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BOOKCASE 3 great new reads to spark your sense of adventure


GARDEN INSPIRATION e wonders of calendula


HEALTHY LIVING Fitness moves, the healing power of plants, homemade toothpaste and more CSL FOOD


New products for midnight munchies, a light dinner recipe plus ancient grains CSL FASHION


Makeup artist Daniel ompson on the lipstick colour of the season, the best new beauty products and eye makeup


How to style the latest runway looks



42 GIRLFRIEND’S GUIDE TO LONDON What to see, eat and do in the city



THE CSL GREEN TICkER Mop floor with club soda to add polish. 4 | FALL 2015 |


/ Reduce the landfill waste of new home construction by using salvaged materials. ›



e beef culinary series, our GPS guide and more




The Amazing Race

Competition Impedes Creativity The only competition is with yourself. When you engage in a competitive mindset focusing only on others, you block creativity. To come up with solutions relax and think only about doing your best with what you have at hand.

We’ve watched The Amazing Race since its inception. It has inspired trips, entertained us and been all too familiar (in other words, travelling regularly will make much of what happens look strangely coincidental). There have been many contestants over the years who, although they did not win, have inspired us by being spirited, adventurous and laughing while playing the game. The Amazing Race has not taught us the formula for winning one million dollars (if it had we might be sitting on a beach right now) but it has taught us about how you can approach life and look good doing it. Don’t Worry About the Competition Repeatedly, the teams are at a Roadblock and one person (who had arrived ahead of the others) cannot stop fuming about the arrival of other teams. They begin focusing their time and energy on others and not on the task at hand. Inevitably it leads to a cycle of more frustration, anxiety and stress. The takeaway? Run your own race. Never ever ever give up. Ok, so Winston Churchill said this first, but it’s true. How many times have teams come in last place only to learn it’s a non-elimination round or they arrived before another team stuck in traffic. You Can Be Worldly Without Ever Having Travelled Remember the husband and wife team from Kentucky? Although they had never left the BELL MEDIA


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United States prior to the show they were kind to everyone they met. Being respectful and treating others the way you would like to be treated is not cultivated exclusively through extensive travel – it begins at home. Stop Complaining Life is hard and we won’t be here forever (this shouldn’t be news). One way to make life (and the race) even worse is by complaining. We never saw the Soul Surfers complain– ever. Go To Your Defeat Singing We all like a good cry – especially when we’re tired and stressed. But when bowing out of the game the best exit is singing (yes, we’re thinking of the a cappella group in season 17). CSL


Where There’s A Will There’s A Way If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Drill that into your mind. There is always a way to succeed at anything. It may not be what you expected but it will be the best thing for you. The Golden Rule “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. Those are sound words. Cultivate respect and kindness at home and then when you go abroad those virtues will help forge friendships and open doors. Do not wait for travel to teach you. Be Grateful The opposite of this is complaining which creates stress, anger and unhappiness. It prevents you from thinking clearly. Instead, try to cultivate gratefulness. Attitude Counts If you sing your way through each day it makes a difference to you and everyone around you. Every day when you awake, “Write it on your heart that [today] is the best day in the year," as Ralph Waldo Emerson advised. Recite the words and believe them.



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Fashion and Beauty Editor Shivana Maharaj

Publisher K & S Media - Earth is a Beautiful Heaven


WHO? Rachel H WHERE? South Glenmore park, Calgary THE MOOD? Ethereal, free-spirited and bohemian, this look emphasizes simplicity with a touch of glam


NATURAL SPACES “Shooting in open spaces really gives us the opportunity to play and let loose – perfect for the feel we wanted to create,” says fashion editor Shivana Maharaj.

WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS “While you may think summer has a monopoly on the bohemian look, fall’s bold, deep colours and heavier textiles make it a natural fit.” - SHIVANA MAHARAJ Editor in Chief

NEW FACE Rachel was first scouted by agents at age 13. “I’m excited to be modeling,” says CSL’s cover girl who plans to one day teach music.

SMOOTH OPERATOR Nothing adds a boost to that barely there makeup look like a little blush. Makeup Forever HD blush Second Skin Cream blush in peach beige,



Have fun this season with flowy gowns, tousled hair, fringe details and handmade touches. Don’t forget the carefree attitude! Alex and Ani quill Feather Wrap in silver, $64.00; peter pilotto Asymmetric patterned dress, $1,724.43; Laurence Dacade Studded buckled sandals, $1,343.74;


Transform old newspaper, peanut shells, or sawdust into mulch.

MODEL Rachel H, Numa Models, PHOTOGRAPHER k&S Media, STYLING k&S Media LOCATION South Glenmore park, Calgary COVER Free people Goddess in Rome Dress by The Jetset Diaries, $349.73;

/ use straw bale as insulation when constructing a new house. ›› | FALL 2015 | 7




In awe of this beautiful building, the British Museum, London.

Leaders in oversight and governance in Western Canada. Used as a compass by corporations, educational, healthcare, and political institutions to build better boards, management, employees, and to improve and increase the bottom line.


Excellence, Innovation and Industry Leader

Nothing like walking through Borough Market and finding floral beauties like these!


Superior business results in cost, production, safety, environment, and process ef iciency and effectiveness through strong leadership


Continuous improvement tool application, team work, well executed solution implementation

Capability of improving processes and culture through training, coaching, and role modeling thus encouraging the improvement of mindset

R.M. CONSULTING SERVICES LTD. Excellence in Governance

The view from Tintagel castle (also known as King Arthur's castle) looking down upon Merlin’s cave.

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Around î Že City




The Rocky Mountains in shades of blue and grey, as seen from a plane. | FALL 2015 | 9


Teach Your Kids to Code A Parent-Friendly Guide to Python Programming by Bryson Payne (No Starch Press, $29.95, ) This book is not just for kids. By simplifying the sometimes arcane world of programming Payne has written a resource book that is equally as edifying for adults as it is for kids. While the book is written for Python, the basic principles and means of applying a logical solution to problems will aid kids who want to transfer their skills to other computer languages. For today’s tech savvy generation coding may just become the new family board game.


Food styling

graphic design


social media

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs by Tristan Gooley (The Experiment, $11.45, Full of informative and largely forgotten knowledge, this book is for those interested in outdoor pursuits. Insights centre on the US and UK and how to read natures’ signs in these specific climates and topography. Gooley gets intricately descriptive quickly, leaving the reader to connect the clues and anecdotes into cohesive instruction. This is not a book for a novice, but will inspire you to pay closer attention to nature.


Earth is a beautiful heaven

K&S Media



Celebrate the joy of reading in all its forms from the purely instructional to the inspirational and experiential


The Top 500 Poems Edited by William Harmon (Columbia University Press, $21.79, Some of the most memorable lines ever conceived in the English language are organized chronologically in this anthology–from Chaucer and Shakespeare to T.S. Eliot and Wordsworth. Whether you want to commit your favourites to memory, find inspiration or solace, this collection of popular English-language poems has something for you. It is life in lyrical form.



Long considered soothing and healing for the skin, this botanical is now making its way into your cosmetics bag HE BRIGHT, SUNNY FACES OF these flowers are familiar in gardens all over this country. More commonly known as pot marigold rather than their botanical name, Calendula officinalis, these yellow blooms have been used to treat skin troubles for centuries (don’t confuse calendula with common marigolds which are a different genus). With antiseptic and antibacterial properties, this medicinal herb also softens skin. In traditional medicine a tea or infused oil made from calendula is used to treat wounds, cuts and burns. In Traditional Chinese medicine the plant is used to increase blood circulation to the skin. While calendula is considered safe, if you have an allergy to the Asteraceae or daisy family (feverfew, chamomile, chrysanthemums, ragweed or Echinacea) you may be sensitive to calendula. Though the plant may also be taken internally to soothe digestion, today it is primarily used topically. Calendula is prized for its high concentration of flavonoids (plant based anti-oxidants which help protect cells from free radical damage) vitamin C, luteins, and beta-carotene all of which are great for the skin. Look for products containing calendula to hydrate and soothe skin. CSL


Calendula is easy to grow and blooms all summer long. Calendula, Oktoberfest, Burpee,




Calendula Blossom Natural Deodorant Spray, 118ml, $31.23;



Calendula Cream, $37.00;



Calendula Baby Oil, $3.25;


Calendula Oil, $36; | FALL 2015 | 11


In need of a lifestyle shake up, let CSL show you how


1 ́⅓


Ideas We Love

large overripe apple, peeled cup of sugar cup of olive oil


Chop the apple and mash (alternatively use a blender). Stir in sugar and oil. In the shower rub mixture on dry spots such as elbows and knees. Rinse. Follow with lotion.


Lie flat on the floor with your arms by your side and your palms facing down. bend your knees and raise your feet so that your legs are perpendicular to the floor. Lower your left foot to the ground and then bring it back to its initial position. Alternate move with your right foot.

12 | FALL 2015 |

GET A MOOD AND PRODUCTIVITY BOOST Want to feel happier, more energetic and improve your focus? Studies from Norwegian university of Life Sciences and Harvard university found that plants and flowers can actually boost your productivity and mood. keep flowering phalaenopsis orchids at your office desk or place herbs near your kitchen window sill. Now you don’t even have to lug heavy glass vases or ceramic pots to the spots where you spend most of your time – collapsible silicone vases, flowerpots and herb pots make it easy to lift your mood at home and at work.

Lexliving Silicone Collapsible Herb pot, $11.67, Lexliving Silicone Collapsible Orchid Flower pot, $17.83, Lexliving Silicone Collapsible Vase / Flower pot Sleeve, $26.75, all



ONE FOR THE MEDICINE CABINET AND MAKEUP BAG An Australian native, tea tree oil is effective for treating all sorts of skin issues. From clearing acne (2-3 drops diluted with 20-40 drops of witch hazel), to removing makeup (dilute 5 drops in ¼ cup of olive oil) to banishing rashes, its antiseptic and anti-fungal compound called terpenoids make it indispensable in your medicine cabinet and makeup bag. bodecare Tea Tree Spray,, 100ml, $18.50,

Homemade toothpaste! I love this stuff. I like to use a wide-mouth jar and just dip my toothbrush into it. If you have multiple family members using this paste, get a jar for each of them. 2/3 cup baking soda 10 drops holy basil essential oil powdered stevia to taste (optional) 5 drops clove, cinnamon, or peppermint essential oil (optional; for taste) In a small jar, combine the baking soda, essential oil, and stevia, if using. Mix it up. Add water a bit at a time, stirring, until you have a paste-like consistency. Despite the presence of baking soda (which is a cleanser, whitener, antibacterial, and odor fighter), this is not abrasive to the teeth. It’s perfectly safe for veneers, dentures, and sensitive teeth. Makes around 5 ounces of toothpaste (that’s 200+ brushings!)


Excerpted from Herbal Goddess. © Amy Jirsa. photography by © Winnie Au photography. used with permission of Storey publishing.





FALL 2015



Loch Fyne smoked salmon, Dorset crab, fennel compote, avocado purĂŠe and lemon dressing at Galvin at Windows, London


FUSION Global Food



Tell a story. Focus on the subject of the photo and what are you trying to convey.


Get close. Choose different angles until you find what you like.


Make it personal. Add a human element to your photo (hands, for example).

18 RABBITS GRANOLA What’s cuter than a fluffy rabbit? 18 fluffy rabbits. That’s exactly where Alison bailey Vercruysse drew inspiration for her line of satisfyingly chewy granola. As a child she played with her pet bunny (which became 18 after she forget said bunny in her backyard) while her mother baked. The line includes granola bars with healthy ingredients like eecan, almond, maple and coconut and features, granola, junior bars and junior


Ancient Grains What’s old is new again as a whole crop of forgotten wheat varieties make a welcome comeback



WHAT Ancient wheat usually WHAT young wheat that is spelt, emmer or einkorn toasted, dried and cracked THE NEW Wild rice THE NEW quinoa SHINES IN Side dishes, as por- SHINES IN Middle Eastern ridge or in soups and salads dishes like tabouleh, or pilaf Farro Grain Whole (Organic), 300g, $4.54,


Freekeh (Cracked), 300g, $6.85,

pearled Durum THE GOOD BEAN JALAPENO CHEDDAR BEAN CHIPS Guacamole be warned! These

WHAT Hard species of wheat usually used to make dried pasta and couscous THE NEW barley SHINES IN Rice pudding-style dishes, risotto-style preparations, and as a side dish Epicureal Grano (Pearled Durum), 300g, $6.08,

chips are made from sweet potato, quinoa and a protein rich blend of beans – making snack time way more delicious. The fiber and vitamin A packed snacks are also non-GMO and free of corn, and gluten. Who says you can’t have the best of naughty and nice?


program your dishwasher for after midnight or another off-peak energy time. Opt for kitchen gadgets that work on manual power.

14 | FALL 2015 |





An indoor grill or cast iron griddle makes this a year round dish

Grilled Octopus Salad Serves 4 1 1 15 2 Salt 5

OCTOpuS octopus medium onion cut into quarters peppercorns bay leaves cloves of garlic

Rub 1 cup (250 ml) olive oil 2 teaspoons (10 ml) paprika 2 teaspoons (10 ml) dried oregano Sea salt Freshly ground pepper SALAD Salad greens 1 small jicama, sliced 1 lemon cut into wedges place the whole octopus in a pot and cover with water. Add the onion, peppercorns, bay leaves, salt and garlic. Cook over medium heat for 40-60 minutes or until tender. Strain water and discard the aromatics. Let the octopus cool. Cut the octopus into pieces leaving the tentacles whole. prepare grill for high heat. Meanwhile mix together oil, paprika, oregano, salt and pepper, and reserve 3-4 tablespoons. place the pieces of octopus into the marinade coating evenly. Grill octopus for 3-5 minutes on each side, basting with marinade. Remove octopus from the grill and toss in reserved marinade. Serve with lemon aioli and a salad of lettuce greens and sliced jicama. Garnish with a wedge of lemon.


Reduce your cooking time by using a pressure cooker. place the octopus in the pressure cooker and cover with water. Add the onion, peppercorns, bay leaves, salt and garlic. use manufacturer’s direction to cook for approximately 10-15 minutes or until pressure is released. JAMES S. SINCLAIR | FALL 2015 | 15


FALL 2015


Turning in the widening GYRE K&S MEDIA

a swirl of blue paisley fabric makes a bold bohemian statement

16 | FALL 2015 |

HELEN OFTROY W h at ’ s n e W i n t h e W o r l D o f s K i n , b e a u t y , M a K e u p a n D W e l l - b e i n G



It’s all in the eyes! The look for fall ranges from colour to the classic smoky eye. CSL’s guide straight from the runway. CND For The Blonds Fall/Winter 2015 | FALL 2015 | 17


Do A Pop of Colour For Delpozo, Antonio Corral Calero, Moroccanoil’s global creative director referenced Russian renaissance painter Andrey Remnev.

Opt for Rimmed Lids This look at Erdem “is all about a brow and a well-defined eye,” says lead artist Val Garland for NARS Cosmetics. “Think of Visconti - it's '60s, it's odd, it’s Hitchcockian.”

Try Smouldering Eyes At Cushnie et Ochs, yadim created a look inspired by the view of Earth from outer space. This is futuristic terrestrial glamour.



Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner, $26; MAC Pro Glitter in Reflects Gold, $25;

YOUR LOOK Make gold the centre point by using a cream shadow in a soft peach colour on the upper lid and brush with metallic glitter. Line the inner corners of the eyes with a bright yellow pencil dusted with reflective glitter.

18 | FALL 2015 |


Urban Decay Super-Saturated Ultra Intense Waterproof Cream Eyeliner, $26;

YOUR LOOK Apply jet-black waterproof eyeliner to the upper and lower waterlines. Then use the eyeliner to line above the top lash line. With eye paint or liquid liner, draw over the eyeliner (like a cat eye without the flick) to create a long-lasting layer. Skip the mascara for a bold, modern look.


Maybelline The NUDES Palette, $12.80; Dior Diorshow Mascara, $32;

YOUR LOOK To create a smoky eye, line the upper lid with eyeliner and layer with black eye shadow. Apply eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line for added detail. For a subtle pop of colour on the eyelid blend with a soft grey shadow. Finally, coat the top and bottom lashes with mascara.


NARS Minorque Kohliner, $33.99;

6 CSL !



Of This Season’s It PRODUCTS products CSL loves, and you should try too




The word’s out on cold-pressed organic argan oil – great for sunburn relief, insect bites, luscious hair and moisturizing. What makes Kesh Beauty Argan Oil different is the gorgeous packaging reminiscent of Moroccan art and the flower infused oils (rose or orange blossom). This is an ideal perfume and moisturizer in one. $40;



Whether you want to travel light or streamline your look from day to night Lilah B. Divine Duo Lip and Cheek has a shade (5, in fact) for you. With agar and aloe and made to resemble smoothed rocks or shells it’s just another jewel from the sea. $46,



With the moisturizing clout of shea, cocoa and jojoba butters, this sweet smelling moisturizer will have you feeling great for hours. Love, indeed! Bodycol ogy Sweet Love Moisturizing Body Cream, $3.99,




Turns out all those vitamins are also good for your skin. With vitamins C, D and K, Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Peptide Firming Oil brightens and re-hydrates skin with just a small dab. $62;


Switch from carving a face into a pumpkin to putting the antioxidants in pumpkin onto your face with Shamanuti Pumpkin Enzyme Masque. It’s a skin reboot that willl have your face looking bright and renewed. Hey, your jack-o’lantern won’t be the only thing glowing. $42,



Choose eco-friendly linen for your bedroom.

Canadian-made in small batches with eco-friendly packaging, and natural ingredients, these hexagonal soaps come in scents like anise, fennel and lavender calendula. As they say, “soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul.” #DaretoRebel Soap Rebel, $12.50,

/Go on a clothes shopping fast. / Learn to darn socks. / Make old sweaters into pillows. ›› | FALL 2015 | 19



Red lipstick is a makeup mainstay and this season it is a must have for every wardrobe by DANIEL THOMpSON

1 Start by applying in the middle of the bottom lip being very careful to not go outside the natural lip line. Press the lips together rubbing the makeup around. This will transfer the colour to the top lip and create the natural shape. Carefully apply additional lipstick to fill the small gaps in colour. Reds are powerful so small imperfections will appear. It’s important to apply lip liner after the lipstick. 2 The lip liner can be a few shades darker or a few shades lighter than the lipstick; just ensure it is in the same colour family as the lipstick, otherwise it will be too obvious. When working with lip liner just carefully shape the edge of the mouth never overdrawing. The imperfections will disappear and the mouth will look finished. 20 | FALL 2015 |

SPA QUALITY Daniel Thompson Beauty The Lipstick #14,

DAN’S TIP“Red lipsticks are very powerful so use them carefully.”


DAN’S TIP “Reds are appropriate for a night at the opera, going shopping or house hunting.”

DRUGSTORE Rimmel Alsting Finish by Kate Moss #1 DAN’S TIP “Reds are never correct for a job interview, a funeral or a wedding.”


Every woman should own at least one good, strong shade of red. When considering a red lipstick there are four colour families from which to choose: tomato; pink; plum; and blue. Generally speaking the deeper the skin tone the deeper the shade of red. Applying red lipstick is not difficult; it’s just very specific. Application requires a steady hand and a certain level of precision.





Try on the four biggest (and most wearable) fall fashion trends that will take you through the season. This is going to be fun! | FALL 2015 | 21

STUDY HALL Back to school beware! This geek chic look is one part intellectual one part romantic and always sophisticated. Channel Gwenyth Paltrow’s character in The Royal Tenenbaums for inspiration- mixing prints, and fabric. Think lace pencil skirt with a wool coat, or a cable knit sweater with a silk dress underneath. Accessories like thick frame glasses and a leather belt polish off the look.


Lace and silk crepe de chine peplum top,$5959;



belair Studded Vamp Strap Flat,$950.59;

22 | FALL 2015 |


Doma washed-leather skirt,$1,270


'Critzer' gilet,$1341.73


Testra 2 bk pant in Elmore knit, $265;


Gia leather brogue lace-up, $1,100;


Like a villain in a Bond film, this edgy look combines sleekness with a touch of leather. Lace up thigh high boots, Edwardian lace, and embellishments are key to achieving this femme fatale look. Combine masculine elements like wool pants or culottes with an embroidered top and a structured bag. | FALL 2015 | 23

VELVET UNDERGROUND Rich fabrics, usually associated with interiors are huge for fall (brocade, paisley and patterned motifs), but the biggest trend of them all is velvet. This season everything from pantsuits to dresses, capes and skirts in sumptuous jewel tones are where it’s at.


CHARMING CHARLIE Venus Classic Necklace,$13;


Cutout velvet camsiole,$695; 24 | FALL 2015 |


Tropical Wool Sculpted Velvet Cape Jacket,$695;


printed Long Sleeve Maxi, $159;


Embroidered wool-blend felt vest, $5740;


Modern V Medium Shoulder bag,$445;


The bohemian goddess of the spring and summer runways has continued into the fall season. The long flowy silhouette, now in muted and rust tones ruled the runways. Why not try adding a cropped vest, knee high suede boots and a long lariat to complete the throw back to the 1970’s. | FALL 2015 | 25

TWIRL THIS WAY “Come dance with me,” she beseeches all whom she encounters. It is an invitation to her fairyland. Dress, Freepeople, 26 | FALL 2015 |



Wheaten fields below a golden orb glow. Forested depths, verdant in the last remaining rays of summer slowly turn colour. This is the setting for bohemian dressing – effortless, dreamy, and ethereal – all to pay homage to the whims of nature.

Photography K&S Media Styling K&S Media | FALL 2015 | 27

MOTHER NATURE She casts here eyes downward wearing tones of puce. Aritzia Talula peasant blouse,, Topshop skirt,

28 | FALL 2015 |

WRAP IT UP Enveloped in the soft embrace of a sweater, she is at one with nature. Aritzia Babaton Merino wool sweater,, 1state dress,

FAIRLY SIN GLE Flitting in fields of hay she dazzles. Topshop vest, Theory silk pantsuit, | FALL 2015 | 31

FULL EMBRACE Lured by a distant call, she disappears into the thicket. Topshop hooded sweater,

32 | SPRING 2015 |


FALL 2015



Heed the Ocean’s CALL

In St Ives, Cornwall ramparts strewn with flowers herald the way to the ocean

PASSPORT Travel News





The 950 km journey through Cornwall, England’s countryside skirted the coast and meandered through narrow hedge and stone lined unnamed roads, major highways and cities.

The 156 km route from playa del Carmen to the ancient ruin of Ek balam, Mexico was straightforward, spent mostly on highways.

Easily found obscure sites through excellent map system. On long stretches of road however the GpS would cut off unexpectedly and give trouble to reload.

Improved search functions from previous models ensure that attractions, hotels and other travel related spots are easy to find.

Well suited for less traversed areas but requires a physical map back-up for long stretches of road in case the system stops unexpectedly.

On major roads this model performs well. With free lifetime map updates and traffic avoidance and better search capabilities it also proves to be a great travel planning tool.


Where’s the (Canadian) Beef?

Offered exclusively at Karisma Hotels & Resorts, guests are invited to discover The Canadian Beef Culinary Series, by Karisma at an additional cost of $300 for the weeklong program at El Dorado Royale; a la carte rates for wines and ad hoc wine and culinary experiences at the entire collection of Karisma Hotels & Resorts start at $35.


Reduce th e am ou nt of luggage y ou pack and try to travel with only carryon.

34 | FALL 2015 |


SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A,

DELL XPS15-9530,

/pack your own biodegradable soap. ››


Instead of a snow storm threatening to derail your dinner plans, imagine being able to dine on Canadian beef overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean as palm trees sway in a gentle breeze. On the second week of each month guest chefs work with the talented team of Michelin star restaurant-trained chefs and sommeliers at Karisma Hotels & Resorts for The Canadian Beef Culinary Series. The weeklong program at El Dorado Royale A Spa Resort, by Karisma, an adults-only Gourmet Inclusive property in Riviera Maya, Mexico kicks off with a beachside barbecue, and makes beef the star ingredient. This is a hands-on series allowing guests to learn about how to prepare different beef cuts, chat with chefs, dine at an exclusive chef’s dinner and discover new wine and food pairing suggestions from sommeliers. Best of all you can spot some local talent. Chefs from cities across Canada will be sharing their culinary talents with guests throughout 2015, including Chef Jonathan Gushue from Toronto and former Top Chef Canada participant Chef Todd Perrin. In fact, Calgary Chef Paul Rogalski, owner of Rouge Restaurant in Calgary, will be featured this November.




THE LAKE EFFECT Clockwise:A golfer at Whistling Straits; a view of Lake Michigan from Blue Harbor Resort and Spa; walking along the dock at The Osthoff Resort.




Full of laid-back luxury, home to one of North America’s best golf courses, situated on majestic Lake Michigan, with a spaceport (who knew!) and not forgetting those delicious, crisp cheese curds all within driving distance – this is Sheboygan County | FALL 2015 | 35




The quirky-cool vibe at Lake Street Café (children’s books double as menus) is the vision of owners John and Lynn Shovan. The restaurant serves a California bistro-style menu (think seared yellow fin tuna and seaweed salad), and an array of classic dishes like the succulent shiitake chicken and orecchiette con carne. (


As the warm, soft, sunflower hued yolk runs into your plate from the ramp pizza at paddock Club, you know you’re in the right place. The restaurant excels at combining seasonally prepared produce with a distinctly Mediterranean-European bent. Order an extra helping of the crisp shrimp cigars, wrapped in brik pastry and dip into the sweet-tangy orange ginger sauce. ( )

1 Dessert at Lola’s on the Lake 2 Fishermen on Elkhart Lake 3 The Osthoff Resort’s Victorian charm 4 Lakeside pier at Osthoff Resort

Paying homage to its 1885 Victorian roots, the sprawling allsuite Osthoff Resort ( begets exceptional hospitality. Spread over 500 ft of recreational lakefront with a stark white exterior, the resort is a waterside playground. Lazy mornings are spent with a warm cup of coffee and German potato pancakes at Otto’s restaurant, while elegant three course dinners of lobster bisque, seared scallops and chocolate hazelnut croquentine at Lola’s On the Lake make you appreciate the invention of drawstring pants. Watch fisherman cast their lines as they leisurely float along the pristine waters of spring-fed Elkhart Lake. This kettle lake, formed by glacial ice, now boasts million dollar houses along its shores and is the fourth-deepest natural lake in Wisconsin. Captain and 50 year veteran Jim Benson guides the

Elkhart Queen pontoon seamlessly through the shimmering lake, as the golden sun slowly sets.

Gently trickling water flows over a natural stone wall and into an enormous round hand-tooled copper vessel in Aspira Spa’s meditation sanctuary. This peaceful tranquility is the setting for your massage. With a motto declaring its treatments infused with spirit, and combining the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), it’s no wonder that the holistic spa has been named one of the best in America’s Midwest. For a light lunch, Barefoot Bay Tiki Bar at Victorian Village Resort ( is the perfect prelude to an afternoon spent on a paddleboat.


Palo popcorn made with Wisconsin cheddar is a must!


❶ ❷

1 A view of Whistling Straits golf course 2 lunch at The Horse and Plow 3 Chef, manager Loren Rue The Immigrant Restaurant

With a vine covered Tudor-style redbrick facade, it’s easy to embrace the old world elegance at The American Club ( in Kohler, Wisconsin. Doormen dressed in knickerbockers, argyle socks and black caubeens, immediately convey that this is a golf destination resort. Inside, deep mahogany furnishings, brocade covered sitting chairs, rust coloured rugs and lavish bouquets of fresh flowers add warmth to the resort founded by Walter J. Kohler Sr. in 1918. COURTESY KOHLER

Along the oak paneled hallways hang historic photographs from the area while an inviting gold, wine and rust colour palette in the heritage rooms contrasts the modern Kohler fixtures (yes the world-renowned ceramic and plumbing company owns the resort) inside the spa-


cious bathroom. Like a page out of a Jane Austen novel, the formal Kohler Gardens at The American Club are impeccably kept with meandering pathways that lead to various courtyards and the showpiece Art-deco style greenhouse.

Everything about the Kohler Waters Spa whispers relaxation – from the sound of rushing water in the central relaxation area to the mosaic lined pool. Opt for the Kohler Waters facial and custom massage – technicians flawlessly revive, de-stress and calm. For the best way of taking in all the culinary options at The American Club why not try a dine around – walkabout sampling dishes from a few of the restaurants on

CRAVERIE CHOCOLATIER CAFE yes, kohler makes chocolates too! Stop by the Craverie and try the signature terrapins studded with toasted pecans, chewy caramel and dipped in chocolate.

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4 The Kohler Waters Spa 5 L’amant (The Lover) bathroom at The Kohler Design Center 6 Doormen at The American Club 7 Kohler chocolates at Craverie Chocolatier Cafe 8 The Kohler Gardens 10 A scallop dish from The Wisconsin Room

site. Start with a Carrot 43 cocktail at The Winery Bar, followed by deliciously creamy beer and cheese soup with pretzel bites at The Horse and Plow. Chef Loren Rue of The Immigrant Restaurant offers Russian Imperial Osetra Caviar. This modern take on a classic is a burst of colour and flavor with chess board plating of red beet, tangy crème fraîche, and buttery, crunchy brioche croutons topped with minuscule black caviar. Order the crunchy asparagus salad from the traditional farm to table menu at The Wiscon-

38 | FALL 2015 |

sin Room. Finish with the chicken three ways (the crackling is a standout), overlooking the 18th green at The River and The Meadow Valleys at Blackwolf Run. Don’t leave without having breakfast at Whistling Straits championship golf course. With captivating views of Lake Michigan, black faced sheep roaming the grounds and rolling hills, you’ll swear you are in Scotland. See how much you can restrain your inner interior designer from reaching out to touch every master-

fully crafted piece of home fixture (we see an Artist Edition Moroccan sink in our future!) at Kohler’s Design Center. Take a factory tour (tip: bring a mask) to see the production side of things, visit the Kohler Museum or walk around to get inspiration for your home. Don’t leave without seeing the designer center galleries on the top level with work from Ron Radziner and Jonathan Adler– the elaborate and sometimes ostentatious spaces will have you dripping with envy.


Currently serving as Executive Director of Spaceport Sheboygan, Brian Ewenson is an aerospace educator with 25 years of experience. Beginning his career in Canada he has designed, developed and flown student created experiments on the Space Shuttle as well with the Canadian Space Agency and numerous NASA Centers

❶ ❷

Career highlights?

Last October we had four-time shuttle astronaut and Wisconsin native Mark Lee come to the centre, he donated space flown material and provided a great presentation on his four missions to space.

Why is Sheboygan the ideal location?

We have a 70 mile Military zone of Exclusion over Lake Michigan to test and launch rockets to the edge of space. With further work and designation by the government, we endeavor to be America's in-land Spaceport in the next decade.

What is to come?

We see the future of Spaceport Sheboygan as the go-to, hands-on science museum for the entire State of Wisconsin. We are not trying to make astronauts of the students who pass through our doors, but rather expose them to the opportunities that exist in STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics) fields. (

1 Blue Harbor Resort & Spa 2 Boats lined up at the harbor 3 Owner Caitlin Broz of Olivu 426

The 180-room Blue Harbor Resort & Spa ( stands like a soldier overlooking brilliant Lake Michigan. Take a morning stroll along the lakeshore trail, with the crisp air hitting your face and you will feel like the only person for miles. You’ll want to have an extra leisurely dinner at Latitude 43 restaurant to fully appreciate the breathtaking views.

Sheboygan River’s fishing village and boardwalk ( ) with neatly moored boats

resemble those of Scandinavia. Take a motorboat tour of the lake shore and watch as the darkness of Lake Sheboygan fades into the tumultuous turquoise waters of Lake Michigan.

You may not think a children’s garden would be your thing, until you spot the barn from Charlotte’s Web, recalling childhood. Over 60 different books, and their respective characters, are literally brought to life at Bookworm Gardens ( Spread over seven distinct areas on two

acres, there are plenty of sweet surprises and interactive experiences around every turn. Who wouldn’t want to make their own fairy house in the woods or search for tadpoles?

Brag to friends that you have your own signature scent, after you customize your own body oil at Olivu 426 ( Or, you can choose from a plethora of personal care products (whipped emu lotion anyone?), handmade from all-natural ingredients. CSL | FALL 2015 | 39


Maximize your weekend trip to California’s wine county as CSL toasts our choices for the best restaurants, adventures and of course– wine! By SHIVANA MAHARAJ Photography K&S MEDIA

Where we stayed

If walls could talk, Hotel Les Mars, would speak the language of the French countryside. Inside, 17th-century Flemish tapestry hang in the lobby, and walnut paneled bookshelves hold leather-bound books in the library. A grand winding staircase and chandelier add to the charm of this Relais & Châteaux gem in downtown Healdsburg. Our grand king room with mahogany armoire, four poster bed and antique furnishings are très français. A gas fireplace, Jacuzzi tub and marble bathroom amp up the romance factor, while each morning we are spoiled with a breakfast of freshly baked pastries, hot coffee and thick, creamy yogurt and fruit. (


Take an afternoon hike on the Half-a-Canoe Loop Trail at Lake Sonoma. Along the way, survey the breathtaking rolling grassland, chaparral and gray pine forests that surround you. Stop to photograph the miniature daisies and wildflowers (and catch your breath). Travel back to the hotel, and take a well earned nap until dinner.


Having worked up an appetite, walk to Willi's Seafood and Raw Bar and enjoy an array of delicious seafood including flash fried calamari with orange chili gremolata, crudo platter (tuna tartare, halibut ceviche and charred rare ahi) and dungeness crab cakes with meyer lemon tartar sauce. (


Above: the exterior of Hotel Les Mars. Clockwise from top left: Soda Rock Winery; Will Seppi of Costeaux French Bakery; a lobster roll at Willi's Seafood & Raw Bar; a selection of wine and cheese at J Vineyards and Winery.

40 | FALL 2015 |

After a good night sleep, drop by for a mid-morning wine flight at Dry Creek Valley’s Wilson Winery, including award winning 2011 Molly's Petite Sirah, and juicy 2014 Gold Medal Sonoma County Harvest Fair winner, the 2012 Nolan zinfandel. Inside the iconic tin barn, lined with American and French oak barrels, winemaker Victoria Wilson discusses the intricacies of terroir and varietals, while you sip one of Wilson’s newest vintages, straight from the barrel. (

11:00 a.m. SPARKLE ON

Drive to J Vineyards & Winery amongst the undulating hills of the Russian River Valley and sample the legacy tasting – a delicious selection of cheese, charcuterie and accoutrements prepared by J’s executive chef, Erik Johnson. With an ideal cool, coastal, microclimate, crisp sparkling wines excel. Begin with the zesty J Cuvee XB (nv), paired with fresh ricotta, and finish with J Bin 1008 (nv), paired with a creamy goat/cow blend cheese and roasted hazelnuts that echo the complexity of the wine. (


Fill up on Costeaux French Bakery's freshly baked bread or signature French onion soup made with dry sherry. (

feel as though you have been transported to France. Cyrus (the flagship wine) is a perfect expression of American-made cabernet sauvignon with balanced structure and concentrated fruit. (

11:00 p.m. ROCK IT OUT

If the majestic locale doesn’t have you swooning, the wines at Soda Rock Winery will. With a particular focus on Bordeaux varietals, Soda Rock excels at food-friendly wine and concentrated yet balanced fruit. The 2012 Primitivo with juicy dark berry fruit and hints of spice and coffee is an instant favourite. (


Let your creative juices flow with a flower arranging class at Dragonfly Floral using a variety of luscious organic flora plucked mere minutes before from their farm. The rose bushes alone will have you in awe. (


End your trip at Healdsburg’s oldest continuously operated winery SIMI Winery. Dinner prepared by executive chef Kolin Vazzoler, begins with an asparagus salad with lemon, kumquat, radish and egg served with SIMI's 2014 sauvignon blanc followed by stuffed pappardelle, ricotta, fava and pea shoots served with the 2012 Russian River Valley reserve chardonnay and ending with an opera cake with honey ice cream served with a sweet 2013 SIMI Russian River special select late harvest chardonnay. The menu shows off Vazzoler’s deft touch and refined technique. ( CSL

2:30 p.m. DOWN TO EARTH

Take a leisurely stroll through Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, home to 805 acres of Sequoia sempervirens (coast redwoods). Guide Garth recounts his own magical memories of the forest, where, “you can feel the energy of the trees.”

6:30 p.m. KISS KISS

Head to Baci Café and Wine Bar greeted by the chef-proprietor team, Lisbeth Holmefjord and Shari Sarabi. After mulling over the extensive menu, with a focus on local and fresh seasonal ingredients, taste the antipasti, gamberetti marinati – grilled wild Gulf shrimp, chili, lime, mint, feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil – followed by a fall-off-the-bone stinco d’ agnello al forno, an organic slow braised lamb shank in jus served on polenta with wild mushrooms and vegetables. (

10:00 a.m. CAVE LIFE

Enter the 25,000 square foot cave, embedded into a hillside at Wetzel family-owned Alexander Valley Vineyards and you will

Left: the majestic redwoods. Middle, from top: a colourful floral arrangement at Dragonfly Floral; executive Chef Kolin Vazzoler of Simi Winery; a view of Lake Sonoma; Katie Wetzel Murphy of Alexander Valley Vineyards; asparagus salad at Simi Winery. Right: sisters Victoria and Sydney Wilson at Wilson winery. | FALL 2015 | 41

Girlfriend’s Guide To


how to make the most of your time in the capital? Why, in the company of friends of course, eating, drinking and making merry on a whirlwind tour of the city on the thames BY SHIVANA MAHARAJ AND KAILASH MAHARAJ PHOTOGRAPHY K&S MEDIA


WHERE London’s Mayfair district in central London. THE VIBE Contemporary luxury. THE ROOM Our Park Lane suite features great touches like walk-in closet, spacious bathroom with separate bathtub, walk-in shower and Peter Thomas Roth amenities. In the living room, bouquets of fresh hydrangea and calla lilies and an impressive view of Hyde Park and the London skyline make this hotel a complete immersion in London’s action. DINNER For amazing 360 degree views of London (and a fun game of spotting the iconic landmarks - 'look there's Buckingham Palace', 'look there's the Shard', 'look there's the Walkie-Talkie') and a dedicated and informative staff, Galvin at Windows, the Michelin-star restaurant and bar atop the London Hilton Park Lane does not disappoint. Begin with the cured Loch Fyne salmon with Dorset crab, fennel compote, and sharp lemon dressing followed by a pan fried fillet of Cornish John Dory, bull’s heart tomato, and sauce vierge. Finish with the stunning nougat parfait with caramelised bananas muscovado meringues and black pepper ice cream. SPA Spa To You, the cozy hotel spa offers a range of treatments, and may just be the hotel's best kept secret. We had one of our best facials ever (really!) courtesy of Oceane, our therapist. DON’T MISS The custard filled almond croissants with a cup of cappuccino for breakfast at Podium Restaurant and bar. (





WHERE Located in Marylebone, within the City of Westminster, and built in 1899 the Landmark London was once a grand Victorian railway hotel. . THE VIBE Red brickwork façade evokes a grandeur that continues throughout the hotel in the form of a marble fireplace, Victorian paintings, intricate relief ceilings and ornate gold chandelier. Think old-school charm with an international clientele. THE ROOM Our spacious Atrium suite with separate living area overlooks the hotel’s focal point atrium. The muted palate is both elegant and welcoming, with details like a Nespresso machine and iHome system. DINING Two rosette Winter Garden is a celebration of British produce. Order the citrus cured salmon with Cornish crab, buttery seared diver scallop and cauliflower – a beautiful homage to England’s Southwest coast. Follow with the roast fillet of sea bass served with crab salad, brown shrimp and zingy lemon dressing. For dessert, the pure chocolate is a delicate yet rich expression of ganache, milk chocolate mousse, and tonka bean ice cream- the gold leaf is a royal touch. DON’T MISS In the centre of the hotel, the expansive eight-storey glass roof atrium (with soaring palm trees no less), is home to Winter Garden restaurant. ( | FALL 2015 | 43



WHERE Southbank in the Sea Containers building THE VIBE Urban sophistication and ultra cool, under the creative direction of renowned British designer Tom Dixon. From the curved copper wall meant to resemble the hull of a ship to the magenta hues of Rumpus room (the rooftop bar), kaleidoscopic colour with natural touches reigns at this hotel inspired by the glory days of transatlantic travel. THE ROOM Our river balcony suite overlooks the Thames and Blackfriars Bridge and on evenings, the pink and blue sky fades to black over St. Paul’s Cathedral. The luxurious marble bathroom with rainfall shower and free standing bathtub features Malin & Goetz amenities, while, details for frequent travelers, like the North American power sockets are a welcome touch. Best of all, the large 700 square foot living space, with custom designed furniture by Tom Dixon makes the room feel like we’re cruising on the Thames. DON’T MISS Dining at Sea Containers where chefs busily flutter to and fro the open kitchen, preparing for evening service. Under the guidance of New York-based Chef Seamus Mullen, the restaurant excels at mezze like the beautifully spice grilled octopus salad with ebony forbidden black rice and citrus vinaigrette, herbaceous lamp rump with charmoula marinade, barbecued heritage tomatoes and creamy labneh yogurt. As the sun sets over the Thames, sipping an old fashioned and nibbling on a smoked aubergine flatbread with almond almond romesco, there’s nowhere else we’d rather be. (


LONDON pASS Gain free entry to more than 60 London attractions and tours.

VICTORIA AND ALbERT This renowned museum regularly features innovative exhibitions alongside its permanent collection of art and design.

THE LANCASTER LONDON WHERE Located close to Paddington tube station, near Hyde Park. THE VIBE Approachable and friendly. THE ROOM Overlooking the lush greenery of Hyde Park, our room at the Lancaster Hotel London affords spectacular views and an intimacy with iconic landmarks like the Marble Arch. After a long day, we sink into our plush bed unaware of anything until a slither of sunshine peeps through in the morning. DON’T MISS Tea time. Welcomed with a table laden with delights, including scones as soft as pillows filled with clotted cream and luscious jam, cake pops covered with white chocolate and raspberry, scrumptious minute pistachio macaroons, apple and honey cupcakes, fruit tarts, and caramel hazelnut tranches, all made by talented Chef Ben Purton. Switch back and forth from the sweet delights to the savoury petite tea sandwiches delicate with cucumber, salmon, cheese and eggs fillings. Forgo a glass of Laurent Perrier Champagne (Rosé) for the delicious Tennessee Honey tea cocktail – the perfect marriage of honey and the authentic taste of bourbon, with a note of cinnamon. (


LONDON EyE See the spectacular city from above on a rotating ride, afterward don’t miss the 4D experience.


HEATHROW ExpRESS booking the Heathrow Express online is seamless. At Heathrow Airport, signs are easily visible. The train is spacious, features complimentary onboard wi-fi and pulls into paddington station in a mere fifteen minutes, with no traffic or hassle.

44 | FALL 2015 |


“ ”

Tea Time



Breakfast at PAUL

In the Montagu room, traditional and champagne tea is available year round. Expect savoury and sweet delights and exceptional service. Special themed teas are featured through the end of the year like the Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea (until September 8, 2015) that includes Mad Hatter’s vanilla and strawberry hats, Queen of Hearts jam tarts, and Tea Party Earl Grey-chocolate teacup, cute “Eat Me” and “Drink Me” tags placed on the trays, add a sense of enchantment. (

The French boulangerie founded in 1889 offers expert pastries, cakes and, of course, bread. At the beautiful Covent Garden location with its murals, dark wood and gold balustrades order a hot latte, slices of champagne bread and eggs Florentine. (

Dinner at HOLBORN DINING ROOM The restaurant is decorated with lacquered red, black and white that scream British brasserie. Begin with the No 3 gin cocktail then try a warm cup of English garden pea and lovage soup, and dressed Cornish crab and lobster thermidor tart. (



As the sound of gentle harp plays in the distance, the waitress swiftly begins tea service: minuscule raspberry and orange macaroons, and terracotta pots holding carrot cake are suspended above a wheat grass lawn. Savoury crudités are served with a delicious green pesto mayonnaise. Accompanied by chilled champagne and delicate earl grey tea served in glimmering silver pot, this is a feast for the eyes, ears and taste buds. (



In Knightsbridge, head to Patara fine Thai Cuisine. Munch on traditional Thai fish and prawn cakes with a touch of lemongrass, served with a cucumber salsa, hoyshell Pad Ped (seafood curry), and a singha beer or two. For dessert, a deliciously silky mango cheesecake and Kaoneow mamuang-coconut sweet rice with fragrant sweet Thai mango round out the meal. (


You’ll find Chef Jose Pizzaro’s Jose Tapas bar in artsy Bermondsey. Order a glass of cold Manzanilla sherry and look up on the chalkboard menu to find out the plates of the day– the chilli garlic prawns, bacalao a la Navarra and Ibérico ham do not disappoint. Finish with a slice of warm tarta de Santiago and chocolaty Pedro Ximénez. (

CITADINES HOLbORN-COVENT GARDEN WHERE High Holborn, near Oxford Street THE VIBE Low key, modern and well located. WHY HERE The apart-hotel is ideal for families, extended stays, or groups who want a no-fuss yet modern serviced hotel. Close to the tube, the 50 square-metre one bed-

room apartment is snug but features a fully equipped kitchen with microwave, and stove top making it easy to whip up a quick breakfast. The living area includes a pullout sofa bed and accommodates up to four. ( | FALL 2015 | 45

Starring, ROANOKE

A conux of modern and traditional amidst the grandeur of Virginia’s blue Ridge Mountains, here, a sense of time-honoured Americana creates a place with authentic charm By Shivana Maharaj Photography K&S Media

46 | FALL 2015 |

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: The iconic H&C Coffee sign in downtown Roanoke; lunch at White Oak Tea Tavern in Troutville, Virginia; at Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway; another famous icon of Roanoke, The Mill Mountain/ Roanoke star.


Explore like a local > Get a dose of three museums (Science Museum of Western Virginia, History Museum of Western Virginia, Harrison Museum of African American Culture), an aquarium, butterfly garden (with colourful cocoons on display), and performance theatre all in one space at Center in the Square. For panoramic views of the city head to the rooftop green space that uses the latest sustainable and energy-harnessing technologies. (

> Steps away, don’t miss the City Market Building and Historic Market District area with vendors selling everything from fresh plants to local produce and artisanal crafts. (

One of the best views in the city atop Center in the Square in downtown Roanoke.

EXECUTIVE CHEF STEPHEN DEMARCO OF THE HOTEL ROANOKE & CONFERENCE CENTER WHERE DO YOU FIND INSPIRATION? My grandmother and mother were my first inspirations - I would see them just grab leftovers out of the fridge and throw a meal together and have it taste and look great. My first chef inspiration was Alfred Portale of Gotham Bar and Grill in Manhattan. My inspiration now is my fellow team mates.

> Roanoke’s answer to the Hollywood sign? The 10,000 pound Roanoke star or Mill Mountain star, which was erected as a Christmas decoration in 1949 and is the world’s largest freestanding illuminated man-made star. While you’re there, walk to the Mill Mountain Zoo and the Discover y Center.

WHAT DREW YOU TO ROANOKE? I fell in love with Roanoke from the moment I drove into the city - the land, the people, and the community.

Make sure to check out the local boutiques and shops around Roanoke City Market, you won’t be able to resist picking up a bag of freshly roasted (and local) Red Rooster coffee beans. ( ular asking to be attended by his favourite waitress. It also helps if > You know the reputathe biscuits are legtion of a great diner, endary, selling more when you overhear a regthan 5000 over five days during Christmas. Opened in 1941, The Roanoker Restaurant serves Southern classics like country ham, pancakes, fried chicken and grits. Current owner Butch Craft, a former 45 year employee, The Roanoker is recognized for took over the making some of the best biscuits business six years in America. The country ham, and ago when the son biscuits and gravy are two of the of the original most popular dishes on offer.

owner, E.C. Warren, passed away. Today, Craft is committed to maintaining the Roanoker’s welcoming atmosphere and serving up good food. (

> Appalachia Press in downtown Roanoke is a haberdashery of antiques, greeting cards, and prints. Each creation is handmade art. Sought after for his classic printing methods (letterpress and silk screen),

print maker and owner John Reburn’s designs range from traditional wedding invitations to cheeky cards (ie. life of the party elves and sorrowful skeletons). ( Below: hand printed cards from Appalachia prress



WHAT DO YOU LOOK TO BRING TO THE ROANOKE AND SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA CULIN ARY WORLD? My varied background. A touch of the big city. A straight-forward approach to food. Embrace the southern heritage with some northern touches. (

Peanut soup you say? This legendary dish served in The Regency room at the Hotel Roanoke is certainly an acquired taste. The creamy, savoury soup recipe which has remained unchanged for more than 100 years combines a roux, onions, celery and chicken stock and is finished with peanut butter and a squeeze of lemon juice. This is the one dish that is at once puzzling to diners and cannot be taken off the menu. Served alongside spoonbread (a soft, cornmeal-based bread), it makes a hearty appetizer. | FALL 2015 | 47


The Western Class J 611 rides into Lynchburg, Virginia.

Taking the Nor folk & Western Class J 611 from Lynchburg to Roanoke, there is a steady stream of eager onlookers, young and old along the journey who have stopped on highways, in open fields, farms and along the train tracks, giddy with excitement in their eyes, simply to stand and wave to passengers on board. When the train halts at the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, there is a sea of people to welcome home the Class J 611. This historic moment marks the first time in more than sixty years that the beautifully restored passenger train has taken to the tracks. The energy is palpable even for a form of transportation that would be considered by some as démodé. This kind of exuberant fanfare could only be experienced in a place like Roanoke. (

TOP TABLE The menu at Metro! is an eclectic ride - sushi, steak, burgers, and classic French dishes are listed amongst shrimp empanadas and local blue point oysters. But this is by no means a confused menu. As sous chef Joseph Vidal notes, “[the menu] is a way for [Executive Chef/ owner Andy Schlosser] to travel through the food.” Vidal adds that most of the produce comes from the surrounding area, something upon which Schlosser insists. For dinner, curry chicken and roti topped with a dollop of crème fraîche and hummus, a nod to Chef Schlosser’s time spent in the Caribbean leads easily to the next course of rich scallops St Jacques served in a voluptuous calvados cream and parmesan gratin. The trip around the world concludes with a peanut butter pie served with vanilla custard, peanut butter crumble and whipped cream. (


With an eclectic mix of art forms, the permanent collection at the Taubman Museum of Art focuses on American and regional Appalachian art. The modern edifice, designed by architect Randall Stout is a marvel in itself, with unbeatable views of the city. Don’t miss the amazing Judith Leiber handbag collection. best of all admission is free! (

An eyecatching salad for lunch at Chateau Morrisette

The modern staircase inside the Tabuman Museum of Art

SIPPING WINE IN THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS To say that the view from the balcony at Chateau Morrisette restaurant is breathtaking is an understatement. Those ubiquitous Blue Ridge Mountains, whose staggered mounds and indigo hued beauty echo that of sculptural relief are the backdrop to one of the largest wineries in Vir-

48 | FALL 2015 |

ginia. Housed in salvaged timber frame buildings in (among the biggest in North America), the winery started as “a love affair between the Morrisette family and the rural Virginia countryside.” It has since gone on to win countless awards and produces fifteen varieties of wine, in-

cluding the popular Our Dog Blue Riesling. For lunch, order a glass of chilled viognier with the Chateau Spring Napoleon– a beautiful and fresh tiered salad with creamy feta, avocado, pickled radish, sweet watermelon, served on a bed of baby spinach leaves. (

Iconic American, Mabry Mill

Clockwise: A beautiful historic home in Fincastle; Rachel Nichols of Apple Barn II; Antiques galore at Harris Hall of Antiques in Troutville.


> The tiny town of Fincastle was founded in 1772 and named after Lord Fincastle, son of Lord Dunmore, Virginia's last royal governor. Numerous historic homes, churches and the courthouse still stand today in a harmonious blend of various architectural styles including: Antebellum and Jeffersonian. Walking through the town is like being on a movie seteerily quiet (the population is less than 400), yet

with surprises around every corner. (

> White Oak Tea Tavern, located in the former 1783 Cloyd House, is a pub-style tearoom. Enjoy a warm cup of brewed tea and a freshly baked bread bowl filled with artichoke and spinach chicken salad. ( > Did someone say shopping? See if you can spot a treasure at Harris Hall

Left to right: Brewmaster John Garrett and owner Frank Moeller


If Flying Mouse Brewery’s mascot, Bartleby Hopsworth doesn’t make you smile, the craft beer will. Nestled between TransAmerica Bicycle route 76 and the Appalachian Trail, the brewery’s sample flight includes everything from the mild Flying Mouse 3 (Kolsch style) to the dark richness of the Flying Mouse 8 Porter. (

of Antiques – like the art piece featured on Antiques Roadshow that was valued between $12,000 and $16,000 ( Then, head to charming Apple Barn II owned by Rachel and Alfred Nichols of Troutville. The big red barn showcases everything from hand cream and accessories to ornaments and home décor. (


If there is one reason to come to Roanoke it is to be surrounded by the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. Seeking outdoor adventure? Head to Explore Park ( near Milepost 115, just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here, you can walk countless trails, take to the water and kayak or visit the historic buildings all spread over hundreds of acres of pristine nature. Further down the Parkway, at milepost 176, you’ll find the most photographed site along Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway – Mabr y Mill ( This historic site is a restored grist mill, sawmill, woodworking shop and blacksmith. Count yourself lucky if you catch the reflection of the mill on the water and trees in full bloom simultaneously.

Co-owner Tim Weaver

When the smell of warm doughnuts hits your nose, give in and indulge in classic flavours like cinnamon sugar and strawberry cheesecake or try something new like turtle. Cupcake Cottage and Sweet Treats;


Take a step back in time at Heritage Family market, a family owned and operated business selling everything from local jersey cow milk and cheese to fresh bread, local condiments and sweets. | FALL 2015 | 49


Cornwall & Devon

From the splendor of the moors to small ďŹ shing villages, the resplendent turquoise waters and the mariner legends, discover what dreams are made of in southwest England BY ROOKMIN MAHARAJ PHOTOGRAPHY K&S MEDIA

50 | FALL 2015 |


T CERTAINLY DOESN’T LOOK like England,” I overhear an English woman tell her husband. I am in Cornwall staring at the white sand beach of Porthmeor in St. Ives. The turquoise water laps ashore while children build sand castles and adults sunbathe beneath the gaze of stone buildings. The whole scene looks more like Hawaii than the southwest coast of England. The sheer surprise that waters of this hue, and vistas this soul-stirring exist in this country is a refrain I hear many times during my trip from visitors and locals alike. Beginning in Devon with its pastureland and romantic moors through the north coast of Cornwall I enjoy a drive that skirts old tin mines, a relic from a time when this was a major industry in the area, fishing villages, seaside hotels and restaurants.

DEVON Here I go daydreaming again. Of course, it is not difficult to let my imagination wander while contemplating the stunning view of Plymouth’s Marina at Sutton Harbour. The water and sky blend magnificently into aqua blue with what seem to be some of the best cruising waters I have ever seen. Plymouth is a place for day dreaming, though its name, a metonym since medieval times for seafaring, fishing and tin trading became forever associated with colonization when, in 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers left for America destined to establish the second English colony. Positioned on the Atlantic coast, its old quarter – The Barbican – is a warren of quaint, cobbled streets (the most in all of the UK), cafés and restaurants along the water’s edge. Plymouth’s most iconic landmark the lighthouse Smeaton’s Tower dominates the Hoe, a large public space, where I imagine Sir Francis Drake playing a game of bowles (known as pétanque in France and bocce in Italy) while waiting for the tide to change before sailing out with the English fleet to engage with the Spanish Armada. Yet, history, proudly displayed in plaques and monuments about town is also found in hidden treasures like the small Victorian garden I stumble upon, perhaps once a splendid, cultured, secret garden. Lunch at The Old Boathouse Café located in the fisherman’s arches on the Mayflower Steps, is my first foray into proper British fish and chips. It does not disappoint - crisp, hot and delicious. Plymouth Gin Distillery also known as the Black Friars Distillery has been in operation since 1793 and is the only gin distillery in the city. Hazel, my guide for the Gin Connoisseur’s Tour, is exuberant and knowledgeable.

While a botanical mix of herbs and spices like juniper berries, sweet angelica root, lemon peel, cardamom pods, sweet orange peel, coriander seeds, and orris root permeate the base spirit, it is the local Dartmoor reservoir water (which is naturally filtered as it runs through peat over granite) and 155-yearold copper still that make it like sipping history. My home for the next two nights, Boringdon Hall Hotel, is inviting and alluring with its dramatic Elizabethan architecture. My room, on the ground level with a lavish four-poster bed, has an idyllic view of the garden. I awaken to the sound of birds chirping outside my window and decide to take a walk on the grounds. Being a flora and fauna fanatic, I am keen to inspect the pink and green lichens glistening in the morning dew on high stone walls, past mature hedges, overhanging cypress trees and a cornucopia of flowering plants I have never seen before. The Great Hall adorned with the figures Peace and Plenty and depicting the coat of arms of King James I is the setting for a full Devonshire breakfast – an array of pastries, croissants, fruits, smoked halibut and eggs. For dinner one night I head to The Treby Arms in Sparkwell ten minutes from Boringdon Hall Hotel. I am eager to taste dishes made by the Masterchef UK series winner and executive chef Anton Piotrowski at his rustic Michelin starred country pub. Even with a packed restaurant, he tailors my three course meal when I request tweaks. The cauliflower and caramelized onion soup is accompanied by an oozing grilled cheese sandwich – delectable comfort food. Devon crab served with blow torched cucumber; pennywort granita and bitter lemon elevates the produce of the region. Buckfastleigh is home to Riverford Organics which grows, packs and delivers veg-

etable boxes locally. Founded by Guy Watson who started delivering vegetables to 30 friends in Devon, the company has grown to include three other locations in Hampshire, Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire and delivers 47,000 boxes a week to homes around the UK from these regional farms. As I tour the farm with Ed Scott, I am intrigued by the organic innovations: introducing vials of insects that feed on the aphids and aid tomato pollination; placing bee hives into the massive polytunnels (tunnels made of plastic fastened to metal or PVC used to extend the growing season) every summer. The farm also houses Riverford Field Kitchen restaurant where I have one of my best meals in Devon. Showcasing the array of vegetables from the farm my meals ends with a long communal table of to-die-for ‘puds’ (desserts) lined up in a show of sweet perspective – brownies with chunks of nuts, Eton mess with fresh cream and rhubarb compote, lemon posset, custard tart, sticky toffee pudding, biscotti with custard, blueberry clafouti. The road winds steeply as I drive to Dartmoor National Park. Once on the moor, the spectacular view of Haytor, a capped, exposed granite hilltop, immediately grabs my attention. I meet my guide John in the small town of Bovey Tracey for my first adventure in letterboxing, a mixture of treasure hunting and puzzle solving. John tells me that letterboxing originated on Dartmoor in 1854 when James Perrott left a jar for travellers who could leave letters inside and the next treasure hunter to find it would put it in the mail. As we climb toward Haytor, I see herds of cows amidst a patch of blue bells, groups of black faced sheep and the emblematic ponies.

Opposite from left: A view from Tate St Ives overlooking Porthmeor beach; locals contemplate Padstow harbour in Cornwall. | FALL 2015 | 51

There are massive round granite structures left wantonly across the moors – grind stones that were either defective of left unfinished from 100 years ago John tells me. I love the stories, splendour, the history and the feel of the moors and celebrate, hands elevated toward the sky when I reach the highest point of our hike. For a change of both transportation and scenery, I hop aboard the Dartmouth Steam Railway toward Paignton. The exhilarating trip through the countryside of South Devon and along the coastline of the English Riviera wedges me between the sea and the River Dart. Along the river route I notice the impressive Dartmouth College, the meeting place of Princess Elizabeth (at the time) and her future husband in 1939. The Dartmouth Steam Railway arrives in Kingswear, where I take a short boat trip aboard the Greenway Ferry to Dartmouth. 2015 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of one of the world’s most famous crime writers – Agatha Christie, whose private holiday home is called Greenway. The estate offers a glimpse into the personal space of a writing legend. Displays inside the ivory house include Agatha Christie’s collections of silver, botanical china, religious books and idols (some originating in India). The vast grounds of Greenway, exemplified by the wonderful river views from the boathouse are another reminder that this was once the novelists' sanctuary. CORNWALL The Lugger Hotel sits on the edge of Portloe, one of the many old coastal fishing villages that dot the Cornish coastline. This charming17th century inn is surrounded by cliffs and headlands that form part of the Cornish Coastal Footpath. On mornings, with not another soul in sight, I eagerly hike to the top of slate outcroppings just to gaze at the teal waters, greenery, and stone buildings. Up here is another world. From Portloe, I travel across to Bodmin Moor to see the famous Jamaica Inn, a stunning 18th Century coaching inn and the setting for Daphne du Maurier’s novel of the same name. Dollar bills from around the world line columns near the bar, where I meet the owner, Allen Jackson. He escorts me to a haunted room where a ghost visits occasionally. Apparently, he says, a couple left their video tape on by mistake overnight and when reviewing it saw a woman sitting on the dresser stool combing her hair. The Inn is a local icon and one of Cornwall’s most famous smuggler’s inns.

Standing out with its whitewashed exterior next door to the hilltop Parish Church, The Old Inn, is the only public house (pub) in the village of St Breward. It comes as no surprise that an English vineyard would be bordered by rosebushes. Camel Valley Vineyard has been producing wines in Cornwall since 1989, when Bob Lindo and his wife Annie planted their first eight thousand vines. Today, second generation winemaker Sam Lindo has joined the company awarded the Trophy for Best International Traditional Method Sparkling Wine in 2010 in Verona, beating out the likes of Bollinger and Roederer. Padstow, the small fishing village on the north coast of Cornwall, gained much of its present popularity from Rick Stein, the itinerant television chef who chose the town as his base in the 1970s. Whole blocks are dedicated to his various culinary businesses while locals are keen to praise him (he has nearly single-handedly put Cornwall on the epicurean map). I sign up for cooking classes at Stein’s Padstow Cookery School, ecstatic that Singapore chili crab is the dish head chef/lecturer Mark Puckey has chosen to prepare today. A glass of Morande Reserva Gewürztraminer is offered as Puckey smoothly cuts the crab into manageable pieces, then sautés the seasoning. With expert movements, the crab dish is done in minutes. Before I know it, it is my turn, and I put on my apron and set to work cutting up the massive local crustacean. I taste the claw of the completed dish which is too large to finish by myself. Luckily, my new friend sous Chef Aarran Lightholder packs the crab which I deliver to some friends I had met earlier who are delighted to share this sumptuous dish. Afterward, I visit nearby The Seafood Restaurant (also owned by Rick Stein) where his passion for local seafood shines. The Headland Hotel & Spa is a mesmerizing, terracotta Victorian structure overlooking Fistral Beach and Towan Head, in the coastal town of Newquay. Imposing and majestic, it has played a starring role in several film adaptations including Roald Dahl’s The Witches starring Angelica Houston. Indeed, a film crew from Germany is setting up a scene from a Rosamunde Pilcher novel when I arrive. My room is snug and stylish, with windswept views. A sad and hungry looking seagull has taken up residence outside the ledge of my window and I vow to bring him some food, but for now I just want to hit my comfy Hypnos bed.

Though a thick fog (and accompanying wind) has washed in overnight leading the film crew to don winter jackets, it is a sight to behold and a phenomenon I wanted to experience since I started my trip. I grab my umbrella and head out, realizing that I have over 3,000 miles of thundering Atlantic Ocean coastline before me. Fistral beach is considered one of Europe’s finest surfing beaches, though today surf boards stand idle against a shed, their form nearly obscured by the fog. I am pulled toward the tip of a white building barely visible in the distance. The weather has deterred others and I have the entire area to myself. I discover wild flowers I am unfamiliar with, and make my way to the gazebo, a refuge on a windy day and a place of comfort to just stare out at the wild ocean. I have an appointment at Cornwall’s largest ‘Five Bubble’ rated spa at the Headland, and Jade gives me an excellent deep tissue massage. I relax in the spa’s heated pool with jet stream and bubble seats. I lounge at the spa for most of the day enjoying the Swedish sauna, Cornish salt steam room, aromatherapy showers and the hot tub. Later at The Restaurant at Headland, I have a lamb dish cooked to perfection. Tintagel Castle, the famed "King Arthur" castle towers above the mystically named Merlin’s cave. The colour of the water here is surreal as is the cloud formation that hangs above the pedestrian bridge that links visitors to the ruined castle. For lunch I head to St. Moritz Hotel close to Daymer Bay near Trebetherick village where I have Spanish shrimp, feta salad and Eton mess. St Ives feels like a reverie, and I can see why the seaside town is widely regarded as the jewel in Cornwall’s crown. This is not the Great Britain many of us imagine with its white sand beaches, gigantic black rocks and unreal azure waters it could easily be mistaken for Hawaii. In this astounding place the ocean is never out of sight and when the tide goes out hundreds of boats are lopsided waitOpposite top from left: Signs pointing the way to Tintagel castle; a fishmonger in Padstow sells the region’s specialty, seafood; the turquoise water of St Ives. Middle from left: clotted cream ice cream served seaside; relics of a tin min in south Cornwall; letterboxing in Dartmoor National Park. Bottom from left: foxgloves grow on one of the most scenic drives in England along the coastal road on the Penwith Peninsula; a surfer takes his board to the ocean in Sennen cove; Cornish pasties in a window display at Warren’s Bakery. | FALL 2015 | 53

54 | FALL 2015 |

ing to regain composure in their familiar watery bed. St Ives itself arcs around the harbour – I see families playing on the beaches, muticoloured wind breakers in tow. I explore the winding cobbled streets, finding treasures in small independent shops, galleries, restaurants, pubs and bars. With the benefit of the warmth of the Gulf Stream, St Ives also enjoys a mild sub-tropical climate. For lunch at Carbis Bay Hotel, a 30 minute walk from St. Ives, I dine beachside. My lunch features the ever-present seafood (in a handmade pizza, and in a summery dish of steamed mussels) with Cornish cider. One of the most picturesque walks is on my way to the Tate St Ives museum. The building echoes the shapes of the former gasworks, including the rotunda that forms the heart of the gallery. Neighbouring Barbara Hepworth Museum features stone, wood and bronze carvings that lie in situ in the garden. The Sloop Inn is a four minute walk from

Tate St Ives. The 14th century public house is affectionately known as "a classic old fishermen's boozer." I am delicately nudged toward the delicious mussels and tagliatelle dish by my waiter Tanner. This pub may be known for its ales, but the food deserves equal mention. Of course, a visit to Cornwall would not be complete without stopping for cream tea. As butterflies flit about the garden at Rosemergy’s Cream Tea House, I fill soft buttery scones with scoops of homemade jam and thick, ivory clotted cream washed down with a warm cup of tea. After dinner at the Godolphin Arms, when the tide is low (it is completely covered when tides are high), I am able to walk onto the small island of St. Michael's Mount, a former Benedictine monastery. I overnight at Mount Haven Hotel, in Marazion which has a refreshing and rejuve-

nating ambiance typified by the welcoming statue of lord Ganesh the remover of obstacles. I sleep with my camera next to me as I know I have the best room in the house and am excited to get a shot of the sunrise at St Michael’s Mount. Owner Orange Trevillion has carefully curated a warm team including , Louis and Rosie. For breakfast, I enjoy muesli with homemade fruit compote, smoked haddock with scrambled eggs accompanied by a fresh flakey croissant (oh so good). Seeking adventure (for this nature lover), I turn to the surrounding garden with its palms, bananas and many other sub-tropical plants. CSL

Opposite: ships docked at Dartmouth harbour. This page, The Headland Hotel & Spa in Newquay sits Cliffside on Towan Head. | FALL 2015 | 55

RESOURCE GUIDE DEVON AND CORNWALL, GREAT bRITAIN Greenway Estate (A gatha Christie) Tour the private holiday home of the famous crime author Agatha Christie and her family (2015 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth). Set amidst woodlands on the banks of the River Dart, the cream columned main house includes a collection of archaeological objects, Tunbridgeward boxes, silver, botanical china and books.

EAT AND STAY The Old Boathouse Café Inspired by its location in the fisherman’s arches on the Mayflower Steps, this award-winning café and restaurant specializes in sustainably caught fresh fish and seafood from its own boat, the Southern Star. 2 – 4 Commercial Wharf, The Barbican, Plymouth, Devon PL1 2NX; +44 (0) 1752 600560;

GETTING THERE First Great Western From London take the train which passes through the great English countryside. Travel with fanfare and order a gourmet Pullman’s luncheon: red pepper and Corinsh Yarg tart, a glass of wine and the West Country cheese selection. DEVON Coastal English countryside including moors and pastureland, with a strong maritime history and west country charm.

SEE Plymouth With a longstanding maritime heritage, the coastal city’s main attractions are steeped in history and include Sutton harbour operated since the medieval era, the quayside from which Sir Francis Drake sailed to circumnavigate the world aboard the Golden Hind, and the famous Mayflower Steps from which the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for North America in 1620. For history buffs the Mayflower museum is worth a visit.

DO Letterboxing in Dartmoor National Park A unique way to see the national park, letterboxing incorporates treasure hunting, puzzle solving and orienteering. Explore the landscape of granite tors (capped stones), rivers and woods. The 368 square mile park offers ample opportunities to spot wildlife like pink sheep, native flora and to hike the highest point on Dartmoor, High Willhays.

Dar tmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company Antique trains from the early 20th century take passengers through the countryside of South Devon and along the coastline of the English Riviera on the Paignton to Kingswear line. The company also operates a steam ship which takes passengers from Kingswear across the river to Dartmouth. Greenway Ferry Departs from Town Quay, Dartmouth to Agatha Christie’s home Greenway.

Plymouth Gin Distiller y Operated since 1793, take a tour to see how the spirit is made and what differentiates this regional gin distillery. 60 Southside Street, The Barbican, Plymouth; Boringdon Hall With a prime location near Dartmoor National Park and minutes from Plymouth, this 16th century manor house hotel makes a great base for exploring the area. Colebrook, Plympton, Devon; +44 (0) 1752 344455; The Treby Arms Michelin starred country pub from executive chef Anton Piotrowski winner of UK’s Masterchef in 2012. Sparkwell, Plympton, Devon;

River ford Organics Experience one of the most successful and famous organic farms in Great Britain which grows, packs and delivers vegetable boxes to homes across the country. Buckfastleigh, Devon;

The River ford Field Kitchen Taste the produce that has made Riverford Organics so successful in an array of delicious dishes.

CORNWALL Land’s End, the southernmost point in Britain lies in Cornwall. Picturesque fishing villages, cliffs, surfers, mystical castles and the ever present Atlantic Ocean give this quiet county a captivating allure.

SEE Tate St Ives and the Barbara Hepwor th Museum and Sculpture Garden Sister of the famous museum in London, Tate St Ives displays British and international modern and contemporary art and includes the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden. Tintagel Castle Books and stories perpetuate the fame of this "King Arthur" castle which juts into the emerald Atlantic coast. The cliffside ruin overlooks beach side Merlin's cave. Beside its mythical associations, the awesome views make it a worthwhile stop.

DO Padstow Cooker y School This cooking school from one of Britain’s most famous chefs, Rick Stein, overlooks the Camel Estuary in the waterside town of Padstow. Head chef lecturer Mark Puckey guides attendees in preparing seafood dishes which they later sample. Riverside, Padstow, Cornwall;

EAT AND STAY The Lugger Hotel Situated in a rugged landscape of cliffs and headlands the 17th century inn located in the coastal village of Portloe lies alongside teal waters with easy access to the Cornish Coastal Footpath. Portloe, Truro, Cornwall;

The Old Inn & Restaurant Pub serving a British menu and ales in an 11th-century house. St. Breward, Bodmin;

Camel Valley Vineyard Award-winning Cornish wine maker since 1989. Tour the vineyards bordered by rosebushes and finish with a wine tasting. Nanstallon, Bodmin,Cornwall; The Seafood Restaurant (Rick Stein) Rick Stein’s first and most famous restaurant features dishes inspired by his travels.

The Headland Hotel & Spa Victorian hotel with imposing red brick exterior perched on Fistral Beach in Newquay. An excellent restaurant, modern rooms and five-bubble rated spa make this a luxury getaway on Cornwall’s premier surfing beach. Newquay, Cornwall; The Sloop Inn One of Cornwall’s most historic inns, with stunning views of St Ives harbour. The Godolphin Arms Stunning views of St Michael’s Mount at this hotel restaurant.

Mount Haven Situated in the coastal town of Marazion with a bird’s eye view of St. Michael’s Mount, this boutique hotel features a sub-tropical garden, restaurant, comprehensive spa treatments and serene atmosphere. The St. Moritz Restaurant Minutes from Daymer Bay near Trebetherick village, the restaurant is part of the St. Mortiz hotel and specializes in seafood from head chef Jamie Porter.

Beach Club Restaurant at Carbis Bay Hotel Beachside dining in a relaxed atmosphere, don’t miss the handmade pizzas.

bLuE FOR MILES The stunning Cornwall coast.

“Day after day, day after day, We stuck, nor breath nor motion; As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. " - SAMuEL TAyLOR COLERIDGE, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner | FALL 2015 | 57