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Jan / Feb 2017 Issue





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48 The 6Th Friend


49 Aftermath



17 Love Truly

50 Chef Brian Adornetto – Roots With A Flavorful Twist



18 Actress Jenae Alt Sizzles In New Superhero Photo Spread


20 Lisseth Corrao 34 Tryfonas Modestou

54 Diezel Ramos


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58 Review Of Shemar Moore’s The Bounce Back


61 Chef John Corey – The Road To The World Food Championships


66 Dynamic Song Performance: The Singer’s Bible

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Recipe For Living A Life With Purpose And Passion WRITTEN BY TAMMY KC HEGYES

“I work hard and take risks. I’m a good listener, and the word ‘no’ is not in my vocabulary. That’s empowering not only for me, but also everyone working on my production team.”


otivation comes from deep in one’s soul, and this woman has a true motivation to succeed! City to Country Magazine looks into a success story. CITY TO COUNTRY MAGAZINE: First off, I want to say hello and thank you, Jamee, for giving us the opportunity to speak with you. When doing research for this article, I was impressed with each discovery. Blueyed Pictures. Tell us a little bit about where that vision came from. JAMEE NATELLA: I was living in Tokyo and spoke the language. I have a versatile production background from previously living in Los Angeles. Despite me living abroad, my relationships continued with several people who were working at various production companies. They knew they could count on me, as no job was too small or too large for me to tackle.

Work started coming my way to pull together bilingual crews, scout locations, and basically produce for my friends back in the United States. I quickly saw the need for culling a service production enterprise. Nobody could pronounce my name in Japanese. Jamee doesn’t translate well, so I became known as “the blueeyed girl.” When I made the decision to incorporate a company, it happened very quickly. I needed a name for my business, and that’s how I came up with the name Blueyed Pictures. I expanded to London from that initial office in Tokyo, then to Los Angeles. CTCM: What have been some of the biggest challenges in your career so far? NATELLA: Timing the right elements for a production is always tricky. I am known for bringing the best crews

7 JAN / FEB 2017 ISSUE


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and the best talent together. Many of us work project to project, so it’s a delicate dance to find the essential crews for the times needed. Also, executing what people want is challenging, and producing the desired results takes a tremendous amount of strategizing. One example that comes to mind is when I had to shoot a scene where a car flies off a cliff and the person inside flies out in a wingsuit. This required finding the perfect cliff, hiring an appropriate stuntman, and taking into account how to achieve the shot safely, all while trying to come in under budget. There’s always a solution, a way to compromise and make something work to everyone’s advantage. I enjoy the stimulation involved in these kinds of challenges.

In I Am Sam, children and even adults will read about how people from other societies live and interact. In today’s world, now more than ever, we need strong messages about coming together as one nation and one world. We have a choice each day to look at the differences of the people we encounter or focus on the similarities. Different can be fun, and acceptance of others is a great stress buster! I have teams of writers developing relationshipdriven stories for my upcoming film projects. While entertaining, they also make people think about their own lives. It’s good storytelling when people watch movies and gain insights into their own lives through characters who are authentic and resonate with them.

CTCM: It’s been said that you are a woman of power in the film production industry. You’ve been a writer, actress, and producer. What else is in your agenda for the future?

CTCM: Jamee, you have a charitable side. We have heard a little bit about something to do with Ronald McDonald House. Can you tell us more about your involvement?

NATELLA: I work hard and take risks. I’m a good listener, and the word “no” is not in my vocabulary. That’s empowering not only for me, but also everyone working on my production team.

NATELLA: I’ve always believed in giving back and donating my time and talents to worthwhile philanthropic efforts. I’m big on sustainability for our planet, especially where our drinking water is concerned. China and India have a better grasp of how to take down global warming than we do.

I began acting as a child and continued to work as an actress until my early 20s, but that past life is barely visible in my rearview mirror. It gave me a tremendous foundation for film producing, which is where my creative and business lives find fuel today. I am searching for investors for a thriller that Peter Moore, Julianne Moore’s brother, wrote. I am super excited, because I believe it’s a great project, and I hope it will be one of my best projects to date.

Apathy is rampant in our country, which leads to selfdefeatism. If it continues, it will eventually swallow us whole as a civilization. Each one of us is responsible for our ecosystem, but many people’s attitude is, “I’ll worry about that tomorrow,” but tomorrow is today! We all have a voice, and it needs to be louder, so we have a bigger impact. None of us do this life alone, but one person can move mountains, if they are committed.

I’m producing three back-to-back feature films in 2017. As well, I will be finishing a children’s book series, I Am Sam, with my 8-year-old son, who is coauthor. The series is also being adapted for television. The stories are taken from our personal lives as we travel the world together, showing how we embrace different cultures.

I am developing lines of environmentally healthy products, from skin care to cleaning products, and clean drinking water straight from the tap is at the top of my bucket list. It’s ridiculous that we have water shipped to us from Fiji, especially in plastic bottles that are a danger to our bodies, when we have water flowing from our

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home’s pipes that can be healthy drinking water. We can live without food, but not water, so this is a priority project where I am lending my time and energy. I have opened my home for Ronald McDonald fundraising events. Helping displaced or low-income children and their families stay united during costly illnesses, despite their living circumstances, is what this organization is all about. While it might seem like a contradiction that a fast food business can actually help promote greater health and wellness for people, it really is the ultimate scenario for how we can change our lives with mindfulness and use whatever is at our disposal to help. The kinds of foods we put in our mouths affect everything. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of our body. I’ve created a healthy oasis in the heart of Los Angeles where I can rejuvenate with nature all around me. It’s a simplistic and soothing environment. CTCM: Jamee, you have a couple of talented chefs that you really like. Please tell us a little about them. NATELLA: My favorite chefs, Marcel Cocit and Kai Kani, keep surprising me with their creative entrees. Chef Kai is only 16-years-old, and as she studies for her GED, she’s branding herself as a superior chef, with people like Oprah Winfrey hiring her to cook for them. Chef Marcel is a living testament to how an Italian chef can hold back on the fattening sauces without sacrificing flavor. Chef Marcel and Chef Kai put so much care into preparing food, and they’ve inspired me where my own cooking is concerned.

It’s really yummy. A kale salad that is made with my garden’s bounty accompanies this dish. CTCM: Any new projects you might want to tell our readers about? NATELLA: Blueyed Pictures has built a reputation for flawless production across multimedia digital platforms. It’s exciting to be on the forefront of virtual reality feature films and documentaries. It’s nothing new for commercials, but this technology has been slower to surface for films. Being a part of that and understanding the process is exciting. CTCM: One last question. Who was or is your inspiration? NATELLA: Depending on the project or where I am in my own life career-wise and personally, my mentors and the people who inspire me are constantly evolving. I listen to people around me and enjoy learning from people who set a high bar for excellence, no matter the medium. Melinda Gates and Richard Branson come to my mind. My son is another, as I see the world through his eyes when we write our books together. The life of late actress and humanitarian Audrey Hepburn consistently inspires me. Even as a young girl, I was impressed by how simple, classy, and real she was. She survived the Holocaust and never forgot her most important role of doing her part to make our world a better place. She used her celebrity to create change before it was en vogue. For more about Jamee Natella and Blueyed Pictures, please visit the following sites:

Food is on all of our minds during the holidays, but we can get more for less and still enjoy our meals. It’s not wildly expensive to eat healthy. I pull vegetables from my garden and cook with them. My latest obsession, which seems to be a big hit with my family, is a chicken dish that I make. It contains grapes, Dijon mustard, potatoes, and chicken cooked inside a boiling pot. The grapes are literally on the vine and have seeds. The dish also includes dried apricots.





orn in Brazil and raised in Queens, New York, Chef Marcel Cocit went from a baby bottle to marsala sauce. As a child, he watched while his Romanian mother and Italian/Spanish father made music in the kitchen. Some of the family favorites they cooked were Stuffed Cabbage, Chicken Pizzaiola, Beef Stew, and Chicken Croquettes. At age five, Chef Marcel picked up a spatula and joined the fun in the kitchen. He was hooked. He knew this was what he wanted to do. He prepared and created recipes with his parents and attended culinary classes. Chef Marcel graduated with a Culinary Arts degree from the New York Restaurant School. Following school, he worked as a private chef for some of Manhattan’s most prominent families. Chef Marcel believes that people eat first with their eyes. As a result, all of his recipes, which utilize only the finest and freshest ingredients, have to delight both the eyes and the palate. While international cuisine and regional American comfort food are his specialties, desserts are his passion, and love is baked into every bite.

After moving to California in 2000, Chef Marcel began catering private events for celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Larry King, Lisa Marie Presley, and Ryan Seacrest, just to name a few. He has appeared on TV shows like The Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS for the past six years, Private Chefs of Beverly Hills on Food Network, High Maintenance 90210 on E! Network, and You’re Invited on Style Network. In 2012, he was featured in the Taco Bell Cantina Bowl Campaign commercial with celebrity Chef Lorena Garcia. In 2013, he appeared as one of the chefs on Guy’s Grocery Games on Food Network. He also completed a cooking segment for Project HOPE with Richard Simmons. Most recently, he appeared on Food Network on Kitchen Inferno with Curtis Stone. He was also just on The Home and Family Show on the Hallmark Channel. He is in constant demand as a caterer for films, TV shows, and production companies and always brings his warm and engaging style to every job. Chef Marcel is currently in development of his own cooking show that will feature him and his wife, Jeannie. They recently appeared together on The Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS doing their Pillsbury segments. They also have a YouTube cooking show, Love at First Bite, where they share their love for food and help others create more love in the kitchen. Chef Marcel is also developing a line of products under the brand name Love at First Bite and is in conversation with several home shopping networks about launching his own line of desserts. So fresh, and so clean.


15 JAN / FEB 2017 ISSUE




hef Kai Kani is 16-years-old. At the tender age of two, she would spend her days watching Food Network. By the age of three, her mom had a new helper in the kitchen.

Over the past 12 years, Chef Kai has perfected her skills in the kitchen and has crafted many original dishes like cabbage slowly cooked in coconut butter with smoked almond, a foie gras macaron with black truffles, and kombucured snapper with lemongrass, white shoyu, and lime. Along with her innovative dishes, Chef Kai has also proven her skills as a pastry chef, hosting private events for Oprah Winfrey, Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and LL Cool J. In March, Chef Kai worked at the James Beard House Foundation in New York City when Chef Bruce Kalman was featured, and she has been a showcased chef at St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels annual An Evening on the Beach event since 2015. She runs a bimonthly popup in Los Angeles for 20 guests, featuring an 8 to 15 course tasting menu,  and was a part of the 2016 Oscars’ Gift Bag.  Chef Kai’s style of cooking is progressive modern American. As influenced by some of the best, Thomas Keller, Daniel Humm, Curtis Duffy, and Rene Redzepi, she focuses on using organically-farmed and locally-sourced ingredients.


Most recently, Chef Kai did a cooking demonstration on NBC’s The Talk. With a few cookbooks in progress, working to open a restaurant, and her constant pursuit of new flavor collaborations, she experiments with multiple aspects within the industry. At 16, Chef Kai has accomplished a great deal within the culinary arts and will continue to do so for years to come.

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any would agree that there is something wonderfully extraordinary and spectacular about the art of music. However, when you add a touch of love into the recipe, it naturally produces a magical experience that only the listener can truly appreciate and comprehend. Love Truly is a national recording artist whose music represents the importance and significance of including love as the key ingredient toward finding peace, tranquility, and true quality of life. He believes love is universal and touches every human being and is always incorporating it in his musical endeavors. Regardless of age, sex, race, and/or gender, one will find themselves falling effortlessly in love with both the lyrical content and the melody of his work. Love recently captured the hearts of the students at Hampton University. They partnered with him in an online challenge called #LoveTrulyChallenge, which is dedicated to showing a simple act of love to anyone by recording a 30-60 second video and sharing it with the world. A challenge is then issued to others in hopes of making the love go viral. These are the types of acts that Love Truly places as priority when it comes to his ideals and timeless music. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and raised in Houston, Texas, Love Truly is a genuine family man who loves the idea of families getting closer to one another and believes that a true friend is just as strong as a member of your family, your blood relations. Love Truly has been married to his wife for 23 years and says she is the inspiration behind his music. He is the father of three children who keep him grounded and striving to be a better husband, father, and provider. Love Truly is a strong believer in God and says his faith makes him want to add something to the world that people can admire, love, and incorporate into their daily lives. Love grew up in Texas listening to the music of Billy Ocean, Jonathan

Butler, Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, The Bee Gees, Christopher Cross, Steve Perry, Patti LaBelle, Hall and Oates, Air Supply, and many other artists who he feels, “…capture the true meaning of love in their music,” as he has said during numerous interviews. Love Truly is also a man who has a genuine heart, and he cares about the issues that stem from poverty, abuse of women and children, world hunger, childhood disease, breast cancer, and many other concerns. He would love to bring attention to these matters as his name and brand grow larger. Love’s music is being loved around the world and played on every continent. “I want to bring the true meaning of love music back to society,” he says often, because he feels music has been “overly sexualized” in recent years. He wants younger generations to know that love is more than physical and deals with every emotion known to man. Love Truly is excited to bring his love music to more listeners around the world and start a worldwide love movement that will join lovers around the globe. To hear and enjoy for yourself, search any online retailer worldwide for Love Truly. His music is also available for download on iTunes and any other major download site. For Love’s most recently released hit single, “I Dream About You,” which was used as the background music for #LoveTrulyChallenge, please visit SoundCloud. A few other bonus songs will be available for your listening pleasure. For now, Love Truly is ever so thankful for his fans and is excited to bring more meaningful and timeless music to his listeners. “The world needs more love,” is quoted constantly by Love, and he is right. For without it, we would all just be empty and soul-searching. Let’s take his advice and try to make a difference by spreading love, and if you haven’t already, become a fan today. 

To learn more about Love Truly, please visit the following sites: Please contact Tiffany Gaines for booking inquiries at

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n an effort to celebrate the upcoming release of her superhero short film, Shero, and fashion line, El Hero, actress Jenae Alt partnered with prolific photographer Kem West to capture the glamour and excitement of both endeavors.

Jenae has graced the big screen in movies such as The Longest Yard, Click, Fast and Furious 4, A Dark Day’s Night, Spread, 3 Days Gone, and Poseidon. She has worked with top talent like Adam Sandler and Ashton Kutcher and has appeared on popular TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, The Closer, and MANswers. Most recently, Jenae received a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the 2016 Nice International Film Festival for her work in Director Josh Mitchell’s short film,  Fruit of the Fungus. Please visit for more information. To view the film, please visit Check out Jenae’s IMDb for a full list of her credits at, and learn more about Alt on her official website at

For booking, interviews, reviews, or questions, please contact: Josh Mitchell Wickid Pissa Publicity

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“High fashion and high quality are not just for the rich and famous…” ~ Lisseth Corrao



21 JAN / FEB 2017 ISSUE


My Name is Lisseth Corrao. I was born in Lima, Peru, which is close to the beach and some of the best surfing spots in the area. The sun and an active lifestyle are deeply rooted in my early childhood. My inspiration for fashion really comes from my grandmother. As a little girl, I recall how she taught me to first sew. I watched her at home as she designed and created all different types of clothes for my mom, my aunt, and my older sister. She also ran a retail business, selling her own branded apparel and other merchandise. I remember going to the garment district where my grandmother would source the finest fabrics from Europe and the Far East. As a little girl, I began by designing clothes for dolls and selling them to the neighborhood kids. As I grew up, I started to design clothes for myself and my friends. I started designing for business about 10 years ago. My first line is a cotton, ready-to-wear collection that sells at specialty retailers across the country. The cotton collection gives me the freedom to create dresses and skirts that flow freely and are easily wearable at your favorite resort, for dining alfresco, or when wanting to look your best. My latest endeavor is my formal collection. I strive to create current and forwardlooking styles that will wow you on the red carpet, while still being accessible. I believe that high fashion and high quality are not just for the rich and famous, but are for all ladies of style. I am very much a woman’s woman. Today, when I am creating something and I have a concept of what it is, I want a fabric that will perform the way I need, so I can create that kind of garment. For example, if I am doing a gown for my formal collection, I want something that drapes well, but is not too heavy. It has to have the right feel and be totally accessible. People will get something from the way the fabric feels the minute they touch it. My favorite thing about fabrics is their texture. I love different textures, and the texture can become the inspiration for the creative process. I like silks, gauze, jacquard, and brocades‌all the things that have dimensions. For me, fabric is really the most interesting part of fashion. Now, of course, color is equally important. As a designer, I think about who is going to wear each piece. If I am making a dress for someone that wants a lot of attention, red works. Certain people look good in certain colors. That’s the way it is, and as I said earlier, I strive to have my line be very accessible.



23 JAN / FEB 2017 ISSUE




FALL COLLECTION Lisseth Corrao’s Fall 2016 Collection turns to the storied paintings of renowned artist John Singer Sargent for inspiration. Channeling the seductive, empowered, feminine nature of Sargent’s paintings and drawing from his fascination with luminosity, Lisseth Corrao’s silhouettes and embroidery effortlessly connect the artist’s vivid paintings, full of captivating movement, with the modern world. Cascading, golden lace and majestic, bugle beading emphasize the ultra-feminine strength of the women that Sargent celebrated in his work. Lustrous cascades of jeweled necklace dresses are set against regal gowns that are illuminated with rich, brocade-like, golden threadworks reminiscent of The Royal Gardens at Highgrove. Delicate silk flowers adorn exotic, floorsweeping gowns of tulle and silk organza. Dresses with opulent stones and hand-embroidered, 3D florals highlight Lisseth Corrao’s whimsical essence, which is characterized by ethereal designs similar to the vibrant, seasonal color changes at the Highgrove Gardens. For more information about Lisseth Corrao, please visit Mark Mendez, Photographer

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aving grown up in a fashion environment, Tryfonas Modestou is a passionate womenswear designer. Born in Cyprus on February 3, 1986, he graduated from Kingston University in London, starting the Tryfonas Modestou brand on September 1, 2014. During his studies, Tryfonas worked with Jena.Theo designers for London Fashion Week, and he won the Banana Republic Internship program in New York his second year at Kingston. Further, he worked with well-known brands such as Nicole Farhi and Jack Wills, the English heritage brand. Tryfonas’ attention to detail, construction of garments, and elegant silhouettes helped him finalize polished collections for feminine and sophisticated women. His work has been praised by many fashion bloggers and was nominated for the Textile Institute Print Award at the Design Means Business Exhibition. Also, his collections have been featured in fashion magazines in London and America, and he collaborated with stylists for fashion shows such as Redken Symposium Europe. In 2015, he presented his AW15 Collection at Athens Xclusive Designers Week, where he was awarded Best Catwalk. In 2016, he was awarded Designer of the Year in Cyprus. Running the Tryfonas Modestou brand the last two years and being awarded twice are great achievements for Tryfonas. Hard work and determination are distinct characteristics throughout his path. Since his graduation, he has made sure to promote his work in the best way possible, as well as share his ideas about the modern feminine woman.



To find out more, please visit AW16/17 Womenswear Collection, Tryfonas Modestou, Designer Dinah Kaprou, Photographer Amalia Avraam, Model Beauté by lovaris, Makeup The Hair Lounge by Sophia Nicolaou, Hair G+ Collections, Accessories Shoebox CBT, Shoes Γκαραζ πολυχώρος – Nicosia, Space

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“Because no one would stay in a dark cabin in the woods with a psycho in a mask lurking outside.” ~ Joey Taylor (Character played by Jamie Bernadette.) While beautiful women in spooky, remote settings being terrorized by someone or something wielding horrifying weapons is hardly an original concept, The 6th Friend does not rely on the trite to make its point. Instead, the film’s characters are developed, and it tells a dramatic story that also happens to include someone or something terrorizing six beautiful women in a spooky, remote setting. The story opens at a drunken college graduation party with six female friends. It ends in some kind of violent confrontation that is replete with panicky, blood-splattered women and the police. Five years later, the friends meet at a remote cabin in the woods for a reunion, and that is where the fun really begins. Director/Screenwriter Letia Clouston and Screenwriter/Actress Jamie Bernadette did a good job developing strong, relatable female characters and brought them to life with a stellar cast of veteran scream queens. Bernadette, with her angular features and flashing, dark eyes, brings her brooding character, Joey, and the film to life. While her character encourages the audience to take the film seriously, it is Chantelle Albers’ quirky performance as Melissa that gives the audience permission to set aside reality and enjoy the ride. Besides Bernadette and Albers, who also receive producer credit, the film costars Dominique Swain, Monique Rosario, Jessica Morris, and Tania Nolan. Sommer Leigh Studios (Bernadette and Albers) and awardwinning Director Letia Clouston put together The 6th Friend from the original story written by Bernadette. What they’ve given us is a taut horror-drama that is sweeping up awards from every film festival in which it’s been entered. It won Best Feature Film from The Freak Show Horror Festival and from The RIP Horror Film Festival as well. In addition to that, Jamie Bernadette earned Best Actress at both festivals, and Letia Clouston received Best Director at RIP. Considering all the lesser films that receive wide distribution, it would be a shame if The 6th Friend fell into the straight-to-DVD black hole.






’m back again, City to Country Magazine readers. This time, it’s with a truly great sci-fi masterpiece. It’s been a long time since I can say that I have admired a program presented by the Syfy Network. The Aftermath series is set in stages of multiple apocalyptic events and is centered on our protagonists, the Copeland family. Starring James Tupper as Mr. Joshua Copeland and Anne Heche as Mrs. Karen Copeland, talented performers, Levi Meaden, Taylor Hickson, and Julia Sarah Stone, finish the cast as the Copeland offspring. The Copelands are a close-knit family, with various personalities, who work together to survive meteor showers, earthquakes, super storms, plagues, supernatural creatures, and oh, a monk that makes people go boom! Some of those creatures appear like wyverns (dragons). I’m up-to-date on the episodes this season, and I’m sure that a second season is already scheduled. I can’t give you too much more without giving away visuals only your eyes should see. What I can share is that the acting is superb and the directing and screenwriting are definitely from the cream of the crop. From the first episode to “Here Is No Water But Only Rock,” they leave you on the edge and in suspense, waiting for the next ludacris experience this witty, hilarious, badass family will face. Syfy even brought in an amazing actor and host, Wayne Brady, for an episode, and he just stole the show. Syfy has definitely given us a program worthy of gratefulness. Aftermath is a great show to catch with the whole family to start the year right. For updates on the show, please visit and follow @AftermathTV on Twitter. You can follow me at @RACovanMagee.

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by Chef Brian Adornetto WRITTEN BY JACKIE ACOSTA

“Being even a small part of a client’s special moment and helping them make happy memories are amazing responsibilities.”


n our recent visit with professional Chef Brian Adornetto, it became clear that time is a precious commodity. Between writing, consulting, cooking, and teaching, he also fills the roles of business owner, husband, and father. With work-life balance in play, we were fortunate enough to spend a little bit of time with this culinary expert and gain some insight into his passion and appreciation for all things food, while also taking a sneak peek into his day-to-day grind. While growing up in Jersey City, Chef Brian’s family owned and lived next door to their bar and restaurant, PNK Tavern. With this landmark a part of his family history for 75 plus years, a young Chef Brian was taught the basics of cooking by his mom and grandfather. During his younger years, after school, he would eat lunch at the tavern, sit at the bar with his grandfather, and tackle his homework assignments. He literally grew up in the business and, by his own admission, has been in and around the business most of his life. Chef Brian graduated from Saint Peter’s Prep, earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Peter’s College, then attended culinary school. He now has over 15 years of professional experience. He sports the hats of culinary instructor, food writer, recipe tester, coach, teacher, and private chef. We invite you to pull up a chair and sit a while, as we delve into a moment in time with this sought-after culinary expert. Oh, and if you stick around long enough, you’ll find a pleasant surprise awaits you in the mix. 51 JAN / FEB 2017 ISSUE

KITCHEN moment and helping them make happy memories are amazing responsibilities. That’s something I’ll never lose sight of. The other is seeing cooks and students move on to bigger and better things. Whether it’s my cooks taking the next step in their career or watching recreational students break free of take-out and premade, boxed, processed foods, my success is tied to theirs. CTCM: What do you appreciate most about your career? CHEF BRIAN: The ability to have a positive effect on a person’s day. CTCM: What do you do to stay educated about new trends? CHEF BRIAN: I read daily and try to eat at as many new restaurants as I can. CTCM: What do you do to insure the quality of the food going out to customers? CHEF BRIAN: I trust my senses. If it doesn’t look, smell, feel, or taste great, I won’t serve it. CTCM: Give me an example of someone you have trained or mentored. Where did they start, and where are they now?

CITY TO COUNTRY MAGAZINE: Why did you choose to become a chef? CHEF BRIAN ADORNETTO: I’ve always loved to cook and feed and entertain people. CTCM: When did you know you wanted to be a chef? CHEF BRIAN: During my externship, I fell in love with the excitement and intensity of working the line in a busy restaurant. CTCM: Tell us about your training. Where were you trained, and how difficult was it? CHEF BRIAN: I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Marketing Management with a minor in English. It all helps me as a small business owner and writer. And obviously, my degree from ICE (Institute of Culinary Education) set me on the path of learning proper cooking technique. I loved it. CTCM: What defines success for you within your industry? CHEF BRIAN: Two things: making people happy and helping others be successful. Being even a small part of a client’s special

CHEF BRIAN: When I was the banquet sous chef at a Hilton, we had a dishwasher who always worked hard. He would get all his work done as fast and as well as he could. Then, he’d come into the kitchen and ask if we needed any help. Naturally, we’d take him up on it. He started out washing and peeling vegetables. He got so good at it that he’d still have extra time. So, we taught him knife skills. As soon as we had an opening, I hired him as our banquet prep cook. We worked together for almost a year, then I became the chef de cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant. The first chance I had, I hired him as a pantry cook. By the time I left the Hilton, he had worked his way up to first cook, and last I heard, he was the sous chef at an upscale farm to table restaurant. CTCM: How involved are you with the menu development and overall  design? Who do you feel should be involved in the decision? CHEF BRIAN: I consult with my clients to create custom menus. For the classes, I teach and develop all menus and curriculum mostly by myself. I do take suggestions and consider feedback from students, though. CTCM: Who in the food world do you most admire? CHEF BRIAN: Daniel Boulud. 52


KITCHEN CTCM: For those of us less familiar with Daniel Boulud, he is a French chef and restaurateur who is well-known by culinary experts and consumers stateside and abroad. He has restaurants in New York City, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, Miami, Montreal, Toronto, London, Singapore, and Boston. CTCM: Has the heightened interest in celebrity chefs and cooking in general been good or bad for the industry? CHEF BRIAN: Interest in cooking, nutrition, and food is always a good thing. Inspiring people to eat better should be one of every chef ’s goals.

CHEF BRIAN: Europe. In particular, Italy, Greece, France, Spain, and Germany. I love the rich history, beautiful architecture, and of course, their approach to food. There, it isn’t a race to “get food on the table.” It’s about love, nourishment, respect, and sharing. Their philosophy that food and cooking are things to be enjoyed, cherished, and celebrated has influenced me deeply. CTCM: What is the best piece of advice you would give a home enthusiast? CHEF BRIAN: Taste your food often when cooking and preparing it. Then, if it’s not quite right, don’t be afraid to adjust the seasoning.

CTCM: Tell me about an accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career.

CTCM: What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

CHEF BRIAN: There have been a few. Cooking at Beard House with one of my early mentors, Alex Montiel, was very special. Seeing my recipes in a national magazine for the first time and demoing on television were pretty exciting too.

CHEF BRIAN: A good hotdog: charred skin, snappy texture, moist interior, savory beef flavor, and just a touch of highquality deli mustard. Occasionally, I do go for a little chili on it too.

CTCM: What would you consider to be the most defining moment in your career?

CTCM: You had me at charred skin! Take me out to the ballgame, and let’s savor that delectable, all-time, American favorite! Chef Brian was gracious with his limited time, and we thank him for that, as well as for the tasty morsel that follows. We appreciate him sharing a bit of his kitchen flair with us. For those aspiring home-based chefs, have fun with this recipe and let us know how it turns out! You can learn more about Chef Brian Adornetto on his website and social media pages:

CHEF BRIAN: When my children were born. It showed me that there was more to life than the kitchen. As a result, I reconsidered my career and moved toward teaching and writing, so that I wouldn’t miss out on spending time with them.

CTCM: What is your favorite place in the world, and what influence has it had on your skill?


Serves 6-8 INGREDIENTS 3 tablespoons olive oil, divided 5 cloves garlic, minced ¼ cup pitted and chopped Kalamata olives, packed ¼ cup pitted and chopped Spanish olives, packed 3 tablespoons capers 2 teaspoons anchovy paste 1 tablespoon minced, fresh oregano leaves ¼ teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 1 (14.5 ounce) can diced tomatoes 1 (28 ounce) can whole, peeled tomatoes in puree, chopped (or crushed by hand, if you like extra chunky) Salt Freshly ground black pepper 8 boneless chicken thighs

DIRECTIONS 1. Into a large skillet over medium heat, pour 1 tablespoon of oil. Add the garlic and sauté until fragrant, less than a minute. Add the olives, capers, anchovy paste, oregano, and crushed red pepper to the skillet. Cook, stirring, for about 1-2 minutes until fragrant. Add all tomatoes and simmer for about 20 minutes (15 minutes, if you like it a little looser), stirring occasionally. Taste, then add salt and pepper as needed. 2. Into a large sauté pan over medium-high heat, pour 2 tablespoons of oil. Arrange the chicken thighs, skin side down, in the pan without crowding, doing in batches as necessary, and season with salt and pepper. Cook for about 4-5 minutes, until well browned. Turn, lower the heat to medium, and cook 4-5 minutes more, until well browned and a thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the thighs reads 165 degrees. 3. Remove the thighs from the pan and add to the puttanesca. Heat through and serve.

53 JAN / FEB 2017 ISSUE




iezel Ramos, five-time World Champion Powerlifter on the bench press, was born February 21, 1977, in Bronx, New York.

At the age of 19, Diezel moved to Ocean City, New Jersey, where he still resides with his daughter, Brianna. Frequenting a local gym there, trainers took note of his massive size and dedicated work ethic. Diezel propelled himself to the world stage with a lot of determination and hard work. His efforts paid off, with him winning five World Bench Press Champion titles. In 2010, while working as a bouncer, Diezel stumbled on to a role as an extra, and that is when he discovered his passion for acting. His natural ability on camera was immediately noticed, landing him roles in the major films like Guardians of the Galaxy, Suicide Squad, Jack Reacher Never Go Back, Independence Day Resurgence, Batman v Superman, Central Intelligence, and more. Ramos is currently working on projects for 2017, so you can expect to see a lot more from him in the future! Please check IMDb to stay current on all his work.



CYNTHIA BRAVO full of passion, a soul that will never stop fighting, “Aheart a smile that will always shine…Cynthia Bravo!”

phase); the horror feature film Spirits (financing phase); and the teen comedy feature film that is to be directed by Bexultan Nurgali, A Little Bit of Magic (financing phase).

Cynthia Bravo, CEO of Glix Entertainment, is an award-winning producer with a genuine passion for the entertainment industry and the art of filmmaking. Cynthia Bravo is also the founder of Glix for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides free guidance, support, and resources to upcoming filmmakers. The organization is dedicated to nurturing and supporting the art of filmmaking, helping filmmakers to create memorable video content and make a mark in the entertainment industry. 

Glix Entertainment is a full-service, independent production company that strives to create high-quality video content that is budget conscious and maximizes the return of investment. Check out the diverse and compelling slate they unveiled at the 2016 American Film Market at

~ Cynthia Bravo

In less than a year, Cynthia Bravo has successfully produced over 20 independent projects, including the award-winning feature film, The Last Night Inn, directed by John Heath. She collaborated in the production of the feature film directed by Marcus Mizelle, Actor for Hire. She produced the feature film directed by Miguel Garzon, The Broken Legacy.  Cynthia has also produced numerous  short films, corporate videos, and commercials. Her directing portfolio includes the short films Bristol Place and A Conversation with Him.  Cynthia is currently producing the feature film Hide in the Light, which is directed by Mikey McGregor. Her indevelopment projects include the horror feature film that is to be directed by Edrei Hutson, The House on Franklin (financing

From conception to completion, Glix creates original, compelling, and unique stories that entertain and engage audiences. Their passion for storytelling and filmmaking makes them go above and beyond to produce high-quality films on independent budgets. They strive to build long, lasting relationships with producers, directors, writers, talent, and investors, pooling strengths together to create films that will be memorable, relevant, and profitable. Check out the details at You can also learn more about Glix on their Facebook page at For interviews, meetings, and questions, please contact: Josh Mitchell Wickid Pissa Publicity

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op artist Raffaela  hits with the world premiere of her new single,  “Hurricane.” The song features Chris Redd and is the latest single from InRage Entertainment, with the music video by Cappricielli Productions. The video celebrates female empowerment through the depiction of strong women who rebuke social stereotypes. The single and music video premiered in November 2016 and are available on iTunes, Vimeo, and YouTube. Raffaela’s earlier singles,  “So What?”  (over 200,000 YouTube views)  and  “Fearless,”  can also be viewed on YouTube. You can watch Raffaela’s “Anger in Me” music video there also.  “Hurricane” is Raffaela’s second single. Her first, “So What,” was a jury finalist for Best Music Video at the International Family Film Festival, a select into the Dances with Films Festival, a Rahway International Film Festival select, and it won Best Song in a Music Video at the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival. Raffaela’s achievements go beyond music, having written and starred in the film short Taking a Chance on Love. It was recently nominated for Best Short Film at Dances with Kidz and received Honorary Mention at the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival. Raffaela is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA. For booking, interviews, reviews, or questions, please contact: Josh Mitchell Wickid Pissa Publicity 




Introducing my new design client, Kari Ann Peniche, and her exciting company, DAF House (  In her past, Kari Ann was an actress and entertainer from Fairview, Oregon. She held the Miss Oregon Teen USA and Miss United States Teen titles. She was stripped of the latter title after appearing nude in the November 2004 issue of Playboy Magazine. Kari Ann has been the subject of several celebrity gossip stories, including a brief engagement to singer Aaron Carter, a quarrel with singer Mindy McCready, and the leak of a controversial home video involving actors Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart. Kari Ann is also well-known to television audiences for her appearances on the first season of Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, the third season of Celebrity Rehab, and a brief appearance on the second season of Sober House. In an effort to reinvent herself and transform her life in a positive direction, Kari Ann morphed into a prolific and successful interior designer, creating her new company to showcase her inventive skills. Designing is more than concepts and details. It’s an art form of bringing ideas and inspiration to life. As a certified coach in Design Psychology, Kari Ann’s expertise lies in understanding the unique vision of all her clients. Whether revamping one small space or performing a complete remodel, her approach to design comes from a strong belief that anything can be done. She has a love for the unexpected, which lends her a unique talent for simplifying space into captivating and warm environments. Kari Ann is adept in finding crafty ways to help budget-conscious clients create their dream homes that express their personalities, goals, and aspirations, while also adding value. As a wife, mother of two, and owner of a small business, she has a genuine appreciation for your valuable time and is committed to ensure that time spent working together is productive and results in the design you envision. For interviews, commissions, or questions, please contact: Josh Mitchell Wickid Pissa Publicity 

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His manager and partner in crime, played by Bill Bellamy, is both a thorn in his side and his biggest advocate. He is insistent that Taylor find a love interest. After all, you can’t have a self-help love guru talking about love without being in love! Bellamy keeps the audience engaged with his natural comedic personality. He has great dialogue and delivers those zingers. Look out, Kevin Hart. Here comes Bill Bellamy!


love a good movie, especially a fun, romantic comedy. Executive Producer Shemar Moore and Director Youseff Delara did a good job making the characters relatable to real life romance in their film, The Bounce Back. Moore portrays a self-help expert named Matthew Taylor. After getting his heart broken by his ex-wife, Taylor writes a self-help book to show people how to get past the hurt and move on with their lives. Shemar, with his 12-pack abs, gorgeous smile, and charming personality, plays his part as Matthew Taylor very well. He’s a divorced, heartbroken dad who becomes a sexy playboy. In the film, Taylor embarks on a tour to promote his book, The Bounce Back, giving seminar attendees and plenty of ladies his advice on how to bounce back from heartbreak.

Matthew is met with resistance and an opposing opinion from a widely-known therapist, Kristen, that is played by Nadine Velasquez. Velasquez kills it in this role. She had the audience laughing like crazy. The chemistry between Velasquez and Moore was excellent. They had a natural onscreen vibe that worked…fun banter, sexual innuendos, tension, and a believable realness. Velasquez’ character is reeling from a previous bad break-up. She’s successful, smart, and determined not to be made a fool of again. She gives Moore’s character a run for his money. I honestly can’t think of even one of the actors who didn’t do a good job in this film. They all seemed to have fun and definitely made it worth watching. The film started off a little slow, but to be honest, Shemar’s good looks kept the audience watching. It didn’t take long to get sucked into the storyline and to start enjoying this fun, funny, and romantic film. Another bright spot in this film was Moore’s on-screen daughter, Aleya, played by Nadja Alaya. Aleya is 13 and going through that awkward stage of liking boys and enjoying time hanging with her dad, Matthew Taylor. 58



59 JAN / FEB 2017 ISSUE


Shemar adds a fun touch as the father, watching and preparing his daughter for her first puppy love. Nadja Alaya stood her own next to the adult actors with which she worked. She was funny, on point, and had an endearing quality that just made you smile. Shemar and Nadja portrayed a solid father/daughter relationship. Nadja added fun to the film. Most filmgoers will relate to what it feels like to be stuck in a rut when it comes to love and relationships. Many people can understand the desire to move past heartbreak and pain through willpower, perseverance, and holding on to the hope that one day you will find the one who completes you. The Bounce Back was a fun film. I even heard the men in the audience laughing. I asked one couple behind me, “Did you like the film?” Their reply, “Yes, this film is so us!” Shemar Moore spent years on TV. For those like me who have followed his career through Soul Train, The Young and the Restless, and Criminal Minds, I think you will be delighted to see him in a lighthearted role. The character he plays seems to be much like Shemar in real life…silly, goofy, compassionate, caring, and driven. Having started a GoFundMe campaign to do this movie, Shemar’s huge fan base, called Baby Girl Nation, contributed widely to the success of this film. The campaign raised approximately $650,000, and Shemar reached in his pocket to pick up the rest. He had a dream and followed it. He was driven and passionate about bringing his baby, The Bounce Back, to life. Shemar has said more than once that he wanted to prove to Hollywood that there is a need for certain content. I think he is right. With all the violence, anxiety, and high levels of stress in our world today, it is refreshing to go to a theater and see a fun, romantic comedy. The world needs more love and laughter, and I’d say Mr. Moore brought that to the screen. Whether he makes money from this film or not, he can go to sleep feeling rich in success.

In addition to making the movie, Shemar started a campaign, I Bounced Back, selling t-shirts and sweatshirts to raise money to support his on-screen daughter, Nadja Alaya, who was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s lymphoma after filming. The proceeds raised will help his little star, Nadja, as well as other children fighting cancer and cancer-like illnesses. Shemar Moore is a blessing to many. Personally, I hope he keeps making movies. Perhaps The Bounce Back 2? I’d recommend going to see The Bounce Back. Like I said, it started a tad bit slow, but you will definitely get into it quickly. From myself and City to Country Magazine, we’d like to wish Nadja Alaya a speedy recovery. Her light shines brightly, and she is definitely an inspiration to others who are fighting battles and following their dreams. We wish you continued success, Shemar Moore, and keep doing what you do. The Bounce Back is a refreshing film that allows people a fun night out. 60




JOHN COREY The Road To The World Food Championships WRITTEN BY SUE MCGAUGHEY

61 JAN / FEB 2017 ISSUE



ity to Country Magazine previously had the privilege of interviewing celebrity Chef John Corey. During that conversation, we discovered his desire to compete in the World Food Championships. City to Country recently took some time to follow up and find out what his journey to the championships was like.

spice anything, and I even included a beverage (typically never judged, but often included) of root beer milk with rum that was topped with freshly-made whipped cream. Saddened as I was, I jokingly said, “Okay, got beat by a taco and then a bowl of soup. Next year, I’m making an enchilada.”

CITY TO COUNTRY MAGAZINE: Thank you for sitting down with us, Chef John. Recently, you set your sights on attending the World Food Championships. What was the road like getting there?

Low and behold, a dear friend and two-time World Pasta Champion reached out and told me to go online and enter these contests [2016]. So, I did. I woke up one morning to find out I won! I not only won one of them, but I won all four of them. So, I got to choose which of the divisions I wanted to compete in. Super excited, I knew I needed to do something to take home the top $100,000 prize.

CHEF JOHN COREY: Unlike a lot of competitors who fly, we chose to drive. Maybe it was the fear of TSA taking our equipment, knives, and things we need to use in the competition arena, or maybe it was just that we’re gluttons for punishment. We took a 28-hour road trip from Arizona to Alabama, which was a marathon drive through the state of Texas. Trust me. When people say that everything is bigger in TEXAS, it really is. It took almost 14 hours to get through the state going west to east or east to west. I recently heard someone say that compared to driving in their state, Texas is a botanical garden. I thought, “Well, okay,” but even then, it didn’t help the never-ending drive from one end to the other. When I found out about the championships [2014], I entered a local chamber-hosted event that offered a Golden Ticket, kind of like in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. It was one of my great childhood memories, so I said, “Sign me up!” I entered and created the most beautiful dessert macaroon. The event was called Scottsdale Spice. They never told us what that meant. To me, it meant let’s kick up the heat, so I made the macaroon, which is not to be confused with macaron. Here’s the best way to remember the difference. “Ron” hates coconut and is crunchy, while “roon” loves coconut. It’s kind of like pronouncing espresso vs expresso, with most pronouncing it as the later of the two. So, back to the macaroon…beautifully executed, five-bite, dipped in chocolate, with chocolate in the center. Well, let’s just say mascarpone never knew it could be over 12,000,000 Scoville units of heat. Chili-heads loved it! However, I got beat by a taco, dang it! I didn’t give up, saying, “I’ll be back next year.” When 2015 arrived, I was excited and ready to compete. I gussied up a trio of appetizers, dinner, and dessert. Again, I lost. This time was to a bowl of soup! I didn’t overly

CTCM: Tell us briefly what the World Food Championships is. CHEF JOHN: The World Food Championships is the brainchild of Mike McCloud, CEO of MMA Creative. It was his vision to bring all types of food together to compete. This is the largest food competition in the world. There is no other competition that brings barbeque, bacon, seafood, burger, recipe, dessert, sandwich, steak, and chili competitions together and make it one. Not just anyone can compete. You have to qualify and be invited and pay the fee and/or win a Golden Ticket (paid competition) to compete against over 440 chefs as well as home cooks, totaling 1,100 competitors from 48 states and 14 countries. They all converge on one location to not only win their division, which awards them $10,000, but also to take home the title of World Food Champion. Phew, that’s a mouthful! The judging uses a proprietary method called E.A.T. The “E” is for execution. How well does the chef/cook execute the dish based on their description? The “A” is for appearance – how it looks to the judges. Often, the majority eat with their eyes before their pallet. Finally, the “T,” which is the most weighted of the scoring, is for taste. How good does the dish taste? Initial rounds of competition, in each of the nine divisions, have a structured build, a required dish. Then, the competitors prepare a signature dish, which is what they want to do within the theme of the division they compete in. If you make it to the top ten, you then 62



laughed when they called golf a sport. When you carry over 200 pounds of equipment and food over a mile to setup in a makeshift competition arena for two hours each time, then back again and again, and then back for making it to top ten, then one more time at the Final Table, it is definitely a sport!

compete again, to level the playing field, by doing a dish that is “infused” with a certain ingredient. From there, it’s the competitor’s vision on how they use that ingredient. However, it must be the star of the dish. After top ten judging, the ultimate nine division champions compete in the Final Table. They are all going against each other, putting their best dish forward to earn the title. CTCM: How did you secure sponsors to help you get to the championships? CHEF JOHN: What most people don’t understand is twofold. First, what is the World Food Championships? Hopefully I’ve helped clear that up by explaining not only what it is, but also how it works. Second, it is expensive for what we call #FoodSport. Don’t laugh, because we

As for reaching out to sponsors, you’ll notice our chef coats have logos all over them. From the larger sponsor to the smaller, all sponsorships are valuable. Every dime counts. Just for our team to attend in 2015, for example, cost us over $7,500 between travel, food, competition food, lodging, uniforms, etc. We are sponsored either by product, money, or product and money. We are the first to sport what we call a NASCAR-style chef ’s coat. Everyone was shocked last year and said it will never air on television, but it did! Of course, I can’t give away all my secrets of obtaining sponsorships, but I can tell you sponsors are out there waiting to be found and are willing to help support #FoodSport. It’s just how you talk to them, and like anything in life, there is a relationship that lasts far beyond the competition arena. CTCM: Who would you like to thank, and is there anything you want to say to your fans? CHEF JOHN: I’d like to thank all of my sponsors: One With Life Tequila, iDrinkMate Products, Danzeisen Dairy, Green Mountain Grills, Loot N’ Booty BBQ, City to Country Magazine, Libbey Glass, Biliner Water, Torgeon, Ankrushrum, WeWood, HeyDude, Love Glasses Revolution, Kansas City Steak Company, Dough EZ, Gulf Coast Produce, GEFU Spirelli, Cirrus Products, and Fortessa.

63 JAN / FEB 2017 ISSUE


Most of all, without fans, family, and friends, I would never have made it this far. They tell me I’m an inspiration, but I don’t see myself that way. I want to help as many as I can to achieve what they dream and believe. It’s been said, “If you help enough people get what they want, you can have everything you want.” I say to my fans, friends, family, and everyone out there who has been on this amazing journey, “Thank you. It’s each of you that drives me to be better and to help each of you every day in whatever way I can.” CTCM: How did you do at the championships? CHEF JOHN: We did extremely well going into the top ten, being in 8th place after our required and signature dishes. For the Eggs Benedict structured build, I did a Surf and Turf Eggs Benedict with gorgonzola cream sauce, fresh arugula, hollandaise, and a beautifully poached egg. My signature dish was a take on a Hawaiian breakfast dish, Loco Moco. My dish was Tequila CoconutInfused Rice with Ribeye, which included mushroom gravy and a braised, up egg. Having made it to the top ten, we then had to infuse a sponsored, breakfast-style sausage into our dish. I did a sweet and spicy pumpkin-infused breakfast roll and topped it with scrambled eggs and traditional Southern sausage gravy. Super excited to have finished 5th in the world, and that’s no small feat to accomplish. We proudly hold our heads high, because that means we get to compete again next year! CTCM: Well, Chef John, it sounds like you had a lot of fun and did very well! It’s been a pleasure to be part of your journey. We know you also run a catering business. How is that going now? CHEF JOHN: Yes, my wife and I own Chef John’s Events and Catering. We are located in Arizona. Catering in Arizona is a unique and different animal. We have seasons here, but I can tell you this. Our clients recognize the hard work that we do, as well as the fact that we do things differently. To us, “Good enough...isn’t.” That means we always do more than we should. We always do what our clients ask of us, and that separates us from the pack. For years, we’ve been the unknown. Now, we’re becoming better known, and like anyone, we love clients and customers. We customize our work to meet our clients’ needs and wants. Just the other day, I said that I totally love being a caterer, because I can actually cook any style of food for any client from any ethnic background, which is unlike having a restaurant, where I’d be bound to just one style of food. Catering is amazing. CTCM: Thank you so much, Chef John, for sitting down with us and filling us in on your fun adventure. For those of you who want to know more about the amazing celebrity Chef John Corey, please check out his cover story in our November/December 2016 issue of City to Country Magazine. Michael Sewell, Photographer 64 CITY TO COUNTRY MAGAZINE LLC


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nnouncing the release of Dynamic Song Performance: The Singer’s Bible, possibly the only how-to performance book for singers that is equally valuable to magicians, comics, actors, public speakers, models, performance coaches, and trial lawyers. How does it apply to so many? It focuses on audience psychology. The book explains what every performer must do to seduce the camera and audience, keep crowds enthralled, and turn listeners and viewers into loyal fans. The Dynamic Song Performance method begins by reinforcing successful performance skills, while redirecting unsuccessful ones. Pepper Jay and her coaching partner, John Michael Ferrari, guide students through the vocal, physical, emotional, and mental performance skills required to be a successful professional singer, performer, recording artist, or entertainer, etc. Pepper Jay then hones the students’ abilities to perfection, while also teaching audience psychology. Each student receives customized coaching based on their talents and expressed goals. What makes a singer a star? Pepper drills into students’ heads that there are many excellent singers who never “make it.” Over several decades, Pepper Jay has developed powerful performance guidelines that, when followed by talent who remains true to their self, result in impressive success. Dynamic Song Performance: The Singer’s Bible is a guide to the fundamentals of song performance that is directed to the novice who has dreams of fame and fortune, as well as the professional who wants to master their performance skills and be at the top of their craft. Pepper Jay has worn many hats during her life: actor, lawyer, mentor, mother, performer, producer, public speaker, and translator, just to name a few. Pepper Jay began her performance career at age five. When she wasn’t appearing in television sitcoms, such as The Real McCoys, she was performing on-stage in school, at local parks, or in community theater. From age five to fifteen, Pepper also danced and played her accordion for charity events and fundraisers. After graduating from San Diego State University, Pepper Jay obtained a lifetime teaching credential from the state of California and taught in the Los Angeles public school system for over a decade. During the 1970s, Pepper taught at Hollywood High School, John Muir Junior High School,

and Crenshaw High School, where she was also in charge of coordinating and producing shows for the over 100-member drill team. Pepper Jay was the English as a Second Language coordinator for a portion of the vital Inner City on LA program. Although Pepper Jay completed her pubic teaching career in 1983, she continues private teaching and coaching, specializing in acting and song performance. Jay also continues her public speaking engagements for both public and private schools, sharing such topics as Listen and Be Heard and The Power of Money with school children. In 1990, Pepper Jay became John Michael Ferrari’s performance coach. In 1991, they partnered to create their entertainment company, Pepper Jay Productions, LLC. PJP produces music, film, TV, web shows, and live entertainment. PJP also produces and publishes the Actors Podcast Network, consisting of over 15 informative and entertaining shows on three channels, Actors Reporter, Actors Entertainment, and Actors Radio, from her centrally-located studio in Hollywood, California. From 1993 through 2008, Pepper Jay created and hosted the Working Actors Group, offering on-camera and cold-reading workshops to working actors. In 1998, Ferrari joined Jay as a performance coach for singers and actors. Today, Pepper Jay is found on both sides of the camera. She continues to be a producer of live music entertainment and media content, as well as a director of films (Hercules in Hollywood), documentaries (Women Warriors), and music videos (Run). She coaches performance skills for actors, speakers, and singers. Pepper (SAG-AFTRA and AEA) also remains a working actor and can be seen in The Call (2011), Midlife (2011), Brooklyn USA (2010), and Marked (2007). Dynamic Song Performance: The Singer’s Bible is available now at For more information, an interview, or to request a review copy, please visit the following sites:


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