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New era in veterinary education 獸醫教育新紀元

Chasing the wind 追風者

Biochips and early cancer detection 研究生物晶片 及早診斷治療癌症

From the Editor

The new Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM), to be launched in September 2017 at CityU, is certainly a major milestone in the development of the University but also a landmark event in the history of higher education and professional training in Hong Kong. If a student wanted to become a vet in the past, she or he would normally have to train overseas. Now, they can stay in Hong Kong and take advantage of what promises to be one of the most versatile, international, academically challenging and locally relevant degrees in town. Science and art feature prominently in this issue, too. Our researchers are making interesting progress in the use of chips for the early detection of cancer and one of our award-winning professors discusses wind engineering and chasing storms. We will also add some aesthetic flavour with an exploration of the Tong-an ships exhibition and our recent focus on the Italian Jesuit artist Giuseppe Castiglione. So happy reading!

城大新近宣佈將於2017年9月推出獸醫學學士課程,這既是我校 發展的重要里程碑,亦是香港高等教育及專業培訓歷史上的大事。 過往學生若想成為獸醫,通常只能遠赴海外接受培訓。現在,他 們再不必遠涉重洋去海外學習。他們可以留在香港,在本地攻讀 達國際標準、又切合本地需求的獸醫學學士學位;課程覆蓋面廣 且富挑戰性。閱讀本期《今日城大》封面故事,即可詳盡了解新設 立的獸醫學學士課程。 本期亦對科學與藝術作了專題報道。城大研究人員研製檢測早期 癌症的晶片取得重大進展;另一位獲獎城大教授則講述風工程 與追逐風暴的故事。本期雜誌亦有介紹藝術之美的文章,講述 「同安‧潮—新媒體藝術展」以及近期的意大利耶穌會藝術家 郎世寧的新媒體藝術展。 祝開卷愉快!

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New era in veterinary education

A pioneering undergraduate degree in



veterinary medicine will be launched in September 2017, a first for Hong Kong.

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城大將於2017年9月率先推出香港首個獸醫 學學士課程。

Oct 2016




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Economic cooperation key for growth and development 關注區內問題



17 Chasing the wind 追風者 20


Biochips and early cancer detection 研究生物晶片 及早診斷治療癌症



Global recruitment for CityU MOOCs 城大慕課 全球招生

A new wonderland for exhibitions

展覽新樂園 再現藝術傑作



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Honorary Fellowships for six distinguished persons 頒授榮譽院士銜予 六位傑出人士

26 Through The Lens


Reacting to today’s energy challenges 應對當今能源挑戰

32 Donor Voices


Aiming for a better tomorrow 射以觀德

34 Gown to Town


Facing death positively 優秀社工 助人正面看待死亡

37 Student Voices

學生心聲 The road to MIT 通往麻省理工之路

40 Books


today is published three times a year by City University of Hong Kong. The mission of the magazine is to inform our stakeholders around the world about CityU issues, people, activities and achievements. 《今日城大》每年三期,旨在報道香港城市大學在教學、研究及外務發展上的最新動向。

Oct 2016 


News & Notable

Honorary Fellowships for six distinguished persons 頒授榮譽院士銜予六位傑出人士

Six distinguished persons were conferred the title of Honorary Fellow in recognition of their distinctive contributions to the development of, and service to, the University. The distinguished persons are: • Mr Winfred Chan Hon-pun, Director of Happy Brave Trading Co Ltd & Whitby Sun Sun Ltd; • Ms Shirley Chan Suk-ling, Vice-Chairman of YGM Trading Ltd & Director of Yangtzekiang Garment Ltd; • Ms Dilys Chau Suet-fung, Partner of Ernst & Young; • Dr Haywood Cheung, Chairman and Executive Director of Target Insurance (Holdings) Limited; • Professor Michael Kotlikoff, Provost of Cornell University; • Ir Dr Lo Wai-kwok, Member of the Legislative Council representing the Engineering Functional Constituency.

城大頒授榮譽院士名銜予六位傑出人士,以表彰他們促進城大發展 並為之服務的傑出貢獻。他們是: • 奔驊貿易有限公司及新新惠比有限公司董事陳漢斌先生; • YGM貿易有限公司副主席及長江製衣有限公司董事陳淑玲女士; • 安永會計師事務所合夥人周雪鳳女士;

(From left) Ir Dr Lo Wai-kwok, Professor Michael Kotlikoff, Ms Dilys Chau Suet-fung, Ms Shirley Chan Suk-ling, Dr Haywood Cheung and Mr Winfred Chan Hon-pun. (左起) 盧偉國博士、Michael Kotlikoff教授、周雪鳳女士、陳淑玲女士、張德熙博士、 陳漢斌先生。

• 泰加保險(控股)有限公司主席兼執行董事張德熙博士; • 美國康奈爾大學學務副校長Michael Kotlikoff教授; • 立法會工程界功能組別議員盧偉國博士。

Ranking rising 城大排名節節上升   Recent achievements in global rankings highlight the strength of our research, faculty, students and programmes. We have risen two places and are now ranked 55th in the world and 7th in Asia, while we have maintained our position as the 4th best university in the world under 50 years of age in 2016, according to Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). In fact, the QS Asia University Ranking has put CityU in 3rd place in Hong Kong.

城大在最近公佈的全球排名榜取得佳績,凸顯其在研究、教員、學生及課程領域的優勢。 根據Quacquarelli Symonds(QS)公佈的2016年排名,城大在世界大學排名中上升兩 級,位居第55位;在亞洲最佳大學位列第7位;在建校未滿50年的全球50所最佳大學中排 第4位。事實上,在QS亞洲大學排名中,城大位列全港第三。




New degree in veterinary medicine 新獸醫學學士課程 The six-year Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) represents a milestone in the development of veterinary education in Hong Kong and the region. The BVM at the School of Veterinary Medicine will promote One Health and sustainable development, and expand educational choice and career paths for our youth. The programme commences in the academic year 2017–18.

城大推出香港首個六年制獸醫學學士課程,標誌本港及區內動物醫 學教育發展的重要里程碑。城大動物醫學院開辦的獸醫學學士課 程,旨在推動「健康一元化」及可持續發展,為年輕一代提供更多 升學和就業選擇。課程將於2017–18學年開辦。

AC3 named Lau Ming Wai Academic Building 學術樓(三)命名為「劉鳴煒學術樓」 Academic 3 was named the “Lau Ming Wai Academic Building” in appreciation of the support that Mr Lau Ming-wai and his family have contributed over the years. Mr Lau, our Honorary Fellow and a member of the University Council since 2014, and his family have made a generous donation to set up student exchange and non-local internship awards and bursaries. The donation will also help to sponsor our strategic initiatives.

城大將學術樓(三)命名為「劉鳴煒學術樓」,以表彰劉鳴煒先生及 其家人多年來對大學的支持和貢獻。劉先生是城大榮譽院士,並 自2014年起任大學校董會成員。他與家人對大學作出慷慨捐贈,以 成立學生交流、非本地實習獎項和助學金,及資助大學的重大發展。

Prestigious clinic adds to veterinary facilities 城大購入知名獸醫診所 The Peace Avenue Veterinary Clinic, a leading local clinic that CityU acquired in September 2016, will be used by the School of Veterinary Medicine. The acquisition is a strategic investment for CityU as well as for veterinary medicine and animal welfare in Hong Kong.

城大於2016年9月購入太平道寵物診所。該診所在本地業界處於領 導地位,將成為城大動物醫學診所的一部分。此項策略性投資將為 城大、香港動物醫學及動物福利帶來莫大裨益。

Oct 2016 


News & Notable Terahertz research receives $28m in funding 太赫茲研究獲2,800萬港元資助 A top international research team led by CityU has been awarded HK$28 million by the Theme-based Research Scheme of the Research Grants Council for the design of a compact and affordable terahertz system that can be used to detect contaminants in food and drugs, and also cancerous cells and tumours. The technology could be used in the detection of melamine in milk powder, antibiotics in food matrices, pesticides in vegetables, and foreign objects in drugs.

城大主導的頂尖國際研究團隊獲研究資助局的「主題研究計劃」撥 款2,800萬港元,以設計及開發一個攜帶輕便、成本適中的太赫茲 系統,可用於偵測食品與藥物中的污染物,以及癌細胞和腫瘤。此 技術還能用於檢測奶粉中的三聚氰胺、殘留在食品中的抗生素、蔬 菜中的農藥及藥物中的雜質等。

Strong performance in Natural Science awards 城大多位科學家獲國家科學獎 Four outstanding CityU scientists won the Second Class Award in the Natural Science category at the 2015 Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards (Science and Technology) from the Ministry of Education. Outperforming other local institutions, CityU secured four winning projects this year, which included one led by Professor Michael Yang Mengsu, Chair Professor and Dean of the Department of Biomedical Sciences.

城大四位傑出科學家獲得國家教育部2015年度「高等學校科學研究優秀成果獎」 (科學技 術)自然科學獎二等獎,獲獎數目再創佳績。城大本年度有四個獲獎項目,包括由生物醫 學系系主任兼講座教授楊夢甦教授擔任第一完成人的研究項目,成績領先本地院校。

From leftover food to fashion apparel 廚餘變身做時裝 A novel biorefinery process developed by biochemical scientists at CityU that turns food waste into textile fibre won the Gold Medal with the jury’s commendation in the 44th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions this year. This ground-breaking technology could be a solution to managing the 3,600 tonnes of food waste produced in Hong Kong every day.

城大的生物化學專家團隊利用新穎的生物提煉技術,將廚餘轉化為紡織纖維,勇奪今年 第44屆日內瓦國際發明展評判團特別嘉許金獎。這項突破性技術,有望為香港每天產生 的3,600噸廚餘帶來解決辦法。




Artificial leaves for tackling carbon dioxide emissions 研製人造樹葉改善溫室效應 Artificial leaves that can convert carbon dioxide into fuels to tackle global warming have been developed by CityU scientists in partnership with international colleagues. By replicating the structure of natural leaves, the team produced the titanium dioxide (TiO2) artificial leaves, which can be used as a platform to convert carbon dioxide into precious chemicals using sunlight and water, according to Dr Wey Yang Teoh, Associate Professor in the School of Energy and Environment.

城大的國際科學家團隊研發人造樹葉吸收二氧化碳,透過化學作 用,轉化成具經濟價值的燃料,同時改善溫室效應。能源及環境學 院副教授張謂揚博士指出,這項目主要利用二氧化鈦光觸媒製造人

Hakka kung fu preserved through creative media 創意媒體傳承客家功夫


A precious aspect of Chinese cultural heritage was the star of a fascinating


new exhibition based on the sophisticated use of creative new media and cutting-edge technology at CityU. Hakka kung fu has been captured using unique 360-degree 3D motion capture technology in a project developed by the International Guoshu Association and CityU over a period of several years to develop the world’s first-ever kung fu heritage project: the Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive.

城大使用先進的創意新媒體及尖端技術,全新表現客家功夫,在 「客家功夫三百年」展覽上呈現這塊中華文化瑰寶。城大在過去數 年與中華國術總會合作,利用獨特的360度立體動作擷取技術,建 立全球首創的「香港武術活態資料庫」,以記錄和保存「客家功夫」 這一文化遺產。

CityU squash players triumph for Hong Kong 城大兩名壁球手為港爭光 Two CityU squash players representing Hong Kong won the gold and bronze medals in the men’s event of the World University Squash Championship. The pair also won a silver medal in the mixed team category. Yip Tsz-fung (left) and Wong Chi-him, both Bachelor of Business Administration students, enrolled in CityU through the “Student Athlete Admission Scheme”.

城大學生葉梓豐(左)及黃祉謙代表香港出戰世界大學生壁球錦標 賽,在男單賽事勇奪一金一銅,兩人亦在混合團體賽獲得銀牌。他 們同是工商管理學士課程學生,均透過「學生運動員入學計劃」入 讀城大。

Oct 2016 


News & Notable Castiglione’s paintings illuminated by Italian art historian

President discusses “soulware” at Hong Kong Book Fair



An Italian art historian delivered a distinguished lecture on Giuseppe Castiglione’s paintings and

Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, delivered a

The speaker, Dr Francesco Vossilla, is a Member of the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno di Firenze.

led a guided tour of the “Giuseppe Castiglione—Lang Shining New Media Art Exhibition” in May. He said that Giuseppe Castiglione (1688–1766) bridged Italian sensibility with Chinese themes

speech “The Soulware within Higher Education”

to serve the imperial court as well as to support the Jesuit mission in China. His lecture was titled

during the Renowned Writers Seminar Series at

“Giuseppe Castiglione: Jesuit missionary and court painter in Beijing”.

the Hong Kong Book Fair in July. Afterwards, he attended the Renowned Writers’ Works Recital

意大利佛羅倫斯繪畫藝術學院院士 Francesco Vossilla博士5月主持城大傑出 講座,並帶領觀眾參觀在城大舉行的「藝 域漫遊—郎世寧新媒體藝術展」。Vossilla 博士以「郎世寧:耶穌會傳教士及北京宮廷 畫師」為題發表演講,指出郎世寧(1688– 1766)融合意大利的感性與中國的主題作 畫,為清朝宮廷服務的同時,也支持耶穌會 在中國的傳教工作。

to read a chapter from his new book and paid a visit to the CityU Press booth.

城大校長郭位教授7月出席香港書展「名作 家講座系列」,以「高等教育的心件」為題 演講。他其後出席「名作家朗誦會」誦讀 其新書《高等教育的心件》中一節,並參觀 城大出版社的攤位。

Alumni inaugurate new Chapter in Shenzhen 深圳校友聯誼會舉行就職典禮 ​ The CityU Alumni Relations Office organised the “CityU Alumni Gathering @ Shenzhen cum Inauguration of CityU Shenzhen Alumni Chapter” at CityU Shenzhen Research Institute in June. The event partners were CityU Convocation and the CityU Shenzhen Alumni Chapter. Around 130 CityU representatives, guests and alumni joined the event.

城大校友聯絡處6月在城大深圳研究院舉行「城大校友深圳聚會暨深圳校友聯誼會就職典禮」。活動的合作夥伴是城大評議會及城大深圳 校友聯誼會。有近130名大學代表、嘉賓及校友出席聚會。

Inspiring research projects on show at Discovery and Innovation Gala 探索創新展:創意研究項目巡禮 The creativity for applying technology to solve real-life problems by students and faculty from the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) was unleashed at the Discovery and Innovation Gala 2016 in June. More than 100 research projects from academic staff and students at CSE’s nine departments and one division exhibited in the Gala. Mr Nicholas Yang Wei-hsiung, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Hong Kong SAR Government, was one of the officiating guests.

城大於6月舉行「2016探索創新展」,展示科學及工程學院一眾師生如何發揮創意,以科技 解決日常生活的問題。展覽涵蓋超過100個研究項目,分別由該學院轄下九個學系及一個 學部的師生製作。主持開幕禮的嘉賓之一為香港特區政府創新及科技局局長楊偉雄先生。




Court members hear CityU’s latest news 顧問委員會聽取城大發展近況 A farewell, ranking success and the unity of the campus community featured at the 10th meeting of the CityU Court, which was held in June. Although he was stepping down as Pro-Chancellor following 30 years’ service, Dr Norman Leung Nai-pang said CityU would always be close to his heart.

城大顧問委員會於6月舉行第十次會議。與會成員向大學副監督梁乃鵬博士表達歡送之 情、介紹城大在大學排名的佳績,及全校同仁團結一致應對困難的情況。梁博士辭任城大 副監督一職,他表示將一直把城大銘記於心。

Executive classroom named after EMBA Association 城大命名「薈雋堂行政教室」 Executive classroom 7-208 of the College of Business in the Lau Ming Wai Academic Building was named “EMBA Association Executive Classroom” in appreciation of the staunch support and generous donations given by the EMBA Association and its members to the University.

城大將位於劉鳴煒學術樓的商學院7-208行政教室命名為「薈雋堂行政教室」,以表彰行政 人員工商管理碩士課程(EMBA)同學會對城大的支持及慷慨捐助。

International Studies Association Asia-Pacific Conference 2016

CityU graduates earn highest salary increment



The Department of Asian and International Studies and the Southeast Asia Research Center at

Our former students earn the highest salary

CityU partnered up with the International Studies Association (ISA) to host the ISA Asia-Pacific

increment among all the eight institutions in

Conference at CityU in June. ISA is the largest professional body for international studies in the

Hong Kong, according to a survey released by

world, with over 6,000 members in North America and globally. This was the first time since 2003

the University Grants Committee. The findings

that an ISA meeting had been held in Hong Kong, and the first time for it to be held at CityU.

of the annual Graduate Employment Survey

Several hundred participants from around the world participated at the event in discussions

2014–2015 reveal that the average salary

ranging from international relations and politics to current issues in the Asia Pacific region.

of CityU full-time undergraduates last year increased 9.4% compared with the previous

城大亞洲及國際學系、城大東南亞研究中心與國際研究協會合作,6月在城大舉辦「國際 研究協會2016亞太區研討會」。國際研究協會是全球最大的國際研究專業組織,6,000多 名會員來自北美洲及全球。今次亞太區研討會是自2003年以來第一次在香港舉行,亦是 第一次在城大舉行。數百名來自世界各地參與者討論國際關係、政治及亞太區的當前議 題。


大學教育資助委員會2014 –2015年畢業生 就業統計調查顯示,城大畢業生在本港八 所教資會資助院校中,加薪幅度排名第一, 去年城大全日制畢業生的平均薪酬較前年 增加9.4%。

Oct 2016 


Cover Story

New era in veterinary education By Michael Gibb

From September 2017, students at CityU’s School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) who have dreamed all their life of becoming a veterinarian will discover the huge variety of jobs on offer for suitably qualified and welltrained veterinary professionals. Local training, international standards

“The new programme is going to re-shape our relationship with animals

“Our new bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine [BVM] will expand

in this city. It has taken CityU eight years to establish this programme, and

the educational choices and career paths open to our youth,” said

we hope that our contribution will lead Hong Kong to become a centre

Professor Way Kuo, CityU President. “It will prepare them for diverse

for the prevention and control of infectious diseases, create new career

careers, including training to care for companion animals and for

paths for Hong Kong’s youth, improve animal welfare and enhance the

working with large animals such as horses and cattle as well as for work

well-being of our natural living environment,” Professor Kuo said.

in biomedical research, food safety and food production, academia, government and policy.”

The vision for developing a centre of excellence in veterinary education at CityU was first initiated by Professor Kuo and the senior management

The BVM degree at CityU’s SVM also means that aspiring vets will no

in July 2008 when Dr Chung Shui-ming was then the Chairman of the

longer have to travel overseas for their veterinary training. It is estimated

University Council.

that around 200 young people from Hong Kong are training in other countries at any one time to qualify as a vet. Now, they can stay in Hong

A long-term strategic partnership was established with the College

Kong and take advantage of what promises to be one of the most

of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at Cornell University, one of the world’s

versatile, international, academically challenging and locally relevant

top-ranked veterinary schools, in 2009 to develop this ground-breaking

degrees in town.




“The new programme is going to re-shape our relationship with animals in this city.”

initiative. This led to the establishment of SVM in 2014. Cornell has played

At an institutional level, he said, Cornell’s mission to have an impact

a major role in assisting CityU by contributing to curriculum design as well

on societal and global problems resonated with CityU’s aspirations to

as the accreditation process.

pursue professional education and research that had a direct bearing on society. “We were also impressed by CityU’s outstanding strengths in

International collaboration

engineering and life sciences, and the aspiration to build capacity,” said

Over the past few years Professor Michael Kotlikoff, Provost of Cornell

Professor Kotlikoff, who was the CVM’s Dean from 2007 to 2015 before

University and a veterinarian and biomedical researcher by training,

accepting the job of Provost.

and Professor Lorin Warnick, Dean of CVM and an expert in Salmonella infections and antimicrobial resistance of enteric bacteria among

In addition, Cornell’s CVM wanted to share its knowledge and

domestic animals and humans, have visited CityU many times to assist in

experience in a region of the world where issues such as zoonotic

the establishment of the SVM and the new BVM degree.

diseases, sustainable food production, food safety, environmental health and animal welfare were crucial to economic and societal

“What attracted us to working with CityU was the evident passion and


commitment among the management, faculty, alumni and students for veterinary medicine,” said Professor Kotlikoff.

Oct 2016 


Cover Story

State-of-the-art training

equipped with a wide array of advanced medical equipment. The hospital

What Cornell also brings to the endeavour is the latest thinking in

is already a commercially viable enterprise offering students immediate

veterinarian training.

access to a large portfolio of clinical cases.

“We greatly encourage a movement away from traditional lecture-based

The veterinary diagnostic laboratory located on campus will also be

classroom experience to more active and experiential learning initiatives,”

an on-going commercial concern, offering students a suite of training

said Professor Warnick.

opportunities in diagnostic sciences.

Case studies are regarded as springboards into the many different areas

“Our students will have immediate access to state-of-the-art training

of veterinary medicine, from biology and zoology to statistics.

facilities and genuine casework under the supervision of Hong Kong’s top veterinary specialists,” said Professor Michael Reichel, Dean of

“We use case studies, which could be respiratory disease in a horse, for

SVM, who was recently awarded a Fellowship by the Royal College of

instance, to motivate and provide context for learning basic sciences,”

Veterinary Surgeons (London) for his work on selected infectious causes

said Professor Warnick, who teaches herd health, population medicine

of reproductive failures in cattle. The Fellowship is awarded in recognition

and health economics in pre-clinical courses.

of outstanding contributions to the veterinary profession in terms of learning and teaching.

Facilities and casework Real-life case studies will also form the core of the training at CityU on the

“Our facilities and resources are a vital part of the training for

BVM. CityU has acquired full ownership of the Peace Avenue Veterinary

veterinary medicine and will enable graduates to work in a full range of

Clinic, a leading veterinary clinic. It will be used as a small animal teaching

environments in Hong Kong, the region and in other parts of the world,”

hospital. Students will have the opportunity to undertake internships,

said Professor Reichel, who is recognised as a specialist in veterinary

residencies and research projects at this hospital, which is the biggest in

public health in Hong Kong (Veterinary Public Health/Food Hygiene and

Hong Kong with the greatest number of veterinary specialists onsite, and

Population Medicine), Australia and New Zealand as well as in Europe and the UK.

SVM will conduct research in various fields to promote One Health and sustainable development. 動物醫學院會進行不同範疇的研究,推動「健康一元化」及可持續 發展。

Professor Michael Kotlikoff (right) and Professor Lorin Warnick have visited CityU many times to assist in the establishment of the new BVM programme. Michael Kotlikoff教授(右)及Lorin Warnick教授多次造訪城大,協助設立獸醫學學士課程。




Students will also have access to land-based farm and fish farm facilities

One Health, one world

in the New Territories.

This point is echoed by Professor Kuo, who talks passionately about the concept of One Health, the movement aimed at creating an inclusive

“Aquaculture is an especially exciting area right now,” said

relationship between medical doctors and veterinarians in recognition

Professor Reichel. Farmed fish is the fastest growing food-producing

of the interdependency between humans and animals.

sector, and now accounts for nearly 50 percent of the world’s food fish. “CityU is breaking new ground by creating a wholly unique degree for For the love of animals

Hong Kong, one that will contribute significantly to One Health,” he

So what kinds of people are going to be interested in training as a

said. “The human, veterinary and environmental research capabilities

veterinarian? CityU has already helped several local secondary school

can create a healthier planet, and our aspiration is that Hong Kong

students to sample college life as a vet school student. Thanks to

leads from the front and that this city will make an international name

scholarships provided by CityU supporters, the students took classes at

for itself in veterinary medicine.”

Cornell’s summer school. What did they have in common? A love of animals, of course, but also a keen sense that science is the way to solve many of today’s public health and food safety problems, all of which are closely related to animal welfare, and, more specifically, the relationship between humans and animals. “We have to recognise that humans, animals and the environment in general are inextricably linked and many of the answers to questions about sustainability and public health require an understanding of animal health and welfare,” said Professor Kotlikoff.

There will be an equine hospital attached to a riding school. 動物醫學院將設立一所與馬術學校相連的馬匹醫院。

Aquaculture is a fast-growing sector in the food industry. 水產養殖是食品生產業中高速增長的 領域。

Our small animal teaching hospital will enhance our students’ learning and training. 學生可在我們的小型動物教學醫院獲得學習和培訓機會。

Oct 2016 


Cover Story

獸醫教育新紀元 文:鄭智友

城大動物醫學院2017年9月開辦獸醫學學士課程, 為有志成為獸醫的人提供各式各樣的專業培訓,  協助他們開展專業獸醫生涯。 達到國際標準、切合本地需求 城大校長郭位教授說:「我校新設的獸醫學學士課程,將為年輕人 帶來更廣闊的升學選擇和就業前景。課程將協助他們為獸醫行業內 各種職位做好準備,包括訓練他們照料寵物、以至牛馬等大型動 物;在生物醫學研究、食品安全、食品生產等領域工作;以及服務 學術界、政府或政策制訂機構。」 據估計,香港每年約有200名年輕人在其他國家求學以獲取獸醫資 格。現在,夢想成為獸醫的香港學生再不必遠涉重洋去海外學習。 他們可以留在香港,在本地攻讀達國際標準、又切合本地需求的獸 醫學學士學位;課程覆蓋面廣且富挑戰性。 郭教授說:「新課程將重塑我們這個城市與動物的關係。城大為開 設這門獸醫課程花了八年時間,我們希望能使香港成為傳染病防控 中心,為本地青年創造新的就業機會,改善動物福利及人們的自然 生活環境。」 城大創建卓越動物醫學教育中心的構想,最初由郭教授和高級管理 層在2008年7月提出,鍾瑞明博士時任校董會主席。為推進這一突



破性構想,城大2009年與世界頂尖的美國康奈爾大學動物醫學院建 立長期戰略合作夥伴關係,並於2014年成立了城大動物醫學院。在 課程設計和申請認證的過程中,康奈爾大學都扮演關鍵角色。 國際合作 過去幾年,康奈爾大學學務副校長兼獸醫和生物醫學研究員 Michael Kotlikoff教授,以及該大學動物醫學院院長兼沙門氏菌感染 及人畜腸道細菌耐藥性專家Lorin Warnick教授多次造訪城大,協助 大學成立動物醫學院和開設獸醫學學士課程。 Kotlikoff教授說:「吸引我們與城大合作的主因,是城大管理層、教 員、校友以及學生對獸醫學的熱情和投入。」 他表示在大學層面,康奈爾大學的使命是致力解決社會和全球問 題,這與城大以專業教育和研究服務社會的理念不謀而合。 Kotlikoff教授說:「城大在工程學和生命科學方面的顯著優勢及其積 極進取的態度,也給我們留下深刻印象。」他在接任康奈爾大學學 務副校長之前,從2007年至2015年擔任該校動物醫學院院長。 此外,人畜共患傳染病、可持續的食品生產、食品安全、環境健康 以及動物福利等問題對本地區的經濟及社會發展至關重要,康奈爾 大學動物醫學院也想就這些問題分享其知識和經驗。


先進訓練 康奈爾大學還給城大帶來獸醫培訓方面的最新理念。Warnick教授 說:「我們主張把傳統的課堂授課,轉變為更積極的體驗式學習。」 從生物學、動物學到統計學,採用案例教學是進入獸醫學不同領 域的跳板。他續說:「我們運用案例(比如馬的呼吸系統疾病),提 供實際情況以鼓勵學生學習基礎科學。」Warnick教授講授獸群健 康、群體醫學以及健康經濟學等臨床前課程。 設施與實例教學 實例教學也將是城大獸醫學課程的核心。城大已全權擁有太平道寵 物診所,將作為小型動物教學醫院,學生有機會在此處參與實習、 專科訓練和研究。這所醫院在本地業界具領導地位,配備一系列先 進的醫療設備,目前在香港同類醫院中規模最大、獸醫專家最多, 是獨立運營的企業,可為學生提供多種臨床病例訓練。位於校園內 的動物診斷化驗所將是一間自行運作的商業公司,為學生提供一系 列有關診斷科學的培訓機會。 城大動物醫學院院長Michael Reichel教授說:「我們的學生將在 香港一流的獸醫專家指導下,使用先進的培訓設施,研究真實案 例。」Reichel教授最近因對牛繁殖失敗的特定傳染性原因之研究, 獲頒英國皇家獸醫學院榮譽學習貢獻院士,該院士頭銜頒予在教學 方面貢獻卓著的獸醫專業人員。 Reichel教授說:「我們的設施和資源是獸醫學培訓的重要部分,有 助畢業生在香港、亞洲區以至世界各地不同環境中工作。」他是香 港(動物醫學公共衛生/食物衛生和群體醫學)、澳洲、紐西蘭以至 歐洲和英國認可的動物醫學公共衛生專家。

學生將有機會使用位於新界的農場和水產養殖設施。Reichel教授 說:「水產養殖是一個特別令人興奮的領域。」養殖魚類是食品生 產業中增長最快的領域,目前佔世界食用魚總量近50%。 愛護動物 甚麼人有興趣當獸醫呢?目前,城大已協助本地幾所中學有興趣 當獸醫的學生體驗了獸醫的學習生活。這些學生獲得由城大支持 者捐助的獎學金資助,參加了康奈爾大學的暑期課程。 這些學生有甚麼共同點?當然,他們都喜愛動物;同時他們深深 明白,當今許多公共衛生和食品安全問題,必須借助科學解決; 而這些問題都與動物福利—尤其是人類與動物之間的關係—密 切相關。 Kotlikoff教授說:「我們必須明白,人類、動物和環境是密不可分 的。可持續發展和公共衛生問題的解決方案,都取決於人們對動 物健康和福利的理解。」 健康一元化 郭教授對此深表贊同。他大力推介「健康一元化」,該概念旨在促 進醫生與獸醫相互合作的關係,宣揚人與動物和諧共生。 他說:「城大創設的獨特學位課程,為香港開拓了一片新天地, 為『健康一元化』作出貢獻。人類、動物醫學和環境的研究能令地 球更健康,我們的願景就是希望香港能引領這一潮流,成為國際 動物醫學重鎮。」

Oct 2016 


Professional Education & Research

Economic cooperation key for growth and development Optimising the benefits of globalisation and building a sense of community are two shared themes uniting CityU and a multinational organisation now chaired by Professor Matthew Lee Kwok-on, Vice-President (Development & External Relations) and Chair Professor of Information Systems and Electronic Commerce. Professor Lee was recently appointed Chairman of the Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (HKCPEC), a body that advises the government on issues related to Hong Kong’s involvement in the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC). PECC, a non-governmental regional organisation founded in 1980, is a unique three-party partnership of government officials, business leaders and academics who debate cooperation and policy coordination in areas that promote economic growth and development in the Pacific region. PECC has 26 member committees covering a range of countries/economies in the Asia Pacific region including Australia, China, Japan and the US, among others.



By Michael Gibb



It is also one of the three official observers of the Asia-Pacific Economic

of the new era with the launch of its pioneering Discovery-enriched

Cooperation (APEC), working to anticipate problems and offer practical


solutions to economic challenges in the region. “Innovation and technology are the key drivers for determining how our “CityU and PECC have a lot in common,” explains Professor Lee. “Both

economic landscape will be shaped in the future, which makes CityU’s

institutions have an interest in how globalisation is impacting trade,

focus on discovery and innovation all the more relevant to today’s society

commerce, the flow of information around the world, and economic

and its future leaders,” Professor Lee says.

development in general. In addition, both are strong believers in cooperative, practical, multilateral solutions to problems affecting our local and regional communities.” Professor Lee’s role as chair of HKCPEC is to contribute leadership and coordinate policy discussion, research and publications among thought leaders and key decision makers aimed at advising the government on issues as wide-ranging as new developments in technology, free trade, e-business, and logistics in general: i.e., getting anything from anywhere in the world to its destination. “My involvement with PECC began many years ago through my research

“CityU and PECC have an interest in how globalisation is impacting trade, commerce, the flow of information around the world, and economic development in general.”

interests in e-commerce,” explains Professor Lee, who has a law and engineering background and is in fact Hong Kong’s first Chair Professor of E-commerce. “At that time people were beginning to see how e-commerce could shape the future global economy and my research explored the political, social and economic implications that this new way of doing business would have on international trade.” Themes that Professor Lee now wishes to focus on during his tenure as HKCPEC chair, and which he believes are important to the development of Hong Kong and the world economy in general, are free trade, innovations and technological developments. “Freeing up trade by removing barriers and allowing the free flow of labour are issues that many countries are interested in right now, and Hong Kong needs to be engaged in the global debate. We also need to talk about how e-commerce in particular is affecting businesses, policy and labour. We need policy coordination in all these areas,” he says. Innovation is an area where CityU and PECC can find broad areas of compatibility. As Professor Lee points out, we have entered a new era of industrialisation here in Hong Kong in particular, and a creative approach is needed if we are to identify solutions. CityU is well placed to capitalise on this trend because it has already positioned itself at the forefront

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Professional Education & Research

關注區內問題 攜手促進發展 城大副校長(發展及對外關係)兼資訊 系統與電子商務講座教授李國安教授 獲委任為太平洋經濟合作香港委員會 (HKCPEC)主席。該委員會的職能是 向政府提供意見,建議香港應如何參與 太平洋經濟合作議會(PECC)事宜。 城大與這一跨國組織同樣注重善用全球化, 建立團體意識。 PECC成立於1980年,是一家由政府、商界 及學術界三方人士組成的非政府地區組織, 專門研討區內合作及政策協調,以促進太平 洋地區的經濟增長與發展。PECC有26個委 員會成員,包括大部分亞太區國家及經濟 體,如澳洲、中國、日本及美國等。

PECC亦是亞太經濟合作組織(APEC)轄下 三個官方觀察機構之一,致力於預測區內 問題,並為各種經濟難題提供切實可行的 解決方法。

自由貿易、創新及技術發展是李教授在 HKCPEC主席任內希望關注的三大主題; 他相信三者對香港發展及世界經濟均極為 重要。

李教授說:「城大與PECC有許多相似之 處,兩家機構都熱衷研究全球化如何影 響貿易、商業、資訊的全球流動及經濟發 展。此外,兩家機構都認為,要應對影響 當地及區內的問題,必須採取合作、務 實、多邊的解決方法。」

他說:「清除障礙以開放貿易,及允許勞工 自由流動,都是現時很多國家感興趣的議 題。香港需要參與這場全球討論,我們也要 探討電子商貿如何影響商業、政策及勞工; 在這些領域,均需要政策協調。」

李教授作為HKCPEC主席,其職責是領導 委員會,以及統籌各思想領袖和重要決策 者的政策討論、研究及出版刊物,目的是 就廣泛事項向政府提供意見,包括最新科 技發展、自由貿易、電子商貿和綜合物流 (即從全球各地運送任何物品至目的地)。 李教授解釋:「多年前,我因為對電子商務 的研究,開始接觸PECC。」他具有法律與 工程學術背景,而且是香港首位電子商貿 講座教授。「當時,人們開始明白電子商貿 如何塑造未來的全球經濟,而我亦着手研 究這種新型商貿模式可能對國際貿易造成 的政治、社會及經濟影響。」

創新是城大與PECC眾多共同點之一。李教 授指出,世界已經進入一個新工業化時代, 香港尤其如此。要找到解決方案,必須運用 創新方法。城大率先推出「重探索求創新課 程」,業已站在新時代前沿,可望受益於這 一潮流。 李教授說:「創新及科技是決定未來經濟前 景的主要推動力量,也使城大注重的探索與 創新更加切合當今社會及未來社會領袖的需 要。」

「創新是城大與PECC眾多共同點之一。世界 已經進入一個新工業化時代,香港尤其如此。 要找到解決方案,必須運用創新方法。」 Professor Matthew Lee Kwok-on 李國安教授




Chasing the wind By Ling Lui


It was a terrifying night. The wind blew strongly and the house the CityU researchers were sheltering in seemed on the verge of collapsing. “The morning after the typhoon resembled a Hollywood disaster movie, with debris from buildings and fallen trees all over the place,” recalls Professor Li Qiusheng from the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Professor Li was recalling when he and his research team set up two “moving houses” in some of the worst-affected coastal areas of Guangdong Province in 2008 during Typhoon Hagupit. The “moving houses” were prefabricated structures built in collaboration with a mainland university over six months, explained Professor Li, who received the 2016 Jack E. Cermak Medal from the American Society of Civil Engineers at the end of May. Professor Li is the first Chinese scholar in the world to receive this honour, which is the highest in the field of wind engineering and industrial aerodynamics. The “houses” were a means by which Professor Li and his researchers could study aspects of wind engineering, structural dynamics and computational mechanics in the eye of a major storm. A tropical cyclone is one of nature’s most spectacular natural phenomena. A single storm can cause wide-spread casualties and severe economic damage in the region.

”A single storm can cause widespread casualties and severe economic damage in the region.”

Oct 2016 


Professional Education & Research

“No one wants to face a typhoon, but we need

day,” Professor Li explains, emphasising that not

to, for our research. We hope to obtain more

all academic work is based in an ivory tower.

information about typhoons in order to reduce the damage caused,” Professor Li says.

Since joining CityU in 1996, Professor Li has received numerous awards and honours,

Taipei 101 Tower: simulation for wind-structure interaction 台北101大樓:風與建築物互動模擬

In order to improve the wind-resistant design

including the National Natural Science

of super-tall buildings, Professor Li studies

Foundation of Chinese Outstanding Overseas

how typhoons impact structures and how the

Scientist Award in 2004, Cheung Kong Chair

structures respond. The Wind and Structural

Professorship by the Ministry of Education

Health Monitoring Systems developed by his

in 2007, and the 2010 First Class Award of

team have been installed in a number of super-

Scientific and Technological Progress from the

tall buildings, including Ping An International

Ministry of Education.

Finance Centre in Shenzhen (640 metres high), International Finance Centre Two in Hong

The selection panel for the Jack E. Cermak

Professor Li’s work concentrates on enhancing

Kong (420 metres), Citic Plaza in Guangzhou

Medal commented that Professor Li had made

the wind-resistant design of super-tall

(390 metres), and Guangzhou West Tower (432

“many contributions to wind engineering that

buildings, safeguarding lives and assets. He


range from fundamental to applied research

has developed numerous monitoring means,

as well as structural dynamics studies on major

and investigated profiles of wind speed and

Although this type of research is not as

building developments in Asia and the Pacific

turbulence parameters within the atmospheric

dangerous as positioning oneself in the eye of


boundary layer in various terrains.

a storm, the CityU team still has to stay on the

To conduct their research, Professor Li and his

roofs of the super-tall buildings for long periods

“I’m very honoured to receive this prestigious

of time.

award and I’m grateful to CityU for its support

team often have to literally “chase the wind”.

over the years. The award shows international

Each time they go on their mission, they bring

“It is not that comfortable! We don’t have any

recognition for CityU’s academic achievements,”

along water and dried food as well as power

access to running water or air conditioning. We

Professor Li said.

generators so that they can stay in the “moving

sweat profusely when it is a scorching sunny

houses” for one to two days. However, they are sometimes forced to evacuate because the typhoons change direction or the wind is simply too strong. For instance, when they were monitoring the effects of Typhoon Rammasun on a “moving house” in the coastal area of Hainan Province in 2014, the local government ordered an emergency evacuation because of the severity of the weather conditions.




追風者 颱風黑格比2008年吹襲廣東,城大建築 學及土木工程學系李秋勝教授和研究團 隊在受風暴正面吹襲的廣東省沿岸設置 兩座「移動房子」,實地監測颱風。 李教授解釋,「移動房子」其實是組裝屋, 和內地大學合作花了半年建成。得知將有 大型颱風來臨時,便運送到風眼位置重新 組裝,以便研究風工程、結構動力學和計 算力學等。 那一晚真是驚心動魄,風聲呼呼,氣流幾 乎吹倒他們所處的「移動房子」。李教授 回憶道:「颱風過後,我們走出房子,只見 四周都是倒下的樹木和建築物碎片,滿目 瘡痍,有點像荷李活災難片的情景。」 他於五月底赴美,接受美國土木工程師學 會頒發的2016年度Jack E. Cermak獎。這 是國際風工程和工業空氣動力學領域中最 高榮譽的獎項,首次頒予大中華地區的學 者,李教授是獲此殊榮的第一位華人。 熱帶風暴是全球最嚴重的自然災害之一, 可能造成嚴重人命傷亡和經濟損失。李教 授多年來致力提高超高層建築物的抗風功 能,保障生命和財產安全。他研發出多種 監測手段,建立多種風速剖面和多種地貌

類別的颱風邊界層風場模型。 為了研究,李教授和團隊經常「追風」,每 次都帶備乾糧食水和發電機,留守「移動房 子」一、兩天,但有時也會因為颱風忽然改 變方向或風勢太強而被迫撤退。例如2014 年,他們在海南省沿岸監測颱風威馬遜, 在最後階段因情況嚴峻,當地政府命令緊 急疏散而被迫撤離。 李教授說:「沒有人希望遭遇颱風,但要做 研究就得面對。我們希望搜集更多資料, 以減輕颱風對人類構成的禍害。」 為了提升超高層建築物的抗風效能,李教 授研究颱風對建築物的壓力及建築物的反 應。他與其研究團隊研發的「風及結構健康 監測系統」,應用於多幢超高層建築物,如 深圳平安金融中心(高640米)、香港國際 金融中心二期(高420米)、廣州中信廣場 (高390米)和廣州西塔(高432米)。 這類研究雖不及走進風眼危險,但他和研 究團隊須長時間留守建築物天台。李教授 強調,並非所有學術工作都在象牙塔裏做 的:「天台上沒有水,沒有冷氣,在烈日當 空的日子總是汗流浹背,並不舒服。」

Aiming to recognise excellence in the field of wind engineering and industrial aerodynamics, the Jack E. Cermak Medal is presented once a year to a recipient selected from around the world. The prestigious award is ordinarily granted for cumulative distinguished contributions in wind engineering. Since its launch in 2000, the Medal has been presented to a total of 12 wind engineering luminaries, who are mostly academicians

李教授1996年加入城大,多年來屢獲殊 榮,包括2004年獲國家自然科學基金海外 傑出科學家獎、2007年獲選國家教育部 「長江學者講座教授」,並獲國家教育部頒 發2010年度科技進步一等獎。 Jack E. Cermak獎評選委員會對他的評價 是:「在風工程領域,從基礎到應用研究, 以及在亞太地區大型建築結構動力學等方面 貢獻良多。」 李教授說:「獲得這項殊榮我感到十分榮 幸,感激城大多年來對我的研究工作的支 援。獎項亦反映城大學術成就得到國際權威 的肯定。」

Professor Li (left) receiving the Jack E. Cermak Medal. 李教授(左)獲頒Jack E. Cermak獎。

Jack E. Cermak獎表彰在風工程和 工業空氣動力學領域具有卓越成就 的學者,每年在全球選出一位獲獎者, 評獎原則注重長期累積的傑出貢獻。自 獎項在2000年成立以來,共有12人獲 獎,多為澳洲、加拿大、英國、美國科 學院及工程院的院士。

of science or engineering in Australia, Canada, UK and US.

Oct 2016 


Professional Education & Research

Biochips and early cancer detection 研究生物晶片 及早診斷治療癌症

By Emily Law


We often associate microchips with smart identity cards, credit cards or mobile phones. But microchip application is not restricted to electronic technology. For the past 20 years, scientists have been studying how to integrate microchips in biomedicine (the “biochips”) for applications such as investigating gene expression and cell communication, detecting genetic mutations and infectious pathogens, and monitoring diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Professor Michael Yang Mengsu, Yeung Kin Man Chair Professor of Biomedical Sciences and Head of the Department of Biomedical Sciences, has focused on the research and development of biochip technology since he joined CityU in 1994. From biosensors to gene chips to microfluidics, he and his team have combined the power of microfabrication technology and molecular biology to develop biochips that can be used to analyse complex genetic networks and cell communications for a better understanding of the functions of genes and cells in our body, and to generate sensitive and precise information for early detection and diagnosis of diseases. One application of the biochips is to provide a simulated environment of the human tissue, which allows scientists to study communication between cells in various nutrition and pressure scenarios. Researchers can explore how cells, which are the basic units of living organisms, divide, grow, process nutrition and undergo metabolic change in the devices called microfluidic chips. Professor Yang’s team and collaborators won the 2015 Second Class Award in the Natural Science category at the Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards from the Ministry of Education. The award-winning project was titled “Analytical platform for cell communication and biomolecule detection based on microfluidic chip technology”.




The award acknowledges the contributions from Professor Yang and his team in the field, including the development of simple fabrication methods for microfluidic chips, the development of functional modules for controlling the movement of fluid and cells in microfluidic chips, and the development of biochemical assays for detecting biomolecules such as DNA and proteins and analysing cell behaviour and cell-cell communications. Another application of the microfluidic chips is for early diagnosis and prognosis of cancer. “Cancer cells may shed from tumours, even at a very early stage, into the blood stream. But the number is so small that they are like needles in a haystack. By utilising the specific biochemical and physical properties of cancer cells, we can design biochips to capture the tumour cells in blood samples, ” Professor Yang explains. Early detection is the key to effective cancer treatment. Professor Yang’s team is developing microfluidic chips to detect a small number of cancer cells among millions of other cells in the blood, which have great potential for earlier detection, and in turn enhancing the treatment of cancer. The new technology can also be used to monitor recurrence by detecting if cancer cells are present in blood samples after treatment. By combining biochip technology and nanotechnology, the team is also developing precision nanomedicine for targeted destruction of cancer cells. “We are working closely with hospitals to validate our technology for potential clinal applications,” Professor Yang says. Through the hard work of the CityU researchers, the biochips and nanomedicine could be applied for the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the near future.

Professor Michael Yang Mengsu 楊夢甦教授

Oct 2016 


Professional Education & Research

提起晶片,我們會聯想到智能身份證、信用卡、手提電話,然而 晶片應用並不限於電子科技。過去廿多年來,科學家一直研究如 何將晶片與生物醫學結合(「生物晶片」),應用於了解細胞之間 的溝通和交流、檢測基因的突變與傳染病病原體,以及監察疾 病如癌症和糖尿病等。 生物醫學講座教授兼生物醫學系系主任楊夢甦教授自1994年加入 城大,一直專注研究生物晶片。他和團隊的研究領域包括生物感應 器、基因晶片以及微流控晶片,通過結合微電子和微加工技術及分 子生物技術研製生物晶片,以分析複雜的基因網絡和細胞之間的溝 通和交流,了解我們體內基因與細胞的功能,為早期疾病檢測及診 斷提供精細準確的資料。 生物晶片的其中一種應用是模擬人體內的微環境,讓科學家了解細 胞在不同的營養和壓力情況下的交流變化。細胞是生物最基本的單 位,科學家利用微流控晶片,可觀察細胞如何分裂、生長、處理營 養及進行代謝作用等。

Professor Yang and his team have developed microfluidic clips. 楊教授及其團隊開發微流控晶片。

楊教授的研究團隊與合作夥伴榮獲國家教育部2015年度「高等學校 科學研究優秀成果獎」 (科學技術)自然科學獎二等獎。他的獲獎 項目為「基於微流控芯片(晶片)技術的細胞通信研究及生物分子 檢測平台」。

結合生物晶片技術和納米技術,研發精準納米藥物,以針對性的 殺傷癌細胞。

上述獎項表彰楊教授及其研究團隊在有關科學領域的貢獻,包括研 發製造微流控晶片的簡化方法、設計用於快控制微流控晶片內液體 和細胞的功能模塊、研發生物學檢測方法以檢測基因和蛋白質等生 物分子,以及分析細胞行為與細胞之間的通信。

楊教授說:「我們下一步的工作是同醫院進行合作研究,以驗證 新技術在臨床應用的有效性。」在城大研究人員的努力下,預期 生物晶片和納米藥物可在不久的將來應用於癌症的早期診斷及治 療。

微流控晶片還可用於癌症的早期診斷和治療效果監測。楊教授解 釋:「即使是早期的腫瘤,癌細胞已有可能脫落,進入血管。不 過,由於這時癌細胞的數量很少,容易與百萬計的正常細胞混在一 起。微流控晶片利用腫瘤細胞特有的生化和物理性質,可以像大海 撈針一樣,把血液中癌細胞捕捉出來。」楊教授的研究團隊正在研 製的微流控晶片能夠檢測血液中極少數的癌細胞,有助及早發現人 體內癌細胞的存在,增加治療癌症的勝算。 這項生物晶片技術還可以用來檢測病人接受治療後,體內血液是否 仍有癌細胞存在,因此可監察癌症的復發情況。研究團隊同時正在




Global recruitment for CityU MOOCs 城大慕課 全球招生

For the first time people from all over the world can take courses offered by CityU without actually being on campus.

By Ling Lui


“We received around 2,000 enrolments from 135 countries in the first month, with learners from as far as Africa and South America signing up,” Dr Sun said. “We never thought the course would be so well-received! The response has

CityU’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

exceeded our expectations.”

began in September this year, allowing learners to take our courses online for free.

MOOCs, a recent development in online education, enable open access to cutting-edge

The first MOOC, “Foundation of Innovation and

courses delivered by renowned universities and

Entrepreneurship in China”, was developed

cultural organisations via the internet.

by Dr Sun Hongyi, Associate Professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and

CityU signed an agreement in November 2015

Engineering Management.

with FutureLearn, a company that is part of the

Oct 2016 


Professional Education & Research

Open University in the UK, to use their platform for CityU’s MOOCs. The course “Foundation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China” began on 12 September lasting for five weeks. Learners who

“Courses are free for people from all over the world, enabling them to learn about CityU’s outstanding research and teaching achievements.”

complete the course and attain specific course requirements are eligible for certificates, at a Professor Gary Feng Gang , CityU’s Acting

do we think about these issues through art and

Provost, pointed out that MOOCs help to

creative imagination? That is also the position

With the eyes of the world upon China, Dr Sun

promote teaching and research at CityU, and to

of the School of Creative Media,” Dr Zheng said.

believes that experts on China at CityU can act

establish the University’s image as an innovator

as facilitators between China and the world,

in education.

nominal fee.

making China-related MOOCs very popular.

Dr Zheng expects that learners who enroll in this course will come from such different fields

“Courses are free for people from all over

as art, China studies, communications and

Another surprising aspect for Dr Sun is that

the world, enabling them to learn about

sociology. The course is the outcome of his

the learners who had already registered for the

CityU’s outstanding research and teaching

teaching and research, and includes an analysis

course were so eager to learn that they started

achievements,” he said.

of more than a dozen Chinese socially engaged

getting to know each other and discussing topics before the course had even begun.

art cases. It also offers a large collection of new MOOCs are set at the undergraduate level,

materials related to Chinese artists.

monitored by CityU’s teaching staff, and funded “Learners are coming from all walks of life:

by CityU’s Professional Development Awards,

“This course is based on the result of a research

students, teachers, entrepreneurs, investors.

which were established by the Office of the

project,” he said.

They are exchanging ideas through the


course, making the course into a platform for international academic exchange,” Dr Sun said.

Dr Zheng hopes to promote his new research to The second course to be launched is

the world through the MOOC, and to establish a

“Discovering Socially-Engaged Art in

stronger academic reputation for the University.

The “Foundation of Innovation and

Contemporary China,” designed by Dr Zheng

By developing more cutting-edge pedagogical

Entrepreneurship in China” MOOC

Bo, Assistant Professor in the School of Creative

methods online, he hopes to give students a

originated from CityU’s Gateway Education


more stimulating learning experience.

Dr Zheng believes that this course not only

For more information on the courses or to

promotes Chinese contemporary art but also

enroll, please visit

course “Foundations of Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (GE2304). Dr Sun hopes that he can combine online and

CityU’s School of Creative Media.

traditional curricula into a blended learning mode in the future so that registered degree

“Modern education is multi-disciplinary. When

students can prepare for classes online and use

we are faced with developmental issues, how

the on-site classes for discussions; this would make learning more efficient. Such an approach aligns with the global trend in education.




城大於今年9月推出大規模開放式線上課程(Massive Open Online Courses, MOOCs),又稱慕課。世界各地人士首次 可透過互聯網修讀城大提供的課程,無須親身到校園上課。 首先推出的課程,是系統工程及工程管理學系副教授孫洪義博士的 「中國文化與創新創業基礎」。孫博士說:「課程推出一個月,已有 約2,000人報讀,他們來自135個不同國家,有些甚至來自非洲和南 美洲。我們事前沒想到反應這麼熱烈,真是喜出望外。」 慕課是近年發展的在線課程模式,讓人透過互聯網報讀世界各地 著名大學和文化機構的頂尖課程。城大與英國公開大學轄下的 FutureLearn於2015年11月簽約結盟。 「中國文化與創新創業基礎」慕課課程於9月12日開始,為期五 周。修畢科目,達到相關要求,即可獲得證書,僅須支付象徵性 費用。 孫博士指出,全球都開始關注中國市場,而城大擁有出色的中國專 家,足以擔當中國與世界的橋樑,正因如此,城大推出的相關慕課 課程大受歡迎。 另一個驚喜是報讀者極之積極學習,未開學已互相結識討論。他 說:「報讀課程的人來自各行各業,有學生、老師、企業家和投資 者。他們藉着課程交換意見,令課程成為國際學術交流平台。」 「中國文化與創新創業基礎」慕課課程建基於城大精進教育「創新 創業基礎課程」 (GE2304)。孫博士期望能結合網上課程與傳統課 程的內容,讓學生自行網上備課,然後在課堂討論交流,令學習更 有效率,也迎合世界教學趨勢。 城大署理學務副校長馮剛教授指出,慕課有助推廣城大教研合一、 銳意創新的形象。他說:「課程免費提供予世界各地人士修讀,有 助他們了解城大的卓越教研成果。」

慕課課程設定為本科課程程度,由城大教員監督,並由學務副校 長室成立的「專業發展獎」撥款發展。 城大推出的第二個慕課課程,是創意媒體學院助理教授鄭波博士 的「發現當代中國的新公共藝術」。 鄭博士表示,這課程向國際介紹中國當代藝術之餘,也有助推廣 城大創意媒體學院。他說:「現代教育課程多是跨學科的,當我 們面對與發展有關的議題時,該怎樣通過藝術及創意的想像思考 這些議題呢?這也是創意媒體學院的定位。」 鄭博士預期,報讀此慕課課程的學生來自藝術、中國研究、傳播 和社會學等不同範疇。此課程是他的教研成果,包括十幾個中國 社會藝術個案的分析,同時收集了大量有關中國藝術家的新材 料。他說:「這課程是根據一項研究成果創立的。」 鄭博士期望透過慕課課程把最新的研究推向全球,從而令城大具 有更高的國際學術地位;同時透過發展尖端網上教育方法,令學 生獲得更豐富的學習經驗。 有意了解課程詳情及註冊修讀的人士,請瀏覽:。

Oct 2016 


Through the Lens

Reacting to today’s energy challenges CityU’s Nuclear Reactor Simulation Laboratory aids students in the study of the future direction of software development and emergency response management for nuclear power.

應對當今能源挑戰 城大核電站模擬實驗室助學生學習軟件開發的未來 發展方向與核電應急管理。

Photo: Sunny Wong





Oct 2016 


Professional Education & Research

A new wonderland for exhibitions This summer the CityU subway was transformed into a corridor for “One Hundred Horses”, and the new gallery on 18/F, Lau Ming Wai Academic Building (Academic 3) became a wonderland of Giuseppe Castiglione’s masterpieces.

By Yvonne Lee


26 April to 25 August 2016. Castiglione (1688–

of both exhibitions was Professor Jeffrey Shaw,

1766) was an Italian missionary who worked in

Chair Professor at the School of Creative Media

the court of the Qing Dynasty for over 50 years.


This exhibition was the second collaboration

“The Tong-an Ships exhibition was more in the

with NPM to be held at CityU. The inaugural

form of story-telling or documentary about

one was the “Rebuilding the Tong-an Ships New

a historical episode, while the Castiglione

Media Art Exhibition” held from 15 August to 17

exhibition focused more on aesthetic and his

October 2015.

masterpieces,” Professor Shaw said.

the “Giuseppe Castiglione – Lang Shining New

The mastermind of the collaboration projects

It was the first time that CityU had organised

Media Art Exhibition” co-organised by CityU

between CityU and NPM, was Professor Paul

such kind of exhibitions.

and the National Palace Museum (NPM) from

Lam Kwan-sing, Chief-of-Staff, and the curator

These exhibits led visitors on a journey between the present and the past through new media at

Professor Shaw (left) and Professor Lam (right) review the collaboration projects between CityU and NPM. 邵志飛教授(左)與林教授(右)回顧城大與故宮的 合作計劃。




“We have never done exhibitions as high profile as these two before at CityU, in terms of scale, offices involved, personnel, length of exhibitions, attendance and impact on society, in particular, the Castiglione exhibition, which was held in our new gallery,” Professor Lam said. The Castiglione exhibition attracted nearly 56,000 in attendance from different sectors and prompted positive responses. Mr Henry Steiner, a well-known Austrian graphic designer in the area of corporate identity, said the exhibition was “delightful, both enlightening and fun”. Mr Steiner was commissioned by the Hong

The CityU subway was transformed into a corridor for “One Hundred Horses”. 城大隧道化身成《百駿圖》走廊。

Kong government to design bank notes in 1975. What made this exhibition unique was not only

inspired Professor Shaw to create several

“We hope the exhibition can enhance

the reproduction of the artist’s paintings, but

innovative and interactive new media artworks.

visitors’ understanding of Castiglione’s life,

also the use of technology to re-interpret the artwork in interactive ways.

artworks, his influence on the art history and “Discover the Painting in Castiglione’s Drawing”

Jesuit history. In addition, we believe it can

used augmented reality technology to enable

help promote the cultural atmosphere on

“We used technology to bring Castiglione’s

visitors to compare Castiglione’s preparatory

campus and enhance the CityU community’s

paintings to life in an engaging way.

drawing of “One Hundred Horses” with his final

appreciation and knowledge of art, culture

Castiglione’s paintings belong to the old media,

painting. “Interactive ‘One Hundred Horses’

and history,” Professor Lam said.

and we transformed his work into new media.

Scroll” let visitors appreciate digitally the

It serves as a bridge that helps bring the culture

hundred horses in the same way as an emperor

“Though we could not display authentic

of the past into the present day, especially for

unrolling the painting. “Everyone Can Paint ‘One

paintings created by Castiglione, as NPM

younger people, as new media is an intimate

Hundred Horses’” enabled visitors to participate

does, the new gallery on 18/F offers a

part of their everyday life now,” Professor Shaw

in Castiglione’s painting and co-create a new

spacious exhibition room for artists to create


media version using their imagination.

interesting and innovative new media

For example, “One Hundred Horses”, one

The exhibition was certainly fun, and highly

of Castiglione’s most recognised paintings,

educational, too.

artworks,” he added.

“What made this exhibition unique was not only the reproduction of the artist’s paintings, but also the use of technology to re-interpret the artwork in interactive ways.” Oct 2016 


Professional Education & Research

Professor Shaw agreed. “CityU has demonstrated its foresight by creating an

展覽新樂園 再現藝術傑作

exhibition space on the 18/F of the Lau Ming Wai Academic Building for high-quality exhibitions that offer the public an outreach

今年夏天,城大附近的隧道變成了《百駿圖》走廊,而劉鳴煒學術樓(學術樓(三))  18樓的新藝廊亦化身成展示郎世寧繪畫傑作的藝域樂園。

and community engagement platform. The University plays an important role in Hong Kong’s cultural ecology,” he said. What is the next step for the new gallery? “A new media exhibition on Hakka kung fu will take place in the autumn. Meanwhile, we have invited experts to devise a strategic plan for the

城大與臺北的國立故宮博物院(故宮)今年 再度攜手合作,舉辦「藝域漫遊—郎世寧新 媒體藝術展」,利用新媒體帶領觀眾踏上一 段連接今昔的旅程,展覽日期自2016年4月 26日至8月25日。郎世寧(1688–1766)是意 大利耶穌會傳教士,曾任清代宮廷畫師逾五 十年。 展覽是城大與故宮的第二次合作。去年8月 15日至10月17日,雙方已成功合辦了「同 安‧潮—新媒體藝術展—同安船與張保仔 的故事」。

「藝域漫遊—郎世寧新媒體藝術展」吸引 了社會各界近56,000參觀人次,廣獲好 評。Henry Steiner先生是奧地利知名的公 司品牌形象平面設計師,1975年曾受香港 政府委託設計紙幣。他讚揚展覽「賞心悅 目,充滿啟迪及樂趣」。

城大與故宮的兩次合作均由城大秘書長林群 聲教授領導,策展人是創意媒體學院邵志飛 講座教授。

這次展覽的獨特之處,除了再現郎世寧的 精妙畫作,還在於運用技術,以互動方式 重新詮釋其作品。

邵志飛教授說:「『同安‧潮—新媒體藝術 展』以說故事的方式回顧了一段歷史;而郎 世寧藝術展則較注重美學及郎世寧的繪畫傑 作。」

邵志飛教授說:「我們運用技術,以引人入 勝的方法活現郎世寧的畫作。我們將屬於 舊媒體的郎世寧畫作轉化為新媒體作品。

development of the new gallery,” Professor Lam said. Both expressed satisfaction with the collaboration projects with NPM. “I am gratified by the very positive public response that shows we succeeded in making a meaningful, enjoyable and innovative

城大首次舉辦這類展覽。林教授說:「無論 是展覽規模、參與的部門與人員數目、展 覽期、參觀人數、對社會的影響,兩次展 覽的規格之高,於城大都是空前的,尤其 是在新藝廊舉辦的郎世寧新媒體藝術展。」

exhibition,” Professor Shaw said. Professor Lam added that he has gained a lot of satisfaction through acting as an intermediary between NPM and SCM. “Both teams have their own professional point of views. My role was to facilitate their communication and cooperation. The outcomes were great!” he said. Both men also thanked NPM for all the support and added their appreciation to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The University of Hong Kong for loaning valuable artifacts for display. “Last but not the least, I would like to thank Dr Isabelle Frank, Visiting Fellow at the Office of the Provost, for curating the ‘Castiglione in Context’ exhibition,” Professor Lam said.



The Castiglione exhibition attracted nearly 56,000 in attendance. 郎世寧新媒體藝術展吸引近56,000參觀人次。


Both exhibitions were fun and educational. 兩次展覽都寓教於樂。

新媒體猶如一座橋樑,將昔日的文化帶到 今天,對年輕一代尤其有幫助,因為新媒 體已經成為他們日常生活中不可或缺的一 部分。」 例如,郎世寧的經典名作《百駿圖》就啟發 邵志飛教授創作了幾項嶄新互動的新媒體 作品。 新媒體作品「從郎世寧草圖看百駿圖」透過 互動擴增實境裝置,讓觀眾把郎世寧繪製的 《百駿圖》草圖與最後成品直接比對。觀眾 在欣賞「百駿圖互動卷軸」時,看到的雖然 是電子技術再現的畫作,但卷軸徐徐展開, 觀賞方式與昔日的帝王並無二致。觀眾還可 在「百駿圖畫室」與郎世寧一起作畫,發揮 想像力共同創作新媒體版《百駿圖》。 是次展覽可謂寓教於樂。林教授說:「我們 希望這次展覽能夠幫助觀眾深入了解郎世寧 的生平、藝術,以及他對藝術史與耶穌會歷 史的影響。我們亦認為展覽有助加強城大校

園的文化氛圍,提升師生員工對藝術、文 化及歷史的欣賞能力和知識。」 「城大不能像故宮那樣展出郎世寧畫作的 真跡,但是位於18樓的新藝廊空間寬敞, 藝術家能夠在此創作新穎有趣的新媒體作 品,」他續說。 邵志飛教授同意林教授的看法。他說: 「城大在劉鳴煒學術樓18樓設立展覽空 間,以舉辦高質素的展覽,為公眾提供了 外展及社區參與的園地,這是一項具遠見 的舉措。城大在香港文化生態中發揮重要 作用。」 新藝廊接下來有何計劃?林教授說:「今年 秋天,藝廊將會舉辦一個有關客家功夫的 新媒體展覽。同時,我們亦邀請了專家為 藝廊制訂長遠發展計劃。」

對展覽的良好反應,說明我們成功籌劃 了既有意義又創新有趣的展覽,令人欣 慰。」 林教授補充道,作為故宮與創意媒體學 院之間的中介人,他甚有滿足感。他說: 「雙方團隊有各自的專業觀點,我的作 用是促進大家的交流與合作。成果令人 鼓舞!」 兩位教授都十分感謝故宮對展覽的支持, 也對香港海事博物館、香港中文大學、香 港科技大學及香港大學等機構借出珍藏展 品供展覽致謝。 林教授說:「我亦要感謝學務副校長室客 座研究員范懿莎博士,她是『從郎世寧看 東西文化交流』展覽的策展人。」

談及與臺北的故宮博物院的合作計劃,兩 位教授均表示滿意。邵志飛教授說:「公眾

「新媒體猶如一座橋樑,將昔日的文化帶到今天,對年輕一代 尤其有幫助,因為新媒體已經成為他們日常生活中不可或缺的 一部分。」

Oct 2016 


Donor Voices

Founded in 2014, the City University of Hong Kong Foundation (CityU Foundation) enables members of the public and those who care about CityU to contribute to the University’s growth and educational progress in Hong Kong. Members of the Foundation will share their life stories in CityU Today. 「香港城市大學基金」於2014年成 立,旨在為社會賢達和關心城大 發展的朋友搭建平台,共同為香港 教育和城大發展作出貢獻。《今日 城大》每期將訪問一位城大基金會 員,邀請他們分享人生故事。

Aiming for a better tomorrow Born into a family of Chinese chiropractors, Mr Wong Tin-chee has been immersed for many years in the culture of Chinese medicine and martial arts, which has imbued in him a deep admiration for traditional Chinese culture and thought.

says Mr Wong. “It is a sport that requires physical strength, robust levels of concentration and acute judgement. It teaches me about life.” He adds: “An old Chinese saying remarks that you can appreciate a person’s virtue and his state of mind by carefully observing his archery skills. Also, practicing archery and reviewing our

When he was young, he fell seriously ill.

performance can help identify problems and

He spent around two years in hospital, an


experience that showed him that health is the most important part of one’s life. He took

The concept of understanding a person by

up martial arts after he recovered from this

careful observation can also be applied to

life-threatening condition. Believing that

business management, Mr Wong says. He points

“prevention is the best medicine,” he became a

out that management should not simply look

registered practitioner of Chinese medicine.

at the business results. A management team should carefully analyse the unique culture

Mr Wong’s mother, as a traditional chiropractor,

present within its company environment

needed to massage patients’ muscles during

and seek to introduce specific measures for

treatment. After doing this job for many years,

improving all aspects of operations.

her thumbs became misshapen. Seeing her discomfort, Mr Wong was inspired to develop a

As a philanthropist, Mr Wong targets the exact

series of health-aid products aimed at helping

needs of the less fortunate. For instance, serious

urban dwellers prevent some general diseases

flooding in eastern China in 1991 prompted

from developing into serious illnesses.

Mr Wong to start up his own philanthropic work. Witnessing the aftermath of the floods,

As a lover of Chinese culture, Mr Wong loves

he realised the importance of prompt relief and

to practice Tai Chi. In fact, he won the national

urged follow-up rehabilitation and counselling

championship in a Yang-style Tai Chi sword

services. So, in 1994, he established the Caring

competition. In recent years, he has also

for Children Foundation and launched an

become deeply interested in archery.

education programme aimed at building schools and offering mental health counselling

“Archery is one of the six classical Chinese

services in the mainland.

arts, which includes rites, music, archery, charioteering, calligraphy, and mathematics,”



CityU is incredibly lucky to have Mr Wong


By Terry Lam


involved in its operations. During a chance campus visit, Mr Wong learned that some

射以觀德 黃天賜先生出身於傳統跌打醫師世家, 自幼受中醫及武術文化薰陶,對中國傳 統文化及智慧甚為嚮往。 

high-achieving students could not attend overseas programmes because of financial difficulties. Thus, Mr Wong made a generous donation to set up a scholarship.

由於小時候曾患重病,住院近兩年,所以 黃先生深深體會到健康的重要,康復後勤 習醫武,立志推廣「未病先防」的信念,成 為了註冊中醫師。

“I was deeply moved by how CityU teachers and staff care for their students. Their dedication showed me that CityU is an institution that is highly concerned about students,” he says. Mr Wong encourages his family to donate to

有見當跌打醫師的母親因長期為病人推拿 令拇指變形而承受痛苦,黃先生萌生開發 健康自助護理產品品牌的念頭,希望為受 都市病困擾的患者帶來「大病從小病治」的 選擇。

CityU, too. To show our appreciation for this high level of support, the University has named Lecture Theatre 401 in the Amenities Building as the Herbalgy Lecture Theatre; and Lecture

在云云中國文化中,黃先生特別熱愛太極 運動,他曾奪楊式太極劍全國冠軍,近年 則熱衷於射箭。

Theatre 17 in the Academic Building 1 as the Wong To Yick Tong Lecture Theatre. “Donating to a worthy cause is very rewarding, not only for the recipient, but also for the

黃先生說:「射箭是儒家六藝—禮、樂、 射、御、書、數之一,要求高體能、高 度集中及精準判斷。射藝除了是一項運動 外,更讓我領悟到人生哲理。」

donor,” Mr Wong says.

Mr Wong Tin-chee


• Registered practitioner of Chinese medicine

• 香港註冊中醫師

• Executive Director, Caring for Children Foundation

• 福幼基金會執行董事

• Honorary President, The Hong Kong T.C.M. Orthopaedic & Traumatic Association

• 香港中醫骨傷學會榮譽會長

• Honorary President, Hong Kong Yang’s Taijiquan Association

• 健絡通藥業有限公司創辦人暨 執行董事

• Founder cum Executive Director, Herbalgy Pharmaceutical Limited

• 黃道益活絡油有限公司執行董事

• Executive Director, Wong To Yick Wood Lock Ointment Limited

• 香港楊氏太極拳總會榮譽會長

他解釋:「古語謂『射以觀德』,透過觀察別 人射箭,可以了解別人的品德及心態。同樣 地,透過參與射箭這個過程和結果,可尋找 失誤的原因從而作出改善。」 黃先生指出,「射以觀德」亦應用於他的管理 哲學。凡事不應只看重表面結果,唯有細心 分析企業環境和過程不足之處,洞察問題所 在,才能對症下藥予以改善。 樂善好施的黃先生,也擅於體察受惠一方的 真正需要。1991年華東發生嚴重水災,黃先 生的慈善事業就在那時開展。他到訪災區時 體會到,即時的救援物資固然重要,但災後 的重建支援和輔導服務更能為災民帶來真正 希望。他遂於1994年與好友創立福幼基金 會,積極開拓「棟樑計劃」,為內地的清貧 兒童提供上學機會和長期心理輔導。 城大亦有幸獲得黃先生的慷慨支持。一次機 緣巧合下,黃先生隨朋友到訪城大,了解到 一些成績優異的學生,因為缺乏經濟支援而 要無奈放棄到外地交流學習的難得機會。於 是黃先生慷慨捐助成立交流獎學金。 他說:「我深深感受到城大的老師和同事對 學生的熱切關懷,他們全心全意為學生設 想,證明城大是一所很重視學生的大學,非 常值得我們支持。」 黃先生除了自己慷慨捐助城大外,更鼓勵家 人對大學作出捐贈。為答謝黃先生及其家人 的鼎力襄助,大學將位於康樂樓的401號演 講廳及學術樓(一)的17號演講廳分別冠名為 「健絡通演講廳」及「黃道益堂演講廳」,讓 他們的德行流芳。 黃先生謙稱:「我相信參與慈善的人同樣是 受惠者,不論我和家人從中都獲益良多。」

Oct 2016 


Gown to Town

By Cathy Lau


Facing death positively We tend to think Chinese people avoid talking about death because of cultural taboos.

as end-of-life caring and bereavement counselling services for eight years. He has provided services to over 700 families. More than 80% among them are social security recipients, low-income or new immigrant

But in the experience of one award-winning local social worker and CityU


alumnus, while the children and middle-aged relatives prefer to defer discussing end-of-life issues, their elders are much more open.

“My training at CityU was first-rate, teaching me the proper manner of a social worker, how to care for other people and society, and how to

“Senior citizens are usually willing to share their views on death but their

analyse problems,” says Mr Leung, who is Chairman of CityU’s Social Work

children don’t even like talking about the funeral arrangements!” says

Alumni Association.

Mr Arnold Leung Tsz-tun, who was presented with the 25th Outstanding Social Workers Award by the Hong Kong Social Workers Association in

“Death is a natural part of life but many people tend to dismiss it as a

January 2016.

remote possibility. Families even find it hard to accept when a relative who is almost 100 years of age dies,” he says.

As a senior services manager at the End-of-Life Caring Services Unit of Sheng Kung Hui Holy Carpenter Church District Elderly Community

As a way of initiating greater discussion about death, Mr Leung held a

Centre, Mr Leung has been providing education on life and death as well

three-day event last year called DEAtHFEST at which mainly younger




“Death is a natural part of life but many people tend to dismiss it as a remote possibility.” people had the chance to express their views about life and death

In response to this situation, Mr Leung locates resources that enable

through drama, dance, painting, music and photography.

social workers and nurses to respond to the physical, emotional and social needs of people during the final stages of their lives.

Another aspect of Mr Leung’s work is encouraging terminally ill patients to spend their final days at home.

Despite the challenges, Mr Leung finds great meaning in his work.

“Around 90% patients die in hospitals. They worry that dying at home will

“It is important for families to have positive memories of relatives who

cause trouble, such as affecting the value of their flat. Because of such

have passed away,” he says. “Our relationships with each other are more

concerns, they are deprived of the opportunity to pass away at home

important than anything else, and we should cherish people around

surrounded by their family,” Mr Leung says.


Traditionally, the family would take care of the terminally ill at home but

Although his job takes up a lot of his time, Mr Leung finds time to share

in the past 30 to 40 years more people have opted to die in hospitals.

his knowledge and experience with younger students as a part-time instructor on the master’s degree in social work courses at CityU.

“You tend to find in other countries a well-established system in which the same doctor will take care of a patient from sickness to death, and

He also organises a CityU mentoring scheme, workshops and social

visit patients at home,” he says, adding that this practice is less common

activities for younger students training for the social work sector.

today in Hong Kong.

“CityU gave me an excellent education and I try to pay back through my work as a social worker, promoting a positive message about life and death,” he says.

Oct 2016 


Gown to Town

優秀社工 助人正面看待死亡 一般認為, 華人社會忌諱死亡,但根 據城大校友、優秀社工得獎者梁梓敦 先生的經驗,長者對於臨終之事,較 他們的子女或中年人更開放。 今年1月,梁先生在香港社會工作人員協 會主辦的「第25屆優秀社工選舉」中獲頒 優秀社工獎。他說:「長者通常都樂意就 自己的身後事發表意見,但他們的子女卻 拒絕與他們談論喪禮安排。」 梁先生現於聖公會聖匠堂長者地區中心安 寧服務部擔任高級服務經理,從事生死教 育、臨終關懷、哀傷輔導工作已有八年, 服務了近700個喪親家庭,當中逾八成是 領綜援、低收入或新移民家庭。 他說:「城大為我提供了一流的訓練,教 我當社工應有的態度,教我怎樣去關心 人、關心社會、分析狀況。」他現時還是 城大社會工作校友會的主席。

「其實死亡是自然定律,只是很多人認為 死亡離自己很遠。有長者過身時已近百 歲,但家人仍感到難以接受。」 因此,去年他打破禁忌,一連三日舉辦「死 亡節」,主要針對年輕人,讓他們以藝術為 媒介,透過話劇、舞蹈、繪畫、音樂、攝 影等不同形式,表達對生死的看法。 除了推動生死教育外,梁先生也提倡臨終 病人在家去世,讓至親陪伴在側。他說: 「近九成臨終病人都是在醫院離世,他們 覺得在家死去會為家人帶來麻煩,如影響 樓價,令臨終病人未能留在家中,在親人 陪伴下離世。」 他指出,在醫院去世的風氣在30至40年前 才開始盛行,以前的文化觀念反而認為臨終 者應該留在家裏,由家人照顧直至最後。 「外國很多地方有完善的家庭醫生制度,

Mr Leung (right) receiving the 25th Outstanding Social Workers Award. 梁先生(右)獲頒第25屆優秀社工獎。

病人由患病至死亡都由同一醫生負責,外 國的醫生上門亦很普遍,香港卻不常見。」 因此,他致力爭取資源為臨終病人提供居家 寧養照顧服務,由社工、護士上門關懷及照 顧臨終病人在身體、情緒及社交上的需要, 希望提升他們在生命最後階段的生活質素。 雖然過程困難重重,但梁先生覺得他的工作 意義重大。「如果能夠幫助晚期病人在最後 階段給家人留下美好回憶,那是無價的。人 與人之間的關係比甚麼都重要,我們要好好 珍惜身邊的人。」 梁先生是城大社會工作碩士課程的兼職導 師,縱使工作繁忙,仍樂於將所學和所經 歷的與後輩分享。他亦為準備投身社工界 的學弟、學妹舉辦師友計劃、研習班、聯 誼等活動。 「城大為我提供了優質教育,希望我能透 過社工工作回饋社會,宣揚面對生死的正 面信息。」




The road to MIT By Cui Junhe Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering 文:崔峻赫 建築學及土木工程學系

I majored in Civil and Structural Engineering (CVSE) at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE). Starting from the 2016 fall semester, I will pursue graduate studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

meetings impressed me so much that I made up my mind to learn from them and improve myself. But the research start-up process was challenging to me, a conventional civil engineering student with relatively limited knowledge about

Two years ago, I took a course by Dr Denvid Lau Tak-bun, Assistant

computer programing. Thanks to the guidance of Dr Lau and his PhD

Professor in ACE, and was happy to join his research group as a student

student Yu Zechuan, I managed to master the simulation techniques,

assistant. The project worked on the mechanics of chitin-based materials

conduct a series of research topics and publish a paper in a science

using molecular dynamics simulation, which is more advanced compared

journal. The valuable research experience aroused my passion, built up

to my undergraduate curriculum.

my confidence and made me determined to pursue a higher degree.

I was good at solving examination questions at that time, but had little idea or courage to generate anything new. The PhD students’ creativity and deep thinking presented in group

I have been fortunate to have participated in Discoveryenriched Curriculum (DEC) activities from which I have gained a well-rounded development. The CVSE

Oct 2016 


Student Voices

curriculum contains many DEC courses with innovative assessments such

(SCI) journal paper titled “Effect of Acetyl Group on Mechanical Properties

as group design projects. From these assignments, students not only gain

of Chitin/Chitosan Nanocrystal: A Molecular Dynamics Study” in the

valuable experience about putting our knowledge into real engineering

International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

practice, but also about building deep friendships with students from other disciplines.

MIT is the dream school for all science and engineering students, which means admission is competitive. I managed to overcome the difficulties

When I was in Year 2, I formed a group with other students to participate

by making every effort in preparing for the examinations, such as

in the Guangsha Cup Structural Design Competition. Since we were

gaining decent scores in my GRE and TOEFL tests. More importantly,

sophomores, we were unfamiliar with concrete design principles and

the encouragement from Dr Lau and other ACE professors right from

Chinese design code. We started our work under the coaching and

the application stage really helped a lot. Also priceless was their advice

encouragement of Dr Lau. To our delight, we were awarded the Third Prize

on choosing the most suitable academic programme and properly

with a very high ranking among all the teams formed by senior students

expressing my capability in that particular area to MIT.

from mainland China. In my coming graduate studies in MIT, I will work hard as well as From my experience as a research assistant in Dr Lau’s group, I obtained

participate in extra-curricular activities to further improve my well-

fundamental research skills such as critical thinking and efficient literature

rounded skills. I am confident to make my dream of becoming an elite

review abilities; while the DEC enabled me to develop a brave and

civil engineer come true! The education and cultivation CityU provides to

optimistic character, improve my interpersonal skills, and acquire useful

students has laid a firm base for my future career development. I would

knowledge. These have all helped me to lay a solid foundation to carry

like to encourage all students to try their best to achieve their goals!

out more advanced research work and publish an Science Citation Index




我大二時跟幾位同學組隊參加了「廣廈 杯」粵港澳高校結構設計信息技術大賽。 由於我們只是二年級學生,並不熟悉混 凝土的設計原則,也不了解中國設計的規 範;幸好有劉博士的指導和鼓勵,我們得 以戰勝眾多內地大學高年級學生組成的參 賽隊伍,取得高分,榮獲三等獎。 在劉博士的研究小組當助理的經歷,使我 掌握了慎思明辨和有效率地審閱文獻的基 本研究技巧。「重探索求創新課程」也助 我變得勇敢樂觀,改善人際溝通能力,並 掌握有用的知識。這些為我日後做高等研 究工作奠立鞏固的基礎,促使我在《國際 分子科學學報》(International Journal of Molecular Sciences)發表一篇列為科學 引文索引的論文《分子力學研究:乙醯基 對甲殼質/甲殼素納米晶體力學特質的影 響》。

通往麻省理工之路 我在城大主修土木及結構工程。在今年 九月的秋季學期,我開始在麻省理工學 院攻讀研究院的課程。 兩年前修讀了建築學及土木工程學系助理教 授劉特斌博士的一個課程,幸運地加入他的 研究組,擔任學生研究助理。研究計劃是通 過模擬分子動態研究甲殼質材料力學,程度 比我就讀的本科課程高深許多。 那時候,我雖擅長解答考試題目,對於創新 發明卻毫無頭緒,也缺乏嘗試創新的勇氣。 看着眾位博士生在小組會議上展現出非凡的 創造力和深邃的思維,我立志要向他們學 習,提升自己。

研究計劃開始時我遇到不少困難。我是傳 統的土木工程學生,對編寫電腦程式的認 識不深。然而在劉博士和他的博士生余澤 川指導下,我掌握了模擬技術,做了多項 專題研究,並在科學期刊上發表論文。這 次寶貴的研究經歷燃起我的研究熱情,令 我加強自信,決心繼續深造。 我有幸參與「重探索求創新課程」的活動, 獲得全面發展,所主修的土木及結構工程 課程設有許多「重探索求創新」科目,不 少採用創新的評核方式,例如小組設計專 題作業。通過這些習作,學生獲得寶貴的 經驗,不但能夠把所學知識應用於實際工 程,也能和其他學科的學生建立深厚的合 作友誼。

麻省理工是所有科學與工程學生夢寐以求 的大學,入學競爭異常激烈。我努力預 備考試,克服重重難關,成功在GRE和 TOEFL試中取得理想成績。劉博士與建築 學及土木工程學系的其他教授從我一開始 向麻省理工提交入學申請時起,就一直給 予我鼓勵並幫助。他們教導我該如何選擇 合適的課程,以及恰當地向麻省理工展示 我在該學科的能力,這些寶貴意見對我大 有幫助。 在麻省理工求學期間,我會繼續努力,同 時積極參與課外活動,不斷加強綜合能 力。我有信心實現自己成為傑出土木工程 師的夢想。城大的教育以及對學生的培 育,為我的未來事業奠立基礎,謹在此 與所有同學共勉,盡力朝自己的目標邁 進!

Oct 2016 



The Political Development of Modern Thailand Dr Federico Ferrara, Associate Head and Associate Professor, Department of Asian and International Studies; Cambridge University Press, 2015 Based on extensive, empirical research, this book analyses the country’s political history from the late nineteenth century to the present day. Long known for political instability, Thailand was thrust

This book aims to enhance the performance of construction

into a deep state of crisis by a royalist military coup staged in 2006.

personnel by presenting an integrated and comprehensive

Since then, conservative royalists have overthrown more elected

By illustrating both how

governments after violent street protests, while equally disruptive demonstrations staged by supporters of electoral democracy were crushed by military forces. The author traces the roots of the crisis to unresolved struggles regarding the content of Thailand’s national identity, dating back to the abolition of absolute monarchy in 1932. He explains the conflict’s re-intensification with reference to a growing chasm between the hierarchical worldview of Thailand’s hegemonic “royal nationalism” and the aspirations that millions of

stress management model. construction personnel are affected by various stressors and how this influences their performance, the model also explains how stress levels can be managed by dealing with the stressors and using appropriate adaptive coping behaviours. It is based on an extensive literature review, on survey studies and on

ordinary people have come to harbour as a result of modernisation.

scenario analyses to thoroughly investigate the components of stress

《現代泰國的政治發展》 亞洲及國際學系副系主任兼副教授Federico Ferrara博士 劍橋大學出版社,2015年

dimensions of the stress they experience, the nature of their stressors,

本書以廣泛的實證研究為基 礎,分析了自十九世紀末期至 今的泰國政治史。泰國政局之動 蕩久為世人所知,忠於王室的軍隊 2006年發動政變,更是使該國政局 陷入危機深淵。

issues and theory, as well as offering practical recommendations for

自那時候起,支持王室的保守派人士上 街進行暴力抗議,推翻了好幾屆民選政府;而支持民主選舉人 士舉行的具有同等破壞力的示威,則遭受軍方鎮壓。作者指 出,泰國政治紛爭懸而未決的危機根源,在於該國的國族身 份;這一國族身份危機可以一直追溯至1932年泰國廢除君主 專制。作者解釋,衝突屢次加劇源於泰國持不同政見雙方之間 日漸加深的鴻溝,一邊是該國霸道的「王室民族主義」之等級 世界觀,另一邊則是受現代化影響的數百萬民眾之訴求。


Stress Management in the Construction Industry Dr Mei-yung Leung, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Dr Isabelle Chan Yee-shan, Lecturer, University of Hong Kong, and Professor Sir Cary Cooper, Professor, Organizational Psychology and Health, Lancaster University Management School; Wiley-Blackwell, 2015


management for construction personnel, including the multiple the coping behaviours they adopt, and the consequences of stress for their performance. The book aims to help researchers in construction management and in occupational health and safety understand the professional bodies and policy advisors.

《建造業的壓力管理》 城大建築學及土木工程學系副教授梁美容博士、香港大學講師 陳綺珊博士、英國蘭卡斯特大學管理學院組織心理學及健康教 授Cary Cooper爵士;Wiley-Blackwell出版社,2015年 本書展示了一個全面綜合的壓力管理模式,旨在提升建造業人 員的表現。該模式描述各種壓力來源對建造業人員及其表現的 影響,並解釋了透過處理上述壓力來源,及運用適當的變通應 對行為以管理壓力水平的方法。本書取材自多種文獻資料、調 查研究及案例分析,對建造業人員壓力管理的構成作出徹底調 查,包括他們經歷的多層面壓力、壓力來源之性質及其應對行 為,以及壓力對其表現的影響。本書旨在協助建造業管理及職 業健康和安全的研究人員了解有關問題及理論,同時為專業機 構及政策顧問提供實用建議。

City University of Hong Kong  香港城市大學   Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR  香港特別行政區九龍達之路

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