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Painting This Town Instead Parisian artist finds success in Columbus art community

ing of Brewery District restaurant and bar Copious, insisted she showcase her paintings in the new establishment. She jumped at the opportunity, sold several pieces and was then asked to be Copious’ curator. She tries to get a wide variety of artistic styles into the venue and is drawn to younger, less established artists in the area. One of her favorite aspects of working as curator is having the opportunity to meet other artists and learn about their experiences and their artistic expression. De La Presle teaches an abstract art class for adults every Thursday afternoon at the Art with Anna Studio in Bexley. She encourages her students to embrace a childlike fearlessness because many come in without the confidence to express their emotion with paint. “We all have a talent inside of us. We are all artists,” de La Presle says. “Just like when you were in kindergarten, I want you to try all the brushes. I want you to use all sorts of brush strokes.” CS Jenny Wise is an assistant editor. Feedback welcome at

By Jenny Wise ARTISTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD have flocked to Paris throughout history, but for one Parisian artist, the script has flipped. Isaure de La Presle left Paris with the hope of finding community and growth in Columbus’ growing art scene. She creates abstract art, in which she draws inspiration from emotion, nature and

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even physical inanimate objects. She also works with faux and landscape painting, as well as with etching and wall deco effect. A great deal of her creation process stems from color choice and the psychological connection between color and emotion. “I pick and choose different colors … knowing that they are always linked to a passage of impression from an emotion, from nature, as well as from objects that retained enough of my attention to explore their interactions of shapes and colors,” says de La Presle. De La Presle was born in Paris and spent her childhood drawing and taking art classes. She moved to the U.S. for her adolescent and high school years, but eventually returned to Paris to get a degree in graphic design. Though she took some time off to be with her family, de La Presle was inspired to pursue a career as an artist after seeing a friend, and fellow mother, balance the duties successfully. She went back to school to study decorative arts and eventually went on to earn a master’s degree in fine arts from L’Ecole des Beaux Arts de Versailles. Terry Turner, a friend of de La Presle’s who happened to be involved in the open-

Top: Spring Landscape Above: City Scene Left: Isaure de La Presle


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