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Minutes of the Ninth Meeting of the Resources Committee of the City of Sunderland College held at 3.30pm on Tuesday 3 May 2011 in Room 614 at the Shiney Row Campus PRESENT:

Mr I Forster (Chairman), Mrs A Inkson, Ms S Atkinson, Mr A Carter, Mr R Edmonds, Mrs A Lawson-McLean, Mr M Ridley.


Mr D Howells, Ms S Duncan, Mr N Harrett, Mrs J Ridley.


Mr C Crossman.

The Chair welcomed Ms S Atkinson and Mr A Carter to their first meeting of the Committee. R/11/23

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Apologies for absence were received from Mr S Allen and Ms A O’Donoghue.


MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING OF 15 MARCH 2011 The minutes were accepted as an accurate record.


MATTERS ARISING THEREFROM R/11/17 – Budgetary Update In response to questions from a Governor the following was noted: • In relation to paragraph 4.1, the College had been successful in securing ESF funded Response to Redundancy and Sixth Month Unemployed programmes, although the benefit was likely to be felt in the coming Financial Year. • In relation to paragraph 4.4, Management acknowledged that something radical needed to be done in terms of the food, especially at Shiney Row and Bede, and that it was something that was being dealt with on a centre by centre basis. It was an issue that had been raised by students at both the Strategic Away Day and the Governors’ meeting with Student Councillors.


BUDGETARY CONTROL STATEMENTS TO 31 MARCH 2011 The Vice Principal Finance presented the budgetary control statements for the period ended 31 March 2011. He outlined the key implications set out in section 3 of the report. It was noted that the variance was largely 1

due to timing of funding body grant projects, the delivery of third party activity, and the profile of restructuring costs. Overall management was confident that the forecast 2010/11 financial performance outlined in the last budget update will be achieved at the year end. In response to questions from Governors the following points were noted: • The overspend relating to the Bede heating project was due to additional construction work which needed to be done; the contractors had kept their fees to a minimum as requested and the uplift in professional fees was justified. • There had been strong growth in adult apprenticeships and the College had submitted a written application for in year growth funding to the SFA. It was noted that if this extra funding was not received, the College would need to review the timing of programmes for the remainder of the year. The current increase from £76k to £398k was however funded. • In relation to the College’s financial assessment, it was noted that whilst the College had previously been graded as Outstanding and despite a mid year review which had revealed that the College had performed better than the previous year, there had been a change in the criteria and the College’s financial performance now corresponded to the new “Good” grade. The Committee: received the report. R/11/27

NORTH EAST SHARED SERVICES PATHFINDER UPDATE The Clerk reported that following a discussion between himself, the Principal and the Chair it was felt that it would be better to convene a meeting of the Change Committee to look at the business case in detail in order to make appropriate decisions within authority to be granted by the Board. The Committee: noted that the Principal would prepare a report for the Board requesting that it refers the matter to the Change Committee.

The Staff Governors declared an interest in the next item. The Committee agreed that there was no need for them to withdraw from the meeting. R/11/28

CHANGES TO ACADEMIC CONTRACT The Vice Principal Quality & Business Support gave an update on the current position in the negotiations with UCU. She explained that a 2

compromise had been reached on the proposed changes to academic contracts which were set out in section 2.4 of the report. UCU would take the proposals to its members for approval following which the new contracts would be issued to staff with an implementation date of 1 st September. It was noted that the proposed changes would bring the terms and conditions of all staff who teach students into line as there was currently some disparity in the terms and conditions of main grade lecturers and those of trainer assessors, associate lectures and curriculum support officers. The Committee: agreed to recommend the changes to the academic contract to the Board for approval. R/11/29

REVIEW OF REDUNDANCY POLICY AND PROCEDURES The Vice Principal Quality & Business Support explained that a full review of all Human Resources policies and procedures would be undertaken over the coming months and presented the revised Redundancy Policy. It was proposed to remove governor involvement in the appeals process relating to redundancies and to place the responsibility for hearing appeals with the Principal. As is currently the case, the procedure provided for consultation at every stage and confirmed that every effort would be made to avoid redundancy. The Committee discussed the revised policy in detail and it was suggested that legal advice should be sought on the following points: • the Principal’s involvement in meetings 1 and 2 • the wording of paragraphs 5-10 which should be reviewed to ensure that the retirement ages of teachers and support staff reflects the current statutory position and the document states that it is merely a statement of the position current at the time of issuing the document A governor commented that he was uncomfortable with the changes and whilst this was acknowledged, he was assured that the proposed changes would be subject to consultation prior to being adopted. The Committee (subject to legal advice being sought on the points outlined above): i.

agreed to recommend that the Board approve the request to consult with the trade unions on the revised Redundancy Policy and Procedure.


ii. agreed to the approach to reviewing the other HR Policies and Procedures set out in Annex A to the report. R/11/30

COMMITTEE TERMS OF REFERENCE The Clerk explained that the terms of reference had been changed following the review of governance in 2009 and subsequently a section on delegation had been added on at the end. He explained that the Terms of Reference had been re-drafted in order to make them read a little better, however there had been no change in content. The Committee: agreed to recommend the revised Terms of Reference to the Board for approval.


CONDITION SURVEY The Vice Principal Finance gave a verbal update. He explained that the draft report on the condition survey had not yet been received but was expected shortly. Once received it would be used to develop the property strategy and recommendations would be brought to the Board in due course. The Committee: received the update.


HEALTH, SAFETY & WELFARE COMMITTEE MINUTES OF 1 MARCH 2011 The Staff Governors raised the issue regarding lanyards outlined in 11/05i of the minutes and it was noted that the matter was being dealt with by the Health, Safety and Welfare Committee. The Committee: received the minutes.


STRESS MANAGEMENT GROUP MINUTES OF 22 MARCH 2011 A Governor commented that he was pleased that the group was continuing to meet. The Vice Principal Quality & Business Support explained that a meeting had been held earlier that day and that it had agreed to change its name to the Health and Wellbeing Group. The Committee: 4

received the minutes. R/11/34

ANY OTHER BUSINESS In response to questions the following points were noted: • In respect of the sale of land at Newcastle Road, there were some on-site issues to be resolved however the matter was moving towards completion; a report would be brought to the Board in due course. • In respect of the proposed city centre premises, the joint bid with Gentoo for funding had not been successful however a further bid for ERDF funding had been submitted. This subject would be revisited following release of the final condition survey report when considering the available options.


DATE, TIME AND VENUE OF NEXT MEETING The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 21 June 2011 at 3.30pm in Room 614, Shiney Row Centre.


CHANGE PROCESS ISSUES There were no change issues to report.

The meeting closed at 4.50pm


Resources Committee Minutes 3 May 2011  

Minutes for Sunderland College's Resources Committee meeting on the 3rd of May 2011