. The Everest Group provides education with fun to all sections of society in urban as well as rural areas and try not only to inculcate academic excellence but also social, ethical and moral values in its students to provide responsible next generation to the nation. Sh. Rajinder Sharma, as the president of District judo Association, strives for excellence in sports as well.

Moti Nagar Campus

Giaspura Campus

13 Everestians ( 10 Bulbuls & 3 Cubs) Awarded the prestigious GOLDEN ARROW AWARD - The highest Award in India for primary wing of ‘Bharat Scout and guides’, given by the President of Bharat Scout & Guide. The Everest Group is proud to have contributed over 3500 Doctors, Engineers, other professionals and govt. officers to serve the nation as its alumina.

Jaspalon Campus

Ranjit Park Playway

2225237, 2226605 2542986, 92161-09998 689270, 245896 98146-00544, 92162-10132 Email: everestludhiana@gmail.com, eipsludhiana@gmail.com; Website: www.everestgroupofschools.com

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Dec. 31, 2017 - Jan. 6, 2018

The Institution

Philosophy & Infrastructure

Glimpses of Everest

Morning Assembly

Biology Lab

Administration Block, Moti Nagar

Chemistry Lab

Class Room Senior

Physics Lab

Class Room Junior

Class Room Playway

Home Science Lab Library

Music Room

Computer Lab

EVEREST INSTITUTES in Media Own Buses, Quality Drinking Water & Soon coming solar Lighting

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)

ikuh cpkvks vfHk;ku Smart Class


Ample Opportunities for Students to Achieve Academic Excellence Special Stress on Moral and Spiritual Education along with Academic Education An Environment which is perfect Blend of Modern Thinking and Traditional Values Excellent Board Results Regularly Winners Of National Science Fair Students Obtaining Board Merit Certificates Positions Bagged By Our Players at State, Regional, National & International Levels



Dec. 31, 2017 - Jan. 6, 2018


NURSERY / KINDERGARTEN The Nursery program for the children aged 3 to 5 is child-centred and oriented towards practical applications, social development and acquiring the skills, knowledge and understanding required to interact in a changing world. Encouragement and support are provided for children to achieve their full potential in a caring and stimulating learning with fun environment.

At the primary / middle level there is emphasis on development based curriculum and students learn the essential concepts of each subject. Special emphasis is also laid on the development of positive attitudes and health habits among students. Foundation in reading, creative writing, communication, science and mathematics are established and strengthened in a caring and stimulating environment.


The knowledge and skilled gained during the middle school years equip students with firm education foundation. Students are presented with opportunities to research, solve problems and make considered decisions. Students in the senior secondary phase become more specialized in their studies and focus career choices. the school is affiliated

with Punjab School Education Board with Arts, Commerce and Science streams but its students are quite capable to compete with students from CBSE and ICSE at higher level.

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS Academically the name of our school has been held high by our meritorious students who are placed in the merit list of school final examination. They have got admissions in Medical and Engineering colleges of state and the prestigious institutions in foreign countries. The results of Board classes have always been 100%. Our students get top positions and many of our students obtain Merit Certificates.

up of the students, supervised by a well qualified doctor.



SPORTS Due attention is paid to it and our students have been very successful in sports. Sports day is held annually. Our students are carrying India colours in some sports. Four of our students are part of current Indian Basket Ball Team.

requirements of children. An annual Family Reunion Function is organized to discuss the constructive role of parents in the upbringing of a child.

Winner of the Voice India Kids

P A R E N T TEACHER MEETINGS Parent - Teacher meetings carry a special flavour in Everest Group of Institutes. Teachers MEDICAL FACILITIES are always happy to Due attention is paid to the Our student of class VI, Ms. Prishi Puri, with personal hygiene, physical discuss with parents Scholarship Cheque of Rs. 1,00,000/- from ‘&TV’ being blessed by Dignitories. development and medical check- the problems and


Everestians enjoy a lot of festivities, take part in numerous career enhancing contests in Academics, Sports, Socialization etc. - here are just a few of numerous such events held during 2017.

The '47th Annual Prize Distribution Function-2017 & Founder's Day' of Everest Public Sr. Sec. School was held on 13th Dec.2017 in the school premises. Sh. Sanjay Talwar, MLA, Ludhiana, Sh. Sandeep Sharma (ADCP), Ludhiana, Sh. Ashish Kumar Sharma, Deputy DEO(s), Ludhiana & Smt. Sunita Aggarwal, Sr Deputy Mayor, MC, Ludhiana, S. Sukhdev Singh Gill, Counsellor, MC, Ludhiana, Sh. Sushil Malhotra, Member Telephone Advisory Committee, BSNL, S. Bharpur Singh, Chief Patron, Sh. Rohit Rampal, Member PTA, Sh. The GOLDEN ARROW AWARD WINNERS Rohit Sharma, Manager, Everest Educational Society (Regd.) Sh. O.P. Arora, National Awardee, were the Guests of Honour. ‘Bulbuls & Cubs’ Nitya Sharma, Prabhnoor Kaur, Shreya, Tapsaya Sharma, Prisha Sharma, Samaksh Bhatia, Parth Sharma, Bhumika, Khushi, Taranpreet, Somya Jha, Vivek & Shivasha Muskan honoured at School by S. Onkar Singh Cheema, National Commissioner Of Cub Section.

Vanshika and Gopal students of class VII got selected for City Level Dell Champ Quiz Contest conducted by Dell International and Services India Pvt. Ltd. coordinator Mr. Chhavi Gupta. 16 students of class VI - IX participated.

A Ten Day 'Summer Camp' concluded with Sh. Almudin Saifi, President, Parents Teacher Association & Secretary PPCC as the Chief Guest. During the camp students took part in various activities - Yoga, Judo, Karate & Kung Fu', Badminton, Volley-Ball, Base-Ball & Kho-Kho Martial Arts, and cultural programmes, dance and music.

‘Tax Awareness and Tree Plantation Day' - Sh. Ved Pal Singh, Deputy Commissioner, Income Tax Department & Sh. Kamal Kishore, Income Tax Officer addressed our students.

5 Students Won Medals At Open Distt. Judo Championship 2017 Organized By The Ludhiana Distt. Judo Association At Guru Nanak Stadium, Multipurpose Hall, Ludhiana. Sunderam, 30 Kg (Gold); Prince Dubey, 25 Kg (Bronze); Navjot Singh, 32 Kg (Bronze); Rishu, 35 Kg (Bronze); Arshdeep Singh, 45 Kg (Bronze). S. Balwinder Singh Layalpuri, Chairman, Ludhiana Distt. Judo Association, Sh. Rajinder Sharma, President Distt Outgoing Students of Class XII bid adieu during Judo Association, Ludhiana gave away the prizes to the winner players. ASHIRWAD SAMAROH 2017

5 City


Dec. 31, 2017-Jan. 6, 2018



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Ms. Pooja Co-ordinator Ayvryst skUl dI sQwpnw meI 1970 iv` c svrgI SR I dInwnwQ Srmw dI pRDwngI hyT kIqI geI, ijs iv`c A`j qkrIbn 4000 ivid`AwrQI is`iKAw pRwpq kr rhy hn[

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D. N. EVEREST School

Everest Group lost one of its Co-Founders

Sh. Sudarshan Kumar Sharma, one of the co-founders and a majo guiding force behind the tremendous success of Everest Education Society went for heavenly abode on May 21, 2017. Many leading dignitaries from Academic, Social, Political and Administration field paid tributes to the departed pious soul. Born on August 12, 1938, to Smt. Punna Devi & Pt. Din Nath Sharma at village Pamal, District Ludhiana, Sudarshan ji laid th foundation of Everest School Moti Nagar in 1969 along with hi younger brother Rajinder Sharma. A tiny school that started with jus 120 students has now 5 branches and provides education to over 3000 students. Till the last day of his life he was giving his devoted service to the Everest Group as its Manager, the responsibility that has now been taken over by his son Rohit Sharma, owner of a leading expor house and Chief devotee at Shri Sai Dham, Hambran Road, Ludhiana





Br dIAw GLIMPSES OF 2016 - 17 swl ku`J JlikAw:




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ku`J jwxo Awpxy skUl bwry... ieh Adwrw pMjwb skUl is`iKAw borf, mohwlI qoN mwnqw pRwpq hY[ skUl dI AwpxI v`fy-Ku`ly kmirAW vwlI nvIN iemwrq hY, Kyf`x leI v`fw mYdwn, ivigAwn, kMipautr dIAW pRXogSwlwvW, lweIbRyrI Awid swrIAW loVvMidAW jrUrqW dw AMdr hI ieMqjwm hY[ ieh Adwrw AwpxIAW swrIAW jrUrqW Awpxy isr qy pUrIAW krx dy kwibl hY Aqy bVI qyjI nwl qr`kI



Dec. 31, 2017- Jan. 6, 2018

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IGNOU Induction Seminar Pl Aqy sbjI idvs im`tI dI vsqW bnwauNdy iviDAwrQI

mdr idhwVw

Mother’s Day ie`k jYn sQwnk dI Xwqrw

skUl dy g`BrU qy muitAwr

An 'Induction Meeting of Indira Gandh National Open University, was held a IGNOU Special Study Centre, 2210-D, Everes Pb. Sr. Sec. School Moti Nagar, Ludhiana on the eve of the commencement of the

qIj dw iqahwr - Anmu`lI pMjwbI ivrwsq

lohVI dw iqauhwr - Anmu`lI pMjwbI ivrwsq skUl ivKy ie`k b`cy dw jnm idhwVw

new session. Mr. Sanjeev Talwar (Sanjay), MLA, Ludhiana was the chief guest on this occasion. The other present on this occasion were Sh. Rajinder Sharma, President, Association of the PSEB Affiliated Schools Punjab (Regd.) Sh. B.K. Sharma Manager, Everest Educational Society (Regd.) Sh Ashu Rana, Sh. Vanit Bhatia, Sh. Rohit Sharma, Sh. Raju Arora, Sh Vishal Sharma, Sh. Feroze Alam, Mr. Bobby. Sh. Sanjay Talwar told the audience about the role played by


City VIBES Dec. 31, 2017-Jan. 6, 2018



LIFE STYLE At Everest Playway Festivities Galore Students celebrate Holi, Janam Ashtami, Durga Puja, Basant Panchami, Raksha Bandhan, Happy New Year, Lohri , Gurupurab, X-Mas, Id, Diwali, Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, and participate in different Personality Development Programs like Painting, Declamation, Sports activities, Quiz programs etc.

Mrs. Vandana Playway Co-ordinator


verest aims at strengthening the moral and spiritual values of children. The primary aim here is to develop a child harmoniously and holistically by emphasizing on his physical, cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, social and spiritual needs of development. The

b e c o m e professional, l o v e a b l e , respectable, dignified and graceful citizens. Every child gets freedom and s p a c e f o r Mrs. Poonam, is the recipient of i n d i v i d u a l NAARI SHAKTI AWARD for her expression and and relentless services to Society growth to become selfreliant, self-motivated and a confidant human being. Enhancing children’s communication skills, exposure to latest technology t h r o u g h S M A RT CLASSES and PICNIC TRIPS and learning through Outside view of Ranjit Park Playway interaction with the best resource people is our prime concern. We l o o k

Sports Day Events

Raksha Bandhan

School Picnic

A Unique Diwali with elderly people

Family Reunion

Summer Camp

EVEREST BUDS Playway & Classroom at Moti Nagar Playway Nursery forward to a School future where our students are able to m e e t Playway Inside Moti Nagar Campus challenges that would s c h o o l f o c u s e s o n never seem too easy to attainment of full potential a c h i e v e f o r o t h e r s . of every child in all areas of ‘DEVELOPMENT OF activity, on total personality B E T T E R H U M A N develop -ment, conceptual BEINGS’ is our motto. ability and skill develop ment through its exclusively Regards, Mrs. Vandana structured curriculum. Our students learn to Playway Co-ordinator

Mrs. Poonam looks after special requirements of the toddlers at Everest Group. She is the one responsible for guiding and preparing them for further studies. As a special designate play way co-ordinator she plans for the different activities around the year that help toddlers personality grow equally in all dimensions.

Lohri Celebrations

Marry Christmas

Mask Day

Independence Day The Little Angels


City VIBES Dec. 31, 2017-Jan. 6, 2018


The F o u n d e r tage, splendid accom- l a d e s a t D i s t r i c t success in their chosen plishments and confi- Science Competition. stream. However, we Says...

Mrs. Asha Sharma Founder Principal It is a moment of great pride that our group has successfully completed 42 years of excellence. We are feeling proud of our glorious past, rich heri-

dent future. W e recall how with a modest start in 1970, we have reached a stage where everybody ranks us in the “Very Good” category on the basis of our consistently good performance in academics as well as in sports and extra-curriculars. It is a matter of pride that this year our students emerged champions in District Judo, some were selected amongst the best scouts and cubs of India, some won acco-

The list is never ending and it makes me and my teachers feel proud of our heritage. However, we never count upon our past achievements. We make a new beginning every time and we have many further milestones to surpass in the current session. I am full of gratitude to one and all - our students, our management, our patrons and our alumni. Aims & Objectives It is our objective to help students attain

do not consider exams the be-all and end-all of a pupil’s life at school. Equally, rather more important, is the character building training provided here. If we instil into our students the higher principles of living then only we feel that we have achieved something greater than a good examination result. Mrs. Asha Sharma, FOUNDER PRINCIPAL & Coordinator IGNOU, NIOS, POS

Dignitaries at Everest


GRATITUDE We are deeply indebted to the patrons and benefactors of the school for extending help to us. We express our gratitude to Sh. Vidya Sagar Oswal, Chairman Oswal Group of Industries and S. Rajinder Singh Jandu for his patronage and co-operation given to us. We express our thanks to Master Mohan Lal, Ex-Transport Minister, Punjab, S. Bikramjit Singh Khalsa, Ex-MLA and S.Gulzar Singh Ranike, Cabinet Minister, Punjab, to donate for extension of school building. We also thank our many well wishers who have been cooperating with us for last so many years. We are also thankful to Mr. N. C. Gupta, M/s Varindera Agro Chemicals Ltd, for his contribution in the extension of the newly constructed school building at D. N. Everest School, Jaspalon.

- Sh. R. K. Sharma, M.D.


OUR FOUNDER Late Sh. Dina Nath Sharma (Retd. Civil Engineer)


Everest Management is very grateful to the dignitaries who often visit the school premises and share their experiences and shower their blessings upon our students. Presented here are some memories of the year 2016-17.


Rajinder Sharma with Bharat Bhushan Rajinder Sharma Welcomes Sanjay Ashu, MLA Ludhiana West Talwar, MLA during IGNOU Induction




Rajinder Sharma with Finance minister Sh. Rajinder Sharma with S. Partap Singh Manpreet Badal. Also present Ravneet Bajwa & others bittu, MP & Sanjay Talwar, MLA

Master Mohan Lal, Prof. Harlal, Sh. Sushil Malhotra & other dignitories at Sh. Rajinder Sharma with Ex CM S. Parkash S. Badal School Function

Sh. Rajinder Sharma with Dr. Santosh Ex Cabinet Minister S. Sharanjeet S. n Kumari, Regional Director, IGNOU, Dhillon, Ex Mayor Smt. Sunita Aggarwal Khanna & Dr. Kunwar Vijay Partap

60% - 80%



Inderjit Kaur 615/650 (94.6%) CLASS X

Uttarsh Shukla 602/650 (92.6%) CLASS X

Sumit 596/650 (91.6%) CLASS X

Anupreet Kaur 595/650 (91.5%) CLASS X

Shivani 593/650 (91.2%) CLASS X

Priya Jha 584/650 (89.8%) CLASS X

Jaswinder Singh 579/650 (89%) CLASS X

Navdeep Kaur 579/650 (89%) CLASS X

Navpreet Kaur 579/650 (89%) CLASS X

Vivek Verma 579/650 (89%) CLASS X

Diksha 572/650 (88%) CLASS X

Ankit 410/450 (91.11%) CLASS XII

Gurleen Kaur (394/450) (87.5%) CLASS XII

Simmi 389/450 (86.4%) CLASS XII

EVERESTIANS Also Won over 180 Medals During 2016-17


Profile for City Vibes


Everest Group of Schools is managed by one of the most honest educational societies in Ludhiana. These schools are known for their Activity...


Everest Group of Schools is managed by one of the most honest educational societies in Ludhiana. These schools are known for their Activity...