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Issue 45, September 2013

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A Brief History of Louis Vuitton



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Khaled Al-Zawawi Layla Harmony Maha Al-Rashed Mohammad Al-Sharrah Nadia Al-Jazzaf Nadia Al-Hassan Nada Soliman Nada Faris Reshmi Revi Sarah Al-Hajji Zahra Ashkanani Zahra Taqi

By now, you’ve stocked up on all of your September issues. Well we have one more piece of required reading: CityPages #TheSeptemberIssue. Our first fully fashion dedicated issue. It highlights our favorite fall fashion and beauty trends. One of the most amazing things about running an emerging magazine is that as every issue is laid for print, I learn something new- about myself, about relationships, about business, about the magazine itself, and, most importantly, about what I want for the future of all the aforementioned. Every month it never ceases to amaze me how the magazine, and it’s contributors, continues to morph into something grander than I dreamed of. This month is no different. We’ve once again put together a jam-packed lineup of articles and exclusive interviews with renowned designers from all around the world for you. On the local front, we have interesting interviews with young entrepreneurs Alaa and Esraa AlMutawa and their multi-brand fashion boutique - Hangers. We also met another young entrepreneur with a similar concept - Haya AlFassam and her store - BLISS. We also bring you an exclusive interview with Rasha AlRezzaga a creative Kuwaiti Visual Merchandiser and learn all about designing attractive displays. Our selection for Peoples Person of the Month was a little bit different this time as we bring you a young Kuwaiti Interior Designer based in Dubai - Malaak AlRefai, who is making waves and working on some unique and interesting projects. At the same time, I am excited to introduce two new members to our dream team - Zahra AlAshkanani and Huda AlSaleh and I am sure you will love their contribution to the magazine. With this I leave you now, so start exploring!

Jameel Arif General Manager & Editor

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Cover Art by the talented: Abrar AlZenkawi notsiz

On the Cover: Cara Delevingne Delevingne is currently the face of Burberry's Beauty campaign alongside fellow British models Edie Campbell and Jourdan Dunn. She was previously the face of Burberry's spring/summer 2012 campaign shot by Mario Testino alongside actor Eddie Redmayne,and was also featured in the brand's spring/summer 2011 campaign. As a young girl she modelled for Cadbury chocolate ads as well. Delevingne has featured in advertising campaigns for other brands including H&M Authentic Collection (2011), Dominic Jones Jewellery (2012), Blumarine, Zara, and Chanel. She was recently described by British Vogue as the "star face" of the autumn/winter 2012-2013 show season, having appeared on the catwalk for brands such as Shiatzy Chen, Moschino, Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Stella McCartney, and Chanel. Delevingne has graced the covers of Vogue UK, Vogue Korea, i-D, Russh, Jalouse, and's Spring 2013 issue. She also walked down the catwalk as a model at the 2012 Victoria's Secret fashion show. She is also the face of Chanel's Resort 2013 campaign along with Dutch model Saskia de Brauw. She also landed the face of DKNY in late 2012. Delevingne's dark, bushy eyebrows are her model trademark.

CityPages accepts unsolicited ar ticles (1000 words or less) in English or Arabic. Submissions may be sent to:

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Dear CityPages readerss,

Hello my dear ones!

Here we are with The September Issue! The issue that created the BUZZ in city of Kuwait… All Fashionistas were waiting for it!

Our biggest ever, all important Fashion issue is here, packed with 200 pages of interviews and collections by some extremely talented designers from all over the

September issue is all about fashion all over the world, we promised you that

world. This is the first time we attempt to feature so much information into one

we are committed to keeping our dear readers always posted and up to date

edition. It took our in-house designer an entire month to tackle the layout alone.

and we are keeping our promises as always! I really can't explain how excited

Dunja our UK based photographer is tasked with the envious job of covering

& thrilled I was working on this issue.

London Fashion Week 2013, and you’ll be seeing more about that in our October issue.

It feels like a piece of me in it, a piece of my personality in this issue, I can't explain how proud I am of all the talents we are having at CityPages! Our

I am happy to introduce Abdulla Al Saab in this month’s In The Living Room Lounge segment. He is a young Kuwaiti designer who’s creations are absolutely fantastic,

fashion editors, fashion designers, fashion photographers and everyone we

and ought to be showing internationally if you ask me. He has his fingers on the

interviewed and who works in fashion industry. Special thanks goes to our

pulse of today’s fashion, and is an Interior Design teacher too.

international designers who put their trust in our magazine and made it happen!

This month’s food reviews cover in my opinion two of the best restaurants Fauchon

The fashion segment will always be part of our magazine every month, as fashion is part of our daily life but still you will feel the difference with us in The September issue….. Personally September is one of my favorite months. The weather will start to get better, work will be back to normal, creativity on the peak and we all getting ready for coming season and trends plus waiting for new surprises and dreams to come true!

and Qasr Al Agha Turkish Iranian cuisine. Two highly recommended places to go for lunch or dinner, and I suggest going when hungry, you won’t be disappointed. We certainly have been busy here at CitypPages and love all the positive feedback that has been coming our way in droves. This is what keeps us going, and let me tell you with day jobs, families and life to tend to, putting out a fully fledged magazine every month is a tough task. So thank you for all your love and support, we definitely feel it.

Enjoy The September issue Fashionistas & Feel the Magic!

Abeer M. Alabduljalil

Kinda Al Faris

Managing Editor

Executive Editor




Reach Us Your Way! @citypageskuwait









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Back 2 School Tips

Zahra Taqi Certified Professional Coach President of Milestones Coaching

P.S. As always, I would love to hear back from you so please feel free to drop me a line on my email: zahrataqi@ or find me on FB: MilestonesCoaching or twitter: @MilestonesCoach

Its school time again! If you're a mom you may be rejoicing (and dancing around the house) that kids are going to be out of the house and back in their classrooms soon. For many kids, this is a sad and also stressful time. To kids, back to school means summer is officially over and its back to routine, homework and discipline. It is also stressful because of all the new things associated with back to school: new teachers, new friends, new class and may be even a new school. Luckily these feelings stick around only for a short time but as parents you probably want to know how to make this period as stress free and the transition as easy as possible. So as exciting as this time is, how can you make it stress-free for your child (and you!) to start a new school year? Here are some tips to help you out: • Involve your child: Depending on your child’s age, involve them in preparing to go back to school. For kids of all ages, this could include a “date time” with mom or dad that includes shopping for clothes, supplies and even shopping for school lunch supplies. For older students this could be a valuable lesson on how to budget for school supplies, hence, a great learning experience. • Get back in the routine: Summer time means that your child’s regular routine has been interrupted so start by re-establishing your child’s bedtime, mealtime, reading and homework routines. • Set education goals: Help your child set goals at the beginning of the school year. It could be a new skill your child would like to acquire throughout the year, striving for an “A” in reading or excelling at a sport. This will help in setting a routine for the school year and teach your child how to set goals and go about reaching them. A win-win situation, don't you think? • Develop a relationship with your child’s teacher: Take the time to meet your child’s teachers at the beginning of the school year and form a partnership with them. Teachers are a great source of information about your child’s scholastic performance and they can recommend ways to help your child achieve success, academic and otherwise so invest in your relationship with them. • Communicate, communicate, communicate: Always check in with your child and talk about his/ her feelings. Is your child experiencing fears and anxiety regarding going back to school? Talk about these fears and don't push them aside and maintain an open dialogue throughout the year. Talk about what subjects your children find particularly challenging and provide extra support. Remember, switching from a summer schedule to a school schedule can be stressful to everyone in the household. Avoid first-day-of-school mayhem by practicing your routine a few days in advance. Set the alarm clock, go through your morning rituals and get in the car on time. Routines help children feel comfortable and establishing a solid school routine will make the first day of school go much smoother. Wishing you and your children a very successful and happy new academic year! September 2013



WORK The Biggest Cause of Stress in People’s Lives

Most people are able to cope with the big issues in life and can find some pressure at work motivating. However, if this pressure becomes excessiveor, simply, adds up to everything else that is happening in your life; it will eventually lead to work related stress. Stress in the work environment has been described by the UK Health and Safety Executive as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other demands placed on them.” However, a study published by the University of Notre Dame has shown that work related stress and job satisfaction have more to do with genes than you might think. Apparently, changing a job to escape from all the stress does not seem to be the best solution, unless you appreciate your own predispositions towards this condition. Timothy Judge, professor of the University of Notre Dame and lead author of the study, has presented a simple explanation of what has been found: "Assume James and Sandy both work in the same organization. James reports more stress


than Sandy. Does it mean that James' job is objectively more stressful than Sandy's? Not necessarily. Our study suggests strong heritabilities to work stress and the outcomes of stress. This means that stress may have less to do with the objective features of the environment than to the genetic “code” of the individual." What is obvious is that we should not stop trying to be stress-free due to our genetic disposition to stress. Identification of the most pronounced causes of stress in life and understanding how multiple sources of stress can act is essential because work-related stress triggers can also beoutside the work environment. Being aware of the personal stress risk and resiliency profile in your personal and professional life is the most important step. Consider risk factors such as: family conflicts, personal level of control, office competition and gossip, feeling underappreciated, or taking work home and letting it affect your personal life. Analyzing what is inside of you and also what you find outside will help you determine how at risk you are to develop stress and how to avoid it.


August 2013





September 2013




Dr. Nazia Nausheen

Dr. Nazia Nausheen is a Certified Medical Doctor. She also holds a Masters Degree in Business, Specializing in Sales and Marketing. Disseminates valuable information in her extensive medical seminars and workshops. Readers should look forward to her regular articles on women health and other general health related issues.

CATARACTS with your usual activities, you might need cataract surgery.


Cataracts are a common vision problem, especially as we get older. In fact, cataracts are the leading cause of vision loss among people over 55. Cataract removal is one of the most frequently performed operations. It is usually an outpatient procedure and is one of the safest and most effective types of surgery. Many cataract patients wish they hadn’t waited so long to have the surgery. If you’ve been diagnosed with a cataract, you probably have lots of questions. So let’s get started. You’ll find everything here you need to know about cataracts – and will be on your way to better vision!


Signs and symptoms of cataracts include: • Clouded, blurred or dim vision • Increasing difficulty with vision at night • Sensitivity to light and glare • Seeing "halos" around lights • Frequent changes in eyeglass or contact lens prescription • Fading or yellowing of colors • Double vision in a single eye At first, the cloudiness in your vision caused by a cataract may affect only a small part of the eye's lens and you may be unaware of any vision loss. As the cataract grows larger, it clouds more of your lens and distorts the light passing through the lens. This may lead to signs and symptoms you're more likely to notice.

Causes Most cataracts develop when aging or injury changes the tissue that makes up your eye's lens. Some cataracts are related to inherited genetic disorders that cause other health problems and increase your risk of cataracts. Cataracts can also be caused by other eye conditions, medical conditions such as diabetes, trauma or past eye surgery. Longterm use of steroid medications, too, can cause cataracts to develop.

What is a cataract?


A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens of your eye. For people who have cataracts, seeing through cloudy lenses is a bit like looking through a frosty or fogged-up window. Clouded vision caused by cataracts can make it more difficult to read or drive a car (especially at night). Most cataracts develop slowly and don't disturb your eyesight early on. But with time, cataracts will eventually interfere with your vision. At first, stronger lighting and eyeglasses can help you deal with cataracts. But if impaired vision interferes

The only effective treatment for cataracts is surgery.

When to consider cataract surgery? Talk with your eye doctor about whether surgery is right for you. Most eye doctors suggest considering cataract surgery when your cataracts begin to affect your quality of life or interfere with your ability to perform normal daily activities, such as reading or driving at night. It's up to you and your doctor to decide when cataract surgery is right for you. For most people, there is no

rush to remove cataracts because they usually don't harm the eye. Delaying the procedure won't make it more likely that you won't recover your vision if you later decide to have cataract surgery. Take time to consider the benefits and risks of cataract surgery with your doctor. If you choose not to undergo cataract surgery now, your eye doctor may recommend periodic follow-up exams to see if your cataracts are progressing. How often you'll see your eye doctor depends on your situation.

What happens surgery?



Cataract surgery involves removing the clouded lens and replacing it with a clear artificial lens. The artificial lens, called an intraocular lens, is positioned in the same place as your natural lens, and it remains a permanent part of your eye. For some people, other eye problems prohibit the use of an artificial lens. In these situations, once the cataract is removed, vision may be corrected with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Cataract surgery is generally done on an outpatient basis, which means you won't need to stay in a hospital after the surgery. During cataract surgery, your eye doctor uses local anesthesia to numb the area around your eye, but you usually stay awake during the procedure. Cataract surgery is generally safe, but it carries a risk of infection and bleeding. Cataract surgery increases the risk of retinal detachment. After the procedure, you'll have some discomfort for a few days. You generally will be healed within eight weeks. If you need cataract surgery in both eyes, your doctor will schedule surgery to remove the cataract in the second eye a month or two after the first surgery.


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Looks Can Be Deceiving

9 Cute And Deadly Animals Looks can be very deceiving, and apparently this does not apply only to people: some animals can look cute and adorable and you may feel like cuddling them, without knowing that this might be the last thing you do. Here is a closer look at the top 9 cute and deadly animals that will make you want to think twice before you pet them:

1. The Slow Loris

2. The Duckbill Platypus

The Slow Loris is definitely an adorable creature: its big eyes and its fluffy body make it one of the cutest mammals on Earth. However, few people know that the Slow Loris is also one of the most poisonous, given the fact that it produces a toxin inside its elbows. If they feel threatened or annoyed, they can easily spray that venom in your eyes and cause permanent blindness. If you have thought about getting a Slow Loris as a pet, you might want to reconsider your decision!

The platypus is known for its strange yet adorable appearance: these mammals are truly unique as they seem to combine physical traits and features from several different animals like ducks, otters and beavers. Just like the Slow Loris, the duckbill platypus also produces a deadly venom located in its hollow spurs. Although this venom is designed to protect the mammal from predators, it can hurt humans as well.

3.Polar Bears Last, but not least, polar bears are gentle and fuzzy at first sight, but this is actually one of the largest carnivores and it will do everything it takes to survive. Polar bears attack and kill tens of people every year, so you might want to watch your back if you will ever find yourself anywhere near one in the future!



4. The Poison Dart Frog

5. The Stingray

Generally speaking, frogs are anything but cute. However, this does not apply to the Poison Dart Frog: its beautiful, lively colors and cute appearance certainly make you want to squeeze it and play with it all day long, blissfully unaware of the fact that it is called “the POISON Dart Frog” for a reason. This frog is one of the most poisonous of its kind, as it produces toxic secretions that were commonly used in the past by the American Indians to poison the tip of their darts.

Stingrays are beautiful, and if you have ever been to an aquarium you have certainly seen one by now. However, these seemingly docile creatures can turn out to be deadly: as a matter of fact, the well known Steve Irwin (better known as the Crocodile Hunter) died of a stingray wound to the chest. Their barbed stinger coupled with a powerful venom are the aspects that make stingrays so feared: the toxin is situated at the tip of the stinger, and although the toxin itself is not necessarily fatal, it can turn out deadly if the stinger punctures your vital organs such as your heart.

6. The Cassowary

7. The Blue-Ringed Octopus

This is a rare bird that in spite of its flamboyant turkey-like appearance, can be easily compared to a velociraptor undercover. What makes the cassowary so dangerous is its extremely sharp claws who can easily cut through human skin, causing extensive wounds and even death. If you are not careful enough or you provoke the cassowary in any way, it can easily disembowel you within seconds.

There are hundreds of different octopus species out there, but none of them is as dangerous as the blue-ringed octopus, in spite of its very tiny appearance. This octopus will not hesitate to bite you and inject a strong venom that can kill you within minutes, if you do not get the antivenom right away. However, if you do not step on it or provoke it in any way, it seldom attacks for no apparent reason.

8. The Pufferfish

9. Hippos

Pufferfish are so cute because of their appearance when they are fully expanded: their chubby appearance is what makes them so adorable. However, these fish are considered some of the most poisonous vertebrate on Earth, this is why fishermen often use extremely thick gloves when handling them. If the venom of the Pufferfish gets to you and you do not get treatment right away, it can paralyze your diaphragm and lead to suffocation within minutes.

Hippos are adorable, especially when they are small: those cute round eyes and those cute little ears have turned them into popular cartoon and movie characters, over the decades. However, hippos have turned out to be deadly more than once, as these animals are very territorial if somebody gets to cross their mud pond. Hippos are very fast in spite of their huge weight – never underestimate a hippo, especially its jaw and canine teeth that can grow up to 10 inches in length. Although they are herbivores and they do not kill for prey like other animals (such as crocodiles), they can kill you in an instant.

September 2013



BirthKuwait is a non-profit organization operating as part of The Voluntary Health Association.For more information, visit their website: or Instagram: @birthkuwait

Doulas Honoring Traditions In April of 2011, BirthKuwait teamed up with Royale Hayat Hospital to offer the first ever Birth Doula Training Workshop in Kuwait. Over the last two years, the use of doulas has increased significantly in Kuwait, but there are still many who wonder, What is a doula? According to DONA, one of the most renowned international certifying Doula organizations, a Doula is a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical (non-medical), emotional and informational support to women and their partners during labor and birth, as well as to families in the weeks following childbirth. They offer a loving touch, positioning and comfort measures that make childbearing women and families feel nurtured and cared for. Heba Al Ali, President of BirthKuwait and trained doula explains, “A doula is similar to a dayeh, an experienced and knowledgeable traditional woman who used to provide support and care for women in Kuwait (and other Middle Eastern countries) during childbirth. A dayeh was usually trained informally by her own mother, and the wisdom was passed down from generation to generation. The dayeh had always been an integral part of the community helping to shepherd new mothers and babies through birth. Today, with birth taking place in hospitals, that role is filled beautifully by doulas.” However, unlike dayehs, doulas do not delivery babies or provide anything considered medical care. Why hire a doula? Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth


• tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications • reduces negative feelings about one’s childbirth experience • reduces the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps or vacuum extraction and cesareans • reduces the mother’s request for pain medication and/or epidurals Research also shows parents who receive support can: • Feel more secure and cared for • Are more successful in adapting to new family dynamics • Have greater success with breastfeeding • Have greater self-confidence • Have less postpartum depression • Have lower incidence of abuse What do mothers have to say about doulas here in Kuwait? “Having a doula,” says a recent new mother “was by far the best decision in making my natural birth a reality. I cannot express how essential it was to have my doula by my side during my labor. She kept me grounded and focused during every contraction, reminding me that with each contraction, my baby was moving lower and preparing to make his entrance into this world. Her knowledge about different positions and the birthing process kept me reassured, confident, and hopeful that I could continue on with a natural delivery. She provided words of encouragement, kept me hydrated (avoiding an IV at the hospital), and kept me breathing which provided crucial oxygen to my baby, all the while she remained calm and collective. It was

also great having her present because she was able to direct my husband so he could be involved with the labor. As a typical male, my husband really had no idea what to do during these moments, however my doula simply indicated tasks for him like rubbing my back while I was in the bathtub. This was a wonderful way for him to be a part of the experience and feel of use. Overall, I can honestly say I don’t think I could have successfully performed an all-natural birth without the support, guidance, and compassion of a doula.” Another new mom who gave birth by cesarean says, “I couldn’t have done it without my doula! After the surgery, I was so exhausted and drugged I couldn’t have nursed my baby on my own (and the nurses never offered to help). She helped me and my husband achieve our breastfeeding goals by helping us request the baby from the nursery, showing us how to provide skin-to-skin bonding for our baby, and teaching my husband how to help our baby latch on when I was still weak. The next day she returned to the hospital and continued to provide guidance and support to help us breastfeed. She was an essential part of our successful breastfeeding team!” Where can I find a doula in Kuwait? The best way to find a doula is to go to the BirthKuwait website ( On the website, you can look up the names and contact information for birth professionals, including doulas. You can call or email several to find one that is available and that you get along with well. Some doulas provide additional services, such as prenatal yoga, breastfeeding support, or childbirth education classes. Speaking to several doulas will help you find a doula that is right for you and helps you to meet your birth and breastfeeding goals.


Alexi Habig and Erika Habig are young professionals holding Bachelor of Science in Optometry from the Beuth University of Applied Sciences. Prior to that, they also completed a 3 year apprenticeship in Dispensing Optics. During their studies, Alexi and Erika were already involved in product purchasing and marketing of International Optique, visiting optical exhibitions and conferences in New York, Milan and Paris every year. Alexi officially began working at International Optique in early 2012. As a passionate optometrists who enjoys not only eye testing but the 'work behind the scenes', Alexi finds herself enjoying her new responsibilities at International Optique. Along with her optometric work, Alexi is also involved in the HR, taking care of all staff related issues. She also ensures that her technical expertise is used to the maximum by practicing it everyday. Alexi worked in an up market Optical boutique in Berlin which gave her a good insight on the new trends in the optical scene. Erika permanently joined International Optique this year. She is active in eye testing, fitting contact lenses and dispensing but has also taken the role to look after PR and Marketing of the company which also includes merchandising. At international Optique, Erika's responsibilities extend to control spectacle frames stock. Her dispensing knowledge was polished working in a busy high street practice in Berlin making her more than confident in problem solving people's visual requirement. Growing up with the optical background has given both young opticians an unfair advantage towards many optometrists. Having attended various optical fairs during their student years has given them a unique experience and the sense of smart purchasing for new eyewear collection. Even before officially starting in the company, their involvement was already tremendous making them already a part of International Optique for years. Their experience over the years gives them an edge to be helpful consultants in purchasing the new sunglasses and spectacle frame collection. CityPages had the pleasure of meeting the two young opticians and know more about them and their day-to-day experiences. Hi Alexi and Erika, Can you please introduce yourselves to our readers briefly: Alexi: I’m Alexi Habig and I am an optometrist and dispensing optician working at International Optique since early 2012. My sister, Erika, also an optometrist and dispensing optician joined the company this year. How long have you had your optometry practice and what inspired you to go into optometry? Erika: Our father started the company in 1978. We often visited him at work when we were younger. Watching him work and hearing about his daily interactions with patients showed us how diverse the optical profession is and ultimately inspired us to follow in his footsteps. Alexi: Optometry is such an interesting profession because it combines vision care with the latest technologies and fashion. Tell us about your education?

Erika: We both completed our studies in Berlin, Germany. First, we did a three year

apprenticeship in Dispensing Optics, learning all the practical skills and techniques behind making and dispensing spectacle frames and lenses. We later attended the Beuth University of Applied Sciences, from where we received our Bachelor of Science in Optometry. How well did college prepare you for life as an optometrist?

Alexi: The apprenticeship in Dispensing Optics was excellent training for life as

optometrists because we gained a lot of hands-on experience and were in direct contact with patients right from the start. During our university years, we each completed a 6 month internship here at International Optique, which allowed us to learn the daily ins and outs at the company and gave us a strong foothold for our


future at International Optique. In retrospect, what do you know now, that you wish you knew before you began to pursue your education? Erika: I think it’s more what I wish I would already know now instead of in the future. I really like my profession and enjoy going to work everyday. But will I still enjoy it in 10 years? That’s what I’d really like to know. Alexi: Growing up in a family of optometrists, I was pretty much aware of the nature of the profession. However I was surprised how much physics is involved in optometry. I was also not expecting to need to know so much about accountancy as well. Describe a typical day of work for you. What exactly do you do? What are your key responsibilities? On a basic level, what skills does your job demand? Erika: There is no real typical day at International Optique! Each day is unpredictable, bringing in new cases and challenges that require concentration and precision. Alexi: We spend the majority of our day performing eye exams, dispensing and adjusting frames. At the moment, I am preparing for a visit to the optometric and optical exhibition in Paris to view and purchase the latest collections of frames and sunglasses, as well as the newest optometric equipment. What are some common myths about your profession?

Alexi: Performing an eye examination is more than just asking with which lens the

vision is clearer. It takes a lot of skill and practice to find the suitable prescription for each client and their individual visual requirements. Erika: Also, an automatic refraction, or “computer test”, is not an accurate means of eye testing. The auto-refractor merely gives an idea of the necessary prescription.


Alexi Habig and Erika Habig

September 2013



The result of the “computer test” should never be directly prescribed and cannot replace an objective manual eye exam done by an optometrist. What are the most challenging aspects of your job? Erika: Working directly with clients of different nationalities and backgrounds, one has to understand that each person is different and has to be treated individually. Some clients require more attention and patience, whereas others are decisive and straightforward. You have to be ready and able to adjust to each person’s unique character and needs. What do you think are the major obstacles facing optical practices these days? Alexi: In today’s very fashionable world, the styles and designs of frames and sunglasses are constantly changing. Unfortunately, some of these styles are unsuitable for certain prescriptions. Erika: Quality and service is also an issue. We see many cases of cheap and poorly made spectacles. When it comes to glasses, one should not compromise good vision for a lesser “discounted” price. Like with all products, good quality and professionalism comes at a higher cost. Communicating this factor to the end consumer is sometimes difficult as there are many places offering low quality items


and poor service. What changes do you foresee about the retail optical market in the coming years? Erika: The internet is playing an even bigger role in optics. For example, clients can order their contact lenses through our website, There are many new products in development as well, like self adjusting prescription lenses. Alexi: I feel we need to consider the effects of digital devices and smart phones, as this will certainly play a role in the future of optics. Also, glasses are not just a visual aid anymore. More and more people are choosing to wear glasses as a fashion statement. What differentiates you from other practices or optical chains?

Alexi: Our main practice is unique in the Middle East, our showroom covers an area

of over 1000sqm providing a large collection of eyewear for the whole family. We also offer Low Vision Aids for the visually impaired and have personalized surgical loupes for dentists and surgeons. These items are not easily available elsewhere. We ensure to offer unique styles and niche brands providing our clients with a large variety of choices compared to other opticians around. Erika: The fact that the company’s managing partners are also optometrists working


directly with clients and not just in the office makes a big difference. We are not an optical chain or franchise but a private company providing a more personal and direct service to every client. All our optometrists are fully qualified and have gone through our “in-house training.” Not only do our dad and older sister work at the company, but also many of our colleagues have been with International Optique for decades. We are one big family. It makes the team work and spirit in our company incredibly strong. Our clients also feel this positive vibe, making them comfortable when dealing with us. What are some of your personal and/or professional goals for the future? Erika: To be an active contributor in improving our services and adapting to the modern needs of the people of Kuwait. I would love to see more recognition and acknowledgement of our profession as medical consultants and not just as sales people who provide visual aids. Alexi: Our father spent many years building up International Optique and its reputation as the leader in professional eye care in the Middle East. We will definitely be working hard to keep this image and continue to provide innovation and professionalism. Professionally, I would like to learn more about prevention of decrease or loss of sight so I can share this information to our clients. The children

are our future generation, helping them see better and improve their sight will help them to be confident individuals. What are some of your hobbies?

Alexi: I really enjoy baking and cooking, it helps me switch off and I get to make

other people happy with the goodies I make. Shopping is another dangerous past time, especially here in Kuwait! Erika: I love to read and travel. Traveling broadens your outlook on life and enriches you with knowledge and understanding of different people, places and cultures. I recently returned from a four month trip backpacking my way around the world. Your advices to aspiring students currently studying optometry?

Erika: Get as much practical experience as possible. Don’t just concentrate on

medical theory but also focus on the technical aspects of optometry and dispensing optics. And of course, enjoy your student years! Your message for us at CityPages Magazine

Alexi: We think it’s great that CityPages covers such a variety of topics every month.

Keep up the great work and we wish you much success for the future!

September 2013



A little rotational twist to your fitness workouT

Head on down to your local gym at peak hour and chances are you’ll find a slew of gym rats doing a variant of almost the same exercises. Deadlifts Squats Overhead Press Bench Press Chin Ups Our bodies are 3-dimensional and as such, our physical movements are governed by the 3 planes of motion. Sagittal Frontal Transverse That being said, a predominant chunk of training especially by bodybuilders is carried out in the Sagittal plane which is mostly flexion and extension. It is of no surprises then that if one does not add functionality to their training programs, it is just a matter of time before injury strikes and that can ultimately set you back a training season or two. If your aim is to be stronger and lift heavier, you would need to up your game and vary your training method. A great place to start is by incorporating a bit of rotation and lateral flexion into your training prescription starting with your core work. Let’s be honest. The very iconic symbol of health is having a 6-pack of abs or more specifically, your rectus abdominis brazenly present on your flat stomach. However what’s the point


of having that washboard tummy if you have a disc bulge in your spine thanks to a weak internal core structure? Compound exercises such as deadlifts and squats tests your back extensor musclesprimarily your erector spinae and multifidus. However if these 2 muscle groups are the only ones controlling the movement without proper abdominal activation, you’re also placing a lot of compression on your spinal vertebral column. On the 17th of August 2013, Multi Works was proud to hold its first CrossCore education workshop here in Kuwait. Dubbed Rotational Bodyweight Training or RBT, the CrossCore suspension system initially looks just like any other ol’ exercise gimmick. However upon closer inspection, one would find that this training system is the only suspension system that incorporates a “pulley” mechanism in it, therefore allowing the user to incorporate more functional unilateral exercises as well as rotational exercises in their training program. … Not using geek-fit speak, there’s a lot of cool and useful stuff one can do with it! Which is precisely what Master Educator, Kai-Uwe Aescht, showed us in the one day workshop. Portable, adjustable, he demonstrated various exercises using the RBT system and got all 10 participants to try them out themselves. “A lot of people in this day and age do not incorporate rotational work into their training programs. Exercises are carried out mostly flexion and extension. As such, there seems to be people that seem fit on the surface but realistically have quite a few muscle imbalances going on,” say the 32-year old German who owns his own Physiotherapy practice in Stuttgart, Germany.


Reshmi Revi


Certified Professional Trainer

Reshmi Revi is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and holds a Bachelors of Communication Studies degree from the Auckland University of Technology. A fitness enthusiast, she welcomes your queries and comments at Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @ Q8MissFit.

“CrossCore is great because not only is it portable, it really is able to train you in all 3 planes of motion- something most suspension training systems fail to do. This is great because you’re using your own bodyweight as resistance and so with correct supervision, everyone is able to use this device.” Wise words. As one of the participants of this workshop which was held at Circuit+, Shuwaikh, I had a blast getting up to fitness mischief using this RBT suspension system. Even as an experienced fitness enthusiast, there were some modifications of exercises to which I myself found challenging. Using the pulley mechanism too and the “pin-out” method, this RBT system then becomes more challenging with exercises as you have to rely on the strength of your own core to stabilize yourself when executing them. And with little modifications such as these, there are literally thousands of exercises one can perform using this to train on. As such, there’s no excuse to not train as the CrossCore is small enough to slip into your carry on bag when traveling. But hang on, there was an education certification workshop in Kuwait? Yup. Yves Preissler, one of the main organizers of the CrossCore workshop, is proud that we did have a great little turn out to this event. “Fitness trends here are changing in Kuwait. A couple years ago, one had to travel to Dubai or another country to ensure that your continuous training development as a personal trainer was updated. What we at MultiWorks are trying to do, is to bring fitness education here to Kuwait and ultimately create a community of fitness educators who have their finger on the pulse on the latest updates in health and wellness,” he says. For more information on CrossCore, be sure to check out Instagram accounts @ multiworks, @q8missfit or email


he latest colourway of PUMA’s iconic King boot made its on pitch debut at European football’s season-ending showpiece game, the UEFA Champions League final. Champions League winner and Bayern Munich’s central defender Dante, was the first to wear the world renowned boot in new a white, red and black colourway throughout the game at the iconic Wembley Stadium. In front of 90,000 spectators in the ground and millions watching worldwide, Dante was one of Bayern’s stand out performers. The PUMA King FG is designed to give players ultimate ball control and a skilful touch, something which helped Dante to keep Borussia Dortmund at bay in the first all German final of Europe’s most prestigious football competition. Featuring TouchCELL™, the latest PUMA King FG is designed to maximise the complete performance of the player enabling a perfect combination of speed, physicality and technique. It allows for an enhanced touch and feel between boot and ball, giving complete control for all skills and moves. By having a super-soft premium leather upper boot, the boot aligns to the natural curves of the foot. King FG continues using the Pebax outsole for a mix of conical and traction studs guaranteeing flexibility, grip and maneuverability while combining with an external heel counter for a superior fit and stability. The new King FG products in the white, red and black colourway will be available in-store from 15 July 2013. September 2013



Maha AlRashed CHEK Certified Exercise Coach

Are you sleeping enough and at the right time? 42

Now with the holiday season over and everyone getting back to their work routines, it seems that our biggest problem is getting to sleep on time. Whether its insomnia, excitement or just because you’ve come back from a different time zone, sleep just seems like one of those impossible goals to reach. Yes sleeping 8 hours at night is really important, but what’s even more important is the time you sleep. Paul Chek refers to this as your circadian rhythm. The circadian cycle is considered the 24 hours of the day that the body goes through in physiological and behavioral processes. The human body goes through two stages of repair while you are sleeping; you obviously don’t feel them happening, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. The first stage of repair usually occurs from 10 PM to 2 AM, and that is physical repair. During these 4 hours, your body spends time repairing itself on a cellular level, if you have irritated any muscle, or there is any form of inflammation in your body, these hours are spent repairing that. The next part of your sleep 2 AM to 6 AM is where most of the psychological repair happens, your body takes this time to recover from all the mental stressors of the day in order for you to be able to better deal with the challenges of the day to come. Think of it this way, when you haven’t slept right on those nights you go to bed at 3 AM and you wake up feeling like you’ve got a foggy head, and cant think straight, that’s your body telling you you’ve cut into some of your psychological repair time. Another example is whenever your skin is stimulated by light, regardless of what the source is, it automatically thinks its morning, and your body begins to produce

a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is considered a stress hormone, and although you may think that something as simple as light is not stressful to the body, your hormones think otherwise. As a result, your body gets ready for the stress that its about to encounter, in our case it could be work, but in the Paleolithic times it would have been the encountering of a wild animals and the hunt for food. As the day progresses however, our body begins to decrease the levels of stress hormones and begins to increase the production of growth and repair hormones, but with the world the way it is today, as the sun sets, the lights come on and you come home from work and turn on the TV all of which are considered stressors to the body causing it to increase production of cortisol, again! The funny thing about cortisol is that it allows the body to store fat. Your body is in fight or flight mode, meaning that your either going to fight a wild animal or your running away from one, so your production of cortisol has skyrocketed and decided that since you are always so stressed, its not sure when the next time its going to get food is; as a result it tells itself that it should store fat because you will be needing it. Also on a side note, your fat is what stores most of your toxins causing you to decrease your immunities. The body is a very intelligent system, and we sometimes forget to pay attention to it; but by doing something as simple as sleeping at the right times we can prevent a lot of damage from occurring in the future.


Located in the basement of Burj AlJassim, showcasing some of the most sought-after fashion in New York as well as France and Milan, is a cutting-edge fashion destination, BLISS Boutique. We recently had a chance to interview the owner, Haya Khalid AlFassam. Here, read about this busy and a very inspiring lady.

Please introduce yourself to our readers: My name is Haya Khalid AlFassam, a wife and a mother of two, MBA holder and I love to travel. How did the idea of starting 'BLISS'come up? My husband and I thought that we want to start a business together and couldn't think of a better idea than a multi brand boutique which will make us travel the world together. And then the idea of Bliss was born! Who and why the name 'BLISS' was selected? Bliss means joy and happiness, and I chose the name Bliss as I thought it will bring my little family and my customers all the joy and happiness. What makes your boutique different and special? I wanted the boutique to have the latest trends in the fashion world and everybody could find something that is interested to them but with reasonable prices. Also, I try to find new young designers that have talents and have a big future awaiting them. What are some of the brands and designer clothes available at BLISS? We carry different brands of denim like Joe's, Paige, DL1961, and Bluelab which is a new brand with reversible Sides. And for the clothing it's American Retro, Pinkyotto, and some other brands from France. Also we are well known for the foldable flats by Yosi Samra, which are so comfortable yet stylish, it's available for both mommy and daughter.



and the universe will open doors for you, where there were only walls.

Photograph by: Abdulaziz AlShayji

~Joseph Campbell

September 2013



How do you decide as what to display and where do you get your pieces from? We get most of the pieces from New York as well as France and Milan. I try to choose pieces that look nice and catch the customers' eye. Who are some of your personal favorite designers? My favorites are many but one of them is the Bluelab jeans which is reversible and I can wear them both sides.

Photograph by: Abdulaziz AlShayji

Can you describe your boutique in three words? Contemporary, flattering, and vogue.


What are your best sellers? The best sellers are the Yosi Samra flats for both women and kids. What are some of the items you believe every woman should have in her closet? Colorful jeans and a denim shirt, for whenever you are clueless what to wear just put on the denim shirt with any floral jeans and you're good to go! How would you describe your personal styles? Simple yet trendy.

What are your future plans? My future plans are to find new designers to add to my current collection and also try to expand regionally in many perspectives. Your message for us at CityPages magazine? I am a big fan of CityPages, I wish you good luck and thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Photograph by: Abdulaziz AlShayji


September 2013



Kuwait has currently been growing in terms of individuals, with unique fashion and sense of style. Laly and HJ head out about town to discover the trend setters among you.

t e e r t S c! Chi & by: Laly



Introducing Mohammed Al Kashawi About Yourself: My name is Mohammed Al Kashawi, I am currently working at the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) and running my own mobile and accessorize shop under the name of “Evolution mobiles”. I am interested in Traveling, Cars, Shopping, Watches, Water Sports, gatherings with friends and family.

The Outfit: Blazer - Ralph Lauren Shirt - Hackett Pants - Ted Baker Shoes - Paul Smith Accessories: Watch - Rolex Sub Marine Bracelet - Bottega Veneta Belt - Hermes

Favorite place to shop in kuwait: Avenues mall

Favorite Brands: JDolce & Gabanna, Bottega Veneta and Audemars Piguet

Favorite Shop: Harvey Nichols

Favorite place to shop outside kuwait: Harrods’s and Selfridges

Must haves this season: Shorts, Shirts and Moccasins.



t e e r t S ! Chic

ain Jassim

Huss by: Laly &

Introducing Monira Al-Maraghi About Yourself: My name is Monira Al-Maraghi I am from Kuwait. I am a project manager in the banking industry in Kuwait. And I am looking forward to establish a consultant company. I am interested in History, Architectures, Other Cultures, Shopping, Designing and Styling.

The Outfit: Dress - Manoush Leggings - River Island Shoes - Christian Louboutin Accessories: Earrings - Cartier Rings - Kuwaiti Diamond Designer Linad Watch - Chopard Bracelet - Cartier, Alsharq Diamonds, Hermes and Indian Vintage

Favorite Designer: Roberto Cavalli

Favorite Brand: Cavalli, Channel, Rolex and Dior

Favorite Shop: Lime Light

Favorite place to shop in kuwait: Prestige – The Avenues Mall

Favorite place to shop outside kuwait: NordStorm, Bloomingdales and Selfridges

Must haves this season: Heels, Bags and Accessories. September 2013




& Abdullah Al-Saab

Born in 1986, Abdullah Al-Saab has been working since he was 13 years old in diverse places. He carries a Bachelor’s in Interior Design and a Minor in Psychology, which has allowed his vision to evolve in a unique manner. He started designing clothes in 2008 with his first fashion line, and since then his passion for design has taken him to explore the world of fashion, so that his clothes tell a story with a vision.



How did you start off in fashion? I have always had a passion when it somes to fashion, never thought it would be a career but life works in mysterious ways. Did you study the basic principles of fashion or is it an ingrained talent? I believe that everything needs knowledge so I did my own studies and I can proudly say I am self-taught designer.

KINDA & Abdullah Al-Saab

How long have you been creating ? I started designing since 2008 and from that day on I took a journey to discover the world of fashion. Who inspires you from the fashion world? Why? What inspires me is not a person, its the illusion that comes from it, it can make you live a fantasy and yet shape our personality. Who inspires you from your day to day life? Why? My wonderful family and my amazing second family (my friends) they are the fuel that fill my heart and make me become a greater person and a designer. What are your favorite places to visit? I dont normally go out a lot but love where there's good pizza. What one country left an indelible mark on you? Why? I feel if I don't say Paris I will be cheating but no, Japan and India are the lands of fantasies where it has great history and amazing stories that inspires you. What are your challenges whatever they may be? How do you go about overcoming them? The lack of local support and I guess all the young talents and the creatives are gonna agree with me in the same subject but at the end we all do our best to make our country proud of us. What era in fashion do you identify with the most? Take to the 20s where it used to be glamorous and fabulous. What do you feel is rewarding about your day job teaching Interior Design? If I can inspire just one of my kids whom I love dearly its rewarding enough. What is your message to the Kuwaitis who wants to follow their dream, but don't know where to start, or who is facing obstacles? Never stop believing and always dream big, everything in life has obstacles but thats what makes the journey more exciting. What's your main message to CityPages and the rest of the country? Thank you for your amazing support towards the local talents. We need more of you in our lives to be the great voice of our talents. See Abdullah AlSaabs's Boundaries 2013 Collection on page: 172 September 2013






Abu Halifa - Al-Dom Mall | Salmiya - Olympia Mall


2226 8553


A Brief History of


September 2013





The brand's founder, Louis Vuitton, was born in 1821 in Anchay, a small village in the mountains of Eastern France. Descended from a humble family - Vuitton's ancestry included five generations of carpenters, farmers, and milliners - the stubborn and headstrong youngster ran away from home at the age of 13, yearning for the excitement of Paris.

Vuitton travelled for over two years, taking odd jobs along his journer to make ends meet. When he turned 16, he finally arrived in Paris on foot, eager and excited to explore the city where anything seemed possible. Working as a box-making apprentice to Monsieur Marechal, the young Vuitton gained key skills in packaging and preserving. It was not long before he built a reputation for himself as a master craftsman and started to earn a cult following among the Parisian elite. By the time he was 40, his client list had extended into the very pinnacle of French royalty, when Empress Eugenie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III and the most powerful woman in France at the time, hired Vuitton as her personal box-maker. A stylish and daring figure, Empress Eugenie had real confidence in the young designer. With her royal patronage in tow, Vuitton began to see the doors open to the possibility of creating his own company.

Before Louis Vuitton, chests usually had domed lids that allowed rainwated to run off - they were often nailed and covered with leather.


In 1854, Vuitton opened his own custom box-making shop, along with a packing workshopn, on Rue Neuve-des-Capucines in Paris.

One of the store's first signs promoted special packaging for stylish merchandise.


The revolutionary flat trunk in Trianon gray that Louis presented in 1858 was the first luggage of the modern era -its flat shape enabled it to be stacked in a train's baggage car or in the hold of a ship, and its poplar (wood) frame was covered in canvas.

A mere four years after opening his store, Vuitton revolutionized the trade by displaying his first series of flat trunks, which to this day, are considered the birth of modern luggage. Why? This innovative and elegant trunk was much lighter, resistant to odor and water, and rectangular in shape, which was perfect for stacking. The middle of the 19th century also witnessed a transportation boom following the invention of the steam engine, which meant that travelers required a new kind of luxurious baggage, further increasing demand for Vuitton's creations.

1859 With sales through the roof and orders coming in from all over the world even the Khedive of Egypt was a customer - Vuitton needed to move to a larger workspace. He settled in Asnieres, a village in the French countryside that was only a mile away from the gates of Paris.



Louis Vuitton expands his operation to keep up with his success.


This engraving appeared on the back of the company's 1897 catalogue.

The year of creation of the Damier canvas. For the first time in the company's history, the Louis Vuitton registered trademark appears on the canvas.

The outbreak of the Franco-Prussian was led to the destruction of Louis Vuitton's beloved workspace in Asnieres. Determined, steadfast, and not one to let obstacles get in his way, he rebuilt a new shop in the ritzy I, Rue Scribe. With his new store in its aristocratic location came a new focus on luxury luggage.

The factory's innovative metal and glass construction, built similarly to the Eiffel Tower, marked the same standards of quality and comfort as did all Louis Vuitton products, and bathed the workspace in light.




Vuitton introduces a trunk in beige-and-red-striped canvas. From this point forward, the monochrome beige palette becomes one of the house's signature designs.

1889 Louis Vuitton displayed the Damier canvas as the Exposition Universelle and won a gold medal for his wardrobe trunk and garment bag.

Louis Vuitton's exceptional articles won him an elite following. For Ismail Pasha, the Khedive of Egypt, Louis Vuitton created a trunk with racks to transport fresh fruit, marking one of his first special orders.

1890 Louis Vuitton introduced the tumbler lock, which essentially transformed his creations into safes. He devised each lock with a unique numbered key, and even publicly challenged Houdini to open it.

At the 1869 inauguration of the Suez Canal, Ismail Pasha, Khedive of Egypt, topped the list of heads of state placing special orders with Louis Vuitton. Vuitton created the trunk bed for legendry explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, which helped bolster his reputation as the master of designs for travels. For Ismail Pasha, the Khedive of Egypt, Louis Vuitton created a trunk with racks to transport fresh fruit, marking one of his first special orders. The trunk bed, on of Louis Vuitton's cult objects, was first designed around 1865, befire the expedition to the Congo by Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza

1885 Louis Vuitton opened his first stor in London in 1885 on Oxford Street, his second on the Strand in 1889, and the third on New Bond Street.

September 2013





Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the son of Georges and grandson of Louis, joins the company.

Louis' son, George Vuitton, takes control of the company after his father's death.



Gaston-Louis Vuitton - 3rd generation of Vuitton - dies. In 1977, Henry Racamier, his son-in-law, assumes the presidency.


Louis Vuitton began its collaboration with renowed photographer Jean Lariviere. For more than 30 years, Jean Lariviere traveled the globe, capturing "the spirit of travel" on film and creating campaigns for the brand.


In an attempt to prevent plagiarism, George Vuitton creates the monogram canvas, which features a botanical pattern and the LV initials. The monogram canvas remains a lasting symbol of modern luxury to this day.

Georges Vuitton opens the largest store for travel articles in the world, the Vuitton Building at 70, Champes-Elysees. It will be the company's Paris address until 1954.

1926 The first Louis Vuitton perfume, 'Heures d'Absence', launched in 1926. 'Je, Tu, ll', Reminiscences, and Sur la Route will later follow.


A merger between Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy gives birth to the LVMH Luxury Conglomerate.


Introduction of the Louis Vuitton Classic car show and competition.



A variety of bag shapes were introduced during 1900s - from the Steamer bag in 1901 to the Keepall bag in 1930 and the Noe bag in 1932, which was originally designed following a request from a champagne producer for a ba that could carry five bottles at a time. In 1966, the Papilon bag was born. All of these supple bags represent an era during which freedom and lack of structure dominated.


Inspired by the design of the house's luggage during the 1930s, the Alma City bag is born and quickly becomes one of the brand's most iconic pieces.



Marc Jacobs is named Louis Vuitton's creative director and is tasked with creating a ready-to-wear collection. This is also the year that LV scrapbooks and the Louis Vuitton City Guides are introduced.


Louis Vuitton celebrates its 150th birthday. To mark the occasion, the brand fashions elaborate displays, such as the recreation of a gigantic travel trunk with gold initials on the Champs-Elysees.


Louis Vuitton collaborates with Tunisian artist eL Seed.

1998 The first Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear and shoe collections, designed by Marc Jacobs, are produced.


With a commitment to becoming a global luxury brand, Louis vuitton branches out into watches, jewelry, sunglasses, and fashion accessories. Fashion designer and artist Stephen Sprouse designs limited-edition graffiti logo bags for the house, which sells out instantly.


Spearheaded by Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton begins several collaborations with prominent artists and designers.


A Louis VUitton boutique opens on the Red Square in Moscow in 2004. This year was also a time of global expansion for the company, including the opening of stores in Bombay, Shanghai, and South Africa. Louis Vuitton continues its journey in the MIddle East with the opening of a flagship store in Kuwait, at The Avenues, in May 2013. For the first time in the Middle East, the exclusive Haute Maroquinerie salon is available, offering women a dedicated made-to-order leather goods service in the Kuwait store. This Kuwait opening also marks the 30th year of Louis Vuitton's presence in the Middle East. In addition to Kuwait, Louis Vuitton can now be found in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Lebanon, Jordan, and Qatar.


2011 The house hire Kim Jones as its menswear Style Director.


In one of its most famous collaborations to date, Louis Vuitton teams up with conceptual artist Yayoi Kusama.

Everyone is Wearing... Louis Vuitton More than 150 years ago, Louis Vuitton founded a company that would revolutionize the art of travel and fashion. Today, it is one of the world's most embraced luxury brands. September 2013



Hangers boutique

looks to cater the fashionista in you The multi-brand fashion boutique is looking to expand, while continuing to bring in the latest in fashion and satisfy their customers. Alaa Al Mutawa, co-owner at Hangers Boutique, talks about how she and her sister Esraa decided to open their own business, keeping their items chic, trendy and hip.

Please introduce yourselves to our readers: Hi CityPages readers. I’m Alaa, Alaa Almutawa and with my sister Esraa Almutawa, we run a small business, basically a fashion boutique located at Burj Altijaria. I’m a banker and she's a student in AUM and a mom of a handsome boy. We specialize in designing, and I’m excited because our new collection will be released shortly. We had a great success with our Ramadan collection recently. I enjoy travelling and discovering new places every now and then. I really love fashion and Dolce & Gabbana designers are my favorite. I also enjoy photography. How did the idea of starting 'Hangers Boutique' come up? Fashion boutiques can be fun businesses to open, as they are hip, cutting edge and fresh. Let's start with the hardest thing first. If you're going to open a women's apparel store, you already know the tastes of the "fickle" female customer are hard to stereotype. Every expert we spoke with agreed that the very first thing a prospective women's apparel retailer must do is decide where the "market-vendor" gaps are. In other words, which customers in the store's trading area will you serve, and what apparel can you provide (and at what price) which can't be found easily elsewhere? Once you've determined this, you can buy accordingly.


Photograph by: Abdulaziz AlShayji


September 2013



Who and why did you decide the name 'Hangers'? I, "Alaa," decided to pick the name while I was searching for something cool and easy to remember at the same time and of course has a direct relation to fashion, so anyone would know that it's a fashion boutique from its name basically and that's our main goal! From my point of view the 'Name' of any business is the main factor of success for it or vice versa. What makes your boutique different and special? Opening and operating a successful clothing boutique requires more than just knowledge of the latest trends and a killer clothing inventory. You also need extremely sharp business acumen and a clear idea of your target market so that you know the most effective way to stock your boutique. Consider a few key tips to ensure success in your clothing boutique. What are some of the brands and designer clothes available at Hangers? At "Hangers Boutique," we are so picky in choosing what to display in our place. We get so many emails everyday from so many contemporary and new designers to showcase their collection in our boutique or collaborate with us. However, first of all we should have a look at their items and the quality should be high and based on that we agree to deal with them. Currently we carried our special designs, in addition t-shirt policy from London, MOUNAY designs by Mona Mikati from Beirut, J_dot by Yusuf Alhajji a young Kuwaiti designer, Beautiful Details by Heba Bodahoum, who specializes in hijab fashion, Hudzii by Huda Arabic brand born in London, Thetshirtswag-Dubai designer, VictimfashionStreet by Meihui Liu a Japanese Designer based in London, who specializes in vintage stuff, and so many more. Basically, we are a multi brands fashion boutique. How do you arrange the boutique in order to grab the attention of customer? From the front of our store to the back, everything should feel inviting. People should want to investigate, touch, feel, smell, and try out merchandise from the second they enter the store. Buyers have so many questions in mind when they’re deciding whether or not to purchase something. Our displays should effectively and decisively answer these unspoken questions every minute that a person is shopping. Instill confidence and trust in each customer. Peak their interest. Making them want to tell their friends about how unique their shopping experience was. What roles does each of you play? How do you resolve conflicts, if they ever arise? We both are managing the boutique. Dividing the work between us; I'm handling the advertising, modeling and hunting for local and designers abroad, to bring in our boutique. My sister Esraa is handling the financial matters, Instagramming, and we both cooperate in designing. Who are some of your favorite designers? Alaa: Alaia, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Mcqueen, Dolce&Gabbana, Prada and Balmain. Esraa: Prada, CHANEL, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana.


"Fashion boutiques can be fun businesses to open, as they are hip, cutting edge and fresh."

Photograph by: Abdulaziz AlShayji


September 2013





Can you describe your boutique in three words? Chic, Hip and Trendy. What are your best sellers? Summer floral dresses are so popular. "Besht,” a traditional Arabic men’s cloak is also popular in Arabia and some Arabic countries, it is always on demand. T-Shirt policy is also one of our best sellers in Kuwait and the GCC. What are your future plans? We are planning to open new branches in GCC countries and a website to ship worldwide, and of course to bring in the latest in fashion and make our customer satisfied. What are some of the items you believe every woman should have in her closet? First of all, a tailored blazer is classic, feminine and looks great on all body types. Use accessories like a printed scarf or Statement piece of Jewelry as the 'bright' piece to complete your look. Also, a fitted pair of jeans, a little black dress, and an emerald green item, which is the color of 2013!

Photograph by: Abdulaziz AlShayji

" We are planning to open new branches in GCC countries and a website to ship worldwide."

How would you describe your personal styles? Alaa: Bohemian, Hippie, Edgy, Vintage and Glamorous. Esraa: Chic, Playful, Eclectic and Fresh. Your message for us at CityPages magazine? I would like to thank you for the wonderful interview and your coming is highly appreciated. Keep up the good work! We, at Hangers Boutique's love the magazine and we’re really looking forward to future issues.

September 2013



Blog Name: Danderma Started from: August 2008 Category: Lifestyle



Please introduce yourself and let our readers know a little bit about where you’re from and say a few words about how you got started in the online world.

However, the most popular blogs are the ones who arrived on the scene with a unique concept and a distinguished style.

Hi! I'm Nada a.k.a Danderma: a Kuwaiti blogger, writer, photography lover, and a vegetarian foodie. When I started reading blogs years ago I'd leave comments so long that one of my favourite bloggers, Yara was her blog's name, suggested I open up my own blog and I did. It's been my little virtual space and very own private window to the world ever since where I share and document my thoughts, writings, travels, my photography trials, my mishaps in the kitchen, and everything I've come cross and enjoyed or hated and wanted to speak about.

What is the biggest blogging mistake you have done?

What do you find most challenging about blogging?

Keeping up with the rapidly changing blogging trends and finding new and unique topics to blog about. Is there a special meaning behind the name of your blog?

Danderma is the traditional Kuwaiti name used for ice cream in the old times. In a way that name reflect my blog's personality, me being an ice cream addict who loves sweets, fun, history, reminiscing about the past, all of which is reflected in my blog topics, which are as diverse as ice cream flavours. Are you a part time blogger or a full time blogger?

A part time blogger. How much time do you spend on your blog daily and weekly?

I spend about 2-3 hours daily on my blog, mostly in the evening time preparing for posts.

I've done many mistakes along the way but the good thing is that I've learned from them. One thing I do miss is the freedom that came with my blog's anonymity in its early years. I used to blog on the whim without thinking twice of what others might think but now I have to think twice before pushing that publish button. What methods do you use to make money from your blog?

I only accept blog sponsorship in the form of paid ad spaces. I don't allow paid posts. What methods do you use to drive traffic to your blog?

Mostly my topics and content is what drives readers to my blog and makes them want to come back. Being on blog aggregators such as Botamba helps as well as being social and interacting with other fellow bloggers. Can you please give few blogging tips for our readers to build a better blog?

Be unique. Find out what makes you different and sets you apart from everyone else and share that with the world. Post at least three times a week, always reply to comments, and stay away from sharing recycled topics from the internet that you didn't write yourself. Be honest about your reviews and do state if you've been asked to review something. Most importantly: love what you are doing and enjoy it. Your message for our magazine?

In your view, why do most bloggers fail?

Personally I don't think a blog can really fail. Just because the content is not original enough or it's not popular doesn't mean it's not successful or meaningful.

Thank you for this monthly feature and for choosing my blog for your blogger of the month. I enjoy reading your magazine's topics every month and I look forward to more monthly features of my fellow bloggers.

September 2013



Creating perfect window displays, one at a time.

Photograph by: Abdulaziz AlShayji

Spurred by her creative instinct to pursue a career as a visual merchandiser, Rasha Al Abdul Rezzaga is the creative visionary behind some of Habchi & Chalhoub’s best dressed windows. Her tactile and makeshift approach to visual merchandising has made her a distinguished industry leader. CityPages sits down with her to discuss her inspirations, work challenges and the creativity behind the brand.



Please introduce yourself to our readers? Half Kuwaiti, half Indian born in Mumbai raised in Kuwait. I work for Habchi & Chalhoub as a visual merchandiser in their fashion department. Please tell us about your education? Graduated from Kuwait English School in 2005 later achieved my Bachelors of Arts in Communication and Media from AUK, and a post- graduate diploma in Fashion Management from London. What lead you to pursue a career as a visual merchandiser and how did you get your start? I wanted a job in fashion retail but more towards the creative side. Something with styling, I also have an interest in interior design. What exactly is the role of the visual merchandiser? A visual merchandiser, in simple words is the eyes of the store. Which means; it is their job to make sure the stores look perfect; from the window display to the stock room. Every brand has their specific guidelines which we have to study and then make sure the stores are applying. This requires VMs to move around a lot as we have to divide our time equally between all our stores. What principles or strategies do you apply when creating a visual scene? How much preparation and planning is involved before the physical window dressing begins? As I work for multiple brands they all have different guide lines. Some of them are very specific with how they want the window or shop to appear. So they send us pictures and we implement it exactly. However others will give us a theme and we have to stay within that theme. Often I am required to work with graphic artists to create animations or visuals

which the brand has asked for. Once I know what I need it’s just a matter of spending a day installing. How long does it usually take to finish a display? Again really depends on what has to be displayed, sometimes it can take a full working day or sometimes it could just take a few hours. I have worked 12 hours in the past. How does it feel to be the only Kuwaiti in this field? (Laughs) I wouldn’t say I am the only Kuwaiti in the field, but definitely one of the very few. But it feels good to be doing something different and exciting to know I’m one of the few. What are some of your favorite material? I love working for Paul Smith and Carolina Herrera. CH is a very busy store and I am constantly challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone. With Paul Smith there is always an unconventional window concept. He loves toys so we have different toys in the window, once we put a toy of a dog starring up at the mannequin and then a dog bone in the mannequin’s hand. Stuff like that, also I’m a huge fan of his designs and the way in which he gets his inspiration. Who do you admire? There are many people I admire but if I had to mention one it would be Tom Ford. I just think he is very smart and has really mastered how the fashion industry operates. Other than him it’s just anyone that inspires me to be better at my profession. What do you love about your work? I love my job because I love fashion and I get to work with clothes, shoes, bags and accessories all day. It’s like playing dress up for a living. What are some of the most fun, exciting

projects you’ve done so far? I remember my first month of work we had an in store preview of the new Carolina Herrera collection. I had to have meetings with hairstylists and make- up artists to get the looks for the models and I also had to merchandise the whole store to make sure it looked perfect for the event. What are some of the challenges that you face? Well there are many challenges, as this is very creative work it can be very subjective, there is no right and wrong. As a visual merchandiser you need to remain creative, while meeting brand guidelines, company guidelines, and taking into consideration the cultural norms. Where do you take inspiration from? From the brands themselves, I follow up with what they are doing in their stores all over the world and try to modify it to fit the Kuwaiti market. Your fashion statement? Create what you wish existed. Do you have any advice for budding visual merchandisers? Or perhaps a piece of wisdom you know now with experience? It is a lot of fun, if you are the type that doesn’t want a desk job this would be ideal for you. But know that it is not as glamours as you may expect, you have to be on your feet for long hours, climb ladders, in take a lot of dust at times, could hurt yourself, need some muscle mannequins are quite heavy, and your nails will break so keep them short! Your message for us at CityPages magazine? I really like the way this magazine has grown in the past year also I am a huge fan of Zouch fashion. Keep up the good work! September 2013



CityPages goes

FOOD Tasting

CityPages visit Fauchon Restaurant at the Prestige, Avenues. 68

The CityPages team was invited to the Fauchon Grand Prestige branch, in the Avenues Mall to taste whatever our hearts desired on their menu, provided that we give them genuine feedback. They are very nicely located right in front of the exit to Harvey Nichols, being a quiet spot to meet for a business or social lunch or dinner. It is tucked far away from the noise and traffic of the mall and hence attracts a more discerning clientele. The ambiance was quite friendly and inviting, featuring an up-market modern brasserie-style dĂŠcor; the staff were friendly and hospitable to a fault. Their menu selection is vast and is actually quite waist friendly while the food still manages to be extremely tasty, fresh and can quite easily hit the spot even before the main course is served. Their portion sizes are generous so I recommend either a starter or a main course but not both, as I can guarantee that the first course will suffice as the last. Keeping that in mind, I opted to go for a starter only and ordered their Ocean Caesar Salad, a rather smart take on the standard for all those seafood lovers, featuring grilled jumbo shrimp and sea scallops cooked


September 2013



CityPages goes

FOOD Tasting

to perfection atop a bed of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and boiled eggs. I must say, had it not already had a large lunch I would have definitely ended up finishing the entire serving. Previous experience taught me that desert was something I had to have or I would have left the mall feeling quite sullen, so I ordered a Drowning Brownie which featured a brownie drenched in heavenly vanilla custard and covered in chocolate flakes. I tried to keep myself from devouring the entire cup, and our GM was slowly but surely trying to pry it away from me. No one won except the desert which I managed to polish off. I forgot to ask how his Êclair was, although he did end up finishing his plate too. Fauchon feature a nice variety of chocolates, condiments and exotic teas for sale. I would recommend visiting their shop if looking for a present to take to a housewarming or a dinner party. They offer the best little array of solutions to that never-ending problem. I ended up purchasing their own label good skin tea, packed with anti-oxidants meant to improve texture and promote collagen production. I think I will write a review once done with the box, so stay tuned. All in all our dinner experience at Fauchon was well worth it and a pleasant surprise. I think I may have found a place to treat my business associates the next time they are in town or to take by bff’s for a gossip filled lunch.



September 2013



Sarah M. Al-Hajji Culinary School Graduate

Passionate about healthy cuisine and creating delicious pastries.

Packing Power Snacks EDIBLE CONTAINER idea: Raw Red Pepper

Ask The Chefs o Cut off the top of the pepper, deseed and devein it. o Place hummus in the bottom of the pepper and the veggie sticks on top, then stick the top of the pepper back on.

I love carbs, especially white rice in my main meal, but what can I substitute it with?

o Or Jam pack the pepper with an avocado and corn salad dressed with olive oil, salt, pepper, and lots of lemon juice to prevent the avocado from turning black. Add some nuts for crunch. Avocados are rich in potassium, folic acid, and fiber. EDIBLE CONTAINER idea: Raw Cucumber

I am sure many of you are sick of eating the food sold at the workplace, Universities or given out on airplanes. The majority of the food is vaguely nutritious, and also very heavy on the stomach. I, for one, cannot stand the smells and sights of airplane food. Not only is it very high in sodium (causes bloating) but it is not entirely fresh. Even the salads in those tiny bowls are no way near big enough to provide you with your necessary nutritents. Therefore, packing your own meal is your next best choice. But who has the space to carry tupperwares on a plane? No one. So all the meals you pack should be contained in an edible or disposable container. Similarly, in your workplace, you may want something fresh and new each day, a change from your everyday cafeteria food. In this article I will give you fresh ideas on how to pack a delicious and nutritious meal for the airplane, work, or school that is easy, and refreshing.


o Cut the top of a cucumber and scoop out the seeds using a thin knife and small spoon. This will create a cave inside the cucumber which you could stuff with a mixture of goats cheese and sundried tomatoes or hummus. • Take boiled eggs to work, and place them on a toasted slice of whole grain bread smothered with natural labnah or hummus (instead of mayo), olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and fresh mint leaves. •Pack a lentil salad. Make this by boiling orange lentils and adding them to cubes of roasted butternut squash, toasted pine nuts, and wilted spinach. Dress the salad in Greek pepper. It might feel awkward at first, but don't be shy to dig into your homemade snacks.

You can substitute white rice with the following: • Brown rice • Amaranth grain • Quinoa • Cracked Bulgur Wheat • Freekah • Farro • Barley All of these can be boiled, then added to our favorite vegetables and proteins.


Photograph by: Yusif Al-Hajji

Plate of the month

Chocolate Cremeux Tort After all this talk about healthy foods, we deserve something indulgent and sweet for a change. My recipe of the month is a chocolate cremeux tort. This tort is fabulous, it is so rich, and can go with anything from ice cream to caramelized nuts. It is essentially a ganache made with crème anglaise. I decided to make this tort using crème anglaise because I wanted the texture to be creamier and richer in comparison to the standard ganache. When using crème anglaise instead of whipping cream to make ganache, you make a “chocolate cremeux”.

Method: 1. Melt chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water making sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the bottom of the pan. 2. Make the crème anglaise by whisking the milk, yolks, sugar and vanilla bean paste then placing them in a pan.

Ingredients: 200g Dark Chocolate 200g Creme Anglaise 50g egg yolk 100g milk 50g sugar Vanilla bean paste

3. Place the pan on low to medium heat and keep stirring your anglaise with a spatula till it thickens and coats the spatula nicely. 4. Pour the cooked crème anglaise over the melted chocolate and combine till thick and glossy. 5. Pour the mixture into a greased tart tin or mold lined with baking paper. 6. Chill. De-mold. Serve with caramel, ice cream, or whatever you sweet buds crave. September 2013



CityPages goes

FOOD Tasting

New Fine-Dining Turkish-Iranian Eatery hits the spot with affordable classics! Beautifully presented dishes and an inventive menu at Qasr AlAgha Certainly a unique, and perhaps even pioneering concept, Qasr AlAgha is the latest addition in the long list of restaurants owned and managed by Qoot International restaurants Management Co. This new restaurant is located on the 7th floor of AlMoltaqaTower in Farwaniya, serves a fusion of Persian and Turkish cuisines. As you enter the restaurant you are enthralled by turquoise-hued Persian decor with a touch of Turkish culture. The spacious place is provided with a large number of tables and chairs. If you are after a bit of privacy (or peace) head for one of the 13 cabins, each one of them can accommodate up to 6 persons at a time. Even one of them can be joined together to accommodate more than 20 people. So if you want to arrange a small friend or family gathering this can be a great special occasion destination. There is a variety of soups that you can choose from. We opted for yoghurt soup and lentil soup. I loved



the yoghurt with garlic Turkish style soup. There are plenty of hot and cold appetizers, either alone or in combination, and all are accompanied by Turkish pita, a fluffier, chewier version of its more ubiquitous cousin. Among the hot mezzes, don’t miss the Kubeh Sewar AlSet — delicious kubeh with pistachio, chicken pistachio — chicken balls stuffed with pistachio and the best one that our whole team loved Spanacopita - Sambousek with Feta cheese & spinach. The cold mezzes are uncommonly good and it was difficult for us to choose from a long list of 25. However, hommos, zucchini eggplant mutabal, vine leaves and Turkish salad were exceptionally delicious. And hearty is definitely the word for the Maraq. You can choose from 7 different types of Maraq though we tried Chapzi maraq features fresh lamb — a bit overcooked when we tried it — simmered with spinach and red beans and Okra Maraq. The kebabs are various and popular. The adana kebabs with ground meat are redolent of red bell peppers and paprika, while the Chelo kebab is September 2013


flavoured with pistachio. Lamb chops are freshly grilled and Eggplant Kebab is hard to forget. The speciality of Qasr Al Agha is that it caters to all palates from seafood lovers to pasta foodies by offering some pasta and seafood dishes on the menu. As for dessert, the servers — young and quite helpful — may steer you toward the notably flaky and not overly honeyed baklava, Osmaliya – Turkish kunafa with cream or the Kazandibi – famous Turkish desserts. Though other desserts looked quiet appealing too. Our visit to this restaurant was nothing short of amazing. It’s a creative and appealing mix, made more so by the quality of ingredients, the warm service and the stylish surroundings.



Qasr AlAgha is located in Farwaniya, on the police station roundabout in al Moltaqa Tower, 7th floor. Tel. 24747798, 24747789

September 2013



Cool New Gadgets To Add To Your Wishlist A spoiler-blocking web extension, Nerf's farthest-firing gun, and more

Kreg Tool Automaxx Bench Klamp 3" Reach

Hospitality Umbrellas Rainshader Vertus Audio Vertus The Rainshader is the toughest umbrella on the market. Because its 10 fiberglass ribs extend below a user’s shoulders, the helmet-shaped umbrella is less likely to invert. In wind-tunnel tests, it withstood gusts up to 38 mph without blowing inside out.

With a pair of Vertus receivers, a user can stream music to two speakers in different rooms. The Bluetooth-enabled dongles plug into any speakers with a 3.5mm connector. Then they pair with an audio source as well as each other. They have a 30-foot range for makeshift stereo systems or indoor-outdoor parties.

Devotec Industries Fuel Micro Charger

Brookstone Fogless Shower Mirror

The Fuel Micro Charger is the smallest backup cellphone battery yet. The lithium-ion battery connects via micro-USB to a phone, providing about 25 minutes of extra talk time. Engineers used flexible printed circuit boards to fit all the components in the 1.3-by-0.9-inch aluminum housing.


The Brookstone shower mirror won’t fog up no matter how steamy the bathroom gets. A user fills the cup above the 12-by-9-inch stainless-steel mirror with water. The water trickles down behind the metal, bringing it to the temperature of the shower and preventing condensation.

The Automaxx bench clamp automatically adjusts to the thickness of a piece of wood. Instead of turning a knob to hold down a two-by-four, a user just closes the clamp. When a bar within the handle slides down to the cam lock, the bar and lock engage, keeping everything steady

Milwaukee Tool Fastback II

The Fastback II one-handed utility knife opens three times faster than two-handed versions. After a user pushes a release button on the handle, the carbon-and-steel blade swings into place with a flip of the wrist.


Silencer The Chrome extension Silencer blocks spoilers from social networks by filtering out posts with words that could ruin a TV episode or sporting event. A user enters a keyword or chooses a list; for example, the Arrested Development list weeds out 38 trigger words.

Arduino Robot Meet Arduino’s first preassembled robot. The 7-by-4inch wheeled robot has two microprocessors—one for the motor and one for the sensors—an LCD screen, a digital compass, and a handful of other inputs.

Giro Air Attack

Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion With a 100-foot range, the Centurion shoots farther than any other Nerf gun. To boost distance, engineers added a massive spring. They also designed a heftier dart with twice the circumference of a standard one so it gains more momentum and carries farther.

The Air Attack helmet significantly reduces drag. After wind tunnel tests, Giro engineers found that the tapered tail on a helmet doesn’t aid aerodynamics in many situations. So they nixed it. For cooling, a suspension system holds the shell three millimeters above the head; as a result, air flows under the helmet at the forehead.

Fans Haiku LED Nvidia GeForce GTX 780

With this feature, called ShadowPlay, the GPU’s encoder auto records the last 20 minutes of action, at 1080p and 30 frames per second.

The blades, motor, and lights are all integrated into the body of the Haiku LED ceiling fan, making it the thinnest one available, at just 2.6 inches thick. Air foils on the motor help direct heat away from the electronics, which control the 18 dimmable LEDs.

September 2013



10 Best fashion apps This is the go-to source not only for up-to-the minute fashion news, show reviews and catwalk images, but an extensive archive that goes back to autumn/winter 2000. There are also interviews, beauty news and trend pieces to fill the gap between fashion weeks.

Chic Feed Street-style fashion sometimes rivals the catwalks as a source of inspiration and entertainment. This app compiles in one place the most popular streetstyle snaps on the internet from sites such as The Satorialist, Face Hunter, Lookbook and Altamira NYC.

ShopStyle Window shopping online can be a bit of a chore as you visit each of your favourite sites in turn, but this handy app compiles them in one place. Search through 2,000 brands, including high street and designer labels and filter by price, colour, and discount. For those who are watching the pennies, you can request sale alerts for your favourite products.


Gilt Groupe Online shopping has made bargain hunters of us all, and this handy app makes it even easier. It lets you access the latest sales for women, men and children, indicating the hours each deal has left and which designer is next in the list. It has a handy zoom option to scrutinise items before checkout, which you can do from the app, too.

Style Book Who wasn’t envious of Cher’s computerised wardrobe in Clueless? This nifty app is a pocketsize version. Simply upload pictures of your clothes and create packing lists for holidays or pre-plan your outfits to make mornings that much easier.

Fashion Terms Deerstalker, bolero, brocade, Mary Jane... if it’s all Greek to you, this fashion dictionary includes all the basic terms you may need to translate. Well laidout, terms are organised alphabetically and divided in to garments, accessories and textiles and some definitions are aided by a descriptive drawing, too.

Go Try It On Even those who prefer shopping alone could occasionally do with a second opinion, and this app provides just that. Upload a photo of you in the outfit you’re not sure about to the Go Try It On community and you’ll have a response that helps you to decide in no time.

Trendabl In the vein of Instagram and Facebook, this is a social network just for fashion fans. Upload a photo, filter it and tag it to allow users to browse photos by categories such as skirts, swimwear, or shoes.

Upper Street This store’s app offers a portable shoe studio to design one-of-a-kind footwear which can then be made to order. It’s a fun, user-friendly way to play with colourpalettes, styles and heel height.

Net-a-porter magazine was the gamechanger in online shopping, and the relaunched weekly magazine – headed by Lucy Yeomans, formerly of Harper’s Bazaar – hopes to do the same for online editorial with exclusive video content and recommendations tailored to you.




The iPad is truly a device for all ages. Its innovative touch screen and endless app choices draw us in, but it can be confusing for parents to choose the right games to download for their children. To help sort through the muddle, here our pick of the top seven iPad apps for kids. Monster Hunt: The Memory Game (For ages 5 and up) Featuring little monsters that will undoubtedly remind kids of the popular movie, Monsters, Inc., this app is aimed at strengthening memorization skills. Although the suggested minimum age is 5, younger children and toddlers can give it a whirl, since the premise is quite simple: See monsters and remember where to find their matches. Fruit Ninja (For ages 1 and up) One of the most popular iPad apps for kids, Fruit Ninja is a fun, colorful game that involves swiping at fruit on the screen in order to “cut” through them at a challenging pace. It now comes with assorted backgrounds, new HD graphics, new blades and new challenges. Adults are just as addicted to this game as kids! Alien Assignment (For ages 4-8) This scavenger hunt-type adventure begins when a family of aliens crash-land on Earth and ask the player help to fix their spaceship.The game involves taking photos with the iPad camera in order to play along. Different items needed include “something to clean with,” “something yellow” and “something that you read.” It’s a great free app that parents and children can play together.

Sushi Monster (For ages 7-12) Sushi Monster uses addition and multiplication to solve problems and feed the fun monster. Players earn stars and trophies for solving equations and getting the monster food. This is a great game for quick math practice – kids won’t even realize their doing it! Angry Birds (For ages 5 and up) Another wildly popular app for kids, Angry Birds is a fun game that can either be played together or solo. Players must fight against the Bad Piggies who stole Angry Birds’ eggs by using the birds’ unique powers. Children will learn about logic and physics by playing this fun, interactive game. Fish School (For ages 3 and up) Toddlers love the Fish School app; it’s the perfect way to teach little ones the basics of counting and the alphabet in a fun, interactive way. The game has eight educational activities that teach counting, numbers, the alphabet, shapes, colors and more. Doodle Jump (For ages 4) A so-called “insanely addictive” app, Doodle Jump features Doodle the Doodler, an endearing little creature who goes on a journey while avoiding black holes and blasting evil minions with his “nose balls.” Doodle Jump teaches interactive activities in a fun learning environment.


September 2013



‫‪Faisal Ben Dhofari‬‬

‫‪General manager / Owner‬‬ ‫‪Click integrated Media Solutions‬‬

‫اآليباد في حياتنا‬

‫جتده تقريبا ً في يد كل طفل وال يستغني عنه الكبار ‪ ،‬وكلنا نعرف هذا اجلهاز الصغير املسمى‬ ‫ب " اآليباد" الذي انشهر في فترة قصيرة ‪ " .‬اآليباد" هو جهاز لوحي مت صنعه من شركة " أبل‬ ‫" سنة ‪ ، 2010‬ميكن تعريفه بأنه احلالة الوسطية التي جتمع بني الكمبيوتر احملمول و املوبايل‬ ‫ليصبح حل وسطي بينهم‪ .‬فكثير منا ال يحب حجم شاشة املوبايل للتصفح أو مشاهدة‬ ‫األفالم ‪ ،‬والبعض اآلخر يجد الكمبيوتر احملمول " ‪ "Laptop‬ثقيل نوعا ً ما لصعوبة نقلها من‬ ‫مكان آلخر‪ .‬ومن هنا نشأت فكرة صناعة األجهزة اللوحية لتكون مبثابة منزلة وسط بينهما ‪.‬‬ ‫وبالطبع شاشة اللمس على جهاز " اآليباد " كان أفضل اختراع لسهولة استخدامه باألصبع‬ ‫بدال ً عن “املاوس” و”الكيبورد” ‪ ،‬فهو يتميز بشاشة واضحة جدا ً ومتعددة اللمس ويجعلك‬ ‫تشعر بأنك متسك االنترنت بني يديك ‪.‬‬ ‫يدعم " اآليباد " تقريبا ً جميع برامج الكمبيوتر واملوبايل ‪ ،‬فهو ميكنك من تصفح االنترنت‬ ‫‪ ،‬متابعة البريد االلكتروني ‪ ،‬مشاهدة الصور والفيديو ‪ ،‬قراءة الكتب ‪ ،‬االستمتاع باأللعاب‬

‫‪Faisal is a Social Media and Online‬‬ ‫‪Marketing expert. He established‬‬ ‫‪his company a few years ago and‬‬ ‫‪has successfully implemented‬‬ ‫‪several highly successful online‬‬ ‫‪campaigns for a wide range of‬‬ ‫‪clients, ranging from private‬‬ ‫‪business to government‬‬ ‫‪agencies and some non-profit‬‬ ‫‪organizations.‬‬

‫االلكترونية ‪ ،‬والتعامل مع الكثير من التطبيقات العلمية ‪.‬‬ ‫مع ظهور " اآليباد " وتعلق األطفال في هذا اجلهاز كثيرا ً ‪ ،‬بدأت مخاوف األمهات واآلباء منه‬ ‫خوفا ً من أضراره ‪ ،‬لكن أعلنت شركة " أبل " من خالل مؤمتر" أبل عن التعليم " عام ‪2012‬‬ ‫رسميا ً بامكانية استخدام جهاز " اآليباد" في مجال التعليم باملدارس‪ .‬وبدأت بعض الدول‬ ‫باستخدامه في املدارس مثل كوريا ‪ ،‬تركيا واالمارات وغيره‪.‬‬ ‫ومن مميزاته في التعليم بأنه سهل احلمل مقارنة لشنطة الظهر ‪ ،‬وسهولة تنصيب البرامج‬ ‫التعليمية ‪ ،‬وامكانية تصوير املستندات والنشرات وحتويلها الى مستندات الكترونية بصيغة‬ ‫(‪ . )PDF‬بالنسبة لي التقدم التكنولوجي تخطى كل حدود اخليال في السنوات االخيرة ‪ ،‬وهذا‬ ‫التحول التكنولوجي مهم في حياتنا على أن يؤثر ايجايبا ً في مجال التعلم والتعليم وعملية‬ ‫التواصل واحلصول على املعلومات‪.‬‬ ‫‪‬‬



September 2013



What is your current job title? Currently I am working as a freelancer on projects to expand my professional experience, and to be more involved in every aspect of a project. What is a day at work like for you? Due to the fact that I am freelancing at this moment, a day at work is always a surprise if I may say so. Because there is no fixed timings, I try to set my meetings with potential clients in a location that gives them an idea of where the project will be heading. Also a day at work means a lot of moving around. I spend the day looking and choosing materials, visiting lighting companies, rental companies, flower shops and so on to get samples for the client. Please tell us about your education? My dad works for the embassy and because of that I was fortunate enough to have traveled and studied abroad. Throughout my middle school, and high school I had spent 6 years in Madrid, in the American School of Madrid. I then went back to Kuwait and graduated from Bayan Bilingual School. I enrolled in the American University of Dubai as an Interior Design Major. Can you tell us a little about your career path? During this time as I have mentioned I am focusing on my freelance work, and trying to earn as much experience as I am able to. I am planning hopefully in a couple of months, to apply to bigger companies that are involved in all aspects of Interior Design. Of course one day, I am planning to start my own company and use all the experience I get to be successful and bring something new to the table. What do you enjoy most about working in the Interior Design field? I have worked for a while in an event company. What I love most about Interior Design field is the opportunities and the wide range of choices you can take advantage of. Because of my Interior background I was able to work as an event planner/ designer. I really enjoy working on projects that after months you go from scratch, to creating something beautiful. What are your Interior Design strengths? My interior design strength is that I enjoy planning very much. I love organizing everything before hand. This helps me to reach my goals on time and also please my costumers. What qualities make you the People’s Person? I think in this business the most important thing is to be outgoing and social. This helps build your name and have more clients. However, what I think makes me stand out, is I believe to go out of my way to give my client exactly what they want and to make sure they are happy. What are your weaknesses? My weaknesses are that in this business you need to be very patient, because a lot of times you are dealing with other companies that will offer you what you need. (ex. flooring tiles) In these situations I need to be patient because a lot of times the delay may come from them. Give us an example of when you thought outside of the box. How did it help you? I have worked on a wedding once, and when working on this project; which was in Dubai, to introduce the Kuwaiti sort of weddings. This helped our client, to have a wedding that is set up differently and it was something new and creative.



What do you do to de-stress and stay motivated? I personally like to play Volley Ball, I have been doing so all my life, and to me that is the best way to calm down and pull myself together. What keeps me motivated is I enjoy looking at fashion runways and get inspiration from the models and designers. How do you respond to criticism? Criticism is never something easy to take, especially when you believe so much in what you are doing. However, you also need to know to grow you need to take these comments and work harder and fix whatever you have to fix. I always keep that in mind, and it helps me. Along the way, have there been any individuals who particularly impressed and inspired you? Although a lot of people are inspired by great artists or designer; there are 2 friends of mine who inspire me a lot. They may not be huge names now, but they inspire me to keep working and taking advantage of any life experience and using it into your form of art, and mine meaning Interior, or events. I believe those types of inspirations not only help you to come up with unique design and also grow you as a person. How does social media fit into your work? These days social media is a huge aspect of our life. For interior design I find a lot of inspiration online, Instragram, Facebook and so on. Also social media helps me to spread my name out and my sort of work. I believe its a great way to publicize your work and also learn more. How you organize, plan, and prioritize your work? Simple, calendar!!! Once you have your calendar filled with every little detail you need to finish and your due dates, things get so much more easier. I always fill in my calendar with every detail to make sure I am on track and not forgetting anything. You have to be realistic and give yourself time to finish tasks, that way things will run much more smoothly. I like to go on with my career giving every project as if its my one and only priority. That way all clients are happy and I am more satisfied, at the end any work I show will reflect who I am as a designer. What advice would you give to Interior Design students, and those who are soon to graduate? To the ID students, those four years are so crucial; spend your time working on your project and push yourself so when your out in the real world it actually does prepare you to whats coming. To those graduating, always grab any opportunity that will help you grow, be patient, spend the time and effort and you will find yourself climbing that ladder. What work have you done recently, which makes you really proud? Actually I am working on a project right now, and it is in the spa sector. I am really proud of this project I feel that it will be a great success and a new interior concept that will shock most people because it is not what you usually expect. I am really happy working on this project and hopefully it will reach the expectations I have for it. Your message for our magazine? There is no such thing as I can not! You work hard, you believe in yourself and you will surprise yourself on how much you can do. If you are afraid of starting something for your career, thats when you know its so huge and so good; and thats when you should dive into it; take control and push yourself until you see you accomplished it. Only great ideas will give you the rush of fear and I believe that is a great feeling. September 2013



John Peaveler

A monthly article contributed by John Peaveler and Ayeshah AlHumaidhi of K'S PATH

On Friday, the 2nd of August 2013, a threeyear-old girl was attacked by a pack of at least six dogs in Khairan area. The poor victim of this attack incurred serious injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family in this time of tragedy. However, the ensuing inhumane and brutal massacre of more than 80 reported stray dogs (to date) perpetrated by a group of individuals must not be condoned. This statement questions the nature and objective of actions taken in retaliation to the attack, offers an insight into the nature of Kuwait’s stray dog overpopulation crisis, discusses the shortcomings of official animal control methods adopted to date, and concludes by proposing a long-term, safe and effective alternative successfully tested by K’S PATH. The mauling and risk of assault of an individual by a pack of stray dogs is a serious concern that warrants definitive action by the relevant authorities to safeguard the community through humane measures – which in this case is incumbent upon the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources (PAAFR). PAAFR currently lacks the funding, equipment, or expertise to implement and enforce preventive and remedial measures. In most cases of such nature, members of the community approach K’S PATH as it is presently the sole organization with demonstrated capability in capturing and handling stray dogs in Kuwait. Unfortunately in the aftermath of the recent incident, some of the individuals involved chose another route by taking matters into their own hands through vigilante actions. As this statement goes to press, there are conflicting reports of more than 80 dogs shot or killed so far; some of them by stabbing,


running over, and dismemberment or decapitation. This original group of animal abusers blatantly publicized their actions on Instagram in a boastful fashion with graphic imagery of cadavers of murdered dogs, which further encouraged other individuals to follow suit by killing more dogs in what appears to have now taken a form of barbaric competition to slaughter as many dogs as possible to seemingly ‘avenge’ the attack on the little girl. Indisputably and as a responsible measure to avert recurrences, the dogs that attacked the girl should have been identified, captured, and humanely euthanized (killed using a ‘good’ process of death). In fact, none of the dogs roaming Kuwait’s streets belong here. What we must ask ourselves as a concerned community is whether a responsible and sustainable solution to Kuwait’s stray dog overpopulation lies with the impulsive and brutal recourse of a few individuals with hatchets, shotguns, rifles, and knives running around on a violent campaign of death, or whether we should instead adopt a more effective, humane and safer form of animal control. Personally, I don’t believe Kuwait has any need to resort to violence to solve this problem. In point of fact, I have spent the last four years developing a program of animal control for Kuwait that is humane and effective, with the purpose in mind of making our communities safer. In Kuwait, and across many countries, the initial program of animal control adopted used lethal gunshot. However, program administrators and field technicians soon concluded that gunshot is messy, ugly, dangerous for the community, and ineffective

inhumane massacre of stray dogs in two ways. Firstly, in order to ensure the death of an animal, the projectile must pass through the brain and enter the spinal cord. Any other single shot is very likely to merely injure or cripple the animal causing great suffering and potentially creating a more desperate, aggressive animal. Secondly, it is nearly impossible to eradicate an entire group of stray dogs through this method because dogs will not tolerate the sound of a gunshot. The dogs that flee will be extremely difficult or impossible to catch, eventually becoming what in this field is termed ‘capture resistant’. Gunshot did not last as a form of dog control in Kuwait for these very pragmatic reasons, and it is now forbidden for anyone to shoot dogs. As gunshot was phased out, poisoning became the preferred method of control. It still is, though it is in the process of being replaced with the method I will propose last. Poisoning fails as a medium for dog control because only a fraction of the intended number of dogs will eat it. Of those who do ingest it, not all of them will die because quantity consumed is a crucial factor. Poison is extremely inhumane to the animal as it takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 72 hours to kill, again depending on dosage, rate of digestion, etc. Furthermore, poison will kill a stray dog as easily as an owned dog as well as a fox, a cat, an eagle, or a child. It is entirely indiscriminate. Lethal gunshot and poisoning as forms of dog control have never been used effectively as a large-scale, long-term form of population control anywhere in the world. They have been used to affect short-term reduction in the overall population size, but they have never solved a large-scale dog problem. Both


have been tried for many years in Kuwait with neither succeeding, leaving no possibility that either one will suddenly solve our stray dog problem. The most important factors to consider with these two forms of dog control are that they are unsafe, ineffective, and inhumane. Furthermore, they are outdated and have no place in the modern world. It is the equivalent of investing in steam technology to power our busses when there are much safer and frankly better methods available. Although packs of stray dogs running loose in Kuwait have been an issue for a long time, the numbers of dogs has been increasing in recent years. This rise in numbers has been caused by an increase in the rate of dog ownership, a steady increase in the number of fighting dogs and attack dogs, and the emergence of breeding clubs and organizations. As a result, we now have a steadily increasing number of abandoned dogs. Nearly every society on the planet faces a problem with pet abandonment, and Kuwait is no different. Consequently in Kuwait, we see a vicious cycle wherein an abandoned dog may survive a winter season, breed at least once, then die a few months after giving birth to a litter of puppies consisting of between 5 and 12 individuals. Of those puppies, on average 8 out of ten or fewer will not survive to adulthood. With this type of cycle, the population slowly grows despite all of the risk factors including human cruelty, piecemeal attempts at animal control, car accident, dehydration, disease, and starvation. Unchecked, the stray dog population of Kuwait now exceeds 5,000 individuals, reflecting studied knowledge of all areas except Wafra and Abdully. In 2011, the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) approached K’S PATH with a problem: they wanted a better solution to the stray animals effecting their housing and assets because of a growing concern for resident and worker safety. To begin with, I conducted an assessment of the number of dogs in the area of the Ahmadi township. The result of the count was between 800 and 1,200 dogs, depending on breeding cycles. The next step was a demonstration of the methods I would be using to prove that they work. In general, we use three methods for catching

dogs: capture by hand or with various poles and nets, capture by humane live trap, and chemical capture using dart projectors. Humane live trapping is our primary method of capture. Using ten traps and working alone, I spent a lonely night in Ahmadi catching 11 dogs in only a few hours of work. The numbers made sense, and we decided to proceed with the program. Over the next year, I spent nearly all of my working time in Ahmadi, working all night most of the time and often very early mornings. Having received all of the equipment needed and hiring an additional person to do the work, the two of us were able to catch nearly 1,400 dogs in less than a year. The program was overwhelmingly successful. People felt safe in their community for the first time since they could remember, no longer fearing large packs of roaming dogs. Men were stopping us to thank us for making it safe for them to walk to their mosque in the morning. KOC was very pleased with the results of the program and expanded our contract to include all of their assets. We now receive on average one dog complaint in the Ahmadi township per month, and we are able to rapidly resolve the complaint in most cases. We use very complicated methods that require years to perfect, but here are the basics: At any complaint location, we first conduct an assessment of the dogs. Any dogs that are friendly (i.e. can be caught by hand) are transferred to the K’S PATH animal shelter in Wafra where they will get a chance to be adopted by a loving family. We then identify pack leaders and pack outcasts that will be very difficult to catch. Next, we deploy our equipment in a scientific methodology to catch the remaining dogs. Using these methods, we have been able to catch as many as 75 dogs in a single night. What happens when we catch a dog? If the dog is friendly in the trap, we transfer it to our shelter. If the dog is not friendly, we embark upon a painstakingly meticulous process of humane euthanasia. As an animal welfare organization, our primary goal is to prevent the suffering of animals. While most of our other programs focus on education, wildlife rehabilitation, habitat protection, and animal adoption,

our population control program must, by necessity, find a balance between public safety and animal welfare. In the case of stray dogs, this means that our responsibility is to examine the situation and find the most humane solution to the problem. A dog in one of our traps is therefore treated with compassion and dignity whether it is friendly, aggressive, or shutdown in fear. We cover our traps with tarps to make sure they are as calm as possible, and then we administer a surgical dose of anesthesia. Once the animal is under general anesthesia, we administer a lethal injection that painlessly causes cardiac arrest. This method is humane for the animal, safe for the technicians and the community, and extremely effective. Using these methods, we have secured contracts with KOC and Saudi Arabian Chevron as well as service agreements with multiple other companies. We introduced our program to demonstrate to the government of Kuwait that humane animal control could work in Kuwait and prove to be effective without requiring animals to suffer through the process. We have more than achieved what we set out to do. We are keen on and available to help the government to design a similar program, and we are inclined to undertake any amount of work or training that is needed to make the program function. I will offer a couple of points of caution, however. Our program operates at a very high standard because we care about the animals we work with and I require the utmost diligence from my staff. If the people employed in such functions do not operate from compassion for animals, then animals will suffer and the program will not be humane and therefore less effective. Further, animal control fails when undertaken as a business by a company – companies are driven by profit considerations and as such a company tasked with the removal of stray dogs cannot make money if all dogs are removed. Animal control programs around the world operate most effectively as a public service – no differently than a police department or an emergency medical service – with program funding optimally expended on quality equipment, trained staff, and operations; not for profit. Given our limited financial patronage and human resources, we at K’S PATH have currently stretched this program as far as effectively possible. Our capability to expand is constrained by feasibility which presently affords us just two staff members across all operations of the program. Had we more staff aboard, we could have covered other areas in dire need of animal control, including the dogs at Khairan who attacked the little girl, and prevented the tragedy. Having pushed our operations as far as they can go, we can only continue to hope PAAFR will adopt our tried-and-tested program to keep our communities safe. For further information on our program and how we can help, I can be contacted at September 2013



Art in a frame

It is better to have a meaningful life and make a difference than to merely have a long life. We want to make a difference, and that is why we came together and created the Artronauts. We are a group of art enthusiasts from various schools and colleges in Kuwait and outside of Kuwait comprising of a range of nationalities, with a diverse range of skills and a common passion. We strive to create innovative, cultural, social and environmental art based on social design. We aim to bring a change in our environment, our beautiful world, through the medium of art and design by raising awareness in our community and recognizing our social responsibility. Our recent event was collaborating with West Elm in the Avenues. We had the opportunity to show case our work that included sketches and drawings that were done on the spot. Khurram is a 27 years old architect. He is an active member of Artronauts, he covered the West Elm event by taking pictures of his colleagues while painting live. Bashayer Al-Shamari is a 23-year-old, has Diploma of Graphic Design- Box Hill College and currently is a graphic design student at the American University of Kuwait. “It was an exceptional experience, painting on the spot, contributing with the audience, and sharing ideas and thoughts with the young artists who are really talented. Moreover, West Elm provided us the perfect atmosphere for productivity and creativity�. Hessa Ahmad Al-Kandari born in 12-1-1992 is a student at BHCK and is studying interior, “ mixing colors is my life, therefore West Elm



was truly an amazing experience and had such a down to earth vibe”. Alaa is 24 years old alumni, working as a graphic design TA at box hill college. She found out that she was passionate about arts when she was 17, since then, she is trying to develop her skills. “The West Elm was a great experience where the Artronauts members had an opportunity to draw and paint live”. Alia Al-Qabandi is 21-year-old student majoring in Graphic Design at the American University of Kuwait. “ West Elm is one of my favorite furniture stores, and so when I found out we were collaborating with them it was truly delightful. Their atmosphere was very calm and welcoming, it was a great experience working in a such a positive and happy atmosphere”. Lastly, Jena Al-Awadhi is a 20-year-old Mass Communications & Media student at the American University of Kuwait, she was one of the enthusiast artists that was determined to make a difference and was dedicated to the event. Overall, the event was very successful and it made a difference. A big thank you and appreciation to the West Elm team for providing us with such a delightful experience.

September 2013



Instagrammer of the Month Please introduce yourself and let our readers know a little bit about where you’re from and say a few words about how you got started in the online world? My name is zahra'a and I am better known as Zori. I am 21 years old and from Kuwait. People knew me by twitter when I did a commercial for NBK three years ago, and then I started by posting my daily outfits on Instagram around one year ago. What do you find most challenging about Instagramming? To get to accept and satisfy the tastes of people in the poses and the allocation of time to work on the blog. Studying and working conditions and the practice of my daily activities. Is there a special meaning behind the name of your blog? Yes, it introduces me by my name and its a name given by friends and family and has a funny story since I was a kid. How much time do you spend on Instagram usually? It depends about what I want to post or what happened in my daily life, What the people need or ask for. What methods do you use to make money from your blog? I love to help people who have a small business by trying their stuff and giving my opinion about it and posting their work on my page without asking for money except for big businesses. Your message for our magazine? I would like to thank you for this interview as it will make people to know more about me and I am very excited to join the CityPages team as it will give me a new window to meet my followers and CityPages readers.



September 2013



Victoria by Victoria’s Secret

Chanel No.5

Introducing the all new Victoria by Victoria’s Secret. Victoria is inspired by everything women love about Victoria’s Secret: Forever young glamour, attractive lingerie and the most covetable fragrances and perfumes. Infused with modern sensibility, this new fragrance is the perfect touch of allure and is completely irresistible. Created with the finest perfumers in Paris and New York, Victoria features an aromatic burst of Red Berries, a heart note of signature Victoria Rose and the warmth of Crème Brûlée. It’s a fresh, floral, fruity blend that captures the timeless appeal of Victoria’s Secret.

Every 30 seconds or less the famous Chanel No. 5 is sold around the world. The fragrance which also is one of the few perfumes to have continued to exist for over 90 years, was created by the French fashion designer Coco Chanel who came up with the idea for a fashion show that was present in 1920. The fragrance required using some ingredients that would retain its scent longer than the flower essences that were used at the time. Coco Chanel contains 80 ingredients, from flower oils and what not. Interestingly enough, Ernest Beaux (Russian and French perfumer) had helped to create this little diva by combining this right “combo” and the beautiful scent was created. Chanel No. 5 is a scent that can smell fundamentally different from one woman to another. Indeed, extremely complex blend of aldehydes and floras including rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, lily of the valley and iris - layered over a warm, woody base of vetiver, sandalwood, vanilla, amber and patchouli. However, No. 5 can respond in amazing ways when exposed to body chemistry. One woman may love Chanel No. 5 for its powdery floras and fresh soap smell, while another is wrinkling her nose at its harsh chemical and musk tang. With this perfume, you pay your money, you take your chances - but we recommend getting a sample before you buy. The famous “Chanel no.5” is a favorite perfume for a lot of popular celebrities, for example, Marilyn Monroe, who said that all she wore to bed was a few drops of Chanel No.5, Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tautou. It is apparent now that this is a much more than a simple scent, but what is the story behind it?


Many believe it is the shape of the bottle itself that has helped the fragrance's ionic status. The Chanel No.5 bottle is widely regarded as a powerful symbol of beauty, modernity and the longevity of timeless design. In her book Tilar J. Mazzeo's, The Secret of Chanel No. 5, the complete story of the scent's creation, iconic status and unexpected success has been search out , she mentions "When we think of Chanel No. 5 today what comes to mind above all is the bottle. It's the part of the product for most of us that is immediately iconic. In fact, it's one of the curiosities of its history that far fewer people are able to identify the perfume by its scent alone - a strange state of things for a legendary fragrance". We can all agree that the design of Chanel No. 5 bottle today is still popular and unique iconic, and can be picked out by customers, historians, experts. Since the death of Coco Chanel in 1971, the variety of Chanel perfumes has been expanded to include Cristalle, Antaeus pour Homme, Coco, Egoiste, Allure, Une Fleur de Chanel, Chance, Coco Mademoiselle and Allure Sensuelle. But Chanel No. 5 remains the world’s top seller perfume, with sales of about million pieces a year. After the death of Coco Chanel, the company of Chanel refused to sell its name license, instead, it kept the sole run of all the products that bear the valuable and luxurious label of Coco Chanel.


The creative method gave ASAMA Perfumes the time and the opportunity to craft a fragrances working with the highest quality ingredients in a bottle. Using the Arabic and Western scent as a unique concept point of the fragrances, they welcome your comments at Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @ASAMAPerfumes

Interesting No.5 Facts : 1-No. 5 was created in 1921 2- Ernest Beaux helped to develop the fragrance, and he used over 80 notes to create the spray. 3-The No. 5 name was given because Coco Chanel chosen the fifth sample Ernest Beaux supplied to her. 4-No. 5 was one of the first to make use of aldehydes, synthetic components of scent which exalt and put in layers of complexity. 5-The unique vial shape that looks like diamond gave the perfume out of the ordinary style in the market. 6-In 1968, Catherine Deneuve had her first advertising contract for Chanel No. 5, followed by eight more leading ladies. In 2012, Brad Pitt advertised the No.5, marking it as the first time male actor representing a female fragrance. September 2013



‫على األقل تؤدي إلى تفاقم مجاالت االحمرار والتورم‪.‬‬ ‫في حني أن الكفير يعتبر من منتجات احلليب املستزرعة‪ ،‬إال أنه يحتوي على أنواع‬ ‫مختلفة من البكتيريا املفيدة‪ ،‬منها البكتيريا املفيدة املؤقتة التي حتافظ على نظافة‬ ‫اجلهاز الهضمي‪ ،‬وتوفر الغذاء للبكتيريا الصديقة املوجودة بالفعل‪ .‬باإلضافة إلى‬ ‫احتوائه على عدة سالالت رئيسية من البكتيريا النافعة التي ال توجد عادة في الزبادي‪:‬‬ ‫كالقوقاز امللنب‪ ،‬النستقة‪ ،‬األنواع الراكدة (البكتيريا)‪ ،‬واألنواع العقدية‪ ،‬كما يحتوي‬ ‫على اخلمائر املفيدة مثل اخلميرة الرائبة‪ ،‬والكفير املستخفية التي تساعد في موازنة‬ ‫النباتات املعوية‪ ،‬مبا في ذلك تعزيز اخلميرة املفيدة في اجلسم عن طريق اختراق البطانة‬ ‫اخملاطية‪.‬‬ ‫قد توفر اخلميرة النشطة للكفير والبكتيريا قيمة غذائية أكثر من اللنب‪ ،‬من خالل‬ ‫املساعدة على هضم األطعمة‪ ،‬واحلفاظ على بيئة القولون صحية ونظيفة‪ ،‬ويجب أن‬ ‫تعلمي أن حجم خثارة الكفير أصغر من اللنب‪ ،‬لذا يكون من السهل هضمه‪.‬‬ ‫كيف يصنع الكفير؟‬ ‫يصنع الكفير من خالل حبيبات حتتوي على البكتيريا‪ ،‬وتخلط اخلميرة مع الكازين‬ ‫(بروتني احلليب)‪ ،‬والسكريات املعقدة التي تخمر اللنب‪ ،‬وتتضمن الكائنات العضوية التي‬ ‫تخلق منتجا مستزرعا‪ ،‬ثم تتم إزالة احلبيبات بواسطة املصفاة قبل استخدام الكفير‬ ‫وإضافته إلى دفعة جديدة من احلليب‪.‬‬

‫يحتوي الكفير على أحماض ألفا هيدروكسي (أحماض الفاكهه) مما يقلل من عالمات‬ ‫الشيخوخة والتجاعيد‪ ،‬وهو شكل من أشكال حامض اللبنيك الذي يوازن مستويات‬ ‫الرقم الهيدروجيني في أجسامنا‪ ،‬فحمض اللبنيك املوجود في الكفير يذوب في‬ ‫الدهون‪ ،‬ويساعد على إزالة خاليا اجللد امليتة‪ ،‬أما حمض ألفاهيدروكسيل في الكفير‬ ‫فيقلل من ظهور النمش والندب‪ ،‬وميكن للكفير أن يساعدك في حتسني شكل ومظهر‬ ‫بشرتك وإبراز توهجها من جديد‪.‬‬

‫وإليك وصفتان رائعتان للوجه باستخدام الكفير‪:‬‬

‫امزجي دقيق الشوفان في الكفير‪ ،‬ثم أضيفي ملسة من صودا اخلبز إليه‪ ،‬وضعي القناع‬ ‫على وجهك‪ ،‬وافركيه بحركة دائرية‪ ،‬فهذا القناع سيساعدك في احلصول على بشرة‬ ‫أكثر نضارة وصحة وإشراقا‪.‬‬

‫امزجي كوبا ً واحدا ً من الكفير ونصف الكوب من دقيق الشوفان غير املطبوخ‪ ،‬وضعي‬ ‫املزيج في الثالجة ملدة ‪ 10‬ساعات‪ ،‬ثم اعصري دقيق الشوفان وتخلصي منه‪ ،‬وأضيفي‬ ‫بعد ذلك ملعقتي طعام من العسل الدافئ إلى اخلليط وامزجيهما جيدا‪ ،‬وبعد ذلك‬ ‫ضعي القناع على الوجه‪ ،‬واتركيه ملدة عشرين دقيقة ثم اشطفيه جيدا (هذا القناع‬ ‫مستحسن للبشرة الدهنية)‪.‬‬

‫إذا كنت تعانني من مرض جلدي التهابي‪ ،‬مثل حب الشباب أو االكزميا أو الصدفية‪ ،‬فقد‬ ‫يكون النظام الغذائي اخلاص بك هو املسؤول عن هذه احلاالت‪ ،‬وبواسطة إعادة تعايش‬ ‫أمعائك مع البكتيريا اجليدة ميكنك أن تبدئي في عملية معاجلة االضطرابات االلتهابية‬ ‫في جلدك‪.‬‬ ‫عالوة على ذلك‪ ،‬فإن استخدام املنتجات املوضعية التي حتتوي على البكتيريا اجليدة‬ ‫سيعود بالنفع على سطح اجللد فقط‪ ،‬فالنظام البيئي الداخلي املتوازن يعتبر عنصرا‬ ‫حيويا لصحة اجللد‪ ،‬لكن استخدام املنتجات التي حتتوي على البكتيريا اجليدة ميكن أن‬ ‫يخفف أيضا من التهابات اجللد ويسهم في تهدئة البشرة‪.‬‬ ‫خبيرة جتميل ‪ ,‬خبيرة تغذية ‪ ,‬مدربة ‪ ,‬كاتبة ‪,‬عضو االحتاد الدواي للصحفيني وجمعية‬ ‫الصحفيني الكويتية األكاونت بإداره اإلدارة زيبا رفيق عنوان جمالك‬ ‫تويتر & انستغرام @‪zeeba_rafiq‬‬ ‫‪‬‬



‫‪Zeeba Rafiq‬‬

‫خبيرة جتميل ‪ ,‬خبيرة تغذية ‪ ,‬مدربة ‪ ,‬كاتبة‬ ‫‪,‬عضو االحتاد الدواي للصحفيني وجمعية‬ ‫الصحفيني الكويتية األكاونت بإداره اإلدارة‬ ‫زيبا رفيق عنوان جمالك‬ ‫تويتر & انستغرام @‪zeeba_rafiq‬‬

‫عندما نسمع كلمة بكتيريا يتبادر إلى أذهاننا فورا أثرها السلبي في احلياة واجلسم‪ ،‬لكن هذا‬ ‫الكالم ليس صائبا ودقيقا‪ ،‬ففي الوقت الذي توجد فيه بكتيريا ضارة‪ ،‬توجد بكتيريا يحتاج إليها‬ ‫اجلسم وتعتبر ضرورية الستمراره وأيضا لصحة البشرة ونضارتها وموجودة في أجسامنا جميعا‬ ‫الكثير منها‬ ‫وهناك أدلة تثبت صحة هذا الكالم‪ ،‬وتؤكد أنها تدعم املناعة الصحية والهضمية‪ ،‬كما تشير‬ ‫الدراسات احلديثة إلى أن البكتيريا في شكل «البروبيوتيك» ميكن أن حتصن بشرتك أيضا‪ .‬ال‬ ‫تستغربي من هذا االمر‪ ،‬فالبروبيوتيك يستخدم منذ فترة طويلة ملنع األكزميا عند األطفال الرضع‪.‬‬ ‫البكتيريا‪ ،‬كغيرها من اخمللوقات اجملهرية الصغيرة‪ ،‬تعيش في األمعاء وعلى اجللد‪ ،‬وميكن لبعض‬ ‫البكتيريا مثل الساملونيال أن تسبب التهابات‪ ،‬ولكن ليس كل البكتيريا سيئة‪ ،‬فبعض األنواع حتسن‬ ‫صحتك من خالل التصدي للبكتيريا الضارة التي ميكن أن تسبب املرض‪ ،‬والبروبيوتيك هي البكتيريا‬ ‫املفيدة واملهمة واحليوية التي تعمل مع جسمك بدال من العمل ضده‪.‬‬ ‫وعلى الرغم من أن استخدام البروبيوتيك برز مؤخرا في األسواق الصحية‪ ،‬فان العلماء قاموا‬ ‫بدراسته في وقت مبكر من عام ‪ .1900‬ومؤخرا أثبتت الدراسات أن هذه البكتيريا اجليدة تفيد‬ ‫الصحة‪ ،‬وهي عنصر مهم في اخلبز واللنب والزبادي واجلنب‪ ،‬واليوم تتوافر البروبيوتيك في املكمالت‬ ‫الغذائية ومنتجات العناية بالبشرة‪.‬‬

‫ميكن للبروبيوتيك أن حتصن دفاعات بشرتك أيضا ضد‬ ‫املواد الكيميائية واملسببة للحساسية‪ ،‬إضافة إلى‬ ‫املواد التي ميكن أن تعطل وظيفة اجلدار احلاجز للجلد‪،‬‬ ‫وتسبب التورم واجلفاف وزيادة حساسية اجللد‪.‬‬ ‫وهناك مفاجأة مهمة بالنسبة إليك‪ ،‬وخصوصا إذا‬ ‫كنت تعانني حب الشباب‪ ،‬فبسبب قدرة البروبيوتيك‬ ‫في احلفاظ على التوازن الصحي بني البكتيريا اجليدة‬ ‫والسيئة على اجللد‪ ،‬فهي عالج طبيعي وفعال ملكافحة‬ ‫لقد وجدت جميع الفحوص اخملبرية التي حترض‬ ‫مجموعة متنوعة من البكتيريا املفيدة ضد حب‬ ‫الشباب البروبيوني (امليكروب املسؤول عن البثرة التي‬ ‫تظهر على ذقنك) أن جميع سالالت البروبيوتيك تعمل‬ ‫على إيقاف مسارات البكتيريا الضارة‪.‬‬ ‫والبشرى السارة لنا جميعا أن البروبيوتيك ال يستفيد‬ ‫منه الشباب الذين يعانون أمراضا جلدية مثل األكزميا‬ ‫فقط‪ ،‬فاألدلة املستجدة تشير إلى أن هذه اخمللوقات‬ ‫املفيدة قد تؤخر ظهور عالمات الشيخوخة املبكرة‪.‬‬ ‫وجنبا إلى جنب مع قدرة البروبيوتيك على تعزيز وظيفة‬ ‫جدار اجللد‪ ،‬فهي قادرة أيضا على مساعدة اجللد على‬ ‫احتضان الرطوبة‪ ،‬والنتيجة بالتأكيد‪ :‬جلد ناعم ورطب‪،‬‬ ‫كما تشير الدراسات األولية إلى احتمال أن تقوم‬ ‫بعض سالالت البروبيوتيك بحماية البشرة من أشعة‬ ‫الشمس الضارة‪.‬‬


‫‪September 2013‬‬

‫حب الشباب‬ ‫معظم أطباء األمراض اجللدية يصفون املضادات‬ ‫احليوية لقتل البكتيريا التي تسبب ظهور حب الشباب‪،‬‬ ‫ويدرس بعض أطباء األمراض اجللدية اآلن البروبايوتكس‬ ‫باعتبارها وسيلة لعالج حب الشباب مع احلصول على‬ ‫نتائج مبشرة‪.‬‬ ‫وقد وجد الباحثون الفوائد التالية‪ :‬البروبايوتكس‬ ‫الفموي تقلل من عدد عيوب حب الشباب‪ ،‬أما كرميات‬ ‫البروبيوتيك فتعمل على تقليل االحمرار املرتبط بحب‬ ‫الشباب‪ ،‬إلى جانب أن تناول البروبايوتكس عن طريق‬ ‫الفم يقلل من شدة اآلثار اجلانبية للعالج باملضادات‬ ‫احليوية‪.‬‬

‫تقوم العديد من شركات مستحضرات التجميل‬ ‫بإضافة البروبايوتكس إلى كرميات وأمصال مكافحة‬ ‫الشيخوخة‪ ،‬فكلما تقدم اإلنسان في السن تصبح‬ ‫بشرته أرق وتفقد الرطوبة‪ ،‬وتصبح حساسة أكثر‬ ‫للمهيجات اخلارجية‪ ،‬وتفقد قدرتها على حماية نفسها‬ ‫من العدوى‪ ،‬ووفقا ملعاهد الصحة القومية فإن كرميات‬ ‫اجللد التي تتضمن بروبيوتيك حتمي اجللد من البكتيريا‬ ‫الضارة‪.‬‬

‫تعتبر إضافة البروبايوتكس إلى نظامك الغذائي‬

‫وعنايتك الروتينية للبشرة أمرا سهال‪ ،‬وإليك بعض‬ ‫الطرق البسيطة واللذيذة لالستفادة من البكتيريا‬ ‫اجليدة‪:‬‬ ‫أوال‪ :‬تناولي الروب (اللنب الزبادي) يوميا‪ ،‬وحلسن احلظ فإن‬ ‫العديد من الشركات التي تصنع الروب تقدم خيارات‬ ‫كثيرة لتصنيع الروب اللذيذ ما ميكنك من التنويع في‬ ‫اختياراتك أو ميكنك صنع الروب بنفسك وجعله ألذ‪،‬‬ ‫وذلك بإضافة املزيد من الفواكه املفضلة لديك إلى‬ ‫اللنب‪.‬‬ ‫ثانيا‪ :‬اشربي احلليب البروبيوتيك أو الرائب‪ ،‬فالعديد من‬ ‫األغذية الصحية حتتوي على مشروبات بروبيوتيك لذيذة‬ ‫ومختلطة بالفاكهة‪.‬‬ ‫ثالثا‪ :‬أضيفي اخمللالت‪ ،‬وخصوصا مخلل امللفوف إلى‬ ‫وجبات الطعام‪ ،‬وللتأكد من أن توابلك حتتوي على‬ ‫البروبايوتكس‪ ،‬اختاري التي مت تخميرها وغير املبسترة‪.‬‬ ‫رابعا‪ :‬تناولي املكمالت بشكل يومي‪ ،‬واستخدمي‬ ‫منتجات العناية بالبشرة املصنعة من البروبيوتيك‪،‬‬ ‫فالبروبيوتيك تعمل على حماية اجلسم من البكتيريا‬ ‫الضارة‪ ،‬والتقليل من أعراض أمراض جلدية معينة‪.‬‬

‫الروب (اللنب الزبادي) هو بيت العالج الشائع الذي‬ ‫يستخدم البروبيوتيك لتحسني البشرة‪ ،‬ويحتوي على‬ ‫حمض اللبنيك‪ ،‬الذي يعتبر مقشرا لطيفا للبشرة‪،‬‬ ‫وتساعد البكتيريا اجليدة في الزبادي في مكافحة‬ ‫البكتيريا املسببة لألمراض التي قد تكون في اجلذور‪ ،‬أو‬


Enjoy and spoil yourself in our special bridAL suite. Why we advice you to book in Layla Harmony!! We look carefully to take care of our bride from head to toe in an elegant and well atmosphere to obtain the best result of freshness, rest and relax. Being in a private suite the bride can feel the magic of the touch: lRomantic

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One week of luxury and special treatments. lRoyal bath with many kinds of fragranance (amber, raised, musk,…) leave the skin silky and smooth. lCollagene and oxygenating facial skin treatment leave your skin velvet and radiant. lAmazonian hand feet treatment: using a sugar scrub, moisturizing cream. Lightening mask. lRelax body massage using luxury kind of essential oils. lAroma bath: Jacuzzi. Stimulate circulation. Looser tense muscles and joints sooth and soften the skin. lRelieving stress. Freshness sensation. We organize the program depending on customer’s schedule. We have treatment for body bleaching as well and skin rejuvenation. We advice our bride if she has time to start one month before her wedding day to obtain perfect result specially if she has any skin problems. We have the pleasure to give you all beauty advice concerning your face, body, hair style and make up. Enjoy and have the best benefits to look perfect in this memorable day. Special Offer: Beauty Day You don’t have time!! You can book this package: 5 services and it will be done in one day, face and body. You can meet our beautician in salon to take all the information. We create a special ambiance in the suite to avoid disturbing the bride especially in this day, shy may feel tensed.


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Eyelashes according to the eye shape. The courses will be given in a nice and private ambiance. The customer will receive two diplomas from makeup studio academy (Holland) and one certification from Layla Harmony. We provide all the necessary products and tools during the course and we will offer you the basic products you may use for practice at home. Don’t hesitate to book and test the meaning of luxury and professional job.






September 2013



September Movie Releases THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS



Director: Harald Zwart

Director: Cody Guillermo del Toro Director: Cameron, Kris Pearn

Director: Joseph Gore Verbinski Director: Gordon-Levitt

Director:Ron James Wan Director: Howard

Starring: Lily Collins, Lena Headey, Jared Harris, Godfrey Gao, Jamie Campbell-Bower, Robert Sheehan

Starring: Bill Hader, Anna Faris, James Caan, Andy Samberg, Neil Patrick Harris, Benjamin Bratt

Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Rob Brown, Tony Danza, Jeremy Luc

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Alexandra Maria Lara, Daniel Bruhl, Olivia Wilde, Natalie Dormer, Christian

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Supernatural

Genres: Family, Comedy, Animation

Genres: Comedy

Genres: Sports, Adventure Synopsis: Set against the golden age

Synopsis: Set in contemporary New York City, a seemingly ordinary teenager, Clary Fray (Lily Collins), discovers she is the descendant of a line of Shadowhunters, a secret cadre of young half-angel warriors locked in an ancient battle to protect our world from demons. After the disappearance of her mother (Lena Headey), Clary must join forces with a group of Shadowhunters, who introduce her to a dangerous alternate New York called Downworld, filled with demons, warlocks, vampires, werewolves and other deadly creatures.

Synopsis: Cloudy 2 picks up where the first



Director: Denis Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg Director: Villeneuve

Director: Luc SethBesson Rogen, Evan Goldberg Director:

movie left off, with Flint Lockwood discovering that his evil machine which turns water into food "is still operating and now creating mutant food beasts. With the fate of humanity in his hands, Flint and his friends must embark on a dangerously delicious mission, battling hungry tacodiles, shrimpanzees, apple pie-thons, double bacon cheespiders and other food creatures to save the world… again.

Synopsis: Jon Martello (Joseph GordonLevitt) is a strong, handsome, good old fashioned guy. His buddies call him Don Jon due to his ability to "pull" a different woman every weekend, but even the finest fling doesn't compare to the bliss he finds alone in front of the computer watching pornography. Barbara Sugarman (Scarlett Johansson) is a bright, beautiful, good old fashioned girl. Raised on romantic Hollywood movies, she's determined to find her Prince Charming and ride off into the sunset. Wrestling with good old fashioned expectations of the opposite sex, Jon and Barbara struggle against a media culture full of false fantasies to try and find true intimacy


Starring: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo, Paul Dano, Maria Bello, Viola Davis

Starring: Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones, Dianna Agron, John D'Leo

Director: Ben Garant, Director:Robert Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg Thomas Lennon Starring: Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon, Rob Corddry, Leslie Bibb, Michael Ian Black

Genres: Drama, Thriller Genres: Suspense, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Genres: Crime, Action Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Genres: Comedy Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Synopsis: A desperate father turns vigilante

Synopsis: A mafia boss and his family are

Synopsis: An expectant couple moves into the most haunted fixer-upper in New Orleans and only the Vatican's elite exorcism team can save them - or can they?

and abducts the man he suspects is behind the disappearance of his eight year old daughter and her best friend, after cops fail to find the little girls and release the suspect. How far would you go to protect your child? Keller Dover is facing every parent's worst nightmare. His six-year-old daughter, Anna, is missing, together with her young friend, Joy, and as minutes turn to hours, panic sets in. The only lead is a dilapidated RV that had earlier been parked on their street. Heading the investigation, Detective Loki arrests its driver, Alex Jones, but a lack of evidence forces the only suspect's release.



relocated to a sleepy town in France under the witness protection program after snitching on the mob. Despite the best efforts of Agent Stansfield (Tommy Lee Jones) to keep them in line, Fred Manzoni (Robert DeNiro), his wife Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) and their children Belle (Dianna Agron) and Warren (John D’Leo) can't help but revert to old habits and blow their cover by handling their problems the “family” way, enabling their former mafia cronies to track them down. Chaos ensues as old scores are settled in the unlikeliest of settings in this darkly funny film by Luc Besson (Taken, Transporter).

Jack and Vanessa are an expectant couple that moves into the most haunted fixer-upper in New Orleans -- a house with a deadly demonic curse. Things soon spiral out of control for Jack and Vanessa, as well as theirnot-so-helpful neighbor F'Resnel, Vanessa's friendly psychiatrist, Vanessa's Wiccan sister Marjorie and the detectives assigned to look into the rising body count. Only the Vatican's elite exorcism team san save them -- or can they?

of Formula 1 racing, RUSH portrays the exhilarating true story of two of the greatest rivals the world has ever witnessed— James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Set against the sexy and glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing, Rush portrays the exhilarating true story of two of the greatest rivals the world has ever witnessed—handsome English playboy James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and his methodical, brilliant opponent, Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl). Taking us into their personal lives on and off the track, Rush follows the two drivers as they push themselves to the breaking point of physical and psychological endurance, where there is no shortcut to victory and no margin for error. If you make one mistake, you die.



Screen Wrier: Lee, Brin Hill, Director: RobertBenson Schwentke Chris Parker Starring: Josh Holloway, Laz Alonso, Josh Peck, Caity Lotz, Chris Brown

Genres: Drama, Dance Synopsis: Set in the international world of B-boying (the urban dance more commonly known as "breakdancing") follows an American dance crew who, with the help of their tough coach (Josh Holloway), struggle to reach their dreams despite being misunderstood by society and even their own families. Their lives collide in France where their skills are put to the ultimate test: the “Battle of the Year” finals, with crews from 18 nations vying for the title of World Champion.


Director:David Seth Rogen, Director: Twohy Evan Goldberg

Director: James Seth Rogen, Director: Wan Evan Goldberg

Starring: Vin Diesel, Katee Sackhoff, Jordi Molla, Dave Bautista, Bokeem Woodbine, Matthew Nable

Starring: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey, Danielle Bisutti, Lin Shaye, Ty Simpkins

Genres: Adventure Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure

Genres: Sci-Fi, Horror,Action, Thriller, Suspense Genres: Adventure

Synopsis: The infamous Riddick has been

left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon, however, he finds himself fighting for survival against alien predators more lethal than any human he’s encountered. The only way off is for Riddick to activate an emergency beacon and alert mercenaries who rapidly descend to the planet in search of their bounty. The first ship to arrive carries a new breed of merc, more lethal and violent, while the second is captained by a man whose pursuit of Riddick is more personal. With time running out and a storm on the horizon that no one could survive, his hunters won’t leave the planet without Riddick’s head as their trophy.


The famed horror team

of director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell reunite with the original cast of Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye, Barbara Hershey and Ty Simpkins in Insidious: Chapter 2, a terrifying sequel to the acclaimed horror film, which follows the haunted Lambert family as they seek to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.


Abdulaziz Al-Khamis

Abdulaziz is a Kuwaiti Film maker / Visual Artist and a Script Writer. He graduated from the UK, with a passion to mix art and visuals.

Fashion and cinema Fashion and Cinema consists of a series of events, on-stage conversations, seminars and screenings exploring the relationship between fashion and cinema. By looking at specific subjects we'll see how the two sectors have always fed each other in more or less evident ways. Favourite films, it's often their iconic sartorial associations that instantly come to mind. From Scarlett O'Hara's green curtain dress in Gone With the Wind to the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's, in which Audrey Hepburn immortalised the LBD, fashion and film have made fabulous bedmates. Even contemporary movies have made use of the symbiotic relationship between fashion and film - just take Uma Thurman's yellow leather Kill Bill jumpsuit or Keira Knightley's green dress in that scene from Atonement. Jess Wood, Fashion Features Editor at Marie Claire, elaborates on the link between film and fashion to MyDaily: "Ever since Hollywood's golden age in the 1940s and 1950s, when legendary Paramount costume designer Edith Head's creations lit up the screen and women the world over flocked to get the look, movies and fashion have gone hand in hand." And the influence goes way beyond the screen. With celebrities the darlings of the fashion world and stylists and photographers constantly looking to

create spectacular photo shoots, it's often the style of a particular screen siren or cinematic mood (i.e. Film Noir or graphic novels) that perennially inspires the fashion universe. "Movies are about escapism and so is fashion," Wood continues. "However, whereas fashion celebrates clothes as an art form in themselves, costumes take on a different meaning in the context of a film - they play a supporting role to the plot and often take on a deeper meaning, used to transmit key messages and moods." "Therefore, fashion designers love assocations with films because it gives their clothes wider cultural significance - without Breakfast at Tiffany's, it's fair to say Hubert de Givenchy's fame might not have been nearly as widespread (or long-lasting)." And the first place this starts is on the catwalk. For a/w 2010, for example, Hitchcock's icy blondes are centre-stage (definitely not for the first,or last, time), dictating the hair, make-up and fashion looks we'll all be sporting - we need look no further than the cropped trousers and ribbed cardis at Iceberg or the sculptural handbags and wasp-waisted styles at Prada and Louis Vuitton. And this season, films including Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and Shrek have inspired everything from from make-up collections to clothing

to fashion editorials (did you ever think you'd see the day when a giant green ogre is posing next to a scantily-clad model?) Some films have a lasting impact on the fashion world and serve as perennial inspiration no matter what the season or current trends - Love Story, Annie Hall and West Side Story are just a few that immediately spring to mind. One such movie is Grey Gardens - the eccentric fashions of Edith Beale and her daughter, Little Edie, are constantly being reworked in fashion spreads and on the catwalk. The decaying splendour of Edie's style, with her pieced-together outfits of furs, prints and blouses-and-brooches-asmakeshift-headscarves have inspired editorials from Steven Meisel's 1999 shoot for Vogue Italia, starring Amber Valletta as Little Edie to the September 2005 US Vogue shoot starring redhead Karen Walker and photographed by Tim Walker in an ancestral country manse to the October 2007 editorial in US Harper's Bazaar starring Mary Kate Olsen and Lauren Hutton as the Beales and photographed by Peter Lindbergh, not to mention countless others. And this is all before the HBO remake of Grey Gardens starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange even came out in 2009, which had the fashion crowd enraptured all over again. September 2013



Fame in the Adriatic “More enslaved than the Hebrews.” Chapter Seven Marcus’s green- and- gold carriage divides the crowd as Moses parted the sea. Luciano and his father stand on top of the carriage and grip the sides for support. Even before the carriage comes to a complete halt, Luciano leaps out of it, darting into the crowd toward a group of men who pin something down. I see his father yank the whip from Marcus’s hand then follows his son. The men pull up a thin slave from the ground and toss him at Luciano. He twists the black man’s arms behind the slave’s body and readies him for his father, who descends upon the slave with the whip. The leather strip cracks against the black body with ferocity. Everyone looks on in silence. Only the cracking of the whip and the grunting of Luciano’s father can be heard now. “Those damn Barnabites again.” Alfonso spits on the glass. Caterina throws herself at her husband-to-be, caressing his face. “Calm your nerves, husband.” “They’re the source of every disruption, and they’ve only been here a day.” The twins approach the window as well. Marco says, “But Alfonso, the wild mare is theirs, so, of course, they’d show up.” “Show up to do what? Beat him into oblivion? Haven’t they done enough with the animal already?” Alfonso moves back to the couch. Caterina asks Hafza bint Yazid to bring him a jug of water to cool his nerves. The young Ottomans squeeze among us to witness the beating through the window. The crowd decreases now that the slave is finally with his masters, and our line of vision clears up. I see Luciano’s father flog with all his might an unfortunate slave, the leather strip tears the wind with audible whooshes. “What do you mean?” I ask Alfonso. “‘Haven’t they done enough?’ What have they done? They were at Church all morning. They couldn’t have possibly been the source of this pandemonium.” I shouldn’t be defending Luciano. Because…well…he’s crazy. But like as I said before, I feel as though he’s my responsibility now, like; he’s my madman. The moment I saw him at Caterina’s, I felt as though his destiny was somehow entwined with mine, but of course, I can’t tell anyone what I feel because they’ll tell me I’m


not being “scientific,” and if sixteen-year-old Maria Botticelli intends to do anything with her life, it’s getting a university degree in science, so I continue to suppress my emotions, hoping to convince them with my performance that I’m just as curious as everyone else. Nothing more. Nothing less. “Their ship docked this morning Maria. They’d been mistreating their slave throughout their journey, but when it docked, they handcuffed him to the ship and left him there, while they settled in their new home.” “Why?” “To tame him. To teach him servitude and obedience.” I don’t get it. I blink through my confusion, so Alfonso elucidates. “Listen Maria, not all nobles are the same. There are some of us whose names remain in the Libro D’Oro,”—Alfonso volunteers an explanation before anyone formulates the question—“The Golden Book of Venetian Aristocracy, but who, for one reason or another, have lost all their wealth. The Pellegrinos were like that, aristocratic in name only, but not in lifestyle. Hence, ‘Barnabites’.” The subject of class, wealth, or economic stations fills the room with tension, keeping us all on edge. “But Luciano,” he nods with his head at the window where Luciano’s father continues to pelt the slave, “did something four years ago in Venice that changed his family’s station. He was fourteen years old at the time, so everywhere Venetians touted him as the new Fugger.” I remember Signora Barberino mentioning the name. Alfonso receives blank expressions. “Jacob?” He says. “Jacob Fugger the Rich?” No one, not even Hafza bint Yazid or her kids know who that is. “He’s a German who, like Luciano, turned into a money-making genius at fourteen? After studying in Venice, he grew his family’s wealth to such a degree that he ended up lending money to the Holy Roman Emperor himself? No? Nothing?” Brave Caterina asks, “So if Luciano has money now, doesn’t that make him a… well, not a Barnabite?” Alfonso spits again. “Luciano is a beggar in exile! Not only that, in fact, but he is also barred from most professional positions. Miners, traders, financiers, senators, you name it, they all hate the wretch. Venetian nobility liken him to the devil, and rightly so!” That’s a bit harsh. What could he have possibly done to anger all these aristocrats? Signora Barberino’s phrase plays in a loop inside my mind, “If you’ve money with Luciano, tell Lucifer good morrow.” Holy. “Look,” Alfonso says, “I don’t want to confuse you with the noble talk, suffice to say that this man,” he points at Luciano’s father, “developed a cheap hobby once he came into money. You all know how expensive slave owning has become since the Portuguese destroyed our monopoly on the slave trade, right?” Of course Caterina and her brothers are aware of it because they have not been able to afford one. And the Ottomans? They all sit as statues, afraid of uttering a single word lest Alfonso turns them into slaves. The relationship between our republic and the Ottoman ruler, Suleiman the Magnificent is decent. It is mostly due to the influence of Ibrahim Pasha, his Venetian born grand vizier. But politics are never stable, and the Ottomans know this, so they would rather hold their tongues then tantalize a slighted noble—a noble who keeps spitting in anger. “Well, some nobles actually look for slaves that show verve, defiance, and make it their life mission to subdue them, the way farm owners seek ‘wild mares,’ get it?” I wonder if Luciano’s father owned an actual farm in Venice. Alfonso affirmed my assumption that Luciano came to Corfu on Arturo’s ship. If he came from Venice, directly from his father’s farm, it could be why he wore riding boots in the morning instead of sandals. Maybe he left all his pianelles back at his father’s farm. Outside, the wild mare is whipped into servitude. What grabs my attention, however, is the whip itself. Oh God. It has indiscriminate victims, slashing both the slave and the son in unison. Caterina says, “So the boy’s father kept the slave handcuffed to the ship all morning to starve him? To diminish his energy? To make him easier to control?” Alfonso nods. Luciano’s father seems to have expended his own energy. He stops to regain his breath. I see rivulets of blood trickle down the side of Luciano’s face, but he is a statue of emotion, obscuring the pain with stiffness. Still holding the slave’s


arms behind his back, Luciano raises his right arm a little to wipe the blood on his chemise. When he is done his eyes linger in my direction. I wonder if he sees me behind the glass. The beating of my heart produces a burning sensation in my chest. It is unintelligible this feeling he stirs within me, but powerful nonetheless. He maintains his gaze, staring in my direction, until a whip of the leather strip catches his nose. He ducks his head first then looks away. The beating continues, mesmerizing us again, until Luciano stands up and drops the black man on the ground. His father barks a command to Marcus who hurries to Luciano’s side and throws the slave over his shoulder then on the carriage’s wooden floor. Luciano’s father rides with the fainted or dead slave, I do not yet know which one it is. Luciano stays behind. The last of the onlookers goes on his merry way. “Why…” I can’t even bring myself to speak anymore, strange, confusing emotions overwhelm me and I fear conveying a degree of feminine irrationality that will forever impair my reputation. Alfonso thanks Hafza bint Yazid for her hospitality and drops a golden ducat on the table before ushering us all out of the house. Luciano stands in the distance, waiting, looking. Caterina asks, “Why’d they beat him dead?” and her brothers explain that slave laws are very severe all over Europe. If the Pelligrinos had allowed the slave to escape, especially if it had hurt a citizen, they themselves could be penalized. This is why none of the Ottoman kids wanted Alfonso to assume that they’d been involved in the escape. But my mind is on Luciano who does not in fact follow me as I hoped he would. Instead, he moves back in the direction of the Well of the Knowledge. The moment I wonder whether he went there to wash his wounds or to tease me into his pursuit, I stop moving. “What’re you doing?” Caterina asks, her eyes oozing suspicion. “I wanted to see Giuseppe, just to, you know, check up on him.” “I didn’t see him in the crowd so I’m sure he’s fine.” Alfonso’s face churns out an expression of disgust. “You know that man is a heathen? Besides, he’s not even a citizen. Let’s assume you end up together.” Caterina cries out in protest but he silences her. “No Kitty, let’s assume they do. Let’s say you, me, the boys,” he points at her brothers, “and even Aunt Sophia herself bless this union, you think the republic will? What’ll happen to your children? They’d be more enslaved than the Jews. Maria, forget about him and look to your future. You owe your mother this much at least.” Caterina takes one step in my direction before her husband-to-be yanks her backward. “Leave her. Lord know she’s old enough to make her own decisions. We should go and buy tickets for tomorrow’s play.” Alfonso doesn’t allow Caterina to complete her sentence. “Maria can pay for her own ticket or she could ask the fisherman’s boy to beg for her. If she wanted to sit among us she’d trudge along. Boys!” My, my... Nobles are quick to anger. I wait for their bodies to shrink in the distance before I make my way toward The Well of Knowledge. I see his trousers’ legs sprawled on the ground. His feet and toes are exposed. My heart pumps faster. His riding boots are tossed to the side. I approach the well slowly and peer around it. As always, I am first and foremost captivated by his eyes, his deep, blue, penetrating eyes. “Hi,” I say, and only then do I notice his chemise crumbled in his hand on the ground, next to a black leather sheath with a silver knife and a handle made of onyx sticking out of it. A capital L in silver is printed on the surface of the sheath that is attached to a leather belt, lying on the ground like a black snake. Luciano leans his back against the wall and crosses one straight leg over the other. Some strands of his thick black hair, which is plastered backwards and soaked with sweat and water, stick out, a fringe pours over the right side of his forehead, barely grazing his eyebrows. What really catch my attention, however, are the scars. Two sets cover his chest and arms. There are thick red lines over swollen skin all over his arms, possibly the result of his father’s whipping, whereas the marks on his chest and neck are narrow, more like animal paws, or scratching by sharp human nails. They too seem recent. I check for a red mark above his nose and breathe a sigh of relief when I ascertain a very faint abrasion. “Maria,” he says breathlessly, “oh Maria.” “What?” God I hate the way he looks at me. It makes me so…I don’t know. I just

Nada Faris

Nada Faris is the author of Before Young Adult Fiction, a collection of award-winning short stories, poems and articles that is available at That Al-Salasil (Avenues Mall), Jareer Bookshop, and Kuwait Bookshop (Al-Muthanna Complex). For more of her work, please visit her website:

feel summer has gotten hotter and I am suffocating under this black dress! Any more discomfort and I might pour a bucket of water over my hair. I pull off my bonnet and squeeze it. “How do you know my name?” “Who doesn’t know ‘the educator’s daughter, the one, the only, Maria Botticelli’?” “You were on the street when Giuseppe—” “I clapped, Maria, but maybe I should have whistled?” His gaze accuses me of liberality. I will kill Giuseppe when I see him! “That…that was…” If my father didn’t impress upon me the importance of truth, the whole truth, the absolute truth I’d be a much better liar! Luciano stands up. He gives me his chemise to hold, then dips into the well and pulls out a bucket. He cradles it in his left arm, his right hand sloshes water over his biceps where the skin became inflamed. “Why…” I want to ask him why there are large scars on his arms and thinner ones on his chest but how can I ask without confirming my liberality? Luciano drops the bucket back in the well and stands in front of me. He is much taller than me, maybe even taller than Giuseppe. The scent of jasmine from earlier is now replaced with his body odor. He smells clean, like fresh water and sunlight. I force myself not to look at his stomach. Giuseppe was half dressed today and I love his chest muscles, but Luciano has a thin stream of hair that trickles all the way into his trousers, like a treasure path, just waiting to be explored, but I am not liberal, and so I hold his gaze as he wraps his belt around his hips, securing his knife in place. “Why did I ask you that question at Church?” No. Not really, but alright. You can answer that as well. I bite my lower lip and nod. “Because, I wanted to know if you’re the one.” September 2013



Nada Soliman


Meet Nada, our team member is simply a book savvy. Every month Nada picks her favourite book and shares with you its review. Please feel free to contact Nada to discuss your opinion or ask her opinion on your favourite book or author.


Next Month...

As promised last month, in this month I will be reviewing one of the greatest books I have received as a gift from a dear friend of mine. Ladies Night: 75 Reasons to Party with your Girlfriends (2008) by author Penny Warner. From the title you can see that it’s a perfect book for girlfriends who like to celebrate different occasions together. This book has 75 reasons interestingly titled celebrations for your fun as well as your girlfriends’ fun. The book has A to Z steps of what to do, who to invite; they are all homemade ideas of what to do with the invitations and the themes. This book is the ultimate guide to celebrations in your home or hosting it in someone else’s place. If you like to be the host or you just like attending these parties, this book is for you. Everything from PMS Pamper Party; Spicy Spanish Fiesta; Valentine’s Day Sucks Party; Cookies and Cocktails Christmas Party; and more! Penny Warner is an American author and teacher. Her books range in subjects from cooking to parenting guides to children's activities. In addition, she is the author of the Connor Westphal mystery series, about a deaf reporter in the California Gold Country. The first book in the series, Dead Body Language, won the Macavity Award for Best First Novel in 1998. Her children's mystery, Mystery of The Haunted Caves: A Troop 13 Mystery won the Agatha Award for Best Children/Young Adult Fiction in 2001, along with an Anthony Award for Best Juvenile Mystery. There is always a reason to party with this book, hosting a fabulous celebration has never been easier!


A great story by one of my favorite English




called Thanks for the Memories; it’s a beautiful novel that tells the story of two people who don’t know each other but they feel connected because of a blood transfusion.


SEPTEMBER Book Releases

September is usually one of the biggest months of the year for new book releases. Find out the hottest titles among the many releases below:

Bleeding Edge

Dissident Gardens

Thomas Pychon gives readers a fast paced novel that takes place in pre-9/11 New York in 2001. The dotcom boom has collapsed, but there are still some people making money in this new Internet world. Maxine is a single mother of two with a fraud investigation business whose life becomes more complicated when she starts investigating a computer security firm. Drug runners, the Russian mob, hackers and a string of other characters fill this novel of a particular moment in a particular place.

Dissident Gardens by Jonathan Lethem moves from the 1930s to present, following a family from Queens with passionate and radical politics. Rose Zimmer is an outspoken communist and force in the neighborhood. Over time, the book follows the evolution of her beliefs and the way the personal lives of the characters are shaped by and shape their politics.


Doctor Sleep

Someone looks at one woman's life from childhood to old age, working through the middle of the twentieth century in Brooklyn through the well described everyday and the growth of one character over time. It has been seven years since McDermott's last novel, and the literary world is looking to see her weave magic with this one.

What can we even say about the sequel to Stephen King's 1977 classic novel, The Shining? Is it highly anticipated? Yes. Are fans extremely excited? Yes. In Doctor Sleep, King revisits the character of Danny Torrance, who is now a middle aged adult working at a nursing home. He must protect a 12 year old girl he befriends from those who prolong their lives by torturing children of the shining. This should be the biggest book release of the month, if not one of the biggest of the year.

Five Days at Memorial

Songs of Willow Frost

Five Days at Memorial by Pulitzer prize winner Sheri Fink is a nonfiction book investigating the deaths of several patients at a New Orleans hospital during Hurricane Katrina. With power and resources failing, hospital staff had to make decisions about who received care first. Later, some were charged with giving death hastening drugs to some patients. After six years of research, Fink's book claims to reveal what really happened. This one has been billed as a gripping narrative, in the vein of Behind the Beautiful Forevers

Jamie Ford's Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet was a romantic read, but also a book club favorite with some history and deeper themes to discuss. For Songs of Willow Frost, Ford returns to Asian-American historical fiction. In this novel, a twenty-year-old ChineseAmerican orphan in Seattle sees a movie starring a woman he is convinced is his mother. Together with a friend, they search for the actress, Willow Frost.

Help for the Haunted


In Help for the Haunted, Sylvie Mason's parents go to an abandoned church at night to rescue her runaway older sister, Rose. Sylvie, who is asleep in the car, is awakened by gun shots. Her parents have been murdered. Sylvie is placed in her sister's custody, although she suspects Rose may have been involved in the deaths. Sylvie keeps her suspicions a secret, though Rose does not properly care for her. As the trial of the man accused of the murders approaches, readers learn more about the family through flashbacks.

MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood is the last book in her fantasy dystopian trilogy, which started with Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood. The story includes engineered part-humans, new religions and cautions about technology. Fans have been eagerly anticipating this conclusion, but if you have not read the previous books, it would be better to start there.

Thomas Pynchon

Alice McDermott

Sheri Fink

John Searles

Jonathan Lethem

Stephen King

Jamie Ford

Margaret Atwood

September 2013





Nadia AlHassan

The Plastic Heart “Right, today is going to be different. I have a special task for you all,” said my lecturer. I was sitting in class, bored as always and I was watching the clock tick and tick. Another long day at Kuwait University, I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to go home. I was deep in thought until my lecturer called out my name, “Khalid, come take your heart.” I was so confused, what did he mean by that? I walked to the front of the room and he handed me a plastic heart, I couldn’t hold in the laughter, this was just too weird. We all went home that day but this time we didn’t go home empty handed, we went home with a plastic heart. The task was to give the heart to somebody else

Nadia Al-hassan is a student in Ireland, studying Journalism. She is passionate about writing stories and poetry. Nadia loves helping people with her stories. She believes that words are so beautiful and powerful.

by the end of the week, somebody that really needs it, somebody that needs some cheering up, somebody that we can make smile. Who would want a plastic heart? How can a toy make somebody smile and I was a 23-year-old young man, wasn’t I too old for games? I told my older brother all about this task and he sat there listening to me with a very serious look on his face. When I was done explaining he then said, “I think that is a wonderful idea Khalid, your lecturer is trying to teach you all a valuable lesson.” This was getting ridiculous, was I the only one who saw how crazy this idea was. Throughout the week, I was being stubborn and I left my pride get the best of me. I didn’t want to give somebody a plastic heart, I didn’t see the point of all of this. But on Tuesday morning, I had changed my mind. I came across a poor man on the street, he was sitting out in the heat and he was so old and tired looking. As I walked by him, I could hear him weep silently. I couldn’t ignore it, this man needed help. As I approached him, I gave him some money and I sat beside him. He looked up at me with a big smile and bowed his head to thank me. We had a chat and he told me about his hard life and the very little money that he has to survive. As I listened to his story, I watched his face and it was full of wrinkles and I could tell that his life wasn’t easy. I handed him the plastic heart that my lecturer gave me and I told him that he should never give up on hope and it made him smile. “Sometimes it is nice to know that you are not alone,” he said. He took the plastic heart and I walked away, I felt quite good knowing that I made somebody happy. I guess I learnt a very valuable lesson that day, the world is full of ups and downs, some people are fortunate and others aren’t so fortunate. It is up to us fortunate ones to help others, make people smile and do what we can to make a difference in this world. And, it is up to us to lend people an ear so that we can listen to them and let them know that they are not alone. And then of course, we have a heart that is filled with love and we need to start spreading it more. The plastic heart was a symbol, a symbol of love and kindness that should be shared all the time. It taught me that there are people out in this world that struggle some days and helping these people smile can change their entire life, it could give them that bit of hope, that bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

September 2013





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Baby I


Ariana Grande

Gas Pedal


Blurred Lines


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Bruno Mars


Robin Thicke Lorde

Holy Grail

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Wrecking Ball



Cups (Pitch Perfect's When I'm Gone)





The Fox


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Wake Me Up!


Summertime Sadness


Hold On We're Going Home


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Anna Kendrick

Big Sean, Lil Wayne & Jhene Aiko Ylvis

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Still Into You


Love Somebody


Anywhere With You


Get Lucky


Crooked Smile



Miley Cyrus

Imagine Dragons Maroon 5

Daft Punk

38 39 40

Boys 'Round Here Blake Shelton

Can't Hold Us

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & Ray Dalton

Gone, Gone, Gone Phillip Phillips

Love More

Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj

Night Train Jason Aldean

Crazy Kids

Ke$ha &

Counting Stars OneRepublic



Lady Gaga


See You Again


Jake Owen

J. Cole & TLC

Give It 2 U

Robin Thicke & Kendrick Lama




Take Back The Night


Justin Timberlake

September 2013



Sahara Kuwait Resort Welcomes Guests “our concept of hospitality is to exceed the level of satisfaction that our guests expect when they are in all the resort’s facilities.” Hassan Bayerli General Manager





welcomes guests and visitors to an atmosphere of luxury and privacy in the vast green golf course view lined up with flowers to add more beauty. The team invites the guests and visitors to enjoy the premium lifestyle experience at Sahara. The Golf, The academy for golf education, the luxurious villas with unique green view and privacy, the fitness center and Spa, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, sauna and tennis and squash courts, while restaurants in the Resort offer exquisite cuisine according to quality standards in addition to the facilities available in meetings/events rooms that


are equipped up to date.

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Photograph by: Faith AlFahad

By: Abeer AlAbduljalil

Every woman has an inner Diva and all women deserve to have a fabulous Life & Style. A Life of a Diva is about you ladies and your perfect lifestyle! Always have a positive outlook and be always outfitted for success…

Twitter: @DivaGlam

This month our Diva “Abeer Alabduljalil” takes you to a new hip boutique in Kuwait - Revolution Boutique caters to fashionistas of all ages. Come inside and let's explore the new boutique together.

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By: Abeer AlAbduljalil

Revolution Boutique is a hidden treasure where modern meets new. Deema Al-Fuwaires and Fajer Al Ghanim opened Revolution Boutique earlier last April 2012. Located in the heart of the financial district in Kuwait city, Revolution Boutique caters to fashionistas of all ages. Their sophisticated clientele have the option of choosing from a multitude of high-end designers and unique, trendy pieces that are specifically hand chosen by them. As you cruise through their collection, keep in mind that selecting the perfect item to make you stand out in the crowd will be quick and effortless. After all, style is born out of inspiration, not imitation.

It carries over 40 brands, from the United States, to France, Sweden, UK, all the way to Australia. All brands are exclusive to Kuwait, some even in the Middle East. From their bestsellers, it carries MOO Eyewear, Zimmermann, Thierry Lasry, April May, Paul and Joe, Cynthia Vincent, Zanzans, Bec and Bridge, and many more! You can find different types of clothes ranging from everyday wear, Casual Chic, Accessories, Bathing Suits, Jeans, Dresses, Music, Candles, and even books.


Photograph by: Faith AlFahad

Revolution Boutique caters to women of all ages; grandmothers, mothers, and daughters!



Photograph by: Faith AlFahad

By: Abeer AlAbduljalil

Revolution Boutique is located at: Markaz Hamad Al Tejaria, Ali Al-Salem Street, Ground Floor (Behind Commercial Bank of Kuwait), Kuwait City, Kuwait. Tel. 99 25 67 95

September 2013






September 2013






Abir Achkar is a certified Image consultant and a designer behind Abir Achkar fashion couture brand. Her passion for art grew with her as she grew herself. Abir Achkar began designing from her love of fashion and art. She got her degree in Interior design and soon after, she decided to explore different aspects to art and studied Image and Fashion Consultancy. After many years of experience in the fashion and Image consultancy world and a contributing fashion writer ,Abir believes that fashion is a lifestyle rather than a trend after she decided to explore and create her own fashion accessories line to suit each woman's style personality. Abir Achkar fashion couture is a luxury brand made with premium Italian leather and craftsmanship. Her designs have become distinguished for their sophistication and meticulous attention to details. Each bag is combined with different elements, as treated exotic skin and high end accessories. Abir Achkar handbags considerable appeal to self-assured sophisticated women. Please introduce yourself to our readers. I am from Lebanon and my passion for art grew with me as I grew myself in a city they name it “Paris of the East" - Beirut, which was and still a constant source of inspiration to all of us. I got my degree in Interior design and soon after, I decided to explore different aspects of art and studied Image and Fashion Consultancy. I am a contributor writer in several magazines aswell. I started my fashion consultancy business and few years later my fashion line was born that's when I decided to design Handbags. How was your journey to become a designer? I always wanted to design. I began designing clothes, and finally ended up with handbags. Handbags definitely captured my heart. Being a certified image and fashion consultant, enables me to know the latest trends and how to implement it in the correct way into any bag to suit each woman’s style and personality. Moreover, it allows me to go into more detail in terms of color coordination and materials. As Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades but style is eternal.”

This perfectly explains how I am differentiated from other handbag designers as an image and fashion consultant. Bags should be created to suit a woman’s style as opposed to being designed to suit trends. Furthermore, being an image and fashion consultant, I pay more attention to detail as I am aware of how each little detail can affect a woman’s look entirely. What is the role of an image consultant? Image consulting focuses more on a person’s looks. Professionals in this industry will typically help their clients choose items like clothing, accessories, and makeup in order to look their best. A fashion consultant’s main job is to help their clients maintain a positive image. In order to do this, a client must go through several stages and analysis. These meetings also enable me to better understand my clients’ wants, needs, and personal styles’ also gives me an opportunity to go through the clients’ wardrobes with them, discarding unsuitable pieces and keeping pieces that are still good. A fashion consultant will help each individual client choose clothing that works best for their skin tone and body shape. When choosing September 2013



clothing I usually look for pieces that accentuate a client’s positive features, while drawing attention away from their less attractive features. My clients are brides to be, individuals ,students, and corporations. Why bags? are you planning to design something other than bags in the future? If I want to extend the line, I would definitely design shoes. What do you enjoy more? Designing bags or image consultancy? I believe both complement each other. What is your creative process like? Starts with an idea ,sketching, materials, color coordinating ,sourcing and then the best part is the outcome. What do you love about your work? I enjoy every aspect of my job; and when I see the smile and confidence on my clients face after the RE Looking (Makeover). What are some of the challenges that you face? I believe that fashion designers must overcome many challenges and obstacles in order to achieve success in such a competitive industry. I have to admit sourcing is always difficult but it’s also half of the fun, and love the challenge of research and finding ideas throughout my travelling. What’s next? What are your future plans? I am striving to have a strong foothold in the handbag industry, as I will continue my mission in collaborating with TOUFOULA - the children cancer non-profit organization, for which I decided to launch a Tote Dream bag and all proceeds go to this charity. Where do you take inspiration from?


I love travelling and usually I am inspired by my various travels. I especially love watching people, and the unique personal style each city or place has. To date, which collection has left the deepest impression on you? Each collection brings different excitement in me. Tell us of any awards you have earned and other achievements? Abir Achkar brand is well recognised by many middle eastern publications and the woman of the Gulf, as well as in Asia/Hong Kong, but personally the great priceless award I had was the appreciation and happiness I saw in those little fighters who suffer from cancer. Your fashion statement: My fashion statement: Simplistic, elegant and edgy would be the 3 key words, as I love experimenting and trying different things. I never wear something just because it’s “popular”. I love mixing high end pieces like Chanel or Givenchy with great finds at Zara or vintage shops. And I tend to lean towards things that are slightly unconventional and more forward thinking. Where is your collection currently available to buy? My collection is available in particular boutiques in UAE, Beirut and soon Asia, we also take orders through our Facebook page, social media, and through our website Your message for us at CityPages magazine? A bag is a woman’s best friend. “It contains all your personal belongings. It carries a woman’s identity. With bags, you can say something about yourself without having to utter a word.” Just have fun with it! Accessories are the perfect cherry on top of an outfit.


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The Designer and Owner of Lady Kismet With its mix of contemporary and traditional designs, quality materials and authentic workmanship, Lady Kismet jewelry reflects the influences of its designer, Shana Gulati, a former lawyer inspired by the beauty, lifestyle and culture of both her native India and her hometown of New York City. With this unique combination of style and spirit, Lady Kismet’s jewelry portrays femininity in all its complexities. Express yourself and channel your inner diva, princess or rock-star with the distinctive and artisanal jewelry of Lady Kismet. We bring you an exclusive interview with Shana Gulati in this Fashion Special issue of CityPages.

Please introduce yourself to our readers. Lawyer turned Jewelry designer and business owner. I am of Indian origin but have grown up in New York since the age of 8. Travel is in my blood, which I think has been a tremendous influence in me manifesting my newfound path. India is my first home, my birthplace, even being so far away, it's inherently a part of me in many ways. It's bold, loud, colorful, spontaneous and beautiful in all its madness. It's similar to my other home, New York which parallels many of the same attributes in its own way. Both are inspiring in very different ways but in a really wonderful collaborative way. You are actually a lawyer, What made you get into jewelry designing? Jewelry design, because it involves so many things in life I love. It allows me to be creative, free spirited, colorful (figuratively and literally), it allows me to have a lasting connection with the two places in the world that have help mold me into who I am (New York and my Indian heritage), it allows me to help make a woman, no matter from what walk of life, to feel feminine, like a princess or like a rock star or like an elegant lady or like a young fun girly girl or whomever or whatever she wants to channel by wearing one of my pieces. Jewelry design is my outlet but it allows my connectivity to other women in helping them just love something that’s only theirs. Did you take any formal training before starting your line? No I have had no formal training in Jewelry design before starting my own company.


What does the name of your label LADY KISMET signify? The name Lady Kismet was a combination of ideas from friends and the final touch was my father’s. The entire company is really a reflection of everyone in my life, from the names of the pieces, to the names of the collections, to the idea behind the designs, etc. Lady Kismet is a collaboration of everything and everyone in my life, that has come and gone or is still here for the ride! Lady Kismet is both a name with a special meaning because it was given to me by one of the two most important men in my life, my father and it’s also symbolizes a new beginning, a new creation, a new chapter, a new me. She would have to stand for feeling nothing but happiness, good, sexy, strong, individualistic, curious, culturally cultivated, a taste for the anything but ordinary. She adds a sparkle in the way you both look and feel. What makes or sets LADY KISMET apart from the rest? The uniqueness of each piece is what separates it from the rest. The one consistent remark I have received when showing the pieces to anyone is how different they are, how rich they are in color, texture and look. My production is all done in India by artisans so no one piece will be the same. That in it self makes each piece special and one of a kind. What is your creative process like? It’s really fairly simple and odd at the same time. Ideas have a tendency to pop up and appear as I’m falling asleep or worse sleeping! I have become accustomed to waking up at all hours of the night to jot down my

ideas and designs. From there we start to materialize the idea into a real tangible piece. Which are your favorite materials to work with? I love working with semi precious stones. I would say right now my favorite is Lapis. It’s so versatile, simple, elegant but vibrant and funky all in one. Where is your jewelery available to buy? Currently it’s sold at Bungalow 8 in Mumbai, Wolf & Badger in London, Fred Segal (October 2013), Shop L-Atitude ( and soon on-line at What do you love about your work? I love the fact you can dream up an idea, materialize it into an actual piece and then see someone else wearing it and loving it. It’s really such a special feeling. What are some of the challenges that you face? The biggest challenge is managing a million aspects of building a successful business while riding a constant learning curve that's on a highly warped speed. Learning how to juggle being the creator, the coordinator, the negotiator, the admin, the sales rep, the marketing guru, the delivery girl all a part of growing and building something from the ground up. No one can teach you how to build your own business, no book can really prepare you a hundred percent, it's a challenge for sure, but at least it's your own.


What’s next? What are some of your future plans? My future plans are to keep creating and marching forward. It’s been a very organic process so far but the next steps would be to get brand recognition and elevate it’s presence in the retail market world wide as I believe the product is strong, wildly different and a beautiful addition to any woman’s jewelry collection! Where do you take inspiration from? Everything and anything inspires me. My ideas come

usually from both my daily life living in NYC and my travels, from the trinkets I’ve picked up to the ones I’ve explored. Having the luxury of living in one of the most amazing, diverse, fashion forward, creative, free spirited, individualistic cities in the world paired with having been born into one of the most colorful and beautiful cultures that physically thrives in a visually stimulating manner (not sure I’m saying this correctly but you get it-INDIA!!!), it’s hard not to be inspired all the time. So it’s a blend of my everyday and my gift of being handed a culture that is nothing less than

amazing and a creative force. What sort of customer do you design for? That’s a tough one. I definitely don’t think it’s for the masses. I think my jewelry (even the pieces that are the most demure and simple) still has a story to tell. Each piece is done with intention, with thought and with a feeling. So I would say the girl/woman I’m designing for is somewhat similar minded. She is deliberate in what she wears and when. She is someone that thinks and enjoys the fact that her piece was made and came from a place that’s unfamiliar or maybe very familiar, but both love that about the jewelry. It’s so different. It doesn’t have to be conventionally pretty, it can have character whether it’s feminine, spunky, modern, simple, colorful, difficult, sparkly or just plain old awesome! Where all have you exhibited your collection so far? and what are your expectations from LFW this year? I am exhibiting at Wolf & Badger’s Spring Summer 14 London Fashion Week showroom from the 15th – 17th September. I haven’t yet exhibited elsewhere formally. Describe your personal style in one sentence… Comfort rules my universe combined with a funky feminine flair. Your message for us at CityPages magazine? I have created this company and all my collections with an open heart and much love and I hope it is welcomed with the same.

September 2013





September 2013



Pocket Squares Are Back! Let’s face it. Most men do not even undo the stitching of their suits’ breast pockets. That little pocket was meant to be used for something more than to store business cards or sunglasses. The pocket square is the mostindispensable tool for defining a man of style these days. They can be worn with patterns or solid colors, with polka dots or plaids… Besides changing the shirt and tie, pocket squares are perfect to avoid traveling with a bunch of suits. A proper pocket square can add a touch ofcolor and style. It can make an outfit more unique. It allows men to express themselves and have a more interesting look without trying too hard. Besides, you do not have to be an expert in fashion to wear them. Pocket squares do not necessarily have to match the shirt and tie. They only have to complement the whole look. The best advice is to pick one similar to one shade of color or pattern of the tie. A white pocket square can be worn with almost anything. Just make sure it is not the one you blow your nose in. If so, it belongs in the pants pocket.

Barbara Campbell’s Collection Pocket squares are trendy again, and it looks like suitmakers and most men’s clothing brands are trying to get into the market. However, the new creations of the already-established pocket square designers have impressed us greatly. Barbara Campbell does not own a large pocket square manufacturer, but she certainly dresses some of the most influential and renowned men of New York City. Barbara Campbell’s first collection was launched three years ago at Saks Fifth Avenue and she currently sells more than 1,600 handmade pieces per year. Her creations feature thick edges that contrast with the color of the fabrics and, when tucked into a pocket, they have a floral shape. And like flowers, each piece is unique.



COACH MEN’S FALL 2013 Coach Men’s takes its collection to an even higher level this fall with new designs incorporating bold color, fresh materials, graphic patterns and more functionality than ever before.From statement pieces to timeless essentials, the Men’s Fall 2013 collection offers an even greater breadth of possibilities for the Coach man’s business and casual needs.

COACH Women’s FALL 2013 This fall, the Coach Women’s Collection offers classic luxury with a fashionable, modern twist, combining everyday functionality with luxurious leathers, chic fabrics and emotional design details.

September 2013





Sogol Zabihi is a Persian-American talented jewelry designer who has made a name for herself with a high end line that sells in the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Egypt. Her designs have a strong statement and are best described as sassy, fearless and bold. Jewels’ style is unique, strong, hip and girlie by all means, and her brand is trendy, chic and elegant. “My customers are usually young women who are, in one way or another, engaged in the fashion industry,” she said. “The Middle Eastern art incorporated into each of my jewelry provides a sense of royal luxury to women, and the wide range of colors brings uniqueness to each look. The creativity of the designs within each piece gives women an edge on fashion.”

What are some of the challenges that you face? Optimizing for the best quality I can get and creating new and limited edition pieces.

How was your journey to become a jewelry designer? I always knew I had a passion for creating jewelry, and this talent kept growing till I launched my first Jewelry Collection in 2006. Since then JEWELS became known as one of the leading accessories jewelry brands in the region. Each collection consists of statement earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces worked with finely-faceted Swarovski crystals, gold- plated and hand painted in Italy. The hallmark of each collection is a unique fusion of contemporary designs and traditional Middle Eastern artistic influences. I’d describe my brand as retro, trendy and rich, relying on a heightened sense of bright colors.

Where do you take inspiration from? Different cultures, fashion, travel, music, they all inspire my design.

What kind of training did you go for? I haven’t been to any official or technical training; I’ve basically learnt everything by experience which makes every step worthwhile.

What’s next? What are some of your future plans? Following the launch of my brand JEWLES, my dreams continued to flourish and I am now soon to launch my first multibrand fashion jewelry boutique in Mercato Mall in Dubai. The boutique carries exclusive limited edition funky, trendy, and stylish pieces featuring high-end brands like Jewels by Sogol, Frieda and Nellie, Dublos Spain and Tita Italy amongst other 32 International designers.

To date, which collection has left the deepest impression on you? Arabian Princess, it was the one of the most glamour collections What sort of customer do you design for? Women, especially women who are sophisticated in their approach to style – they always look for luxury and craftsmanship, but also glamor.

What is your creative process like? It all starts by what inspires me at the moment, but I tend to brainstorm and research the key fashion trends of the season.

What country gets your creative juices flowing? New York and Paris but I always like to add a bit of Middle Eastern touch to some of the pieces.

Which are your favorite materials to work with? Crystals are always colorful, positive and bring together a beautiful piece

Where all have you exhibited your collection? Bloomingdales

What semi-precious and precious stones do you enjoy working with? Turquoise is my favorite by far Who do you admire? My little daughter and Oprah What do you love about your work?


I love the fact that I get to meet and interact with so many customers from different nationalities.

Please introduce yourself to our readers. I am an American born Iranian, a mother of a beautiful girl and the founder behind JEWELS, a jewelry and accessories brand at the forefront of the new generation of fashion and design in the Middle East. Before finding my niche in jewelry design, I graduated from the prestigious University of Long Beach in Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. After returning to the UAE in 2003, I took note of the gap in the market for young and trendy jewelry and decided to source small up-and-coming labels that would bridge this gap.

Describe your personal style in one sentence… Less is more Three killer career tips to get to the top in fashion? Patience, Listen and Love. Your message for us at CityPages magazine? Thank you for this opportunity – To all CityPages readers, remain beautiful and stylish as always.


September 2013





September 2013



Back to Blue, Fall 2013 Gap goes Back to Blue with a collection of premium ‘Indigo’ denim including the Slim Selvedge Jean, Selvedge Heritage Jacket, Henley Tee, Pocket Tee, Crew Neck Fleece, Shawl Collar Fleece, Zip Hoodie, Oxford Shirt, Plaid Worker Shirt for Men. For women, sexy boyfriend jean is introduced as the predominant shape in the collection. The capsule includes tops, outerwear, and accessories that have been produced using genuine indigo dyes. Gap also introduces a new style story ‘Salt’. The fading of summer is reflected here with the fading colors with salt-washed grays and watery blues that help emulate a more muted colour palette and add diversity to the collection. The season also witnesses ‘Sycamore’ story for men, where colour dominates with lush greens in the woven’s teamed with vibrant violets in the knits. The ‘Surplus’ collection for both men and women is made up of performance khakis with pops of luminous yellow in beautiful textures and fabrications.



Cat Eye Sunglasses Everything comes back! Cat eye sunglasses became popular in the 50s firstly as optical glasses and short time later as sunglasses. These horn-rimmed glasses with flared outer edges imitate feline eyes and have always been related to the beehive hairstyle. They have also beautified the faces of Hollywood's most beautiful women, such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, and Grace Kelly. Sixty years later, cat eye sunglasses are coming back and staying for a while. Some of the most important fashion brands like Anna Sui, Miu Miu and Jason Wu have

featured cat eye sunglasses in their Spring-Summer 2013 collections and Dior, Kenzo, and Giorgio Armani are continuing with the trend in their Winter 2013 collections. The look has been carried from the runways to street style with red lips and sleek ponytails. These glasses add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any look, even during the most casual summer evenings. They also flatter almost every face

shape. Celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Mary J. Blige, Katy Perry, Charlize Theron, and Rihanna were early adopters of the cat eye glasses style. Cat eye glasses are a great investment. They range from oval to rectangular, with subtle or extravagant lifts to the shape and they come in a variety of colors. Rounded-out edges are recommended for those who have a square or diamond face; and sharper edges for round faces. If you are looking forward to buying any type of sunglasses for the summer season,

make sure they block from 99 to 100% of UV light –sunglasses that meet expert requirements on UV radiation are often labeled as “UV400.” Ultraviolet radiation is particularly dangerous to the eyesight. They cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and other conditions. They should also be polarized. Polarized sunglasses will reduce glare reflected at some angles off shiny non-metallic surfaces such as water.

September 2013



Bil Arabi Once upon a time, the presence (or absence) of a ring was capable of sending one of two messages – single or not available. Nadine Kanso wanted her rings to say more than that and so she decided to create a jewellery line that expresses something other than marital status. In fact, Kanso wanted her line to reflect both a personal message as well as a strong cultural one - and the best way to say it? Bil Arabi, of course, her mother tongue and the source for everything she wants to express. Bil Arabi began as a singular ring in 2006; a one-off experiment that merged Kanso"s background in design, her love for typography and predilection for all things bling bling. The result was the Arabic "noon" or the equivalent of the letter "N" in Arabic. Using 18-carat gold and embellished with a semi precious stone, the ring – entirely handcrafted and designed – was a hit and soon enough, one letter led to the whole alphabet which evolved to complete words and eventually full phrases. People began expressing themselves "Bil Arabi". Principally, Nadine’s work as a photographer forms a significant part of her creative output and she is represented by Cuadro Gallery in Dubai. She has exhibited her work both locally and abroad, exploring the issues of identity of contemporary Arabs. Additionally, Nadine also designs for a second line, NADINE K, producing limited edition lifestyle items that complement her photography and Bil Arabi including home accessories, apparel and art works. How was your journey to become a designer? I had wanted to study History at first, but then I saw a friend of mine work on design projects for her classes at University and I became intrigued and interested. I had always liked design but never knew if I would be good at it until I enrolled in the courses and I guess did well. From there it was a great journey, the creative field is always challenging and innovative. until today it is.


What is your creative process like? I am someone who can see final designs the minute I make my mind. I do sketch and write notes but mostly I go directly to production and from there on things get shaped and reshaped. Which are your favorite materials to work with? I love photography and it is something I work with a lot not only being an artist


photographer but also when it comes to Bil Arabi . But I am sur you know that Bil Arabi collections are all done in 18kt gold. What is your definition of elegance and style? Simplicity and character. Who do you admire? I admire people with energy , ambition and heart. Describe your design studio in 3 words? Identity Statement Evolution. What do you love about your work? I love the fact I don’t think it is work! I do it because I love it and I can be creative and express myself. What are some of the challenges that you face? I love challenges I think of them as journeys and experiences…on the technical side I have learned a lot and it would have been probably easier if I had studied jewellery design to help me more and I guess it would have been easier and shorter to get to were I got now. What’s next? The sky is the limit, I am not the kind of person who plans much! Where do you take inspiration from? Inspiration comes from events, photographes people and places…the world is full of inspiration, you only need to have an open mind. To date, which collection has left the deepest impression on you? I am loving the new collection as it is more artistic and abstract than the rest, love the evolution in working with the Arabic letter. The new collection is sculpture more than anything, never thought I will go that direction. Some of the pieces are for showcasing only and that for me is absolute joy. Can you name some celebrities and important personalities who have worn your collection? Zaha Haddid. Kylie Minogue, Eve, Eva Simmons, Lupe Fiasco, Richard Gere, recently Dita Von Tees. Tell us of any awards you have earned and other achievements? So far the Grazia awards. Your personal fashion statement Be yourself. Your message magazine? Live Love Love Life.





September 2013


Photographer: Christian Lartillot


MANISH ARORA has shown his first collection in New Delhi in 1997. Three years later MANISH ARORA represented India at the Hong Kong Fashion Week and participated in the first ever India Fashion Week held in New Delhi, which will distinguish him with the Best Womenswear Designer Prize on the occasion of the Indian Fashion Awards in 2004. His successful debut at the London Fashion Week in September 2005, leads him to receive an overwhelming response from buyers as well as from the press. At the same time his creations are being sold at 75 wellknown stores worldwide. Invited by Didier Grumbach, MANISH ARORA has shown his Spring-Summer 2008 collection for the first time at Paris Fashion Week in October 2007 and every season since then.




September 2013






MANISH ARORA September 2013



BANANA REPUBLIC FALL 2013 The artist’s atelier sets the stage for fall, reflecting the autumn-born influx of imagination and energy with a renewed sense of vigor and purpose. Our work becomes our art. The vibrancy of the season becomes the canvas – primed and ready. Fall brings out a heightened sense of creativity, demonstrated through the eclectic marriage of sophisticated statement pieces and easy-wearing separates. The intellectual avant-garde defines the season.



Bentley launches capsule handbag collection • Unique high luxury limited edition collection • Two handbag models open a new chapter in Bentley experience for female customers and enthusiasts • Elegant and sculptural handbags showcase Bentley expertise in design and craftsmanship • Practical performance combined with unmatched levels of features, finishes and functionality Bentley Motors announces the launch of the Bentley Handbag Collection at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the world’s premier event for automotive enthusiasts and connoisseurs of culture.

September 2013



The designer and creator of CeeCode Handbags & Accessories. Cynthia Pennikian was born in Lebanon on the 14th of November, 1987. Since her early days she expressed and manifested a passion for style and developed her own unique sense of fashion as she grew up. Cynthia studied Advertising & Marketing before entering ESMOD to major in Fashion Design, opening the doors for her to pursue her real dream: Designing clothing & accessories. CeeCode became Cynthia’s first venture into the world of fashion through a unique & distinctive line of handbags. CeeCode is every woman's personality code, attitude and style. It delivers free spirited designs with a reflection of funky fun, love for life and elegance. CityPages was lucky to meet Cynthia this month and bring this exclusive interview for its readers. Please introduce yourself to our readers. My name is Cynthia Pennikian. I am the designer and creator behind CeeCode Handbags & Accessories. How was your journey to become a designer? It all started as a hobby and Lust for fashion especially handbags, putting your designs in production and focusing on your hobby was definitely a forever passion that will be carried with me throughout my career of making CEECODE an international Handbag Line. Why bags? How makes your bags different? Bags, because a statement bag on a women turns heads with even an effortless outfit, Because a statement bag can carry all women’s necessities and CEECODE is all about carrying your very own identity with an edge and that’s how my handbags are funky and yet daring for fashion favorites. What do you enjoy more? I am involved in every process of CEECODE from branding to production and execution, but definitely my pencil and sketch book are the key of my enjoying career. What is your creative process like? Sketching – preparing a dummy bag – choosing the leather – accessories – execution. Which are your favorite materials to work with? Culf skin, python, aluminum plates What do you love about your work? I love the fact that I am daily up-to-date in the fashion world and everyday is a new challenge of implementing my new ideas into sketches. Attending fashion events,


shows and travels are part of my routine that I lust for inspiration. What are some of the challenges that you face? Coming up with new designs for my end consumers and keeping up their expectations with the quality of my handbags. What’s next? What are your future plans? Breaking more into the handbag world, we are currently working on a luxury edition CEECODE handbags, next will be travel bags and kids. Later on I would love to indulge into leather accessories and apparels. Where do you take inspiration from? I do not have a time or place for my inspiration , but I try to travel and read as many fashion magazines/ books as I can so I can always go back to fashion history and implement it in my present sketches for my upcoming season collection handbags. To date, which collection has left the deepest impression on you? The plates and different structured handbags with CEECODE identified itself in the market and left the impression of being unique and niche is something all retailers are always thirsty of. Tell us of any awards you have earned and other achievements? I haven’t been awarded yet as I believe I am still a into my baby boomer CEECODE is only 2 years old now, but I do believe personally that I have achieved enough to be recognized in well established department stores next to international handbag labels.

Your fashion statement: Never Mind the Fashion, when one has a style of one’s own, it is always 20 times better  What sort of customer do you design for? Customer who like to experiment with fashion. Where is your collection currently available to buy? UNITED ARAB EMIRATES:

Galleries Lafayette Dubai Mall, Ground Floor Valleydez Sunset Mall Jumeirah Valleydez Wafi Mall,Dubai O Concept, Jumeirah One Salam Studio & Stores Abu Dhabi Mll Salam Studio & stores Wafi Mall Studio8 Jumeirah & Dubail Mall Seventh Heaven Cream Jeddah QATAR: Salam Studio & Stores Doha BAHRAIN: KSA:

ONLINE RETAILERS GCC: USA Your message for us at CityPages magazine? Thank you for having me here and CEECODE will be soon available in Kuwait. follow our daily news and updates on, Instagram and Twitter At: CEECODE or visit www.ceecode. com


September 2013





September 2013





Please introduce yourselves to our readers. Radhika and Gauri Tandon, Co-founders of ISHARYA., a global Indian inspired designer jewelry brand. How was your journey to become designers? We started ISHARYA as a passion project in 2004 after noticing a void in the market for good quality Indian inspired fashion jewelry. In 2007, after receiving frequent product features from editors and celebrities, we decided to focus on the company full time. Since then, we continue to nurture the brand and present new collections each season in line with the brand aesthetics. What kind of training did you go for before starting Isharya? Gauri studied at London School of Economics and Radhika practiced as an intellectual property attorney in California. What is your creative process like? Gauri and her design team researches the latest trends in fashion, travel and architecture to come up with unique jewelry concepts and oversees development of the collections at our partner factories. After the samples are finalized, the pieces get sent to Radhika and her team in California, who then develops the marketing concepts and executes the launch and sale of the collection to press, buyers and fans worldwide. Which are your favorite materials to work with? We found brass is a great base metal, and plate all our designs with 18k gold. We love working with colorful druzy, resin and unique semi precious stones. What semi precious and precious stones do you enjoy working with? There’s no limit to our love of real stones! Currently, our collections are full of rich jewel tones, like blue lapis, green malachite and black jasper.

Who do you admire? Each other. While working in different countries and time zones, we are able to work independently and seamlessly with the common goal to make ISHARYA a household name around the globe. What do you love about your work? We absolutely love seeing family, friends, trendsetters, celebrities and our customers wearing Isharya. What’s next? What are some of your future plans? This year, we are focusing on increasing our footprint in countries outside of United States and India. We love the fact that our brand is doing well in the Middle East and are working on growing our presence here. Where do you take inspiration from? Most of our designs are inspired by nature, architecture, global travel and India’s rich heritage. To date, which collection has left the deepest impression on you? The first collection that used druzy. We both fell in love with the stone before it became popular in jewelry and decided we had to include it in our collections. Druzy has been featured in ISHARYA jewelry ever since. What sort of customer you design for? The confident, modern women, who is glamorous and on trend. Tell us of any awards you have earned and other achievements? We have been recognized as one of the top modern Indian jewelry brands out of India by multiple magazines and trendsetters. This recognition has helped tremendously for increasing our brand exposure worldwide.

What country gets your creative juices flowing? The Maldives! Where all have you exhibited your collection? ISHARYA is presented to the trade at ENK in New York and at Tranoi in Paris. Describe your personal style in one sentence… We both love dramatic chandelier earrings, jewel encrusted cuffs, bib necklaces and bold cocktail rings, yet our daily style sense and respective locations have helped develop ISHARYA into the fusion brand it is today. Three killer career tips to get to the top in fashion? 1. Research and plan, 2. Empower your team, 3. Stay positive Can you name any celebrities or notable personalities who have worn your jewelry? ISHARYA's statement pieces is spotted regularly on celebrities around the globe. Notable celebrities from Hollywood include: Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Sophia Vergara, Eva Longoria, and Selena Gomez. We have a growing number of Bollywood celebrity sightings as well; Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor all have been seen looking fabulous in ISHARYA. Your message for us at CityPages magazine? Thank you, CityPages, for taking the time to present inspiring stories of women who make an impact in their industry. We’re thrilled to be part of your fabulous magazine.

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September 2013



Please introduce yourself to our readers: My name is Ciara Bowles and I am a contemporary jewellery designer living in London. In the first year of my practice, I design and make colourful and intricately pierced jewellery. How was your journey to becoming a designer? My journey towards being a jewellery designer started from a very early age. Making things and understanding how things are made have always fascinated me. By the age of 13 I had gathered together a collection of tools and had stared making jewellery out of wire and drinks cans to sell to my class mates and at local markets. Even then colour was an important part of my designs. I always knew I would have a creative career. The rest of my education, including my degree in Edinburgh, was very experimental. I was always encouraged to push the boundaries of my ideas and be as free as possible with my designs in terms of shape and form and materials. It was a very intense part of my life where jewellery was everything, all of my energy went into developing my own style of making and it has really benefitted my ability to design. Why Jewellery? And why not using the traditional material such as gold and silver? I have always been fascinated by adornments of the body, and particularly adornments that are perhaps unnecessary but they display our personalities and our taste. The jewellery we choose wear expresses a side of ourselves that is really us, unlike clothing which is somewhat necessary, and in turn wearing jewellery makes us feel good about ourselves. It is a cyclical process which really interests me. Personally, I love showing off with the jewellery that I wear. I think the bigger the better as far as jewellery is concerned! I like big and bold statement pieces that are eye catching and stunning to look at. It was quite important for my designs to have an element of my taste and myself in them. As scale is such an important factor in my designs I use materials that are lightweight and wearable, such as aluminium. I combine my hand cut patterns with the industrial process of powder coating which brings the element of colour, and is also very durable. I find the colour of metals very limiting, but with powder coating suddenly any combination of colours is possible. Ultimately I want my jewellery to be fun and refreshing.


What is your creative process like? I love to draw. A lot that I use in my pieces come from drawing from microscopic images, plants and flowers, abstracting interesting patterns and shapes. These are quite different from my designing and making but it does feed in to the shapes of the final products. I mainly design as I am making, developing patterns depending on the sizes of the pieces, making notes of what works and what doesn't work along the way so each piece is a slightly more evolved piece than the one before. Which are your favorite materials to work with? Aluminium is really great and really fun to work with. As opposed to other metals it is really soft to cut and very malleable so you can play around with shapes really easily, and it is so light so you can go as large as you like! Having said I don't really like metallic colours, I have recently been developing a collection using gold, which really is very pleasant to work with, and I can understand why it is so desirable. What do you love about your work? It's quite hard to say what I love about my work, because I'm so close to it. But I really do love the fact that it is so unusual and so unlike a lot of jewellery out there. It does mean that people will either love it or hate it, but I'm comforted by the fact that people who buy a piece of my jewellery really do love it. What are some of the challenges that you face? As must be the case with any artistic practice, it is difficult to manage with basic facilities. I have had to create a way of working that does not need a huge amount of tools, equipment and machinery. But I hope that this will only be for a short time, and as my business grows, my work will progress. What’s next? What are some of your future plans? For the moment I am working on producing work for several shows and exhibitions that I have lined up. After the Christmas period I would like to focus on designing a core collection of pieces that I can maintain, whilst making more experimental one-off pieces on the side. I would really like to widen the scope of my stockists, as at the moment it is only

the UK, and I would like my work to be available in various places throughout the world. Where do you take inspiration from? Most of my designs and my ideas come from my drawings, but the overall aesthetic and feeling comes from growing up in East London. Here there is such a mixture of different buildings and textures, patterns and spaces, and different cultures living side my side. Its meant I have an appreciation for for lots of different styles and I love the combination of things that you would not thing would sit together, but they just work. What sort of customer do you design for? I suppose I design for a customer in my age range, 20-35 year olds who like interesting design and love colours. But I think if you like colour and you like unusual jewellery, what does it matter what age you are? Tell us of your achievements? I have won several awards and bursaries for my designs, and have recently been published in Basics Fashion Design 10: Jewellery Design by Elizabeth Galton and in Crafts Magazine. Having spent the last year since graduating developing a body of work I was chosen as one of 20 to exhibit at New Designers: One Year On in June this year, which has led to 8 other exhibitions before the end of the year. Which country or place gets your creative juices flowing? I'm always very drawn to the colours and the life of South America, Mexico in particular. I love the patterns and the imagery that they use in their native art, clothing and jewellery. It's so fun! Just thinking about it gets my brain working on things that I could make. I've never been to visit, imagine what might happen if I made a trip there! Describe your personal style in one sentence: Eclectic, colourful and a little bit eccentric. Your message for us at CityPages magazine? Goodbye, and thank you for reading! If you would like to know a little bit more about my jewellery, then please visit my website, or join my Facebook page.


Originally a native East Londoner, Ciara Bowles’ tastes in colours and aesthetics have formed through being surrounded by a multitude of cultures and the urban environment. The medium of jewellery as the ultimate form of expression, the jewellery Ciara makes is designed to make a statement, aiming to fascinate the viewers, to create objects whose aesthetics and tactility are exciting, compelling them to take a closer look. Colour, pattern, material and scale are what excites Ciara, colour being the most important medium of all. She strives to create bold and eye-catching combinations that may be vulgar to some, yet beautiful to others but most importantly evoke a strong emotional response. The patterns and forms in plants, flowers and microscopic images of the two provide her with an endless source of visual inspiration. so much so that you can be lost in the beauty of them. Ultimately it is the impulse to make both the wearer and the observer aware of the jewellery, and through creating interesting structures, a brilliant colour and an amusing tactile quality that drives Ciara to create intriguingly beautiful objects.

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Harry Winston has raised the principle of sublimating feminine beauty to the rank of an art form. The Premier Feathers Collection admirably embodies this aspiration to transcend aesthetics in appealing to the senses and to emotions. These stunning creations are framed by a 36 mm-diameter 18-karat white gold case set with 66 brilliant-cut diamonds adorning the wrist in a flowing, sensual manner; while three iconic arches evoke the neoclassical façade of the Harry Winston flagship salon in New York City, and the diamond-set crown adds a further precious touch. September 2013



Aiisha Ramadan is a Lebanese fashion designer who has launched her own clothing brand, AIISHA. She has won prestigious awards such as the Young Designer of the Year 2000 by Swarovski, and the Gr8! Women Achiever Awards 2011. She was also named as one of 30 Most Awesome Women in the Arab World in 2009 by Arabian Woman Magazine. Far from traditional, AIISHA is the epitome of modern design, combining western silhouettes with Middle Eastern glamour and flair. Aiisha’s beautifully crafted garments speak to the feminine woman of both worlds. Celebrities such as Brittany Snow, Joan Collins and Paris Hilton have adopted the label, which has gained international popularity for its romantic and even sultry, heavily bejeweled frocks. International brands from different segments including beauty and technology have trusted and partnered with Aiisha on the most nationally and internationally recognized projects, making her one of the leading and most promising designers from the Middle East. Behind AIISHA’s Couture, Bridal (White by Aiisha) and Prêt-à-Porter collections I by Aiisha and Flirt by Aiisha for Iconic are the fruits of self-reflection that resulted in bridging Aiisha’s passion for extravagant couture with her personal style which calls for simplicity. As an influential woman, Aiisha emphasizes on individuality, freedom of expression, self-acceptance and celebration, all portrayed in her usage of high-quality materials and clean lines with layered details. Aiisha was one of the few designers to recognize the power of social media and has endorsed it early on with her personal ( and by being a guest blogger on, with continuous presence of the brand on Facebook,YouTube, Instagram and Twitter (@aiisharamadan). Please introduce yourself to our readers: Aiisha Ramadan, Lebanese fashion designer based in the UAE. How was your journey to become a designer? Like most girls, I loved dressing my Barbie dolls and playing with them. This is where I first discovered my love for clothes and design. Did you go for any formal training in fashion and designing? I majored in Fashion Design at the American University in Dubai and graduated in 2002.

What are some of the challenges that you face? Trying to stand out in a market full of big names. Trying to be noticed by the Arab market, but they’re getting there. What’s next? Everything unexpected. I’m a designer well known for her collaborations and new ideas. I was the first in the middle east to launch a 3D fashion show and to launch a movie on my collection and so on.. every now and then there’s something new.

Tell us of any awards you have earned and other achievements? Young designer of the year 2000, 30 Most Awesome Women 2009 in the Arab Worl, Gr8! Women Award 2011.. Ahlan Hot 100! for 4 years. Can you name some celebrities and important personalities who have worn your collection? Ashanti, Paris Hilton, Joan Collins, Miss Universe 2012, Miss USA 2012, Yara, Asma Lmnawar, Raya Abi Rached among many others.

What is your creative process like? It depends. Sometimes I imagine designs just before falling asleep, sometimes I’m inspired by the fabric I see.

Where do you take inspiration from? Women starting from myself.

Where all have you exhibited your collection? UAE, Kazakhstan, France, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar and now USA.

Which are your favorite materials to work with? I love working with laces and futuristic materials.

To date, which collection has left the deepest impression on you? Each collection was very special at its time. At the moment, I’m holding too much passion towards my newly launched ready-to-wear line I by Aiisha.

Describe your personal style in one sentence: Classic with a modern twist.

What sort of customer do you design for? Young spirits in any form, age or background who appreciate art.

Your message for us at CityPages magazine? Don’t compare yourself to others, you have qualities that no one else can ever have.

Who do you admire? People who inspire me. What do you love about your work?


Not a single day is like the other. Its challenges give me pleasure just as its successes.


September 2013





September 2013



FAZANE Malik ‘Fazane Malik’ a LIMITED EDITION womenswear label designed by UK based designer Fazane Malik along with her business partner and brother Joseph Malik. Fazane has had a love of fashion from a very young age…as a child of 4 she remembers creating clothing for her Barbie dolls out of old pillowcases and from then on her interest and talent grew. Her formal fashion education started at NCN Nottingham with a BTEC in Fashion & Clothing which then led on to a 4 year Fashion Studies degree at Derby University. During her time at Derby University she completed a year out in industry firstly at 69 Magazine a UK based Fashion & Lifestyle magazine and then moved to Australia where she worked with two of their top fashion designers ‘Akira Isogawa’ and ‘Gwendolynne’. Straight out of university Fazane secured a job as a Trainee Account Manager for a UK based clothing manufacturer High Fashion UK LTD….working her way up to their Senior Account Manager responsible for the whole process from design, sourcing, technical, pricing, product development and delivery for UK brands and retailers such as Hobbs, Jaeger, Paul Smith, Whistles, Boden, Monsoon, John Lewis, Ossie Clark, Marks & Spencer’s and many many more in the 8 years that she eventually spent there. Fazane Malik produces capsule collections with easy pieces to fit into any woman’s existing wardrobe. All their styles are LIMITED EDITION and are currently producing no more than 50 pieces with each one individually hand signed and numbered by Fazane. They manufacture garments to the highest standards so that they will last you season after season with each one featuring their signature monochrome printed silk as either a trim, lining or feature. Fazane also has another successful business working under her soon to be married name ‘Fazane Fox Apparel Production & Development’ working with other small brands and retailers. Read our exclusive interview with Fazane for our special September issue.

How was your journey to become a designer? I have been interested in fashion from a very young age. Starting off making clothing for my Barbie dolls aged 4. I went on to study a BTEC in Fashion & Clothing and then onto a 4 year BA (Hons) Fashion & Clothing at Derby University. For my 3rd year I spent the first 6 months working for a Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine in the UK and then went and lived in Australia for the final 6 months and worked with two top fashion designers in Sydney & Melbourne. On graduating in 2006 I went to work for a Clothing Manufacturer and worked my way up to Senior Account Manager looking after brands such as Paul Smith, Jaeger, Hobbs, Monsoon, Boden, John Lewis, Whistles and many more until I left in 2012 to concentrate on my label fully that I started in 2011. What is your creative process like? We start off by looking at new fabrics and fabric trends then start the garment design process from there. We follow a lot of fashion blogs as we really like to see how people wear things rather than following obvious fashion trends. Our pieces are all then designed to be essentials and easy pieces for an existing wardrobe.


Which are your favorite materials to work with? We love luxury fabrics and SILK is something we use a lot. My previous job as a Senior Account Manufacturer was for a Silk & Silk blends garment manufacturer so my core skills and experience is with this type of its a lovely fabric, soft, luxurious and keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter! What is your definition of elegance and style? I don’t think you can define elegance or style really but an elegant or stylish woman for us is someone who looks good without being too over the top. The most stylish women look amazing in a simple tailored trouser and silk shirt and nothing else. Who do you admire? My Dad. He is an amazing role model for me and has set up numerous businesses from nothing and without him I would not be doing what I do now. His support has been amazing and I cannot thank him enough. When did your brother join you and what role does he play? He invested initially when I first had the idea for my brand and enabled me to


produce my first set of samples. He then continued to support me throughout the process of setting up the brand and on our launch he came on board as my partner to help out with the business side of things. What do you love about your work? The freedom to do what I want without anyone breathing down my neck! The freedom to be creative and to be doing what I love and what I had dreamed about doing for years. What are some of the challenges that you face? It’s very hard for a new fashion brand to get noticed when you don’t have a huge marketing budget so the work we have to put in to get noticed is immense! It’s also harder to sell online when you have a premium well made product…people want to feel the clothing, try it on etc before they part with their hard earned cash so our challenge for the next few seasons is to get into more physical boutiques so that our customers have the option to do this. What are you currently fascinated by? Social Media and the Internet…it’s mind boggling! The potential for a fashion brand if you get it right is amazing. What’s next? Are you planning to venture into men's fashion? Eventually yes but we are concentrating on our fashion brand and building it up for at least the next 3-5 years. We do have some amazing ideas but there is no point in rushing….one step at a time! We do have a bag collaboration coming up for AW14 however so watch this space. Where do you take inspiration from? People around us, our travels and what people are wearing. To date, which collection has left the deepest impression on you? Our SS14 collection which will be launched end September as this is our first collection where we have actually has a little bit more budget behind us, exciting and talented people wanting to work with us on it and some exciting events coming up that we are showcasing it at. We have a really good feeling about it and think that it will be our most successful collection to date. Tell us of any awards you have earned and other achievements? We have been nominated for Midlands Independent Designer of the Year Award 2013 (judging takes place in October 2013). Your fashion statement: ‘Wear what you feel comfortable in rather than being a fashion slave and your natural style will shine through’ Your message for us at CityPages magazine? "Thank you for interviewing us….keep up the amazing work you do in your magazine and we look forward to seeing you progress as we do” September 2013





September 2013



A Jordanian Jewelry Designer who has been designing and producing jewelry since 2000, she opened her first Art Gallery & Jewelry shop in April 2004; holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Two Diplomas in jewelry design & gemology from GIA in addition to a Master’s degree in Product Design from Istituto Marangoni, Milano- Italy. Influenced by her family, with their long legacy in the arts, a major source of her motivation. Her mother opened the first private art gallery in Jordan in 1990, and her father, a political scientist with a passion for photography, guided her through her creative development. Lama grew up in Amman, lived in Milano, Bangkok and currently resides in between Amman & Barcelona. Lama’s dream of transforming her forms to sculptures turned into reality through a course of sculptures with Samuel Saldado, where she got rid of details & turned to textures to satisfy her thirst for contrast. Art, Architecture & Design stimulate Lama’s creative process through attending art fairs & furniture shows such as Art Basel and Salone del mobile amongst others. Lama Hourani was recently honored as a young global leader (YGL) for 2012 by the World Economic Forum for her contribution to society, Winner of the best innovative Design Award under the Young Arab Designers category by The Middle East Watches, Jewellery & Pens Awards; her creations have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world including Cairo, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Beirut, Syria, Le Bon Marche- Paris, The American Museum of Natural History- NYC, Cincinnati Modern Art Museum, Ottawa Museum of Civilization, the Chicago City International Fashion Week, Art Basel/ Design District- Miami, and most recently The Temporary Contemporary Museum in Palm Beach and Hanau Museum- Germany; in addition to three recent exhibitions in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Please introduce yourself to our readers: I’m a Jordanian Jewelry Designer; I’ve been designing and producing handmade jewelry since 2000, opened my Jewelry shop back in April 2004, and currentlyliving between Amman, Barcelona and Shanghai. I’m an “artoholic” … Art generates all sorts of emotions in me; I need to be artistically stimulated at all times. How was your journey to become a jewelry designer? I’ve always been into jewelry ever since I was a child while in the market, I used to drag my mother to look at jewelry at local jewelry shops, as a teenager I started collecting crystals and sea rocks and restyling my necklaces by adding elements I had here and there… that’s when I realized I wanted to do this for the rest of my life! I studied fine arts… soon after I met a jewelry craftsman by chance who was looking for a job and we immediately started working on my first collection which was launched back in 2000 and was a big hit! What kind of training did you go for? I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Two Diplomas in jewelry design & gemology from GIA in addition to a Master’s degree in Product Design from IstitutoMarangoni, Milano- Italy. What is your creative process like? Behind each jewelry piece there is a story that extends from the very beginning of the inspiration process where there is a spot in the world that triggered that particular design; Travel is the biggest inspiration especially art and Architecture … Discovering different cultures and experiences and sourcing semi precious stones… my mind absorbs images, colors and music that I later translate into sketches, bringing bits and


pieces of my most loved moments into my jewelry. Which are your favorite materials to work with? Since we make everything by hand, I've mainly used Silver and incorporated semi precious stones; there's a long-lasting friendship between the two throughout history. I love designing based on rough semi precious stones; according to the color, texture, size and shape; experimenting while maintaining the essence of the stone combining the rough with the intricate and creating the perfect balance. Who do you admire? I admire people who are constantly capable of reinventing themselves, I meet inspiring individuals from all over the world all the time. I’m lucky to be in a field where creativity comes before ethnicity, languages and religion. What do you love about your work? I’ve been very blessed; I get to travel the world for inspiration, meet amazing people and experience beautiful cultures! I love that I make heritage cool by reinventing it and merging it with stories and inspirations from all over the world. It’s a very exciting process. What are some of the challenges that you face? Sometimes the challenges are cultural, the Middle East has a high sense of fashion & trend yet most times people like to be branded. This will disappear with time and be replaced with a very mature perception to fashion that will have a totally different approach to consumerism.What we wear should reflect us not


September 2013



what others expect to see us wearing. What’s next? What are some of your future plans? Im working on collaborations & commercial presence in Asia pacific & China. How and when did you decide to design jewelry for both men and women? I started designing Men’s Jewelry in 2004 I had a very small range; my male friends used to criticize me for not taking them seriously as potential customers  so I decided to expand the line; and now we have a growing dedicated male fanbase that purchase and customize jewelry. What sort of customer do you design for? Women with individualistic style, well traveled and confident, all of my clients (men and women) do not like to follow, they are trendsetters, achievers and artistic they follow their own intuition. Tell us of any awards you have earned and other achievements? I was recently honored as a global leader for 2012 by the World Economic Forum for my contribution to society and won the best innovative Design Award under the Young Arab Designers category by The Middle East Watches, Jewellery & Pens Awards. What country gets your creative juices flowing? The latest were Peru & Argentina. I’m working on an argentina influenced collection for SS14 & the Peruvian collection was launched in SS13 & extended to FW13/14. Where all have you exhibited your collection? My jewelry was showcased in Le Bon Marche- Paris, The American Museum of Natural History- NYC, Cincinnati Modern Art Museum, Ottawa Museum of Civilization, the Chicago City International Fashion Week, Art Basel/ Design District- Miami, and most recently The Temporary Contemporary Museum in Palm Beach and Hanau Museum- Germany in addition to FA Gallery Kuwait, O Gallery Saudi Arabia, Villa Moda Kuwait and Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales- Dubai.I have two exhibitions scheduled end of this year in Bahrain & Doha. Describe your personal style in one sentence: My personal style is eclectic; I enjoy dressing up for certain occasions but during the day I go for comfort; it never stops me from wearing statement Jewelry... especially during the day to boost my daily attire… I love how jewelry transforms simple outfits … that’s my signature look. Everywhere I travel I try to buy from local fashion designers to add a diverse/unique touch to my wardrobe. Your message for us at CityPages magazine? I’m thrilled to be featured in CityPages Magazine; and we are in the process of launching Lama Hourani Jewelry soon in Kuwait.



September 2013



ElHajj “While waiting for your baby to pop, keep your style at top” Please introduce yourself to our readers: I am a Lebanese born producer with more than 13 years of experience shooting high-end TV commercials, films, TV shows and music Videos in Beirut and the Arab region for clients such as PEPSI, JOHNSON&JOHNSON, QATAR ASIAN CUP, government of Dubai, MBC network, Bosta movie, Carole Smaha, Rami Ayash, Ahlam, Joe Ashkar. Lived in Dubai for more than 4 years before I decided to move back to Beirut and founded Mamanista. Since almost a year ago, I am the founder and CEO of MAMANISTA CLOTHING WEAR FOR MOMS TO BE. The line is the 1st of its kind in the Middle East being very trendy and unique in its cuts and designs and use of materials. How was your journey to become a designer? It all happened by coincidence. I was looking for a new career change and new challenge but I wanted to stay in the creative field. So I found my niche and devotion in creating a very trendy line for moms to be.  What made you decide to design for moms to be? I did more than 3 months researching the maternity wears and stores around the Arab region and the international market and I found there is a high demand (I surveyed more than hundred of women) and need for trendy feminine and sexy wear. Many pregnant ladies if not the majority felt that they are left behind and excluded by retailers when it comes to being FASHIONABLE, FEMININE and up to nowadays trends. So I decided it is time to create a line that fills their needs and demands  When was the brand launched and how has been the response so far? Mamanista was launched in Beirut on December


2012 and we started with one store in Beirut souks and moved few months ago to one of the high-end mall in Lebanon: ABC store Dbayeh. It is been less than a year and we have more than 16,000 fans and I am getting requests to open store in Dubai, Qatar and KSA. And this is hopefully the plan for the next year... What is your creative process like? My creative process for maternity wear is firstly comfort, the choice of material and keeping up with the trends and providing my customer what they are missing and making them look fashionable and attractive. Which are your favorite materials to work with? For maternity clothing I always look for stretchable material like jersey, cotton. But I favor silk, lace and denim. Who do you admire? As Designers, I have many but I tend to favor the Italian designers as they have a deep understanding and knowledge of the women figures and make us looks so feminine and sexy such as D&G, Roberto cavalli Valentino and Alberta ferreti and I am a big fan of our Lebanese designers (elie Saab, zuhair murad, Georges chakra, tony ward, Georges hobeika). What do you love about your work? I love that I am catering for the most feminine category (pregnant women) and the challenge to make them look attractive, trendy and not the boring image people are used to. What are some of the challenges that you face? Some of the major challenges is that women are

still not used wearing trendy clothing during their maternity and spending some money on clothes they think they might not wear after pregnancy .It takes a bit of time to create awareness but I am keen to work on that and expand the brands and make her see that most of my line is wearable before, during and after pregnancy. It means a lot to me when my customers call me up and tell me that they are still wearing my clothes even after delivery. What’s next? What are your future plans? My future plan is to grow the brand by opening up stores in the Arab world and mainly Dubai and ksa and start selling the franchise for international markets. Where do you take inspiration from? For all the international runaways … What sort of customer do you design for? I design for all the women who love fashion and refuse to give up their styles for the sake of having a belly and thus I created the name Mamanista (the mom who is a fashionista) and our motto is: “while waiting for your baby to pop, keep up your style at top” Can you name a few celebrities and famous moms that you have dressed? Nicole Saba (actress/singer) / Leila Kanaan (the Lebanese female director) / Joyce Samaha (TV presenter of B Beirut show) Describe your personal style in one sentence: Colorful, elegant, trendy and unique prints Your message for us at CityPages magazine? I thank you for interviewing me and giving me the opportunity to get recognized by your audience. And stay in touch for more updates from us.


September 2013





September 2013



Fashion Photoshoot

Xelmah is a kuwaiti brand that is dedicated to people who are interested in video games, movies, music, art literature and geek culture. the brand started small serving the need of such ideas in the market and its growing bigger by the day. The T shirts brand owners are big fans of all the characters that are on their T-shirts and they actually still watch or listen to them. as one of the brand owners said about the their label "we are filling our talent and passion into this label to create not just designs, but a whole community of such taste and passion and be a reliable source for video gamers, movie, anime fanatics and music."

Model: Khalid Bahramy, Photographer: JB, Directors: Xiena AlMusallam & Zouch, Designer: Xelmah



September 2013



Mamas and Papas introduces new range for

Gap introduces its Fall 2013 collection for Kids and babies



Kids and Babies for Autumn Winter 2013

launches its sensational ‘Back to School’ collection across all stores!

September 2013



Mamas and Papas introduces new Maternity wear for Fall This season, Mamas and Papas have taken inspiration from have created their new collections drawing inspiration from the lifestyles of busy mums-to-be. The collection is all about functional fashion that looks great and works well, from the school run right through to a dinner date. From easy-to-wear pieces that can be layered through the Autumnal weather, to Stylish colour block tops and spot jeggings to keep mums looking on-trend, as well as elegant dresses and jewelled tops for some evening sparkle, Mamas and Papas has your Autumn maternity wardrobe covered. The brand introduces a new range, ‘School Run’ that consists of unstructured and easy to wear pieces to throw on for busy mornings, to ensure that mums-to be look stylish with minimal effort. Relaxed knitwear is teamed with skinny jodhpurs and the collections Italian fabric hooded cape coat finishes the look.



HIJAB ON THE RUNWAY Hi my dear readers. This is my first article and I hope you like my page. My articles will be about fashion but in a way that can serve girls wearing Hijab in most times. What I mean by Hijab on the runway? I mean that we can find clothes for Hijab in everywhere, even on the run way which some people find difficult. I picked some pieces from the Resort 2014 for different brands.

Valentino resort 2014 Simple looks for working day

Temperley London resort 2014 Breath taking

Huda AlSaleh

Huda is a 22 year old business student from Kuwait. She is a fashion lover and shopaholic. In her free time she likes to volunteer in charity work. You may follow her on Instagram @ fashionandstylebyh

Stella McCartney resort 2014

Andrew Gn resort 2014

I love how classy and elegant these dresses are. they remind me of the black and white movies. September 2013



Boundaries is an exhibition by conceptual designer Abdullah Al Saab showcasing a bold photographic series along with an exclusively designed clothing line.Together, the pieces fuse fashion and art to create bold statements on social issues in the region today. The images also represent hope; for it is through the acknowledgement of such issues we are able to create a positive future for the country.



The Brand "Where Fashion Meets Art" We reached a point in our time where fashion became an art by itself, Abdullah Al-Saab brand is a new concept of fashion where contemporary art is combined with fashion, it’s an educational/ inspiring concept that educates people about contemporary art and sees it moving in a form of fashion. Abdullah Al Saab (Conceptual Designer) creates very inspiring collections with his vision that always tells a story that everyone can relate to in every fashion season. The art reflects the designers‘ vision of the story and help complement his designs.

September 2013




From the Lookbook of: The Shirt Company AW 2013 , Photographer: Hugo Glendinning


September 2013


From the Lookbook of: The Shirt Company AW 2013 , Photographer: Hugo Glendinning FASHION



September 2013



White McLaren 12C Meets Red ADV.1 Wheels

In standard form, the design of the McLaren 12C could be considered as one of the least flashy out of all supercars. Why? Well, it does not featuring any aggressive sharp edges or wings like its rivals the Lamborghini Gallardo or even the Ferrari 458 Italia. However, the following McLaren 12C clearly doesn’t fit into that definition as it has been outfitted by Wheels Boutique with a set of bright gloss red wheels from ADV.1 wheels! Under the hood, the 2013-specification McLaren 12C features a 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine developing an insane 625hp. That potent powerplant is the mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch semi-automatic transmission driving the rear wheels. Consequently, the McLaren 12C is one of the fastest accelerating supercars on the market with it capable of hitting 62mph in 3.1 seconds and a top speed of around 200mph.



Mohamed Al-Sharrah

Crazy about car racing and tuned sport cars, a photographer and loves traveling. Follow Mohamed on twitter: @alsharrah and by E-mail:

September 2013




A vintage bike fitted with a surfboard rack–what else does a guy need? Showcased at the annual Wheels & Waves festival in Biarritz, this sleek 1979 BMW R65 is catching its own wave of attention thanks to its subtle styling and new role as a surfboard caddy. Designed by Xabi Ithurralde over the course of 10 months, the rugged look of the stock R65 has been replaced with a slimmed down body, new hardware for the headlamps and handlebars, and a beautifully finished leather seat (courtesy of Louis Vuitton tannery Remy Carriat), providing a comfortable ride even with the upgraded scrambler wheels. The short-stroke engine and the overall weight were kept in-tact, which combine to help propel you between your runs. Unfortunately, with a build like this, we can’t expect a mass produced version to appear, but at least the free-wheeling feeling it elicits cannot be contained.



ASNAN TOWER CELEBRATE THE HUMANITARIAN DAY 19th of August was “The Humanitarian Day� and in celebration, Asnan Tower gifted random laborers in appreciation for their hard outdoor work, cleaning the streets of our beloved country Kuwait, mostly under harsh weather conditions.


Asnan Nurses had a team building day where they applied the theme "Communicate in Silence". The idea was to overcome language barriers and any other problem that may withhold team members from communicating together. They played games and organized competitions that did not require any verbal communication. It was an amazing challenge as they learned to express themselves in different ways and to "listen" to other people's hearts instead of words.



CityPages magazine has launched a new section ‘Asnan Live’ in collaboration with Asnan Tower to keep its readers updated with events and social activities organized by Asnan Tower regularly. Asnan Tower, being the biggest dental center in the Middle East, supports the social and cultural life in Kuwait. Hence, its very natural that it organises and sponsors variety of events on a regular basis. You will enjoy exploring exciting life of Asnan Tower and this section will enable you to be a part of Asnan family.

ASNAN TOWER STAFF IFTAAR Asnan Tower staff being one close and loving family gathered during the Holy month of Ramadan to share breaking the fast at ALMayyas restaurant where family spirit and love gathered around one table and everyone enjoyed a beautiful evening full of joy and bonding.

September 2013




Our smooth bodied coffee blend, slow roasted in London. I am the taste at the heart of every Corto.


40 Years IN THE Making


‫‪Fashion‬مبناسبه عيد الفطر السعيد توافد عدد كبير من ابناء اجلاليه االردنيه ملقر السفاره االردنيه في اجلابريه‬

‫‪Pakistan Food Festival at Crowne Plaza Hotel‬‬


‫‪September 2013‬‬


‫‪Fashion‬سمو امير البالد الشيخ صباح االحمد الصباح وبحضور وزير االعالم ووزير الدولة لشؤون الشباب الشيخ سلمان احلمود‬ ‫برعاية‬

‫‪Planet Hollywood Event‬‬




Japanese Restaurant

September 2013



Pep Guardiola announced as adidas ambassador FC Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola has been officially announced today as an adidas ambassador. Formerly a cultured defensive midfielder for FC Barcelona and Spain, Guardiola is now undoubtedly one of the best managers in the game and over the course of his career he has become one of the most decorated names in football. As part of his new ambassadorial role, Guardiola will become the face of this season’s adidas UEFA Champions League campaign, Gamedayplus, which will run for the entirety of the forthcoming European season. Guardiola has won the UEFA Champions League once as a player and twice as a manager and has recently joined the reigning UEFA Champions League holders FC Bayern Munich. Further details on Gamedayplus will be announced in the coming weeks. Upon signing with adidas, Pep Guardiola said: “It is with great pride that I have signed with adidas as one of their ambassadors. adidas have an amazing heritage but at the same time they are also proud to be at the cutting edge of football and these are two qualities that I really admire. I’m looking forward to fronting their forthcoming UEFA Champions League campaign and fans can look forward to a further announcement in the next few weeks.”

Candy Station opens in Kuwait Candy Station, the first one-stop candy store in Kuwait opens in Baroue, The Avenues Mall. This is another fun-filled concept which, MS Retail ventures to as it continues to bring more joy and pleasure to every child. The Candy Station is located at the 2nd level of Kuwait’s favorite one-stop-shop for kids at Baroue, The AvenuesPhase II. Candy station is a new concept in Kuwait which realizes every kid’s fantasy, re-kindles fun-filled childhood memories and simply brings out the child of every one – young and old. The Candy Station offers a variety of Sweets ranging from Chocolates – wrapped or by-the gram; bubble gums, lollipops, gummies, jellies, ice cream and candies. It is simply a sweet-tooth’s haven. It has a food corner which serves light snacks like popcorn, slush drink, hotdogs and cotton candy. The entire family will enjoy a quick stop while grabbing a bite on this cool and cozy place. There is also a great range of gift items to choose from for presents and give away. Visit us and be amazed with the colorful world of Candy Station with its visually fascinating walls lined with great assortment of candy-coated chocolates; a canopy of gigantic bubble gum dispenser, a wide array of lollipops in different shapes and colors, a mouth-watering chocolate wall with melted chocolates dripping from the top, plus giant candy canes to usher you into the massive selection of jelly candies and a canopy of giant lollipop thematic to highlight exciting candies and toys.

Nutriganics by The Body Shop: Fight the Signs of Ageing Organically Specifically designed to address the first signs of ageing, the Nutriganics range by The Body Shop offers a full skin care regime – cleansers, toner, moisturisers and a deep cleansing mask – harnessing the revitalising power of organic ingredients to visibly improve your skin. The Body Shop has included organic ingredients within their products for many years. However, Nutriganics products are part of the first organic range certified by ECOCERT, an international organisation that promotes environmentally and socially responsible activities. Over 95% of all the ingredients used in the Nutriganics range are of natural origin. They also come from Fair Trade partners with packaging featuring postconsumer recycled and materials created from Forest Stewardship Council forests to ensure the protection of wildlife habitats and local communities. Nutriganics products contain Community Fair Trade organic babassu oil from Brazil and Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from Guatemala. They contain organic mallow flower and protective organic buddleja thyme from Switzerland, known for their antioxidant properties. “While it can take many months and years of dedication and commitment to the cause, The Body Shop has proved that naturally derived, ethically sourced and high performance products are not mutually exclusive, and it continues to lead the way with its latest innovative skincare collections that address the signs of ageing,” said Brett Lilley, business manager at The Body Shop. He added: “The collection carries the ECOCERT stamp meaning that over 95% of all ingredients used in the products are of natural origin, with high levels of organic ingredients; and this certified organic alternative to anti-ageing potions offer firmer, healthier and softer looking skin.”

AAW appoints Chef Ahmed Al-Bader as Kuwait’s La Cornue brand ambassador Al-Bader will join Hollywood client-base along the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Celine Dion, and Chef Gordon Ramsay, as proud owners and ambassadors of La Cornue. Al-Bader is renowned locally for his cross-cuisine concepts creating close to half a dozen local restaurant concepts, the most popular being “Burger Hub,” “Prime Toast,” and “Pizzetta.” La Cornue, represented by AAW in Kuwait, was created by Albert Dupuy in 1908, and is the only hand-crafted, custom-made range cooker manufacturer in the world that developed a new technology of natural hot air circulation in a vaulted oven. Eight out of ten La Cornue cookers are built for exportation and contribution to 40 countries worldwide, with no more than 800 pieces created and distributed yearly across all their product ranges. General Manager of Kitchens and Home Appliances at AAW, Ali F. Al Mutawa said: “AAW introduced La Cornue kitchens to the Kuwaiti market in 2012, knowing we are offering unrivaled luxurious kitchen cookers and rotisserie technology.” “With an ever-growing passion for the gourmet and culinary community in Kuwait and the region, we joined hands with Chef Ahmed Al-Bader who has adopted La Cornue in many of his concepts and demonstrate to our community how to use this technology and bespoke tool to obtain the ultimate culinary experience the world and Europe has enjoyed for decades.” AAW is a century-old company that has been helping people in Kuwait improve their lifestyles by providing local and direct access to leading products from around the world. Today, they are world-class distributors and retailers of over 100 global brands in Kuwait’s surging consumer market. For La Cornue, AAW also provides live demonstrations and presentations to key in Kuwait’s culinary and kitchens consultants and designers.




DOUG LIPP Formerly the Head of Training at Disney's Corporate Headquarters

The secret to

Disney’s success...









The All-New Frédérique Constant Slimline Moonphase Manufacture Simply Wonderful and Wonderfully Simple… With NASA’s Curiosity Explorer currently rambling over the surface of Mars, people on Earth are getting wonderfully detailed pictures and views of the planet that has long been the subject of folklore, myth, legend and speculation. We can see images on our television sets, videos on our computers and I-Pads, and a select few can even scan the Red Planet in real time with powerful telescopes. However, one of the glorious things about the world in which we live is that every single person on this planet can look to the sky and see the awesome, wondrous moon, without the aid of rovers, telescopes or television pictures. It doesn’t matter where you are or the circumstances in which you live; the bright, beautiful moon is available to us all. The new Slimline Moonphase Manufacture—as timeless as the moon itself

The appearance of the moon has not changed since the dawn of time. Yet it continues to inspire the same stirring emotions and passions as when the first men looked to the bright light in the night sky...and wondered. Frédérique Constant has incorporated elegant design features into the new Slimline Moonphase Manufacture that would not have looked out of place a century ago; nor will they look outdated even 100 years into the future. If the moon could make a style statement, it would be that simple beauty never goes out of style.


Sacoor Brothers’ 2013/2014 world autumn-winter campaign stars actor Patrick Dempsey, also known as ‘Dr Derek Shepherd’ from the US hit show Grey’s Anatomy

Patrick Dempsey, the Hollywood superstar, who is now the face of Sacoor Brothers’ new autumn-winter collection, was chosen because of his versatility and charisma. With a career spanning over 25 years, the actor is now the star of Sacoor Brothers world campaign, which was launched in Los Angeles. Better known as “McDreamy”, Dempsey is the charming and romantic ‘Dr Shepherd’ in the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. Having starred in almost 70 films during his career, Dempsey has worked with famous and diverse names, such as John Turturro, John Malkovich, Ashley Judd, Julia Roberts and Hilary Swank. A real lover of life, the actor currently lives in Malibu, California, with his wife Jillian and their three children, a girl aged 11 and twin boys aged 6. Motorsport is one of his great passions and he often takes part in races, such as the 24 hours of Les Mans and Daytona. He also owns a GT class race team and is an avid collector of vintage and sports cars.

Gulf Bank welcomes home the Young Divers from the 25th Memorial Journey for Pearl Diving Gulf Bank welcomed home pearl divers following the successful conclusion of the 25th Memorial Journey for Pearl Diving, organized by the Sea Sport Club under the auspices of HH the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. The expedition consisted of 10 traditional fully crewed dhows with 182 young men on-board from Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, who sailed from Kuwait on 15th August and returned safely on 22nd August to a traditional reception and an enthusiastic welcome by families, friends and well-wishers. The closing day ceremony, also called ‘Youm Al-Quffal’ in Arabic, was attended by H.E Sheikh Salman Al-Homoud Al-Sabah, Minister of Information and State Minister of Youth Affairs, representing HH the Amir, Eng. Ahmad Alghanim, Vice- President of the Kuwait Sea Sports Club, Ali Al-Qabandi, Head of the Marine Heritage Committee of the Kuwait Sea Sports Club and the main supervisor for the journey, Mr. Fawzy Al-Thunayan, General Manager of Board Affairs at Gulf Bank, as well as a number of VIP’s and Ministry representatives who took the opportunity of welcoming back and honoring the young Kuwaiti, Bahraini and Omani divers and the captains of the dhows for upholding and preserving the traditional legacy of Kuwait. With the traditional tunes playing in the background, the divers showcased pearls and shells to the audience. Commenting on the return of the divers, Fawzy Al-Thunayan, General Manager of Board Affairs at Gulf Bank said: “We are extremely proud of the young Kuwaitis and their compatriots from Bahrain and Oman who have completed this year’s journey. The annual pearl diving expedition is a national event that honors our forefathers and the values instilled within us from their sacrifices. The journey revives the iconic cultural aspect of our honorable heritage, and is an important symbol of Kuwaitis' loyalty to their legacy. We salute all the divers and crew members of the dhows, led by Captain Khalifa Al-Rashid, Captain AbdulRahman Al-Mannai from the Kingdom of Bahrain, Captain Abdullah Jassim Al-Faris assisted by Ahmad Bu Marzouq who ensured a safe voyage for everyone on the dhows.”

Diving Reaches New Depths - The Oris Aquis Depth Gauge Renowned for producing specialist diving watches, Oris is proud to introduce the new Oris Aquis Depth Gauge. At the forefront of mechanical watch innovation, Oris has harnessed its knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship to produce the first divers watch which measures depth by allowing water to enter the timepiece. Revolutionising the world of professional diving, where safety and protection are paramount, Oris' engineers have applied the Boyle Mariotte Law to the patented Oris Aquis Depth Gauge. The special sapphire crystal, 50% thicker than an average top glass, features a channel milled into the side which runs anticlockwise round the dial, stopping between one and two o'clock. At 12 o'clock, a hole leads to this channel. Expertly crafted, the join between the crystal and the case is sealed by a rubber gasket.

Samsung Introduces the GALAXY S4 Active:The Adventurer’s Ultimate Companion Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in mobile technology and digital solutions, today announced the launch of the GALAXY S4 Active in Kuwait, a phone designed to withstand the great outdoors. From rolling sand dunes to rocky wadis, this life companion is engineered to keep you connected whilst exploring the world around you. Mr. Hayssam Yassine, Head of Telecommunications Group at Samsung Gulf Electronics commented “The Gulf region is a playground for adventurers and those looking to explore the great outdoors and so we are very excited to launch the GALAXY S4 Active; the newest addition to the GALAXY series. Samsung has taken the innovative features of the GALAXY S4 and added breakthrough protective design elements, making it the perfect companion for a lifestyle of travel and exploration.”



‫اﻟﻤﺬاق اﻟﻬﻨﺪي اﺻﻴﻞ‬ THE REAL INDIAN TASTE


á«©ªL ∫ƒe - 2á©£b - ¿ÉØ«c 1 QhódG ójó÷G ¿ÉØ«c 24914081 - 24914082 :¿ƒØ∏J

∑QÉÑŸG ⁄É°S ´QÉ°T - á«ŸÉ°ùdG 4 QhódG ¢ùcÉe ¥ƒa 25721717 - 25721818 :¿ƒØ∏J

¢SƒHódG ´QÉ°T - π«ë«ëØdG 16 QhódG ô°†NC’G êÈdG 25456100 - 25456969 :¿ƒØ∏J

ôØîŸG ´QÉ°T - á«fGhôØdG »æWƒdG ∂æÑdG ¥ƒa 24726164 - 24725558 :¿ƒØ∏J August 2013





Burgan Bank revamps its Al Thuraya Account to offer customers four luxurious Audi R8 cars through quarterly draws Burgan Bank announced today the re-launch of its Al Thuraya Account, where customers can now win four luxurious Audi R8 cars on a quarterly basis. The new revamp aims at raising the frequency of customers being lucky winners of one of the world’s most admired sports cars. Al Thuraya Account is a non-interest bearing default salary that provides multiple features and benefits. The account’s features includes the option to hold money in Kuwaiti dinar or any other major currency, access to account-related services such as standing orders, loans as well as credit cards and much more. The newly designed Al Thuraya Account has been re-launched in response to the increasing market demand for highly innovative offerings which provide a higher frequency and incentive of winning for account holders. Opening an Al Thuraya account is simple; customers are required to visit their nearest Burgan Bank branch and obtain all the necessary details, or simply call the bank’s Call Center 1804080. For further information, customers can visit the bank’s website on

Go Back to School with Gap Gap launches it new collection of bags and lunch packs to tempt kids to re join school after a long summer break. On offer are junior backpacks, senior backpacks, lunch box and roller bags to help kids find their perfect gear as they prepare for the first day of their school. With stars and sequin patterns, girls will be excited to see the new collection while boys can add fun to their school time with animal themed backpacks. Matching lunch box can also be bought with the bags to complete the set. If you are looking for something more fun and exciting for your child, then the Monster character backpack is sure to be a hit. Available in bright orange with blue stripes with adjustable straps, the bag also comes with a matching lunch box in blue and green. A must have for little girls is a doll shaped bag with bright pink and black color. Kids can also select from a range of vibrant roller bags that promise to provide an effortless solution. Back to school staples are now available in all Gap stores across the region.

KidZania Kuwait Launches The KidZania Card Helps children learn about finances KidZania Kuwait, the family edutainment city, launched its multi-purpose KidZania Card. Available now at KidZania Kuwait’s ticketing counters and The National Store till points, The KidZania Card offers many possibilities for the city’s young visitors. Bringing together two great concepts in one simple card, The KidZania Card is a combined gift and payment card. Inspired by the essence of KidZania’s values, the KidZania Card supports empowering children, as they learn the value of financial planning by managing the cash amounts on their KidZania cards. The card helps parents control their children’s spending in the city by crediting an amount of money onto the cards. This means children learn how to budget and spend their cash limits wisely which promotes a sense of responsibility and financial planning. Children can use the multi-purpose gift card on a fantastic range of merchandise at the facility’s National Store, or while dining and shopping at select outlets in KidZania Kuwait. With The KidZania Card, parents can rest assured their children will not lose change in their pockets. In addition, the card is an ideal gift for all occasions as KidZania gears its visitors to a ‘funtaZtik’ time! The KidZania Card may be topped up at any time to use as payment for admission tickets into the children’s city. With a validity of 12 months, holders of The KidZania Card may use the card at their leisure at KidZania Kuwait. Presented in a stylish envelope featuring KidZania’s Rightskeepers Urbano, Vita, Chika, Beebop and Bache, The KidZania Card is immediately activated once topped up and can be used at select outlets throughout KidZania Kuwait.

‫احتفال تتويج ديانا كرزون‬ ‫انفجرت سوبر ستار العرب ديانا كرزون بالبكاء فرحا ً بأصدقائها الذين فاجأوها بحفل مقتضب في منزلها مبناسبة الذكرى العاشرة‬ ‫للتتويجها باللقب في نفس اليوم الذي توجت فيه ديانا في برنامج سوبر ستار في نسخته األولى على قناة تلفزيون املستقبل والذي‬ .‫حظي بإهتمام عربي واسع‬ ‫األصدقاء الذين زاروها في منزلها اشترطوا عليها إعداد القهوة التركية من يديها وأثناء إنشغالها باملطبخ كان الضيوف يحضرون "قالب‬ .‫احللوى" ومحاط بعشرة شموع‬ ‫ استقبلوها بأغنية ملحم بركات "على بابي واقف قمرين" والتي كان لها صدى خاص بعد‬،‫وعندما عادت ديانا لتضيف أصدقائها القهوة‬ .‫غنائها من قبل ديانا في املسابقة‬ ‫وأمام هذه املفاجئة لم تتمالك ديانا نفسها فذرفت عيناها الدموع في هذا اليوم الذي يسجل تاريخ مولدها الفني على املستوى العربي‬ .‫حينما إختار اجلمهور االردني والعربي "سوبر ستار" في منافسة حادة وشرسة مع منافستها السورية رويده عطية‬ ‫ كانت مناسبة ايضا لتهنئة سوبر ستار العرب بكليبها اجلديد "خلص ولو" والذي حظي منذ‬،‫واالحتفالية التي أعدها أصدقاء ديانا املقربون‬ .‫عرضه في أول أيام العيد مبتابعة كبيرة وثناء منقطع النظير من قبل جمهور ديانا خاصة على مواقع التواصل اإلجتماعي‬ September 2013


KIDS Brought to you by:

Kids Pages Jumbled Words

2. In which year did World War I begin? 3. What was the name of the German leader during World War II? 4. In which country are the famous Pyramids of Giza? 5. Which flower is worn on Remembrance Day in Britain? 6. Which three countries did the Vikings come from? 7. Which famous explorer discovered Cuba? 8. How many wives did King Henry VIII have? 9. What year was the Battle of Hastings? 10. Who was the President of America before Barack Obama? ANSWERS: 1. They were straight, 2. The year of 1914, 3. Adolf Hitler, 4. Egypt, 5. The poppy, 6. Denmark, Norway and Sweden, 7. Christopher Columbus, 8. Six (6), 9. The year of 1066, 10. George Bush

Coloring Time

Rearrange the jumbled words

= = = = = = = = = = = =

1. SYP 2. MSSE 3. OTKO 4. FITG 5. FYL 6. OIJN 7. SETT 8. PHUS 9. RCY 10. LAWL 11. KOBO 12. NAWT ANSWERS:

1. What was special about the type of roads that the Romans made?

1. SPY, 2. MESS, 3. TOOK, 4. GIFT, 5. FLY, 6. JOIN, 7. TEST, 8. PUSH, 9.CRY, 10. WALL, 11. BOOK, 12. WANT

History Quiz

Find the Numbers Divide 110 into two parts so that one will be 150 percent of the other. What are the 2 numbers? ANSWER: 44 and 66

Impossible Riddle When can you add 2 to 11 and get 1 as the correct answer? ANSWER : When you add two hours to eleven o'clock, you get one o'clock.

Make Words How many 3 or more letter words can you make with the letters in the word below. Each letter may be only used once.

A C R O B A T FW Mag Advert City 24cm x 3.5cm 1_8_13.pdf



3:20 PM

Example: BOAT, .....

Name any two of the characters going to class. All answers should be submitted to along with name & mobile number, and the selected winner will win a KD 30 gift voucher.



August 2013



Horoscopes & Famous Birthdays The pace on the job could be hectic as a New Moon in hardworking Virgo on September 5 spurs a month of accelerated output. At times you could be overwhelmed, but you do persevere. The payoff comes at the Full Moon of September 19 when you just could stumble onto an answer that eludes those around you, including an authority figure. Office politics may appear furtive during that final push to bring an unfinished project, new idea, or forgotten dream to fruition. You walk a fine line at the Quarter Moon of September 26 as you present ideas and viewpoints to higher-ups.



(March 21 - April 19)

(July 23 - August 22)

Slow down and pay attention to details at work. You might be impatient and find it difficult to do this, but you can avoid costly mistakes if you're careful. Most of the month you'll be open to learning new techniques to improve your time-management and organizational skills. Mars will be in Leo, another Fire Sign, and heat up your love life. Passion and fearlessness will bring a risk-taking attitude. Venus in Libra and your relationship sector will help you get along better with others. A close relationship will benefit from a show of affection and empathy.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Family relationships will be a source of conflict this month, and you might be angry and defensive. You'll be very supportive and kind with some relatives and neighbors, but you may bicker and be impatient with your parents. You'll be picky and critical in your love life, but this might help you avoid getting involved with someone inappropriate. Give others a chance at first, however. A Full Moon in Pisces on September 19 may bring stress when dealing with friends or groups. Other people could be irresponsible or forgetful and this will drive you crazy for a few days.

The Sun and Mercury in your sign this month will bring out your discerning nature and a strong need for perfection. You'll be critical of yourself and others and find it difficult to see the big picture. You will be caught up in small details that won't matter in the long run. Neptune in Pisces will be opposite and in your relationship sector. You may experience tension when dealing with others, especially a romantic partner. You'll be clear about what you want in life but confused about your feelings. You'll lack the ability to control others.


LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Venus in your sign until September 11 will help you connect with others and be more loving. Your natural charm and attractiveness will help you gain cooperation and get your way without being overbearing. Uranus will be opposite in the sign of Aries, and so your behavior may be unpredictable. You may be bossy and erratic with your partner. Pluto in Capricorn and your sector of home and family will stir up change. This planet will be in a difficult aspect to Venus and Uranus and create inner tension. You'll feel insecure with the Sun and Mercury in your sector of the unconscious.

You'll enjoy the company of friends and support one another. You will engage in interesting conversations and may meet new people who share your interests. The Sun and Mercury will be in your career sector during the first part of the month, bringing the need for perfection and attention to detail. You'll have to work hard to see results, and you may not be recognized for your efforts or experience. If you can learn to be more organized and efficient, it will help improve your prospects. A Full Moon in Pisces on September 19 could bring stress within the family.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Your life will be stressful and full of change again this month. Pluto in your sign will form difficult aspects to Uranus, Jupiter, and Venus. You'll have a negative attitude, and all your relationships will be tense. Others may see you as charming and happy, but beneath the surface you'll be in chaos. You will be supportive of your partner while Jupiter is in Cancer. Mars in Leo will bring out sexual passion and assertiveness. You'll make plans to expand your skills or travel to a conference. Do some writing or present your ideas during the first part of the month.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Mars will be transiting in Leo and your relationship sector this month. This planet will allow you to be assertive with your partner, but you could come on too strong. You'll need a lot of freedom and independence if you're in a relationship. Uranus in Aries will bring change in your neighborhood or within your extended family. Saturn in Scorpio may restrict your progress in career matters. Venus will transit Libra until September 11. You'll be interested in art, music, literature, and ideas. Foreign food and culture will be a source of pleasure. Pay attention to contracts and shared finances.




(June 21 - July 22)

(October 23 - November 21)

(March 21 - April 19)

Jupiter in your sign will exaggerate your natural qualities, both good and bad. If you have a tendency to be shy and retiring, you'll be even more so. On the other hand, you'll be very intuitive and caring. Your home and family life will be a source of pleasure if you can avoid being too picky or impatient. There may be good people around you, but you need to keep an open mind and allow others to make their own choices. During the first part of the month you'll help neighbors and relatives with errands and projects. You'll be the one organizing the details and logistics.

VIRGO (March 21 - April 19)

(May 21 - June 20)

Venus in Libra and your sector of love and romance will bring the opportunity to show affection and appreciation to someone special. You'll be charming and attract love into your life. You'll be critical and seek perfection on the home front or when dealing with a close family member and this could create difficulties and stress. If you must make comments, be sure that you're dishing out constructive criticism. A Full Moon in Pisces on September 19 will bring career problems if you're disorganized and fail to plan ahead. Interviews or performance review may not go well.


Mars will be in your sign all month and bring vitality and a strong need for attention and approval. You'll do anything to be seen and heard, even if that means taking some risks or being overly assertive. Venus in Libra will bring skill in working as part of team, especially when dealing with relatives and neighbors. You'll be able to see all sides of an issue, but with Mars prominent, you may be argumentative and opinionated. Saturn in Scorpio will bring heavy responsibilities at home or with a parent. This will be stressful and could lead to health problems.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

You've been feeling stressed and limited with Saturn in your sign. Many things in your life have been complicated and progress has been slow. Venus moves to your sign on September 11, and this transit will help you attract what you need with less effort. Jupiter in Cancer will bring the ability to set new goals and expand your horizons. You'll have a desire to travel to a new location or further your education. Mars in Leo will bring out your drive and ambition in career matters, but you might become frustrated if you don't get quick results. You'll expect perfection from friends.

Neptune is still in your sign, and this month there will be a Full Moon there as well. You may feel insecure, anxious, and unclear of your direction this month. Also, you'll need to protect yourself emotionally, eat properly, and get plenty of rest. Pay attention to your romantic partner and don't take anything for granted. Listen attentively when the other person is talking, and make an effort to compromise on important issues. Avoid the tendency to be overly critical. Mars will transit your sector of work and health. You may seek attention in the office through drama or hypochondria.



Test Your Vocabulary

1. Which Mary was the British dress and fashion designer who revolutionised the world of clothes, jewellery, cosmetics and fashion in the sixties? 2. What colour sari does an Indian bride traditionally wear?

His visits include time with his best friend since kindergarten. In this sentence, kindergarten means to:

3. A fashionable Country Club at a park in New York gave its name to a dinner jacket or evening dress for men. Name it.

1. high school 2. preschool

4. Where would you wear espadrilles?

3. daycamp

7. Who would be seen wearing a trousseau? 8. Smocking is a popular form of decoration on young children's clothing. What is the name of the stitch in which smocking is worked?

ANSWER: 2.Kindergarten is where children are introduced to school; it's where five year old children learn all about their ABC's and choice time.

6. In which country might the soldiers wear a stiff white kilt known as a fustanella?

4. babyhood Kindergarten comes from the German words Kinder("children") and Garten ("garden"). A garden of children is a lovely and poetic image for a classroom full of antsy kids trying their hardest to master basic skills and ideas through creative and interactive lessons. But perhaps that is just how they were seen by the 19thcentury German educator Friedrich Frรถbel, who is credited with inventing kindergarten, his "method of developing intelligence in young children."

5. Name the loose, coarse over-garment, prescribed by law as the distinctive garment of the Jews in the Middle Ages (as worn by Shylock).

9. Which item of clothing did James Belcher give his name to in the nineteenth century?

Cool Maths Puzzle

12. What article of dress or clothing comes in the following forms: Domino, Cardinal, Pelegrine, Mantle, Dolman and Inverness? 13. Which item of dress was launched in the sixties by Mr Fish, a fashion entrepreneur? 14. What name is given to the thin veil worn by Muslim women in public? 15. If you were wearing a Sam Brown what would you have on? 16. What name was given to the embroidered box-like contraption at the front of men's breeches in the early sixteenth century? 17. Sir Anthony Eden gave his name to which item of dress, popularised by him in the thirties? 18. What was the name of the very narrow skirt introduced in 1910, which made it difficult for the wearer to walk? 19. An anorak is a long hooded jacket of skin or cloth but from what language does the word anorak come? 20. Which Paris couturier introduced the New Look in 1947?

A 3 digit number is such that it's unit digit is equal to the product of the other two digits which are prime. Also, the difference between it's reverse and itself is 396. What is the sum of the three digits?

ANSWERS :The required number is 236 and the sum is 11. It is given that the first two digits of the required number are prime numbers i.e. 2, 3, 5 or 7. Note that 1 is neither prime nor composite. Also, the third digit is the multiplication of the first two digits. Thus, first two digits must be either 2 or 3 i.e. 22, 23, 32 or 33 which means that there are four possible numbers - 224, 236,326 and 339. Now, it is also given that - the difference between it's reverse and itself is 396.

11. A male's formal evening dress-coat is often referred to as 'tails'. Why is this?

Only 236 satisfies this condition. Hence, the sum of the three digits is 11.

10. A dolly varden is an article of clothing what kind?


Codpiece, 17. A black felt hat, 18. Hobble skirt, 19. Eskimo, 20. Christian Dior Cloaks or capes, 13. The Kipper tie, 14. Yashmak, 15. A belt with a strap over the right shoulder, 16. Honeycomb Stitch, 9. A scarf, 10. A large hat, 11. Shortened form of Swallowtails (the full name), 12. ANSWERS:

1. Mary Quant, 2. Red, 3. Tuxedo, 4. On the feet, 5. Gaberdine, 6. Greece, 7. A bride, 8.




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CityPages September 2013  

September 2013 issue of the CityPagesKuwait Magazine

CityPages September 2013  

September 2013 issue of the CityPagesKuwait Magazine