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Faculty of Business Bulletin

No. 1 - January 2005

15th Anniversary : 1990 - 2005

CityU Faculty of Business Achieves AACSB Accreditation*

Professor L K Chan, Dean The Faculty of Business is a young and dynamic faculty. Its 150 full-time faculty members from 20 countries emphasize team work and continuous improvement. The Faculty implemented the 3Q Action Plan 2002-2004: Quality professional education for students Quality applied research with impact Quality academic culture for faculty members The Action Plan was followed by the Strategic Plan 2004-2008: Advancing with Momentum. In this bulletin, you will see several on-going strategic initiatives in value-added and application-oriented education for students, and selected areas of applied research excellence. I would like to congratulate and sincerely thank all of our teaching and supporting staff, external advisors, adjunct professors, alumni, and students (from undergraduate to PhD), for their contribution to our success in achieving AACSB International accreditation. We welcome and invite our stakeholders and friends in the region and overseas to participate in our continuous improvement processes and to contribute to our further advancement.

Professor K K Lai, Associate Dean

Professor Matthew Lee, Associate Dean

In City University's Faculty of Business, we are proud of our efforts in ensuring quality work in education. Our accomplishments in this area have been recognized by the University Grants Committee (UGC - Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government's funding body) during the Second Round Teaching and Learning Quality Process Reviews (TLQPR).

Knowledge and innovation are the most important intellectual capital of modern organizations. Successful Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM) is thus the key to leveraging intellectual capital for competitive advantage in the modern business world. KIM research excellence is a major aspiration in the Faculty of Business' strategic plan. Indeed, KIM is one of six areas of research within City University of Hong Kong (CityU) that are recently recognized by the University Grants Committee (UGC) as having demonstrated competitiveness at an international level. Our research ranks within the top 100 amongst business schools in the world.

The AACSB Peer Review Team (PRT), comprising deans of leading international business schools, visited CityU as part of the AACSB accreditation process and gave strong positive feedback to our quality practices in teaching and learning. In particular, the PRT expressed admiration and commendation for the Faculty's innovative "First Year Experience" initiative. My congratulations to everyone for their part in helping the Faculty of Business to achieve AACSB accreditation.

AACSB accreditation has reaffirmed our strong intellectual standing as a business school and the appropriateness of our strategic plan. My warmest congratulations to all colleagues who have contributed to this important effort.

* AACSB International, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (, is the premier accrediting agency for business schools that promotes continuous improvement in management education around the world. AACSB accredited schools include, among others, Harvard Business School, London Business School, The University of Sydney Faculty of Business and Economics, and Keio University Business School. CityU is one of the first business schools to achieve accreditation under AACSB new international standards adopted in 2003.

USTC-CityU Suzhou Research Center

Quality Education Initiatives: A continuous improvement-oriented quality assurance system that involves external experts, business practitioners, faculty members and students Benchmarking against international standards through a rigorous external examiner system Close partnership with professional bodies to ensure vibrancy and currency of curriculum design Faculty-initiated BBA programmes, drawing on collaborative efforts and expertise across the Faculty's 6 Departments of Accountancy, Economics and Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Management, and Management Sciences "It is the judgment of the Peer Review Team that the degree programs offered demonstrate overall high quality and there is a strong commitment to continuous improvement by the university administration, Faculty of Business leadership, faculty, staff, and students." (AACSB Peer Review Team Visit Report)

Selected Research Initiatives: Faculty research centre on Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM) - the Faculty has close to 40 faculty members who are active researchers working on problem areas that include (among others) knowledge-based logistics and transportation management; knowledge/information systems design, adoption and security; product innovation management and strategy; and the human, economic and marketing aspects of knowledge and innovation Joint PhD programme on Knowledge and Innovation Management (KIM) with the University of Science and Technology of China in Suzhou Emerging Strategic Research Areas in Corporate Governance and International Trade Weekly Centa-City Property Index of Hong Kong which could also be used for individual housing unit's valuation and bank's revaluation on investment properties. "The PRT is impressed with the progress that has been made in this area [research] and saw clear evidence that there is positive growth in the research environment..." (AACSB Peer Review Team Visit Report)

First Year Experience Initiatives: Supplemental Instruction Scheme - senior students mentoring first year students to become effective learners E-Organization - a Web-based virtual department store set up for the modeling and simulation of cross-functional business activities Ethics-Oriented Education - the five core values of Fairness, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect, and Compassion embedded into core courses and student's character development Personal Digital Assistants - to personalize large class interactive teaching and to provide IT-based course management "[The 'First Year Experience'] is a truly impressive program which can be a model for other schools to benchmark in designing an undergraduate curriculum and an assurance of learning (AOL) program." (AACSB Peer Review Team Visit Report)

College of Business Bulletin No. 1 (English)  

College of Business Bulletin No. 1 (English version)

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