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HEALTHY LIVING A comfortable mattress to sleep on, tone up while you do chores around the house, a natural homemade face mask


ORGANIZING Decluttering your home has never been easier with a slew of products and some great ideas


Artisanal plates a new take on white plates, chicken dinner made easy and two food products we love

At Elisabeth Franchi, black and white got a modern edge with a baroque vest and large straw hat. A slit in the skirt makes for sex appeal. P 33

27-32 HELEN OF

TROY CSL has all the latest for spring from glittering cheeks and sexy hair to standout nails and the latest crop of go-to beauty products

38-39 ST YLIST

Athletic wear and accessories to jazz up any outfit CSL TRAVEL


Golf, yoga and the Grand Tour





14-15 THE SECRET LIFE OF HONEY How its made, plus some great choices

Xolo Maridueña, the actor, stars in Cobra Kai IN EVERy ISSuE



16-19 IMBIBE

Douro Valley wines and port

C SL GR EEN TIPS Diversify your lawn with native shrubs, trees and grasses. / Improve fuel efficiency by having the engine fixed. / Use mulch to deter weeds. ›› citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 3


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Food styling

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Springtime basket.

ECENTLY, I WAS AT A NICE HOTEL WAITING IN THE lobby for a pick-up from a tour operator. As the minutes began to stretch to the unmistakably uncomfortable territory of "this is taking too long there must be a mix-up," I began chatting with the bellman. It was a wide-ranging conversation about everything from family, television and etiquette to the weather and politics. The bellman facilitated several calls to the tour operator to figure out what had happened, offered coffee and was incredibly affable throughout. Even as the waiting began to fill an hour, we were still chatting. Eventually, the tour operator confirmed a mistake and offered to take me on another tour that day at a different time. As we parted, the bellman mentioned that if I had appreciated his service, I might go to a well-known travel review website and mention his name. "They give me a little something for that," confessed the bellman. Another time, I was at a hotel that had the disconcerting habit of serving tepid, weak coffee. Disappointed, I went to the in-house restaurant early and asked one of the wait staff if she could remedy the oversight with strong, hot coffee. Again, in the interim we chatted about everything from experiences growing up, to Miami to moving




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from one part of the country to another. At the conclusion of breakfast, it was again suggested that, if I had enjoyed the service, I might leave a comment on that same website. What puzzled me at the time and still today, was the absolute gulf between my impression of the conversations and the motivation of the staff. I had enjoyed what I thought was authentic, interesting conversation, of the sort that binds communities. My interlocutors on the other hand, had seen an opportunity to turn friendliness into profit. Perhaps I had mistaken service for friendliness. Indeed, the staff members were not my fellow guests striking up a conversation based on mutual interest, they were on the job and I was not. The point however, is about the very nature of service. Is it to help, to be hospitable? Or, is every act of service motivated by monetary concern? Is money the final measure of appreciation? We’ve become accustomed to seeing everything, even regular conversation as transactional, but, is money the only way to show you care? CSL




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CONSULTING SERVICES LTD. Leaders in oversight and governance in Western Canada. Used as a compass by corporations, educational, healthcare, and political institutions to build better boards, management, employees, and to improve and increase the bottom line.



Excellence, Innovation and Industry Leader




Superior business results in cost, production, safety, environment, and process ef iciency and effectiveness through strong leadership


Continuous improvement tool application, team work, well executed solution implementation


Capability of improving processes and culture through training, coaching, and role modeling thus encouraging the improvement of mindset


get inspiration!

R.M. CONSULTING SERVICES LTD. Excellence in Governance maharajl@netzero.com


Around e City


Flowers, thundershowers, and longer days! Spring is here, the perfect time to start afresh.


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Healthy Living Ideas We Love In need of a lifestyle shake up, let us show you how



3  tbsp (45 ml) water 1  tbsp (15 ml) matcha powder ½  tsp (2 ml) coconut oil  ¼  tsp ( 1 ml) freshly squeezed lemon juice Pinch turmeric 1 In blender, purée water, matcha powder, coconut oil, lemon juice and turmeric until a paste forms. Spoon into a small bowl. (Alternatively, in a small bowl, whisk ingredients together until pasty.)  2 using fingers, spread a thin layer of mask all over damp cleansed facial skin. Let stand on skin for 10 minutes.


3 Rinse face with warm water and pat dry with a towel. Follow with your favorite toner and moisturizer. Courtesy of The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIy beauty by Sunny Submaranian & Chrystle Fiedler © 2016 www.robertrose.ca Reprinted with publisher permission. Available where books are sold.


“The key to a fit body is consistency and diversity of the exercise regimen,” says Dr. Levi Harrison, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand, wrist and shoulder injuries and author of The Art of Fitness: A Journey to Self Enhancement. He offers three tips for incorporating fitness into your everyday life.  1 Do air squats while sweeping or mopping. 2 Do push-ups from the sides of stable furniture while dusting or do push-ups on the floor. 3 Do hamstring curls or toe raises while washing or drying dishes.


bonus:There are 8 minutes of commercials for every 30 minutes of any television show. So, do sit-ups and crunches during all television commercials.




"I think I'm getting too much sleep these days," said no one ever.  In fact, Canadians rank among the top five nations that are sleep deprived. This lack of sleep can have lasting consequences according to the Canadian Sleep Society. "Insufficient sleep, even on a single night, has a number of immediate consequences including lower alertness, negative mood, reduced motor and visual acuity, longer response times, and impaired attention and memory.” The long term, cumulative effects of chronic insufficient sleep (reduced sleep over days and weeks) are even more startling. They include weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease. So, getting a good night rest should be a priority for everyone.  The first step to getting a good night’s sleep?  Investing in a proper mattress.

The bed: Over the past five years, the bed-in-a-box trend has taken over the mattress market, and leading the pack is Casper, with a 100-day trial period, free shipping and ten year warranty.  CSL tested the classic Casper 4-layer foam mattress, pillows, and frame.


A waterproof guard against dirt, spills and wear

The mattress: Those with body pain will immediately notice the equal distribution of weight, gently sinking into the foam.  Testers that slept on their side noticed that the foam allowed the body to gently rest in the mattress comfortably, without added strain on the hip and shoulder areas. Motion transfer (if you sleep with a partner), is minimal so that one person shifting during the night had little effect on the overall sleep of the other person.    Pil lows: As Goldilocks would know, finding a bed that’s just right is hard to do. Whether your bed feels too soft, or too hard has a lot to do with your pillow. Casper pillows combine the best of both worlds with a pillow-inpillow design that is both supportive and soft. Added bonus: Have you have ever awoken in the middle of the night to an elevated body temperature?  The Casper solves this through the comfort foam layer (made of latex-like foam), located above the memory foam which can trap body heat.  casper.com/ca



Essential as a stable surface to support the  mattress

The percentage of respondents who believed that having a comfortable bed was the most important factor in getting a good night's sleep, according to a 2016 online Google survey that polled more than 1000 people across Canada.

CSL GREE N TIPS Add lawn clippings to compost or leave them untouched to return nutrients to the soil. / Opt for a microfibre mop to avoid using cleaning products. ›› citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 9


If decluttering is the goal, mental clarity is the destination. More than just reorganizing, getting rid of extraneous things provides space to think, avoids aggravating circumstances (kitchen cupboard avalanche anyone?) and saves time. Follow CSL’s guide to simplify the process.



> Store toys and sports equipment in plastic containers labelled with each child’s name on a separate level on shelving. See-through bins are ideal for recyclable items.


> Small shelving units can be also used as storage for linen and bathroom items like towels, loofas, cleaning products and toilet paper. Store items in wire or rattan baskets for a clean look.

> Rethink the standard use of an item. A small herb garden can be planted in old wooden wine crates and placed on a rolling media tray. Folding shelving originally intended for a garage can become a stand for heavier plants.

A large shelving unit is perfect to double as a pantry in a small kitchen.

DECLUTTER ESSENTIALS 3 must-haves for the kitchen, pantry and  office. 10

Photograph the evidence. Take before photos as a reminder of how far you've come and to rethink going back to the clutter that once was.

1 LABEL EVERY THING Essential for writing on storage boxes, and plastic containers to keep track of everything inside. Sharpie pen; sharpie.com

| SPRING 2018 | citystyleandliving.com

COSCO 3-shelf folding/stacking Instant storage unit, lowes.ca

Honey Can Do 2-Tier steel wire cart, honeycando.com

2 PHOTOGRAPH THE EVIDENCE An instant print camera immediately records progress and can be used as a reference guide. Polaroid Snap Instant Print; polaroid.com

Home Basics 4-tier steel wire shelf, bedbathandbeyond.ca

3 DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE Keep track of items with window storage. Honey Can Do Shoe Window Storage Box-Med; honeycando.com


Timing is everything.  Schedule short periods of time dedicated to the goal, according to everyone's availability. It

can become overwhelming when it feels as if things have to be accomplished immediately, but if you take small manageable tasks, much more will get done. For example, set aside 20 minutes each Saturday morning (or at a time when the whole family is at home) to declutter.

Plan to tackle the problem areas first, and delegate tasks to family members accordingly. Allow each member to have input in the process, which will motivate them to continue with upkeep. For example, if your garage has become a catchall for bikes, old textbooks, tools and unused kitchen gadgets, decide which family member will be responsible for each.




Get a few plastic tubs for items you wish to donate, and items to be stored as well as a few large garbage bags for items to be tossed. As a general rule, if you haven't used something in the last 3 years, you may want to purge. begin by sorting through easy to spot items like old coats or shoes.

3 pretty storage options for the kitchen, pantry and office.

> Go through the fridge at least once a week to discard stale food items, like brown herbs and lettuce.

IRIS Double-Tier Expandable Under-Sink Organizer, bedbathandbeyond.ca


Vancouver Classics 5Shelf shelving system with wheels; lowes.ca

Polder Model KTH-615 4-Piece Advantage Dish Rack System, bedbathandbeyond.ca

Keep seasonal items stored away until they are  required.


> Decide which items are used frequently (wooden spoons, spatulas, cutting boards), and keep them in sight and within reach. Cooking staples like salt, pepper, oil should be stored neatly on a tray near the stove.

Seville Classics 5-Tier UltraZinc NSF steel wire shelving with wheels,wayfair.ca

1 BASKETS Water Hyacinth storage basket, designideas.net

2 STORAGE BOXES Stockholm storage box, designideas.net


3 FILE STORAGE Compartment Desk Organizer, honeycando.com

IRIS 8 Shelf Rack Shelving Unit,wayfair.ca

you may need to rearrange items from time to time, according to your family's everyday needs. Don't worry, everything is a work in progress and nothing should be set in stone. Remember to

take an after photograph to remind yourself of your ideal arrangement. Mentally place items in  your space when shopping so that you won't purchase items for which you do not have room.

4 SHELF SPACE SAVER InterDesign12-Inch Stackable Shelf, bathandbeyond.ca


CSL GR EE N TIPS Consider a dual-flush toilet which has two options: a half-flush for liquid waste and a full-flush for solid waste. / Use steel wool to clean the oven. ›› citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 11



WINNER ChickenDinner

For an easy dinner roast a whole chicken on Sunday. you can then use the meat in meals, like this chicken salad, throughout the week. More on how to get the most flavour into your roast chicken on the next page.


| SPRING 2018 | citystyleandliving.com


Artisan Plates

PRODuCTS WE LOVE It’s all about the key to making dishes pop.

Chefs love them for their rustic, unfussy look. unlike white plates which concentrate the eyes on the food alone, these plates compliment dishes as artwork in and of themselves.



JOSHUA Buffet Plate, Set of 4 – Gray.

COSTA NOVA Dinner Plate 27 cm, $30.


Need a snack for your latest tv-show marathon? This non-GMO organic popcorn is made with avocado and coconut oils. It has just the right touch of Himalayan pink salt to keep you grabbing handfuls more. Avocado-Licious popcorn, 140g; lesserevil.com

Restaurants around the world are embracing a bird long considered plain and pedestrian – the humble chicken. Take their cue for keeping a whole chicken moist and full of flavor with these 3 ideas. Rub

Mix together 3 tablespoons paprika, 3 tablespoons garlic powder, 3 tablespoons cumin, 2 tablespoons chili powder, 2 tablespoons black pepper, 2 tablespoons onion powder, 2 tablespoons garlic powder, 1 tablespoon dried English mustard and 3 tablespoons salt. use this rub on the whole chicken and then roast.


Mix together ¼ cup olive oil, 1 tablespoon salt, 1 tablespoon black pepper, 1 tablespoon fresh thyme, 2 tablespoons minced garlic and 1 tablespoon chopped cilantro. The whole chicken should sit in the marinade for at least 1 hour, preferably overnight before placing in the oven to roast.


To 1 stick of softened butter combine ¼ cup tarragon, ¼ cup parsley, 2 tablespoons salt, and 1 teaspoon lemon zest. Massage this mixture on the chicken and under the skin of the chicken before roasting.



Sometimes cooking calls for a simple sea salt brimming with natural minerals with a clean, unadulterated taste. Sourced from the Atlantic coast of southwestern England, this salt delivers with large flakes that add texture and intensity.Sea Salt Crystals, cornishseasalt.co.uk

citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 13

Royal Command Honey Comb, 200g; qualifirst.com

EEKEEPING IS LIKE MEDITATION, it takes all of your focus,” says the beekeeper as we dress in white protective gear, ensuring no part of our extremities is exposed. We are meters from the wooden hives, heather and various berries growing at our feet. He gathers some kindling from nearby which he sets alight in a silver smoker. Working with his partner he puffs smoke into the hives and waits a few moments. One by one, he retrieves a comb and, as they come up empty, he is forced to move to neighbouring ones. Eventually, he finds one with enough honey that we can gather without causing harm to the hive. It is my first beekeeping experience and, as the beekeeper predicted, totally encompassing and visceral. The most prominent sense is the sound – a continuous buzzing that would ordinarily make me uneasy but to which, in this circumstance, I slowly learn to adapt and begin to understand as the melodious backdrop to beekeeping. Later, when we finally cut into the comb, the oozing honey juxtaposes the waxy, chewy comb. Honey straight from the source is a revelation. Honey is a viscous, sweet and fragrant substance produced by female worker bees from the nectar of flowers that they collect in their proboscis and which they deposit in the hive. Just as wine reflects a particular terroir so honey is the edible expression of a season, region, and time and may be a bellwether of ongoing climatic conditions. For mead and medicine, ancient cultures prized the golden liquid. It contains enzymes that prevent bacterial growth, lowers inflammation, soothes pain, and is an antiseptic for burns. Water is also a key component, though good quality honey usually contains just 16-18 percent. While yeast is present, honey can keep for a long time. In fact, it was found perfectly preserved in the tomb of Tutankhamen. In the kitchen, honey is particularly valuable: drizzled on cakes, in vinaigrette, sweet tea, and loukoumades (Greek doughnuts), just to name a few. It is essential in myriad recipes.



the secret life of

A golden elixir lauded by every culture in the world, a boon in the kitchen and medicine cabinet, it is the chef d’oeuvre of the honeybee. by KAILASH MAHARAJ PHOTOGRAPHy by K&S MEDIA

C SL GR EEN TIPS Test your fridge to ensure the door closes securely by placing a five-dollar note in the door and pulling it out. The easier it is the more likely 14

| SPRING 2018 | citystyleandliving.com

A beekeeper pulls a honey comb still filled with bees from the hive. Smoking the hive helps calm the bees. A colourful hive.

TyPES OF HONEy Manuka Honey

Often sold in dark containers to protect it from light and made from the flowers of an evergreen shrub native to Australia and New Zealand, its healing effects can be traced to methylglyoxal which fights infecting bacteria.

How to Taste Honey We asked Kevin Park CEO of Oneroot Inc. which produces organic, Canadian and antibiotic-free honey about the best way to taste and appreciate its unique flavour. bring to Room Temperature “Crystallization is normal for all honey. Don't let the crystallization in honey deter you from purchasing it. In fact, unpasteurized honey will crystallize faster. To make it soft again place the jar in warm water. Real honey never goes bad, so don't worry about buying spoiled honey.” Stir “you should stir it first if possible. Thick or creamed honey may have a foamy top layer, and this should be stirred in to get a proper taste.” Appreciate the Aroma “Smell it – the taste starts with the aroma. All raw honey will have a degree of pungency to it. Each honey will have a different aroma. Some are floral, others fruity or earthy.

Raw Hon ey

unprocessed, liquid honey that retains its healing properties which have not been destroyed by light or heat. Factors that account for the changes in honey’s taste and appearance include weather, the flower’s nectar, season and region. Generally darker honey has a higher mineral content.

buckwheat honey for example will have a bit of a maple syrup aroma to it.” Taste “use a spoon to taste a small amount and notice the texture, its taste and also the aftertaste. The taste can be light or strong. you can describe what you taste in your own words, but common descriptions are: fruity, floral, earthy, and malty. Some people say honey smells and tastes like a farm. Some honey exhibits more complex taste than others. Honey can also taste a little acidic and pungent. Depending on the type of honey, it could be described as an acquired taste. It's best to taste the honey alone, and not on a cracker for example.”

Pure Varietal Honey

The honey resulting from bees visiting the same kind of flower, for example clover honey.

Single Origin Honey

The unique taste of honey based on where the nectar is collected. Depending on the time of year, soil, weather, flowers and other conditions, honey produced mere kilometers away can exhibit a markedly different taste.



Raw Premium Manuka Honey KFactor 16, 500g, $52.99; wedderspoon.ca


Organic Raw Wildflower Honey, 500g, $30; onehoney.ca

3/ BEEKEEPER’S NATURALS 100% Raw Honey Sweet Clover, 500g, $19.99; beekeepersnaturals.com


Single-Origin Raw Honey From Yakima Valley, 244.4g, $12.00; jacobsensalt.com


Acacia Blossom Honey, 250g; qualifirst.com

cold air is leaking. If so, get the seal repaired or replaced. / To remove a clog pour ½ cup of baking soda down your drain followed by ½ cup of vinegar.


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W H A T ’ S   N E W  A N D  G R E A T   I N  T H E  W O R L D  O F  W I N E  A N D  S P I R I T S

Bringing Sexy Back Already the undisputed port powerhouse,  Portugal’s Douro Valley is on the brink of a breakthrough thanks to its rich red wines. by KAILASH MAHARAJ PHOTOGRAPHy by K&S MEDIA


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The beauty of the Douro Valley is unmistakeable

IPPING THROUGH THE DOURO VALLEY IN northern Portugal in a 21st century car, it can be challenging to discern the real brutality of the landscape. Although the serpentine twists alongside the emerald river give a clue, to truly appreciate the natural and manmade contours of this Portuguese wine region, you need to wander the vineyards. At Quinta do Vallado near Régua, co-owner and head of agriculture Francisco Ferreira takes me on a tour of his 50-hectare vineyard. The grapes have been harvested earlier than usual to be turned into port and wine and the leaves have turned gold. He pauses in an old portion of land where many grape varieties are planted in one parcel. Today, with mechanized picking there is less density and each parcel contains a single grape variety. He bends down at what appears to be nothing more than a knobbed, discarded piece of wood. “Old vines are like sculpture, they are hollow. Somehow, every year, they still produce,” he remarks fondly. After phylloxera swept the continent, vineyards were painstakingly carved to form steep terraces demarcated by hand formed stone walls. “The workers are like heroes with baskets on their back – they are people with power,” submits Ferreira. Indeed, sepia photos in the tasting room of Quinta do Bomfim in Pinhão, owned by Symington, the largest landowner and producer in the region, attest to this tradition of hand-picking grapes. Workers haul loaded baskets on steep inclines. “In old times grape pickers had baskets and musical instruments and sang so they wouldn’t eat the grapes,” says João Silva who leads me on a tour through the facility. As elsewhere in the world the elements of differentiation in Portugal – altitude, grape variety, and soil – what the French call terroir, produces wines that are an expression of their precise location. Here, hot summers and cold winters and a soil that is primarily schist, a razor sharp stone, has led to robust red wines. Traditionally, these took the form of fortified wine – port – which was transported on the river to Vila Nova de Gaia (across from the city of Port) to be bottled. Increasingly though, producers have begun to use many of the same grapes used in port to make red wine. With this expansion of the wine business, tourism has grown too. In fact, the wine business and wine tourism has become so lucrative that SoGrape which made its name with Mateus now welcomes 45 000 visitors a year at its winery and tasting room. Even port has had a sort of revival. “We want to dispel the myth that port is just your grandmother’s drink and want to spread the word to young people—port is cool. It’s a versatile drink that can be enjoyed on a night out with friends, or paired with nearly every course during a meal.” says Ines Vaz, Press Officer of SoGrape as we taste a flight of port at Quinta do Seixo, Sandeman in the Douro Valley. Back at the vineyard, Ferreira motions toward the Jeep that has brought us up along gravel roads and pauses at the open door. “We have 2 different fantastic wines – port and red wine. In the past, Douro did not produce red wine. If we had started 20 years ago we would be known by everybody as the top region. We have the potential to be considered one of the best regions in the world.”



percent of all mountain vineyards in the world. Some grapes used in port and wine production: Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Tinta Barroca and Tinta Cão.



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500 000 ACRES

and made up of 3 subregions: Baixo Corgo, Alto Corgo and Douro Superior.


year the boundaries were made in Douro, making it the oldest officially demarcated wine region in the world.


feet is how far the vine roots can go down in search of water. Vines here are not watered. The schist keeps humidity – captures the sun and releases it at night, so that there is little temperature variation.

► The Douro Boys 2003 marked the inception of the group comprising Quinta do Vallado, Quinta do Crasto, Niepoort, Quinta do Vale Dona Maria and Quinta do Vale Meão. Their goal is to bring attention to the Douro Valley’s red and white wines (alongside the more well-known port). ► Douro River From Spain to its outlet in Port, the river spans nearly the entire length of Portugal.


Veedha Douro Red This affordable yet full bodied wine, has a lovely blackberrymeets-earthy aroma and delivers characteristic dark fruit with noticeable oak, pepper and smooth tannins.

Sogrape Vila Regia In Portugal, towns founded by the King were anointed vila regia, Royal Village, and this wine pays homage with a deep purple-ruby colour. High acid, good body and dark fruit (think plum, and blackberry), balance earthiness and subtle cedar notes. sograpevinhos.com

Crasto Red 2015 A blend of tinta roriz, touriga franca, touriga nacional and tinta barroca from selected plots, this lush well-structured wine has fresh wild berry aromas, and delicate floral notes. quintadocrasto.pt

Quinta Do Portal Grande Reserva With 60% touriga nacional grape, produced from vines in the Pinhão valley, the dark rich colour of this wine produces concentrated notes of dark cherry, plum and blackberry, balanced with soft tannin and touch of oak. quintadoportal.com

Quinta Do Vallado Touriga Nacional A bold, deep violet colour is echoed in its aroma with hints of spice and dark berry. Aged in French oak for 16 months, this is a mature wine with soft tannins and long finish. quintadovallado.com

Hot Drink Alert P&T

White port is not new. but, using it in cocktails like the port and tonic (P&T), a new iteration of the classic gin and tonic, just might be its latest incarnation. The result of using white grapes in the production of fortified wine, white port is less well-known than its tawny and ruby cousins.   Adding it in one part to 2 parts  sparkling  tonic  water  makes  for  an  off-dry cocktail that pairs perfectly with Portuguese appetizers like grilled sardines, cheese and almonds. In Portugal, P&T's are served on ice, with a twist of citrus and sprig of mint. Fresh and light enough to be enjoyed  through  the  summer  months,  we  think you’ll agree, it’s one of the best things to cross the pond.


In the past several years, this carmine coloured fortified wine has seen a renaissance with no signs of stopping. Often eschewed as a drink for the older generation, this high alcohol wine has a much more rich and concentrated complexity than most would give credit. Not solely for pairing with dessert, think of port as a slow sipper like that of single malt scotch or brandy. So what exactly is it? Produced in Northern Portugal’s Douro Valley, and regulated by the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto,

port is red wine that has only partially gone through the fermentation process at which point it is fortified with aguardente (brandy). The result is a sweeter, high volume alcohol (on average at around 20%) and signature flavour profile. Port can be either wood (vats or barrel) or bottle aged. While barrel and vat-aged port reveal nutty notes and can be consumed after shipping, bottle aged ports are best left for longer time periods to develop their complexity.

Port should be served chilled : ruby 16°C tawny 12-14°C CSL EDITORS’ PICKS PORT



We suggest you find a style that suits you, and explore the libation from several port houses. > Ruby

A great introduction to the world of port, rubies are blends of several vintages that have spent a few years in vats. The trademark vibrant colour is due to less contact with wood and reveals ripe dark fruit like plum, and berries with an approachable price point. Ruby port pairs best with milk chocolate, and blue cheese.

> Late Bottled Vintage

These are ruby ports that have been vat-aged for four to six years, and produced from a single year. Abbreviated as LBV, and carrying the bottling date on the label, this style is richer than regular rubies, with more balance and deeper fruit flavour. Ready to drink when purchased, this style must be decanted for several hours for sediment buildup to settle.

> Vintage

Ferreira Dona Antonia Reserva Tawny This pale tawny retains some of the youthfulness of a ruby, while also showing signs that it has benefited from slow maturation in wood. It is full of nuttiness as well as caramel, maple and fig. eng.sograpevinhos.com

Quinta Do Vallado 10 Year old Tawny Top in its class, this tawny is refined and elegant. The mahogany colour gives way to a balanced port, with natural acid to counter the sweetness and enough tannin to deliver a crisp finish. Herbaceous notes, brûlée and nutty notes can be detected beneath the primary red fruit flavour. quintadovallado.com

Sandeman NV Founders Reserve Porto A blend of ruby ports and aged for five years, it offers complex notes of leather and wood combined with dark cherry to add balance to the typical fruit forward style. sandeman.com

Quinta Do Portal 10 Year old Tawny Rich with fruit both dried and fresh, this port had an extended time ageing in barrel producing a light amber coloured tawny. Layers of raisin and fig are brought to the fore, with a slight peppery edge and long finish on the palate. quintadoportal.com

The top tier of ruby port which should be cherished. Made only in the best years from a blend of the best grapes from the best vineyards, these ports have been aged in vats for only two years, and require further development in the bottle for 10-50 years. Like any investment, count yourself lucky if you are the recipient of a vintage port; fewer than fifty vintage ports have been released since 1900.

> Tawny

A blend of several vintages, tawnies are ruby ports that have been aged for between ten and forty years in casks resulting in an amber, or puce colour due to faster oxidation and oak contact. Ageing softens the fruit and the port takes on more complexity like nut, caramel, and sometimes leather and spice notes and silky mouthfeel. Pair with toffee, crème brulee or strong cheese. citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 19


Food Made for Sharing Peter Callahan’s Party Food is all about dishes that we don’t just want to eat, we want to share too! PHOTOGRAPHS by CON POuLOS


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SCALLOPS AND PEARLS I am very fortunate to have summered on Nantucket since high school. One of the things the island is known for is Nantucket bay scallops, and the beaches along the sound are covered with their beautiful shells. Those shells—and their myriad natural shades of yellow, orange, and red—were the inspiration for this hors d’oeuvre. Although we use a bay scallop shell as the platform (see the serving tip, opposite, to learn how we made this work), there’s a sea scallop nestled inside; we cut them down to the proper size for a single bite. At home, you should simply use bay scallops; it’s easier and you’ll avoid the waste. It is seared, then topped with a dollop of flavorful sauce ravigote and garnished with finely diced cucumbers. Guests can lift the scallop right out of the shell and pop it in their mouth.

Makes 12 For the Ravigote: 1  shallot, minced 1½  teaspoons white wine vinegar 1  tablespoon plus 1½ teaspoons  chopped fresh tarragon 1  cup sour cream  1½  teaspoons finely chopped fresh flatleaf parsley 1½  teaspoons finely chopped, drained  capers 1½  teaspoons finely chopped fresh chives Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper For the Garnish: ½  medium cucumber For the Scallops: 12  fresh bay scallops 1  tablespoon grapeseed or other mild  vegetable oil Coarse salt 12  whole sea scallop shells, glued twothirds open at the hinge, for serving

SAuCE In a small saucepan over medium heat, cook the shallot, vinegar, and the 1 tablespoon tarragon until the shallot is soft but not browned, about 3 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and let cool for about 10 minutes. Add the sour cream, parsley, capers, and chives and mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste. you will have 1 cup of sauce; set aside or cover and refrigerate up to one day ahead until ready to use. GARNISH Peel the cucumber, keeping a small amount of the flesh with the skin. Finely chop the cucumber peels into precise 1 ⁄16-inch squares (see Notes). Set aside. Reserve the peeled cucumber for another use. SCALLOPS If necessary, trim the scallops to 1¼-inches wide with a cookie cutter. Heat the oil in a sauté pan over high heat. Lightly salt the scallops and sear on one side until deep golden brown, about 1 minute. Place the scallops, seared side up, on a baking sheet. you can wrap the scallops in plastic and refrigerate them for up to 8 hours before continuing. When ready to finish the dish, preheat the oven to 350°F. Warm the scallops for 3 to 5 minutes before assembling the dish. ASSEMbLE Set the 12 scallop shells on a serving platter. Place a warm scallop in the base of the open shell, top with a small dot of sauce ravigote, and garnish with the cucumber. Serve immediately. NOTES If you can’t find bay scallops still in the shell at your local fishmonger, you can get the shells online. We use Noble Pectin scallop shells that are 2 to 2½ inches wide.

MOULES FRITES FOR A CROWD Moules frites, or steamed mussels with French fries, is  a great example of how you don’t need that many dishes to make a memorable meal. This menu always evokes memories for me of many different wonderful meals enjoyed at a variety of French bistros. Mussels steamed in garlic and wine, twice-fried frites, a simple salad, and crusty bread to sop up all the broth makes for a great simple summer meal. Prince Edward Island (PEI) mussels are readily available and of consistently good quality. Whatever kind of mussels you choose, be sure to debeard and scrub them well. We follow the belgian method of “blanching” the potatoes in oil and then freezing them for four hours before deep-frying to get the crispiest frites, so be sure to allow  for that time in your cooking schedule. you can also freeze the blanched potatoes for up to a month ahead.

Serves 6 On the menu: Mussels Steamed in Garlic and Wine  Frites  Herb Aioli  Salad of baby Red Lettuce and Frisée with Sherry Vinaigrette  Creamy Lemon butter Sauce  Sourdough Crostini

We used molecular cucumber pearls, but for the home chef, diced cucumber is a good substitute. The easiest way to achieve a small, uniform cut is to stack a few strips of peel and trim them to uniform rectangles. Slice each piece into 1⁄16-inch-wide sticks; then chop the sticks into 1⁄16-inch squares.

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Moules Frites For A Crowd


pounds Prince Edward Island mussels tablespoons butter large or 2 small fennel bulbs, cored  and julienned ½  cup minced garlic 1  750-ml bottle of dry white wine 1  bunch of thyme, tied with twine ¼  cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 1  bunch of fresh flat-leaf parsley,  roughly chopped Debeard the mussels and rinse and scrub them to get rid of any sand. Refrigerate until ready to cook. Melt the butter in a large, wide pot over medium heat. Add the fennel and garlic and sauté until aromatic. Add the wine, thyme bundle, and lemon juice and cook until the liquid has reduced by one-quarter. Add the mussels and cover the pot. Cook, shaking the pot occasionally, until all the mussels are open, 5 to 7 minutes. Transfer the mussels to a large serving bowl, discarding any that have not opened. Remove the thyme bundle and pour the broth over the mussels. Garnish with parsley and serve immediately.


large yukon gold potatoes (about 2½ pounds), scrubbed but not  peeled 6  cups peanut or vegetable oil Coarse salt Trim the ends of the potatoes so that each potato is 4 inches long. Cut into ¼-inch planks on a mandoline to ensure they are all even, then cut the planks lengthwise into sticks. Set the cut potatoes aside in a bowl of cold water. In a 5-quart pot over medium heat, heat the oil to 300°F. (If you don’t have a thermometer, drop a small cube of bread into the oil. If the oil bubbles, it’s ready.) Drain the potatoes and dry completely with paper towels. Working in batches, carefully drop the potatoes into the hot oil and blanch them for 2 to 3 minutes. Do not let them brown. With a spider or large slotted spoon, transfer the potatoes to paper towels and let them cool completely, about 15 minutes. Turn off the heat under the oil, but do not discard.

At this point, you can wrap the potatoes in plastic and hold in the fridge for at least 4 hours or up to 2 days, or freeze them for up to a month before frying a second time, just before serving. If using from the freezer, let the potatoes come to room temperature before frying a second time. When ready to serve, reheat the oil to 350°F and, working in batches, carefully lower the potatoes into the hot oil. Fry until crispy and golden brown, about 8 minutes. Transfer to paper towels to drain. Sprinkle immediately with salt. Serve hot.

HERB AIOLI In keeping with the belgian style, there’s really nothing more delicious than aioli for dipping the frites. It can be made a few days in advance and refrigerated. Makes about 2 cups 2  cups mayonnaise ¼  cup chopped fresh tarragon ¼  cup chopped fresh chives Grated zest and juice of 1 lemon Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper In a small bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, tarragon, chives, lemon zest and juice, and salt and pepper to taste.


CREAMY LEMON BUTTER SAUCE This delicious sauce is perfect for dunking both the mussels and the crostini. Makes about 3 cups 2

cups dry white wine 4 shallots,  minced 2  pounds (8 sticks) cold unsalted butter, cut into cubes ¼  cup heavy cream  Coarse salt In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the wine and shallots and reduce until only ¼ cup of liquid remains. Remove the pan from the heat and slowly whisk in the butter, a few cubes at a time. Once the butter is completely incorporated, whisk in the heavy cream and salt to taste. Serve immediately or hold in a warm space.

SOURDOUGH CROSTINI A good, crusty sourdough loaf is key here. These crostini are great for eating on their own or sopping up all the delicious seafood juices.


long sourdough baguette, sliced on a long bias 2 cups extra-virgin olive oil ¼  cup chopped fresh basil ¼  cup chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley Coarse salt

½  cup sherry vinegar 1½  cups extra-virgin olive oil 2  shallots, minced Coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper 7  cups baby red lettuce  7  cups frisée

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a small bowl, whisk together the vinegar, oil, and shallots and season with salt and pepper  to taste.

Toast in the oven until the bread is golden brown but the center is still fairly soft, 10 to 12 minutes. Serve immediately with the mussels.

Just before serving, pour the dressing into a large salad bowl, add the greens, and toss with your hands until the leaves are well dressed. Taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

Lay the bread slices in a single layer on the prepared baking sheet. In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, basil, parsley, and salt. brush the herb oil on top of the bread slices.

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MINI “LOBSTER” BAKE Having spent all my summers on the water, I find the clambake one of the most all-American staples of summer. This mini version is a substantial hors d’oeuvre that could also serve as a first course. A small metal sand pail holds one whole cooked crayfish and two cooked, shelled crayfish tails, a saltbaked baby potato, and fresh baby corn. For easier eating, throw in a wooden fork. Check with your local fishmonger for cooked whole crayfish and tails; you can also order both online. Fresh baby corn is appearing more frequently at farmer’s markets, but if you can’t get it locally, just use the canned variety. Serves 8 2  8  8  8  16  1

cups coarse salt peewee or marble potatoes ears baby corn 2 cups clam broth cooked whole large crayfish cooked crayfish tails, shells removed bunch of fresh flat-leaf parsley, for  serving 16  lemon wedges, for serving Preheat the oven to 350°F. Spread out the salt to fill a half-sheet pan. Set the potatoes about 1 inch apart on the salt bed, pushing them down a bit into the salt. bake until tender, about 20 minutes. If using fresh baby corn, place the ears in a steamer over boiling water and cook until tender, 3 to 5 minutes. Lay the baby corn across a heated grill pan just long enough to color with grill marks, 3 to 5 minutes. In a large pot over medium-low heat, heat the clam broth (do not bring to a boil). Add the whole crayfish and the tails and heat just until warmed through, 3 to 5 minutes. Reserve ¼ cup of the cooking broth and drain the crayfish. To serve, line the bottoms of the pails with parsley sprigs and arrange 1 whole crayfish, 2 tails, 1 potato, 1 baby corn, and 2 lemon wedges in each pail. Drizzle with the reserved hot broth.

Excerpted from Peter Callahan’s Party Food. Copyright © 2017 by Peter Callahan. Photographs copyright © 2017 by Con Poulos. Published in the united States by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House LLC, New york. Reproduced by arrangement with the Publisher. All rights reserved.

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BLUE Crush

Menswear meets beachwear, surfwear meets workwear, and maritime blue meets crisp white at Michael Kors.


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HELEN OF TROY W H A T ’ S   N E W  I N  T H E  W O R L D  O F   S K I N ,   b E A u T y ,   M A K E u P   A N D  W E L L - b E I N G



A wash of barely there iridescent colour all over your face is the freshest look for spring. It’s like starting with a clean, clear palette. Think of it as spring-cleaning for your skin.

Phillip Lim





NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer, $37. Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Kit, $27.

IT Cosmetics Ombré Radiance Blush, $32.

After winter, skin often appears tired and pale. Reverse this by creating a look that’s all about luminous skin. Begin by dotting and blending concealer under the eyes to mask dark circles. Then give the impression of full, bold brows by using an eyebrow pencil to trace hair-like strokes in the brows. Swipe a matte taupe eyeshadow shade on the lids. Apply mascara to lashes from root to tip. Use an angled blush brush to sweep the colour from a multicoloured compact along cheekbones and onto temples. To contour your face, choose a lighter bronzer for spring two shades darker than your complexion and apply to hairline and jaw. Lightly apply a matte, nude lipstick.


For a collection inspired by vintage botanical prints, there were lots of heliotropic references in both the clothing and makeup at Novis. Take the sunny colour highlighting model’s lids, for example. “Jordana [Warmflash, the designer] wanted a playful wash of dandelion yellow across the eyelids to create contrast in a modern way while keeping the rest of the look nude and luminous,” Uzo, NARS Global Artistry Director explained. What stood out to us though, were the cheeks which dazzled in the light. To get the look swipe shimmery cream blush on cheekbones and then apply powder highlighter. Missoni


Eye-catching blue over lids looks so right now. Dab primer on lids then dust with blue powder. Prevent colour from looking flat by layering multiple shades. Mix green and navy, white and powder blue or grey and teal. Add the most vibrant, concentrated colour to the lash line. If you want a softer look like at Chanel blend colours up to the eye crease. 28

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Lancôme Artliner Precision Point EyeLine, $39. Guerlain The Eye Pencil, $38. Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes, $56.



Rachel Comey


Your Guide To

SEXY HAIR Alexander Wang


Alice + Olivia

Whether straight, wavy or curly we have the styles, products and cuts that work best on your hair



Think simple not boring for straight hair. No fuss styles are the ultimate. STYLING Instead of a completely one-length cut, opt for face framing layers. Keep straight hair simple, pulled back in a pony tail or loosely braided, the key is to maintain smoothness, lustre, and natural body. PRODUCTS Volumizing mousse lifts up hairs without curbing movement. After shampoo and before blow drying, run dry oil through strands. It helps soften texture and give added shine.

The ultimate in romantic hair, it’s all about enhancing your natural texture. STYLING Don’t overbrush after you emerge from a shower, let waves fall naturally instead. If you want to enhance your natural waves, use a large curling iron on uneven sections and pull sides back to avoid 80s wings. Alternatively, apply a styling product to damp hair and tousle hair through fingertips. PRODUCTS Styling cream and texture spray keeps fly-aways under wraps and gives extra hold.

GET THE LOOK Bumble and bumbleHairdresser’s Invisible Oil, $50. Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse, $30.

GET THE LOOK Drybar The Wrap Party Styling Wand, $206. Living Proof Full Thickening Cream, $36.


Avoid frizz, dullness and greasy-looking hair at all costs. Then you’ll be able to embrace the glamour of comehither curls. STYLING For bouncy, luscious curls, keep hair below chin-length and with long layers. Get a trim every six to eight weeks. Curls love moisture so look for shampoos and cleansers with oils such as argan and coconut and apply leave-in conditioner. PRODUCTS When styling, you don’t want crunchy hair so opt for a serum instead of gel. Tame the frizz with a mist of water to reactivate styling products.

GET THE LOOK Briogeo Rosarco Repair Shampoo, $30. Shu Uemura Urban Moisture Hydro-Nourishing Double Serum, $50.

CSL GRE EN TIPS Use honey to soothe chapped lips. / Make your own dry shampoo by placing 1 tablespoon of oats and the zest of ½ a lemon in a food processor. ›› citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 29

CND for Libertine CND for Jeremy Scott

essie at Tanya Taylor




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CND Shellac, Blue Rapture. essie No Place Like Chrome.


AKE THE EFFORT! NOTICE-ME NAILS compliment any outfit. Take a bit of time to create these looks inspired by the runway that are intricate not garish. Opt for bold colour and simple patterns like waves or stripes. For a completely modern look apply nail art glimmer down each finger. Want to go all out? Apply two coats of colour. Then apply nail art over top like at Libertine (safety pins are optional).

essie at Kith

Waves, red white and blue stripes, monochrome with glitter and dazzling metallics adorned with safety pins were just some of the ways that nails stood out this season on the runway. The key? Accentuating details through colour.

essie at Alexander Wang



Metallics never looked so good! Runways this season featured several iterations – gold, amethyst and silver– which work well on most skintones because they are a modern neutral. If applying polish like at Rebecca Minkoff and Oscar de la Renta keep nails short and just past the tips of your fingers. Look for shades with little particles of sparkle which help the polish adhere to your nails. If you want more drama take a cue from the Blonds with nail art that features longer lengths, high gloss shine and studded designs.


NAILS At Alexander Wang, nail artists touted the chameleon nude which reads soft pink on some and ivory on others. This goes-with-everything-shade looks best with a high shine finish. One trick? Avoid stark white and go for a shade that is off-white, it’s much more flattering.



essie at Rebecca Minkoff

Inglot at Kenzo

Remember ombre hair? Well, the gradual change in colour is here for nails. unlike many looks that go on in just a few strokes the trick here is something you may not have considered for your nails – a makeup sponge.  essie at Oscar de la Renta

“Japanese The inspiration was supermodel


Sayoko Yamaguchi – She was a model actress in the 70’s and 80’s, and she was also Kenzo Takada’s muse. Her look was very unique, she was known for her beautiful black hair and red lips.


inglot Nail Enamel shades.

GET THE LOOK Start with a base coat. To create the intriguing progression of colour, apply four shades that fade from red to black (or shades of your choice) directly onto a makeup sponge. Stamp the sponge onto nails positioning it with red at the cuticle and black at the fingertips. Let dry and repeat 2-3 times. Finish with a top coat.

CND for The Blonds citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 31




The latest it ingredient – activated charcoal – revered for its detoxifying properties, has made its way into a zesty deodorant. Unlike conventional products this deodorant comes in black and draws out impurities to leave your skin feeling fresh. Now that’s some black magic! Kaia Naturals The takesumi detox juicy bamboo (citrus blend), kaianaturals.com

This Season’s It PRODUCTS

Products CSL loves, and you should try too by NATALIE FOx


Guess how many ingredients it takes to make soap? With Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Bar Soap it just takes three. Made in Greece, this is true castile soap that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized. Opa! well.ca



Containing only oils and botanicals each ingredient in this hydrating and soothing balm has an express purpose. Propolis is antiseptic, comfrey heals wounds, emu oil is antifungal and castor oil fortifies. Best of all, it is made in Canada. Bella Vita Miracle Balm, 80g; bellavitainternational.com


You've heard of shea butter from West Africa, but you probably haven't heard of nilotica shea butter a sub species of the same plant grown in East Africa. This cold-pressed butter is creamier, softer and contains more (hydrating) oleic acid that the more well known shea butter. Help women in Uganda and nourish your skin at the same time, what could be butter, uh, better? Lxmi Pure Nilotica Melt, 30g, $48 (USD); lxmi.com


There are precisely six oils in this luxurious and concentrated blend including evening primrose oil (an anti-inflammatory), carrot oil (antibacterial) and jojoba (hydrating). Stored in a dark bottle to ensure freshness and with an eyedropper for carefully releasing only a few drops, even the shamans of yore would be impressed. Shamanuti Face Oil, $34.00; shamanuti.com


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Usually coconut and lime beauty concoctions end up resembling a cheap cocktail or faint sunscreen. This lip balm is different! With only a few ingredients including Manuka beeswax and a satisfying scent it quickly nourishes lips. Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Lip Balm - Coconut Lime, 4.5g, $4.50; shop.wedderspoon.com

Is there a more romantic scent than rose? Made from damask roses, this fragrant water is beautiful daubed as perfume, added to massage oils or sprayed as a gentle, uplifting facial mist. Nothing else could smell as sweet. Heritage Store Rose Petals Rosewater, 240 ml; well.ca


RIDING HIGH Spring’s best looks involve new ways to wear classic pieces. It is a true blend of sophistication and femininity.

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CSL breaks down the top trends, and shows you how to easily update your closet


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A MIX OF PURE AMERICANA MEETS SPANISH GAUCHO Play with textures (leather, sheen, embroidery, fringe), and pattern (Navaho print, patchwork) to achieve the modern prairie gal. Don’t forget to pull the look together with a flat top boater hat and cowboy boots.





AN IDEAL SEASONAL TRANSITION PIECE, THE MODERN CLASSIC IS REINTERPRETED FOR 2018 While McQueen and Margiela opted for coats decked out with embellishment, at Michael Kors and Philip Lim, a deconstructed if laid back silhouette was pushed forward. Worn both belted and loose (à la house coat redux), this is the statement piece of the moment.










FROM SATIN TO LACQUERED LEATHER AND LATEX Usually reserved for formal occasions or bridesmaid dresses, satin had made a major comeback for daytime. The ultra luxe fabric was seen everywhere on the runways, as was lacquered leather maxi coats and latex tops and skirts that add a Matrix vibe to any outfit.






PATTERN PLAY GOES INTO OVERDRIVE Eccentric prints, mixing palettes and statement patterns were a mainstay on catwalks this season. At Versace, it was bright colour and Renaissance-style prints, while Burberry showed bold woven pieces. Some designers took a more subdued approach in the form of pop art graphics and folksy prints.




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ICE CREAM PASTELS ARE THE COLOUR PALETTE DU JOUR Like a familiar warm breeze, ultra feminine pastel hues are back in a big way, seen at Galliano, Victoria Beckham, Celine and Max Mara. To create a clean line, wear different tones of the same colour.







INDIVIDUAL ST YLE TAKEN TO A NEW LEVEL From tees emblazoned with brand logos like at Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi, and Versace to the return of slouchy utilitarian clothing, the street style trend is here to stay.










THE RABBLE-ROUSER TAKES THE CROWN At Moschino, Saint Laurent, and Balmain models stomped onto the runway wearing black tutus reminiscent of ballerina crossed with a punky black swan vibe. Tufted skirts worn with fishnets or thighhigh stockings, leather boots and a cool edgy pixie cut are sure to reveal your inner rebel.



citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 37




Stripes are a good place to start (remember the Adidas stripes from the 1990s?). Try low slung pants with a single vertical stripe along the outer thigh, worn with a structured button down shirt to ease into the look.


P.E Nation Reformer rib-trimmed stretch-ponte pants $205; pe-nation.com

Under Armour Storm Woven Anorak, $79.99; underarmour.com


| SPRING 2018 | citystyleandliving.com

Gucci Grosgrain-trimmed pleated washed-silk skirt, $1,300; gucci.com

APL Athletic Propulsion Labs Ascend TechLoom mesh sneakers, $200; athleticpropulsionlabs.com



B&O Play H4 wireless leather and aluminium headphones, $400; beoplay.com

TFENTy x PuMA S/S 2018

TOD’S S/S 2018

LNDR Wild Cat paneled stretch-jersey sports bra $85; lndr.uk


HALO Nothing says look at me like bling around the face and a Renaissance-inspired gold and black skullcap fanned out like a peacock certainly does the trick.  Burberry

TRICKED OUT Chunky yet dainty straps in leather and gold bring an urban edge to a mini backpack. It makes a simple outfit sparkle.

READY TO WEAR For a collection all about wearable designs, this white puffed up beret had us thinking of everything from graduations to concerts. Desigual

9 TO 5 This chic carryall in a neutral colour is perfect for work. The neon red strap pumps up the fun and cool factors. Versace


HAPPY FEET Gladiator meets Ny glam with these bold heels. Stride with confidence in looks from a flirty floral mini dress to shorts and a tee.




MIX ‘N MATCH Get a little lift from a kitten heel and a whole lot of verve from a mix of patterns (animal print, colour blocking and leather). Add a large buckle to anchor the look.

CLASSIC WITH A TWIST Reminiscent of an Italian summer, a muted colour scheme and few embellishments allows the understated glamour of this bag to shine.




No matter the event, a riot of colours, textures and fabrics makes this season one for play!


TIP ‘O THE HAT Make like a punk rock star in a black BEACH PARTY Sexy but demure, a straw tote with leather hat with a retro feel! Don’t forget a scarf or leather straps practically screams St. Tropez. It’s large enough for your beach towel and sunscreen metallic necklace to cap it off.   but still looks elegant. Tod’s

Accessories Report



FLIP OUT Flip flops may be best for weekends or the pool. but, add a heel and they become the perfect way to jazz up athleticwear.


MAPLE LEAF STYLE A masculine cap in plaid gets girlie in bright colours. you’ve heard of the Canadian lumberjack look for winter, think of this as Canadian sugar shack for spring. citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 39



A fisherman plies the trade that made the fame of his country – Portugal.


| SPRING 2018 | citystyleandliving.com


THE OLD MAN & the Sea



Golf Vacation Score a hole in one with these two golf meccas that boast spectacular water views and a range of links.


yes, you can do yoga anywhere (including your own backyard) but here are four travel–worthy destinations to inspire your asanas. you’ll be glad you went.

INDIA There is no better place to truly understand the ethos of yoga than in its birthplace. Try booking a houseboat that offers yoga for a serene, blissful experience.


Eight courses in an area known for its lakes, wetlands, woodlands and rivers make for spectacular views while you tee off. Some courses have even hosted the PGA Championships.


bAHAMAS With kilometers of beach, coral reefs, and 700 Caribbean islands to choose from, you can combine yoga with water-based activities and relaxation.

On an island the size of 300 football fields interspersed with waterways there are 2 private and 5 public courses. Expect courses bordering amazing white-sand beaches along the Atlantic ocean.


COSTA  RICA The hippie vibe of Nicoya means there are lots of options for yoga. best of all, finding an Englishspeaking retreat is practically guaranteed.

From 1869 to 1939 the golden age of travel was at its apex. By steamboat or bicycle, train or elephant, travellers went to all corners of the globe to to get an education through such classic trips as the Orient Express, the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Pyramids of Egypt. Relive this age with posters, postcards, itineraries, and mementos. More than a nostalgic look at travel, the book is an inspiring porthole into the past. The Grand Tour The Golden Age of Travel by Sabine Arqué, $200 (USD); taschen.com

LOS CAbOS If you want to be part of a class or a group, instructors (many from L.A.) flock to this part of Mexico. Group retreats are a great way to stay accountable and consistent.

CSL GREE N TIPS Try birdwatching(travel, nature and exercise). / Use bicycle ride-sharingprograms at your destination. / Try to reduce your luggageto just a carry-on bag. ›› citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 41



tour guide with

Set to play Miguel Diaz in the upcoming youTube Red series Cobra Kai, a sequel to the  wildly-popular Karate Kid franchise, the actor has also starred as Victor braverman on Parenthood.

Now that I am a junior in high school, I have been thinking about this question a lot. I’ve always wanted to merge my creative side with my scientific side. Then, I had this amazing English teacher who made me realize how much I love writing. Because of that, now I think about screenwriting as well as continuing to understand and learn acting and even being behind the camera. I just want to get my ideas out and have them come alive. So, my career path can either be screenwriter and actor, or creator of killer robots.

MOST MEMORAbLE TRAVEL MOMENT.  Jet-skiing with jellyfish in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico with my family and best friend. During that same trip, I got to swim with baby sea lions and their moms. I’ll never forget that.

Violett Beane’s

What are some of your favourite projects that you have worked on? Why?

Every project I have done has resonated with me for different reasons. Parenthood was the most ideal, first project any actor could ask for. Working with Jason Katims and Larry Trilling was such a valuable experience. I have created long-lasting relationships from Parenthood and consider many of the people I worked with as family. Twin Peaks was almost indescribable, not just because we all sign NDAs, but really because working with David Lynch is like working in a dream state. I didn’t know what to expect, but he was so supportive and clear in his vision. Kobra Kai, which is what I have just finished working on, was surreal. I never pictured myself as an “action" actor, but now I want to climb, karate-chop my way through my next role.

Tell us about your charitable endeavors and why it is important to give back. I have been raised in a social justice family. I marched before I could walk and have always un-


“I can’t live without my family, my friends, murder mystery novels, and fried chicken. Not in that order.” derstood the importance of civic engagement. My focus is on helping to build safe and thriving communities, Immigrant and DREAMers' rights, and helping youth who are most in danger of becoming homeless when they leave the foster system. Making sure you give back to your community and the people that support you is something that's close to my heart. With that being said, I think in this age of technology, it's important that as people in the public eye, we aren't praised or given a pat on the back for something that we should already be doing! I am not a big fan of posting photos when I am volunteering. I'm not knocking it, it's just that for me, I don't want to take the focus away from the need. I just want us all to remember that there isn’t "them" or "us". We are all in this together.

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WHEN I AM NOT WORKING I AM bike riding, playing basketball, or playing trivia and board games with my friends (above during the 2017 snowstorm in Atlanta, Georgia with Mary Mouser, left, and Jacob bertrand, right).

1. On my playlist.

Always Where I Need to be, The Kooks. Perm, bruno Mars. Designer, Lil Pump.

2. Best advice that you have received

Say hi to people when you pass by them.  It will totally change your outlook. you get to make eye contact, you can connect for a second, and that may actually be the only interaction that the other person makes on that day.  Also, be a good person to those you meet and work with: you don’t know who they really are or may be in the future and; It’s easier to live knowing you don’t have to watch your back from people trying to get back at you.

FAVORITE DISH AT A RESTAuRANT WORLDWIDE?  Oohs and Aahs, Soul Food restaurant in Washington D.C is my favorite place to eat in the world and it is, in fact, the reason why I am looking to attend D.C. based colleges (totally true).

3. Always in your luggage? I

have two matching North Face pieces of luggage that I swear are like, black Holes. They fit everything. I always make sure I have my sunglasses, my phone charger, and a journal for any ideas that come along in my head throughout the day.

FAVORITE CITy?   New york!  you can be in D.C. or Miami in a few hours; but I stay for the  delicious bagels.



Tell us a little about your career path.

GREAT HOTELS IN PORTUGAL (and a few activities and restaurants to try too!)


VILA VITA PARC ALGARVE citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 43


HOTEL TEATRO INNOVATIVE DESIGN WITH A FLAIR FOR THE  DRAMATIC Built where the 1859 Teatro Baquet once stood, the 74 room boutique property exudes a dark theatrical atmosphere with a design edge that speaks to modern tastes. Nini Andrade Silva was tasked with reinvigorating the hotel which sits on a quiet street just off of a bustling thoroughfare. Upon entering, double copper doors emblazoned with large gold lettering spells out verses from Portuguese poet Almeida Garrett. It is the first of such art, literature and theatre touches that merge and intersect throughout like the box office style check- in, various period costumes hanging in glass cases and voluptuous velvet curtains that frame spaces. A bronze and gold palette is carried throughout the hotel’s public spaces and in rooms, where copper fixtures and rich textiles abound. Of course, it wouldn't be Porto without a welcome tipple and chocolates and a bottle of port by the bedside. Open the curtains and a private courtyard and cityscape come into view, suddenly the reason for the set decoration of this member of Design Hotels becomes clear – a match for this enchanting city.

R. de Sá da Bandeira 84; hotelteatro.pt


INTERCONTINENTAL PORTO PALACIO dAS CARdOSAS CLASSIC OPuLENCE IN THE HEART OF THE CITy Overlooking Porto's main square, Praça da Liberdade in the city's historic district, this elegant 105 room hotel boasts old world luxury in a newly renovated 18th century palace. Entering the lobby, the sleek marble inlay floors, roman columns and black and white chandeliers reinforce the inviting classic style that is carried throughout the property. Welcomed with a plate of the city's famous pasteis de nata, the large executive rooms offer contemporary style mixed with nods to its palatial past (think crown moulding, and belle époque bedside tables). A soft teal, blue and light brown colour scheme and marble bathroom with pretty Agraria amenities provides a comforting respite. Slender French doors lead to a balcony which overlooks the square below –an ideal view to wake up to and perfect for people watching.

Praça da Liberdade, 25; ihg.com/intercontinental/hotels/us/en/porto/prtha


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A juicy delicious burger at Hard Rock Porto.

Left: Quinta do Bomfim’s charming picnic. This page: A view of beautiful Sandeman’s Quinta do Seixo’s vineyard.


Mirroring the abundant decorative tiles found in the city, the inside of the rock themed restaurant takes a softer, artistic turn at this new location. All the rock influence is still there, but so too embossed ceilings, tufted banquette seating and a muted grey colour scheme. Exceptional, ultra-friendly service is coupled with generous portions. Order tasty bites like the vegetarian-friendly southwest spring rolls stuffed with spinach, black beans, corn, jalapeños, diced tomato and mixed cheese served with mouth watering guacamole-chipotle ranch dressing. For even more heat, you can't beat the atomic burger topped with spicy fried onions, fried jalapeños, pepperjack cheese with arugula, vine-ripened tomato and sriracha mayo. End your meal with a shareable brownie. hardrock.com/cafes/porto



The best of the region’s food and wine


Five generations of the Symington family have produced some of the best award winning port. Guide João begins the tour in the small museum that houses a history of the family and property including photographs, and documents from the quinta. His dry humour is matched by his knowledge of the brand, creating a personalized experience. The smell of sweet port is immediately apparent throughout the 19th century old lodge, a relic in its own right and home to hundreds of vats and barrels that hold the prized liquid until ready to be taken to Vila Nova de Gaia for further ageing. A few sips of a selection of Dow’s vintage ports, their complexity recognizable is the prelude to a terrace picnic. Charming wicker baskets are filled with vegetable samosas, meat pastries, salad, small cakes and of course a bottle of white wine – the perfect accompaniment to overlook the languid landscape of the Douro Valley.


In Vila Nova de Gaia, take an audio tour at one of the oldest port houses including the history, production and cellars. There are several tasting to select from starting Luis guides guests through a with Taylor’s chip dry port and cheese tasting. white port through a series of tawny and vintage port. The 325th Taylor’s Anniversary Port, presented in the shape of a curved bottle from 1692, makes an extra special souvenir. taylor.pt


A focus on vegetarian fare at Vale de Abraão


Here, a vegetarian tasting menu including a creamy mushroom risotto and delicately caramelized onions showcases seasonal produce while the wine list features the best from the Douro region including the silky and voluptuous Quinta Da Touriga Douro Chã. sixsenses.com/resorts/douro-valley


Sandeman’s Quinta do Seixo reveals sweeping views of the terraced vineyards from the beautiful modern tasting centre. For the premium tour, guides wear signature Spanish caballero hat and Portuguese students’ black capes, taking guests through the cellars, the port production process and ending with a tasting white, ruby and tawny port.

A few appetizers at famed Portuguese chef José Avillez’s restaurant in Porto.


Tucked away on Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, the restaurant from one of Portugal’s most acclaimed chefs feels like a communal gathering spot, complete with a series of cutting boards, plates and small antiques hanging on the walls. Do not be fooled by the relaxed vibe, the restaurant takes it food and drinks are seriously. Bartender Joao artfully creates cocktails with precision strokes that marry well with the marvelous seafood that Portugal offers: marinated scallops with avocado cream and Alentejo bread crumbs; rich sautéed poultry livers with onion jam and Port; cod nuggets with garlic and chive mayonnaise; grilled giant red shrimp with Thai sauce and jasmine rice; and roasted octopus with potato mash, and cottage cheese. Oh, and when dessert is described as 'life changing', with flavours of hazelnut and chocolate, you don't argue. cantinhodoavillez.pt

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Everything at this resort in Baiao spells newness and innovation. When seen from above, the minimalist décor is reminiscent of a modern art museum with multilevel concrete squares stacked at midpoints to form a sort of birthday cake design. Built on an incline to take advantage of unobstructed views of the Douro River, the lobby, in an unusual upside down twist, is situated two storeys up. Combined with the floor-to-ceiling windows, this has the effect of making guests feel as if they are floating on the water. The sleek atmosphere inside with its polished hardwood floors, geometric lighting and soft turquoise and grey colour scheme delights without distracting from the natural beauty. Indeed, the landscape takes centre stage throughout the property. There is a persistent invitation to venture outdoors from the nearby pier, rectangular infinity pool, and expansive panoramic terrace with neatly lined deck chairs to private balconies in all 70 rooms and tennis court. Twin rooms are stylish with eggshell-hue tufted bed head, seating area and working desk, ideal for both business and leisure travellers. Ruby bar with its marble bar top and crimson pool table adds a cool touch to common space. The Royal Spa features Vichy and Scottish showers, spacious relaxation rooms and a full range of treatments. There is also 700 square meters of conference and meeting space, suitable for large scale events. The fresh energy of the hotel is perhaps best illustrated at the Palato D'Ouro Restaurant where the menu celebrates the best of Portuguese cuisine with a contemporary edge.Aretinue of young chefs achieve gastronomic heights under the tutelage of Chef Julien Cardoso. To begin, a voluptuous sweet chestnut soup is brightened with yoghurt, next, house made jet black linguine nerois coated with a rich tomato sauce bursting with fresh basil and served with a variety of seafood. The main course, a thick piece of seared bacalhau (salt cod) coated with crunchy corn bread sits atop earthy blackened pepper and onion puree and accompanied by bitter turnip leaves. The trio of dessert from pastry chef Filipe Silva represents finesse on the plate and palate: a guava sorbet refreshes, a warm chocolate lava cake comforts, and the local Portuguese almond cake is an intriguing insight into tradition. Breakfast too is a lavish affair, with a buffet showcasing a dumbfounding array of freshly bakes pastry, bread, cakes as well as cheese, yogurt, fruit and cold cuts. Unlike so many modern hotels of this scale which can feel impersonal, even detached, Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa, despite its size, reveals a reassuring familiarity. It is in the small gestures like that of maître d' Francisco inquiring after the wellbeing of a guest who felt under the weather, pastry chef Silva making a beeline to the kitchen for several additional slices of chocolate cake when a guest compliments it and waitress Tonia who exudes warmth and takes to heart comments about how much guests are enjoying their meal. These are the moments that make this someplace truly special. Clockwise from top right: A cod dish at Palato D’Ouro restaurant; the comfortable twin room is an ideal escape; the architecture throughout the hotel is striking; a barman at Ruby bar; chefs inside the kitchen include Executive Chef Julien Cardoso (centre) and pastry chef Filipe Silva (left); a view of the terrace and Douro river. 46

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Lugar de Portela do Rio, Ribadouro, 4640-400 Baião; douroroyal.com




Clockwise from top right: Sixth generation co-owner of Quinta do Vallado estate, Francisco Ferreira; inside the restaurant; a bottle of wine outside of the tasting room; deck chairs on a private room terrace overlooking the vineyards; a light lunch includes Portuguese sardines; the exterior of one of the rooms in the manor house.

Spend any time in the Douro Valley and you’ll undoubtedly see quinta (wine estates) studded in the undulating, vine covered hills. Constructed of stone or whitewashed, their appearance generally blends in with the landscape. Not so at Quinta do Vallado, near the town of town of Peso da Régua, with its ochre manor house built in 1716. “It is a hot colour and people who come here notice and associate the colour of the house with the label on the bottle,” says co-owner and head of agriculture Francisco Ferreira, descendant of one of the most important figures in Portuguese wine,AntóniaAdelaide Ferreira. Known affectionately as Ferreirinha, she revolutionized the area with her philanthropic efforts and made seminal contributions to the wine business. “She was a visionary – she had the foresight to keep stocks before phylloxera hit. She fought against English wine company domination. This region was very poor so she built hospitals, roads, and provided employment. People still speak of her as if she lived 10 years ago instead of 207 years ago,” adds Ferreira. With vineyards framing nearly every corner of the property, wine is not just in the past but also a continuing part of the estate. Beginning in the 1990s Ferreira and his family began to rebuild the winery, increase quality and improve consistency. By 2010 they bought more land and doubled the capacity of fermentation. The result is evident at the spacious tasting room where the incredibly affable Fabio guides us through a tasting including white and red wines and port. Wine though, is just one portion of the entire experience. Quinta do Vallado was the first in the area to offer small wine tourism – the winery and tastings combining with a farm-style quinta comprised of five traditional and 8 modern rooms. Straw hats hang from the doorway above a crate of fruit and vegetables plucked from the estate’s kitchen garden. Near the rectangular lawn, topiary oranges, planted at intervals, grow beside sprawling lavender while birds splash in concrete fountains. The property, especially the schist-clad modern hotel feels like a home and not the grandiose reimagining of an abode of a scion. The relaxed elegance is also reflected in the food, all of which is homemade. For dinner one evening a soft poached egg sits atop a vibrant tomato soup, followed by a hearty rice stew (arroz de polvo) rich with garlic and wine served with crisp octopus and roasted potatoes. Dessert is a simple plate of orange slices caramelized in port, and dusted with dark chocolate shavings, utterly divine.An impromptu lunch overlooking the Corgo river, a tributary of the Douro, is the stuff of dreams: Minerva sardines, bacalo (salt cod) fritters and shrimp stuffed fried pastries (rissóis de Camarão). It is a moment when landscape, food, wine and company make for an unforgettable synergy. “Tourism helps people who come here have a stronger idea of the wine than those who don’t visit – they taste the wine with local food, tour the property and then spread their experience by word of mouth,” explains Ferreira. Indeed, Quinta do Vallado is the sort of place to read a book in the communal study, to fish at the specially designed platform, to bicycle through the grounds, take a spa break, swim in the pool or simply stay in the cozy room, coffee in hand, and contemplate the vineyards from the private patio. “It is very easy to fall in love with this place,” confesses Ferreira, “My wife is a city girl used to city life but she absolutely loves it here.” Vilarinho dos Freires, 5050-364; quintadovallado.com citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 47

Clockwise:The view from the deck aboard Friendship I; cured cod and a crisp glass of white wine are the start to a hearty lunch; captain Nuno and Vera are a welcoming crew.



A LuxuRy yACHT SAILING ALONG THE DOuRO RIVER  Centuries of port production has given the Douro river valley a unique lexicon. Take the word pipa, a wood barrel filled with port that would be transported first by ox-cart and then by river to the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia across from the city of Port. Or, take Douro a clever word play signifying both the region itself and the golden grape leaves. Or, take for that matter rabelo, the traditional wooden vessels slightly upturned on either end that traditionally carried pipa. Put it all together and you get the classic way of seeing the Douro — by rabelo boat. Pipadouro offers classic or tailor made options from two-hour trips to overnight stays. Gliding on the river, every now and again a hiding quinta (wine estate) peeks out from among the hand carved hills. At the helm, Captain Nuno, once a cargo ship captain, points to an old wildrose nautical compass near more modern navigation. “You have to know how to care for a vessel like this. It requires constant tweaks,” he beams with pride talking about the yacht, Friendship 1. Originally built in 1957 in England for the Royal Navy, and restored in 2007, the 66-foot yacht boasts luxury at every corner: a Honduran mahogany hull, riveted with copper gleams under the midday sun; a fluted vintage port decanter holds a small amount of the ruby liquid; and a silver tea set insinuates its English lineage. Given the strong English connection with port, the provenance of the boat is not surprising. Schist rockface borders the blue-green river on either side becoming more prominent as the quintas begin to fade from view. Vera, has prepared a hearty, al fresco lunch: clear poultry broth with vegetables and chickpeas, followed by thin slices of cured cod drizzled with olive oil and mild chilis that pairs well with the crisp white Crasto wine. Next, there is traditional dobrada guisada stew, minced chicken fritters and a large platter of creamy baked custard. All of the dishes are prepared with the utmost care like that of a family gathering. With the engine turned off, floating for a while, there is utter quiet. This peaceful journey though, has allowed for many such moments: reclining on a deck chair on the bow, sipping a glass of port, watching the fish play. In honour of the passengers on board, the country flag waves in the wind. It’s yet another small gesture among many on board that exudes loving hospitality. The entire experience conjures a feeling of sheer bliss. pipadouro.pt 48

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FORTALEZA dO GUINCHO A MASTER CLASS IN  SOPHISTICATED LuxuRy AND WARM HOSPITALITy  In a world where uber modern hotels compete for attention, this elegant 27 room hotel dating from 1642 makes it abundantly apparent why classic style never gets old. Two canons flank the front entrance, alluding to the property's original role as a defence fortress. Inside, arched stone walls and polished tile floors are flooded with natural light from the central courtyard. Unabashed luxury is the recurring theme: a grand staircase draped with an intricately woven rug divides two large statues of ethereal women clutching candles; credenzas from a range of bygone eras decorate corners; heavy wooden doors mark the entrance to rooms decked with faux Gothic ceilings. The result, rather than being a pastiche is an unabashed exuberance for the antique. The historic decor plays out most amusingly inside the double room with its deep red velvet armchairs, silk pillows in shades of burnt orange and sage green, and Portuguese Talavera tile in the bathroom. Arches and stone columns that surround the room’s small balcony provide a linear architectural constrast to the dramatic beaches of Cascais stretching for kilometres below. The sound of crashing waves is a comforting, lulling soundtrack for sleep. As a Relais & Châteaux property, food is an integral part of the experience. The hotel's Michelin star restaurant is perched atop a cliff above the Atlantic Ocean. Sweeping panoramic views from the massive dining room windows act as backdrop for the seafood centric menu. Stellar service carried out by a small army of waiters, including Rui, Doru and Miguel, is polite, and engaging, each an expert in his own area. Chef Miguel Rocha Vieira's tasting menu begins with ‘bar snacks’ including: fried mackerel, small crescent shaped pastries with Cataplan flavours (tomato, pepper, coriander), and an entirely edible mussel (with a shell made from seaweed) served with a delicate white wine sauce. Throughout the meal unusual but exciting dishes appear: a white plate splattered with shocking black cuttlefish ink served with an elegant filet of red mullet and a whisper of bergamot; John Dory gently steamed with green and purple artichoke and a bowl of roe with tomatoes; dessert is a delightful taste of the Algarve combining carob, orange flower ice cream and almond biscuit. The entire meal is a mix of theatre, trompe l’oeil, art and flavour. A superb and extensive wine list, allows the impressive knowledge of the waitstaff to shine and makes for intriguing sips like the fragrant Morgado de Santa Catharina, once used as perfume by royalty or the Casa Ferreirinha Callabriga from Douro, a rich, weighty contender to France’s red wine supremacy. Whether sipping drinks from the peacock mosaic bar as the sun kisses Guincho beach or snapping photos in front of the yellow plastered exterior walls, or laughing with staff at the restaurant, the ultimate aim of the hotel is to make you smile – and at every turn, it sure does. Clockwise from top right: Visually striking plates are as good as they look; intricate embroidery on a bedroom pillow; a look at Guincho beach at sunset from a room balcony; petit fours from the Michelin-starred restaurant; ornate decor lends a luxurious touch; light bursts into the hotel lobby.

R. Figueira do Guincho, 2750-642 Cascais, fortalezadoguincho.com citystyleandliving.com | SPRING 2018 | 49



A DESIGN AND CuISINE PEARL ON THE CASCAIS COAST  It's easy to understand why Portuguese royalty choose to build a summer villa along the Estoril coast, just a short walk from the centre of Cascais. Captivating views of the Atlantic are one draw so is plentiful seafood and lovely beaches. Farol hotel which takes its name from the Portuguese word for lighthouse as well as the adjacent, historic Santa Marta Lighthouse also takes advantage of these draws. The former 19th century mansion belonging to the Count of Cabral has undergone major renovations to effortlessly blend the original gabled white stone building with the modern wing showcasing glass windows in 33 designer rooms that look out to the ocean. Part of Design Hotels, the property is ripe with interesting, bespoke features like the enormous Marcel Wanders chandelier hanging in the bar, colourful artwork by Diogo Navarro and sculptures scattered throughout common spaces like an eccentric gorilla man holding a flower that greets guests at the entrance to the hotel. Designers Ana Salazar, Fátima Lopez, Miguel Vieira and Manuel Alves and José Manuel Gonçalves have created individual rooms that enhance the design focus. The chic twin room with sea view, boasts a hydromassage bathtub, organic amenities and is decorated with restraint in a sleek black and white colour scheme. From the bedroom window, the glittering Atlantic has pride of place. Two full scale restaurants, The Mix and Sushi Design located obliquely opposite one another as well as two bars can also be found on site. Best of all guests can order from either restaurant regardless of where they are seated. Immaculate sushi has a slight Brazilian flair with bold flavors to match, while at The Mix, Philip Starck ghost chairs seem to float across the restaurant, this design restraint allows Chef Ricardo Deus’ creative Mediterranean menu to shine. A play on a frozen treat, a foie gras popsicle is encrusted with chocolate and hazelnuts adding texture to the savoury rich interior, the gentle perfume of ginger infused risotto with sautéed lobster is indulgent yet executed with a light touch while dessert, crisp dulce de leche pastries with crème de cassis are utterly sublime. On a short walk one evening to the natural chasm, a fissure in the seaside cliffs known as Boca do Inferno, a fisherman is perched on the edge of the rocks, his silhouette framed by crashing waves hitting the rocky coastline. It is the sort of postcard scene that perfectly encapsulates time spent here. Av. Rei Humberto II de Italia 7, Cascais farol.com.pt/en


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Clockwise from top right: The Santa Maria lighthouse sits next to the hotel; Design elements are on full display throughout the hotel; The foie gras popsicle at The Mix restaurant; A look at the original 19th century mansion; Sushi selections from Sushi Design; The culinary team are all smiles.



PuRE LuxuRy AND TRADITIONAL PORTuGuESE HOSPITALITy IN AN ENTRANCING SETTING With unmistakable Moorish influence, this jewel of the Algarve set amidst 22 hectares of subtropical gardens, park, and oceanfront coastline is located near the town of Porches. Tourists flock to this part of Portugal, but the resort is more hideaway than hubbub. In the lobby, indigo velvet seating is interspersed with bright yellow ottomans, an impressive chandelier and abundant light flooding in from Oasis bar and terrace. Throughout, whitewashed exteriors contrast decorative pops of azulejo tile. Bright burgundy bougainvillea bushes obscure stone walls, while plentiful koi swim in ponds bordered by palms. Offering no excuse for boredom, there are 8 swimming pools, a gym, water sports by the beach, five tennis courts, mini golf, volleyball, badminton, an 18-hole golf course, an array of activities for children and if it suits you, a yacht can be chartered. Set on a cliff top, the recently refurbished 180 villas are neatly laid out like a small town, clustered by room category and navigable by foot or golf cart. The large oasis family suite laid out in an open plan is comfortable enough for a family of four with a living area, separate twin bedroom, and large bathroom. The highlight though, is the rooftop terrace where a daybed, sitting area and rainfall shower beckon. Any meal here means a choice of cuisine. Opting for the traditional Portuguese style, Adega evokes rustic romance with its dimly lit space, guitar players and Fado singers. The charm is carried through the decoration consisting of wooden farm tables, cobblestone and a hearth overlooking the swan lake steps away. Don't be fooled by the pared back decor, this spot offers uncompromising food with a mix of dishes from Portugal, the Azores as well as its former global colonies. Start with the juicy grilled Mozambique prawns, followed by clams served Bulhao Pato style with coriander and lemon, which will have you licking your fingers. Then order the fresh fish trio served with vegetables for perfectly crisp skin and succulent flakes. On mornings, Atlantico with its chic turquoise chairs and beach glass bulbs, overlooking the ocean offers the kind of view that would motivate even the most steadfast night owl to wake up early. Breakfast tempts guests with several rooms filled with choices or a la carte options. Order a cappuccino with cinnamon stick, and inquire about the indulgent and light dulce de lece doughnuts, among the best in the world. A stay here would not be complete without taking a walk to the curved bay offering a commanding view of the Atlantic — soak up the hot rays in the afternoon, or watch the glow of stunning sunsets — proving why the Algarve is magnetic and sultry. Clockwise from top right: A rooftop retreat atop the Oasis family suite; Ornate tile on the terrace at Oasis bar; The roaring Atlantic Ocean takes centrestage; Enjoying a hearty breakfast at Atlantico; Plenty of relaxing pools can be found throughout the property; Grilled prawns are finger licking good at Adega restaurant.

Rua Anneliese Pohl, Alporchinhos, 8400-450; vilavitaparc.com

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With its prime location in central Porto, within walking distance of the Ribeira district, Igreja do Carmo, the Torre dos Clérigos bell tower and the famous Majestic Café, this 145 room property makes for a popular stay for families. With a taupe and white colour scheme accented with orange flourishes, rooms are tidy and simply decorated, while small touches like a pillow menu and rainfall showerhead enhancements. Tribuna restaurant serves traditional Portuguese fare, with exquisite 360 degree views of Porto. An excellent breakfast buffet features a selection of high quality items, like local cheese and fresh crusty bread as well as pastry, fruit, cereal, cold cuts and eggs while Moliere theatre bar offers a casual setting to enjoy a glass of wine or port and light snack. Praça da Batalha; mercure.com/gb/hotel-1975-mercure-porto-centro-hotel


SãOLOURENçOdOBARROCAL A CENTuRIES-OLD FAMILy PROPERTy IS REINVENTED  Driving to Monsaraz, the dreamy landscape morphs from green flatlands to neat rows of olive trees and finally to expansive golden fields clustered with cork trees. Large barrocais (ceremonial stones) mark the entrance to the former self-sufficient family estate turned minimal-chic hotel. Renowned Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura and designer Anahory Almeida transformed the former workers quadrants and barns into spaces that have two purposes, either to relax the soul or provide picture perfect vignettes as though the whole place were the conjuring of a talented cinematographer. Two bedroom, two-storey cottages are homely and comfortable with brick arches and floors, a moss green interior, hipster-friendly Gaggenau and Smeg appliances and Susan Kaufmann bath products in the smart, vintage bathrooms. Outside, dwarf orange trees laden with fruit line cobblestone pathways while toddlers and their parents ride bicycles. A pool, spa and large garden are favourite relaxing spots for guests and wine tastings from the estates own production are also popular. The true meeting place though is the restaurant where a sumptuous breakfast spread includes fresh bread, pastries, cakes, cheese, frittata, yogurt cold cuts and local fruit and a wooden frame enticingly dripping with fresh honey. Decorated with neat shelves housing relics, photographs and objects from the estate, it is like the wing of a major city's Natural history museum and a fitting tribute to the family that created it. 7200-177 Monsaraz; barrocal.pt



HOME AWAy FROM HOME  Less than ten minutes from the historic city of Loule, this property is more like a residential community with 78 villas surrounding a large communal pool and alluring gardens. Hidden high amidst the hills in one of the most exclusive areas of the Algarve, the townhouses combine glamour with all the amenities of home. The three bedroom villa, with private pool boasts Mediterranean architectural details like tiled roof, pillars, arched balconies and wrought-iron balustrades. Inside, Portuguese designer Isabel Pires de Lima’s understated glamour is evident in the sleek kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances; living area with navy blue, puce and white colour scheme; and bedroom with muted white and grey tones. An outdoor balcony is an excellent spot to host a dinner party, while a private garage and laundry room are ideal for long stays. This is a place to grow accustomed to life in the Algarve. Loulé; thecrest.pt

Fourth generation owner, Miguel Clarinha inside the café.


An icon of Portugal, the ubiquitous custard tart appears all over the country, although their rightful home is Lisbon. Originally invented by monks in the early 19th century at Jerónimos Monastery in the Belem neighbourhood, they are known by two names in Portuguese: pastéis de nata and pastéis de belem. The former is the general name for the pastry while the latter is the specialty of Miguel Clarinha, owner of Pastéis de Belém which has been selling the treat since 1837 following a secret recipe. “You should be able to taste the difference between the two,” he advises. Behind the scenes, an army of staff take on different stages of the process. The custard filling and dough are left overnight to develop flavour and to proof. Meanwhile, dozens of women hand form the pastry into moulds in deft movements that would easily rival a mechanized version. “People stay here for thirty to forty years, for as long as possible and become part of the family. There are people [working here] since before I was born,” notes the fourth generation owner. Here, flaky pastry is reminiscent of phyllo rather than puff pastry with a slight hint of salt, the custard itself is soft and less sweet than pastéis de nata and the pastries themselves are small enough to polish off in a single bite. Be warned, there are always long lines, but there is plenty of seating inside the maze-like interior, many, beneath the shop's well-known tiles. pasteisdebelem.pt

The Ó Capitão burger is a fish centric twist on the traditional burger.

. Deliciously prepared fresh seafood dishes at Sea Me At the Market at Time Out Market.

Grab dessert to go at this stall at Time Out Market


Indulge in a bite (or three) of pure pleasure, where classics are reinvented. A glorious array of cakes and tarts from silky cheesecake, to rich chocolate Dacquoise and fruity berry tarts glisten behind a glass case. Just try to resist! nosemaisbolos.com


All of the hallmarks of Hard Rock remain strong at this location on Avenue da Liberdade: super friendly staff, solid food, great music and a convivial atmosphere. Unique here is a limited time feature from local chef Filipa Gomes, Ó Capitão, a special Portuguese burger that combines seared tuna on a bed of arugula and watercress, served on a nero di sepia bolo do caco bun and slathered with tangy lemon mayo. It, like this location, celebrates the best of Portugal.


The philosophy behind the original Sea Me peixaria moderna, started in 2010, as a tribute to the old fish shops of Lisbon. Today, its newest embodiment at Time Out Market showcases this philosophy on a smaller scale. A mix of petisqueira (snack bar), and traditional marisqueira (seafood eatery) the restaurant pays homage to the country’s gastronomic links with Japan. Guests sit on stools at the counter and plates come out like a flawlessly in-sync marching band, gradually dialling up in flavour, dish by dish. Start with the sardine nigiri sushi a simple single bite that celebrates one of Portugal’s favourite fish, followed by the surprisingly delicate chocos fritos (fried cuttlefish), gently bathed in its own charcoal coloured ink. The playful octopus dog, with greens, and creamy aioli wrapped in soft bread is a triumph of the sea, while the roasted cod served simply with potatoes, turnip greens and olive oil is satisfying. The lively bustle of the market combined with the palpable glee of the chefs who proudly cook each dish makes for lasting memories. peixariamoderna.com



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1950S GLAMOuR, INNOVATIVE CuISINE AND INCREDIbLE VIEW OF THE CITy Lisbon is known as the city built upon seven hills. High atop of one of these sits the 282 room property originally opened in 1959. Welcomed by a friendly, well-dressed doorman, a lavish purple orchid display hanging from the ceiling is taking shape in real time in the lobby. The flowers’drama is perfectly synchronous with the rest of the opulent Louis XVI-meetsart-deco style found throughout the hotel. Intricate Portuguese tapestries, marble columns, 18th century replica furniture and original artwork all come together in a cohesive gold, powder blue and sage green colour palate. Abundant with old world glamour, this property also heralds an inviting, down to earth atmosphere. Luis, a waiter at breakfast at Veranda restaurant anticipates requests before they can be vocalized, and encourages guests to try something else, with a generous spirit like that of a family friend. An attendant at the business centre greets with a warm smile, and the concierge steadfastly offers directions to a local restaurant. Decorated in Pierre-Yves Rochon style, the premier room in peacock blue tones is fit with Biedermeier style wood furniture accented with porcelain lamps on each of the two bedside tables. An enclosed marble bathroom with separate shower and tub and large walk in closet are luxurious touches. The masterstroke though is that nearly all rooms (273 of them), have a balcony with all encompassing views that capture the soul of the city from Eduardo VII Park to the further afield Tagus river. Watch the sunrise at breakfast on Veranda's outdoor terrace lined with a neat row of topiary trees and magenta azaleas. Dinner here is a must. French chef Pascal Meynards’playful Portuguese menu is grounded with technically skilled cooking thanks to his Michelin kitchen experience. The amuse bouche, a small frozen sphere filled with chardonnay, citrus and coriander is a modern take on a ‘frozen sangria’and precedes the ultra soft kid confit served with broad beans, lemon and shitake mushrooms and served with a rich jus showing off Meynard’s precision. For dessert, a thin shell of white chocolate is made into an exacting replica of a sudachi (an Asian citrus fruit) and served with an herbaceous pennyroyal granita. The coup de grace though, is the rooftop fitness centre with 700 square metres of facilities and floor to ceiling glass walls. This is arguably the best hotel view of Lisbon. Yes, there is a full pilates studio and resistance training room, and a plethora of cardio machines, but when the neon sign spelling out ‘Ritz’ in a stylized 50s font turns electric blue in front of the running track, you too will be spellbound. Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 88; fourseasons.com/Lisbon 54

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Clockwise from top right: Port and pasteis de nata on Azulejo tile is a fitting welcome; refined cuisine is celebrated at Veranda restaurant; the rooftop offers one of the best views of the city; elaborate decor inside the hotel’s lobby; a pool inside the spa; a friendly doorman greets guests.



Pena Palace

NATIONAL PARKS OF SINTRA A 16th century Franciscan monastery, ruins of a 9th century hilltop castle with Moorish history, elaborate and romantic palaces once home to Portuguese Royalty and farms recreating the region’s traditional environment are just a few of the ten parks and monuments that comprise the official Sintra parks. Each with a storied past and diverse in character, guests should schedule visits over several days to fully explore the rich history of each site. parquesdesintra.pt



Jerónimos Monastery

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The credit card-size official city travel card conveniently allows visitors to make the most of their time while in the city. Complimentary admission to 26 museums, monuments and UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Torre de Belem, Jeronimos Monastery and the Santa Justa Elevator, free unlimited public transportation and discounts on restaurants and tours are useful perks. Top tip: take advantage of travelling by train to nearby Sintra and Cascais.

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An ornate clock inside Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães


The charming seaside town is a beautiful retreat for locals and tourists, less than an hour outside of Lisbon. Visit more than a dozen museums in the area from the elaborate early 20th century homes of Casa de Santa Maria and former palace of Museu Condes de Castro Guimarães that now houses an impressive art collection, library and Indo-Portuguese furniture to the small Museu do Mar illuminating the Portuguese deep relationship to the sea, or walk along the beachside boardwalk for a taste of a typical fishing town. visitcascais.com

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