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CLEANING time Make tidying up a cinch with these products ◄

Kitchen Rescue

Scotch Brite Greener Clean NonScratc h Scour Pa d With half of the scrubbing fibers made from the agave plant, this non-scratch scrubber is tough on baked on grease and soft on your non-stick surfaces. ( Method Home Dish Soap and Refill According to the company slogan, “if you love something, make sure you’re never without it.” Reuse the bottle and enjoy the indulgent cucumber scented soap. (

The Cont ainer Store Rectangular Cleaning Caddy Transluc ent /Lim e Keep your cleaning supplies organized in a see through caddy. ($7.54;


We love the way this broom quickly becomes a whisk and how easily it stores away. (quick n' Easy™ Upright Sweep Set, $29.99;

Laundry Rescue ►

Honey-Can-Do DRY-01107 Slim Chrome Commercial Drying Rack, Silver This is an eco-friendly way to dry clothes without using energy. ($65.99;

Better Life Spin Credible Laundry Detergent Four times ultra concentrated, and colour safe, 1 ounce is all you need to add to your laundry load for clean clothes. We loved the calming Lavender Grapefruit scent (64 oz.,

Gluten free, hypoallergenic and safe for waterways & marine life!

14 | SUMMER 2014 |


Sitting at our desk over sustained stretches of time, we do a lot more than just “work.” We chew, sneeze, cough, touch, and spill—day after day. It’s no wonder that home offices can so quickly become a microbial zoo. Here are three steps recommended by Molly Maid to get rid of germs:

Job One: The keyboard. Detach it and shake it out. Use a can of compressed air (psssshhhht!) to force the remaining dust and food particles out from behind the keys. Dip q-tips in alcohol and swipe between the keys. Lightly spray disinfectant on the top of the keyboard and wipe clean. Job Two: Take on the dust, and vacuum. Moving left to right, don’t overlook door panels and windowsills, the top of your monitor, the tops of picture frames, under mouse pads, the works. Remove your papers, file folders, calendars, stapler, pet Rock, and wipe down your desk chair, computer tower and printers. Then vacuum. Job Fiv e: Clear clutter. An organized desk helps to calm the mind and organize thoughts. your stress will go down, and your productivity will go up.


The easy grip handle makes it a cinch to transport

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