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Smarter cities for a new generation 建造高智能城市 造福新一代

Entrepreneurship – in support of discovery 創業:促進探究發現

Cross-disciplinary fight against phone fraud 跨學科合作打擊電話騙局

From the Editor

In this issue of CityU Today, we learn about the various activities taking place around campus that constitute our contributions to Smart City. Our Strategic Plan 2015–2020 makes specific mention of Smart City, i.e., technological advancements that can make daily life more efficient, more environmentally friendly and “smarter”. We find out about another major initiative under way: boosting the entrepreneurial spirit across campus, i.e., how ideas are developed into possible marketready products or services, and how to train young people to spot great ideas formulated by others. We also profile one of our experts on social entrepreneurship and his work in this field. In addition, we learn about an app developed by one of our faculty members for combating telephone phishing, and we hear from one of our donors on why he has given so generously to CityU. Best wishes for the New Year and happy reading!

本期《今日城大》介紹了大學為構建「智能城市」而作出的舉措。 城大在《2015–2020年策略性發展計劃》中特別提到智能城市, 即能夠使日常生活更有效率、更環保和更「智能化」的技術發展。 我們還介紹了另一項正在推行的重要舉措:提升全校的創業精神、 探究如何把創意轉換為可投入市場的產品或服務,以及如何培養 年輕人發掘他人的好意念。我們亦訪問了一位社企專家,了解他所 做的工作。 電話詐騙是當今熱門話題之一,我們請來教員講解防範這類騙術 的一種新應用程式,同時還邀請一位捐贈者談談慷慨資助城大的 原因。

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Smarter cities for a new generation

建造高智能城市 造福新一代

Imagine a world where technology makes our

Dr Raymond Chan Kwok-hong 陳國康博士

lives “smarter”? It’s happening now, and CityU

Editor-in-Chief 總編輯

is playing a major role.

Editor-in-Chief : Dr Raymond Chan Kwok-hong / 總編輯:陳國康博士 • Managing Editor : Ada Tam / 行政編輯:譚麗珍 • Executive Editor : Mirror Fung / 執行編輯:馮美玲 • Editor : Michael Gibb / 編輯: 鄭智友 • Chinese Editor : Eva Choy / 中文編輯:蔡卓慧 • Design and Production : Communications & Public Relations Office and Pixels Graphics Limited / 設計及製作:傳訊及公關處及點子設計有限公司 Phone / 電話:(852) 3442 9317 • Fax / 傳真:(852) 2628 2812 Website / 網址: • E-mail / 電郵 • Mail : CityU Today Editors, Communications & Public Relations Office, City University of Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong / 通訊:香港九龍達之路香港城市大學傳訊及公關處《今日城大》編輯部收

科技使生活更加「智能化」,這樣的世界只 存在於想像中嗎?其實「智能」正在改變我 們的生活,而城大在其中扮演了重要角色。

Jan 2017




Features 專題


Entrepreneurship – in support of discovery 創業:促進探究發現

Nurturing future social entrepreneurs





Cross-disciplinary fight against phone fraud 跨學科合作打擊電話騙局



Columns 專欄 2 News & Notable

城大動態 Honorary awards for three outstanding persons 頒授榮譽博士學位予 三位傑出人士

26 Donor Voices


28 Gown to Town

37 Books


Eliminating global inequality 消除世間的不公


31 Student Voices

學生心聲 Keep going 堅持不懈

Be bold, be innovative 勇於創新、敢於嘗試

today is published three times a year by City University of Hong Kong. The mission of the magazine is to inform our stakeholders around the world about CityU issues, people, activities and achievements. 《今日城大》每年三期,旨在報道香港城市大學在教學、研究及外務發展上的最新動向。

Jan 2017 


News & Notable

Honorary awards for three outstanding persons 頒授榮譽博士學位予三位傑出人士

Honorary doctoral degrees were awarded to (from left) Mr Yeung Kin-man, JP; Professor Ada Yonath; and Professor Frederick Ma Si-hang, GBS, JP, in recognition of their significant contributions to education and the well-being of society. The awards ceremony was held in October. Dr Chung Shui-ming, University Pro-Chancellor, presided over the ceremony. Mr Herman Hu Shao-ming, Council Chairman, and Professor Way Kuo, President, also attended.


Ada Yonath教授、馬時亨教授,GBS,JP,以表彰他們對教育及社會福祉的 重大貢獻。出席儀式的嘉賓還有校董會主席胡曉明先生及校長郭位教授。

CityU Foundation annual dinner 城大基金周年晚宴 The annual dinner for the City University of Hong Kong Foundation (CityU Foundation) in November under the theme “Fly with CityU” raised over HK$10 million for overseas exchange and internship programmes, breaking the records of similar events. The dinner kicked off with the Chinese song Descendants of the Dragon performed by eight non-local CityU students. Members of the organising committee added some flavour to the evening by dressing up in unique and colourful costumes.

香港城市大學基金(城大基金)於11月舉行周年 晚宴。晚宴以「城大飛躍之旅」為主題,共籌得 一千多萬港元,打破同類晚宴的紀錄。籌得款項 將用於資助城大學生的海外交流和實習等活動。 晚宴由八名在城大就讀的國際學生演唱《龍的傳 人》揭開序幕。籌備委員會一眾委員穿上各具特 色的服飾,為晚宴增添趣味。




Naming of Wong’s International Terrace 王氏國際廣場命名典禮 The Covered Terrace on the fourth floor of the Amenities Building was named “Wong’s International Terrace” in appreciation of the generous support of Wong’s International Holdings Limited. The donation will be used to help outstanding students with financial needs to participate in non-local exchange programmes. 

城大將康樂樓 4樓的有蓋平台冠名為「王氏國際廣場」,以表彰王氏 國際集團有限公司(王氏國際)對大學的慷慨支持。王氏國際對大 學的捐助將用於資助家境清貧的優秀學生到海外交流學習。

Naming of Wofoo Foundation Gallery 和富基金廊 命名典禮 The multi-purpose lobby of the Run Run Shaw Library was named “Wofoo Foundation Gallery” in appreciation of the support and generous donations to the University made by Dr Joseph Lee Chung-tak, President of Wofoo Social Enterprises and Chairman of Wofoo Plastics and Chemicals Group.

城大將位於邵逸夫圖書館內的多用途展示區冠名為「和富基金廊」, 以表彰和富社會企業會長、和富塑化集團主席李宗德博士對城大的 支持及慷慨捐贈。

Floral emblem for blossoming CityU 「城花」校園處處開 Brazil bougainvillea was chosen as the new floral symbol for CityU. The plant’s tough nature, highly resilient personality and regular blossom are thought to reflect CityU’s characteristics.

簕杜鵑獲選為代表城大的「城花」。簕杜鵑 易種易長,強韌堅毅,而且四季常開,象徵 城大不斷進取,屢創佳績。

Jan 2017 


News & Notable Outstanding scientist wins the 2016 Norbert Wiener Award 傑出科學家榮獲 2016年 Norbert Wiener獎 Professor Yan Hong, Chair Professor of Computer Engineering and Dean of the College of Science and Engineering, won the 2016 Norbert Wiener Award. The award signals international acclaim for Professor Yan’s contributions to pattern recognition, image processing, genomic data analysis and biomolecular modelling techniques, all of which are important in the fields of information technology and medical treatment.

科學及工程學院院長兼電腦工程學講座教授嚴洪教授榮獲2016年 Norbert Wiener獎。該國 際獎項表彰嚴教授對模式識別、圖像處理、基因數據分析及生物分子模式技術的貢獻。上 述各項研究在資訊科技及醫療領域均極為重要。

Cool thinking for coding kids 加強小學生運算思維 CityU is a co-creator of a HK$216 million project to promote computational thinking and coding skills in primary schools, driving CityU’s community outreach activities to new heights. CoolThink@JC aims to equip upper primary students with basic coding capabilities that will strengthen their computational thinking (CT) as well as helping teachers to master the necessary professional skills. The four-year programme will train 100 teachers at 32 pilot schools for the benefit of 16,500 primary four to six students. It targets to establish CT as part of Hong Kong’s curriculum in the long run.

城大參與合辦獲2億1,600萬港元資助的教育計劃,在小學推廣運算 思維及電腦程式編碼,進一步拓展城大的社區服務。「賽馬會運算思維教育」計劃旨在教導高小學生基礎編程技能,以加強運算思維,同 時幫助教師掌握這種必要的專業技能。為期四年的計劃將培訓32間先導小學的100位教師,預計惠及16,500名小四至小六學生,長遠目標 是將運算思維納入本地課程。

High-flying scientist appointed as new Provost 傑出科學家出任學務副校長 Professor Alex Jen Kwan-yue, the new Provost of CityU, takes up his new position aiming to improve CityU’s international reputation and recognition, enhance the professional education on offer, and seek fresh ways to ensure that CityU is meeting the needs of society.

城大新任學務副校長任廣禹教授正式履新,將致力提升城大的國際地位及聲望,加強現 時提供的專業教育,並探討其他新方法,確保城大的教研切合社會所需。




Best New Director at Golden Horse 城大畢業生榮膺金馬獎最佳新導演

PhD student wins prestigious materials science award 城大博士生獲知名材料科學獎

A graduate of the School of Creative Media won the Best New Director award at the 53rd Taipei Golden Horse Awards for his first

Li Jing, a PhD student from CityU, received the

feature film Mad World. Mr Wong Chun’s movie is about a person

2016 Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate

suffering from a mental disorder and his relationship with his family.

Student Gold Award for her pioneering work on

He beat 84 submissions to win the award.

the development of next-generation thermal materials. This is a prestigious international


award for graduate students in the area of


materials science and Li Jing is the first MRS

容講述一名精神病患者及其家人的故事。電影於 85部候選影片

Gold Medal winner from Hong Kong.

中脫穎而出,為黃先生贏得最佳新導演獎。 城大博士生李京憑藉其對下一代散熱材料

Learning about transboundary animal diseases 認識跨國界動物疾病

的開拓性研究,榮獲2016年材料研究學會 「傑出研究生金獎」,這項國際殊榮專門授 予材料科學領域的研究生。李京是首位來自 香港的金獎得主。

Transboundary animal diseases that impact trade in animals and animal products worldwide were the focus of a course organised by the School of Veterinary Medicine in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture. The occasion marked the first time that the International Transboundary Animal Disease course was held in Hong Kong and the surrounding region. Over 30 veterinarians from 14 Asian countries participated in the event held in September.

動物醫學院與美國農業部合辦課程,重點探討跨國界動物疾病對全球動物及動物產品貿 易的影響。此活動標誌跨國界動物疾病國際課程首次在香港和鄰近地區舉行。課程於 9月 舉行,吸引來自14個亞洲國家超過 30位獸醫參加。

Ultralight antenna for 5G networks receives $11m in mainland funding 5G 網絡超輕天線研究獲內地撥款1,100萬港元 A research project has been granted more than HK$11 million from the National Science and Technology Major Project funded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for ultralight, small antennas developed by the Department of Electronic Engineering and State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves at CityU. The new antenna’s weight and size are reduced by as much as 50% and will bring about a brand new user experience for the forthcoming 5th generation (5G) mobile networks and beyond.

城大電子工程學系及毫米波國家重點實驗室的小型超輕天線研究計劃,獲國家工業和 信息化部的國家科技重大專項撥款1,100萬港元資助。新天線的重量及大小大幅減少 達一半,能配合即將推出的第五代(5G)及未來的流動網絡,為用戶帶來嶄新的體驗。

Jan 2017 


News & Notable IAS symposium explores chemistry of complex matter 高等研究院研討會探討複雜物質化學 The two-day Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) Symposium on Chemistry of Complex Matter kicked off with a Nobel Laureate’s distinguished lecture in November. The symposium invited scholars and renowned chemists from Europe and China to share their academic discoveries through a series of lectures delivered during the event.

城大高等研究院於11月舉行為期兩天的研討會,探討複雜物質化學。首天由諾貝爾獎得主 杰馬里.萊恩教授主持傑出講座,為研討會揭開序幕。研討會邀請來自歐洲和內地的學者 及著名化學家出席發表演講,分享他們的學術心得。

Info Day promotes professional education

Music, opera and song on campus



More than 30,000 students and parents explored professional education opportunities during Information Day held under the theme “Professional • Creative • For the World” in October. A series of exhibition booths, admission talks and workshops were held by the College of Business, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of Science and Engineering, School of Creative Media, School of Energy and Environment, School of Law, and School of Veterinary Medicine.

The annual arts festival kicked off with performances by the CityU Philharmonic Orchestra and the CityU Chinese Orchestra at the opening ceremony in October. One of the highlights of the ceremony was a performance of the Yellow River Piano Concerto by the CityU Philharmonic Orchestra and the well-known pianist Mr Zhang Peng.

城大管弦樂團與城大中樂團於10月以精彩的音樂表演,為 2016 城大藝術節揭開序幕。城大管弦樂團與知名鋼琴家張鵬先生合

城大於10月舉辦本科入學資訊日,主題為「專業 創新 胸懷全球」,




學資訊日設一系列展覽攤位、入學講座與工作坊,由商學院、人文社 會科學院、科學及工程學院、創意媒體學院、能源及環境學院、法律 學院和動物醫學院舉辦。

Higher education and societal development 高等教育對社會持續發展的助力 Professor Way Kuo, President, spoke at the invitation of the Education Bureau (EDB) in October on creativity and innovation at a meeting of 100 EDB administrative staff, school principals from primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, including some CityU alumni.

校長郭位教授10月應香港特別行政區政府教育局邀請,對100名教 育局負責行政管理的員工和來自香港各地區的中小學校長做演講, 聽講者中有幾位城大校友。演講主題是創意與創新。




New faces, new goals for latest Court meeting 顧問委員會歡迎新成員並設立新目標 The 11th meeting of the Court in December was the first to be chaired by the new Pro-Chancellor, Dr Chung Shui-ming. He is a former Council Chairman, Treasurer, a Council member, a Court member and an Honorary Graduate of CityU. At the meeting, Court members were informed about the latest developments of CityU and the work of the Council, including news about world university rankings, research, student achievements, and the overall development of the School of Veterinary Medicine.

城大顧問委員會於12月舉行第11次會議。這次會議亦是新任副監督鍾瑞明博士上任後首次主持顧問委員會會議。鍾博士曾擔任城大校董 會主席、司庫、校董、顧問委員,亦是城大的榮譽博士。會上顧問委員聽取有關城大近期發展與校董會工作的報告,包括有關城大在世界 大學排名、研究實力和學生成就的最新消息,以及動物醫學院的總體發展。

President discusses development with alumni at Dialogue 校友出席「與校長對談」座談會

‘Elite destination’ award 城大被評為「精英心儀院校」 CityU has become the first university in Hong Kong to receive the

Professor Way Kuo discussed recent CityU developments at “A Dialogue

QS 5-Star Plus Award from the QS Asia-Pacific Professional Leaders in

with the President” co-hosted by the Alumni Relations Office and the

Education conference. The award recognises CityU as an elite destination

Convocation in November at the Eminence Galaxy – Alumni Function

for the very best students and faculty worldwide, and acknowledges

Room. He briefed alumni on recent achievements in rankings, the

our research excellence, quality in teaching, globalisation experience for

development of the School of Veterinary Medicine, and the University’s

students, and capacity for nurturing student talent.

strategic plan at an interactive discussion facilitated by alumnus Mr Clovis Lau Koong-yep, Convocation Chairman and Council member.

城大榮獲「QS亞太區專業教育領袖 會議」頒發 QS超五星獎項,成為香



匯聚 – 校友活動室舉行的「與校長對談」座談會,與校友分享大學








CityU Banquet tradition continues 城大夜宴延續傳統 Around 1,000 Council members, faculty, staff, students and alumni filling over 80 tables on campus enjoyed a delightful banquet themed “Dinner Gathering at Joyous City” in October. After being suspended for one year, the 20-year-long CityU Banquet resumed its tradition this year thanks to coordination by the Students’ Union.

由城大學生會舉辦的城大夜宴於10月舉行,今年以「昕城宴聚」為 主題,寓意城大夜宴雖然於去年停辦,但今年學生會延續這項已有

20年的傳統。當晚筵開 80多席,校董、師生員工、校友等約千人聚 首一堂,全晚氣氛熱烈。

Jan 2017 


Cover Story

Smarter cities for a new generation The application of Smart City technologies creates tangible financial benefits for society, such as developing smart grids for smart energy conversion and utilisation and for high-speed transceivers for transmitting huge amounts of data.

The funds have come from the Research

of teaching and research expertise to build

Grants Council, Innovation and Technology

capacity. “The key to our work is to integrate

Fund as well as contracts and grants from

our research capabilities and programme

the mainland and donations. By combining

strengths so that we can respond to societal

expertise on campus, CityU can make strong

challenges and address critical global issues in

gains in several areas. (See box, opposite

the highly connected world in which we live,”


The general idea behind Smart City is to minimise the demand for resources, promote a

In the past five years CityU has received around

low-carbon economy, enhance city efficiency,

HK$300 million from external organisations to

promote business productivity, improve

support various research initiatives related to

the quality of living, and enhance climatic

Smart City.

and you can create a Smart City. “Our researchers are working to provide innovative solutions to address concerns about sustainable economic development, high quality of life, and harmony of the built environment with nature, and the way forward is smart technology,” explains Professor Lu Jian, Vice-President (Research and Technology) and the Dean of the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies. The concept of Smart City is one of the three interdisciplinary, cross-cutting areas outlined in CityU’s Strategic Plan 2015–2020, the other two being Digital Society and One Health.




For Smart City, CityU possesses a whole roster

Professor Lu says.

resilience. Combine all these items together

By Michael Gibb


Communications: smart station antennas, communication applications,

State Key Lab in Millimeter Waves, terahertz system, internet and network, linkages with Huawei Energy: smart battery management system, nuclear safety and

sustainable development, solar cells, photovoltaic and batteries, smart grid, supercapacitor with high volumetric energy density Building: innovative monitoring system, robot for repair of exterior gas

pipes, wireless platforms for smart green building /green building façade Transportation: High speed rail and metro system, intelligent

transportation systems, railway infrastructure and passengers’ movement Environmental sustainability: food waste conversion, water and air

purification, renewable energy and sustainability City resilience: Metro network and telecommunication topology, city

resilience model, disaster resilience for clouds Health system information: quality and efficient healthcare system, RFID

system for elderly in care homes, smart hospital alert system

The other two CityU research pillars are closely related to the Smart City initiatives. One Health focuses on infrastructure for the transmission of huge volumes of big data for further analysis while the development of new technology will have a direct impact on Digital Society.

Smarter homes The Centre for Smart Energy Conversion and Utilization Research at CityU aims to set up a smart home to provide information for constructing low-cost and zero carbon emission homes. This prototype will include many smart and “green” devices including renewable micro-power sources, smart appliances, smart energy storage systems, advanced metering infrastructure, and energy management

Jan 2017 


Cover Story

Smart grids, power electronics and nanotechnologies

models for other government organisations

A collaboration with Alstom, a global leader

Professor Chung says.

and commercial buildings in Hong Kong,”

in the world of power generation, power

Professor Lu Jian

transmission and rail infrastructure, has

Currently CityU is conducting research into

been set up with CityU. The partnership

energy optimisation by modeling electricity

will develop Advanced Open Systems for

usage in classrooms and lecture theatres, which

Smart Cities with special emphasis in the

accounts for 34% of our overall electricity

fields of smart grids, power electronics and

usage. The project, closely related to the


Advanced Open Systems for Smart Cities, is funded by Alstom and aims to provide a


“The Advanced Open Systems for Smart

forecast model.

Cities will establish a Community Energy systems. It will also serve as a test bed for

Management System, saving energy

Low-carbon living

studying and researching new technologies for

consumption at all levels,” says Professor

Greater public awareness about greenhouse

smart energy conversion and utilisation.

Henry Chung Shu-hung of the Department

gas emissions and climate change is the aim of

of Electronic Engineering. The two parties

a project developed by the School of Energy

The Centre also focuses on the fluctuating

will jointly apply for funding from Hong

and Environment (SEE) and funded by the

patterns of electricity usage throughout the

Kong’s Innovation and Technology Fund, the

Sustainable Development Fund. The project is

day. Using AI devices, it is possible to estimate

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)

titled “Carbon Footprint Management at Home

usage during quiet periods and thereby

on the mainland, and other government-

for Sustainable Low-Carbon Living”.

facilitate the storage of excess electricity for

level agencies.

release during peak periods. AI is also used to calculate the appropriate power rate in order to

“The research results will constitute the

effectively stabilise demand.

cornerstone of future smart cities, and will be implemented first at CityU, thereby providing

The Centre is now co-operating with General Electric in the US to develop the “Sustainable Development Smart Campus” with the aim of creating a community energy control system that can help reduce waste and make the most efficient use of our energy resources. To get things started at CityU, smart power meters have been installed in many areas on campus.




Professor Michael Leung Kwok-hi, Associate

He and his team have developed a wireless

“Our wireless technologies, all of which are

Dean of SEE, and his research team have

sensor network system that can accommodate

part of the smart city concept, are specifically

developed an online carbon audit toolkit that

over 20,000 sensors for applications such

designed to help people and make society safe,”

helps to provide tips for carbon reduction.

as smoke detectors, burglar alarms, and

he adds.

Taking electricity consumption as an example,

temperature and humidity detectors. The

the user of the toolkit has to choose first the

sensing data are collected at gateways which

Spreading the word

electricity company, either CLP Power Hong

can be accessed and monitored through the

CityU aims to learn from others and share

Kong Limited or The Hong Kong Electric


our own expertise in the area of Smart City.

Company Limited, and input either the units

President Way Kuo, Professor Lu Jian and

consumed or the amount of the electricity bill.

“The key aspect of smart city is the development

Professor Yan Hong, Dean of the College of

The toolkit then automatically calculates the

of wireless technologies and the use of mobile

Science and Engineering, explored collaboration

CO2 emission equivalent.

devices. There are many applications available

opportunities with prestigious universities

now, for example, making sure the elderly are

and other key institutions in France during a

In fact, CLP awarded CityU HK$10 million

safe or that children have reached school safely.

visit in January 2016. The delegation discussed

for conducting Green Energy Research and

Using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile communications

the possibility of setting up collaborations for

Development projects and setting up a Green

and GPS technologies, we have developed

student projects and internship with Bouygues

Energy Showcase Centre.

powerful systems that can locate and follow

Construction, a global player in construction

people with a high degree of accuracy,”

with business in 80 countries.

Wireless technologies and applications

Professor Chan says.

The State Key Laboratory of Millimeter Waves

“Bouygues has already participated in many

has been working on the Internet of Things (IoT)

Working on 5G technology, Professor Chan says

large infrastructure projects in Hong Kong

since 2008 before the term became fashionable,

we need faster speeds for download because of

including the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Building,

says Professor Chan Chi-hou, Director of the

big data, and millimeter-wave technologies are

the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, and


a crucial factor in this development.

the Asia-World Expo Hong Kong,” Professor Lu explains. By bringing together strengths in these diverse areas, Smart City initiatives have the potential to radically change the way we live, making daily life more convenient, efficient and less stressful. “CityU can really make a difference in creating smarter cities,” Professor Lu says.

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建造高智能城市 造福新一代 智能城市技術的應用為社會帶來實際經 濟利益,例如研發智能電網與高速收發 器,前者可用於智能能源轉換及使用,後 者可傳送大量數據。

通訊:智能天線基站、通訊應用、毫米波國家重 點實驗室、太赫茲系統、互聯網與網絡、與華為公 司的合作 能源:智能電池管理系統、核安全及可持續發





產力,改善生活質素及提高氣候韌性。將上 述各項結合起來,就能創建一座智能城市



械人、用於智能環保建築/環保建築外牆的無線 平台

副校長(研究及科技)兼周亦卿研究生院院 長呂堅教授解釋說:「城大研究人員正努力




事項,包括可持續經濟發展、高質素生活、 建築環境與自然的和諧,而未來發展之路就 是智能技術。」 城大《2015–2020年策略性發展計劃》提及 智能城市的概念,與數碼化社會、健康一元 化並列為三大跨學科交叉領域主題。 城大擁有雄厚的教研實力及傑出學者,從事 智能城市的研究。呂教授說:「我們研究工 作的關鍵,是結合城大的研究實力與課程優 勢,以回應社會難題,處理這個緊密聯繫的 世界所面臨的全球性重大議題。」 他補充說:「過去五年,我們獲得校外機構 約 3億港元資助,支持有關智能城市的各種 研究。」 撥款來自研究資助局和創新及科技基金,另 有來自內地的合約和撥款,以及各種捐贈。 城大結合本校專長,可在幾個領域內取得豐 碩成果(參看右框)。



環境可持續發展:廚餘轉化、水及空氣淨化、再 生能源與可持續發展 城市韌性:鐵路網絡與電訊佈局、城市韌性模 型、雲端運算的災難恢復能力 衛生系統資訊:高質素及高效醫療系統、為安老 院長者而設的無線射頻識別系統、智能醫院預 警系統








展將直接影響數碼化社會。 中心正與美國通用電氣公司合作,研發「可 智能家居






碳住宅提供資訊。這個模型將包含多項智能 及環保裝置,例如多種可再生微電源、智能




以及能源管理系統。它還可作為一個試驗場 所,供人學習和研究智能能源轉換及應用的 新科技。

智能電網、電力電子學及納米技術 城大與國際著名的發電、輸電、鐵路基建 企業阿爾斯通控股公司(阿爾斯通)結為




統」,重點在於智能電網、電力電子學與納 米技術等領域。 電子工程學系鍾樹鴻教授說:「設立『智能 城市先進開放系統』是為了建造一個社區能 源管理系統,以便全面節省能源。」城大與 阿爾斯通將聯手向香港創新及科技基金、國 家科學技術部及其他政府機構申請研究資 助撥款。 鍾教授續說:「研究成果將用以建構未來的 智能城市,並將先在城大作應用示範,以供 香港的政府組織及商業大廈參考。」 城大正進行優化用電研究,目標是降低大學 總用電量中佔 34%的課室及演講廳耗電。 這項研究與「智能城市先進開放系統」關係 密切,由阿爾斯通資助,目的在於提供預測 模式。

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Cover Story







獲得可持續發展基金的資助。該計劃旨在 提高公眾對溫室氣體排放及氣候變化的認



由於大數據的出現,我們需要提升下載速 度,而毫米波技術正是這方面發展的關鍵



計了一個網上工具箱,為減少家居的碳排放 提供建議。以耗電量為例,使用者先選擇電






單所示的應繳款額,計算器即可自動算出相 應的二氧化碳排放量。 中電已向城大提供1,000萬港元資助,用於

推廣合作 城大希望在智能城市領域既向其他機構學 習,同時分享本校專長。2016年1月,郭位校




教授前往法國,造訪知名的大學及機構,探 索合作機會。代表團與布依格建築公司探




該公司是全球知名的建築公司,業務遍佈 80

出,該實驗室從 2008年起便致力於「物聯


網」研究,當時這個概念仍未為人熟知。 呂教授說:「布依格曾參與香港多個大型基 陳教授及其團隊研製了一個無線感應器網


絡系統,可供逾 20,000個感應器同時操作,


用途包括煙霧、溫度與濕度探測以及防盜 警報等。數據從各網關收集後,可通過網絡



底改變我們的生活方式,使日常生活更加方 便、更有效率、更少壓力。

陳教授表示:「研發無線技術與流動器件的 交互效用是智能城市概念中重要的一環。








Entrepreneurship – in support of discovery By Michael Gibb, Mirror Fung


Innovation and entrepreneurship education provide students with broader skills in communication, creativity, innovation, leadership and teamwork, which are labeled as the critical skills needed for all students in the 21st century, according to Dr Sun Hongyi, Associate Professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management.

Dr Sun is seeking to develop these skills at a global level. He helped develop CityU’s inaugural MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) programme, which was launched in September 2016. Titled “Foundation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in

Jan 2017 


Professional Education & Research China”, the course encapsulates the essence of the work that CityU has

Ecosystem 1, 2, 3

been deeply involved in over the past academic year: discovery and

In addition, the drive to enhance entrepreneurship on campus


has been boosted by a striking strategic initiative, the CityU Innopreneurship Ecosystem, which held its 1st birthday in September

“Entrepreneurship education will provide students who may wish to start

2016. This ecosystem offers comprehensive support at all stages of an

their own companies with basic concepts and skills that will help them to

entrepreneurial pursuit, from skills enhancement and physical space for

avoid making unnecessary mistakes and lower the risk, and shorten the

start-ups to financial support worth at least HK$6.5 million in total per

time frame, in starting up their own venture,” explains Dr Sun, a former

year, plus additional investment capital for mature enterprises.

winner of the CityU Teaching Excellence Award who counts among his research interests technology and innovation management in Hong Kong

“The Innopreneurship Ecosystem is referred to as ‘i-i-1-2-3’,” explains

and China.

Mr David Ai Chuan, Director of the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO), who is playing a key role in advancing entrepreneurship at CityU.

Platform for change One of the initiatives that CityU is promoting right now is the CityU

The first “i” refers to Innovation Commons, which is a one-stop service

Education Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CePIE), which

centre for channeling all manner of information related to innovation and

is supported by the University Grants Committee (UGC) and CityU

entrepreneurship to the entire campus community.

with the participation of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of Hong Kong. CePIE serves as a platform for scholars,

Not only are a variety of on- and off- campus resources available,

teachers, practitioners, and students in Hong Kong to share experience in

students can also have access to assistance, friendship and mentorship

innovation and entrepreneurship education.

through Innovation Commons.

“CePIE has organised seminars and workshops for students on how to

Dr Sian Chan Sze-ling, Innopreneurship Officer of KTO, is stationed there

start up new businesses, and also for teachers on how to teach creativity,

to help out with enquiries from entrepreneurially minded students.

innovation and entrepreneurship. CePIE has become a platform now

“Entrepreneurship might be considered by some to be a lonely journey,

for teachers from the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. There are 84

but Innovation Commons makes sure that young entrepreneurs have

teachers and 32 mentors from industry registered on the platform now,”

help when it is needed,” Dr Chan says.

Dr Sun says.

Another initiative is the launch by the Run Run Shaw Library and KTO of an online Entrepreneurship Guide in August 2016. The Guide provides practical information and tips on getting started in entrepreneurship, and is quite possibly the most comprehensive current resource in Hong Kong for young entrepreneurs. You can find the guide at: ”These new schemes will enhance the overall strategic design of the entire ecosystem. We aim to provide seamless support for our young start-ups from the earliest stages to a relatively mature venture capitalist-funding stage,” Mr Ai adds. Combined with the coaching and strategic guidance on offer through Innovation Commons, working space and an on-campus incubator system, CityU is fast becoming the place in higher education in Hong Kong for entrepreneurship.




“The CityU Innopreneurship Ecosystem offers comprehensive support at all stages of an entrepreneurial pursuit.” The second “i” refers to incubation, which is another key element. CityU

entire entrepreneurship process, from initial stages and development

has established a joint incubation system with Hong Kong Science and

through to seeking funding from venture capital investors,” explains

Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP). The system enables CityU young

Mr Ai, who has many years’ experience in investment, engineering, law,

entrepreneurs to utilise the many technological benefits that incubated

licensing, and patents, among others.

companies enjoy at HKSTP’s Shatin location and new co-working space “Lion Rock 72” at InnoCentre in Kowloon Tong.

Spotting the next big thing Mr Ai’s background reflects the direction that CityU is taking in

The “1-2-3” aspect refers to the levels of funding on offer to the CityU

promoting entrepreneurship. It is all very well to have a good idea, but

community for entrepreneurial activities.

to develop it requires a range of skill sets.

“We provide them with early support; and mid- and later stage funding,

“Business people don’t necessarily know law, engineers don’t

which means the students’ projects have support all the way through the

necessarily know about creative media, and so forth. The

Jan 2017 


Professional Education & Research

Ecosystem, especially through the physical space of Innovation

databases of patents, for example, and spot great ideas that they can

Commons, brings people from very different backgrounds to share ideas,”

contribute to. Discovery and innovation is the guiding principle, but

he says.

entrepreneurship is also about turning other people’s ideas into great ideas.”

Another area that will be explored increasingly under the DiscoveryEnriched Curriculum (DEC) and through other initiatives, according to

Future plans

Mr Ai, is a focus on evaluating ideas, not just coming up with new ideas.

A number of new initiatives are in the pipeline, according to Mr Ai, and

While it is important to focus on discovery and innovation in and of itself,

one that has just come into play is the Innopreneurship Mentoring

not every student will be an Einstein.

Scheme launched in October 2016. So far 11 teams have been matched up with appropriate mentors. In addition, several CityU young

“A lot of successful entrepreneurs succeed by identifying good ideas

entrepreneurial teams are now using the co-working space ”Lion Rock 72”

and then collaborating,” Mr Ai says. “Students need to be able to search

where they are excited to spark innovation and scale up their businesses.

Funding opportunities CityU offers funding avenues and advice and assistance from initial conception to later stage development, such as how to interest venture capitalists. Innovation Commons supports the CityU community in creating and formulating innovative ideas, educates students about intellectual property, and nurtures their ideas in order to mature intellectual property and seek appropriate ways to protect it. • Student Early Entrepreneurship Development Scheme (SEEDS), set up under the offices of the Provost and the Vice-President (Research and Technology), and administered by KTO, funds student projects that lead to new products or services and new intellectual property. It offers the first funding support for ideas to be nurtured into strong candidates for more substantive funding support later on. • Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU), launched by the Innovation and Technology Commission, encourages university students, alumni and professors to start up technology business. Around 20 CityU technology start-ups initiated by our students, alumni or faculty members have received TSSSU funding. • CityUE Investment Fund, established by CityUE Enterprises Limited, aims to provide funding support to start-up companies established by the CityU community, following a lead venture capital or an angel investor. • The Student Contest Support Fund (SCSF) supports students’ participation in relevant contests/ competitions. The fund helps to cover the cost of materials, registration fees, and travel subsidies for contests/competitions where they can present their innovative ideas or products.




創業:促進探究發現 系統工程及工程管理學系副教授孫洪義博士認為,創新及創 業教育可培養學生多種技能,包括溝通、創意、創新、領導能 力與團隊合作,這些都是21世紀學生須掌握的重要技能。

生傳授基本概念與技能,幫助他們在創立公司之初避免犯不必要 的錯誤,以及減低風險、縮短時間。」 支援創新創業的平台












時培訓教員講授創意、創新與創業的技巧。CePIE服務兩岸三地的 教師,目前已有84名教師與32名來自業界的導師在該平台註冊。」

Jan 2017 


Professional Education & Research


第一個「i」指「創意工作坊」(Innovation Commons),這是個一站



鏈」的長遠發展措施,至 2016年9月已成立一周年。這項舉措為創業


者在各個創業階段提供全面支援,包括技巧培訓、提供辦公地點以 至每年總額不少於 650萬港元的財政資助,更會為成熟的創新企業



獲得幫助與指導,結識朋友。知識轉移處創新創業主任陳思陵博士 專職負責解答學生有關創業的查詢及給予指導。陳博士說:「有人




及時獲得幫助。」 第二個「i」指另一要素「創業培育」(incubation)。城大與香港科 技園公司合作推出創業培育計劃,城大的年輕創業者可在沙田的科 學園,以及九龍塘創新中心的全新初創協作基地「Lion Rock 72」獲 得多項初創企業的技術支援。 「1-2-3」指的是城大師生校友在不同創業階段可以獲得的資助。 艾先生解釋說:「在創業初期,我們向他們提供支援;到了中後期, 則向他們提供撥款資助。學生因此可以在整個創業過程中都得到支 援,從最初階段到發展階段,一直到向創業投資基金尋求撥款。」 艾先生在投資、工程學、法律、授權經營、專利等領域均具有豐富 經驗。

另一項舉措是邵逸夫圖書館與知識轉移處合作,在 2016年 8月推出的網上「創業指引」。該指引 為年輕企業家提供初次創業的實用資訊與提示,很可能是香港現時最全面的創業資源。「創業 指引」的網址是:。 艾先生補充說:「這些新計劃將全面提升整個創新創業鏈的長遠規劃。我們希望為年輕創業者 在各階段提供無間斷的協助,由最初階段一直到獲得創業投資基金的較成熟階段。」 創意工作坊為學生提供輔導與策略指導,加上校內創業培育系統及協作空間,城大正迅速成為 香港高等教育界的創業尖兵。









以發揮的好意念。探索與創新只是指導原則,要成功創業亦講求 將別人的意念變得更好。」

他舉例說:「商界人士可能不懂法律,工程師可能不了解創意媒體。 推出創新創業鏈,尤其是提供創意工作坊這樣的場地,可讓背景各



艾先生表示,多項新舉措正在籌劃中。其中之一是 2016年10月 新推出的「創新創業導師計劃」。目前已有11個團隊與創業導師


配對。此外,幾隊城大年輕企業團隊已進駐協作基地「Lion Rock




獲取撥款的途徑 從初步構想到之後的發展階段,如吸引創業投資者,城大都會提供方 法、建議與協助。創意工作坊支持師生校友的創意及構思、向他們講解 知識產權、培育創新意念,使之得以成熟,並尋找適合方式以保護學生 的知識產權。 • 「創意種子計劃」(SEEDS)由學務副校長室與副校長室(研究及科 技)創立,知識轉移處管理,資助可產生新產品或服務及新知識產權 的學生項目。該計劃為創新意念提供第一筆撥款,將其培育成更有實 力的計劃,以期日後獲得更多撥款。 • 創新科技署推出的「大學科技初創企業資助計劃」,鼓勵大學師生及 校友創立科技初創企業。約有20家由城大師生及校友創辦的初創科 技企業獲得這項資助。 • 由城大企業有限公司成立的「城大企業投資基金」,會考慮追隨領頭 創業投資者或天使投資者,向城大師生校友的初創公司提供資助。 • 「學生競賽資助基金」支持學生參加相關的比賽,協助支付參賽所需 的材料費、報名費及旅費,使他們得以展示其創意或產品。

Jan 2017 


Professional Education & Research

Nurturing future social entrepreneurs By Cathy Choi


Sometimes talking is not enough.

He is particularly interested in encouraging students to pursue social entrepreneurship,

“Every day people talk about different social

i.e., using techniques from the business

and environmental issues in society, but

sector to try to solve social or even cultural

mere discussion is inadequate. It is through

and environmental problems. In fact, his

inspiration and action that change takes place,”

research interests focus on social innovation,

says Dr Yanto Chandra, Assistant Professor of

entrepreneurship, and social finance. His

the Department of Public Policy.

teaching technique, though, is not to simply offer the students a series of lectures. Teaching

Dr Chandra, who was one of the three winners

students how to fish is far more important

of the 2016 Teaching Excellence Award at CityU,

than simply giving them the fish – that is his

passionately believes that students can be


trained to become change makers and solve social problems through innovation. Although

So Dr Chandra, who has a PhD in

youngsters might be afraid of taking risks,

Entrepreneurship Science from the University

when it comes to innovation, he says, patience

of New South Wales in Australia, asks students

is required.

to find ways to witness social problems by taking them to the streets, i.e., taking action to discover for oneself.




Dr Yanto Chandra 蔡振榮博士

This approach often involves the translation of

as nannies. The app enables nannies to work on

The other project was a prototype app that

conceptual thinking to practice. For instance, in

a part-time or even full-time basis to help look

encourages people to use digital receipts

the second half of the semester students work

after young children while their parents are

instead of paper to reduce the use of paper and

on a hands-on innovation project on social

away. This project was the second prize winner

ink, and thereby relieve the stress on landfills.


in the 2016 Challenge Cup (Social Enterprise)

This app was named one of the best products

National Competition—Hong Kong Region

via student voting and course evaluations.

One of the projects was a prototype Uber-

Final. The students were selected to participate

like mobile application that seeks to connect

at the national level in Sichuan, China, and won

Dr Chandra even asks students to regard their

parents with young children and senior citizens

a gold prize.

final projects as “the last ever project in life” to build a resumé showcasing their talent and particular achievements before graduation.

“It is through inspiration and action that change takes place.”

From here, Dr Chandra encourages students to enter their final projects in various internal and external competitions. Quite a few entries have won awards.

Jan 2017 


Professional Education & Research At the end of the semester, Dr Chandra

Festival. The personal safety device for abuse

invites some outstanding entrepreneurs and

and crime deterrence called “The Eye” aims

experts from industry to assess the students.

to save someone from danger. The Eye is

Independent judges are essential for giving

equipped with an alarm and a camera, and a

students valuable advice and updated

user can activate the device via a pin in case

information about industry, he argues.

of emergency. The device would then emit a sound notifying the command centre to take

“Students like prompt feedback from the judges

action or report to police whenever necessary.

and they genuinely take note of what is said

培育社會企業 的未來英才 有時候,光說不練是不夠的。 城大公共政策學系助理教授蔡振榮博士說:

Other prototypes, like the smart walking stick


“Transfriendly”, which helps people with visual


The classroom remains an important part of

impairments to take buses, won an award


the teaching experience, though, Dr Chandra

at the My Own Discovery Contest in 2014.

adds. An example used in Dr Chandra’s courses

Another student project, one that seeks to turn

蔡博士是城大 2016年傑出教學獎三位得獎

to show how an innovative out-of-the-box

finger motion into speech through a glove


idea can have multiple uses and can interest

connected with a special programme for the


multiple stakeholders is the use of rats to solve

disabled, won the main prize in the Project


humanitarian issues. It might seem to be a

Flame Social Innovation Pitching Contest in


counter-intuitive idea but in fact certain rats,

2014. The students filed a patent application in

such as African giant pouched rats, can be


and make the necessary improvement,” he adds.

蔡博士尤其鼓勵學生運用從工商界學到的 技能去嘗試解決社會問題,甚至是與文化及

trained in the lab to detect landmines because they possess super sensitive noses. The rats

“I tell my students that there are many ways to


can in fact save human lives, and at a fraction

help people to innovate, and that essentially


of the cost of conventional mine detection

innovation favours the prepared minds,” he

technology. It is certainly an innovative idea


and one that can be developed through collaborative thinking. That’s why Dr Chandra regularly gets students to brainstorm ideas, by sketching, drawing and creating prototypes using 3D printing technology. Efforts are paying off. A smart prototype device developed by students supervised by Dr Chandra won an award in the My Own Discovery Contest at the 2016 CityU Discovery

Dr Yanto Chandra and the students who won a gold prize for the Social Enterprise Category in the Challenge Cup (National Competition) in China.







獎。那是一個名為「The Eye」的個人安全








蔡博士擁有澳洲新南威爾士大學企業科學 博士學位,他會引導學生上街親自觀察、感





















「說話」。這項作品在 2014年城大「火焰






拔賽 –2016香港大學生創新及創業大賽二


等獎,繼而獲選參與四川省的國家級競賽, 勇奪金獎。 另一個與應用程式有關的項目,則鼓勵大家

蔡博士總結道:「我常常跟學生說,幫助 因此蔡博士鼓勵學生多動腦筋思考,繪製草







導的學生在 2016年城大「探索創新節」上獲

負擔。該程式經學生投票及課堂評核後,獲 選為最佳作品之一。 蔡博士甚至會要求學生將習作視為「人生最 後一份習作」,認真思考及動手,畢業後撰 寫個人簡歷時,用以展示個人才能與優秀之 處。這亦是蔡博士鼓勵學生參與各類校內外 比賽的因由;當中不少作品更贏得獎項。 到了學期尾聲,蔡博士會邀請幾位業內傑出 企業家及專家對學生的作品作出評價。他

「幫助別人創新有很多方法, 而創新總是偏愛有準備的人。」

Jan 2017 


Donor Voices

Founded in 2014, the City University of Hong Kong Foundation (CityU Foundation) enables members of the public and those who care about CityU to contribute to the University’s growth and educational progress in Hong Kong. Members of the Foundation will share their life stories in CityU Today. 「香港城市大學基金」於2014年成 立,旨在為社會賢達和關心城大 發展的朋友搭建平台,共同為香港 教育和城大發展作出貢獻。《今日 城大》每期將訪問一位城大基金會 員,邀請他們分享人生故事。

Be bold, be innovative Born and raised in Hong Kong, the entrepreneur Dr Yeung Kin-man, JP, built his business empire from scratch with only HK$100,000 as seed money, put up by himself, his mother and his wife. Apart from being a technology and innovation enthusiast, he is also a generous philanthropist.

expenses for new machines would sink our business if we didn’t win new orders from them,” Dr Yeung admitted. Nevertheless, he took up the challenge and purchased the new machines required. After completing the first one million units, the products were well received by the market and his company was asked to produce a total of 100 million pieces.

Dr Yeung is currently the Chief Executive of Biel

Since then, his business has continued to expand

Crystal (HK) Manufactory Limited. The company

and gradually became an empire.

produces glass screens for one-third of all mobile phones and watches in the world. From its

However, Dr Yeung has not stopped his pursuit of

factories in Shenzhen and Huizhou, Biel works

innovative research. For instance, he developed the

with renowned brands such as Apple, Huawei,

curved glass screen and laser direct image sensing

Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi.

technique which brought huge success to his company.

In the 1970s, he spotted that Japan had been using glass instead of plastic for watch screens.

In addition to his successful business, Dr Yeung

“But such glass screens were not available in Hong

is a firm believer in philanthropy. The word

Kong at that time,” he said. “So, with the help of

“thanksgiving” is actually embedded in the Chinese

a friend, I imported the machines from Japan

characters of the name of his company, Biel.

that we needed to produce glass screens for watches. Consumers were really impressed by our

Since his initial connection with CityU in 2015, he

innovative designs and good quality.” Dr Yeung Kin-man, JP

The other gap in the market he identified was

• President, Biel Crystal (Hong Kong) Manufactory Limited

replacing plastic screens on mobile phones with

• Co-Chairman, Board of Governors, City University of Hong Kong Foundation

glass ones. Not long after, in 2003, Motorola began to use Biel’s glass screens for their smartphones. They initially placed an order for one million units. “Biel’s capacity then was only a few thousand watch screens each month. To accept Motorola’s order, we needed to acquire expensive advanced machines. The order was a big challenge. The



• Honorary Doctor, City University of Hong Kong • Honorary Patron, City University of Hong Kong Foundation • 2015 Leader of the Year – Commerce and Industry / Finance, Sing Tao News Corporation Limited • 2016 Industrialist of the Year, Federation of Hong Kong Industries • President, Hong Kong Industrial and Commercial Association • The fifth Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award by The Mirror Post Cultural Enterprises Company Limited • Outstanding Achievement Award 2016 by the Professional


By Cathy Lau


has been deeply impressed by CityU’s emphasis on creativity and innovation. These attributes align with the Biel business philosophy. He felt that CityU, as a young university, deserved more support, especially in light of its strong academic performance in recent international ranking exercises and its dedication to students. To show his support, he donated HK$200 million to the University in support of its School of Veterinary Medicine, scientific research and overseas exchange programmes for students. Reviewing his experience, Dr Yeung suggests three points for success. First, be honest and sincere. Only a person with integrity can gain trust from the others. Secondly, work hard, focus on self-improvement and be willing to take on more responsibilities. Thirdly, he encourages young people to actively expand their social networks. Dr Yeung’s success reflects his deep desire to innovate for the advancement of society, and to always find ways to help others, especially young people starting out on their life’s journey. Validation Council of Hong Kong Industries

勇於創新、敢於嘗試 楊建文博士太平紳士在香港土生土長,當年與 母親、太太三人合資十萬元創業,是典型白手 興家的企業家。他不僅熱衷科研及敢於創新, 亦是樂善好施的慈善家。 楊博士現為伯恩光學(香港)有限公司(伯恩) 總裁,在深圳和惠州兩地的廠房生產手機及手 錶屏幕,產量達全球三分之一。著名的手機商, 如蘋果、華為、三星、索尼、小米等,都是伯恩的 客戶。 上世紀七十年代,日本手錶開始使用玻璃鏡面 代替塑膠面。楊博士回憶說:「當時香港還未有 玻璃鏡面手錶;我便透過朋友介紹,從日本進口 機器,開始做玻璃面的手錶。因為創新和品質 好,產品非常暢銷。」 楊博士由此想到,既然手錶可以用玻璃鏡面,為 甚麼手提電話還用塑膠屏幕呢?於是開始研發 手機玻璃屏幕。2003年,摩托羅拉的智能電話 便開始採用伯恩的玻璃屏幕,第一張訂單就達 一百萬件。 他說:「當時伯恩每月生產的手錶鏡面只有幾千 件,要接下這項訂單便得添置昂貴的新機器。那 時我們好比在十字路口,如果他們日後不再加 單,添置新機器的龐大開支可能會拖累公司。」

他決定把握這個難得的機會,購置了新機器。結 果產品大受歡迎,生產訂單由一百萬件增加至 一億件。公司的業務自此不斷發展,並奠定了手 機屏幕王國的地位。但是楊博士沒有因此而停 止創新求變,反而不斷改良技術,例如研發曲面 屏幕和雷射感光玻璃,為公司帶來一次又一次的 成功。 楊博士也是位古道熱腸的大慈善家,對任何事 都存感恩之心,「伯恩」這個名字便是由此而 來。 自2015年初次接觸城大,楊博士深深感受到城 大重視創意和創新,與他一直以來的做事理念 相近。他同時看到,城大作為一間年輕的大學, 學術成績突出,排名在近年不斷上升,而且非常 重視學生的培養,因此慷慨捐助二億港元,以支 持城大動物醫學院、大學科研和學生海外交流。 楊博士總結其人生經驗時認為,成功因素有三: 第一、真誠待人,有誠信才能贏得別人的信任; 第二、勤奮做事,不斷充實自己,不斤斤計較; 第三、積極擴闊生活圈子,廣交朋友。 楊博士創新不斷、熱心貢獻社會、樂於助人,尤 其重視培養年輕人發展事業,這些也是他的成 功之道。


• 新界鄉議局顧問

• 伯 恩光學 (香港) 有限公司總裁

• 香 港廣東社團總會常務會長

• 香 港城市大學基金理事會聯席主席

• 築 福香港慈善基金會常務副主席

• 香 港城市大學榮譽博士

• 香 港惠州社團聯合總會常務副會長

• 香 港城市大學基金最高榮譽會長

• 惠州市政協委員

• Deputy Chairman, Happy Hong Kong Charity Foundation

• 星島新聞集團2015年傑出領袖獎(工商/金融)

• 廣 東省外商投資企業協會副會長

• Executive Vice-Chairman, Hong Kong Federation of Hui Chow Association

• 香 港工商總會會長

• Honorary President, The Association of Hong Kong Professionals • Consultant, Heung Yee Kuk New Territories • President, Federation of Hong Kong Guangdong Community Organizations

• Member of the Huizhou Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference • Deputy Chairman of Guangdong Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment

• 香 港工業總會 2016年「傑出工業家獎」 • 鏡 報文化企業有限公司第五屆傑出企業社會 責任獎 • 香 港工業專業評審局2016年傑出成就獎 • 香 港專業人士協會名譽會長

Jan 2017 


Gown to Town

Eliminating global By Mirror Fung



Approximately 17.4 million young girls around the world get married unwillingly each year, that is, one every two seconds, due to reasons such as family difficulties, traditional concepts and cultural customs. “I visited a Cambodian girl who dropped out of school and got married

“I was born in a poor family. I have eight brothers and sisters, and I

at the age of 16 because her husband would help work in the paddy field

had to get up around six in the morning to wash the clothes of all my

for her family and her older brother would be able to go to school. She

family members. So I have been deeply concerned about poverty and

did not want to marry so young, but she had no choice. I felt sad at the

inequality between men and women since childhood,” Kanie said. She felt

thought that she might probably live like this for her entire life without any hope,” said Ms Kanie Siu Mei-kuen, Chief Executive Officer of Plan International Hong Kong. Besides child marriage, girls in many developing countries face other threats, including deprivation of schooling, child labour, female genital mutilation, sexual violence and child trafficking. These problems may simply be regarded by many as other people’s stories, but Kanie has great empathy with children. Kanie worked for major corporations such as a bank, a catering group and a real estate agency for ten years after graduating in Business and Administration. She then decided to join Oxfam Hong Kong with a reduced salary. “I wanted to contribute to the elimination of unfairness in the world,” she said. While at Oxfam, she instituted the public relations and sales and marketing strategies often adopted by business corporations, initiating promotions on the street, promoting marketing taglines and maintaining good relationships between donors and recipients. She then joined Plan International Hong Kong as the Chief Executive Officer in 2015 after becoming very interested in a global movement, “Because I am a Girl”, driven by Plan International to ensure girls everywhere can learn, lead, decide and thrive.



Plan International set up a temporary learning centre in Nepal after an earthquake.



grateful that she could improve her life a great deal by making use of her

with Dr Chan Yuk-wah, Associate Professor of the Department of Asian

knowledge and through hard work.

and International Studies (AIS), and other students from various places. They offered me inspiring ideas,” she said.

“We aim to help the neglected in society, particularly girls. We want to help the poor overcome poverty by providing them with access to

In the Plan International Hong Kong Youth Conference “Justice: Because

education, health-care services and better living environment. The

I am a Girl” co-organised by Plan International Hong Kong and CityU’s

biggest challenge to our endeavour is government regulations and

AIS in 2015 and 2016, students from secondary schools and students

deeply rooted social custom.”

and alumni from AIS joined to discuss issues about girls in developing countries.

With a passion for learning, Kanie has studied for several academic degrees, including the Master of Social Sciences in Development Studies

Kanie felt that she was indeed fortunate to have the opportunity to get

at CityU in 2012. “In this programme, I learned about human rights law

an education. She hopes that young people cherish such opportunities

and the latest social developments such as climate change, corporate

and broaden their vision, as knowledge can really change their destiny

social responsibility and tourism development. The programme has

and help them find ways to solve their own problems and those of

expanded my views on development studies and I became acquainted


Jan 2017 


Gown to Town

消除世間的 每年,全球約有1,740萬名女童因家庭環境、傳統觀念、文化 習俗等因素而被迫早婚,即約每兩秒便有一名。 國際培幼會(香港)總幹事蕭美娟女士(Kanie)說:「我探訪過一個 柬埔寨女孩,她16歲便輟學結婚,原因是婚後丈夫可以幫自己家裏 種田,哥哥可以去上學讀書。她不想早婚,卻毫無辦法。想到她很可 能就這樣度過一生,看不到任何希望,我就十分難過。」

In 2016, Kanie visited Cambodian girls who married young.


除了早婚,很多發展中國家的女童還要面對失學、成為童工、割禮、 性暴力、被販賣等問題。不少人會覺得這些只是他人的故事,Kanie 卻感同身受。

構標語、維繫捐款者與受助人之間的良好關係等。2015年她因為 對國際培幼會在全球推動的「愛‧女孩」行動大感興趣,遂加入國



型企業工作達十年之後,毅然減薪加入樂施會。她說:「我希望為消 除世間的不公平盡一分力。」

「愛‧女孩」行動旨在確保世界各地的女孩能獲得求學、領導、自 決和健康成長的權利。她說:「我有八兄弟姊妹,童年家貧,早上




念深有感受。」她慶幸自己可以憑藉知識和努力改善生活。「我們 的目標是協助社會上被忽視的一群— 特別是女童—脫貧,為他 們提供教育和健康服務,助他們改善生活環境。當中最大的困難, 在於改變政府規例及根深蒂固的社會風俗。」

Kanie好學不倦,擁有多個學位,2012年在城大修畢發展研究社會 科學碩士課程。她說:「我從課程中了解到相關的人權法及最新的 社會發展,如氣候變化、企業社會責任、旅遊發展等,助我拓闊對 發展研究的視野。我也認識了亞洲及國際學系副教授陳玉華博士 及來自不同地區的同學,得到很多啓發。」 國際培幼會(香港)在 2015年及 2016年更與城大亞洲及國際學系 合辦「愛‧女孩‧爭取公義」青年會議,邀請多間中學的學生一起 深入探討不同發展中國家的女童議題,亞洲及國際學系的學生及 校友亦獲邀參與討論。 The Plan International Hong Kong Youth Conference 2016 was co-organised with CityU.




Kanie認為自己有機會接受教育,實在十分幸運。她希望青年人懂 得珍惜,努力拓寬視野,因為知識真的可以改變命運,解決自身及 社會面對的問題。


By Chua Yan-ching Department of Applied Social Sciences 文:蔡仁靖 應用社會科學系


I have been living on the CityU campus in Kowloon Tong for four years. For the first two years I was studying for an Associate Degree in Financial Services in the Community College of City University. Now I am studying a social work programme in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at CityU. In addition to being a student, I am a middle-to-long distance runner. This means that I have to study harder and have better timemanagement than my peers. I have to train regularly and compete in many different places. As a result, I have developed a habit of studying whenever I have time. I ask classmates immediately if there are things that I don’t understand. I also need to find ways to work with teammates on assignments and projects. Many people say student athletes should not choose to study social work because the workload is too heavy. But I was determined to overcome the difficulties and strike a balance between school and running. Switching from financial services to social sciences was almost like starting from scratch, I had to learn everything again. Not only did I not regret my decision, I started to work even harder. It is my wish to be able to continue my studies and maintain my life as a student athlete.

Jan 2017 


Student Voices

I have high standards in terms of sports. Three

I also trained with the CityU cross-country team in

times a week of basic training is a must. But

Taipei for several days alongside athletes from local

sometimes I cannot train together with my

universities, and experienced different methods

teammates or coach, and I do the training on

of training. All of these experiences have helped

my own in between classes. Few people can

improve my performance, and allowed me to

understand the pain and loneliness during

learn more about local culture, which gives

those times.

meaning to the Chinese saying: It is better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books.

Once I was not satisfied with the training result, and tears streamed down as I left the

“Keep running and don’t let yourself regret.”

sports ground. I thought about giving up,

I use this motto to remind myself to keep going,

but when the tears were dry, I encouraged

whether it’s on the sports field or at school. I

myself by thinking: keep running and

hope everyone has the courage to take a leap

don’t let yourself regret.

of faith, without regretting that they didn’t try their best.

There is no quitting in the middle of a race; you just have to keep going and finish the race. I have had a lot of opportunities to go overseas while at CityU. I have run marathons in Busan in South Korea and the Gold Coast in Australia, which broadened my horizons. I now know that there are big differences between Hong Kong and overseas in the atmosphere and management of competitions.




堅持不懈 我在城大九龍塘校園度過了四年,首兩年 在城大專上學院修讀金融服務副學士課 程,現在修讀城大人文及社會科學院的社 工課程。

一起訓練或在教練督導下完成練習,便會抽 一些課堂之間的時間自行完成訓練,不是親 身經歷,很少人會明白那種辛苦孤單。 有一次因為練習結果不理想,離開運動場











想方設法配合組員,去完成一份份功課和 報告。

在城大,我獲得不少到海外交流的機會,曾 到韓國釜山和澳洲黃金海岸參加馬拉松比





心,便可以在讀書和跑步之間取得平衡,克 服困難。

學校亦為我提供到海外集訓的機會,如和 越野隊隊員一起去台北與當地大學運動員












去,別讓自己後悔」這句話提醒自己堅持下 去。希望大家都能勇於跑出第一步,不要後 悔自己當初為何沒有盡力去做。

Jan 2017 


In the Know

Cross-disciplinary fight against phone fraud 跨學科合作打擊電話騙局

By Dr Jessica Li Chi-mei Department of Applied Social Sciences

文:李紫媚博士 應用社會科學系




From social science to cross-disciplinary collaboration

crime prevention and big data-mining projects

In my work, I stress the importance of cross-

Foundation and the National Natural Science

disciplinary collaboration across the social

Foundation of China in 2015. Through those

and natural sciences as well as innovation in

aforementioned projects, I am keen to create

research and teaching. Trained in social work

knowledge on crime prevention (especially on

and criminology, I combine knowledge from

fraud crime) and to transfer this knowledge to

these two disciplines to contribute new ideas

students through teaching and learning.

funded by the Guangdong Natural Science

on how to build safe and secure communities, especially for disadvantaged groups. As a

From teaching to serving society

member of the CityU Apps Lab (CAL) and

I encourage CityU students to make use of

the recipient of a couple of Teaching and

their knowledge to benefit society. In a recent

Development Grants (TDG) from the Office

TDG project called Crime Prevention Discovery

of Education Development and Gateway

Channel, approximately 100 local and overseas

Education (EDGE), my project partners and I

students received 12 activity-based learning

are keen to encourage students to apply digital

sessions. Offered the opportunity to experience

technology to advance social welfare, create

inter-disciplinary peer learning, these students

a safe environment and achieve knowledge

collaborated with 20 students from the

transfer that benefits communities.

Department of Electronic Engineering (EE) and

elderly and retired citizens. Phone fraud is an

(From left) Dr Michael Wong Chak-sham, Dr Jessica Li, Professor Richard Walker, Dr Ray Cheung Chak-chung and Dr Ron Kwok Chi-wai.

(左起)王澤森博士、李紫媚博士、華樂勤教授、 張澤松博士、郭致偉博士。

the School of Creative Media to form 12 teams.

emerging and pressing issue, not only in Hong

From research to teaching

These teams created innovative apps for crime

Kong but also around the world, especially

I am the Principal Investigator for two

prevention. One of the teams was composed of

in Asia. I am grateful for the help from faculty

competitive grants (Early Career Scheme

Charlie Lam, Bryan Luk and Derek Cheung, who

members from CAL: Dr Ray Cheung Chak-chung,

and Public Policy Research) awarded by the

received the undergraduate runner-up CLASS

Associate Professor of EE and Director of CAL;

Research Grants Council in 2012 in support

(College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences)

Professor Richard M. Walker, Chair Professor of

of my research on financial fraud against the

DEC Award from CityU in 2016 for the ingenuity

the Department of Public Policy; Dr Ron Kwok

elderly and social responses to compensated

of its Phone Fraud Terminator app. This piece

Chi-wai, Associate Professor of the Department

dating, respectively. I am also a co-investigator

of technology reduces phone deception, and

of Information Systems; and Dr Michael

for a cross-institutional/disciplinary research

initiated a collaboration between CityU and the

Wong Chak-sham, Associate Professor of the

team led by Professor Liu Lin from Sun Yat-

Hong Kong Police Force in the fight against this

Department of Economics and Finance. The

sen University working on two theme-based

kind of crime.

five of us have been nominated in the Teaching Excellence Awards—Team Award, with an

Anticipated social impact

ambition to start a new chapter of tertiary

This app will be tested to evaluate how it

education aiming at nurturing students with

benefits vulnerable groups, including the

transversal and transferrable competencies.

“Phone fraud is an emerging and pressing issue, not only in Hong Kong but also around the world, especially in Asia.” Jan 2017 


In the Know

伍,體驗「跨學科同儕學習」。每隊各自設 計創新的應用程式,用作防止罪行。其中一 隊由學生藍采妮、陸子瑋及張駿邦作為骨 幹,創作的應用程式「智破電話詐騙」,榮 獲城大「2016年人文及社會科學院重探索 求創新本科生獎」亞軍。這個應用程式有助 減少電話騙案,並促成城大與香港警務處合 作,共同打擊這類罪行。 從社會科學到跨學科合作


























共政策學系講座教授華樂勤教授、資訊系 統學系副教授郭致偉博士以及經濟及金融

用數碼科技推動社會福利,建立安全的環 通過教學造福社會















Dr Jessica Li, Assistant Professor (since 2011) and Associate Director of the CityU Apps Lab (since 2014), was a social worker for the youth-at-risk services and offender rehabilitation for about 15 years prior to joining CityU. Dr Li has received her education from CityU and the University of Cambridge, and is a registered social worker and an awardee of the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.

李紫媚博士自2011年起擔任城大助理教授,並自2014年起任應用程式實驗室副總監。 入職城大前,曾任職社會工作者約15年,服務邊緣青少年及更新人士。李博士為註冊社 工,早年於城大及英國劍橋大學接受教育,並為劍橋英聯邦信託獎學金得主。




Emerging Media: Uses and Dynamics Professor Li Xigen, Department of Media and Communication Routledge, 2016

Hong Kong Architecture 1945–2015: From Colonial to Global Dr Charlie Xue Qiuli, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering Springer, 2016

This book is a comprehensive examination of emerging

This book focuses on the transformation from colonial to global: the

media evolution and concurrent

formation, mechanism, events, works and people related to urban

social interaction. It provides an

architecture. It reveals the hardships that the city encountered in

understanding of media use in

the 1950s and the glamour enjoyed in the 1980s. It depicts public

the expanding digital age and fills

and private developments, and especially public housing, which has

the void in the existing literature

sheltered millions of residents. The author identifies the architects

in exploring emerging new media

practising in the formative years and the representatives of a

use as a dynamic communication

rising generation after 1970. In spite of land shortage and a dense

process in cyberspace. The book

environment, the urban development of Hong Kong has in the

addresses issues arising with the use of emerging media during

past 70 years met the changing demands of fluctuating economic

the second decade of online communication, the Web 2.0 era, in

activities and a rising

which digital media and the internet provide users with interactive

population. Architecture in

communication. With a series of empirical studies on media use and

Hong Kong has been shaped

online communication, the book offers a systematic analysis of the

by social demands, the

communication processes and behaviours in the networked digital

economy and technology.

world along the lines of media evolution. The studies test existing

The buildings have been

media theories within the context of emerging media, offering new

forged by the government,

perspectives and theoretical contributions to the field of media and

clients, planners, architects,


many contractors and endusers.





Routledge出版社,2016 年

Springer 出版社,2016 年




















Jan 2017 


New floral emblem 簕杜鵑獲選為「城花」

Brazil bougainvillea encapsulates the dynamic, colourful and resilient CityU spirit. 簕杜鵑象徵朝氣蓬勃、豐富多彩、強韌堅毅的城大精神。

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