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2014 Annual Report | It’s My City


MISSION To fight the causes and effects of poverty through service, advocacy, and friendship.

CORE VALUES We are a community of neighbors, investing in each other and developing meaningful relationships that value each individual. Our work flows out of our faith, and that faith is inclusive and ecumenical. We stand for justice and demand equity for all our neighbors. Our resources belong to the community, and as stewards of those resources, we will act with integrity, demonstrate accountability, and operate efficiently and effectively.


BRIEF HISTORY OF CITYSQUARE In 1988, businessman Jim Sowell was so moved by his concern for the problems associated with homelessness and poverty that he took action by working with friends and church members to launch the Central Dallas Food Pantry. Since that time, CitySquare has grown to be one of the largest, most effective social services organizations in Texas, serving more than 50,000 unduplicated neighbors each year through 14 different programs.


live in asset poverty. Ten percent of the population survives on roughly $11,000 annually to support a family of four. These numbers will only continue to rise unless we intervene. The bottom line is this: Dallas needs to stop the cycle of poverty now. Together with our city, community partners, and you, CitySquare is fighting for those who have so little.

Dallas, one of the richest cities in the country, is also one of the poorest. A tale of two cities. Every day, one in four children goes to bed with an empty stomach. Nearly 40% of Dallas residents

More than 50,000 neighbors benefited from services provided by CitySquare this year alone. These neighbors received food when they were hungry, housing when they were homeless, health care when

they were sick, and hope when there was none. Unfortunately, the number of broken, troubled, and weary neighbors in need continues to grow. At CitySquare, we love our neighbors. We love our city. We are willing to invest the time and money to make the lives of our neighbors better and our city more prosperous. Please join CitySquare in our fight to combat poverty by making a gift today. Let’s change the story of Dallas from a tale of two cities to a city where every individual has the opportunity to build a bright future.

For our city,

Larry James President and CEO

David Shipley Chairman of the Board


That’s how we feel about Dallas, because it’s our city—a place we love and take pride in. That’s why we’re willing to invest in our city and in our neighbors.


When you have something that you love and take pride in it’s easy to invest time, money, and energy. It’s something you are passionate about, care for, and want to see become something even greater. That’s how we feel about Dallas, because it’s our city—a place we love and take pride in. That’s why we’re willing to invest in our city and in our neighbors.

P.S. Thanks to the success of last year’s challenge a generous donor has agreed to match your donation, up to $100,000, for any gift received now through December 31st. Please mail your gift today and know it will make twice the impact. 2014 Annual Report | It’s My City




When Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings recognized the need to draw attention to the causes and effects of poverty, he knew who to call—Larry James. With 239 Dallas officials, residents, and activists on his side, Larry has conducted focus groups and meetings to decide what the most important issues are in the city of Dallas and how they can be addressed. He presented their findings to the city and has been working closely with Mayor Rawlings and the task force to do everything possible to decrease the rate of poverty in our city.



In an effort to conserve money and energy for the grand opening of the Opportunity Center, we made the decision to give friends and supporters the morning off from our traditional Prayer Breakfast event and, instead, hosted Breakfast in Bed! CitySquare sent bags of coffee to our friends and supporters asking them to take time on the morning of March 27 to consider making a gift or offering good thoughts over their morning coffee. The “event” raised more than $50,000.

Inner City Sunday came about in recognition of our church partners’ vital role in the ministry of CitySquare. Members of the Executive Management team visited church congregations during Sunday services to share about our work with the poor and give a sermon. These Sundays are a time of celebration, thanksgiving, education, and sacrifice. Our goal is to thank church partners for supporting our work, provide congregations with a greater sense of ownership in CitySquare, and bring everyone up-to-date on the amazing movement of God among people in the city.

VETERAN HOUSING From April 2013 to present, CitySquare partnered with local organizations to house more than 600 veterans. Through the 100,000 Homes Campaign, CitySquare led the charge to house as many veterans as possible. In all, 2,386 homeless veterans in Dallas now have a place to call home.


A NIGHT TO REMEMBER In September, the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, took the stage and brought the sold out crowd to their feet. Accompanied by her 20-piece band, Aretha belted out legendary hits like “RESPECT,” “Chain of Fools,” and “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman.” The event brought in more than $850,000 in donations.

Once the land for the Opportunity Center had been purchased, Larry knew he had to immerse himself and CitySquare in the neighborhood. He wanted to ask the neighbors first-hand what they needed. The Corner became a meeting place for staff, neighbors, and volunteers to meet every Thursday afternoon for food and fellowship. Whether it was cold water or coffee, hot meals or hygiene packs, the neighbors became friends of CitySquare and began having faith that we were there to help and provide pathways out of poverty. 4

FOOD ON THE MOVE EXPANDS While serving more than 1,000,000 meals to children through our after-school and summer programs is no small feat, CitySquare saw the need to increase its Food on the Move efforts to eradicate childhood hunger. In January, our Food on the Move program expanded to Waco to help eliminate the threat of hunger for children through our after-school and summer feeding program.



CitySquare AmeriCorps staffs after-school and summer enrichment programs for children at 27 unique locations in Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Last year 188 AmeriCorps members, with support from 12 partner nonprofits, provided over 81,000 hours of service to 4,468 children. This effort resulted in 95% of kids showing an increase in their level of academic engagement, which is a key predictor for long term educational success. As a result of this ongoing intervention, these children have a better chance of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Over the summer, CitySquare conducted three Poverty Simulations designed to immerse participants in the hardships and sorrow of life on the streets and living in poverty. It became a powerful tool to educate youth, college students, and adult participants about the realities of living in poverty and how they could join our fight. This is done by stripping them of all belongings and spending 45 hours in a shelter setting. Poverty Simulations will resume in summer 2015.


The work we do would not be nearly as impactful without the servant hands of our volunteers. Close to 2,000 volunteers spent countless hours in 2014 working at the Thrift Store, serving meals at Food on the Move and CitySquare sites, collecting and distributing socks and blankets for the homeless, and many more tasks made possible by their support.

On New Year’s Day, CitySquare had the privilege of being the beneficiary of the Heart of Dallas Bowl where the University of North Texas beat University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Players came to CityWalk@Akard days before the game to serve lunch, play football, and visit with neighbors. After the game, CitySquare was presented with a $50,000 check from the Heart of Dallas Foundation to continue our work in fighting poverty. This experience is one CitySquare will never forget and we are honored to partner with the Heart of Dallas for the next seven years.


Construction is underway across the street from the Opportunity Center for the 50 cottages that will soon house the most expensive homeless Dallas residents. The $8.2 million project, developed by CitySquare and a number of partnering organizations, will provide on-site mental and physician healthcare and treatment. Each resident, who costs the county approximately $40,000 per year to live on the streets, will have his or her own cottage and treatment for less than $15,000 a year. The Cottages at Hickory Crossing is set to open spring 2015. 2014 Annual Report | It’s My City





CitySquare gave me hope and direction to improve my situation.

No one knows a parent’s greatest fear more than Tiffany January. She was a single mother who had lost her job and was unable to feed her child. In a state of desperation, she turned to the CitySquare Food Pantry and Resource Center. After several regular visits, she was put in touch with Krystal, a Case Manager for Neighbor Support Services. Krystal gave her resources for transitional housing, provided school clothing for her son, and encouraged her to put together a resume. “Having a total stranger care enough to listen to me pour my heart out and help me make sense of and improve my situation was very special to me,” Tiffany said. 6

JANUARY When she had no food stamps, the Food Pantry supplemented her groceries. Armed with an updated resume and list of goals, Tiffany was able get a job and put her life back on track. She was also given a voucher to the CitySquare Thrift Store that allowed her to pick out a bed for her son and provide clothing for the school year ahead. “I would have had such a hard time making it through that tough time in life,” Tiffany said. “CitySquare gave me hope and direction to improve my situation.”

Tiffany is now happily married and working as a Fire and Catastrophe Claims Associate at State Farm Insurance. She attends online classes and is working towards her degree in Paralegal Studies. She is using her experience with CitySquare to help those in need. “Now that I am in a better place, I try my best to help my friends and family as much as possible,” Tiffany said. “It’s nice to become the person people look to for support and help for a change.”


BRANCHING OUT TO The growing challenges facing the urban poor in Denver led the organization, His Hands, to reach out to CitySquare.

Led by Johnny and Susie Davis, His Hands, a non-profit organization in Denver, Colorado, has faithfully and effectively served low-income and homeless neighbors for over six years. The growth of His Hands, as well as the growing challenges facing the urban poor in Denver, led the organization to reach out to CitySquare for assistance in expanding its historic work of faith-based compassion. CitySquare gladly accepted the invitation to join the fight against poverty in Denver. This past summer, CitySquare launched a new effort in the ”Mile High City” by bringing its nationally recognized Food on the Move initiative to hundreds of Denver children who face hunger and food insecurity daily during the summer break from school. In addition to the summer meal program, the food pantry the Davis’ had been operating provided food to almost 3,000 people—25% of whom are homeless. Since CitySquare has been involved, a new partnership has grown with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to increase services to homeless veterans by hosting a VA Case Manager on site. In order to maximize the impact of

EVEN MORE this expansion and to further fundraising efforts overall, CitySquare also brought its exclusive brand identity to the work going forward. Part of the work of establishing the new identity in Denver will be accomplished by the use of the new name, CitySquare Denver. CitySquare continues to employ the existing His Hands staff and, over time, will add staff to support new efforts and strengthen ongoing work in Denver. CitySquare will assume responsibilities for operations of the entire effort. Dallas-based team members will be involved in the Denver operations on an ongoing basis to ensure the success of the new effort. CitySquare is honored to join the work in Denver. The entire CitySquare family has great admiration for the history, work, service, and commitment of His Hands. As a team, CitySquare looks forward to working closely with each individual and organization that has been supportive of His Hands in the past, including, first and foremost, supporters in the faith community of the Denver area and beyond.

2014 Annual Report | It’s My City




Per Scholas is a national nonprofit organization offering free, high quality technology education, job training, placement and career development opportunities to people in underserved communities. Since 1998, more than 4,500 un- and underemployed adults (18+ years old) have enrolled in its job training programs.

Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas is a local organization mandated to implement a system of services that complement economic development as a resource for employers to access the quality employees they need and training individuals to be successfully employed.


The Opportunity Center has officially opened its doors and is providing services for neighbors daily. Community partners have also moved in and are assisting CitySquare in bringing neighbors as many opportunities as possible to escape the grip of poverty.

The ribbon cutting and opening ceremony for the Opportunity Center on Thursday, November 6, 2014. 8

Founded in 1961 in response to the concern over the illiteracy rate among adults in the Dallas area, LIFT has served more than 5,000 learners. Adults are invited to LIFT to learn how to read, gain English language skills, take GED prep courses, and provide a focus on family literacy.



Three times larger than the previous food pantry, our neighbors will be able to shop for healthy foods including fresh fruit, vegetables, and dairy products.


The Opportunity Center will serve as the home base for AmeriCorps and Food on the Move. This space will serve as a training facility for AmeriCorps members and provide an expansive office space for them to grow their after-school and summer programs.


A gathering place where staff and neighbors can come together to talk, relax, and take breaks between appointments and classes.


A health hub where neighbors can take healthy cooking classes, meet Case management, financial training in the Bank of America Learning Center, and job preparation classes through WorkPaths are just a few of with an on-site registered nurse, and learn exercises from instructors who will teach them ways to stay healthy. the opportunities available for neighbors in the Homer J. Fox Center for Financial Empowerment. 2014 Annual Report | It’s My City



WHERE DOES THE 6% 8% 86 %


General Administration Fundraising Programs the fight against poverty and encourage you to invest in your city. Please make a monetary gift in the envelope provided or online at For corporate and planned giving, or to donate stocks or real estate, please contact our Chief Development Officer, Shawn Wills, at 214.303.2147. 10

Foundations 16% Corporations 2%

Special Events 7%

United Way 4% Individuals 6%


Churches 3%

Fees/Other 4%

CitySquare serves more than 50,000 unduplicated neighbors each year through its 14 programs. That work would not be possible without the $12 million it takes to keep the doors open for neighbors.

Sales 4%

Public Funds 53%


2014 Annual Report | It’s My City




of neighbors (who had their income assessed) showed an increase in their income after receiving services from CitySquare.


neighbors were referred to CitySquare by a community partner.



children (from newborn to 17) were seen at the clinic. More than


patients visited the clinic.

More than


summer and after-school meals were served to children and youth by Food on the Move in Dallas, Austin, Houston and Waco.


pounds of food were distributed by the Food Pantry.

awarded to LAW clients to help them move beyond poverty. This includes child and spousal support.



neighbors received housing.



youth benefited from TRAC services.


• There were more than 55,000 visits to the Food Pantry. • Over 7,000 kids benefited from food at the Food Pantry. • Food on the Move served more than 1,000,000 summer and afterschool meals to more than 20,000 children and youth in Dallas, Austin, Houston and Waco.

• Each CityWalk@Akard neighbor received at least 20 visits with Community Life staff. • At least one veteran was permanently housed each month. • Nearly 500 neighbors recieved housing.

• 2,189 unduplicated patients seen at the clinic. • 882 chronic illness education visits to the clinic. • 4,740 prescriptions filled for neighbors.

• • • • •

At-Risk Youth

Each TRAC youth was contacted by a staff person at least once a week. Nearly 300 youth gained employment or continued their education. Nearly 300 neighbors enrolled in a WorkPaths program. 53 participants placed in employment. 26 enrolled in additional training/education.

Working Poor

Homeless 2014 Annual Report | It’s My City



Not only do the Thomasons whole-heartedly support CitySquare, they live in the same building. The couple purchased a condominium at CityWalk@Akard and recently moved into their newly renovated space. “What I love about living here is we have met a lot of the people,” said Kay, who serves as the building representative at the Downtown Residents Council. “Until you get to know people you don’t really know what they are going through or you don’t appreciate what a great person they are.” When the time came for Kevin to leave his partner position at a large firm and start his own law practice, he rented office space at CityWalk@Akard. “It has allowed me to do organic pro-bono work,” Kevin said. “I feel like I get a chance to hear about, weigh in, and help with many of the things

CitySquare is doing—it is a blessing I wish other people could experience.” What Kevin and Kay love most about living and working at CityWalk@Akard is the relationships and sense of community they have developed with their neighbors. “This is more of a neighborhood and a community than anywhere else I’ve lived,” Kay said. “One of our favorite parts of the day is when we come in from the gym in the morning and the kids are downstairs getting ready to leave for school,” Kay explained. “We get to encourage them and witness the fact that they have a better chance because of this building and the relationships they have with their neighbors.” The fellowship with neighbors and the 12 floor commute to work are perks of the Thomasons’ life at CityWalk@Akard, but knowing they are working hand in hand with staff who believe in our city is something Kevin says cannot be beat. “The staff is here with all of the joys and heartache; there is more failure than success in what they do in this world,” Kevin said. “The staff, the people who devote their entire lives to this work, are heroes.”


...I came to the conclusion that if Jesus were in Dallas, Texas, he’d be at CitySquare. He would be here trying to help people.


-Kevin Thomason


CitySquare board member Kevin Thomason and his wife Kay don’t just support CitySquare, they live and breathe it. Since finding CitySquare in the late 1990’s, the Thomason’s have volunteered, donated money, and shared the work of CitySquare. “When it comes to your actual engagement or the use of your funds, CitySquare handles both most efficiently,” Kevin said.



OTHER WAYS TO GIVE Donate food by contacting our Food Pantry and Resource Center at 214.828.2696.

Donate clothes, housewares, vehicles, and other goods by contacting our Thrift Store at 214.887.8800.

Take advantage of volunteer opportunities and serve our neighbors firsthand by contacting us at

HOW TO GET INVOLVED To schedule a tour or learn how your gifts are being invested, please contact us at

Facebook @CitySquare

Twitter @CitySq

Instagram @CitySq

YouTube 2014 Annual Report | It’s My City


A DAY AT THE SQUARE Take a look at a typical day-in-the-life at CitySquare.

Our Food Pantry crew heads to the North Texas Food Bank to pick up food for the week.

6:00 AM A Neighbor Support Services Case Manager sees her first neighbor. She’s helping her prepare for a job interview in a few short hours.


9:17 AM

A CitySquare AmeriCorps member arrives at Trinity River Mission and prepares for the group of 2nd graders who are anxious to get help with their homework and engage in enrichment activities during the vital after school hours.

A nurse at the clinic administers the 220th flu shot of the month.

11:30 AM A Life Coach calls Stephanie, a TRAC youth, to wish her a happy 20th birthday. She says it’s the only call she’s received that day.

12:45 PM

2:33 PM A Thrift Store driver takes the truck to pick up all remaining items from an estate sale that ended at noon.

3:19 PM

A Destination Home neighbor returns home after a long day of work. It’s the eighth month with a roof over her head to call her own.

Food on the Move delivers supper to Jubilee Center for 180 at-risk youth.

4:40 PM An attorney from our LAW center leaves court with a neighbor who has been awarded child support for her three kids for the first time since her husband left her a year and a half ago.

5:10 PM

6:40 PM


CityWalk@Akard neighbors come together in the Robert Emerson Glaze Community Room to watch the Steelers battle the Titans during Monday Night Football.

2014 Annual Report | It’s My City



ALEXANDER HOWARD For Tonia Alexander Howard, serving on the board since 2006 means more than being a figurehead or decision maker.

She was introduced to CitySquare by a friend who worked as a Director of CitySquare’s afterschool program. As an elementary school principal, Tonia was able to guide the teachers and help develop strategies for them to better manage their classes. “The CitySquare staff is smart, they have a good spirit and do such good work,” Tonia said. “I love that people from all walks of life have an ability to be part of such important work in our city.” Tonia has also volunteered at CitySquare events, program sites, and been encouraged by the relationships she has made with staff and neighbors. “This summer, I volunteered to serve lunches at the Opportunity Center,” Tonia explained. “Even the folks who were there to receive a lunch started pitching in and helping set up to get ready for serving—it affirmed that everyone has the ability to give, and it doesn’t have to be just one way.”




...Everyone has the ability to give, and it doesn’t have to be just one way.

She believes it is her job to introduce as many people to CitySquare as she can. When sharing about the work of CitySquare with her family and friends, she explains that she is so passionate about being a part of the organization. “We are all one paycheck, one crisis, one economic crisis away from being a neighbor,” Tonia said. “If it happened to me, I would be grateful for organizations like CitySquare.” Tonia and her husband Mark are foster parents to two young girls who they feel blessed to have in their lives. She enjoys taking cooking classes and spending time with family and friends.


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OFFICERS Dave Shipley, Board Chair Jon S. Halbert, Vice Chair Stan Shipley, Secretary

BOARD MEMBERS Bob Biard Robin Blakeley Leslie Choice Stephen Cockerham Scott T. Collier Fred J. Halfpap Wilton J. Hollins

Tonia Alexander Howard Guwan L. Jones Valerie Keener Schuyler Marshall Butch McCaslin Wendy Messmann Glenn Owen

Heather E. Roberts Tarik Rodgers Craig Spaulding Kevin Thomason Mindy Ward-Logsdon Jim Sowell, Chairman Emeritus John R. Castle, Emeritus Member

EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT 2014 Larry James President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. John Siburt Chief Operating Officer Shawn Wills Chief Development Officer Lee Winton Chief Financial Officer

Lee Winton, John Siburt, Shawn Wills, Larry James

Not pictured: Jarie Bradley, Vice President of Human Resources Rev. Gerald Britt, Vice President of External Affairs 2014 Annual Report

| It’s My City



2014 CitySquare Annual Report  
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