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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Street Food in Ahmedabad Ahmedabad is one of India’s fastest developing cities. But for foodies, it is the Mecca of street food in Gujarat. In this vibrant city, you cannot miss out the lip-smacking delicacies that street food vendors offer. Tantalizing the taste-budsand filling the stomach of millions with a wide variety, these vendors offer everything from Gujarati favourites, Mumbai special dishes, and North-Indian food to the best of non-vegetarian specialities – all at pocket-friendly prices too! Unlike most other cities, where people relish food from a specific food joint or eatery, Ahmedabad has something different to offer. It has some real famous ‘streets’ full of the best vendors offering humungous variety. While in Ahmedabad, treat yourself with the best street food places in the city.

Manek Chowk Manek Chowk is a square, which changes its colours thrice a day. But even though the square rapidly transforms from an everyday market in the morning to a jewellery market in the afternoon to Ahmedabad’s centre of savoury street food in the evening, it is known as the undisputed superstar of the street food scene in the city. Here, you can find everything from local food to popular street food from other parts of India to American and Italian dishes. Give Anand Bahyabhai Bhel Wala and Mahalaxi Pav Bhaji Centre a shot for local favourites like pav bhajis and puris. For dosas, try Balan Dosa Center, and if you seek more-thansatisfactory sandwiches, Manek Pizza and Sandwich centre is the joint you need to try.

Bhatiyar Gali While Manek Chowk remains the most respected street food hub in Ahmedabad, there is one common complaint about it; there are barely any non-veg choices. In case you want to relishmeat, fish or chicken, head on to the lane called Bhatiyar Gali. You’ll be amazed with the sheer pleasure of mouth-watering, spicy and non-spicy non-vegetarian street food options. Fried fish, authentic kebabs, grilled chicken, chicken tandoori, and keema samosas are some of the highlights of Bhatiyar Gali, and popular options here include the ZK Hotel and Akbari Hotel. It’s an absolute treat to witness the large quantities of meat being cooked, grilled or roasted here. Oh,how can we forget mentioning the aromas - everybody’s noses are treated to!

Khau Galli Close to Law Garden, one of the most popular places for the best street food in Ahmedabad, the Khau Galli is definitely no misnomer. Khau in the local language stands for eating, and when you see the plethora of options presented to you at this street food lane, it would all suddenly start to make sense. It might not be as popular as aforementioned Manek Chowk, but there is no other place in Ahmedabad that offers as much food diversity as Khau Galli does. Apart from local favourites, the lane is dotted with street food joints that offer Punjabi and South Indian food, and that’s not all. International taste buds are taken care of as well, thanks to numerous Chinese, Mexican and Italian food stalls.

Ahmedabad is the embodiment of old-school Gujarat and modern India combined, be it for art-forms, culture, commerce, industry, or food. Cityshor loves bringing the best aspects of the city for its readers. Stay tuned for more!

The ultimate guide to the best street food in Ahmedabad  

Ahmedabad is one of India’s fastest developing cities. But for foodies, it is the Mecca of street food in Gujarat. In this vibrant city, you...

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