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Presenze Essere innanzi. A questo rimanda (nel cuore della sua etimologia latina) la papromessa e insieme una dolce certezza di cui fare esperienza. è parimenti chiave per prescinderlo. È la commovente sensazione di essere in -


camente indietro o ansiosamente avanti. Se invece mi sintonizzo davvero con del mondo (e forse anche quelle del cosmo) riempiono in un istante la stanza. -

To be before someone. This is what (because of its Latin etymology) the word “presence” means. It is hard to imagine a deeper concept, a greater promise and at the same time a sweet certainty to experience. It is the opposite of lack, it refuses exceptionality, it is expressed in time and it is also a key to exclude it. It is the touching sensation of being in relation with the existence; it is the consciousness of too great a love to be associated with the name of your beloved. The practice of being is to be, and to be aware of being, it is to feel that all that exists (that is the Creation) is joy, is sensuality of the spirit. The mind simulates the future, broods over the past and redraws it….All that represents our strength (the power of imagination, of invention) is at the same time a heavy burden when it precludes the perception of the presence, when the mind escapes from the present and refuses the beauty of a meeting, on which to rely, capturing its priceless harmony, (beyond life contingencies, often uneveryone else, when not willing to feel the joy of being (and to be present), I am nothing but a radio turned off, in the desolation of a silence that is nostalgically looking back or anxiously forward. If on the contrary I tune myself with all that I have before me, and I welcome those presences, even though I do not see them, then the voices of the world (and The opportunities to understand, to experience, this presence are endless. Prayer is a main road for those who want to follow it. But even shared music (also the modest and affectionate occasion of this meeting of sounds, of a summer evening, along the Tuscan valley where we get, on tiptoe, once a year) may be a help not to escape the present, to stop believing that you are alone on your road, and hear – with the sounds that keep us together holding hands – the euphoria of the intimate relationship with what exists, with Andrea Bocelli

Borgo Natio

Al crepuscolo un angelo mi parla.

At dusk an angel speaks to me.

and where I shed my innocent tears,

have sought

fables of a young boy, who hopes, who despairs and looks ahead, land of Heaven, still in you I am getting lost;

and to the game of one lone second give us all!

che cade sulla soglia del mistero! Winter wears its crown. When death and pain


quando insonne mi trova il nuovo giorno who like me have loved and gone, of their work a trace for you have left themselves, taking with them the green of your lawns,

All of a sudden a sound then catches me: where does it come from? And if to listen to it

and of the musty marc the scent. nel loro accento schietto e melodioso!

conchiuso nel mio cuore innamorato

mia dolce terra! Paradiso eterno

And how many, have sung your praise with their pure melodious accent! How many strong arms, and how many brave sons of yours have left a precious memory

di stimar vero tutto e il suo contrario.

that I jealously keep inside my heart, in love with all that dwells in you, the people and that fertile land I keep inside my view.


And I am not worried by time that’s gone, nor by the idea of the one that still will come, rather it gladdens my disenchanted heart, to see those places by the spring awakened,

to reach the source of which

A never ending desert where the mind and something has wakened deep inside of me.

Volgevi il guardo misero e dolente explanation.

or by the winter glassy candor festively decorated, wild you appear, and yet sincere, you my beloved land you are here! Eternal Paradise of peace,of memories, so dear,

tu guardavi e non vedevi niente!

that are too small, inadequate, like lights trying to brighten, what the sun is making smile. to the ground Your sun that there, amidst those tall cypress trees warms memories and burning tears together, and endless embraces, eternal encircling arms forever, ancor ci doni i suoi tramonti ardenti. soul? lieta o che rechi a noi dolore immenso... Quello che conta è il senso che si cela Then while groping in the dark I think

What matters is the sense it works

Giorgio Albertazzi is the most surprisingly modern performer on both the italian and the international stage. His Hamlet, directed by to this day and was the winner of the “Challenge” award at “Theatre de Nations” in Paris.

Controversial personality, Giorgio Albertazzi is also an architect, director, writer and photographer. Born in Tuscany (Fiesole), he started

Born in the north of England, from childhood he was enamoured of every form of theatre. And before long he was performing in every form of theatre and dance, and in his own shows soon began

of the supremacy of aesthetics in art, both non-believers but sure of the ineffable presence of the Gods, both consumed by the love for life, both Tuscans, they are two stars in a mysterious universe populated by women.

houses… innumerable exhibitions of his paintings and drawings have been staged in various countries… he is a passionate teacher, much in demand the world over… All this, he says, is dancing.

radici nella grande tradizione europea del dramma in musica e si mescola alle tecniche moderne dei concerti e delle regie

some of his greatest number one hits are now considered ‘classics’; exploring all territories and creative processes, from composing songs destined for his own albums, to composing with and for

composto dal giovane crooner.

youngest solo artist to do so to date.

His self-titled debut album is a compilation of traditional jazz songs, while his second album, On the Moon, featured some of the artist’s


some among the most important musical institutions including Conservatory G. B. Martini in Bologna, Conservatory A. Boito in Parma, Accardo, Nina Balabina, Anton Berovski and G. Alessandri. Currently she attended the Advanced Training Course at Monteverdi Institute of Cremona, with Laura Gorna.

One of the most promising young singers essaying the operatic repertory, Italian Baritone Alessandro Luongo has already performed in Born in Cagliari, Paoletta Marrocu has established an extraordinary international career, performing regularly on the world’s most

assigned to individual instrumentalists.


intense activity, the dissemination of music across the region.

suggesting multiple strands of creativity as much of the musical repertoire national and at the international level. Alongside the orchestra, the choir has taken a physiognomy Eclectic, is devoting himself to operatic vocal ancient, modern and contemporary art, is becoming the primary protagonist in the polyphonic forms a cappella, in the baroque and classical buildings, in the charming and romantic frescoes in many different expressions twentieth century (with or without the tools). The artistic experience of the complex has also developed with the indispensable contribution of

Chorus of the Teatro Carlo Felice played great symphonic frescoes and sacred masterpieces of creativity, working non-stop action in depth of their work for the achievement of an ever greater consideration on the level nationally and internationally.

sempre maggiore considerazione sul piano nazionale ed internazionale.

guest of some among the world’s most important opera companies, he has conducted performances at the Accademia

in Bruxelles. performances by Andrea Bocelli and he creates a new choreography for the etoile Giuseppe Picone He is the coreographer of �III Festival


My dance as an expression of the soul, an inner song that reveals itself through motion, body and music. A journey that I began twenty years ago, when I started my career as a dancer and that today continues through my choreographies. Every gesture, every movement is the expression of the human being, its feelings and state of mind through a complete synergy, empathy and artistic give to my dance while they make it on their own. This is my artistic and choreographic mandate, my idea of the sublimation of art.

del teatro sono linguaggi di ricerca per le compagnie.

teatrali e commedie musicali. Dal 2008 lavora come danzatrice con

svolge anche consulenza metodologica e didattica per gli insegnanti di nei licei� e attualmente è docente di Tecnica della danza classica presso

art of the theater is a research language for those theatrical companies. A creative route that has promoted a leading cultural function and proposed manifold aspects of the theatrical creativity over a span of

tra i protagonisti di tour mondiali di musical di successo come “Notre

cambiare foto

its president and governing director. directors and conductors, in Italy and worldwide. Besides, the agency is actively involved in a talent scouting activity, helping young artists to build their career as opera and concert singers.

energy that it releases, is a deep and unique sensation that remains impressed on one’s own heart.

in various business areas including the transportation of solid and liquid waste, the storage and selection of non hazardous waste, inertization, the treatment of hazardous and non hazardous liquid waste, reclamation and environmental advice. All its activities and coordinated and controlled by its Chemical Labs with the invaluable collaboration of the Faculty of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry

skillfully assembled with the collaboration of young artists, lecturers and students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, becoming unique works of art, beautiful and extravagant creations made with furnishing complements, lamps, clothes, musical instruments or toys.

order to look at the world in a less destructive and more creative way.

Vittorio Quattrone - Produttore hoc signo....

The barbarian invasions can not end until the man does not convert to beauty. The new barbarians do not come out of nowhere. They’re already here, masters of the cities increasingly bad, because without faith. In hoc signo vinces, and who is in sin to repent!

amato territorio.

sostenere il nostro territorio.

noi la voglia di far crescere questo magico appuntamento annuale! Grazie a tutti. Innumerable, diverse, presences that I adore “listening to”; entities that silently invade my world… empty spaces for the ones that will be the presences of future…. all necessary to grow on a path of continuous research of actions, behaviors, choices that can positively mark my passage in creation … But presences are for me also the indelible memories of so many loved ones who are no longer with us, but who, every day, accompany

And you are, obviously, important presences, you all, who showing a great love for Andrea and for his land, nourish in us the desire to make this magic annual meeting grow! Thanks to you all!

kind and in its expressive quality of culture that promotes the area. I thank all those who from the beginning have appreciated and contributed to the realization of our event. We have created an excellent representation thanks to our beloved Andrea Bocelli and the numerous spectators who have found in Lajatico an immersive and familiar atmosphere. Last but not least, a special thanks to all the institutions that have always helped us in the process to support our territory. I am sure this year you will be able to appreciate the magic of our event, too.


memoria e della gratitudine.


who have gone and loved before us, they are the past that becomes present, and becomes consciousness, through the strength of memory and gratitude. A presence of love are also the brothers and sisters that every day the world puts on our way, each with a hidden talent we must perceive, with something to give us, with something to teach us, provided we do not ignore their presence, on condition we are willing to listen to

Today more than ever I realize that the fascination of this place resides in the paradox that is represented here with the perfection that only nature is allowed to have. The presence of silence mirrored in the stillness of the water, but silence itself that opens the door to the presence of man and his creative force which, for once, instead of destroying builds here that invisible fourth wall which is the essence of theatre. I

full of anxieties and fears that we kick away thanks to the adrenaline of the scene and we give life to a real microcosm, which is nothing less

the wonderful world of art and entertainment.

An endless mistery. The pleasure and the pride of being part of this family of tuscan art.

Primo tempo

AIDA di Giuseppe Verdi

“Di quella pira”

Andrea Bocelli

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation was created to help people in need due to illness, disability, poverty and social exclusion by promoting and supporting national and international projects that support the overcoming of these barriers and full self-expression. The Foundation works to ensure that each person and each community can express themselves to the best of its abilities beyond their limits. nazione sociale promuovendo e sostenendo progetti nazionali e internazionali che favoriscano il superamento di tali barriere e la piena superando i propri limiti.

Empowering people and communities


“I strongly believe that love does justice. And it is for this simple reason that we are all responsible for building a better world. Since love energizes faith, the opposite must also be true. The amazing lives we have been gifted, offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsi-

FOR DOLLARS DONATIONS IT05B0523271030CV1001669001 FOR EURO DONATIONS: IT53K0523271030000010016699

This is the belief that has driven the creation of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation; the object is to become a laboratory full of life, a pillar of

“É per fede nell’amore e nella giustizia che siamo chiamati a costruire un mondo migliore di quello che abbiamo trovato, chiamati a re-

WWW.ANDREABOCELLIFOUNDATION.ORG E’ questo il credo che ha mosso alla creazione della Andrea Bocelli Foundation; realizzare un laboratorio vivo, una colonna di sostegno





... we are responsable for the makeup and hairstyling of the show

GINA GIANI Amm. Del.SAT - Aeroporto Galileo Galilei di Pisa


Vittorio Quattrone Producer Producer Assistant

Andrea Bocelli

Event Coordinator Serena Bear Assistant to Event Coordinator

Member of the board of directors Veronica Berti CEO and Event Coordinator COO Alessia Navarino Assistent to CEO Renate Baush Web Coordinator

Sara Geminiani Production Coordinator Paolo Betta Nicola Tallino Andrea Taglia Music Coordinator


Andrea Bocelli would like to thank:

Un ringraziamento particolare

Waste recycling (logo) Ticketing Manager Teresa De Pace Ticketing Manager Assistent Giovanna Bravi Logistics Administration Photographers Engineer


STS STAGE OGR Italia Power Generators


Chairs Transfers Artists Management Electrician Catering Oscar Scirè

Bandecchi & Vivaldi

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