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Affordable Dental Implants for the Baby Boomers !

In 2010, approximately 21% of adults aged 65 and over had no natural teeth (edentulous). ! ! Today most of the baby boomers are between the age of 50 and 68 and are becoming part of the adult mass that should be concerned about their dental health. !

Investing in your dental health! You can now save $230 on ! our top of the line dental Implant ! treatment, which means you can! receive your Implant fixture and ! crown for just $2950 per tooth.!

The importance of replacing your missing teeth! It’s extremely important to replace your missing teeth because leaving gaps can cause your teeth to move. ! ! This can lead to misalignment and more gaps between neighbouring teeth. !

Getting older should be exciting! Poor dental health and missing teeth can affect the way you ! spend this time in your life. ! ! With dental implants you do not have to concern yourself with removing the cap for cleaning because the prosthetic tooth is securely fixed to the implant which is implanted into your jaw bone.! !

Receiving the best treatment at City Smiles! Our team at City Smiles in Melbourne wants to see our patients getting out there and enjoying life, especially for those in their later years.!

Affordable Dental Implants in Melbourne