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A good meal doesn’t have to cost a small (or large) fortune, especially these days with all the great casual eateries that offer tasty, interesting, fun food at really affordable prices. For our eating challenge, we chose a handful of discriminating palates to take $50 and buy a tasty meal for two in a fave restaurant. This is what they found. (The $50 didn’t include tax and tip)

Goro + Gun Scotia Centre, 245 7th AVENUE SW, Plus 15 level (beside Starbucks) 403-237-5596

Robert Jewell and Andrew Lowery The story of Goro + Gun is quite an intriguing one, part of the reason I chose it for City Palate’s two can eat well for $50 or less. The Japanese film, Tampopo, was released in 1985 and branded as the world’s first “ramen western.” Haha, get it? The Japanese take on spaghetti western. Goro + Gun were two truck drivers who used their culinary passion to change the fate of a struggling noodle shop. This passion and expertise is translated beautifully into G+G. I love that tidbit about this spot… gives it a light air and a “yes we make amazing food, but we don’t take ourselves super serious” vibe. The more I delved into the story of Goro + Gun (the restaurant) the more I couldn’t wait 'til it opened so I could indulge. Not only does chef Tomo Mitsuno have a Michelin star pedigree, he is also one of the few people on the planet who is certified in the preparation of blowfish, which is deadly if not prepared properly. Spending my days running Double Zero Pizza in the Core and my nights at the Chinook location made Goro + Gun the perfect spot for me to grab a quick lunch between services at my restaurants. From the distinctive hardwood, modern art design and Japanese décor to the six stockpots always steaming with divine broth, I knew I wanted to brag about G+G, its great food, amazing atmosphere and perfect price points. Andrew and I arrived on a Tuesday eve to an almost full room. As we entered we heard the ever-loving “Irasshaimase!” (welcome to my restaurant!). Chef Tomo was there and chimed in to greet us as well. His big smile made us, as always, feel like part of the family.


City Palate January February 2018  
City Palate January February 2018  

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