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Spring Has Sprung...And Summer is Not Far Behind I am pre y sure Punxsutawney Phil, the ground hog who predicts whether Spring will arrive early or if Winter will last longer, played a trick on us this year! Phil did not see his shadow, thus predic ng an early Spring, which had most of us jumping for joy. I was ready to go out in the garden and dig something up! But alas, Phil was wrong. A er he predicted an early Spring it seemed like our temperature here took a nose dive! My trees were star ng to bloom and BAM! All of the sudden we had a hard freeze and they looked like they had ‘burned’ instead of bloomed. But now, as the weather is star ng to cooperate, your friends and neighbors come out of hiberna on. All of the sudden you see families and couples taking evening walks - it’s prac cally an interstate out there! Maybe we should buy turn signals and place them on our shoulders so we don’t run into each other. You see people working in their yards on the weekends and kids playing catch and riding their bikes. Spring is seriously in the air! The moods of all people seem to change. It’s like our moods are just like flowers. We hide in the Winter, but show our glory in the Spring! And then comes Summer. With the heat and humidity, it’s like we wilt just like the flowers. Isn’t it interes ng how weather can affect your mood? I am learning how NOT to let outside forces affect my mood, and that is not an easy task. I did, however, realize that doing a random act of kindness for someone was one of the triggers of changing my mood (story page 19.) What about you? Does the weather affect your mood? Real Views. Real People. Real City. Katie Campbell Ka e@CityUnwrapped.com

CORRECTION In the March/April issue of City Unwrapped, the New Hampshire state flag was labeled Kentucky incorrectly and the Kentucky state flag was labeled New Hampshire incorrectly. Thank you Margie for bring this to our a en on and keeping us on our toes! Disclaimer: City Unwrapped is published bi-monthly. The ar cles published in City Unwrapped do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the publisher. All ar cles are intended for informa onal purposes only, & none should serve as a subs tute for doctor’s advice & orders. Adver sers are solely responsible for the content & validity of informa on printed within their ads & are not necessarily endorsed by the publisher. Decep ve or misleading adver sing is not knowingly accepted by the publisher. Adver sing is accepted with the understanding that all liability for copyright viola ons is the sole responsibility of the adver ser. All material submi ed for publica on is considered to be the sole property of the adver ser. City Unwrapped’s publishers, staff, and other persons involved in the crea on, produc on, or delivery of the newsle er (in any form) or it’s content, do not assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any informa on provided in the magazine, nor shall they be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequen al, or puni ve damages arising out of the use of the publica on.

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Find “Maggie” For Your Chance To Win a $50.00 Visa Gi Card! Congratula ons to the Pace Family. They won the $50.00 dona on to the charity of their choice in the “In Memory of Maggie” contest. Find this “Maggie” in one of the ads:

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“There are no easy answers’ but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.” ~ Ronald Reagan

“Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up any way.” ~ John Wayne “The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.” ~ Jim Hightower “Courage isn’t having the strength to go on - it is going on when you don’t have strength.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

“Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands s ll. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the be er.” ~ Harry S. Truman

www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Page 4

“Bran thought about it. ‘Can a man s ll be brave if he’s afraid?’ ‘That is the only me a man can be brave,’ his father told him.” ~ George R.R. Mar n, A Game of Thrones

All About Months of May & June May


Na onal Barbecue Month Na onal Dog Bite Preven on Week (5/12 - 5/18) Hurricaine Preparedness Week (5/26 - 6/1)

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month Na onal Headache Awareness Week (6/2 - 6/8) Na onal Flag Week (6/9 - 6/15)

May 1 - Great American Grump Out May 1 - May Day May 5 - World Laughter Day May 5 - Cinco de Mayo May 11 - Stamp Out Hunger Day May 12 - Mother’s Day May 15 - National Chocolate Chip Day May 17 - National Bike to Work Day May 23 - National Taffy Day May 27- Memorial Day May 29- Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day May 31 - Heat Awareness Safety Day

June 1 - National Go Barefoot Day June 5 - Hot Air Balloon Day June 12 - National Peanut Butter Cookie Day June 14 - Flag Day June 15 - Magna Carta Day June 16 - Father’s Day June 20 - American Eagle Day June 21 - National Flip Flop Day June 22 - Great American Backyard Camp Out June 23 - Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament Day June 24 - International Fairy Day June 26 - National Canoe Day




Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone



Hawthorn & Lily of the Valley


Helping you navigate

life’s adventures These days, life is full of adventures: college, retirement, small business needs, expenses for aging parents or major purchases... the list can be endless.

To make sure your financial goals are on the right path, call me for a complimentary consultation. Sandra A. Endsley, MBA Registered Representative* sandy@highlandwealthmgmt.com 704-274-9232

*Sandra Endsley is a Registered Representative of H.D. Vest, and securities are offered though H.D. Vest Investment Services SM. Member: SIPC, 6333 North State Highway 161, Fourth Floor, Irving, Texas 75038. (972) 870-6000. Highland Wealth Management, LLC is not a registered broker/dealer or independent investment advisory fi rm.

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Visiting the UNCC Botanical Gardens While this beau ful weather is upon us, have you ever thought to visit the UNCC Botanical Gardens? Located on the campus of UNC Charlo e, the Botanical Gardens is a public garden thats mission is “...to promote the knowledge and apprecia on of plants for educa onal, environmental, and aesthe c purposes.”

The Green House The McMillan Greenhouse consists of eight glasshouse rooms, containing unusual and exo c plants from around the world to demonstrate the diversity of the planet’s flora and to show the wild rela ves from which many of our cul vated plants have come. Bromeliads

The Outdoor Gardens consists of walking trails taking you through two different gardens with benches to relax, ponds, and waterfalls. Take a stroll or take a seat and enjoy the beauty of the gardens. Susie Harwood Garden The Susie Harwood Garden boasts a diverse landscape of ornamental plants, meandering paths, a pond with waterfalls, an Asian Garden, and naturalis c rock-work throughout. Spring in the Susie Harwood Garden is colorful and inspiring. Wildflowers, azaleas, and flowering shrubs and trees display all their beauty. The Susie Harwood Garden in summer is full of bird and insect ac vity among the flowers. The waterfall pond, daylilies, hydrangeas and bu erfly terrace are especially nice.

There are more than 2,700 species of bromeliads. One of the most well-known bromeliads is the pineapple! Some bromeliads have the ability to absorb nutrients and moisture from the atmosphere and they are some mes called “air plants.”

Van Landingham Glen Van Landingham Glen is a woodland garden showcasing nave plants of the Carolinas, as well as being one of the most diverse rhododendron gardens in the Southeast. The Glen contains over 1,000 na ve species of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and ferns from all regions of the Carolinas

UNCC Botanical Gardens and Greenhouse The outdoor gardens are OPEN: 7 days a week, daylight hours From beau ful bromeliads to Nykie the Dinosaur, the Greenhouse offers something for everyone. The Greenhouse holds fascina ons year-round. The Pitcher Plants and Venus Flytraps are at their prime in summer. Primi ve plants are on display year round in the Dinosaur’s Garden and don’t miss the fascina ng forms of desert succulents, the spice and fruit plants of the tropics, and the epiphyte tree in the rainforest room. www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Page 6

The Greenhouse is OPEN Mon - Sat: 10 am – 3 pm Sun: 1-4 pm 9201 University City Blvd Charlo e, NC 28223-0001 General Informa on: 704 687-0720 More Informa on: h p://gardens.uncc.edu/

Create a Succulent Plant Container Garden Growing succulent plants in a container garden is easy! Succulent plants come in a huge range of colors and textures and combining them can bring out your crea ve side! The roots of succulent plants are shallow, so using a bowl or dish can look great as a planter. Just make sure that your pot has good drainage or that you can put a hole in it. What you will need: • • • • •

Shallow planter, with drainage hole Variety of succulent plants Screen of some sort (paper towel, coffee filter, newspaper, plas c screening) Cactus or succulent plan ng soil Stones, marbles, or gravel for top dressing

1. Cover the drainage hole with the screen, paper towel or coffee filter. Make sure it is big enough to keep the soil in, but the water out. 2. Add soil to your pot so that the top of your succulent plants will sit below the rim of your pot. 3. Place your plants in the pot, and pack the soil gently around and in between your plants. Keep the soil at the level the plant was in its nursery pot; don’t let the new soil touch the crown (the part of the plant that meets the soil) of your plant. 4. Place your top dressing on top of the soil. The top dressing (stones, gravel, etc.) will take your succulent planter from “blah” to “Ahhh.” It also helps your succulents stand out.

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All Gave Some....And Some Gave All Memorial Day and its Meaning When you hear ‘Memorial Day’ what is the first thing that pops into your head? VacaƟon day? Three day weekend? Barbecue? But do you really know what Memorial Day is? Memorial Day, also called Decora on Day, is a day set aside to honor those who died in service to our country. Na onal Moment of Remembrance

throughout the allied world. Moina Michael, an American woman, wrote these lines in reply: We cherish too, the Poppy red That grows on fields where valor led, It seems to signal to the skies That blood of heroes never dies On May 5, 1868, three years a er the Civil War ended, General John Logan, na onal commander of the Grand Army of the Republic declared Decora on Day (Memorial Day) as a me for the na on to decorate the graves of those who died serving during the Civil War with flowers and should be observed on May 30. On May 30, 1868, flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington Na onal Cemetery. On that day, approximately 5,000 people a ended the ceremony, about the same amount that a end the event today. By the end of the 19th century, Memorial Day ceremonies were being held on May 30 throughout the na on. State legislatures passed proclama ons designa ng the day, and the Army and Navy adopted regula ons for proper observance at their facili es.

She then adopted the custom of wearing a red poppy in memory of the sacrifices of war and also as a symbol of keeping the faith. A French women, Madam Guerin, learned of the custom and when she returned to France she made ar ficial red poppies and sold them to raise money to benefit the women and children in war torn areas of France. This tradi on spread to Canada, The United States and Australia and is s ll followed today. The money collected from the sale of poppies goes to fund various veterans programs. In 1948 the U.S. Post Office honored Moina Michael for her role in founding the Na onal Poppy movement by issuing a red 3 cent postage stamp with her likeness on it.

In December 2000, Congress passed and President Clinton signed into law, “The Na onal Moment of Remembrance Act,” to ensure the sacrifices of America ’s fallen heroes are never forgo en. The Act also created the White House Commission that’s purpose is to “encourage the people of the United States to give something back to their country, which provides them so much freedom and opportunity” by encouraging and coordina ng commemora ons in the United States on Memorial Day and the Na onal Moment of Remembrance. The Na onal Moment of Remembrance encourages all Americans to pause wherever they are at 3 p.m. local me on Memorial Day for a minute of silence to remember and honor those who have died in service to the na on. Will you pause at 3:00 p.m. on Memorial Day for a minute of silence to remember and honor those who died in service to our naƟon?

However, it was not un l a er World War I, that the day was expanded to honor those who have died in all American wars. In 1971, Memorial Day was declared a na onal holiday by an act of Congress. It was then changed to be observed on the last Monday in May. Poppies & Memorial Day During WWI, John McCrae, a Canadian who enlisted to help the allies, wrote the poem “In Flanders Field”. The poem was published in Punch magazine and by 1918 the poem was well known

Pictures were taken at the Veteran’s Memorial at Central Park in King, NC www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Pg 9

Memorial Day Events 11th Annual Memorial Day Ceremony at Birkdale Village

Patriot Festival & 5K Where: Symphony Park at SouthPark Mall When: May 27, 2013 Start o Memorial Day with a special 5K+ Run/Walk and “Go The Extra Mileâ€? for our military heroes. Par cipants may register for either the tradi onal 5K+ run/walk or choose to honor their military heroes with “Go the Extra Mileâ€? with an addi onal mile added to the 5K. When the race is over, join us in Symphony Park for the awards ceremony and The Patriot Fes val, 9:00am – 11:00am, Symphony Park at SouthPark featuring a parachute jump, JROTC performances and lots of fun ac vi es for kids too. All race registrants and Extra Mile par cipants are invited to stay. The Fes val is open to the public and free of charge. 6:45am registra on for packet & chip pickup 7:30am 5K+ Run/Walk Begins 8:30am “Go the Extra Mileâ€? 9:00am Awards & “Go the Extra Mileâ€? Honorees 9:00am – 11:00am Patriot Fes val in Symphony Park at SouthPark h ps://www.patriotchari es.org/

Where: Birkdale Village When: May 27, 7:00 pm Cost: Free The ceremony will feature music and special remembrances given by local area dignitaries and performers.

48th Annual Memorial Day Observance Where: USS North Carolina Ba leship Wilmington, NC When: May 27, 5:45 pm Cost: Free Remember those who gave their lives in service by honoring veterans at the Ba leship’s tradi onal Memorial Day Observance featuring a military guest speaker, an all-service Color Guard, a 21-gun salute by a Marine Corps Honor Guard, a military band, Taps, and a memorial wreath cast onto the waters.

Need it sold? Merging households? Downsizing? Relocating? We accept the usual, unusual and unique. Need furniture? We carry new market samples, closeouts & gently used items from GREAT consignors!


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North and South Carolina Fairs & Festivals Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver’s Bluegrass Fes val May 9, 10, 11, 2013 Denton, NC

Good Read Local Author

Three full days of Bluegrass music at Denton FarmPark. Denton FarmPark is a family owned historical park with 15 restored buildings including a general store, grist mill, church, planta on house, blacksmith shop, and log cabin. A full size steam train encompasses the park on a 1.5 mile track. h p://www.farmpark.com/doyle-lawson-bluegrass/

The Chains of Marley

Hillsborough Hogg Day May 17 -18 Hillsborough, NC Now celebra ng its 31st Anniversary, Hillsborough Hogg Day offers family fun, good food, live music, cra ers, merchandise vendors, games and rides, and a classic auto show.

Our ChrisƟan and Humanitarian Benevolent Responsibility

www.hillsboroughchamber.com/hog-day/ Race City Fes val May 18, 2013 Mooresville, NC The Mooresville-South Iredell Chamber of Commerce hosts the annual event, formerly known as the Lake Norman Fesval. The Race City Fes val is a true celebra on of Mooresville’s diversified community. Ducktona Dash June 1 2013 Frank Liske Park Concord, NC You can adopt a rubber duck for $5 or a Quack Pack of 5 ducks for $20. The first lucky duck to cross the finish line wins $750!!! There will be many other in-kind prizes, including a hot-air balloon ride, ckets to a NASCAR event at Charlo e Motor Speedway, and restaurant cer ficates. Classic Car Show at our Ducktona Dash this year. A endees will vote for Best of Show, Best engine, and Best Paint Job. h p://cabarrusmow.org/support/cabarrus-ducktona-dash Twin City Ribfest 6/06-6/09/2013 Winston Salem, NC

Forward “What I like about this book, among other things, is how universal its concept is. Charles begins with a premise of the importance of generosity, reminds us of a story we are all familiar with starring Ebenezer Scrooge, shows insights I had not considered before regarding this meless classic and even adds quotes from people of various theological posi ons. Here’s the kicker: they all agree on the value, benefit and importance of living a generous life. How could such a concept be so widely held, yet so widely ignored? We all benefit from the very thing we so secretly want to avoid. This book confronts each of us in the area of that secret and gives us the freedom to do what we already know we should. Take this book, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the ride! You’ll be glad you did. I am thankful Charles wrote this book. I am thankful to have him as a friend. I know the rest of us will be thankful for how this books impacts you as an individual.” Brian Boyles, Senior Pastor Northside Bap st Church, Charlo e, NC Read the review here: www.Ka eTalksCarolina.com/TheChainsofMarleyBookReview

Twin City Ribfest is a food fes val and takes great pleasure in promo ng NC-based food and beverage products like Texas Pete hot sauce, Foothills beer and Cheerwine. The Texas Pete Twin City RibFest also will feature several rib cookers (ribbers) from all over the country as well as featuring musical acts that will fill up three performance stages. A full complement of kids’ rides will be at the RibFest and Captain Jim will again be around to wow and entertain with his magic. The Kids Zone this year will also feature camel and pony rides. h p://visitwinstonsalem.com/special-events/view/Ribfest www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Pg 11

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Corn In Your Gas Tank?


Yes, it’s possible you have corn in your gas tank. Ethanol is an alcohol based fuel made by fermen ng and dis lling starch crops, such as corn. Ethanol could be wreaking havoc on your engine. How? Jeff, owner of Euro Cars Charlo e, provides us with a li le more insight into ethanol and what you can do to protect your car.

Did you know 95% of gasoline na onwide contains an ethanol blend?

The Problems With Ethanol Ethanol a racts, absorbs, and holds water.

Too Much Water Causes ethanol and water to se le at the bo om of the gas tank crea ng an uncombustable mess.


Damaged Components


Heavier deposits occur in E10 or E15 because ethanol is not compa ble with the tradi onal detergents in gasoline.

Components like valves, injectors, fuel rails, fuel filter, and cylinder head can be damaged which are costly to repair!

Ethanol is acidic, which accelerates metal fuel system components.

Euro Cars Charlo e suggests protec ng your car from the effects of ethanol by making sure you are ge ng regular tune-ups on your car. At this point, a qualified mechanic may suggest using an addive to your gas to avoid any ethanol damages. Some mes adding an addi ve can: • Let more water pass through the fuel system. • Coat fuel system components. • Restore power and efficiency. Or, you can also use fuel that contains no ethanol. (List to the right.) Euro Cars Charlo e is the auto repair shop for all your BMW, Volvo, and Mercedes Benz repair, performance, maintenance, and service needs. Centrally located on the corner of Mint St. and Summit in the Uptown/South End part of town, you will find Euro Cars always meets or exceeds your expecta ons for your European car repairs. Call Euro Cars Charlo e today to check for ethanol effects on your car! www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Page 14

Ethanol Free Gas Sta ons in Charlo e Circle K Corner Mart Kangaroo Express Kangaroo Express Newell Service None Oakhill Deli & Grill

7837 Na ons Ford Rd 2101 Eastway Dr 9424 S Tryon Blvd 9620 Rea Rd 8533 Old Concord Rd 1831 Rozzelles Ferry Rd 3709 Oakdale Rd

Ethanol Free Gas Sta ons in Huntersville So Lake Exxon

14910 Hwy 73

Euro Cars Charlo e 1501 S. Mint St. Charlo e, NC 28203 704-573-8086

2012 Crime Sta s cs Charlo e, NC University Division 2012


Percent Change













Aggravated Assault








Residen al

















Shop Li ing








Vehicle The




Larceny From Auto Bicycle

* Informa on a ained from www.charmeck.org. Each division has it’s own crime sta s cs. www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Pg 15

704 704-301-5161 sandyalvis@alvissighting.com www.alvissighting.com SMALL FIRM, BIG RESULTS We at Sandy Alvis Realty & Consulting concentrate on turn-key solutions for you that minimize your time, expense and hassles, rather than sales and volume. Our approach combines professional skills with a sincere passion for the service we provide and the community we represent. We are dedicated to provide you the highest standards of client care, aiming to make your realty experience a pleasant, peaceful and profitable one. Integrity is a core value of our company. This means doing what is right, and never compromising our relationship.

Unlock the Possibilities . . . “There are many adjectives you could use to describe Sandy Alvis. Our two favorites are professionalism and a good friend.� Gail and Jim Sandy Alvis Owner - Broker 704-301-5161 sandyalvis@alvissighting.com www.alvissighting.com www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Page 16

We believe the true act of giving has no boundaries. Generosity is to give something outside of yourself whether it is convenient or not. Remember, everything we have is a gift.


1414 Moonstone, Matthews


• • • • • • • •

5 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths Kitchen w/ island open to Family Room New stainless steel appliances Gas fireplace in Family Room New carpet on main Private back yard with play area Cul-de-sac location Convenient to shopping and I-485

• A Clear View - window cleaning jasonhibbard@aclearviewinc.com • Servpro - Home maintenance www.servprosouthcabarrascounty.com • Clark Services - window replace/repair mclark88@carolina.rr.com • Miracle Method - Surface refinishing cschmidt@miraclemethod.com • Eastern Roof Technologies www.easternrooftech.com • 50 Floor - 704-423-0018 www.50floor.com

I have 16 years of experience in real estate of my time in business, education and counseling. Together, we will build a truthful, respectful, and professional relationship. At Sandy Alvis Realty & Consulting, it is always real estate to the Max www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Pg 17

Ginny’s Wigs - One Stop Shopping Conveniently located to Charlo e and surrounding areas, Ginny’s Wig Salon is located in a quaint shop in Gastonia. When you walk into Ginny’s Wig Salon, you know this is not your average wig shop. Ginny’s Wig Salon has an extensive selec on of wigs (over 800 in stock!), offers accessories, a small selec on of organic skin products, and hair replacement services. However, the best thing about Ginny’s Wigs is that when you walk in you are treated like a long me friend, you are treated with compassion, you are treated by people who only want the best for you and have years of experience under their belts. How o en do you feel like that when you walk out of a shop?

offers many styles and colors and you know you will be able to find what you are looking for. From all shades of gray wigs, to blonde, brown and every color in between, and every length possible, I don’t think you will find a larger selec on of wigs. Ginny’s Wig Salon takes into considera on that way you feel when you walk in the door. It is a very peaceful, soothing salon. It is laid out in a way that there is a nice li le si ng room in front. There are salon chairs where you can try on different wigs and Ginny or one of her staff will style it for you. Or, if you prefer, there are private rooms where you can try on wigs and have them styled for you. Because at the end of the day, what really ma ers when you walk out of Ginny’s Wig Salon is how you feel.

Let’s talk a bit about why you would need a wig. There are many reasons. Maybe you are going through chemotherapy. Maybe you are looking for wigs for your theatre or school play. Maybe you have alopecia or thinning hair, or maybe you just want a new look. Every single one of the reasons listed, and even those not listed, are important to you at the moment. To you. But, the minute you walk in that door, for the same reason it is important to you, it becomes important to the people at Ginny’s Wigs.

Also located in Ginny’s Wig Salon is Oliveri’s Hair Replacement by Richard Oliveri. It is the natural, non - surgical method for men’s hair replacement. On top of all the wigs and the wonderful services Ginny’s Wig Salon has to offer, she also offers accessories, one of a kind jewelry, and organic skin care.

Ginny’s Wig Salon 619 South Chestnut Street Gastonia, NC (704) 865-5641 www.ginnyswigs.com

As a daughter of a Mom who had cancer, I know the importance of wigs to those losing their hair from chemotherapy. I know the importance of scarves and hats. I know the importance of being treated special. It is a scary me. It is a me where you look at yourself and know that when you lose your hair, you might feel different somehow, like you are not yourself. But, when looking at wigs at Ginny’s Wig Salon and ge ng compassion from the employees, knowledge, and personal one on one treatment, when you walk out that door, you feel a bit be er. Your spirits are li ed. And that goes a long way in your fight with cancer. No ma er the reason for needing a wig, Ginny’s Wig Salon www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Page 18

This is an excerpt from a blog post on KaƟeTalksCarolina.com

Practice Random Acts of Kindness A few weeks ago I was in a BAD mood. Nothing seemed to be going right for me that day. It was just one of those days. I could have sat in that bad mood all day if I let myself. I was si ng in a drive through to get some lunch, because my lunch appointment cancelled at that last minute, and I looked in the rear view mirror. Two women were in the car behind me, I watched them laughing and talking. Instead of being envious of their good mood, I decided I wanted to keep their good mood going. We were all si ng in that drive through line for a LONG me! A er I paid for my meal, I told the cashier, “I would like to pay it forward today and pay for the car behind me.” The cashier was shocked, but I paid for their meal and drove away with a smile on my face. That one, small random act of kindness changed my mood for the en re day. Before paying for their meal, the day was RUINED in my mind. A er paying for their meal, I realized doing something kind for someone else can completely change your mindset! Why not try a random act of kindness? 1. Donate used books to a library. 2. Hold the door open for someone. 3. Let someone go before you in a line. 4. Put change in a parking meter that’s about to expire. 5. Pull someone’s weeds. 6. Visit a child’s lemonade stand. 7. Write a le er of apprecia on. 8. Hug a loved one for no reason. 9. Send someone a small gi anonymously. 10. Compliment your wait person to the manager. 11. Give another driver your parking spot. 12. Buy a lo ery cket for a stranger. 13. Compliment a stranger. 14. Pay for the coffee for the person behind you. 15. Help someone who is lost. 16. Send flowers to someone for no reason. 17. Share your smile everyday! This is just a small sampling of random acts of kindness. If you can do any of these acts of kindness and NOT feel good, I would be shocked. Why don’t you try a few of them out? Remember to always pay it forward! www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Pg 19

Asymmetric Hairstyles...Will They Work For You?

Lori DiDonato is the owner of Untangled Salon, LLC in Cornelius, NC.

Hair is one of the first things we no ce about each other. Our hairstyles are a way to show our personality to the world. Asymmetric hairstyles are exactly what they sound like. One side of the style is different from the other. The asymmetry can be from one side to the other, or from front to back. One asymmetrical hairstyle is the bob. The asymmetrical bob hairstyles are some of the most modern and stylish haircuts for those who have short to medium length hair. Asymmetrical hairstyles will add edginess to your style. Look at Victoria Beckham, well known as a Spice Girl and for being married to David Beckham, hear hrob throughout the world. Victoria changes her hairstyle on a very regular basis, but she favors bob hairstyles. Ms. Beckham doesn’t sport tradi onal bobs, totally even all around. Victoria brings to the common bob a true adventurous style, by turning it into an inverted or asymmetrical bob. Lori DiDonato is the owner and foundAn inverted or concave bob is cut short at the back of the er of Untangled Salon LLC, convenientneck and becomes longer toward the face, crea ng an ly located one mile off I-77’s exit 28 in asymmetrical shape. Short hair pushes long hair, so this type beau ful Cornelius, NC. Ms. DiDonato of cut pushes the hair toward the face crea ng a fun and has owned and operated Untangled sexy swing to the hair with focus on the face and the bone Salon for almost six years with a curstructure of the person wearing this modern cut. This cut is rent staff of eight. Lori and her staff also known as a stacked or wedge bob, a style that is perfect specialize in hair color, hair extensions, for people with very straight, fine hair. It is usually layered and hair cu ng. The Untangled Salon culture, nurtured by to create volume and provides an illusion of fullness o en DiDonato, is one of teamwork, dedica on to excellence and difficult for people with this type of hair. supreme customer service, and a passion for excellence. Lori is dedicated to constant con nued educa on and inspires the A good cut is essen al for this style to work, but is surprissame in her staff. The team at DiDonato’s Untangled Salon ingly easy to maintain once you know how. Have your stylist strive to not only meet but exceed each guest’s expecta ons teach you how best to blow out this style and what products each and every me they visit. you need to keep its shape throughout the day.

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Easy Crockpot Pulled Pork Ingredients

Host a Stress Free Barbecue

It’s that me of year again. The sun is shining, the weather is nice, and you are ready to host a barbecue with your friends and family. However, nothing can ruin a get together faster than stress! Follow these easy ps to make your next get together more enjoyable and less stressful! Invite your guests early. Put an RSVP date and contact informa on so you know how many people to expect and can plan accordingly. Don’t want to send out cards? Use online invita ons sites like evite.com or punchbowl.com. Design a menu. Sure, you can do hamburgers and hot dogs, but what about Easy Pulled Pork BBQ and Coleslaw (recipes on the right)? Those are easy dishes you can make ahead of me and you won’t have to spend your me in front of a grill! For even less work, ask your guests to each bring one dish. Shop un l you drop! No, don’t do that! About a week before the event, buy your nonperishable items like paper plates and napkins, as well as disposable utensils and cups. You can also purchase your drinks and condiments too. A day or two before your event, purchase your perishable items like meat, le uce, tomatoes, etc. so that they are fresh for the party. Prepare early! Set up the decora ons for your event about three to four hours before guests start arriving to give yourself plenty of me to get things perfect. Marinade any food now, set the drinks on ice in large buckets or coolers and have a designated trash areas. Prepare for the Carolina bugs and weather. Who knows what bugs will be lurking! Make sure you have bug spray on hand for your guests if your party is outside. Also, make sure you have sun block just in case someone starts ge ng too much sun. And prepare for those a ernoon storms! Pop up thunderstorms are frequent here, so make sure you have indoor shelter for your guests during the storm!

Plan early, be prepared and have some fun!

4 teaspoons paprika 3 teaspoons dry mustard 2 teaspoons dried oregano 2 teaspoons dried thyme 3 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoons black pepper 2 teaspoons cayenne pepper (op onal) 2 teaspoons onion powder 1 teaspoons garlic powder 2 (6-ounce) cans tomato paste 3 cups beef broth 1 cup white wine vinegar 8 tablespoons dark brown sugar 1 3/4 cups sliced onions 8 garlic cloves, finely chopped 5 - 6 lb boneless pork loin roast, trimmed of fat Direc ons 1. Whisk everything together in the crockpot except the onion, garlic and pork. 2. Add the onion and garlic and s r. 3. Add the pork roast (cut the pork roast in half first for a shorter cooking me). 4. Cook on high 4-6 hours (un l you can shred the pork easily with two forks). 5. Shred the pork and mix well to coat thoroughly with the sauce. Serve on rolls with coleslaw or pickles.

California Coleslaw Submi ed by Jenny D.

Ingredients 1 head of cabbage sliced/chopped into small pieces 1/2 of a sweet onion diced 2 whole carrots, grated 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup mayonnaise 2 tablespoons sugar Juice of 1 lemon (op onal) 3/4 cup grated sharp cheese 4-6 slices of bacon, cooked, drained, and crumbled Direc ons 1. Mix all ingredients together except bacon. 2. Put bacon in prior to serving to keep the crunch. Feel free to add more mayo or more sugar as needed to obtain the perfect consistency and flavor for you! www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Pg 21

How am I going to keep the kids busy this summer?

By Blake Lewis

I am always looking for fun entertaining and low cost things to do over the summer with my kids. Our family moved from Maryland to Charlo e just over a year ago. Being new to the area we had no idea what to do with our three boys and the long summer days. We enrolled in a few camps & spent many days at the pool, but s ll we wanted to get out and explore. I found myself asking new friends and neighbors where to go. I thought it might be nice to share with the City Unwrapped readers what I found. • •

I have learned to keep an eye out for Groupons. It’s a great way to save a few dollars on some of the local a rac ons. I have already purchased a few to use this summer. One of which is to the North Carolina Zoo. On the super hot days it was nice to go to the Gem Theater in Kannapolis. Every Tuesday morning they offered a $1.00 kids movie. It is such a charming theater not to men on a historical landmark. I loved that I could take all three kids and fill their tummies with concessions that didn’t cost an arm & a leg. My boys loved the Reed Gold Mine in Midland. There was no admission fee & we were able to walk around & explore the underground mine tunnels & old Stamp Mill. Panning for gold was $2.00. It wasn’t easy for the kids but they s ll enjoyed it despite leaving empty handed. Duke Energy’s Explorium, Huntersville is a place we just stumbled upon. We wanted to explore the areas around Lake Norman & we ended up at the McGuire Nuclear Sta on. There is a great area to bring a picnic lunch & enjoy the view of the lake or bu erfly garden. Inside the Explorium there are all sorts of interac ve & educa onal games for the kids. There is no admission fee. Village Park, Kannapolis. Only $1.00 admission for the Splash Pad. This was a great place to meet up with friends. We found it was best to get there when it first opens. One reason is to get a table with an umbrella. The other reason is to avoid being there when a huge group of campers come. The kids liked ending our visit with a ride on the Rotary Express Train. $1.00 per ride. It’s a great ride through the park.

If anyone has any sugges ons for low cost fun stuff for kids please “like” the City Unwrapped Facebook Page (www.Facebook.com/CityUnwrapped) and post your sugges ons!

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Gift Giving For Teachers As summer is approaching, it is me to start thinking about teachers gi s. Some mes it’s hard to choose a gi for someone who has been such a big part of your child’s life. Although gi s are appreciated, as me goes on it can be difficult for a teacher to store and save all of those cherished gi s, and more difficult to give them away. There are many different types of gi s suitable for a teacher. The favorites usually are gi cards, they come in handy any me of the year, for any reason and can be saved for a rainy day. For those who feel it is not personal enough, there are several other op ons. I like to think in terms of items teachers need, or gi s that can be used and enjoyed, rather than put away on a shelf or in a closet. A gi from the heart: Any teacher will tell you they adore wri en le ers from their students about how they made a difference, and how much their student enjoyed their class. This is sincere, and a true reflec on of what teaching is all about. Let your child tell a story, write a poem or say thank you. Hand wri en is always more personal. Use white paper, then cut it smaller and glue it on a piece of scrapbook paper. Be crea ve, decorate it with scrapbook s ckers and have fun! Buy a cute and trendy clip board, and clip it on, add ribbons to the top and put in a pre y bag. This is a treasured, useful gi . Sta onery: Teachers need to buy their own supplies and they need so many. A pre y container of note paper, pens, pencils, white out, colorful scissors and accessories is always useful and appreciated. Cards: Teachers write lots of thank you cards and notes throughout the year. An assortment of cards for thank you notes is a though ul idea. Add some stamps and a fancy pen for a beau ful gi . Accessories: Buy a pre y travel bag, the roll up or zip up type, with different pouches inside. Fill it with travel size items such as hand wipes, chaps ck, ssues, a hand mirror, and small sizes of everyday items that can be kept handy. Mini paper, a mini pen and small items are cute, easily stored and so useful! Beach Fun: A great gi is a beach towel in a beach bag with a colorful water bo le and flip flops (if you can find out the right size.) A travel size suntan lo on makes it complete. Gardening: Outdoor po ed flowers set in a pre y basket is suitable for every taste and style. You can add a small shovel and a pair of gloves for a complete garden kit! Although all gi s are though ul and appreciated, some gi s such as cookies, candy, scented lo ons, nail or spa gi cer ficates are a personal choice. In some cases, these gi s cannot be used. Teachers love to see children be crea ve, so let your child have fun crea ng a unique gi idea for that special teacher. Janice Scanziani currently offers safe alterna ves to everyday products and custom created skincare oil blends through Fancy Full Gi s. You can find her items online at FancyFullGi s.com, and at Ginny’s Wig Shop and Homestyles Gallery & Specialty Shops. Janice is also very educated about alterna ve living, nutri on, health, and grain free/sugar free ea ng. www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Pg 23

How To Make a Tutu


By Trisha Ha

Tutus are super adorable on liƩle girls. Unfortunately they can be a liƩle expensive in the stores and if you have a liƩle girl like mine that wants one in every color, they can be downright expensive. Thankfully tutus are super easy to make at home, even for the most novice of craŌers! I am here to show you how you can easily make a tutu for your child, as a giŌ, or even to sell! Direc ons How to measure your waist To measure your waist, wrap a measuring tape around the waist of the child and then take off about 2-3 inches of elas c. If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a ribbon and then line that up next to your elas c. I know the 2-3 inches cut off the measurement sounds dras c, but as you put on the tulle and ghten it, it stretches the elas c out and makes it bigger on the waist. If you don’t take down the size prior to adding tulle, your waist will end up really big and you will be taking it half apart. Once you have the elas c measured and cut down, bring it end to end and use a quick needle and thread to sew them together. This will form a circle. (See pictures for more clarifica on.) Set elas c aside. How to cut your tulle Now you move onto prepping tulle for your skirt. If you use the smaller 6 inch tulle, it’s as simple as cu ng the length. If the only tulle you have in your cra bucket is the bolts, you will have to cut the width and the length. Pre-measure your tulle out and have it all ready so you can basically go from start to finish. A general rule is that it should be about 22-24 inches in length so when you fold it in half, it hangs long enough. If you measure out 24 inches, the tutu will be 12 inches in length. So basically half your length to determine how long the skirt is. How many pieces you need to set aside will ul mately depend on the age of person/child you are prepping the tulle for. Start crea ng your tutu! Add your elas c circle around a can, Tupperware container, jar, coffee can, or even a drink pitcher. Since you have already prepped your tulle pieces to add to your skirt, all you need to do is add them in slip knot form onto the elas c. Start at one end and then slide the pieces down to ghten them up and form a more full skirt. (See pictures for more clarifica on.) Where you did the sewing will be a li le hard to close the last few pieces of tulle over the top. I always put an embellishment in that area to cover up any discrepancy. A li le bow or flower works perfect here as you can see on my tutu! Tutu TIP: Instead of Elas c around the middle, you can also use big sa n ribbon and the just e in a bow. It’s easy removal…but that’s half the problem…your child, especially if you have a young one, can remove it. Elas c is a lot more snug for costumes and younger children, but the choice is up to your own crea vity. You can also add flowers, rhinestones, or spray with gli er spray to spice it up!

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About Trisha Haas

Hi! My name is Trisha Haas and I am the owner and main blogger/vlogger for MomDot.com! MomDot™ is a mom blogging community that houses: Main MomDot™ Blog Mom Blogger Community Forums Top Mom Blogger Training Brandfluen al: Bloggers and Brands connec ng Brandca on: Personalized Blogger Events Blogging Planner

Some Ideas for Tutus: Red Tulle with Black Puff Balls glued on make a LadyBug Orange, Purple, and Black tulle for a witch Yellow, Orange, White for Candy Corn Hot Pink and Lime Green for Strawberry Shortcake White and Light Pink for a “50ʹs” Look Purple and Light Green for a Fairy Yellow and Black for a Bumble Bee I hope you enjoy this cra and soon have a whole closet full of great tutus for your li le ones!

The goal of my paren ng blog is to not only connect with readers via personal and paren ng stories, but to assist newbie bloggers in informa on on how to start a blog, run contests, connect with Public Rela ons, and encourage community online. The momdot forums house some of the most influen al and known bloggers in the ‘sphere and are interac ve and friendly for blogs and PR alike. I also love to volunteer my me at my local animal shelter and o en share pictures on my blog from those Saturdays.

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Under the Sea

Coloring page reprinted with permission from h p://www.freeprintablecoloringpages.net/ Color the picture and send it to: City Unwrapped - A n: Color 13016 Eas ield Rd Ste 231 Huntersville, NC 28078 Pictures selected to be published are determined by the order in which they were received, so get your pictures in quickly! We will do our best to make sure all pictures submi ed are at least published on CityUnwrapped.com. www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Page 26

Name: _________________________________ Age _____ City: __________________________________ *Email Address: ___________________________________ * Email address is only needed if you want us to let you know if your child’s picture was published.

Coloring Super Stars! Thank you for submitting your coloring pages from the March/April issue! We can’t wait to see your pictures from the May/June issue!

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Su mmer Weather and Safety Tips from CMPD Animal Care & Control 1. Spring and Summer are the seasons for thunderstorms. Animals seem to know when a storm is about to hit and may act nervous by pacing, excessive meowing or barking, and hiding under beds or couches. Some have been known to break through windows to get away from the storm! Give them a safe place they can feel safe in while a storm rolls through so they don’t have the urge to run away. 2. Never leave your pet in a car. Ever! Even with a car parked in the shade, and the windows rolled partly down, the temperature inside can reach 10 degrees higher than the outside in just 5 minutes. This can cause heat stroke and even death. It’s best to leave your pet at home if you are running out to do errands. 3. If your dog stays outside be sure that they have a dog house that is placed in a cool and shaded place. Be sure they have plenty of water at all mes so they can keep hydrated. Without the proper amount of water they can be prone to heat stroke. Even a tarp placed over the top of a dog kennel can help block the sun and heat. 4. Most dogs will enjoy spending some me outside to lie in the sun and soak up some vitamin D. However, when the temperature gets as high as 80 degrees that sun can be devasta ng. Be sure to limit the amount of me they

www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Page 28

stay outside and bring them in if they begin to pant heavily or can’t stand up. 5. Shaving your dog during the summer months can somemes help with keeping your pet cool. The fur on your pet will help to protect their skin against the sun so don’t shave down to the skin 6. Summer me is the me for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes cause heartworms in dogs and cats if they are not protected. Heartworms are very hard to treat and are poten ally lethal. To protect your pet from heartworms be sure to get the monthly heartworm preventa ve from your vet. 7. Ticks and fleas are also a major summer problem for cats and dogs. Ticks and fleas can infest your dog very quickly and if they are not eliminated they can cause dehydraon and loss of weight. Ticks also carry lime disease that is not only deadly for your pet but can be transferred to you. To protect your pet from fleas and cks ask your vet for a monthly topical medicine. CMPD ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL 8315 Byrum Drive Charlo e, NC 28217 ‘311’ or 704-336-7600 www.cmpd.org

CMPD Animal Care & Control Rabies Clinics and Special Events Free Rabies Vaccinations Animal Care & Control

At the shelter: 8315 Byrum Dr Charlo e 28217 8:00 am to 11:00 am May 11 June 8 July 13 August 10 September 14 October 12 November 9 Microchip Day with WBTV Thursday, May 9 Get your pet microchipped! Animal Care & Control Shelter 8315 Byrum Drive Charlo e 28217 Animal Care & Control Annual Yard Sale Benefits: Second Chance Medical Fund Family Life Center at Albemarle Road Presbyterian Church 6740 Albemarle Road Saturday, May 18 7:00AM - 11:00AM CMPD Animal Care & Control Pet Adoption South Park Mall Saturday, June 1, 2013 10:00AM – 4:00PM The Celebrity Bake-Off 2013 Silent AucƟon to support Animal Kneads Day Hosted By: Zoom Room 12239 North Community House Road Saturday, July 20, 2013 6:00PM – 8:00PM Great Harvest Bread Company’s Animal Kneads Day Benefits: CMPD Animal Care & Control’s Public Spay/Neuter Clinics Great Harvest Bakery - 6420 Rea Road Charlo e Sunday, August 18 10:00 AM – 5:00PM CMPD Animal Care & Control events space sponsored by Paws & Perms Pet Salon and Happy Tails Pet Siƫng. www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Pg 29

10 Tips For Tackling Pet Waste Scooping poop will never be a fun job, but these 10 ps should help make cleaning the yard a li le bit easier: The right tools for the job The world’s best pooper scoopers have at least three tools in hand for every job: A rake, a lobby dust pan and a trash bag. Trash bags can be purchased at your local grocery store and many hardware retailers carry small rakes and dustpans with adjustable handles that are perfect for scooping poop. Rubber, water-proof gloves and boots also come in handy, especially during the wet seasons. Scoop into a bag, not into a pile Contrary to popular belief, dog poop is not fer lizer. In 1991, the Environmental Protec on Agency (EPA) labeled dog waste a non-point source pollutant, placing it in the same category as herbicides and insec cides; oil, grease and toxic chemicals; and acid drainage from abandoned mines. Scoop the waste directly into a trash bag and toss it out with the garbage. Double bagging is frequently required when placing pet waste in the trash - this is to protect trash collectors from germs. Follow a grid pa ern Following a simple grid pa ern makes it easier to find all of the pet waste in a yard and speeds up the overall scooping process. This is especially true in the spring me and autumn when accumulated leaves and other debris are covering the ground. The “360 degree scan” When you find a pile, scoop it, then before stepping away, do a quick 360-degree scan. Dogs are creatures of habit; chances are, there is more hiding out right in that immediate area. Watch where you step Keeping the mess off your shoes is priority number one. Not only is cleaning the bo om of a shoe difficult but it also makes the waste ten mes harder to scoop into your bag. In addi on, avoid wearing sunglasses when scooping. Believe it or not, some lenses actually make it harder to see waste lying in the grass. A ack from the least likely side When it comes to scooping, the side that appears most stuck to the ground is always the one that picks up easiest. When in doubt, scoop it up Dog waste is a major source of poten ally deadly E. coli and can contain up to 23 million fecal coliform bacteria per gram. If you are unsure about the mass on the ground in front of you, scoop it up. Clumps of mud and pine cones can be deceiving, but it is always best to play it safe. Keep on scoopin’ Pet owners should try to clear their lawns of pet waste on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on the size of their yard and the number of dogs using the area. www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Page 30

The longer pet waste stays on the ground, the greater a health risk it becomes. The EPA es mates that two or three days worth of droppings from a popula on of about 100 dogs can contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay and all watershed areas within 20 miles to swimming and shell fishing. A li le training goes a long way Se ng apart an area for your dog to do his or her business in will make scooping a faster and more manageable chore in the long run. Hire a professional Scooping poop is the single most unpleasant and me consuming aspect of pet ownership, but it is also the most responsible ac on people can take for their family and community. If you don’t have the me or simply prefer to wash your hands clean of the whole clean up business, consider hiring a local pet waste removal service. This arƟcle is provided by the experts at DoodyCalls, the naƟon’s largest pet waste management service provider for homeowners and their communiƟes. Scooping over six million doggie deposits naƟonwide every year, DoodyCalls is making the world a beƩer place to live, one scoop at a Ɵme. DoodyCalls has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Redbook Magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek. For pet owners, DoodyCalls cleans yards and liƩer boxes. For communiƟes, DoodyCalls cleans common areas and sells, installs and services pet waste staƟons. To learn more, visit www.doodycalls.com or call 1-800-366-3922.

Featured Pet ‘Sophie - A Special Miracle’ Sophie was born at The Guide Dog Founda on on Nov. 10, 2003. A working dog, she was bred to be a seeing eye dog. I brought her home at 7 weeks, and the first me I held her, I knew it would be hard to let her go. She was not mine to keep, I would train her for the first year of her life, then return her for more training at The Guide Dog Founda on. Sophie developed rashes o en, and was treated for skin infecons that some mes kept her from training. When her skin was clear, she went everyplace with me, we did demonstra ons of her training with cub scouts, brownies, and at local elementary schools. As we approached the end of her first year, I felt dread inside at saying goodbye. It was ge ng close. When Sophie was ten months old, I received a phone call from The Guide Dog Founda on, “A er evalua ng Sophie’s chronic skin rashes, we have decided to release her from the program.” Did I hear this right? It was a miracle, I would not have to say goodbye to this precious pup. I could keep Sophie as my pet. She became my devoted companion, never leaving my side. In 2008, Sophie developed a small lump on the inside corner of her eye. A biopsy showed it was cancer, which had spread into the bone of her sinus and eye socket. They would need to remove her eye, shave down the eye socket, and sinus bones. They planned to do a skin patch gra and remove a large patch of fur from her shoulder to cover the side of her face. I did not care what she looked like, as long as she was healthy and s ll had a good quality of life. She went in for surgery two weeks a er the diagnosis. I got the phone call that night. The tumor had shrunk and they saved her eye! She was cancer free! I had my second miracle with Sophie, we were meant to be together! I was not going to lose her. Sophie is cancer free for five years and will be ten years old in November. I am thankful for the miracles that have kept her by my side. She has been an incredible gi in my life.

“Maggie’s Rule” Update As of today, the forms at the Humane Society have not been officially changed. However, they are diligently working on changing the forms to include informa on on what kind of medical care is included before a spay and during a spay. That is a huge step in the right direc on! The forms have to go through mul ple people in order to have it approved so it will just take a li le bit of me. But we are ge ng there! Want Your Pet Featured? If you would like the chance to have your pet featured in a future issue of City Unwrapped, please email your pet photo and story to: Info@CityUnwrapped.com.

I was also invited to a end the Partnership for Pets mee ng to see what other animal welfare organizaons are doing to help the animals and their owners in Charlo e. I will definitely be a ending and will bring back an update for you! www.CityUnwrapped.com | May / June 2013 | Pg 31

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