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Smoked Lemonade


The Knight We Met

The Bad Mind

Austin Purvis, Sub Rosa This slightly smokey, summery cocktail is nothing like the lemonade your mother used to make. That’s for damn sure!

Madeleine MacDonald, Model Milk If you’re only using cognac as an after-dinner drink, then let this simple way to make cognac shine in a house-made tonic to help open your mind.

1-1/2 oz. Laphroaig Quarter Cask Scotch Whisky

2 oz. cognac

David Bain, Bridgette Bar With the help of some bittersweet grapefruit, lemon and red tea simple syrup, the bold flavour profiles of whiskey and rum balance each other in this pleasant sipper.

Stephen Phipps, Ricardo’s Hideaway Summertime means rum time. This recipe uses an infused vinegar and a berry simple syrup and the result is one of the most interesting, refreshing drinks you’ll have all summer.

1 oz. Buffalo Trace

2 oz. Coruba rum

1 oz. good quality dark rum

3/4 oz. Jerk Vinegar (recipe follows)

3/4 oz. fresh grapefruit juice 1/4 oz. fresh lemon juice

1-1/4 oz. Strawberry Tobacco Syrup (recipe follows)

1/2 oz. “Hopped” Rooibos Tea Simple Syrup (recipe follows)

Stir all ingredients together and serve over crushed ice in a rocks glass.

2 dashes lime bitters

Jerk Vinegar:

Place all ingredients in a shaker, fill with ice and shake well. Strain into a chilled coupe and serve. Optional garnish: grapefruit peel

3 cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces

1 oz. Model Milk Tonic Syrup (recipe follows)

1/4 oz. water

1 dash lime

1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice

1 dash Angostura bitters

1/2 oz. Rosemary Syrup (recipe follows) 2 dashes Black Cloud Charred Cedar bitters

Combine all ingredients in a rocks glass with ice. Top with soda and stir.

1 dash cranberry bitters

Model Milk Tonic Syrup:

fresh rosemary sprig for garnish

4 c. water

Build the drink in a mixing glass and stir with ice to chill. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with the rosemary sprig.

3 T. citric acid 3 T cinchona bark (Silk Road Spice Merchants)

1 T. whole allspice 1/4 t. grated nutmeg

Rosemary Syrup:

3 stalks lemongrass (white bulb only, roughly chopped)

“Hopped” Rooibos Tea Simple Syrup: 6 c. purified water

1 T. black peppercorn

2 c. water

3 limes, zested and juiced

5 T. rooibos tea leaves

1/4 c. peeled and roughly chopped ginger

2 c. sugar

4 c. sugar

Put everything except the sugar into a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 15 min. Strain the solids, add the sugar and continue to heat until the sugar has dissolved. Cool and store for up to 2 weeks in the fridge to use as desired.

2 T. cascade hops (pellets can be purchased at most home beer stores in Calgary)

1 fresh Thai chile, seeded

4 fresh rosemary sprigs

4 c. white sugar

Preheat oven to 250°F. Place all ingredients, except the Thai chile and vinegar, in the oven and toast for roughly 1 minute. Once toasted, add the vinegar and turn the heat down to 150°F. Stir to incorporate and immediately turn off heat and let cool. Once cool, strain back into the apple cider vinegar bottle.

Combine water and sugar in a saucepan and heat until the sugar is dissolved. Add the rosemary and simmer for 30 minutes. Cool, strain out the rosemary and refrigerate. Use as desired.

touch of peat and a rich maritime character. It hails from Scotland’s oldest family-owned and most traditional distillery. $115 9. Ardbeg Corryvreckan – Partially matured in French oak this is one of Islay’s best whiskies. It’s decadent and spicy, while maintaining Ardbeg’s peaty backbone. $120 10. Compass Box The Lost Blend – Compass Box is leading the charge to make blended whiskies cool again! This blended malt is very creamy, waxy and savoury. $121 11. Masterson’s 10 Year Straight Rye – A big dark and spicy 100% rye, made in Calgary at Alberta Distillers, bottled at 35 Maple Street in Sonoma, California, and shipped around the world, including here. $135

Place all but the sugar in a pot and bring to a boil. Let the liquid reduce by 1/3, then strain the solids and add the sugar. Heat until the sugar has dissolved. Store in the fridge to use as desired.

12. Old Pulteney 21 Year – This whisky is creamy, fruity and very maritime, though there is no trace of smoke… sadly, the whisky is being discontinued! $190 13. Balvenie 15 Year Single Barrel – Always bottled from a single cask, the whisky is heavily sherried with dark fruits, chocolate and earthy tones. Can be hard to come by! $195 14. Kavalan Solist Peaty – This is a lush Taiwanese whisky matured in casks, which previously held peated single malt Scotch. It is very seductive and almost sinful! $215 15. Redbreast 21 Year – Single pot still is the most Irish of whiskey styles and Redbreast 21 Year is the king of pot still whiskies! $220 16. Glendronach 21 Year Parliament – Big sherry tones, candied fruits, milk chocolate, leather and tobacco, but also silky! $220 17. Glengoyne 25 Year – This is the new Macallan 25, bottled at a higher strength at 48%, at 1/4 the price. Every bar should have a bottle! $410 18. Teeling 24 Year – One of the oldest Teeling Single Malts ever bottled and highly sought after. This Irish single malt is for the serious whiskey connoisseur. $510

950 mL bottle organic apple cider vinegar

Strawberry Tobacco Syrup: 3 c. quartered strawberries 6 c. water 1 T. pipe tobacco (if the tobacco sounds a little too unusual, you can leave it out, but your drink will not have the subtle smokiness) white sugar

In a medium pot over high heat, boil the strawberries and water until soft. Put into a blender and blend. Strain the mixture until you have 4 cups of strawberry purée-like water. Add the tobacco and let sit for one hour. Strain the tobacco out and add enough sugar to create a simple syrup with a 1:1 ratio. Simmer until sugar is dissolved, then let cool. ✤

19. Glenfarclas 30 Year – This whisky is sublime, time has softened all its edges and imbued it with layers of delicate fruits and chocolate. $615 20. Highland Park 30 Year – Is getting harder and harder to find, and the price is no less dear. This whisky is replete with the silkiest honey, tropical fruits and a gentle peaty maritime smoke. $960 ✤ All prices are approximate. 16




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City Palate July August 2017  

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