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| Annual Report 2015


To fight the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy, and friendship.


We are a community of neighbors, investing in each other and developing meaningful relationships that value each individual.


Our work flows out of our faith, and that faith is inclusive and ecumenical.


We stand for justice and demand equity for all our neighbors.


Our resources belong to the community, and as stewards of those resources, we will act with integrity, demonstrate accountability, and operate efficiently and effectively.


In 1988, businessman Jim Sowell was so moved by his concern for the problems associated with homelessness and poverty that he took action. Working with friends and church members, the Central Dallas Food Pantry was launched. Since that time, CitySquare has grown to be one of the largest, most effective social services organizations in Texas, serving more than 50,000 neighbors each year through 15 different programs.

MOVINGFORWARD. Hope is belief in the future. It is the anticipation of obtaining dreams and goals. It is trusting that today is not the end of the story. Hope is the confidence to continue moving forward. Hope comes in various forms to our neighbors. To some it is a bag of groceries. To others it is a job. Hope is a lawyer that will take the case. It is a place to call home. Hope is hearing “the doctor will see you now.� It is a new suit to wear to the job interview. Hope is a friend who listens. It is safety from the streets. Hope is treatment for addiction. It is earning the certificate needed to launch a career. Hope is being treated as a neighbor instead of a number. CitySquare is in the hope business. We fight the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy and friendship because we believe our neighbors have a future. We are confident our neighbors can achieve their dreams and goals. CitySquare is committed to helping our neighbors move forward. As another year draws to a close, hope does not allow us to spend our time reflecting on past accomplishments or worrying about present struggles. It compels us to dream about

CitySquare is in the hope business. the future. Hope propels us forward into the possibilities of tomorrow. We are not looking back. We are not standing still. CitySquare is moving forward. We invite you to move forward with us by making a donation to CitySquare today. Together, we can ensure our neighbors have a future beyond poverty. A future full of hope.

Larry James Chief Executive Officer

John Siburt President, Chief Operations Officer

David Shipley Chairman of the Board

2015 Annual Report | FORWARD


FORCOMMUNITY UP CLOSE WITH NICHOLAS KRISTOF In March 2015, CitySquare launched its speaker series Up Close with CitySquare, with plans to invite speakers to share their work and thoughts with CitySquare friends and supporters. Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner, kicked off the series at the Martha Proctor Mack Grand Ballroom on the campus of Southern Methodist University. Kristof engaged the audience of more than 200 while sharing his thoughts and research on the effects of poverty.

WALK & TALK AT THE OPPORTUNITY CENTER Every quarter during 2015, CitySquare invited churches, foundations, corporations, and individuals to join us for breakfast and take a tour of the Opportunity Center. More than 2,500 members of the community were able to get a peek behind the scenes of the programs and services offered at our collective impact site.

HEART OF DALLAS BOWL For the second consecutive year, CitySquare was honored at the Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl when Louisiana Tech took down Illinois. The Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas bowl showcases its commitment to philanthropy by donating the profits from the bowl game to charities that serve the homeless population in Dallas, including CitySquare. We are thrilled to partner with the Heart of Dallas Bowl again in December 2015. 2


A NIGHT TO REMEMBER 2015: ONE FOR THE RECORD BOOKS In September legendary rock duo Daryl Hall and John Oates took the stage at A Night to Remember. The crowd was electric, and a record $875,000 was raised to fight poverty in Dallas. The secret behind the success of A Night to Remember for the past five years is board member Scott Collier and his wife Cindy who have co-chaired the event and helped increase CitySquare’s fundraising efforts for A Night to Remember by 57%. We are grateful for their tireless work in raising funds and awareness for the neighbors we serve!

In April 2015, Highland Park United Methodist Church (HPUMC) began a unique partnership with CitySquare to raise awareness about poverty while simultaneously working to overcome growing and deepening poverty in the city. Larry James, CitySquare CEO, also joined the clergy at HPUMC with the objective to educate the congregation about poverty and to strategize action plans to challenge this issue. One of the key strategies is to enlist members at both HPUMC and their East Dallas campus, Munger Place Church, to begin Church at the Square. In October, Church at the Square was launched at the Opportunity Center to provide an open environment for neighbors, most of whom are homeless, and anyone from the community to worship together.

JERRY SULLIVAN MEMORIAL In March 2015, CitySquare lost a beloved friend, colleague and servant leader, Jerry Sullivan. As Director of the CitySquare TRAC (Transition Resource Action Center) Program, Jerry impacted the lives of countless youth as they aged out of the foster care system. He was an ambassador for CitySquare and a living embodiment of “The CitySquare Way.” Although cancer took his body, Jerry’s spirit of committed, compassionate caregiving will echo throughout eternity. Jerry lived well, loved deeply, and served faithfully. He will be deeply missed. The Jerry Sullivan Memorial Fund was established and continues to assist emergency needs of former foster youth. To make a gift to this fund, please visit 2015 Annual Report | FORWARD


FORCOMMUNITY HOSPITALITY PROGRAM AND CITYSQUARE CAFÉ CitySquare has initiated its latest effort in workforce development, the Hospitality Program. By pairing classroom knowledge with hands-on education in a state-ofthe-art training and demonstration kitchen at the Opportunity Center, students will graduate with the skills needed to excel in the hospitality industry. The program aims to equip workers with skills and knowledge to attain careers, retain employment in the hospitality industry, and to provide employers with ready to work talent. The first cohort graduated in November 2015. “Hospitality is one of the fastest growing sectors in the DFW economy,” says John Siburt, President and COO of CitySquare, “This program will not only provide immediate employment for neighbors, it will also create a pathway toward a career.” The new program is headed by Jordan Swim who joined the CitySquare team in September to train students interested in the culinary and hospitality industry. Swim’s background as the culinary instructor at Allen High School, adjunct instructor at El Centro College, and owner of Vestals Catering provides all the necessary ingredients to create a successful program. In 2016, the CitySquare Café is scheduled to open at the Opportunity Center. Students of the Hospitality Program will gain experience in a fully functioning restaurant, working both in the Café and the kitchen (lovingly named Brenda’s Kitchen in honor of CitySquare CEO Larry James’ wife, Brenda). The Café, which will be open to the public for breakfast and lunch, will offer students practical, real-world experience.


YEAR IN REVIEW HEALTH AND WELLNESS PROGRAM The Health and Wellness Program is an extension of the work being done at the CitySquare Clinic. During its first year, the Wellness Center conducted two sessions of its Living Well classes. Six students graduated from the first session and twelve from the second. The program teaches neighbors to eat healthy using food from the Food Pantry. The program also encourages a healthy lifestyle through weekly exercise classes, body measurements, and goal setting.

FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM In early 2015, CitySquare launched the Financial Empowerment Program to help working poor families build assets to secure a more stable and prosperous financial future. Neighbors enrolled in vocational training programs work with a Financial Coach and a Resource Coach to pursue their individual financial goals and access community supports that can help stretch their income. Dedicated volunteers facilitate educational workshops on personal finance. Recently, the team celebrated a huge win in the fight against poverty: in a 10 month period, a neighbor saved $9,000 in an emergency fund.


CitySquare provided free transportation assistance to more than 1,300 uninsured individuals who were patients at seven charity clinics throughout Dallas County. This program plans to expand its capacity by providing free transportation assistance to 2,100 patients enrolled at eight clinics in 2016. By lowering the no show rates at charity clinics to 10%, this program hopes to increase the number of patients each clinic can assist.

THE COTTAGES AT HICKORY CROSSING The Cottages at Hickory Crossing is an innovative project that will provide permanentsupportive housing to 50 chronically homeless Dallas County residents who suffer from severe mental illness and have also been involved in the criminal justice system. Residents will live in small freestanding cottages across the street from CitySquare’s Opportunity Center, southeast of downtown, and will receive intensive behavioral health services paired with social services and support to improve their lives. “Each person who will move into a cottage costs the county more than $40,000 in the prison system and emergency services each year,” said Larry James, CEO of CitySquare. “With a permanent home and a support system, it will cost the county less than $15,000—in this case, doing the right thing is also the best thing.” This model will save taxpayers an estimated $1.3 million per year.

2015 Annual Report | FORWARD


FORSTEWARDSHIP Housing for veterans increased

TRAC staff increased interactions with former foster youth by

47% 10% More than

1,000,000 neighbors received case management from Neighbor Support Services. More than


neighbors attended Family Fun Night where they learned about healthy lifestyles.


of students in the Hospitality Program graduated.

Community Health Services vaccinated or immunized more than

pounds of food were distributed in 2015.


since the beginning of 2015.


1,100 neighbors.

476 53% people received permanent supportive housing through Destination Home, Community Life, TRAC, and Neighbor Support Services.

of TRAC youth either entered employment or enrolled in higher education.


of workforce development graduates received industry standard certifications.

2015 IMPACT REPORT Community Health Services provided a medical home to

2,857 volunteers served a total of 61,157 hours valued at

$1,410,891 85% 2,239 Food on the Move served meals during the summer and after school at


of neighbors (who had their income assessed) showed an increase in their income after receiving services from CitySquare.

sites this year.

hours with CitySquare and our partner agencies valued at $3,296,334.


neighbors completed the Financial Empowerment Program.

There was a


increase in neighbors served through Legal Action Works (LAW).


AmeriCorps members served



of participants in the Living Well classes reported weight loss and decreases of neck, waist, and hip measurements.

279 $900,000 LAW neighbors received nearly

in awards that include child support.

people were placed in jobs by workforce development programs.

2015 Annual Report | FORWARD


VOLUNTEER IMPACT MYERS FAMILY What do you get the parents who have everything? It was a battle Kimberly Jones, daughter-in-law to Mike and Sammye Myers, faced. She presented the family with an interesting gift idea: support one of the Myers’ favorite non-profits. “In addition to doing a monetary donation to CitySquare, each of us wrote them a letter committing a year to volunteer service in their honor to show them the impact they have made in our lives through their commitment to the people of Dallas,” Kimberly said. “We felt the best way to honor them would be to offer our hands in service for the year.” The family volunteered at CitySquare in the Food Pantry, Thrift Store, and Food on the Move. “We enjoyed going as a family and working together, since it was a new thing for all of us it was less intimidating in the beginning,” daughterin-law Gina Jones said. “I would not hesitate to go again because everyone welcomed us and were appreciative we

“We grew closer as a family and were able to see the diversity of Dallas in a new light.” were there.” The family was thrilled each volunteer site allowed all family members to get fully involved, regardless of age. “We all have different talents, and CitySquare has a solid system to utilize that effort to the max,” Kimberly said. To say the Myers were appreciative is an understatement. “It was absolutely the best gift ever,” Mike said. “We were so proud of them for thinking of something that would be this meaningful.” What started as a project to serve an organization and its neighbors gave the family an opportunity to bond in ways they hadn’t before. “We grew closer as a family and were able to see the diversity of Dallas in a new light—we see how we can pick up the torch and continue carrying on what Mike and Sammye have begun,” Kimberly said. “With CitySquare, we found different ways we can make a difference.”


2015 Annual Report | FORWARD



88% 8% 4%






Invest in your city and the fight against poverty today. Please make a monetary gift in the envelope provided or online at








For corporate and planned giving, or to donate stocks or real estate, please contact our Chief Development Officer, Shawn Wills, at 214.303.2147.

4% 4%





2015 Annual Report | FORWARD




Provides an hour of legal services through the Legal Action Works (LAW) Program Feeds a family of four for one month Furnishes an apartment for a formerly homeless neighbor


$1,000 Affords a WorkPaths student the opportunity to attend HAZMAT and OSHA training courses Provides case management for 50 neighbors Completes one legal case from start to finish


Provides training for 15 students in the Hospitality Program Provides intensive case management and life coaches for 250 former foster youth Provides transportation assistance to 175 patients who need to get to and from medical appointments


Provides training materials and supplies for a Financial Empowerment Class Purchases 200 bus passes for neighbors traveling to work and school Provides a one month supply of medication for 10 neighbors

$5,000 Provides breakfast and lunch, plus 60 minutes of play and enrichment, for 50 Food on the Move kids who would otherwise go hungry when the school closes for summer Covers the cost of office visits and lab fees for 100 patients at the CitySquare Clinic Purchases 10 laptops for the computer lab used by workforce development classes

$50,000 Starts a reserve fund for CitySquare


MARK EDWARDS He had no idea it had been 11 years. Eleven long years of sleeping with one eye open, searching for his next fix, and surviving day to day on the streets of downtown Dallas. Mark had been addicted to crack for 22 years. That vice had lead to more than a decade of homelessness. He was eventually arrested and sent to court mandated treatment. “Going to jail was a step up in life,” said Mark. “When I got clean six years ago, I had no idea how much of my life I had wasted on that drug and on the streets.” Mark was grateful for the warm meals, clean clothes and sobriety jail provided.

“I am CitySquare.” After completing his sentence, Mark found CitySquare. Through Destination Home, he was able to move into his own apartment. He then went through the Build4Success construction training through the WorkPaths program and was able to move from a minimumwage fast food job to working as a Power Equipment Operator for a large corporation. “I completed job training, the Food Pantry provided me food, and I’ve been given access to housing,” Mark said. “Everything CitySquare says they do, I am doing… I am CitySquare.” Now, Mark is transitioning out of his apartment and into a house in Lewisville and plans to marry his fiancé this year. “I enjoy life,” Mark said. “CitySquare has given me the opportunity to get back to that and I’ve been truly blessed.”

2015 Annual Report | FORWARD


A DAY AT THE SQUARE A Neighbor Support Services (NSS) case manager sits with a neighbor who is finalizing paperwork for his new apartment.

Neighbors enjoy coffee and community at CityWalk@ Akard.

6:00 a.m.

9:24 a.m.

Our Food Pantry crew heads to the North Texas Food Bank to pick up food for the week.


10:36 a.m.

11:45 a.m.

Students in the Living Well classes exercise and experience the benefits of healthy living.

A DAY AT THE SQUARE Students from the Build4Success program head to the Cottages at Hickory Crossing to put their blue print reading skills to the test.

A staff member from LAW assists a neighbor who is seeking legal help for child support.

1:25 p.m.

2:17 p.m.

The Community Health Transportation team picks up a neighbor for a scheduled medical appointment.

3:30 p.m.

4:40 p.m.

AmeriCorps members assist children in after school programs across the city.

6:00 p.m.

Volunteers tidy up the warehouse after a busy day at the CitySquare Thrift Store.

2015 Annual Report | FORWARD


FORDENVER CITYSQUARE DENVER IS THRIVING It has been a great year for CitySquare in Denver. At our Community Center on South Broadway, we continue to serve our neighbors with nutritious food, hot lunches, warm clothing, and referrals to other needed resources. Johnny and Susie Davis along with our dedicated volunteers continue to greet neighbors with prayers and loving support. Since Johnny and Susie Davis began helping our neighbors in March 2008, they have distributed well over 1.5 million pounds of food, and we have over 11,000 individuals and families in our service database. In May, CitySquare Denver welcomed Kevin Grierson to the team as the Executive Director. Under his leadership, many partnerships with charitable and government agencies have formed and solidified their support to provide a collective impact for our neighbors. One of these partnerships is the Food Bank of the Rockies, which delivers fresh produce, meat, breads, pastries, and miscellaneous dry goods every week. Other partner agencies (Bayaud Enterprises, Doctors Care, Colorado Coalition, and Family Tree House of Hope) are assisting neighbors with medical care, mental health counselors, housing referrals, job placement and training, and government assistance programs like SNAP, TANF, SSI disability, and Medicaid. Through the RTD Discount Fare Program, many neighbors will now receive free bus passes each month enabling them to get to work, the grocery store, school, and medical and mental healthcare appointments. As we move forward into 2016, we are excited to develop friendships with families, churches, organizations, and corporations to make the community of Denver stronger than ever. We invite you to join the fight by investing in our work. Please contact Kevin Grierson at for more information.



38% 250,000 More than

increase in new neighbors served at the Community Center.

pounds of food were distributed in 2015.

Each neighbor visited CitySquare Denver an average of


2015 Annual Report | FORWARD



BOARD SPOTLIGHT HALBERT FAMILY CitySquare board member, Jon Halbert and his wife, Linda, have been part of the CitySquare family since they moved to Dallas in 1989. CitySquare was in its beginning stages, known then as Central Dallas Ministries, and they were drawn to the vision of fighting hunger in central Dallas and the leadership of Jim Sowell, founder, and Larry James, CEO. For the last three decades, the Halberts have stood in support of CitySquare, and in 2003 Jon joined the CitySquare board. In Jon’s words, “Being a witness to lives touched and transformed on a daily basis creates a groundswell of emotion that makes you want to share it with everyone around you.” Jon and Linda live their lives in a sacrificial way, giving back to their community and supporting positive change. “Linda and I can truly say that being involved with the work at CitySquare has been one of the highlights of our lives,” Jon said. “Knowing that we’re supporting so many great works and changing the trajectory of so many lives, provides us with the true joy that only sacrificial giving can.” You also see the Halberts’ spirit of service and sacrifice in Jon’s work as the Chairman of the Pursuant Group, a comprehensive fundraising agency that serves leading nonprofits, impacting lives all over the world. Inspired by Larry’s leadership and the work done through CitySquare, Jon and Linda feel blessed to be part of CitySquare’s work, and likewise, we are grateful to have them as part of the CitySquare family.

“Being a witness to lives touched and transformed on a daily basis creates a groundswell of emotion that makes you want to share it with everyone.” 16



Jon S. Halbert

Stan Shipley




BOARD MEMBERS Mark Anthony Britton Banowsky Bob Biard Robin Blakeley Stephen Cockerham Scott T. Collier Wilton J. Hollins Tonia Alexander Howard Valerie Keener Schuyler Marshall

Butch McCaslin Wendy Messmann Glenn Owen Tarik Rodgers Byron Sanders Anthony Shoemaker Craig Spaulding Lisa Stewart Kevin Thomason Mindy Ward-Logsdon



Rev. Larry James

Dr. John Siburt



Shawn Wills

Lee Winton



Jarie Bradley

Rev. Gerald Britt




Donate food by contacting our Food Pantry and Resource Center at 469.904.7005.

Donate clothes, housewares, vehicles, and other goods by contacting our Thrift Store at 214.887.8800. Take advantage of volunteer opportunities and serve our neighbors firsthand by contacting us at

HOW TO GET INVOLVED LEARN MORE & STAY CONNECTED Connect with us on social media to stay up to date with the most current information about CitySquare.

To schedule a tour or learn how your gifts are being invested, please contact us at





2015 CitySquare Annual Report  
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