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Issue 38 , February 2013



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Thousand hearts beating for one nation, the pearl of the gulf, celebrating its National Day and 22 years of Liberation

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Dear Readers… Dhari Al-Muhareb Editor-in-Chief

Jameel Arif

General Manager

Abeer Al-Abduljalil Managing Editor

Kinda Al-Faris

Executive Editor

Noor Al-Khuraibet Fashion Director

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Elham Torabi

Business Development

As you walk, drive or look outside you’ll notice more lights and flags, this can only mean the most important month of the year is finally here. February, the month in which we celebrate Kuwait’s 52nd National Day and 22 years of liberation. I’m sure all of you are looking forward to some free time during this important holiday. But, let’s not forget how lucky we are to be, live, and work in the pearl of the gulf. I encourage you to look outside, as you walk or drive by along the streets of Kuwait and see what you can do to make this pearl shine. Having said that, I would like to take a moment to welcome five new writers to the CityPages staff. With their help, we were able to bring back the kids section and we thank Fantasy World for their input and help on reinstating this section. I would also like to thank Asnan Tower for introducing the new section Asnan Line.

Claudia Lozano

In this issue, CityPages had the pleasure of sitting down with three ladies who brought the first auction home to Kuwait. I’m sure you will enjoy the story and the pictures on their passion for antiques.

Claudia Farias

Our magazine was also thrilled to have a one-to-one interview with comedian Firas "Firawesome" Alola. It was hard not to laugh during this candid interview and I’m sure you will laugh as you read his answers.

Copy Editor & Special Projects Reporter Content Supervisor

Christina Pinto

Editorial Assistant

Tanya Burns

Creative Director

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I was able to be part of our recent photo shot at the old Amiri Hospital. Not only was this a great location, but also the models and photographer made this time-consuming project worth it. Please enjoy our fashion section. As our winter gets closer to its ends, I’m sure you’ll enjoy taking some time and enjoying reading the magazine outside. Feel free to pass around our magazine to all your friends and family members, CityPages made sure there’s something for everyone. Enjoy!

Jameel Arif COVER CREDITS: This amazing cover was done by our amazing new team members: Antonio O. Alcantara I and Eric O. Fabro and we thank them for their support and dedication. Many thanks to November Bakery for allowing us to have our photoshoot at their lovely location




13. 21.

Arts & Culture 32. The ARTronauts

Automotives 88. Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

89. Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG Wald Black Bison

Food Tasting 78. Moti Mahal Delux

HEALTH 38. The right food choice for the

right occasion is a STRATEGY

39. Binge Eating Or Bulimia Nervosa


INTERVIEWS FASHION 82. 85. 84. 87.

ZOUCH Diary of a Fashionista FASHION Trends 3 Collections of my favorite Perfumes, categorized by their scents

FITNESS 43. Gym Dos and Don'ts

13. The His&Hers Couples 21. Siraj VC 28. 31. 34. 74.

Auction Home Hobbies Introducing FRAWESOME Chris Byers Jazz Quartet

8. The Inner VIEW by Abdalla Al-Muzaini 44. In The Living Room Lounge with KINDA


LITERATURE 66. 67. 71. 73.

Short Fiction by Nada Faris Poetry by Nada Faris Names From the Past - Part 3 The old man

SELF DEVELOPMENT 17. 5 Techniques You Should

Practice Every Morning For a

19. Productive Day

A V Day Message!

93. Life of a Diva

SOCIETY 42. K’S PATH holds Charity Golf Tournament

62. Operation Potcake

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My Dear friends and readers, plan to make everyday matter… It’s the Month of LOVE! Do you think love is overrated? No, of course not. We all have to believe in love no matter what we have experienced or how many broken heart stories are around us. Love can act as a motivational factor in many of mankind’s greatest accomplishments, as a lot of amazing examples in history. It takes work, commitment, respect, communication and caring for one another each day. You can see here, in our February’s special, full of love in the cover we selected a cute and successful couple! The two interesting bloggers behind His & Hers blog. We just felt their pure love and passion by just being with them in the same room. CityPages is honored to be part of their anniversary and celebration. We choose the dreamy and lovely bakery for our cover photo shoot. Big thanks to November Bakery. As we promised, we will always be there in your success stories and your special days! It’s also the month of celebration and happiness. In a few days our beloved country, Kuwait, will celebrate on 25th and 26th the National day and the Libration day. Do we have to say more to feel the month of Love, Peace and Joy! Take this month to start showing and receiving those little things of love and keep looking for positive signs around you. Thank you for your kind love and support to CityPages. I wish you a wonderful and blessed month! Love you all!

Abeer M. Alabduljalil Managing Editor

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Dear CityPages Readers, It’s the month Kuwait celebrates National and Independence Day, and we’ve certainly witnessed a few milestones along with our beloved country lately. I think February is the most exciting of months. There’s something in the air, we at CP have never been busier bees running back and forth to events and interviewing intriguing people visiting Kuwait from abroad such as the Chris Byars Jazz Quartet who performed in the 19th Annual Grain Cultural Festival as well as the extremely talented Bret Webster who exhibited his incredible photography and held a workshop. We attended food tastings, openings, launches, and hung out with the hip crowd and witnessed their fast lives. The Thouq boutique opening was one such event that we had the most enjoyable time attending, seeing old and new friends and making new ones while networking and doing our job; never was it so much fun. Meeting the celebrity watchmaker Ali Aydin was an unexpected surprise, he was exhibiting his famous Aximum diamond encrusted watches, worn by sports and rap stars in the US plus a few lucky locals. We also saw the first Muji shop open at the Avenues, and had the opportunity to attend the Yacht Show as VIP’s where I had the chance to meet up with my long lost friend Rola Dashti doing her rounds as a Minister of Planning. Now I know where she’s been all this time! This is why we love our job, and why we hardly sleep anymore. Our aim is to show you Kuwait through our eyes, our country is witnessing the perfect change that is taking place right now. We are part of a growing number of people who are following their bliss, and to be riding that wave can’t be any more satisfying. The cover this month features our beloved His & Hers bloggers, the cutest twosome in Kuwait and who better than to grace our Valentine issue? Love is in the air so send those flowers and chocolates, or call your loved ones to tell them how dear they are to you. Life is precious; we hope that you live it with appreciation and vigor like we do here at CityPages. Happy Valentine’s Day, and National/Independence Day to all our readers!

Kinda Al Faris Executive Editor

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{Inner VIEW}

Tarek Aleryan began his career in the TV Field in 1994 after graduating from North Dakota State University with a double major in Mass Communication and Political Science. He started as a field reporter going out covering various activities for the news department and the variety programs at KTV. He hosted many TV Programs and shows, such as the Weekend Show, Spotlight on Sports, and numerous political documentaries. Being in this business industry, Tarek had the privilege of interviewing many ministers, public figures, sports personalities and celebrities such as Michel Platini, WWF Wrestlers, Roger Federer and many others. Tarek enjoys interacting with the guests and the audience on his live showsand always shares helpful information and experiences that would benefit all. Tarek being a social person who enjoys talking to people and enjoys people’s company, let us see if Tarek could handle himself being alone!


VIEW by: Abdalla Al-Muzaini

Tarek Aler yan

{Inner VIEW}



VIEW by: Abdalla Al-Muzaini

Scenario: You are on a cruise and had to abandon ship because of a sea storm. You finaly reach safety and find yourself stranded all alone on a beautiful exotic island which no one ever knew existed. Tell us, how would you spend your time there alone, and what would you do to survive?

“Exotic island, no one knew existed…” First thing I’d do is hoist the flag of Kuwait on the island and name my island ‘Hellolo.’ This actually sounds like the perfect relaxing vacation I’ve always wanted! There is no need for me to contact anyone at all. Since the island is exotic, I’m pretty sure I’ll be busy relaxing and exploring the area. I would contact my family to let them know I’m okay though; perhaps send them a post card. All I need with me is my sheesha and fish & chips with pizza from ‘Organica Pasta and Pizza’ delivered to me. If that wasn’t possible, I guess we’ll have to settle for the old traditional way… search for wood, tea leaves and set a fire to enjoy my tea, while lying on the beach under the moon light dazing at the stars and hoping to be reunited with my loved ones. Eventually, I’m sure I would be yearning to go back to my homeland Kuwait to share this wonderful experience of swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and relaxing and would engrave a message for the next lucky stranded person ‘Be happy where you are, enjoy the experience, and be an optimist!’” February 2013



Keeping it honest on and off their blog for years! Married for a few years and now with a child, Ahmad and Noura’s blog shows a glimpse into their daily lives along with their passion for hobbies and food. Their recipe: love, understanding and respect to His and Hers points of view.

Please introduce yourselves to our readers? We are a Kuwaiti married couple that share a blog. We usually write about what we experience in our daily life, whether it's a review or a personal issue.

What is your qualification? We both have bachelor degrees, Noura in English linguistics and myself in Computer and Electronics Engineering.

What do you do for a living? Ahmad: I work in a telecom company. Noura: A temporary stay home mom.

What was the idea behind starting your blog and how did you come up with the name? I started blogging in 2005 and since then blogging was part of my life. When we got married, I wanted to share the passion of blogging with the one I loved. Once Noura agreed on the idea the name came overnight. I thought of the things that distinguish the females and males in shops. This is usually the "His and Hers" products. Hence the name!

What was your inspiration for Blog Engage? Our inspiration comes when we need to write. Whether we were invited to a restaurant or wanting to rant about something. The blog gives us the space to do so. Our readers feedback in interaction is also another inspiration.

How often do you update your blog? We usually update every couple of days. As life is hectic, with work and raising a

child. We usually think of the quality of the post more than the quantity.

What is the time of the day when you usually update the blog or post? Usually we post in the morning and mainly weekdays.

Since both of you target different genders, did you ever had a controversy over any topic and how did you resolve it? Yes, as His & Hers we are actually two different people with different views. For example, Noura would attend an event that I would be against the idea of. However, we give each other the freedom of writing what we both believe in regardless. This doesn't make any problems between us though. This acceptance of our different views is what makes our relationship strong. We do discuss our different views and at the end we reach a point were we accept it.

What is the uniqueness of your blog? It is one of the first married couple blogs in Kuwait. We do keep it honest and personal when it comes to life situations. As for posts, we keep it away from advertisements.

What do you do when you’re not behind your computer? Do you have hobbies or passions? Ahmad: Actually, the Internet is my passion. I like to surf the Internet, read tweets

and check YouTube as much as I can. Even when I am alone, with friends or just before sleeping. My iPhone is always on my hand doing something through the Internet. If I am not doing that, I am most probably watching a football game, Noura: Since I am a stay home mom for now, I try to find time for my hobbies, such

as reading, sketching and cooking.


What’s the question you’re asked the most? How do you usually answer it? Ahmad: So what restaurant/dessert place do you recommend. Usually I just give them what I like. Noura: The first question we were asked here too. We should really post about it soon.


Remove the negative side of social networking and we will be doing great. Noura: We would have much more spare time really.

The happiest moment of your lives and the saddest moment? Ahmad: I would say the moment I saw my son would be my happiest moment. While the saddest moment was losing my mom from cancer last year. Noura: Birth of Meshari and the saddest was losing my mother in law.

Where do you see your blog in 5 years? We have great hopes for the blog, even though for now being busy with our child. We will try to manage it and we do not see our life without the blog. We see our blog now as part of our life and will be with us in the next 5 or more years.

Have you ever been recognized by anyone offline? Oh, we do get recognised from time to time.

Could you imagine your life without social networks?

Your message for the people of Kuwait on Independence Day? Ahmad: Kuwait is one of the main things we should care about in our life. Noura: I wish the best for our country and the people of Kuwait.

Your message for CityPages Magazine? Great job on your Magazine and keep up the good work.

Ahmad: I really enjoy social networks and with social networks I learn new stuff.

February 2013


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‫}‪{Insights/Social Media‬‬

‫‪Faisal is a Social Media and Online Marketing expert. He established his company a few years‬‬ ‫‪ago and has successfully implemented several highly successful online campaigns for a wide‬‬ ‫‪General manager / Owner‬‬ ‫‪range of clients, ranging from private business to government agencies and some non-profit‬‬ ‫‪Click integrated Media Solutions organizations.‬‬

‫‪Faisal Ben Dhofari‬‬

‫أطلقت شركة جوجل العاملية شبكة اجتماعية جديدة منافسة للشبكات‬ ‫االجتماعية االخرى مثل " الفيسبوك" و "تويتر " لكنها تتميز بوظائف رائعة‬ ‫مثل (الدوائر ‪ – Circles‬االهتمامات ‪ – Sparks‬مكاملات الفيديو ‪– Hangout‬‬ ‫احملادثات اجلماعية ‪)Huddle‬‬ ‫وأيضا ً سهلت العملية ملستخدمني جوجل بلس من التواصل االجتماعي‬ ‫مع االصدقاء من خالل الويب أو الهواتف الذكية ‪ .‬جوجل بلس متتازبتصنيف‬ ‫عالقاتك الشخصية وتقسيمها حسب طلبك في مجموعات من خالل "‪Circle‬‬ ‫" فعي متكنك من نقسيم اجملموعات على شكل دوائر واعادة تسميتها مثالً‬ ‫دائرة االصدقاء ‪ ،‬دائرة املعارف ‪ ،‬دائرة العائلة ‪ ...‬الخ ‪.‬‬ ‫وطبعاُ ميكنك اضافة تعديالت عليها في أي وقت من نقل أو اضافة أي شخص‬ ‫من دائرة الى دائرة ‪ ،‬هذه امليزة ليست موجودة في الشبكات االجتماعية األخرى‬ ‫لذلك فهي متنح لك حرية التعبير واملشاركة طبقا ً للدائرة التي تريدها ‪.‬‬ ‫" ‪ " Sparks‬خدمة أكثر من رائعة ألنك تستطيع من خاللها باضافة جميع‬ ‫اهتماماتك وأهم املواضيع التي تريدها داخل صفحة "‪ " Sparks‬بعدها‬ ‫تقوم شركة " جوجل " باضافة كل مايتعلق باهتماماتك من جميع املواقع‬ ‫على االنترنت ‪ ،‬ثم تستطيع مشاركة هذه الروابط على صفحتك اخلاصة مع‬ ‫اصدقائك ‪.‬‬ ‫اآلن أريد التكلم عن خدمة "‪ " Hangout‬التي متكنك من محادثة أصدقائك‬ ‫بالصوت والصورة مع ‪ 10‬أشخاص املوجودين داخل دوائرك في أي وقت أنت تريده ‪.‬‬ ‫وأخيرا ً خدمة " ‪ " Huddle‬التي تسمح لك باجراء محادثات نصية جماعية‬ ‫بينك وبني أصدقائك املوجودين في دوائرك ‪.‬‬ ‫من وجهة نظري أعتقد أن جوجل بلس سهل على اجلميع من التواصل اجتماعيا ً‬ ‫سواء كان دردشة أو صوت أو صورة فهي تقرب املسافات وتوفر الوقت ‪ .‬ويجب‬ ‫علينا أن ال ننسى اجلانب التجاري لالستفادة من هذه اخلدمة فهي تسهل عليك‬ ‫عرض منتجاتك وبضاعتك على صفحتك اخلاصة وبامكانك ترتيب موعد مع‬ ‫الزبون ومشاهدته من خالل خدمة "‪ " Hangout‬التي تستطيع من خالله‬ ‫مشاهدته وعرض منتجاته او تشرح له بالتفصيل لذا قد تكون وفرت وقتك‬ ‫وجهدك و أنت باملنزل ‪.‬‬ ‫‪February 2013‬‬


{Entertainment/Book Releases}

{Self Development}



Techniques You Should Practice Every Morning For a Productive Day

We often find ourselves trying to figure out ways to be successful; initiating ideas that could be stepping stones towards the goals we set out. Sadly, certain obstacles may set us back in our tracks, and what started off as a plan of action, may turn into something we wish we could have done. Little did we know that success comes in different forms-it could happen overnight or it could take months, or even years. The fact remains what we’re able to accomplish every single day, contributes to the likeliness that success is just a few steps ahead. The ability to have a productive day, in which you feel motivated and completely refreshed, is something not many of us have. We need alarm clocks just to get us up, and are barely able to pull ourselves out of bed, our bodies feel drained and lethargic through most of the day. Can you actually say you’ve never wished the day would end as quickly as possible? It’s for these reasons I have put together five simple and effective techniques that require just a few basic changes to your morning-mostly physical changes that will guarantee, not only an energized body, but a motivated mind that’s ready for action. You may have already known some of the stuff mentioned in the article, but what’s the point of knowing without doing? Take a shot at using all of these steps and you should definitely see a change in the way you feel every day. 5. Complete 30 Squats When You Wake Up Squats are known for being fairly easy with just a bit of challenge to them, but aside from the physical benefits to your outer body, squats get you worked up and essentially increase your heart rate with a corresponding increased blood flow. This means you’ll have a juiced-up body in a short space of time. I’ve practiced this when studying for exams in the past and it worked wonders to keep me awake.

4. Alternate Water Temperature When Having A Shower A great way to start the day and feel refreshed is by having a shower. The problem that sometimes arises when we take them, is that these showers can overrelax your body. I’ve had this problem quite a bit: I’d be quite excited to get on with some piece of work, after I have a hot shower, all I can think of is relaxing and taking things easy. A great way to combat the side effects of a relaxing shower is to make it quick, and end the shower off with a sudden burst of cold water. The shock to your skin will certainly wake you up if your shower relaxed you a bit too much.

3. Eat a Proper Breakfast My friends have a habit of rushing through their breakfasts, which usually just consists of coffee and a

muffin. Sorry folks, but that does not count as a good breakfast. You need a proper combination of fiber, protein, and preferably some dairy , but that doesn’t mean it has to be huge enough to feed a king. Try to eliminate coffee because once the sugar and caffeine

spike goes south, you’ll be down before you know it. Try oats, fruits, cereals or even whole wheat toast with a great smoothie, which will combine to get your energy levels up and keep them that way.

2. Groove to Some Music Music is known to be the food for the soul, but it can also be a great motivator if you listen to the right choice of songs. Pick a few songs that get you worked up, inspire you, and have a good beat to them that you can groove to. Engaging your body with music is known to evoke certain feelings and emotions, so with the right choice of music and even a few dance moves, you’ll be feeling ready to get on with your day and achieve the best you can.

1. Don’t Fret the Small Stuff. Be Happy. There are so many things you could do physically to have a productive day, but if you’re not happy, it’s going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride focusing on work and progressing toward your dreams. We respond to things according to our emotional state, so this final technique in the article is the most important one of all: try to avoid fretting the small stuff things you can’t change and aim at solving what you can, while being happy with yourself. Appreciate small milestones, because the little things you accomplish encourage you to strive for more.

February 2013


{Self Development/Career}

Sahara Kuwait Resort Welcomes Guests

The Sahara Kuwait Resort welcomes guests and visitors to an atmosphere of luxury and privacy in the vast green golf course view lined up with flowers to add more beauty. The team invites the guests and visitors to enjoy the premium lifestyle experience at Sahara. The Golf, The academy for golf education, the luxurious villas with unique green view and privacy, the fitness center and Spa, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, sauna and tennis and squash courts, while restaurants in the Resort offer exquisite cuisine according to quality standards in addition to the facilities available in meetings/events rooms that are equipped up to date. Hassan Bayerli, the General Manager of the resort says that our concept of hospitality is to exceed the level of satisfaction that our guests expect when they are in all the resort’s facilities.

1 84 00 84

{Self Development/Life Coaching}

Zahra Taqi

Certified Professional Coach President of Milestones Coaching


P.S. As always, I would love to hear back from Self you soDevelopment/Insights please feel free to drop me a line on my email: or find me on FB: MilestonesCoaching or twitter: @MilestonesCoach

A V-Day Message! It's so interesting to me how everyone thinks they need to find some super-special way to celebrate their love on Valentine's Day, then the thought of how to celebrate their love doesn't cross their mind again until the following year's Valentine's Day. The whole concept is quite strange to me! Here is my view on this. If you have a wonderful love in your life, then every single day should be a day to celebrate your love. You should wake up every single day and find a way to embrace, respect and honor your love. So this year on Valentine's Day, I want you to try looking at it as the New Year's Day of love. Make some Valentine's Day resolutions. Look at Valentine's Day as the first day you will start honoring your love every day. Resolve to start doing something special for your love every single day -- even if it's something as small (but significant) as expressing your love every day. So let's start thinking of February 14th as Lovers' New Year's Day. This is really the only right way to look at Valentine's Day, because celebrating love just one day a year, really is not going to cut it in any relationship. Celebrating your love every single day will cultivate and take your relationship to new levels you never imagined. Need help with your relationship goals or things to work on with your partner? Here is a list that can hopefully get the ball rolling for you:

• Reignite the spark: Is there something missing in your relationship? Many couples deal with lack of intimacy or loss of passion after years together. Even if you're the best of friends, it is important to keep your romantic and physical relationship alive, as well. Think about the reasons you're not connecting the way you used to. Is your lack of libido physical or emotional? Addressing these problems can help you reignite an old spark and get closer than ever with your partner. • Resolve arguments: It's often the little things that contribute the most to the wear and tear on a relationship. Left unaddressed, even trivial annoyances, like dirty socks on the floor, can turn into big power issues over time and can seem like a slap in the face. But petty arguments can also be a chance to cultivate compassion, if you learn to keep your lines of communication open and approach the situation with your full attention. • Learn to forgive: Your husband forgets your birthday. Your wife is criticizing your family again. Whether it's a slight transgression or an all-out blow, coping with an offense on any level can put even the most generous spirit to the test. When you've been hurt, the last thing you want to do is forgive. But experts say, forgiveness is not about making life easier for people who hurt you, or letting offenders off the hook; It's about protecting your health, and replacing pain with peace. A peaceful and harmonious relationship is a happy one.

If you are single and would like to be in a successful, loving relationship, don't beat your self up on Valentine’s Day about not being with someone. You too can take advantage of the Lover’s New Year’s Day! Looking for true love can be stressful, especially if you feel the pressure of friends, family, and society to find someone - anyone - before time runs out. But how can you get what you want from your relationships if you don't even know what you really need? Take this opportunity, V-Day, to try to come up with an idea of what it means for you to be in a relationship and how you envision your relationship to be. Most importantly, what are the qualities you are looking for in a partner? Often when we are thinking of a relationship we tend to think of the other party, but this time I would like you to think of YOUR qualities. What are you bringing into the relationship? What is a deal breaker to you and what would make it work? Thinking of all of these things makes it easier to understand what you are looking for, so the next time a prospective partner is introduced to you or happens to cross your path, you will know if that's the person you are looking for and the relationship you would like to be in. Have a happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy the love you are surrounded with and be grateful for it; whether its from your partner, family or friends. Embrace it, enjoy it and appreciate it! February 2013



Mad Woman and Grocery Shopping There is nothing more complicated and stressful in Kuwait as grocery shopping! At least for me, as this is something that couldn’t be done by anybody else: I can send my driver to drop off and pick up laundry, I have a maid helping out in household with everything (cleaning, ironing, cooking, staying with the pet while I am working, etc), I have mandoobs in the office who take care of dealing with officials and I have tea boys serving me beverages and so on. All I really have to do is eat, sleep, be at work and enjoy my leisure time and do my own grocery shopping!! Not only because I am the only one that knows exactly what I need and which product I prefer, but I also want to be sure everything purchased gets home in one piece, whole and not somehow damaged, right? What’s the big deal, some might ask – it’s not like anyone would toss my vegetables, fruits and items with a soft package around and squeeze the life out of them during or after the shopping tour! Besides, there are in every grocery store, (thankfully!), hard working helpers who pack your stuff for you at the cash desk, push the cart to your car and load the bags so that you really don’t have to bother at all... True, I am so grateful for all the luxury I became to enjoy here; but after unpacking mashed tomatoes and unpleasant mushy bananas from my very first grocery shopping I realized the next time I have to take matters into my own hands, literally. The ones of you that think I am being mean to the poor guys that are just trying to do their job – hold on; I respect them and I am grateful for their help, and there are always dinars in my pocket to reimburse them for their efforts, that’s not the point! They actually are very careful and load the heavy stuff like bottles and cans into the cart first, then the breakable and soft items on the top – therefore, all is good until that point… Almost! See, I have learned my lesson the hard way and any “I want my groceries to look perfect when I get home” – mad women like me better listen up and take notes: There are three very important steps in making your stuff gets home, into the fridge, freezer or cabinet, safely. First thing to remember – (once you push your cart filled with heavy stuff on the bottom and the rest on the top of it to the checkout counter) grab the most delicate items such as fresh herbs, bread, eggs, plump tomatoes and other fruits (bananas included!!) and hold on to them! Second thing to remember – once at your car, put the delicate stuff whether on the back seat or the passenger seat, as long as they are completely separated from the rest of the groceries. And the last thing to remember –

(after generously tipping the guy who helped you to schlep and unload your stuff) make sure all bottles, cans and big water containers are properly secured in the trunk. Not doing so could end up squeezing or mashing everything else that gets between falling and rolling bottles while driving back home. Logical enough and not worth mentioning, you would say now? Considering what I observe every time doing my shopping – not really. People whether don’t care, or are too tired from work or stressed with screaming kids and leave everything in the hands of the busy helpers, whom I really cannot blame for not eye balling every item and mediating before putting it into the cart. Same happens at the car – these guys do the best they can

to shovel everything into the trunk and move on to the next customer who impatiently hurries them to pack their thousand items. And so I take responsibility for keeping delicate stuff from any squeeze, pinch or smash: I hurry to sort my shopping items before putting them on the cash counter, I rush to grab my fruits and herbs before they disappear into plastic bags and are tossed back into cart, I run – carrying my dear delicacies in my hand - with the helping guy who at that point is completely confused, I explain, reshuffle, repack and redirect how and where to put the rest of my groceries, I reimburse the helper who is relieved to leave me alone with my purchase, and I get into my car and I am happy to have had yet another successful grocery shopping in Kuwait.

January 2013



Significance to the Costa Coffee Brand The Costa Coffee brand is synonymous of great beverages, amicable staff and a sociable atmosphere. The brand’s character is due to the combined efforts of a very talented team lead by an imaginative and industrious, Siraj VC. The General Manager of Costa Coffee revealed insights into the company, particularly about the handling of the Costa Coffee experience to maximize customer satisfaction and push the brand to the top. He was candid about many aspects of the business, underlining his history and functions of his own role. CityPages brings to you this exclusive, enlightening interview.

What is your education background? I hold a degree in Hotel Management from Saptagiri College of Hotel Management in Mangalore, India.

Tell us about your past professional experiences? I started my career in 5 star hotels in India and worked with Holiday Inn-Ooty, The Leela Goa, Ambassador Pallava Chennai, Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort in Kerala, The Lalit Ashok Hotel in Bangalore. I moved to Kuwait to join Safir International Hotel in 1999. After which, I moved to a London-based fine dining restaurant called Richoux in 2003. My first coffee shop experience was from Caribou coffee in Kuwait, where I was actively involved in the development of the brand from 2006, and also, completed a training program in Minneapolis (USA). My current role, as of July 2010, is that of a Business General Manager of Costa Coffee.

What are the responsibilities of a General Manager of Costa Coffee entail? From a position of a business startup; I direct, lead and maintain the expansion of the Costa Brand in Kuwait. Additionally, I strategically develop the business plans and measure against agreed key performance indicators. My responsibility includes developing and leading the team to consistently deliver agreed budget sales contribution, operating profit and maintain a Costa brand standard.

How fast is the brand growing in Kuwait? Please tell us about your company. We have inherited 10 Costa outlets from KASCO from January 2010 and presently, we are operating 27 locations throughout the market. Hussein Morad Behbehani Est. was formed in 2009 under the vision of Hussein Morad Behbehani, who learned about the luxury, engineering, retail and wholesale business from his father. The establishment flourished when Van Cleef & Arples, Bvlgari and Costa Coffee was signed onboard. We gained recognition when Costa Coffee UK announced HMB Est. as the best new franchise. Such an achievement in a short time period is only possible with sheer dedication, strong leadership and commitment of the team

Are you introducing any new concepts in your stores in the future? Costa has unveiled its latest design to meet the market demand and to set itself as the number one coffee shop. The new Evolution store design! It is called Evolution as it has evolved from the current Summertown platform. The new design is more focused on the needs of our target, comprised of more affluent, younger customers who desire social and relaxing settings. Evolution is another great demonstration of Costa’s ability to listen to its customers and align ourselves with their constantly changing needs. Good design is a vital part of our brand DNA. It not only creates the right imagery to build an emotional attachment with customers, but also supports sales and profit delivery. Also, it moves us ahead of the competition.



Siraj VC Business General Manager February 2013



What distinguishes Costa Coffee from others and makes it will be positioned as the perfect drink for a quick coffee pick-me-up, either in the morning or after dinner. Caffe Corto comes in three versions – Mocha, Classic unique? It takes more than great beans to make great coffee. Skill, attention to detail and expertise are required in abundance –our baristas are taught at training academies to master their craft. On an average, our baristas will make over a 100 cups before they’re ready to serve perfectly extracted, textured, flavored, steamed and frothed masterpieces. I believe our signature Mocha Italia Blend make us different from others.

and Black. Mocha Corto coffee filled with textured hot chocolate and a sprinkle of chocolate powder – will appeal to younger, mainly female coffee lovers, while the smooth Classic Corto has an overall appeal. Black Corto is the strongest drink in the range – a rich, intense coffee hit containing only the best part of the extraction – and it is also expected to be popular with older males.

What are some of the operational challenges that you face According to you, which is more important; good taste or a on a day-to-day basis? favorable store environment? Everything goes hand in hand. That’s why we are always focusing on minute details of the store operations. Special thanks to the entire operation team who consistently deliver an unbeatable coffee experience. All are equally important to give the great experience.

What are your plans for 2013 and future plans for expansion? We are aggressively looking for more store openings in new channels, refreshing store environments, improving the food preferences and training and developing the staff on servicing an unbeatable coffee experience to every single customer

What’s the new drink of Costa? We recently launched a new range of three short, strong coffees called Corto. The Corto range has been developed in response to customer feedback that revealed there was a preference for smaller-sized drinks and strong coffees. It

Recruiting qualified staff is becoming a challenge in Kuwait due to highly competitive market and growth opportunities.

What do you enjoy most about your job? The massive opportunity, market expansion, ensuring the best coffee experience to every single customer and the new challenges on a day to day operation.

Which person has influenced you the most - and why? Two women are very influential in my life –my mom and my wife. My life would be difficult without them.

The person, alive or dead, with whom you would most like to have a coffee - and why..? It would be my dad. Unfortunately, he passed away when I was nine years old.



What is something the entire crew at Costa Coffee prides itself? We believe in developing internal talents that gives pride and passion to the entire team as an entity.

What according to you are your three keys to success in your current role? Passion for every single thing I do‌ respect for others and being strict on brand standard, but soft on people.

Can we know a bit about your family? My wife Shahi and two lovely kids, Febin and Rania.

How do you manage or balance your busy work life with your personal life? After long working hours, I make sure to involve myself in the activities of my wife and kids. I spend quality time with them, especially on my days off.

What values would you like to develop in your kids? Respect and dignity are the most important values I would like them to inculcate. They should feel like everyone is important from their teacher to the bus driver. I want them to be good people first and good students second. Once they practice values like honesty, kindness, love, friendship, self-discipline, respect and politeness, everything will fall into place.

Your message to the people of Kuwait on the occasion of their National and Liberation Day? On this occasion, on behalf of Costa Coffee and myself, I would like to convey my deepest congratulations, best wishes to Kuwait and its citizens - wishing them a bright future that is prosperous and kind.

Your message for us at CityPages magazine? I love reading every single page of CityPages, and my congratulations on your Third Anniversary. Wishing you success in your future endeavors.

February 2013


{Self Development}

A simple girl who loves her life and appreciate every moment of it, a banker who's trying to have marvels accounts of the knowledge in this universe, always seeks the beauty in everything and every one, a passionate reader, in love with any book my hands can gets, and my most favorite sentence is: life is simple, so simply live it .

Fatma Al-Najdi


NOT A BLOOD TYPE, THAT’S WHAT WE SHOULD BE One day a beautiful lady woke up from her sleep, with no hair at all, she cried and wept over her divine beauty . She went to all the doctors all over the world seeking a solution for her misfortune, but there was none, and eventually she killed her self out of despair. I remember seeing that in a movie somewhere when I was little with my family, what's really funny was my grandmother, she had no hair, I was maybe 5 or 6 to be exact, I asked her that day, why haven't she killed her self like the lady, don’t think that I was rude, I was a little girl who loved asking inappropriate questions, so grandma turned to me with a big smile on her face instead of a smack on my face, saying: " because god granted me a greater thing than HAIR, I just don’t have to brush it every day like you." I didn’t care about her answer until recently when I was brushing my hair and some of it fell of, I smiled and understood something my grandma was trying to teach me, to be a (B+) person. She simply laughed at an issue that most of people would hurt them, she was right, when misfortune hits us in our lives we crash down, and forget an important thing, we reflect our happiness on out satiations, every time something bad happen, just think for a moment that in every dark sky and the falling rain there will be a sweet colorful rainbow that will shine on our lives . The other day I was reading something about being a positive person, and I read about Thomas Edison, the light bulb inventor, when he tried 1000 times to invent the light bulb, his experiments ended up in a complete failure, and his friends used to tell him 1000 times: " you FAILED" he simply replayed:" I didn’t fail, I just discovered a new way to invent the light bulb in my next experiment."

And he succeeded. The positive thought is what makes you reach your goals, that was what Edison saw, a POSITIVE thought, reflected by the idea was his image, a great successful inventor who lights our world till now. Every person gains from what he thinks, if it a positive or a negative thought, you will receive the corps of your way of thinking . Always be optimistic about what you see and get, and if you fail at some point in your life, just remember: PEOPLE WHO MADE THE GLORY, FAILED 1000 TIMES BEFORE IT. (B+), is not a blood type, its what you should be, BE POSITIVE.

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February 2013


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Three friends, one hobby turned into the first auction place in Kuwait Pieces of history can be found almost everywhere we look, but most of us can’t really tell the true value of an antique. However, this was not the case for three childhood friends who decided to take their hobby and turn it into a project to help people learn and know how much those pieces of history can actually be worth.



February 2013



It all began as these three friends, Hameeda Al-Yousifi, Wadha Al-Aqrooka, Maryam Al-Ali, and (from left), started collecting pieces of furniture for their homes. Wadha said she had her grandfather’s cupboard, which they left unattended and exposed to sun and rain. Finally one day they decided to get rid of it, but the cupboard was not only heavy, but it didn’t have any physical damage to it. This is when Wadha realized this was a real strong piece of furniture that had great value and was a piece of history. After having gone to Houston and learning about selling and buying antiques, the three friends decided to bring the pieces they had acquired over the years and open the first auction place in Kuwait. Auction Home is set to open its doors this February. Hameeda, Maryam and Wadha said Auction Home would focus on showcasing different pieces of furniture, along with examining people’s furniture and apprising them. Wadha said while on one of their trips, to an auction place, she bought some crystals. When she got home she realized the crystals had a signature. As she searched online to learn more on the signature, she found the crystals were made by these talented brothers and were part of a reproduction from 1836. As she continued her trips to new auction houses she found some original crystals made by the same brothers, and by then she was able to sell the reproductions and get the originals.

All three friends found their trips to be very educational. This made them very eager to bring their knowledge into Kuwait. The items showcased at the Auction Home are pieces they had at their homes and new ones they acquired over the years from Syria, United States and England. The total value of the pieces is more than two hundred thousand Kuwaiti dinars. These friends, not only want to share these pieces with the public, but also spread their antique collecting hobby to other people. They said this is a healthy and nice hobby, from which people can learn and preserve history. They also want to emphasize that what people may think is useless; it may have some value to it. The Auction Home will also serve as an appraiser in which people can bring their furniture or other pieces and with their combined knowledge, these three friends will be able to evaluate from which period the piece is from and how much it could be worth. The Auction Home will also be providing workshops to teach people how to reuse old furniture and give it a brand new look with a twist and continue using it. Each piece, currently at the Auction Home located at Sahara St 217, block 2, house 7, has an explanation on its history and shows its value. This new concept is a project Hameeda, Maryam and Wadha hope people take advantage of and learn the true value furniture and other pieces have, not only monetary but historically.


Hind Al-Jasser


You may call her a banker. She is full of passion for all kinds of arts (graphic design, drawing and the art of recycling) Her most enjoyable time is when she holds a pen and melts with its touch on any thing, Music is her love and traveling an addiction.


A collection is a group of things gathered or collected. A person is a collector when they brings items together into a group. People collect things for lots of reasons including that it is fun! Collecting is a great hobby because it can be different, unique for everyone, and for each collecting hobby there is a story. In the process of collecting, you continue to learn, so when you build any collection, you apply new skills in identifying, selecting, discriminating, evaluating, and classifying and you become more professional, I’m one of a snowballs collector from each country I visit. And for that I interviewed one of collectors, Mr. Abdullah Falah to know his story.

When did you start collecting cufflinks? 8 years ago, I started to collect them at first by browsing online, then i watched strange shapes of the cufflinks and they were my first to buy.

How man cufflinks do you have? More than 60.

Is there a certain number you want to reach?

Abdullah's ID

Abdullah Falah Banker s t cufflinks & ring Obsessed abou

I don't have a specific number, but certainly I would like to collect more.

What is your favorite one, and why? The one that my wife ( TIFFANY ) gave me in our first anniversary.

From where do you get the strange shapes, is there a certain place to buy them? Websites, some stores, from trips and some of them are gifts.

Cufflinks you wanted to have but you could not? One of the brands launched a limited edition cufflinks, but have been all sold. February January 2013 2013


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Art from the Heart: The ARTronauts

Edit the Present “Our intention is to mobilize every young artist poised to influence change in the 21st century through original artwork,” says Professor Roma Soni, full-time lecturer of Graphic Design and Interior Design at Kuwait’s Box Hill University and mentor of the ARTronauts, a Kuwait-based group of 16 art enthusiasts and budding artists across all nationalities and universities. Guided by their motto to ‘Edit the Present’ and united by their passion for creativity and social causes, this dynamic group founded early 2012 works relentlessly all year round to create cultural, social and environmental art based on social design. “We aim to bring a change in our environment and our beautiful world, through the medium of art and design by raising awareness in the community and recognizing our social responsibility,” Prof. Soni explains. The organic nature of the group’s growth and its distinct art methodology from conceptualization to communication mirrors its very inception. Drawing from her own inspiration to create eco-friendly art and transferring a multi-cultural perspective having exhibited her art and design in India, Istanbul, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Prof. Soni brought together her students as well as other young artists in Kuwait’s to celebrate Earth Day in April 2012 by creating and exhibiting original artwork at Reuse 5.0, an eco-living forum and expo in Kuwait. The unconventionality and vibrancy of their work with intelligent adaption of art theory into social messaging soon caught the attention of the wider community, encouraging the artists to produce more art straight from the heart under the collective name of the ARTronauts. Today the ARTronauts prides in its 16 active artists, a commendable number given the fast pace of life they brave to consistently produce new work year-round, having exhibited at up to eight art exhibitions and workshops in just 2012. Aged between 19 and 26, this core team comprises nationals of Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, India, Pakistan and the USA. Engage the community Perhaps the single most noteworthy contribution of the ARTronauts has been demonstrating how to think outside the box, by taking art beyond the classroom and the gallery into everyday life and public space. Says 20-year-old Alaa Khalifa from Kuwait, "Art is not only something you see displayed in an exhibition. In fact, we are all surrounded by art. Some people think that art is not important because

they can survive without it. I believe this is what makes art very valuable, because it adds joy to your life. When you choose to display an art piece you created in your house, it lends a sense of sharing and accomplishment.” 23-year-old Azmi Ezzo from Lebanon concurs, “As Picasso said the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. Some people have the gift of understanding art, others don’t. Those who do are blessed because they see life in a different perspective and are able to share that with those who don’t yet.” Bashayer Al Shamari, a budding 23-year-old ARTronaut from Kuwait whose work won the social art category at REUSE 5.0 sees art as a way to communicate with society by translating issues, emotions and feelings into visuals through the elements of design such as colour and shapes and form. This grounds their philosophy. It takes a great deal of passion to create and to edit the 21st century, Prof. Soni stresses. As a mentor, she guides the ARTronauts in research, brainstorming, sketching and inspiration derived from the environment to help artists come up with ideas before creating a piece of artwork. Using environment friendly materials is strongly encouraged while ensuring the underlying message of the artwork is lucid for public comprehension. Each artwork is as such a dialogue between the audience and the social concern it channels, making the experience interactive, alive and thought-provoking. No two artworks are the same, even within a series by the same ARTronaut. Through method, composition or materials, their artwork encourages people to take a new look at existing meanings. For instance, recycling need not necessarily be confined to just paper and plastic. Using egg crates collected by her family and friends at her insistence, Bashayer Al-Shammari created a 3D pixellated image of the late King of Pop and Um Kalthoum. 20-year-olds Alia Al-Qabandi and Jena Al-Awadhi from Kuwait used metal and discarded or broken toys in their composition to create unique sculptures, neckpieces and a food-for-thought wall frame. 20-year-old Alaa Khalifa from Kuwait, gave a new spin to decoupage while celebrating the texture of paper, script font and the human form, created portraits of celebrities from scraps of magazine paper. 23-year-old Dhari Al-Qabandi from Kuwait salvaged the broken back half of a car to create a viable and aesthetically executed couch, quite a focal point in any setting. 23-year-old Unsa Khalid from Pakistan created a vivid Mandala using the top of a table and plastic shopping bags of different colours, urging one to contemplate an eco-conscious lifestyle. She also teamed up with 23-year-old Muneera Al Safran to make picture frames and curtain panels with discarded pieces of fabric. Drawing attention to Kuwait’s

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rich marine bio-diversity and the impact of pollution on marine habitat, 20-year-old Deeksha Soni from India created a life-size 3D diver entirely formed from a collection of plastic bags found at the beach over several months. Problem-solve through art Going ahead, with a string of exhibitions lined up in the first half of 2013, the ARTronauts are keen to grow their number, and see more public dialogue around social art and collective problem-solving. “We would love to see more concept based art and ideas that stimulate change for the better,” Prof. Soni notes. “Art should make a person stop to think, observe and participate.” There’s a joy in using materials that are strange and different, Jena shares. “Whether it'd be screws and nails or the entire backseat of a car. We try to motivate young people to think carefully before littering and to try and think of ways to recycle creatively, rather than opt for the conventional way of using recycling bins.” It also makes people think twice before they shop, promoting responsible consumerism and waste management. Knowing that they can change the world as we know it into a better place just by doing what they love, through art, lends the ARTronauts a sense of making a difference. As 21-year-old Sara Ismail from Kuwait says on closing note, “It’s everything I could ask for as an artist!”

Join the ARTronauts Facebook Page:

February January 2013 2013






FIRAWESOME Al Alola A peek into a comedian’s life, motivation and ambitions What started as a challenge during his college years has now become part of his life, making people laugh. Firas "Firawesome" Alola sat with CityPages and talked about what makes him tick, cringe and how he got to be the comedian he is today.

Why and how did you get into stand-up comedy? My university roommate and I used to attend a local open-mic night. The openmic night was for anybody willing to perform. Most of the performers tried their hands at music and poetry but there were other performances. One night the talent was absolutely horrendous to which my roommate started making fun of me saying, “Wow! Your jokes are actually funny in comparison.” My manhood being challenged, I replied with “I AM FUNNY!”, got up on stage, said a couple of stories, people laughed and the rest, as they say, is history.

How do you test-out your stand-up material? For the most part, I’m a story teller. I focus on the stories that I tell to friends and family that receive the most acclaim, if you will. I then later tweak those stories into a stand-up joke format. Recently, I have become more reliant on using Twitter. If the premise is well understood, I take that joke to the stage (after altering it for stand-up, of course). February 2013



Who were/are your inspirations in the world of comedy? When I was younger, I used to imitate my favorite comedy actors like Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams. Realizing that is not the same as stand-up, I studied stand-up comedians and nobody can answer this question without mentioning the Godfather of stand-up, George Carlin. I greatly admire the late Mitch Hedberg and Dane Cook’s Vicious Circle Tour.

What makes you laugh, what makes you hopeful, what makes you sad and what makes you angry? I am easily amused, which is a sharp double edged sword. I laugh at myself (not jokes) a lot. I wouldn’t exactly say I am hopeful, I just know (as in fact) that I am the luckiest person alive and that is more than enough for me. I no longer allow myself to be sad, because being sad is time spent in negativity. Either change the situation or accept it for what it is. This is how I have managed to keep my girlish figure. As for anger, I must admit that I do get worked up at ignorance, stupidity and selfishness. Driving in the region frustrates me, other drivers to be precise, but I learned a trick to help me overcome that; I started having conversations with the other drivers, whether they can hear me or not. For example, someone cuts me off I would ask them, “Are you ok? Are you rushing back home because you forgot to program the recorded to tape today’s Bold and the Beautiful?” and then all is well with the world again.

What do you see as your biggest achievement to-date? Having survived myself so far. I have been asked by my legal counsel to not divulge any further. All jokes aside, every performance I walk off the stage and the audience are cheering is my biggest achievement. Not having corrupted my siblings (much) is up there as well.

What professional ambitions do you have? May I answer this again in a year from now? For some time I wanted to break back into TV (had a small role in a children’s program as, surprise surprise, the bad influence friend). Now, I just want to improve my material and act so that every time I am on stage I give the audience their money’s worth and then some.

How brave do you have to be to stand in front of strangers and make them like you and make them laugh within a few seconds? My philosophy is “Have fun on stage and the crowd will have fun with you.” Any standup comedian will tell you that whatever your mood, emotions, etc are on stage will reflect back on the audience. You do need some courage or guts to get up in front of a crowd, but in the end the crowd is just people. What’s the worst that could happen? They don’t laugh? That’s wouldn’t be the cause of World War 3, or so I keep telling myself. As for liking me or making them laugh, it would be nice to have everyone like you and laugh at everything you say but we all know that’s impossible. So, once again, the bottom line is have fun. Shake off these hindering thoughts; they’ll only weigh you down.

Which topics are the most controversial and which are the most popular in your routines? I would like to begin by first saying that I avoid religion, politics and vulgarity. I have been known to throw in a swear or two, but relevant to the joke and not as punchline or for the last laugh. With that said, my most controversial topics are also the most popular; the male female dynamics. Male female dynamics, in this case, is the



differences between the sexes (in everything) and then relationships. I pick on both sexes equally and make fun of relationships plenty. I currently am single, if anybody is interested in helping me gain new material.

Do you keep a book to jot down ideas and lines for your routines? Who told you to ask me this question? Who have you been talking to? I’m a mess. I keep my notes in all sorts of formats; back of a business card, post-its, back of a PP presentation handout, etc. For some time, I did get organized and saved audio/voice notes (still largely do) but whenever I hit on something or inspiration strikes, I use whatever is available to me. Once, rarely twice, a month I would try and gather as many of these notes as possible and save them in my “Material” folder. Well, the ones that I can figure out what heck I meant by them at the time.

Can you describe yourself in a few words? Not from Japan, have four fake teeth, my name means perspicacity and if I were on the McDonal’s menu I would be the Apple Pie.

What would you be doing if you weren't a comedian? I fight crime at night but as a wanted vigilante, it is best I don’t reveal my secret identity. I also do PR for this company, but don’t want to bore with the details of what pays my bills.

How was your experience performing in Kuwait? Performing or not, I love Kuwait and its people. The Comedy Hangout was a hugely successful event that I am really glad I was a part of. The crowd took some time to warm up to me, but in the end I left the stage with them wanting more. I can’t ask for more than that.

Can you tell us what your current projects are and what you might have lined-up for the future? I have just finished doing an open-mic tour in London, England. It went quite well. Tried my hand in Improv Comedy for the first time and now have a new found respect for performers in that genre. Plenty of my projects are corporate events (almost all in Saudi Arabia), but have a couple of public events in the works in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. For anything in Kuwait, have your people talk to my people; Al Gas Events. Wink.

Despite some of the subject matter, you never get angry on stage. How do you balance serious and funny? I partially answered this question but I am glad for the chance to rephrase my answer. I always say, “Don’t let others determine your mood or value of self-worth because no matter who they are or what they mean to you, they aren’t the ones that have to live with that feeling; you do. Choose for yourself.”

Your message for our team at CityPages Magazine? Your boss is always right and don’t quit your day jobs. In all seriousness, I am honored to have met some of you. I enjoy your magazine and like the direction in which you are taking it. Happy 2013 to you and your loved ones and wish you many prosperous, joyful and amazing years ahead with the magazine and in your lives. February 2013



Dalal M. Al Nukhailan

Motto: Promoting A Healthier Lifestyle Personal Message: Aesthetic is my favorite word... Aesthetic is how I see the world

Clinical Dietitian Diabetes Specialist/Pediatrics

The right food choice for the right occasion is a STRATEGY Yes, we are living a busy life filled with different occasions, season greetings, first day out, workplace dinners, weddings, ceremonies anniversaries, birthdays, valentine celebrations and much much more, you name it! However, what makes those occasions special is the variety of food choices that we are obliged to chose from! Some involve culture, some involve taste, some involve being unique and some involve a little sense of JOY! However, in my personal perspective, choosing the right food must also meet one important rule, RULE NUMBER ONE... Does not interfere with your Weight & Health & most importantly You IMAGE! Yep, your health followed by your image is the best representative of your lifestyle and your charisma! In this little window of secrets of mine I will introduce to you some of the TOP mistakes you might want to avoid when you are getting ready for a special dinner or in other words a special occasion where food is involved! In an interview your word choices may be the top critique, however your outfit choice, and your appearance is also a reflection of yourself, moreover when that waiter drops his menu between your hands and comes to ask “ What would you like to be served with tonight? “ THAT IS THE QUESTION you want answer 100% Right by Avoiding the Following :

Yes, may I have spaghetti! WRONG! Spaghetti?? seriously? I mean it is a delicious meal, can be very nutritious with a meatball and tomato sauce.. but imagine being dressed up elegantly looking stunning and all of a sudden your having a small fight with those long tubby noodles messing around your mouth and face and making you look childish? NO, in another day please!

• Anything with Garlic/Onion? TO BE AVOIDED. I guess I shouldn't be elaborating much here... “ODORS?”

Ooh looks delicious lets go for a Lobster & a Crab ..

• How about the SOUP of the day?! Hmm, slurping sounds are not pleasant specially with a rounded spoon! Not even when music is high is acceptable. Or how about reaching the end and leaving the spoon and just having it straight from the bowl? NO, NO, NO, maybe when you’re back home watching TV.

Common no way not in a formal occasion where you want to bring out the best in you!

• Hamburgers bigger than your mouth: It won’t be pretty to watch!

Sea Food is amazing, I can go on and on when mentioning its health benefits, the minerals, the vitamins, the lean protein and mostly the healthy fatty oils YES, its a great choice but the way you will be eating it, specially the joy of having those dishes is to have them eaten by hands with no care for appropriate looks... YOU will look fierce and messy, so no not recommended!

• Tabouleh - Anyone who loves tabbouleh knows its aftereffects are not pretty.

• Hmm, how about ribs and chicken wings? one though; it is physically impossible to detach the meat from their bones using a fork and knife. Yes, it's considered appropriate etiquette to pick quail up with your fingers. Still, everyone looks barbaric when gnawing at bony legs - and it's an all-too-vivid reminder why most people prefer boneless and skinless

Same goes for pesto, spinach and other green leafy vegetables in some dishes. Make it easy on yourself, avoid them on that day, nothing would disturb your smile other than a clingy green veggie on your teeth! • Spicy foods: a red nose? Maybe sniffy too! The urge to need to calm down the fire house you created in your mouth isn’t the ideal situation you want to put yourself at on this special day. • Beans: those would mess up your digestive system, simply avoid them on such occasions. -CORN ON A COB: Childish? Maybe, visualize this

with me, two pretty manicured hands, holding a cob bringing it near soft shinny lips, with a delicate rouge, being smashed up along the cob biting every tiny little corn seed, ruining this perfect lovely image isn’t going to be on this day NO PLEASE! And there comes the waiter again, this time with a smaller menu... and gently asking... "Any desserts for you?" • Oh yes please, craving a French Mille-feuille, pardon mademoiselle? Isn’t that the french desserts with layered custard with soft sugar powder on top? YES INDEED, it is the worst way to end your day! powdery sugar on your lips, on top of your mouth and perhaps a fluffy chunk on your cheeks too! Believe me a fork and a knife wont satisfy this desert, you need to be familiar with whoever is in front of you while enjoying this deliciously humiliating dessert. By that, I leave you with many other choices to choose from, there are still a wide variety, mainly focus on what will be easy to bite, small in portion, wont interfere with your looks, or your digestive system, avoiding sauces and specially thin sauces that easily spills. Try to chose something you are already familiar with, you wouldn't want to try something new and maybe dislike it, it would be embarrassing to re-order or just leave your dish on the side. Overall, chose something that represents the best in you for this day!


Dr. Nazia Nausheen


Dr. Nazia is a Certified Medical Doctor. She also holds an MBA in Sales and Marketing. Disseminates valuable information in her extensive medical seminars and workshops. Readers should look forward to her regular articles on women health and other general health related issues.

BINGE EATING OR BULIMIA NERVOSA: IS IT A DISEASE? It is a serious, potentially life-threatening eating disorder. People with bulimia may secretly binge which means eating large amounts of food — and then purge, trying to get rid of the extra calories in an unhealthy way. For example, someone with bulimia may force vomiting or do excessive exercise. Sometimes people purge after eating only a small snack or a normal-size meal. If you have bulimia, you're probably preoccupied with your weight and body shape, and may judge yourself severely and harshly for your self-perceived flaws. Because it's related to self-image - and not just about food - bulimia can be difficult to overcome. But effective treatment can help you feel better about yourself, adopt healthier eating patterns and reverse serious complications.


When to see a doctor

Bulimia signs and symptoms may include: • Being preoccupied with your body shape and weight

If you have any bulimia symptoms, seek medical help as soon as possible. If left untreated, it may get worse and take over your life.

• Living in fear of gaining weight


• Feeling that you can't control your eating behavior

The exact cause of bulimia is unknown. There are many possible risk factors that could play a role in the development of eating disorders.

• Eating until the point of discomfort or pain • Eating much more food in a binge episode than in a normal meal or snack

Risk factors

• Forcing yourself to vomit or exercise too much

Factors that increase your risk of bulimia may include:

• Misusing laxatives, diuretics or enemas after eating

• Being female: Girls and women are more likely to have bulimia than boys and men.

• Using dietary supplements or herbal products for weight loss

• Age: Bulimia often begins in the late teens or early adulthood. • Genetics: People with first-degree relatives (siblings or parents) with an eating disorder may be more likely to develop an eating disorder, suggesting a possible genetic link. • Psychological and emotional issues: People with eating disorders may have psychological and emotional problems that contribute to the disorder. Examples include low self-esteem, perfectionism, impulsive behavior, anger management problems, depression, and anxiety disorders. In some cases, traumatic events may be a contributing factor. • Societal pressure: Peer pressure and what people see in the media may fuel a desire to be thin, particularly among young women.

Treatment When you have bulimia, you may need several types of treatment, although combining

psychotherapy with antidepressants may be the most effective for overcoming the disorder.

Psychotherapy Psychotherapy involves talking about your bulimia and related issues with a mental health provider.

Medications Antidepressants may help reduce the symptoms of bulimia when used along with psychotherapy. Nutrition education and achieving healthy weight If you're underweight due to bulimia, the first goal of treatment will be to start getting you back to a healthy weight. Dietitians and other health care providers can design an eating plan to help you achieve a healthy weight, normal eating habits and good nutrition.

Hospitalization Bulimia can usually be treated outside of the hospital. But if you have a severe form and serious health complications, like severe dehydration or severe weight loss, you may need treatment in a hospital.

Treatment challenges in bulimia Although most people with bulimia do recover, some find that symptoms don't go away entirely. Periods of binging and purging may come and go through the years, depending on your life circumstances, such as times of high stress. If you find yourself back in the binge-purge cycle, "booster" sessions with your health care providers may help you weather the crisis before your eating disorder spirals out of control again. Learning positive ways to cope, creating healthy relationships and managing stress can help prevent a relapse. February 2013



Spa AquaTonic Kuwait CityPages reviews to tell

The Spa AquaTonic is a magnificent self standing building located adjacent to the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kuwait. The renowned spa originates from France and offers a myriad of health and well being services ranging from massage therapy to weight loss as well as skincare and foot care, plus of recently welcomed Layla Harmony salon to their premises. The quality of services and the product lines in use are the best in the world, and hail from Les Thermes Marins de Saint Malo a world renowned thalassotherapy center area located in Brittany, France boasts a variety of massage types and techniques from around the world and a vast range of beauty treatments but last and not least its specialty -- water (hydro) therapy. It is a must go destination for spa breaks. The spa houses the famous Aquatonic Pool which is unique to Kuwait and is one of only thirteen in the world. Designed based on the original Aquatonic pool located in France at Thermes Marins de Saint Malo it is a whopping 650 square meters in size and compromises of four sections and 15 different exercise zones featuring 163 under water jets. Using the pool can burn 500 calories in a 90 minute session! When we visited it was quite busy, and seems to be very popular. Spa Aquatonic also offers the newest Ultratone treatments for face and body shaping. This technology uses electrical currents to stimulate weight loss and improve skin tone, and has similar results to facelifts without the surgery as well as body shaping without having to exercise. Recently, Spa Aquatonic welcomed a qualified podiatrist on board to treat all types of foot ailments especially those resulting from diabetes as well as treatment pedicures for other types of issues resulting from bad footwear or daily wear and tear. The ambiance and dĂŠcor of the place is grand yet extremely cozy ensuring that visitors are comfortable from the moment they are shown to the treatment areas. Quiet, clean and



very serene, one feels cocooned within the treatment areas where the massages and facials are conducted. Ensuring total privacy, each room has its own showering area and is equipped according to the type of treatment offered. Their Swedish massage was one of the best massages CityPages staff have ever received, with the masseuse expertly administering it without any hesitation as to where problem areas are, knowing almost inherently what to do and where to concentrate. A pleasant surprise and a relief knowing there is somewhere to go for an expert massage in Kuwait. The facial therapy performed by Madam Salwa was exquisite, her methods were bespoke and uniquely designed to suit each client’s skin type, such as including a fully fledged face massage, something that most facialists forgo. The product lines used were the signature Thermes Marins de Saint Malo and Thalgo, both high quality and extremely effective. It was definitely the best facial ever received in Kuwait. An absolutely divine way to unwind, treat and beautify in one place, we highly recommend Spa Aquatonic as a goto destination for some R&R. We have booked our next appointment, and can’t wait. Reported by the CityPages staff, an expert in all things beauty related. February 2013



K’S PATH holds Charity Golf Tournament

K’S PATH (Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat) - a local non-profit organization committed to animal welfare and environmental protection held its third annual charity golf tournament on Saturday, 24th November 2012 at the Kuwait International Golf & Country Club (KIGCC). The fundraiser event was attended by 64 golfers and spectators who headed out for a splendid day of Two Man Texas Scramble and to demonstrate their support to a worthy cause. Says K’S PATH Founder and Chairman Ayeshah Al Humaidhi, “It is encouraging to see many members of Kuwait’s golfing community happy to tee off to support the work we do. Special thanks to main sponsors Al Othman Fashion for their support and Gulf Bank for sponsoring the tournament the second consecutive year. “We also want to thank our F&B sponsor, Crowne Plaza for generously contributing a vegetarian buffet and lunch set-up, and our hole sponsors Café Organica Fish & Chips and Animal Care.” Golfers vied from morning until noon to win the coveted trophy and exciting prizes contributed by Flydubai and Barakat Travel, Inspire Pure Fitness, Cozmo Bowling, Hotel Missoni, Balance Boards and Boats, Whisk Cooking Classes, Radisson Blu Hotel and KIGCC. The event also saw the support of photographer Audrea Gregg and her team. The nine-hole tournament came to a close with Ben Hudson and Jane Miskell winning first place, Scott Dunning and Joe Kiehl coming in second, Keith Edward and Les Hofmeister coming third, Neil Parnham and Harry Gough coming fourth, with Brian Sutherland and Colin Bambrook receiving an honourable mention. John Hooper bagged the ‘Nearest to The Pin’ prize, while Matthew Bonertz scored the ‘Longest Drive’ competition.


Reshmi Revi

Certified Professional Trainer


Reshmi Revi is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and holds a Bachelors of Communication Studies degree from the Auckland University of Technology. A fitness enthusiast, she welcomes your queries and comments at Follow her on Twitter & Instagram @Q8MissFit.

Gym Dos and Don'ts

Are you the gym rat committing these offences? Vexed. That’s how I was feeling right now despite me being at my gym and doing what I love best, working out. I didn’t have a bad day. No, not at all. In fact, it was a great day filled with training clients and annoying my dogs and to end it on a high note, I thought, I’d hit the gym and get a solid workout in. That’s when my great day became not so fabulous, simply because of what I was witnessing at the gym. It’s the second month of 2013. By now I’m pretty sure you’re trying to fulfill your fitness resolution and get beach fit for the upcoming summer (if you haven’t started already, yalla babe, get a move on!) Exercise, aside from your nutrition, is key and I’m confident you’re probably hitting the gym for your fitness training. However are you respecting the unspoken decorum of how you SHOULD be behaving when you’re at your fitness establishment? Here’s a quick rundown of basic gym etiquette: 1. It wouldn’t kill you to use a gym towel in training. Rather it could potentially kill me if you didn’t. Imagine a training center where clients sweat and share equipment. The gym is a lovely germ-breeding ground due to passing of body fluids (you do sweat, don’t you?) in a humid communal environment where everyone uses the same gym kit. Hence why we don’t advocate that you train when you’re sick. Not only because you could make yourself potentially sicker, but because you can pass on your glorious germs to someone else. Thus when training, bring a towel with you and use it in your training sessions. There’s nothing more annoying that rocking up to the free weights area and seeing a wet sweat patch on the bench you’d like to use. Some gyms even feature disinfectant sprays around. If that’s the case in your fitness playground, use it to wipe down the equipment. Hey wiping down the treadmill you’ve just used not only makes you a decent fitness citizen of your gym, but gets your body burning calories as it’s incidental exercise! 2. I don’t particularly care for what you have to say. Really. People exercise to get in shape. Individuals also exercise for health reasons such as reducing their stress levels and increasing the secretion of “endorphins,” the hormone in your body that makes you happy. According to the Harvard Health Publication, exercise has also been proven to be more effective in treating patients with mild to moderate depression and anxiety. So imagine the frustration when gym patrons are wanting to get a workout in, and there you are, talking very loudly to the gym rat next to you on how you managed to sneak away from work at 2pm today. We don’t really want to know. Nor do we care (let’s be

honest). I understand that in Kuwait, due to the lack of social establishments other than restaurants and cafes, that one would normally find in other countries, the gyms here tend to become places to socialize and meet up. However this is not your dewaniyah. Be considerate to the patrons around you. There’s a time and a place to talk your heart out and realistically, the gym is not one of them.

more sets to go.

3. I didn’t realize the circus was in town… in the gym.

If Jay Cutler and Phil Heath can put back that 100kg dumb bell, why can’t you re-rack your 3kg one?

I love the fact that women here do exercise and when they do, some of them really go hard. However, there will be occasions where I see women training decked out in a full face of make-up. Here is a bit of Health 101 for the ladies: When you train, your heart rate and base body temperature increases. If you train from 60%+ of your maximum heart rate, it is a likelihood that you will sweat as your body automatically does this to cool your body down. As you train and get hot, your skin has a tendency to open its pores. If you have a full-face of make up on, what happens then? Your skin can’t eliminate sweat and due to the build-up of body fluid and oil, your pores will get clogged and this may result in the birth of pimples. Hence in training, ensure your face is make-up free prior to working out. If you’re coming straight from work to the gym, keep a pack of wet wipes with you. They do a great job in removing cosmetics. 4. Confucius said, if you can take the weights off the rack, you can definitely put them back. I remember wanting to use the Smith-machine once but it was filled to the gills with weight plates. The gym member who had previously used the machine happily told me while loading up another machine, that he was done using the Smith. The next time I was in the gym and wanted to use the same piece of kit and he had wandered off, he hurried back when he saw me unloading his weight plates and said in a disgruntled fashion that he had still 2

I’m sorry. I’ve a degree in Communication Studies. I don’t possess a degree in Mind-Reading. If you load up a machine with weight plates or loop your towel on one and wander off, you will give the impression that you’re still using said machine. In the real world, it is only common courtesy to unload and put back your weight plates once you’re done using them.

If the answer to my query lies with your gym instructor, here’s a wake-up call for you. Your gym instructor is not there to clean up after your mess. They’re there for when you’re needing a spotter, to notify management in case a machine breaks down and carry out fitness assessments. They’re not your babysitter. ;) 5. Mirror, mirror on the wall… Ever wondered why gyms have mirrors on them? If you’re new to fitness, here is the answer. It’s to ensure that when you’re training, you’re executing each move with good form and in a safe manner. If you’re doing Romanian dead lifts for example, you’ll know to look out to ensure your knees are slightly bent and there’s not rounding of the shoulders when you’re seeing yourself in the mirror. The mirrors on the other hand, are not there for you to flex that bicep you just did 15 curls with. Again, it’s a different story altogether, if you’re preparing for a bodybuilding or fitness competition and hence are practicing your posing routine for the comp. That, sure I will understand most of the time, these athletes will have their posing coach present to help them perfect their routine. If you’re by yourself and are wanting to get thrill from seeing your bicep head peaked from your recent set of curls, you’re most welcome to do that in front of your mirrors… in the comfort of your home. February 2013


{In The LivingRoom Lounge with Kinda}


with Bret Webster

Bret Webster Photography – Moved by the beauty of earths nature


Photographer: Abdulaziz Al-Shayji

{In The LivingRoom Lounge with Kinda}

February 2013


{In The LivingRoom Lounge with Kinda}

Bret Webster grew up on a desert terrain, and finds it a spiritual experience. The desert moves him and appeals to him, and in all his free time he has immersed himself in photographing the beauty of nature in general. He feels deeply people ought to spend more time in nature to escape the daily grind. An aerospace engineer by education, he works as a chemical engineer for the aerospace industry, with Northrup Grumman, and getting out in nature balances him out. Originally from Salt Lake City, Bret grew up on a farm. His earliest memories were formed while visiting the various national parks which he considered a big playground. He only recently discovered photography and when he found what modern cameras can do, he noticed that the elevations in Utah are high and it was dark enough to see the entire Milky Way. So he started to take photographs with wide angle lenses, leaving the shutter open for as long as possible 30-60 seconds allowed for some detailed pictures of the skies. He also incorporates rock formations, which he photographs at night as well as during the day. His work features anything he feels is natural, and beautiful. To him the rocks are a record of mankind’s existence. His passion has taken him off the beaten path, and he has captured scenes through the unique angle of his own imagination, rendering some breathtaking shots, vibrant in color and detailed to the minutiae. His passion for photography brought him to Kuwait by special invite from the US Embassy to Kuwait, where he held an exhibition and a workshop that brought many photography aficionados to partake and learn the techniques of using wide angle lenses and open shutter techniques which Brett is so renowned for. Bret’s photo entitled ‘Balance’ was featured in National Geographic Magazine, after which his name started to be recognized as a talented photographer, and soon after had his work displayed at The Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C., The Natural History Museum of Utah, as well as featured as Nasa’s Picture of The Day, New Scientist and much more. He was hailed as the “rookie photographer that took stunning shots of the Milky Way using a simple digital camera” by the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper. Although Bret’s work is regarded as brilliant, you’d never be able to tell from his demeanor which is humble. His spiritual side touched by the beauty of nature is evidently the driving force behind his passion. Those who participated in the workshop were very pleased to learn techniques as well as discuss nature with this chemical engineer with a penchant for taking some of the most superb photos of our earth and skies ever viewed by the CityPages team.



January 2013

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‫مع اقتراب موعد عطلة نهاية األسبوع او ‪ Weekend‬كما تتم تسميتها من قبل األغلبية وجهتنا اخملتارة تكون‬ ‫وبال تردد الى دبي "دار احلي"‪!..‬‬ ‫بالفعل يا دبي يا أيتها املدينة العجيبة واملتطورة والراقية ‪ ,‬تستحقني هذا اللقب وبجدارة ‪ ,‬ورغم تكرر زيارتي اليها‬ ‫ال يزال اعجابي بها يزداد يوما بعد يوم ‪ .....‬والتطور انه لواضح امام اعيننا العمار واألسواق واألماكن الترفيهية‬ ‫وغيرها ‪ ,‬وأما عن الرقي فحدث وال حرج ‪.‬‬

‫اوال سوف نستعرض اهم املنتجعات والفنادق والشقق‬ ‫املفرشة ‪ ,‬سوف نبدأ باملنتجعات ‪:‬‬ ‫‪ 1‬فندق القصر – مدينة اجلميرة ‪.‬‬‫‪ 2‬ميناء السالم – مدينة اجلميرة ‪.‬‬‫‪ 3‬دار املصيف –مدينة اجلميرة ‪.‬‬‫‪ 4‬رويال ميراج ‪. One and Only‬‬‫‪ 5‬فندق جميرا بيتش – اجلميرة ‪.‬‬‫‪ 6‬فندق أتال نتس – النخلة جميرة ‪.‬‬‫جميعها منتجعات في قمة الروعة واملوقع والفخامة‬ ‫وتطل على البحر ‪ ,‬ويتميز ميناء السالم والقصر بأنهم‬ ‫مبنيني في مشروع واحد تربط بينهم قناة مائية ويربط‬ ‫بينهم سوق مدينة جميرة حتتوي على الكثير من املطاعم‬ ‫والكوفي شوب التي تطل على القناة ‪ ,‬واهم املطاعم‪:‬‬ ‫مطعم ستيك أمريكي ( ‪ ) Meat Co‬و مطعم مغربي ( شو‬ ‫ما فيه ) ‪ ,‬وباإلضافة الى بعض املطاعم التي تتبع القصر‬

‫املطلة على البحر ومن اهمها مطعم ايطالي ومقهى‬ ‫اخليمة ومطعم بحري وسط البحر مقابل برج العرب ‪.‬‬ ‫اما رويال ميراج املكان األفخم واألكبر وفيه ‪ 8‬مطاعم من‬ ‫ضمنها ‪ :‬الهندي والعاملي واملغربي ‪ ,‬وهناك في العرب‬ ‫كورت كوفي شوب يفتح بعد املغرب واجللسة في خيم‬ ‫صغيرة وعندهم شيشة أيضا ‪.‬‬ ‫جميرا بيتش – غني عن التعريف فهو األقدم في مشاريع‬ ‫القابضة واليزال يحتفظبرونقه اجلميل واللوبي الدافئ‬ ‫واخلدمة الراقية ‪ ,‬وفيه العديد من املطاعم ‪ :‬ايطالي‪-‬‬ ‫لبناني‪ -‬وغيرهم ‪ ,‬واهم ما مييزه العاب مائية (الواد وادي) ‪.‬‬ ‫أتال نتس – األحدث و األشهر عامليا حيث انه الفرع الثاني‬ ‫للشركة األولى في جزر الباهامس ‪ ,‬ويحتوي الفندق على‬ ‫اكواريوم و مدينة مائية كبيرة وحوض دالفني ‪.‬‬ ‫سوف انتقل الى اجملموعة الثانية وهي فنادق جديدة‬ ‫وفخمة وأقل نوعا ما في األسعار من األولى و أحيانا‬

‫‪February 2013‬‬


{Gadgets/Latest Gadgets & Gizmos}

Cool New Gadgets To Add To Your Wishlist Check out our selection of the latest gadgets for you this month.

Razer Ouroboros The Ouroboros wireless mouse is the fastest responder on the market. A laser and optical sensor detect the tracking surface 10 times quicker than competitors. The resulting one-millisecond response rate puts gamers at a distinct advantage.

Lexar 256GB SDXC Memory Card Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard Photographers usually carry extra memory cards, but with the SDXC, there’s no need: At a quarter terabyte, it’s the highest-capacity card in the world. To create more space, engineers placed the storage cells on top of one another, rather than alongside.

Typing on a Quiet Pro Keyboard produces just 45 decibels of sound—the noise level in a library— making it the quietest mechanical keyboard ever built. To reduce clacking, engineers installed 1.5-millimeter rubber dampers underneath each key.

Goal Zero Sherpa 50

GoPro Hero3

At less than three pounds, the Sherpa 50 is the lightest solar panel and recharger available. Six hours of sunlight fully charges the 13-volt lithium-ion battery, which can power a USB-connected cellphone for up to 50 hours.

Under three ounces, the Hero3 is the highest-performing video camera of its size. It shoots in 4K—a resolution normally used in cinematic cameras. Action-seekers can snap the Hero3 to helmets with a special mount or film from afar using a remote.

{Gadgets/Latest Gadgets & Gizmos}


Wilson Steam 99S With enough spin, a tennis ball that looks like it’s soaring out of bounds will drop right inside the court. A player using the Wilson Steam racket will add more than 200 revolutions per minute to his shot. Engineers decreased the traditional number of horizontal strings by four; with fewer strings to flex, the remaining ones snap back faster on impact.

Brother MFC-J4510DW

Fellowes 73Ci

45NRTH Wölvhammer

The 73Ci shredder is virtually jam-proof. Paper fed into the mouth encounters a sensor, which measures thickness and signals the motor to run at the appropriate torque—too much paper and it shuts off. Fifty-six pairs of rotating blades cut each sheet into 399 pieces.

Bicyclists don’t always break for cold weather. Wölvhammer biking boots will keep their toes toasty. The fleece-lined inner boot has a two-millimeter layer of Aerogel to insulate against a pedal’s cold metal clip. The outer shoe, made from waterproof Cordura, has a polyurethane-coated mudguard.


LiveScribe Sky Smartpen

Worx SD SemiAutomatic Driver

With the Pogoseat app, fans in an arena can upgrade their view of the action mid-game. After picking an empty spot from an overhead-seating chart, users pay the difference in ticket price from within the app and move on down.

Notes taken with a LiveScribe Skypen automatically sync to Evernote. As a writer scribbles, a sensor on the pen’s tip tracks movement. A Wi-Fi radio then uploads files to the cloud, so users can access their notebooks anywhere.

With the Worx SD SemiAutomatic Driver, DIYers will never fumble to change screwdrivers again. A rotating cartridge holds up to six tips; users cock back the top of the driver to spin the cartridge and release a spring, which pushes the next one into place.

At 11 inches deep, the MFC-J4510DW has the smallest footprint of any multifunction inkjet printer. Designers reoriented the paper tray from the traditional portrait to landscape, so it sits entirely inside the printer. And the jets cover more of the page at once, making printing faster.

February 2013





Stand Out and Be Different A touch of Envy

The Intimate Affair between, Chaos and Madness & Trendy and Stylish can be seen in these captivating, bold and striking fashion designs. The edgy and quirky cuts stitched into elegant unique pieces create a contrast between illuminating colours against the mundane of everyday life. The collection is a peep hole into the envious styles created today, worn by trendsetters tomorrow. Born to be Different! STYLIST





Antonio O. Alcantara I

Marco Aurelio Salmerón is a young Venezuelan former diplomat who recently turned his professional focus to the world of fashion, protocol, etiquette, ceremonial and improvement of the personal & corporate image. He is an advertiser and a sociologist with a Master’s Degree in External Relations and Image Making. His last degree was obtained from the renowned Spanish Image Maker Institute “Cazcarra”, at Barcelona.He has worked in the Venezuelan Embassy in Brasilia, London, Moscow and, most recently, in Kuwait as Counselor and Consul. He has also worked in various multinational companies such as Ford Andina in Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador and CBOSS in Moscow.

Mob. 67073942 Email: marckandmarkus@ Facebook: marcoaurelio. salmeron.3Twitter: @marckandmarkus

Field of Photography: Portraits, Landscape, Street Photography, Toy Photography Profession: Graphics Designer



Old Amiri Hospital - Kuwait City Assistant:

Eric O. Fabro

FASHION DIRECTOR: Michelle Natasha Johnson

Field of Photography: Portraits, Fashion & Wedding Profession: Admin Support Website:


Special Thanks to:

ALMAZ Beauty Saloon

Fernan Malilay & Mariecris Malilay February 2013


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Model | Fiona Donald | Leaford Young | Jagoda Kupiec | Iszonica Modelling School Designer | Noor Khraibut | Lab 8 Fashion Director | Michelle Natasha Johnson Stylist | Marco Aurelio Salmeron Hair Stylist | ALMAZ Beauty Saloon Photographer | Antonio O. Alcantara I | Website: Photography Assistant | Eric O. Fabro | Website: Special Thanks | Fernan Malilay & Mariecris Malilay Location | Old Amiri Hospital | Kuwait City

Location | Old Amiri Hospital | Kuwait City

Special Thanks | Fernan Malilay & Mariecris Malilay

Photography Assistant | Eric O. Fabro | Website:

Photographer | Antonio O. Alcantara I | Website:

Hair Stylist | ALMAZ Beauty Saloon

Stylist | Marco Aurelio Salmeron

Fashion Director | Michelle Natasha Johnson

Designer | Noor Khraibut | Lab 8

Model | Jagoda Kupiec | Iszonica Modelling School



February 2013

Location | Old Amiri Hospital | Kuwait City

Special Thanks | Fernan Malilay & Mariecris Malilay

Photography Assistant | Eric O. Fabro | Website:

Photographer | Antonio O. Alcantara I | Website:

Hair Stylist | ALMAZ Beauty Saloon

Stylist | Marco Aurelio Salmeron

Fashion Director | Michelle Natasha Johnson

Designer | Noor Khraibut | Lab 8

Model | Fiona Donald | Nunu Wendimu | Iszonica Modelling School

56 {Fashion Entertainment /Photoshoot /Book }Releases}

Location | Old Amiri Hospital | Kuwait City

Special Thanks | Fernan Malilay & Mariecris Malilay

Photography Assistant | Eric O. Fabro | Website:

Photographer | Antonio O. Alcantara I | Website:

Hair Stylist | ALMAZ Beauty Saloon

Stylist | Marco Aurelio Salmeron

Fashion Director | Michelle Natasha Johnson

Designer | Noor Khraibut | Lab 8

Model | Alaa Younis | Iszonica Modelling School



February 2013



Model | Nunu Wendimu | Quasi T. Sabuwala | Iszonica Modelling School Designer | Noor Khraibut | Lab 8 Fashion Director | Michelle Natasha Johnson Stylist | Marco Aurelio Salmeron Hair Stylist | ALMAZ Beauty Saloon Photographer | Antonio O. Alcantara I | Website: Photography Assistant | Eric O. Fabro | Website: Special Thanks | Fernan Malilay & Mariecris Malilay Location | Old Amiri Hospital | Kuwait City



February 2013


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Models | 1 - Fiona Donald | 2- Alaa Younis and Fiona Donald | 3 - Nunu Wendimu | 4 - Jagoda Kupiec | 5 - Alaa Younis Designer | Noor Khraibut | Lab 8 Fashion Director | Michelle Natasha Johnson Stylist | Marco Aurelio Salmeron Hair Stylist | ALMAZ Beauty Saloon Photographer | Antonio O. Alcantara I | Website: Photography Assistant | Eric O. Fabro | Website: Special Thanks | Fernan Malilay & Mariecris Malilay Location | Old Amiri Hospital | Kuwait City





February 2013


{Society/Animal Care}

A monthly article contributed by John Peaveler and Ayeshah Al-Humaidhi of K'S PATH

John Peaveler

Operation Potcake In early December of 2012, I was asked to participate in a program to sterilize dogs on the Bahamian island of New Providence. The program, organized by the non-profit Animal Balance, was a joint endeavor between Bahamian veterinary and animal welfare organizations, Animal Balance, and a wide array of veterinary professionals, animal catchers, and volunteers from seven countries whose combined goal it was to sterilize an incredible 2,000 or more dogs in a mere two weeks. The issue of loose dogs on New Providence has been a concern for citizens, government, visitors, and animal welfare supporters for many years. Many communities around the world face the difficulty of managing large populations of free-roaming dogs, and the island of New Providence has a population of approximately 20,000. Operation Potcake? Traditionally, potcake refers to the inch or two of compacted, charred remains of rice and peas at the bottom of Bahamian pot-baked dishes. Instead of being discarded, this rice cake was put out for the street dogs as their primary source of nutrition. In time, the islanders began to refer to the dogs themselves as potcakes, and the name has stuck. Generations of tourists coming to enjoy the pristine scenes of the Bahamas have fallen in love with potcakes and given them a reputation throughout the world as loveable street dogs.

Kuwait and a few Asian countries, would hold up on an island in the south Atlantic. Once on the island, I was assigned to a team of four including an animal control technician, a veterinary technician, a local volunteer, and myself. We were

Putting it Together Community based sterilization programs set out to achieve three basic goals: Improved quality of life for street animals, improved quality of life for residents, and decrease the number of animals on the streets. The recent clinics on New Providence did all that and more. In all, four clinics were set up across the 20-mile long island. Residents were encouraged to bring their dogs to the clinics for sterilization and basic treatment. Teams of veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and volunteers at each site documented the animals, processed them for surgery, nursed them through recovery, and made them comfortable until they were reunited with their owners or returned to their territory. Meanwhile, the team I was a part of was tasked to go out and catch dogs that otherwise would not make it to the clinics either because of distance, lack of transport, or because the dogs were not owned.

My Perspective In Kuwait, I manage a program that has been catching dogs at a rate of 1,500 per year for nearly two years now. Many of our dogs are exceedingly difficult to catch because they have faced so much intentional cruelty like being shot at, having things thrown at them, and being chased by vehicles. They are, as a result, very difficult to catch, and it requires a unique skillset to do so. I was therefore very interested to see how my experience, which has been limited to

given a number of humane live traps (photo above) and a quota for the number of animals we needed to bring back to the clinic every day. Our destinations were low-income neighborhoods where loose dogs were prevalent. We could guess what kind of dogs we would encounter, but we had no idea what kind of people we might meet. It turned out that most of the people we met were absolutely wonderful. On arrival in each area, residents would expostulate: “What are you doing with that dog!” With an explanation that we were taking the dogs to be sterilized and treated then returned within two days, their wall of concern would immediately break down and they would engage all of their friends, neighbors, and family members to bring us their dogs. It was incredible to see. When we found a dog that didn’t seem like it lived in front of a particular house, we would just ask. Someone always knew if the dog was “owned” (some dogs were kept in yards or chained while others were ‘owned’ but loose) or not. People knew every dog on their street. If the owner was inside or away from home, someone would go and get them or make a phone call and set up a time for us to collect the animal.

{Society/Animal Care}


News of our presence would spread like wildfire on every street, and it seemed like every man, woman, and child was ready to help in some way. I was especially amazed and pleased when I caught a dog named Pablo whose brindle coat and friendly personality made him an instant favorite. After placing him on a truck and driving to a different neighborhood to collect more dogs, two kids came up to us on bikes and said “Hey! I know that dog! That’s Pablo!” It was very uplifting to see the communities so engaged in improving the lives of their dogs. After the first day in the field, we realized that much of our work was not going to be the complex system of trapping difficult dogs I had become so used to in Kuwait. Rather, we found we could simply enter these little micro-communities of a few houses on a side road and tell them what we were doing and how it would help them. We therefore didn’t have to do very much difficult capture. Most of our work became opening cage doors, doing paper work, and carrying the ‘trapped’ dogs around the trucks and clinics. Still, there were plenty of dangerous dogs that required more skill to catch and handle. There were also some truly feral dogs to catch, and I was happy to see that the methods we use in Kuwait are pretty much the same as those people are using around the world.

Bringing it Home In the end, Operation Potcake sterilized 2,315 dogs in 10 days—a truly phenomenal number. But the true success of this project was not in numbers, no matter how impressive. Operation Potcake proved that when a few passionate people put their hearts, and just as importantly their heads, together toward a common goal, they can bring together communities, change the thinking of a government, inspire a people, and give new value to even so humble a creature as a Bahamian Potcake. Operation Potcake is now a five-year program that will build upon itself and work toward the goal of sterilizing most of the 20,000 dogs on New Providence, and because of the success of the initial operation, the government has now bought into the program. They are now adopting sterilization as a primary method of population control throughout all of the Bahamian islands. Kuwait has an even bigger problem. We have close to 10,000 feral dogs roaming areas outside of the city, and no one can even estimate the number of cats on the streets. There are certainly hundreds of thousands of the latter. K’S PATH, with our limited funding and staff, is only currently able to handle a few thousand animals each year. However, we have worked tirelessly over the past five years to gain an expert understanding of the root cause of the problem, and we have the knowledge to implement solutions. Industry, namely Kuwait Oil Company and Saudi Arabian Chevron have already taken notice and made us their exclusive contractor for animal population management. For us, our “Operation Potcake” has been completed many times over. We retain the proof of our accomplishments, and we’ve submitted them to the government of Kuwait. We stand ready to act, but we simply cannot do this alone.

February 2013



Kuwaiti’s guy 28 years old, working in marketing, and I’m in love with movies, traveling and football. Follow me on instagram & twitter @ALRAGUM

Ahmad Al-Raqum

Hold on and read facts about (Johnny Depp) that you might not know HE DOESN’T WATCH HIS OWN MOVIES!!! l

His nickname is: Mr. Stench, Colonel


Occupation: Actor, screenwriter, director, producer, musician.

Trademark: Highly defined cheek-bones, Dark, intense eyes, frequently works with director Tim Burton, often stars alongside Helena Bonham Carter. l


Born in Kentucky but moved to Florida at age 7.


Thanks to Nicolas Cage, who got him his first acting job.


Named after his father John Christopher Depp.


Has 2 silver teeth.


He is the youngest of 4 children.


Is a fan of “Doctor Who” (1963).


Is scared of clowns, spiders, ghosts.


Turned down the role of Bruce Banner in Hulk(2003).


June 2012 won the MTV Generation Award.

Is a close friend of Abigail Breslin the young actress which is famous for the movies "Little Miss Sunshine" "Rango" "Zombieland" and "Signs". l


He was Nominated for an Oscar 3 times and hasn’t won a single one.

l Was considered one of the top three actors of his generation by Dustin Hoffman, his costar in Finding Neverland(2004).

His performance as Edward Scissorhands in Edward Scissorhands (1990) is ranked #65 on Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time.



As a child, he was allergic to chocolate.


Currently plays in a band called P.


Was the guitarist in a band called The Kids.

Johnny Depp Quote: “Everyone is Weird”

{Entertainment/Movie Releases}


February Movie Releases Stand Up Guys

Warm Bodies

Escape From Planet Earth


Directed by: Fisher Stevens

Directed by: Jonathan Levine

Directed by: Cal Brunker

Directed by: Ric Roman Waugh

Starring: Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Julianna Margulies, Alan Arkin, Addison Timlin

Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich, Analeigh Tipton, Rob Corddry

Starring: Brendan Fraser, Rob Corddry, Jessica Alba, James Gandolfini, Sarah Jessica Parker, Craig Robinson

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Susan Sarandon, Michael Kenneth Williams, Barry Pepper, Harold Perrineau, Jon Bernthal Genres: Crime/Thriller/Adaptation

Genres: Action/Sci-Fi/Adventure/Superhero

Genres: Action/Thriller

Genres: Thriller/Suspense/Political

Synopsis: Val is released from prison after serving twenty-eight years for refusing to give up one of his close criminal associates. His best friend Doc is there to pick him up, and the two soon re-team with another old pal, Hirsch. Their bond is as strong as ever, and the three reflect on freedom lost and gained, loyalties ebbed and flowed, and days of glory gone by. And despite their age, their capacity for mayhem is still very much alive and well - bullets fly as they make a hilariously valiant effort to compensate for the decades of crime and drugs they've missed.

Synopsis: A funny twist on a classic love story, Warm Bodies is a tale about the power of human connection. After a zombie epidemic, R (a highly unusual zombie) encounters Julie (a human survivor), and rescues her from a zombie attack. Julie sees that R is different from the other zombies, and as the two form a special relationship in their struggle for survival, R becomes increasingly more human – setting off an exciting, romantic, and often comical chain of events that begins to transform the other zombies and maybe even the whole lifeless world.

Synopsis: Astronaut Scorch Supernova finds himself caught in a trap when he responds to an SOS from a notoriously dangerous alien planet. Set at the planet Baab where admired astronaut Scorch Supernova is a national hero to the blue alien population. A master of daring rescues, Scorch pulls off astonishing feats with the quiet aid of his nerdy, by-the-rules brother, Gary, head of mission control at BASA. When BASA’s nononsense chief Lena informs the brothers of an SOS from a notoriously dangerous planet, Scorch rejects Gary’s warnings and bounds off for yet another exciting mission.

Synopsis: Dwayne Johnson stars as a father whose teenage son is wrongly accused of a drug distribution crime and is looking at a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 years. Desperate and determined to rescue his son at all costs, he makes a deal with the U.S. attorney to work as an undercover informant and infiltrate a drug cartel on a dangerous mission -- risking everything, including his family and his own life.

Bullet to the Head

Identity Thief

Safe Haven

Saving Lincoln

Directed by: Walter Hill

Directed by: Seth Gordon

Directed by: Lasse Hallstrom

Directed by: Salvador Litvak

Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Sung Kang, Sarah Shahi

Starring: Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, John Cho, Clark Duke Amanda Peet, Jon Favreau Genres: Horror/Adventure/Comedy Synopsis: Unlimited funds have allowed Diana to live it up on the outskirts of Miami, where the queen of retail buys whatever strikes her fancy. There's only one glitch: The ID she's using to finance these sprees reads "Sandy Bigelow Patterson"... and it belongs to an accounts rep who lives halfway across the U.S. With only one week to hunt down the con artist before his world implodes, the real Sandy Bigelow Patterson heads south to confront the woman with an all-access pass to his life. And as he attempts to bribe, coax and wrangle her the 2,000 miles to Denver, one easy target will discover just how tough it is to get your name back.

Starring: Josh Duhamel, Cobie Smulders, Julianne Hough, David Lyons, Noah Lomax, Mimi Kirkland

Starring: Tom Amandes, Lea Coco, Penelope Ann Miller, Bruce Davison, Creed Bratton, Saidah Arrika Ekulona Genres: Drama/Crime/Gangster/Period

Genres: Crime/Thriller/Western Synopsis: Follows a New Orleans hitman (Stallone) and a Washington D.C. cop (Kang) who form an alliance to bring down the killers of their respective partners. An unlikely alliance between a cop and a hitman takes place after each watches his partner die. The new partners seek revenge and discover they have a shared enemy and much in common despite being on opposite sides of the law.

Genres: Crime/Action/Comedy Synopsis: When a mysterious young woman arrives in a small North Carolina town, her reluctance to join the tight knit community raises questions about her past. Slowly, she begins putting down roots, and gains the courage to start a relationship with Alex, a widowed store owner with two young children. But dark secrets intrude on her new life with such terror that she is forced to rediscover the meaning of sacrifice and rely on the power of love in this deeply moving romantic thriller.

Synopsis: The story of Mr. Lincoln and his selfappointed bodyguard, U.S. Marshal Ward Hill Lamon - a banjo-playing Southerner who foiled repeated attempts on the President's life, and kept him functioning during the darkest hours of the Civil War.

February 2013


{Literature/Short Stories}

Nada Faris is an award winning zombie slayers who was born and raised in

Nada Faris

Delicious Foul Slumber I click my legs and rise, joined by my brethren. We pummel the dark, damp, and draughty passageways to feast on the body of Christ. For tonight, there will be light. * "What's going on here?" "Dead sir." "What, both?" * Thunder crackles and rips the sky apart. My heartbeats accelerate with every cleave. * "Can we determine the time of death?" "Sometime last week. Maybe more." * A murky silhouette—Death—covered the room slobbering over the furniture. Slime: the mark of arrival. A woman continued to jerk, huddled at the door of her bedroom, her fist failing to clutch the handle. She had tried to rise and slipped back down again. Death drifted towards her. Her dreadful whimper rippled into the air. Death received its toll. It grinned. * "So lead me through this." "Well, as you can see, the woman called Varian was thirty-nine, brunette, possibly poisoned by her husband, a poet, he died after her. That’s him over there. She wore a light pink nightgown, frilly, her white, voluptuous thighs exposed, parted, hair disheveled, lips—" A robust man marches across the bedroom in Nazi uniform. He stuffs his pointed nose in a red kerchief to stifle the stench of death that emanates from Herbert Milosz's body. His hair and complexion sparkle under the lights. He spits on Herbert. Avant-garde, they say. He thinks of the poets he had captured; gathered like cattle, chained, amputated, and then executed. * The world quakes below our feet, yet no one hesitates. We're all alert, expecting danger. If we are ambushed, we shall die. And there will be death tonight. If nothing else, that alone is a certainty. *** "You sound like a bad romance writer," says the superior Nazi. “American,” he spat. "Touché. When the war is over, I’ll go back to writing." “To bad writing?” “No such thing. No aura, no standards, no pretences. Literature for the lowest common denominator, as it ought to be.”

"You’ve got to pass the censors though.” “Of course.” “Have you received Goebbels’s recommendation yet?” * SURREALISM is a literary and artistic movement that evolved from Dadaism. Surrealists use rattling images and discrepant juxtapositions in order to convey dreams and the unconscious thoughts. Not only did they aim to assault the conventions of institutional art, but they also portrayed a schism with traditional conceptions of art as mimetic, autonomous, and organic. Plagued by capitalist enterprise and imprisoned by a handful of elite artists, surrealism has weakened to a degree of virtual non-existence. It currently experiences the shackles of a delicious foul slumber. * I knew it. We all did. To live is to anguish; to suffer. Right before we reach the promised feast, right before we gorge and satisfy our hollowed bellies we are ambushed by big buff enemies with weapons that mock our own. They butcher my brethren without mercy. They dispose of lives and heads and limbs. I panic. I witness the ruthless exhibition of strength, power, and class struggle and flee. * Dark and vaporous, it travelled across the room and hovered above an unhappy man, mutinous, with hollowed cheekbones and receding hair. This man examined with beady eyes the dying woman by the door. Ephemeral words transcended from the man's mouth. A prayer for Varian. A prayer for a murdered wife. Death stuck his long wrinkly finger into Herbert Milosz’s mouth—and Herbert stopped breathing. His fist opened and something ricocheted on the floor. It rolled beside his bed. Thus Death did them part. So long Hitler! You can't hurt them now! * I scuttle away drawing on my olfactive strength. Away from the putridity. I find a cave and scurry inside. I barricade myself with courage. I will survive the night. * "Did we get everything?" "Yes sir. But what do I do about the pests that cover the dead bodies?" “They seem to be engaged in their own battle. The battle of the fittest, ey? Do you know what they are?” “You mean the type of insects?” “Yes.” “No. They all look the same to me. Except maybe these are bigger.”

“They seem to be winning.” “Naturally.” “Naturally.” The two men notice a small insect scurrying away from the fight, slipping below a crumpled piece of paper by the bed of the deceased poet. The robust Nazi says, “What’s that on the ground by the bed?” * I hold my breath, petrified by fear. Roaring thunderclaps haven’t ceased but now they strike above me, perpendicular to my cave. I discard the gnawing desire to call for help. Almost as if by divine intervention, my cave ripples then travels into the air. Up, up, up. My body rigidifies from the sun's blinding light. But then I see it. This is not God's intervention. It is man’s. * The scrawny Nazi stoops to pick up the creased sheet of paper by Herbert Milosz’s bed and finds an insect cowering inside. The frightened creature scampers out of the way and drops onto the ground. The soldier’s boot lands flatly over its body, eliminating the insect’s life. "What is it?" “The insect?” “No, fool. The paper.” "Oh. It is a page from a literary journal." “The heading?” “Surrealism.” “Nauseating.” “There’s something on the back.” “What is it?” “It seems to be a poem . . . scribbled by hand.” “Burn it with the rest. We’re done here. Who’s next?” “An artist. Oh. You’ll like this. A homosexual.” “I hope he doesn’t kill himself before we get there.” “If he doesn’t, let’s celebrate. My treat.” “Sure.” * Peace of my father Swallowing principles That screw and churn as they dig holes into the backs of men, And the humans wielding hammers Knock on morals, Knock on my father And flatten his peace.

Models & High Society 67 {Entertainment/Book Releases}

The Scandalous Affair….

Facebook Intellectuals Once upon a time, We had armchair intellectuals, Gucci covered individuals Gorging on their victuals They read fancy phrases With philosophical traces And while sipping on their ginger tea, They intimated solutions for races They flicked specters of dust From costly shoulder puffs Strutting and strolling on sparkling garden turfs. Elevated evocations for utopian nations Decanted from their mouths without cessation They advocated principles and the good of civilization Stressing an incredulity to grand narrations Simultaneously however, They called for revolutions For upheavals, and barbarous executions They claimed blood for blood Captivity for pollution. In the name of humanity they cried: “Destruction to capitalism!” And in the name of restitution they said: “Likewise to other notions.” These know-it-alls used to sit on their desks and brawl

Getting struck by the same batons As these wonderful underdogs? Yeah? Well I’ve got one question for you, Have you actually succeeded in making the government accede any of its decrees? No? So? What are your accomplishments? The enumeration of protests? That’s it? No wonder you lost your influence in the Human Rights Organization But remember our conversation? When I said that things were not so clearly black and white? And just because I wasn’t engaged in your discriminating battle Between heroes and villains, you called me a cynic? Wow. But you know what’s really ironic? Is that these synchronic pedagogues With their twitter accounts and blogs Loath binary oppositions. Remember their earlier obsession with gender divisions? When they used to regurgitate their own post-structural mission? Well why in the world aren’t they abiding by their own commission? Listen,

But now, They go out taking pictures of misfortune And posting them on their Facebook walls Hey look, The Bidun are getting a beating in Jahra! *Click.* Support the cause! Now let me get this straight. You really think you’re helping our brothers the Bidun By taking filtered photographs of your new hairdo And posting them on Instagram? What a sham! Or did you think that The amount of likes on your pictures equated, The amount of people you’ve liberated? You call yourself an academic Because you’re in the middle of this pandemic

Humanism is a conduct not a final destination So everybody needs to just step back and think about the ramification Not only of a single cause, but of the big picture Because this isn’t a Marvel’s comic, So the government is not an evil unit, It’s composed of people, Some of them are racists, yes, but others are stable, Don’t box them all in one label. Especially when you’ve got to work with them to achieve progress Because: Lives Are At Stake… Unless you care more about the way you look on Facebook … Then enjoy being fake.


adies take out your party hats, scarves and head wraps and Join us for a scandalous affair of heartwarming gossip, tantalizing fashion and mouth watering fine food. Together with a celebrated high society Fashion Stylist a renowned Hairstylist and a superb Makeup Artist


pinch or spice, a touch of elegance a mix of style a dash of poise and the gossip of a fashion affair that will have you talking, whispering and gossiping!


ake out your party dresses, dust off your shoes and step out in style to the ultimate stylish High Society

Cup Cakes & High Heels Tea Party hosted by

Iszonica Modelling School as part of this year’s 2013 ‘Women Within’ events

Date: March 2013 Dress code: Dashingly Stylish Setting: Fine Dinning For further details contact: Managing Director, Michelle Johnson.

Now don’t Gossip! Modelling School February 2013 M: (+965) 651 82 066


{Entertainment/Book Review}

Meet Nada, our team member is simply a book savy. Every month Nada picks her favourite book Nada Soliman and shares with you its review. Please feel free to contact Nada to discuss your opinion or ask her opinion on your favourite book or author.

BOOK CLUB New Moon As promised last month, we will continue to review the Twilight Saga with the second book New Moon (2006). This book is one of four other books in the series, followed by a fifth book called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (2010) which talks about one small character that was presented in the Twilight Saga book three: Eclipse (2007) which I will review next. In this book, author Stephenie Meyer continues this epic love story of Edward and Bella by adding more twists and a very appealing love triangle. As Bella turns eighteen years old, one of Edwards’s fears materialize when in his house six of his family members lust for her blood because of a tiny paper cut.Then and there, he realizes that keeping Bella safe was the sole purpose of his life, even if that meant making sure they never cross paths ever again, so he decided to let her go, move away with his family and give her a real shot at a normal life. A life without the constant danger of being around a vampire family. For Bella there is only one thing that is more important than life itself as well as her safety: Edward. “Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each trick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. Even for me.” –New Moon To Bella that was the end of everything she holds dear to her. After months of feeling like a zombie and cutting her friends out, she started getting close to an old childhood friend Jacob

Black who added a little color to Bella’s now old and dull life. What she didn’t know is that more trouble turned up around her everywhere with the absence of Edward still; and the discovery of Jacob’s true wolf nature.Will Jacob be able to take care of her? In the shadow of everything bad happening around Bella in forks a New Moon shines on her, giving her some hope for a better life without Edward. However, will Bella’s love for Edward last forever?

Next Month...

This book is about what we do for other people that we love, the sacrifices we make and the chances we take. Can a new distraction wash away the pain of the past? So the lion leaves, then the lamb is upset. But will the wolf cheer her up? A little.

Next month we will review Eclipse, Twilight Saga book three. It’s a book about choices. Could someone really fall in love with two people? If you loved someone enough would you let them go and choose to be with the one they prefer? A tough choice has to be made in terms of love triangle.

{Entertainment/Book Releases}


February Book Releases These book releases for February are some of the biggest titles of the month.

See Now Then

Vampires in the Lemon Grove

See Now Then by Jamaica Kincaid is her first novel in ten years. It is about a marriage and a family in New England, and about examining past, present and future. Some have said the novel is inspired by parts of Kincaid's own life, although that is probably true of most novelists. Kincaid was born in Antigua and now lives in Vermont.

Karen Russell certainly knows how to come up with provocative titles and book covers. Her first book, a series of short stories, was called St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, and gained her a following. Her next book was a novel, Swamplandia, with a picture of a giant gator on the cover. Now she returns to short stories with Vampires in the Lemon Grove, a collection of eight stories including one about vampires whose marriage is strained when one of them develops a fear of flying.

Out of the Easy

A Week in Winter

Out of the Easy is the next young adult novel by Ruta Sepetys, author of Between Shades of Grey (a novel about a girl in Lithuania in the 1940s, not to be confused with the more popular Fifty Shades of Grey). Out of the Easy is told from the perspective of a 17 year old girl whose mother is a prostitute in New Orleans in the 1950s. Josie wants to escape New Orleans and go to college, but she gets entangled in an investigation of a mysterious death. Sepetys has some cross over appeal, with adult readers as well as a teen audience.

Beloved author Maeve Binchy died in July 2012, but fortunately for her fans, she left behind a final manuscript. A Week in Winter is the story of an inn on the coast of Ireland, in a small town. A local resident decides to renovate an old house and open it to guests on holiday. A Week in Winter chronicles the first week the house is open to guests, and includes a quirky cast of characters from across Europe and the U.S.

The Storyteller

The Teleportation Accident

Jodi Picoult thrives on controversial and emotional topics. Her next novel, The Storyteller, is no exception. The Storyteller is about a beloved older citizen who confesses to a woman he has befriended that he used to be a Nazi SS Guard. He asks the woman to kill him because he says he deserves to die. Of course, in typical Picoult-fashion, the request is complicated by the fact that the woman's grandmother is a Holocaust survivor.

The Teleportation Accident by Ned Beauman was on the longlist for the 2012 Man Booker Prize. It is a historical fiction novel that is also part L.A. Noir, part science fiction. The Teleportation Accident takes place in seventeenth century Berlin and involves the "Teleportation Device" that is used in plays for transporting actors from one scene to the next. Problems arise when the machine malfunctions and actors end up dead. Then there is a physicist who is trying to invent an actual teleportation device. This is Beauman's second novel.

Mind Games

The Best Man

Jamaica Kincaid

Ruta Sepetys

Jodi Picoult

Kiersten White

Fia was born with flawless instincts. Her first impulse, her gut feeling, is always exactly right. Her sister, Annie, is blind to the world around her—except when her mind is gripped by strange visions of the future. Trapped in a school that uses girls with extraordinary powers as tools for corporate espionage, Annie and Fia are forced to choose over and over between using their abilities in twisted, unthinkable ways… or risking each other’s lives by refusing to obey.

Karen Russell

Maeve Binchy

Ned Beauman

Kristan Higgins

Faith Holland left her hometown after being jilted at the altar. Now a little older and wiser, she's ready to return to the Blue Heron Winery, her family's vineyard, to confront the ghosts of her past, and maybe enjoy a glass of red. After all, there's some great scenery there.... Like Levi Cooper, the local police chief-and best friend of her former fiancé. There's a lot about Levi that Faith never noticed, and it's not just those deep green eyes. February 2013



Amazing Lesser-Known Books of 2012 that You Should Read The books that most people gravitate toward these days are generally the ones that are publicized the most. Though word of mouth is all well and good when it comes to discussing great reads with a few friends, it’s the media moguls who tend to dictate which books will be promoted to the masses, and which will be tucked into relative obscurity. The New York Times Best-Seller list is the primary resource for ideas about what to read next, with Oprah’s Book Club coming in at a close second… and though they’re both decent resources when it comes to finding something new to delve into, their recommendations tend to be based on how many people have read a book, rather than the quality of the story itself. If you’re an avid reader, but want to shy away from the overly-lauded pieces that everyone else on the planet has inhaled, consider some of the titles listed below. They’re some of the best books of 2012, and though they haven’t received quite as much media attention as those on the NYT list, they are most certainly worth looking into. No pun intended, I swear.



The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: A Novel, by Rachel Joyce

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, by Susan Cain

Every so often, we come across an antihero who is so awkwardly endearing that we just want to scoop him out of the book and invite him in for tea. Harold Fry is such a character, and this tale about his impromptu journey across England is both surreal enough to be believable, and genuine enough that the reader can relate to it. Fry is amazingly human, and his adventure takes us on a life-changing journey through the labyrinths of our own hearts.

If you or a close friend of yours would be described as an introvert, you might have more than a passing interest in this book. Often made fun of for being “too shy” or “too quiet”, introverts tend to pull away from the spotlight and prefer solitude over hyper-socializing, which is anathema to most modern societal expectations. This book is a fascinating study regarding the power and potential of introverts VS the extroverts that seem to be so idealized by American culture. There are tips on how to negotiate introvert/extrovert relationships, and fabulous, encouraging success stories about famous introverts who have changed the world.

Winner of the Canadian Bookie award for best Science Fiction, Fantasy or Speculative Fiction, this novel follows the story of a young woman named Nola, who was born into abject poverty, but managed to escape it with the help of those who recognized (and later, manipulated) her gift of prophecy. This isn’t a “unicorns and pixie dust” sort of fantasy book: it draws the reader through seedy interactions with brothel workers, psychopaths, and murderers, and intersperses blood magic and murder with devastating betrayals. The novel is dark and luminous at turns, and you never know if the next page will bring unimaginable heartbreak and terror, or dream-inspiring beauty.

Graphic Novel


Children’s Lit

Freakangels Box Set by Warren Ellis

Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year-Round, by Marisa McLellan

The Freakangels web comic by the ever-brilliant (and oft-terrifying) Warren Ellis was published as a box set last month, and if you’re a fan of any of his work, this is a must-read. Written by Ellis and illustrated by Paul Duffield, the story revolves around twelve Londoners with startling psychic abilities: they accidentally flooded the world when they used their powers in unison a few years ago, and are now struggling to survive in the ruins of Whitechapel as something ominous creeps ever-closer…

The self-sufficiency revolution is gaining in speed around the world, with people re-acquainting themselves with knowledge and abilities that haven’t been cool since their great-grandparents’ time. Interest in homesteading is at an all-time high, and one of the most popular practices these days is canning one’s own food—preserving everything from fruits and vegetables to soups, seasonings, and even desserts. This book guides you through small-batch canning throughout the year for maximum production with minimum stress.

Sci Fi/Fantasy

The Pattern Scars, by Caitlin Sweet

The Spindlers, by Lauren Oliver Anyone who has a younger sibling has likely wished that they were different, somehow: maybe less annoying, or more fun to hang out with, or even less inclined to break things and blame it on us. If we were to wake up one morning to discover that a Spindler (read: huge, evil spider with hands) has stolen our little brother’s soul for the Queen of the underworld, would we fight to get it back so he’d be normal and whole again? Even if that meant he was going to be his usual, annoying self? (This book is geared towards ages 8 and up, but it’s also great for younger people with high reading abilities)


Sager AlBenali


A soul searcher whose passion for writing has always given him purpose. Started in a variety of jobs including an office boy and a translator/reporter for news networks during the U.S. led-war on Iraq in 2003. Freelanced as a reporter before receiving his degree in Journalism and Creative Writing. Currently, working as a Public Affairs Manager in Kuwait. Loves to read and exercise.

Names From the Past Part III

Hakim checked his pocket for a small piece of paper. The numbers 53787 were written on it. He placed it back in his pocket.

Not more than 24 hours have passed since Hakim set foot on this foreign soil and already it was as if he had never left. He did not know what it was about this place that had the power to possess him in such a way. It surprised him the way everything came naturally. The language, customs and the way he was able to navigate around the area. After breakfast, which consisted of even more coffee and a few slices of pita bread with feta cheese, he decided to rent a car. The concierge took no time in providing him a new model sedan equipped with all the bells and whistles. He hesitated activating the GPS system and finally decided not to. He knew that after a few minutes on the road he would remember. But remembering would come at a price – and Hakim knew that. We do not choose what we want to remember. Memories are not a buffet where we get pick and choose the best, freshest and richest of the pickings. They are not even a la carte in which we get the privilege of selecting what our mind brings forward. Memories are an agedto-perfection concoction brewed in the darkest caves of our minds. The caves that not many dare to peek into. Inside they are marinated in sin and sautéed with regret until the bravest of us willingly takes a sip. And that is what Hakim was doing.

The house was eerily the same as it was when he last saw it. Besides the palm trees that have grown taller, everything was the same as if under orders to remain as always.

The highways, road signs and exits could not have been more familiar save the skyscrapers that have formed a New York-city-like skyline. As if he was on auto-drive, Hakim headed towards the neighborhood where he spent a few years of his childhood. To the time when he remembered to have told his first lie. His heart thumped as he took the highway to Ezra’s house.

Here was a man who had flown to the opposite side of the globe to do what? He pulled out the piece of paper from his pocket and read the number again.

* To Hakim’s surprise, everything was unchanged making it easier to find his way to the neighborhood he had not seen for decades. As he neared a certain feeling blanketed him. It was as if a dark shadow was waiting for him at the threshold of the neighborhood like an old friend. Just waiting. There it was. Ezra’s house. Observing Hakim as he entered the neighborhood. Welcome back it would say if it could speak. I knew you would come back. It was just a matter of time.

Hakim looked out the car window to the black fence and unmaintained garden subconsciously locking the car doors as if there was some airborne disease he was afraid of catching. Minutes past as he pondered on whether or not he should ring the bell. He rehearsed how it would go. Hi, remember me... Sorry I have not been in touch for over 30 years but I was just in the country and wanted to see how you’ve been. He replayed the awkward encounter over and over again. What did he expect? To be welcomed with open arms like a long lost son? Just as Hakim gathered up his courage and was about to get out of the car, someone was emerging from the house. That was enough for Hakim to throw the car into gear and drive off like a mad man being chased. That’s probably what he was.

“Hmph?” the guard grunted. “53787,” Hakim read from the paper. The guard slowly took out a shriveled cigarette from his pocket and signaled for the car lighter. Hakim obliged and pushed in the electric cigarette lighter. A moment of silence passed between them as they waited. The guard’s premature wrinkles clearly displayed the impact his job had on him. Every crease and line told a story of a burial. Being a cemetery watchman must suck the life out of him thought Hakim. The silence was interrupted by the loud POP of the lighter. The guard sucked on the cigarette as he lit it and handed the lighter back to Hakim. He took two long drags before signaling for Hakim to follow him. After a few long minutes, Hakim was finally were he wanted to be. In front of a grave marked with the number 53787. Ezra’s grave. “53787,” Hakim told the guard.

To be continued next month...

53787. That’s what he was here for. Such an easy number to memorize but he never did. * Hakim reached the cemetery much earlier than he hoped he would. The gates to the cemetery were over 3 meters long fitted with barbed wires. He approached the security guard curious about the high-security in the area. Why a government would want to secure a cemetery with manned security and barbed wire was beyond him. The guard stared at the car before approaching. Every step seemed like an effort as he dragged himself closer. Hakim pulled the piece of paper out of his pocket and waited as the guard studied the car carefully before getting closer. January 2013


{Entertainment/Book Releases}

{Literature/Short Stories}

Nadia AlHassan


Nadia Al-hassan is a student in Ireland, studying Journalism. She is passionate about writing stories and poetry. Nadia loves helping people with her stories. She believes that words are so beautiful and powerful.

The old man He always sat on the same bench in the same park every day. He was old, perhaps in his seventies, and it always seemed as if he was in a completely different world. Every day when I would pass through the park, I would look on my left and there he would be.

He got up from the bench, turned towards me and said, “My dear child, I can’t thank you enough for being so kind. For the first time in ten years, I don’t feel as alone anymore or invisible. And in return, I would like to share some advice. Life goes by too fast, so don’t forget to live every minute. Because one day, memories will be the only thing you have in your life.

One day, as I passed, I saw him crying. I had never seen an old man cry before and it really hit me in the heart. Poor old man, what could be wrong?

Life is beautiful and don’t ever take anything for granted. Lastly, lending your ears to someone can make a difference.’”

I walked over to him, “Sir, are you okay?” I asked. He looked up at me and I saw a single tear fall from his eye, down his fair old skin and onto his shirt. Tears from a wounded heart.

I watched him walk away and I sat there in silence. I would never forget that very moment. I had learned something so valuable that day and his words never left my heart.

His face was full of wrinkles, but the lines were so perfectly drawn onto his face. When I looked into his eyes, I saw a man whose world had fallen apart. “Every day I have come to sit in the exact same place for almost ten years,’ he whispered gently. ‘Nobody has ever asked me if I was okay. I watched life pass me by and sat here quietly, as if I had a magic power of being invisible. I used to sit here with my wife. Those days were beautiful and unforgettable. I remember the sweet soft tone of her voice and those bright blue eyes that made me melt inside. And then, when she passed away, I was left alone.” He put his hands to his face and started to cry again. I could feel my eyes starting to water and I tried so hard to hold the tears back. I sat down beside him and put my hand on his shoulder. He turned to me and a faint smile drew across his face. “I may be an old lonely man but everyone needs someone to talk to. I live in a world where my mind replays the past every day. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the past and relive all those beautiful memories. But, I can’t,“ he said while gazing into the distance.

February 2013



Chris Byers Jazz Quartet

performance captivates audience at the 19th Grain Festival The Chris Buyars Quartet is a group of Jazz musicians hailing for the most part from New York, and have performed together for a great number of years. The group consisting of Chris Byars tenor saxophonist, Ari Roland on double bass, Zaid Nasser on alto saxophone and Keith Balla on drums, played to a packed audience at the 19th Annual Grain Cultural Festival as part of their annual three-month tour in partnership with the US Department of State as part of a cultural exchange program with countries in the Middle East, Asia and the Balkans. The group was here by special invitation extended by the Embassy of the United States to Kuwait, and CityPages was invited to sit with the quartet at the Four Points Sheraton in downtown Kuwait City for an incredibly enjoyable interview.

Our conversation began with my standard question relating to jet-lag, although you’d never be able to tell due to the enthusiasm they showed while talking with me. After all, it certainly couldn’t have been easy for them to accept interviews and go off to practice afterward when only arriving from New York the night before. Chris Byars seemed eager to tell me about their travels to our part of the world and I couldn’t help but notice how much he seemed to have an affinity to the region, all one has to do is listen to some of their compositions which feature titles that allude to the Middle Eastern culture, such as “Bali Maak” and “RoseWater”, “Bent Shalabiya”, and one of the things that gives them great pleasure is to be able to perform to different audiences and carry the message that Jazz is

a wonderful method of expression and a tool to bridge gaps and merge cultures using a music platform. The unique thing about this quartet is how they’re all very accomplished; critically acclaimed musicians in their own right, Chris for instance started out singing for the New York Metropolitan Opera company from the age of six, and has composed and arranged music as well. He received various awards and commissions from the Tanne Foundation and Chamber Music America and has been the recipient of grants used to introduce Jazz into the public school system as well. His contribution to Jazz goes much further than just performing. Along with Ari Roland, he co-directs a program designed by the US Embassy in Cyprus, called the Bi-Communal

Jazz Future which has been running for five years. Ari was a professional bassist by the time he was 16 years old, and received classical training at Julliard. He is the Jazz ambassador for the US Department of State and hence travelled the world performing. Ari worked with many greats, such as Harry Connick Jr., Lou Donaldson, Betty Carter among a few and has released three CD’s as a band leader on the Smalls Records label. Ziad Nasser is the son of Jazz and Blues musician Jamil Nasser and was lucky enough to perform with some of the greats and played with Calvin Newborn for two years. He also collaborated with the first Jazz organist Bill Doggett, and was featured as a soloist with the Savoy Sultans ensemble. Ziad also has his own CD’s which were featured in many critics “Top Ten” lists. Keith Balla was a student of Master drummer Kenny Washington and began working professionally at 17. He is known for

having “musical maturity” and consequently is regularly sought out to play along with the older generations. Keith conducts Jazz drum clinics to all levels of musicians. The quartet, works brilliantly together on their collaboration on the tours for program and are otherwise based in New York. Their performance was very enjoyable that night. They were so well received, they found themselves providing photo opportunities to their Kuwaiti fans. CityPages hopes to have them back again very soon, for their stay was too short.



February 2013




Music Buzz Mariah Carey recorded new song for 'Oz The Great and Powerful' Mariah Carey's newest single, "Almost Home," will be heard as part of the soundtrack for Disney's upcoming "Oz The Great and Powerful," directed by Sam Raimi. The Grammy winner and "American Idol" judge will team with photographer/director David LaChapelle, who has previously worked with Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera, for the music video. He previously helm the video for Carey's "Loverboy," featuring Da Brat and Ludacris.

Music Headlines

Mumford & Sons Win Top Prize at Fun -filled Grammy Awards

Madonna tops Bruce Springsteen and Justin Bieber as top concert The Top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The previous week's ranking is in parentheses. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.

Eminem's Next Album Due 'PostMemorial Day' Shady president says Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse sophomore albums are on the way while 50's "Street King Immortal" is due first-half of 2013.

Artists responsible for two of the biggest-sellers of 2012 were rewarded with Grammy Awards on Sunday night at Staples Center, a rare moment in which public taste and the ballots of Recording Academy voters were in sync.

Britney Spears considers long-term Las Vegas deal

Pop star and former "X Factor" judge Britney Spears is in talks to sign a long-term contract to headline a show at a Las Vegas resort, Caesars Entertainment Corp. "We can now confirm the company is actively engaged in discussions with Britney Spears' representatives regarding a potential headlining residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino," the company said in a statement.

Top Albums AMAZON



1. Babel (Deluxe Edition) ~ Mumford & Sons

1. La Estructura ~ Noel Torres

2. The Lumineers ~ The Lumineers


4. 2013 GRAMMY Nominees ~

3. 2013 Grammy Nominees ~ Various Artists

3. Syntek ~ Aleks Syntek

Various Artists

4. El Camino ~ The Black Keys

~ Jesse & Joy

5. All That Echoes ~ Josh Groban

5. Babel ~ Mumford & Sons

5. Yo ~ Gremal Maldonado

1. Babel ~ Mumford & Sons 2. Some Nights ~ Fun. 3. The Lumineers ~ The Lumineers

2. La Misma Gran Señora ~ Jenni

4. ¿Con quién se queda el perro?


U.S. TOP 40 1


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Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & Wanz

Locked Out Of Heaven Bruno Mars

Scream & Shout

3 & Britney Spears



5 6 7

Ho Hey

I Knew You Were Trouble Taylor Swift

Don't You Worry Child

Swedish House Mafia & John Martin

F**kin Problems A$AP Rocky

Suit & Tie


Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z





Sweet Nothing Calvin Harris

One More Night


Die Young

It's Time


Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)




All Gold Everything




Some Nights

Girl On Fire


Little Things

Don't Stop The Party


Catch My Breath

I Will Wait


Pour It Up


I'm Different


Better Dig Two


Let Me Love You


Too Close



Sure Be Cool If You Did

Thinkin Bout You



I Cry


Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan & Eric church Carrie Underwood

15 16

19 20 21


Love Me





Lil Wayne, Drake & Future


Phillip Phillips

Maroon 5

Imagine Dragons Rihanna Ke$ha

Alicia Keys & Nicki Minaj Pitbull & TJR

Mumford & Sons 2 Chainz Ne-Yo

Imagine Dragons Frank Ocean Flo Rida


Beauty And A Beat



My Life


Justin Bieber

50 Cent, Eminem & Adam Levine



Gary Allan

Trinidad James Fun.

One Direction Kelly Clarkson Rihanna

Band Perry Alex Clare

Blake Shelton Maroon 5

The Only Way I Know Blown Away

Poetic Justice Kendrick Lamar

February 2013



CityPages goes

FOOD Tasting

Moti Mahal Delux Tandoori cuisine with a passion for tandoor and flavor The team at City Pages is no stranger when it comes to food and this past week we went to the newest addition to the Al-Ghunaim Trading Co. Ltd. restaurants, Indian restaurant Moti Mahal Delux. Located in Shaab, next to Johnny Carino’s on Gulf Road Exit 5, the new Indian restaurant, which opened less than a year ago, brings a new twist to the ambiance of most Indian restaurants, but keeps its flavors and recipes consistent. As we got to Moti Mahal Delux we noticed the dÊcor was typical of an Indian restaurant, with soft Indian classical music playing on the background. The place had burgundy walls with a print design, which contrasted well with their white chairs. After been greeted by the hostess, we noticed the very unique twist on the style of this Indian restaurant, the tandoor. Located inside the kitchen and surrounded



by glass, the clay oven stands out, not only because you can see it behind the clean wide windows, but also because you can actually see how the bread is been baked in this clay oven that looks like a very large clay pit. No wonder the slogan for the Moti Mahal Delux is Passion for Tandoor, the restaurant made sure to show patrons their passion for its tandoor. All our eyes went straight to the tandoor and made us eager to try their food. The glass around the kitchen allows patrons to see inside the kitchen, but it also helps to serve as an aroma barrier between the kitchen and the restaurant floor so aromas don’t come gushing out but gently scape the kitchen. Although, the smell from the kitchen was well welcomed by us, since we could smell the Indian spices in anticipation to our meal. As we were given the menu we saw there’s something for everyone, vegetarian, spicy, non-spicy, chicken, beef, grilled and gravy style. There were plenty of choices, starters, salads and more. We couldn’t make a decision. So many choices, we didn’t want to miss on something, so we called the manager to bring us their best dishes, from starters all the way to dessert. We were first given Nawabi Murg Tikka as a starter. We were expecting it to have a little bit more juice, but it was a little bit on the dry side. The Bhatti Ka February 2013



Jhinga, unfortunately, was also a little bit dry. We tried their Tandoori Paneer, Murg Makhni, Rogan Josh Kashmiri and Dal Makhni, which were all very good and very flavorful, well placed and good portions. These were all new items we were all trying, and the ones we liked the most were their Seekh Kababs, which were tender and full of flavor. By the time we got to their Chicken Biryani we thought it was going to be like a standard plate, but we were glad to taste the chicken and rice, so well cooked and mixed with the spices, we all agreed it was really good and would recommend these two, along with the Seekh Kababs, when you come to Moti Mahal Delux. Last but not least, we had a very tasty Gulab Jamun. This traditional Indian dessert, of spongy and milky balls soaked in the syrup, gave a delicious sweet end to our meal. We hope we opened your appetite and made you want to go and try what Moti Mahal Delux has to offer.

February 2013



Zouch is about men's fashion, giving insight on what, how and when to wear. Think of Zouch as your personal fashion consultant. This page relates to all men of all ages as a helping tool to dress with style and edge. Find your own individual style as we push boundaries for you. Rest assured we will keep you updated with all the latest fashion news, men's trends and lots more.

Instagram: @zouchfashion

Twitter: @zouchfashion


The Art of Tops 1














1-TOPMAN static jumper 18.5kd 2-TOPMAN queen tshirt 11kd 3- TOPMAN denim Aztec jacket 22kd 4- HOUSE OF THE GODS tshirt 13kd 5- TOPMAN stud tshirt 9kd 6- MCQUEEN blazer 390kd 7- BURBERRY blazer 235kd 8- MARC JACOBS tshirt 33kd 9- TOPMAN native tshirt 8kd 10- PAUL SMITH blazer 220kd 11MCQUEEN tshirt 35kd 12- GUCCI floral shirt 116kd 13- TOPMAN Paris tshirt 10kd 14- TOPMAN blazer 22kd




Boost your casual look with this amazing piece, it's a casual backpack but with a luxurious touch. Carrying a crocodile leather backpack will sure be noticed because it's different. The bag is made out of a crocodile leather and inspired by the street look. Although it's expensive but totally worth investing in such a piece. Crocodile leather bags will only get better with age, so don't worry your investment is safe with GONZALEZ's backpack. Price: 1850KWD

February 2013



Celebrate Love with Dress effortlessly chic and stylish this Valentines Day with Banana Republic. There is plenty on offer to pamper your loved ones! A celebration of all we love, including style, Banana Republic has introduced a range that has pieces to please everyone. With bold color combinations, flawless fit, classics with a twist, the collection will surely turn heads.

Gap Kids launches Spring collection Gap Kids and BabyGap has introduced a new Spring collection for Boys and Girls, which is bright and colorful and is in stores now!



Diary of a

fashionista BY: NOOR KHRAIBUT

Inspired by the memorizing lace collection of Elie Saab spring Summer 2013 .. 1. Had to bring my secret bridal file and make my fabric selection at first .. 2. I do believe that for a bride, not only the dress needs to be unique, even the fabric needs to be elaborated in an exclusive way. Nothing ready, all hand made!! So here we start with the hand embroidery journey 3. Laser cutting. giving the dress 3D affect Embellishment


Evuala !!



My inspiration dress!! Its out of this world!! Very elaborated, embellished yet very clear simple cut! Luuuhhhvvveeee! Elie Saab’s haute couture collections have proven a timeless quality. There’s no doubt in the fact that Saab’s signature craftsmanship and his majestic take on sheerness and delicacy are in fact the pedestal on which this collection built its tremendous success. February 2013



Valentine's Day - Gift Ideas

Perfume Pouch £28

Lipstick Pouch £28:

The creative method gave ASAMA Perfumes the time and the opportunity to craft a fragrances working with the highest quality ingredients in a bottle. Using the Arabic and Western scent as a unique concept point of the fragrances, they welcome your comments at Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @ASAMAPerfumes

3 Collections of my favorite Perfumes, categorized by their scents

‫ مجموعات من عطوري‬3 ‫املفضلة مصنفة على حسب‬ ‫فئة العطر‬

Collection 1: No.5 by Chanel - COACH signature summer limited edition - ABALONE by ASAMA Perfumes

Collection 2: Hermessence Vetiver Tonka by Hermes - Déjà Vu by Neemah for Fragrance - Oudh and Creed Cypres Musk

No.5 by Chanel - COACH signature summer limited edition :‫اجملموعة األولى‬ ABALONE by ASAMA Perfumes

Hermessence Vetiver Tonka by Hermes - Déjà Vu by :‫اجملموعة الثانية‬ Neemah for Fragrance - Oudh and Creed Cypres Musc

Scent Category: Floral

Scent Category: Woody

The Floral scent is the sweet and romantic smell with multiple notes or one note signature, but generally we merges the scents of various flowers to create a classic feminine appeal. You can dress on floral perfumes when you want to show off at your best friend's wedding.

Woody scents are usually very natural masculine fragrances subjugated by woody and outdoor notes that are somewhat similar to leather. They usually contain wood oil and distillates. Wood elements like sandalwood, patchouli, rosewood, cedar and camphor are normally used to create the woody smell. Different combination of these elements creates different fragrances and making one woody scent unique from the each other.

‫ رائحة الزهور‬:‫فئة العطر‬

‫ رائحة اخلشب‬:‫فئة العطر‬

‫ و في صناعة هذا النوع من العطر‬،‫رائحة الزهور هي بطبعها رائحة رومانسية وتعكس عبق الطبيعة‬ ‫معظم األحيان نقوم بدمج انواع من روائح الزهون اخملتلفة لنتمكن من خلق رائحة نسائية كالسيكية‬ .‫ و باإلمكان استخدام عطر الزهور في املناسبات الرسمية او حفالت الزفاف‬.‫مميزة و فواحة‬

‫ و من‬.‫الروائح اخلشبية عادة ما تكون عطور رجالية ممتزجة برائحة اجللود الطبيعية خواء الطبيعة املنعش‬ ‫افضل مصادر الروائح اخلشبية هو خشب الصندل و حشب ورد البتشول والروز وايضا خشب الكافور و‬ .‫ و بامكاننا مزج مجموعة من هذة األنواع لعمل رائحة فريدة و جذابة‬.‫األرز خللق رائحة اخلشب‬

Collection 3: Harrods Swarovski Limited Edition Bond No 9 Private Blend Amber Absolute by Tom Ford

Harrods Swarovski Limited Edition Bond No 9 - Private :‫اجملموعة الثالثة‬ Blend Amber Absolute by Tom Ford

Scent Category: Oriental Orientals are one of the more intense, longer lasting fragrance groups. These sensual blends feature an earthy, animalistic base scent such as musk or ambergris which is most likely feminine.

‫ الشرقية‬:‫فئة العطر‬

‫ و عادة ما تكون مصادر العطور‬،‫العطور الشرقية تتميز بقوة رائحتها و بقائها فواحة لفترات طويلة‬ ‫الشرقية مستخرجة من احليوانات مثل املسك املستخلص من الغزالن و العنبر الذي تسخرجة من‬ .‫أفواهها احليتان‬ February 2013



Crazy about car racing and tuned sport cars, a photographer and loves traveling. Follow Mohamed on twitter @alsharrah E-mail

Mohamed Al-Sharrah

Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Tuned By Wheels Boutique on ADV.1 Wheels In what can only be described as the one of the most extreme Lamborghini Gallardo twinturbocharged builds we’ve ever laid eyes on, ADV.1 wheels and Wheels Boutique recently completed work on the following matte black example by fitting it with a pair of the wheel manufacturer’s ADV05.1 SL lightweight wheels measuring 20×9.0 front, and 20×12.0 at the rear. This particular Gallardo is finished in matte black as are the wheels, and features a twin-turbo kit possibly producing over 1000hp, although no official technical specifications have been released about this car The Gallardo also features the front bumper from the LP560-4, the Superleggera stripe along the side of the car from the LP570-4 Superleggera as well as a customized version of the rear wing fitted to the range topping Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale featuring green accents. On the inside, the car features complete carbon fiber racing seats with literally no cushioning and while this may seem like a crazy decision by the owner, we can only presume it’d be easy to overlook the seats when trying to complete the ultimate Gallardo build.



Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG Wald Black Bison by Office-K Japanese tuner Office-K from Tokyo is back with a new project based around a Mercedes-Benz G 55 AMG. They fitted it with goodies from Wald International, Mansory and Forgiato Wheels. The complete Black Bison body kit includes front bumper, rear bumper, headlight cover, rear door panel, over fender, and carbon fiber bonnet. The SUV rolls on unique rims from US wheel specialist Forgiato. The Enzo Concave wheels size 24 inch! The exterior were finished with the inside of the headlights painted black and a HID and LED custom kit. At the rear a new Miracle square six exhaust was fitted. On the inside, carbon fiber Mansory parts were installed featuring an interior panel, steering wheel and shift knob.

February 2013


{Asnan Live} Asnan Tower the largest dental clinic in the Middle East brings you Asnan Live page to keep you updated with our events & social activities… You will enjoy exploring exciting life of Asnan Tower & easily keep in touch with Asnan events and be part of them… It’s a page to encourage you engaging with our doctors, events & Asnan Family! Yours, Asnan Live Team!

Asnan Tower Vs Rijeemy Football Game

{Asnan Live}


Asnan Tower - HOG Breakfast

February January 2013 2013


{Entertainment/Book Releases}

{Entertainment/{Book Life of Releases a Diva}



By: Abeer AlAbduljalil

CityPages Managing Editor. Worked as PR & Marketing Consultant for Kuwait's major companies and elite products who serve to Divas. The Creator of I'm a Diva Event & Fashion shows, well-connected socialite, bringing experience, engaging personality and international flair to serve Divas. Every woman has an inner Diva and all women deserve to have a fabulous Life & Style. A Life of a Diva is about you ladies and your perfect lifestyle! Always have a positive outlook and be always outfitted for success… “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

This month our Diva “Abeer Alabduljalil” shares

Quote by “Leonardo da Vinci”

some beauty Dos and Don'ts.

Etiquette is what makes us classy, not the accessories and make-up we get on!

Twitter: @DivaGlam February February 2013 2013


{Life of a Diva}

LIFE OF A The Diva was invited to the official launch of the 33 Boutique Mall in AsSalam area this month. This unique project is a joint initiative of UNDP Kuwait and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, and is one of the program that is implemented through the UNDP's cooperation with the Supreme Council for Planning and Development.

By: Abeer AlAbduljalil

The guest of honor was Her Excellency The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor - Ms./Thikra AlRashidi. The Diva went through all the boutiques in the mall and met the young entrepreneurs who were very enthusiastic about their new ventures. The Diva always believes in supporting the young and small business entrepreneurs in whatever way she can. She assured them of all her support in promoting their new ventures through CityPages magazine.

The entrepreneurs vere very happy to see the Diva visiting their boutique and asked her some tips and ideas to promote their businesses. Over all, the 33 Boutique mall is an amazing project for Kuwait and we hope to see many more similar initivaties in our country. 33 Boutique Mall also known as the Alsalam Incubator, is designed to provide full support to Kuwaiti women to establish their own small businesses. The Incubator provides the physical infrastructure required to establish a small business, through the refurbishment of the premises in South Surra, and supports the development of the technical skills and expertise the entrepreneurs will need to launch, manage and develop sustainable businesses.

{Life of a Diva}


If there are right manners for eating, then there are also right manners for beauty. Beauty things should be done behind closed doors and we have to know more about Makeup Dos & Don’ts.


By: Abeer AlAbduljalil

Beauty Etiquette: Divas Dos & Don'ts! Makeup Dos 

Wipe a nude gloss on your lips with Smokey eyes

Rock bold blackberry lipstick with thick eyeliner

 Blend. And I’ll keep saying girls blend! We don't want to see where color begins or ends. Foundation, blush, or eye color!  Focus on one feature: Focus on one of your face’s finest features and then add just a little bit of cosmetic support elsewhere. 

Match your foundation to your skin tone. You don’t want to look like wearing a mask!

 Leave your fingernails natural until you can get to the salon If you haven't managed a mani-pedi for months! 

Look Simple & Elegant.

 Do ask or take a couple of samples of a product you want to try. You might find your next favorite foundation or moisturizer this way! That’s exactly what they’re there for! Just don’t take for the whole family!  Tell her! If you spot a woman with lipstick on her teeth, let her know. Keeping this info to yourself doesn’t save anyone embarrassment. But please whisper it!  Do your makeup according to your occasion. When you attending a Gala dinner of course your makeup will be different than attending a football game!

Makeup Don'ts 

Don’t ever wear Heavy Makeup o Your heavy foundation is choking your skin to death. Let your face breathes!

Don’t ever wear dark lip liner and a lighter lip color. It just looks Scary.

Don’t fix your full makeup on dining table. It only takes a minute to

excuse yourself to the women's room! Retouch to your lipstick is acceptable. 

Don’t ever think to do a body Makeup! It just a big Don’t!

Perfume! Please don’t overdo it!! You are wearing the fragrance. You should not be wearing the bottle!

 PHONE CALLS IN THE SALON! You’re getting a blowout and a lady under the drier is loudly telling her bestie about her personal life! PEOPLE ARE NOT INTERESTED in your personal life. 

DON’T CHAT IN YOUR MASSAGE SESSION. It’s your relax time use it & chill!

DON’T WEAR identical shades of lipstick when you go out with your friends! February 2013

Salmiya, Salem AlMubarak street - Tel: 2571 4174, Kaifan (Next to University) - Tel: 2482 1666, Salam International Hospital Tel: 2254 1250 / 2254 1280, KOC Hospital - Ahmadi - Tel: 130 ext. 62305, Al-Rashid hospital, Salmiya - Tel: 2561 1925, Sheikh Mishal Complex, Abu Halifa - Tel: 2373 4005, Sief, opposite Sief Palace, Gulf street - Tel: 2247 7257, American University of Middle-East - (AUM) - 2225 1400 ext.1067, Injazat - Tel: 6675 9965, Discovery Mall, Child Care centre, Kuwait International Airport (Duty Free), Salhiya (Opp. Salhiya plaza) - Tel: 60417001, Jahra Awtad Mall - Tel: 222 44 237, Investment Bank Mezzanine floor, Mangaf coastal highway Tel. 66994352, Salhiya - Next to Chilis - Tel: 6041 7001


Korloff Mariage Boutique Opens in AlHamra Luxury Center



French School of Kuwait (LFK) achieves outstanding results

February 2012


{Entertainment/Book Releases}

{Entertainment/Book Releases {Events}

Official Opening of Kuwait Yacht Show 2013



MUJI Opens in The Grand Avenues

February 2012



The New Porsche 911 Carrera Launched

GulfRun 8 Kics Off with a Press Conference


{Entertainment/Book Releases {Events}

TAAL Restaurant Launches its New Menu by Chef Sanjiv Kapoor



Cariter Jewellery Exhibition at 360 Mall

February January 2013 2012



PAPILLON COLLECTION NOW AVAILABLE AT MOUAWAD BOUTIQUES Mouawad, the luxury jewellery brand, introduces an entrancing new collection to allof its boutiques across the GCCtoday with the launch ofPapillon.The butterfly- and flower-inspired boutique collection includes rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets; all realized in 18K yellow gold or sterling silver and set with a colourful array of gemstones. Designed and handcrafted by Mouawad’s skilled artisans, the Papilloncollection captures and blends the vivacity and the shape of flower petals and butterflywings. Their particular palette of colours, unique natural designs, and their delicate beauty and refinement were the inspiration for the exquisite motif of the whole collection. Peridots, tsavorites, black sapphires, blue topaz, amethysts, pink tourmalines, garnets and diamonds are the gemstones selected and meticulously hand-set in pieces within the Papillon collection, giving customers a host of different colours accents to choose from. This feminine and fanciful collection, whose items can be worn individually or together as a set, brings an elegant touch of colour to every woman lucky enough to wear it. With prices ranging from US$2,050 to USD$3,950 the Papilloncollectionis now available in all seven Mouawad GCC boutiques, including the recently opened outlets in Al Hamra Luxury Center, Kuwait; Lagoona Mall in Doha; and Muscat Opera Galleria, Oman.

An Underwater Sanctuary - Introducing the Oris Tubbataha Limited Edition Oris created this unique divers watch with an Oris regulator movement to support the Tubbataha Reefs National Park in the Philippines. A percentage of every Oris Tubbataha Limited Edition model sold is donated towards the conservation of the reef and its astonishing diversity of marine life. Rising from the volcanic depths of the Sulu Sea in the Western Philippines, Tubbataha Reefs National Park is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. These magnificent atolls support an unparalleled variety of marine creatures. Colourful reef fish crowd corals growing in the shallows while sharks and pelagic fish haunt the steep drop-offs to the open sea. Security is at the essence of this 50 bar / 500m water-resistant Oris Tubbataha Limited Edition. With a multi-piece titanium case with crown protection and an automatic Helium valve, every precaution has been taken to ensure this unique Oris regulator movement with a small seconds hand is completely safeguarded. The blue ceramic bezel inlay and the dark blue dial are also characteristics of the two previous Oris editions, which were launched to help protect marine life.

Is This The Greatest Image On Earth?

2.5 GigaPixel 360 Panorama Gives ‘Cruise-eye view’ from the pinnacle of the world’s tallest building It is arguably the greatest image on earth – a 360 degree panoramic view from the very top of the tallest building on earth, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, developed by global property developer Emaar Properties. The giddying image shows the view across the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates from 828 metres above sea level captured in high resolution using some of the most advanced techniques in digital photography. It’s the view actor Tom Cruise made famous as he sat at the tower’s peak during the filming of Mission Impossible Four, ‘Ghost Protocol’. The image has been released to celebrate the second Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Photography Award (HIPA), which will take place in Dubai in March. The award, the world’s richest photography award, will see prizes totalling $389,000 and attracts entrants from 121 countries. The grand prize awarded by HIPA is $120,000. The image is composed from over 70 individual photos. Dubai based photographer Gerald Donovan created the shot using a mechanised panoramic tripod head to take a series of 48 panoramic images, each shot at a resolution of 80 megapixels. These were then stitched together with manually shot images to ‘fill-in’ gaps caused by equipment installed at the top of the tower such as the lightning conductor and aircraft beacons. The result is an image that can be zoomed, tilted and rotated, giving viewers a sense of how it must feel to sit atop the world’s highest building.

Voting opens for the Sixth edition of Landmark Group’s “Art Olympiad” competition Landmark Group Kuwait announced voting for “Art Olympiad 2013” is now open to public. The 50 shortlisted drawings have been put up online on the Landmark Group Facebook page for public to vote. This year students were provided with themes including Design Your Own Living Room, Graffiti, Your favorite Cartoon Character, Kuwait Liberation Day etc. and the selected ones were judged on the basis of Creativity, Workmanship, Overall impression and Relevance to the theme to enter the online Voting process. Now in its sixth year, this year's competition is the first to be online and has seen a smooth mechanism where all the drawings were collected by Landmark management and then shortlisted for final winner selection. The competition has seen an impressive number of submissions with more than 160 entries from 16 different schools, reflecting the continued interest in art within the community and the role of this initiative for young emerging artists. The Art Olympiad VI facebook page will be live for a period of 3 weeks only till 16th February 2013, public are encouraged to go online (https://www. and vote for the best drawing in the respective category. One can gain more votes by encouraging family and friends to vote as well. The final selection for winners will be based on 50% votes and 50% judge’s scores comprising of well renowned Kuwaiti artists Mr. Asad Bunashi and Mrs. Maha Al Mansoor. The winners together with all the representatives of participating schools will be invited for the prize awarding ceremony which will take place around the third week of Feb. 2013.



Nokia Debuts the Lumia Range with Arabic Enabled Windows Phone 8 in the Region Nokia Middle East has announced the official launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820, the world’s most innovative smartphones based on Windows Phone 8 in the region. The Nokia Lumia 920 is the flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, including Arabic language capabilities and the latest advances in Nokia PureView imaging innovation. Commenting at the launch event, Tom Farrell, Vice President, Nokia Middle East said: “At the beginning of last year Nokia outlined a new smartphone strategy to deliver devices that not only surpass their predecessors, but revolutionize the industry. We are now proud to stand here and present to you the most innovative device in the history of Nokia, embodying the height of technology, design and user-experience.” “The Middle East is one of the top key markets for Nokia and continues to be strongly committed to this region. This is testament with UAE and Saudi Arabia being among the six global markets for Nokia to introduce the new Lumia range with Arabic language capabilities with strong operator offerings and retail presence. The availability of a user interface in the local language combined with strong operator offerings are two key elements in satisfying demands of consumers from the region. We are confident that the most innovative smartphone – the Lumia 920 will be a milestone for the company as a whole,” added Farrell.

Marina Hotel celebrates its Annual Staff Party Marina Hotel Kuwait held its annual staff party 2012 at Salwa Sabah Al Ahmed Theater and Hall. The event was filled with fun and entertainment which gave everyone the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy. In his welcoming speech, Mr. Nabil Hammoud, General Manager, appreciated the team spirit that prevailed between the hotel’s management and employees. He reiterated the hotels vision and commitment of mentoring the employee’s skills and interests by ensuring a professional working ambience which includes efficiency and exceptional service towards guests. Mr. Hammoud further thanked all the management and the employees for their integrity and dedication for the year 2012 and encouraged the staff to aim higher by continuous improvement of 1% everyday. The agenda for the evening had interesting programs special recognition awards were distributed by Mr. Nabil Hammoud in various categories for best performers of the year, the best supervisors of the year and best employee of the year. The most awaited part was revealing of Mr. & Ms. Marina 2012 based on professionalism, team player and peer relationship fairly done by means of ballot by the hotel employees.

Tridente collection Maserati Time recently announced the launch of the ‘Tridente’ collection, where the styles highlight the distinctive Maserati design: the rims, the grill and the counters with the classic shape that we can find in the instrumentation of the cars. The presence of the symbols of the automotive company, Maserati, established in 1914, is the leitmotiv which gives life to the unique and matchless models. Features of Tridente Collection • Chrono Quartz Movement • 3H • Stainless Steel Case 44 and 38 mm • Stainless steel case and bracelet • Leather or rubber strap • Crystals on the bezel and dials • Screw case back • Water resistance: 100 mts Maserati Time is the masterly combination of the distinctive features of two symbolic corporations of Italian culture; the result of a collaboration between the automotive company and MorellatoS.p.A., worldwide leader in the creation, production and marketing of jewels and watches. Classic details and elements of the watchmaking industry on one side along-with innovation and research on the other are cornerstones of the new Maserati Time collections.

STARBUCKS’ TOP THREE ESPRESSO FAVOURITES ARE BACK THIS WINTER With New Year resolutions and ambitions still fresh, Starbucks is bringing its own hot start to 2013: the comeback of its espresso innovations the Double Mocha Machiatto and Vanilla Latte beverages which will give customers a bright new beginning to each day. Coffee lovers can also indulge their senses in the returning exclusive and remarkable rich coffee blend Guatemala Casi Cielo. There’s no doubt that chocolate and coffee are flavours that are meant for each other. The Double Mocha Macchiato, a Starbucks original that mixes both flavours, is a rich white chocolate blended beverage with freshly steamed milk and a topping of velvety foam, an intense hit of espresso roast, and a finish of dark chocolate drizzle. Starbucks is also bringing back its signature Vanilla Latte, a best-selling classic. This drink features a lusciously rich, full bodied Starbucks espresso with sweet vanilla syrup, steamed milk, lightly topped with silky foam for the perfect finish. February 2013



The Body Shop launch Absinthe hand collection in Kuwait Infused with soothing and nourishing Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana, the Absinthe hand care range will leave your hands feeling clean, refreshed and beautifully moisturised. Absinthe extract, also known as wormwood or Artemisia absinthium, is a powerful botanical long-believed to have medicinal powers and purifying properties. The products also include fragrance notes of bergamot, neroli and petit grain. The four piece collection consists of a hand butter, hand gel, hand wash, and hero product of the range, the purifying hand cream. Created to banish dry skin and odours, all products are triclosan-free and suitable for all skin types. Feeling the cold lately? The Body Shop is here to help you find that perfect winter essential for your hands! Stock up on the Absinthe hand collection and let your palms feel nourished.

Alain Mouawad becomes Guardian of the Mouawad Watch Division Alain Mouawad has joined his two brothers, Fred and Pascal, in a new watchmaking venture—becoming partners of the Manufacture Mouawad SA, located in Breuleux with executive offices in Carouge-Geneva. They will be focusing on the new Mouawad Watch Line and furthering the development of complication movements. Alain Mouawad, a fourth-generation member of the Mouawad family, developed an early passion for horology and the luxury watch business. This passion, coupled with his marketing expertise, has enabled him to make his mark in the timepiece industry. As well as contributing to the development of Robergé established 40 years ago by his father Robert Mouawad, he launched the Blacksand collection in 2010. In creating the BLACKSAND Collection, Alain wished to pay tribute to the knowhow and legacy of Swiss watchmaking while also offering a distinctly unique product catered to an elite connoisseur clientele. As the new Guardian of the Mouawad Watch Division, Alain now presides over the Manufacturing Division in Geneva and the workshops at Les Breuleux in the Swiss Alps. His responsibilities include after-sales service, the Mouawad Watch Academy and the marketing of Mouawad timepieces worldwide including the new Blacksand collection that—truly unique timepieces that differ from any watches developed and manufactured before.

Warba Bank inaugurates new branch in Farwaniya As part of the bank’s commitment to its expansion strategy, Warba Bank, the latest Kuwaiti Bank offering Sharia compliant banking experience, today announced the opening of its new branch in Farwaniya area. The opening of the Farwaniya branch brings Warba Bank's nation-wide network to five. The branch was officially inaugurated by His Excellency Mustafa Jassem Al-Shamali, Deputy Prime Minister of Kuwait and Minister of Finance, Kuwait,. The ceremony was also marked attendance by Mr. Jassar Dakheel Al Jassar, Chairman and Managing Director of Warba Bank, as well as executive management at the bank. The location of the new branch is in line with the bank's strategy to operate in populated areas, thereby offering increased levels of banking convenience for its customers. The new branch has separate reception areas for ladies and men, which ensures increased convenience and flexibility for customers. The Farwaniya branch features state-of-the-art technology and innovative banking procedures, offering a complete spectrum of banking services, including the opening of various types of accounts, bank deposits, credit cards of all types (accredited internationally), ATM cards, credential cards, prepaid cards and as well as other tailored financial solutions.

Gap Kids launches Spring collection Gap Kids and BabyGap has introduced a new Spring collection for Boys and Girls, which is bright and colorful and is in stores now! For Boys and toddler boys, new pocket T, light sweaters in new fabrications and colored denim are the key items from this collection. Colored flat front chinos, madras wovens, solid colour knits, graphic tees and polos are the season’s must-haves. The Cambridge Active collection consisting of French Terry Shorts, Pants and Crew and Gap Logo Ts in new fabrication and Surf Cowboys, which is a modern take on denim shop featuring new denim fabrications in a tight color palette, are ranges that would surely excite you for your little Boy. Surf Cowboys also introduces yellow into the colored denim range and the key items in this range are novelty denim, woven shorts, better Graphic Ts, Mini Stripe Jersey Polos and cargo shorts. For girls, Gap has collections such as Wildflower, which offers printed denim bottoms, fashion knits with embellishments in new detailing and skinny bottoms in terry. Great dresses and skirts with bounty of florals, jeweled and floral accessories are a must have from this collection. The range offers items in a fresh color palette of pink, oranges, greens and soft teal. Your girl is surely going to stand apart from any other with this collection. February 2013



Horoscopes & Famous Birthdays An economy that seems sluggish could slow down putting the finishing touches on a new project. Still, constructive change and new enterprise will continue to be goals even though your intuition warns you that it's going to take longer and you'll have to work harder to keep that dream alive. With both Saturn and Mercury retrograde in February, it could be hard be completely optimistic this month. The world around you and the powers that be continue their stranglehold on the financial system. The Full Moon of February 25 is tinged with practical optimism, but don't go too far out on a limb with spending.


(March 21 - April 19)


(April 20 - May 20)


(May 21 - June 20)


(June 21 - July 22)


(July 23 - August 22)


(August 23 - September 22)

Your love life will heat up this month. There will be plenty of developments, but you might feel unsettled. Try to experience as much as you can, but don't expect a serious commitment at this time. You might meet someone new, experiment with your partner, or explore your options with potential lovers. Uranus in Aries will continue to make relationships unstable. Pluto in Capricorn will bring intensity on the home front or with family members. You might need to set boundaries or make some changes. A Full Moon in Virgo on February 25 will bring on self-analysis, and you could battle self-esteem issues.

A lot of planetary activity in the sign of Aquarius this month will stimulate your intuition and an interest in technology. You'll sense future trends and want to own all the latest gadgets. Connecting with others will be important, and you could get involved in humanitarian projects and causes. You'll inspire your friends and acquaintances with your experiences. Your mind will be sharp and you'll have the ability to hold the attention of others. Pluto in Capricorn will be in square to your sign. This combination could bring tension and stress over career matters.

(September 23 - October 22)


You might feel frustrated, irritable, or tense this month with several planets moving through the sign of Aquarius. This grouping will be in square to your sign and so life might seem full of setbacks and difficult situations. The area of your life that will be most affected is career and reputation. You may have a lot of goals and plans, but you may fail to see how you can reach them. You'll feel unfocused and pulled in too many directions to be effective. This energy will bring the need to have an open mind and recognize possibilities.

Jupiter in your sign for the next few months will help you expand your world and seize opportunities. Many new people will come into your life, and you could gain a new perspective. You might gain weight or take on too many activities under this influence. Several planets in Aquarius this month will bring out your curiosity about other countries and cultures and enhance your ability to communicate. You'll have several projects and goals, but you may have to narrow your focus if you want to get things done. You might travel with friends or loved ones.

Saturn in Scorpio will keep you grounded, especially with regard to love and romance. It might be hard to trust your love interest under this influence. Uranus in Aries will be square to your sign, and this planet will motivate you to make career changes. A group of planets moving through Aquarius will bring a strong interest in subjects like metaphysics, astrology, and life after death. You might read all you can about these ideas and debate them with others. This will be a great time to research alternative cultures and lifestyles. Take a chance and experiment.

Dealing with others will make you tense and put you on edge this month. Several planets will be transiting in Aquarius and opposite your sign. You'll need to be objective and try not to let others get to you. Step back and take the time to think before you react. At the same time, you'll do everything you can to help someone in need or support a cause. Uranus in Aries will make you restless and bring the urge to travel and make changes. Saturn in Scorpio will ensure that you face challenges and learn from your experiences.


2nd Februa


This will be a difficult and tense month, with strained relations with your family or someone you share your space with. Try not to focus on the little things or they could escalate into fullblown arguments. Saturn in your sign will give you a serious approach to life, and you might feel limited and restricted. This transit will be in effect for a couple of years. You could learn to become more grounded and responsible thanks to some hard lessons. A Full Moon in Virgo on February 25 could lead you to question some of the people around you.


Ashton Kutc

7th February

Uranus in Aries will stir up change in your home or family life. You may feel restless and want to move or rearrange your space. Pluto in your sign will contribute to this feeling. There will be tension and stress over your decisions. The Full Moon in Virgo on February 25 could bring setbacks in relation to some of your goals and plans. You might need to rethink your current direction and take a serious approach to the future. Saturn in Scorpio will help you feel committed to friends and any organization with which you're associated.

Jennifer A


11th Februa



Peter Gabrie 13th February

You may get involved in a community project or cause this month. Take the lead and organize others to help. This may be in the form of a humanitarian effort or support to a local charity. There will be many things to do, but you'll have a lot of help. Jupiter in Gemini all month will help you communicate to your partner or the public. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss issues and find solutions to problems. Take time to listen, however, and don't do all the talking yourself. The Full Moon in Virgo on February 25 could be problematic in relation to your career or reputation.

This will be a fabulous month for you with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and New Moon in your sign. Take this time to start new projects and seize opportunities. You'll feel powerful and be able to attract love, money, and friendship. However, you might feel scattered and unable to focus on one thing for too long. Saturn in Scorpio will bring slow progress in your career, but you'll eventually realize your ambitions. Don't be afraid to take some risks and experiment over the coming weeks. You'll have many new ideas and be motivated to take action. Jupiter in Gemini will help to expand your love life.


(October 23 - November 21)


(November 22 - December 21)


(December 22 - January 19)


(January 20 - February 18)

Jupiter will be in Gemini this month and exert a strong influence on your home and family life. Experiences will be oriented toward growth. You'll take the high road if there are any misunderstandings. Saturn in Scorpio will bring a serious outlook, and you may make plans to travel or further your education. You'll take your budget and circumstances into consideration, however. Several planets moving through Aquarius will heighten your interest in technology and science as well as things like metaphysics and astrology. Your intuition will be strong, and you may dream about the future.

Venus and Pluto in Capricorn will intensify romantic encounters. You might begin the month with a huge attraction to someone, only to question it as the weeks go by. A Full Moon in Virgo on February 25 will bring a tendency to be selfcritical, and you could experience a lot of frustration. There will be consequences if you're too hard on others. Try not to find fault with the world around you. Recognize your own limitations. Several planets in Aquarius will unsettle life at work. There will be many conflicting deadlines and priorities.


20th February


(February 19 - March 20)


Hind Al-Jasser


You may call her a banker. She is full of passion for all kinds of arts (graphic design, drawing and the art of recycling ) Her most enjoyable time is when she holds a pen and melts with its touch on any thing, Music is her love and traveling an addiction.

How to become a model

A lot of people want to be a model because it's glamorous. Modeling is extremely competitive, and successful models are doing some major truths about becoming a model, as well as some realistic advice to make it happen for you.All pictures for our lovely model Rataj Bahroh she's 3 years old. I would like to thank Retaj’s mother for letting me use Retaj’s pictures Give poses. When it comes to facial expressions, make sure you get some variety in your shots. Have some looking directly at the camera, some looking away, some smiling and some serious

Be passionated about your work: Be loyal to what you love.True creativity is doing the impossible.

Focus in your job: Treat modeling like a real job. Girls that don't take it seriously have small chances of succeeding in their modeling career. Be creative on shoots: Photographers want to see you pose in various works, work for the camera, and interact with the world around yourself. Take some snapshots: Take shots of you up close without a lot of makeup and on a plain background. You should shoot them in nice natural light.

Educate yourself: There is a lot you can learn from reading books and articles on modeling. Reading quality guides, articles, and books will both help you to improve important skills (like posing).

Be professional, polite, and courteous: Treat the people you work with respectfully, you never know who they know or what sort of a recommendation they might give of you.

February 2013


{Kids Pages} Brought to you by:

Kids Pages Quiz Time

Groundhog Day

1. Which is the longest measuring scale? (a) Meter (b) Yard (c) Foot (d) Mile 2. In which country would you find the Black forest? (a) Germany (b) India (c) Brazil (d) Sri Lanka 3. The American President James Munroe gave his name to which famous city? (a) Monrovia (b) Moradabad (c) Munich (d) Jamaica 4. What did Erno Rubik invent in 1975? (a) Colour Television (b) Digital Camera (c) Dice

(d) The Rubik cube

5. Which group’s motto is ‘Be Prepared’? (a) The Scouts (b) The Indian Army (c) Palestine Labour Organisation (d) Green Peace 6. Meterology is the study of weather phenomenon but what is metrology? (a) Study of meteors (b) Study of weights and measures (c) Study of rocks (d) Study of fossils 7. Who was called Tricky Dicky? (a) Dick Francis (b) Henry Kissinger

(c) Richard Nixon

A furry little groundhog went to fetch his Daily News, Saw a shady character and jumped out of his shoes! He scurried back inside his hole and in the headlines read: “Bundle Up, for Six More Weeks of Winter Lie Ahead.”

Hidden Items

(d) Fredrick Forsyth

8. What would you expect to find in The Temple, London? (a) Lawyers’ offices (b) Shopping Mall (c) Marriage Hall (d) Discotheque 9. New York streets are divided into East and West by which avenue? (a) Sixth Avenue (b) Ninth Avenue (c) Seventh Avenue (d) Fifth Avenue 10. Which princess died in a car crash in September 1982? (a) Princess Diana (b) Princess Grace (c) Princess Margaret (d) Princess Anne 11. Who wrote the novel Chitty-chitty Bang-bang? (a) Ian Fleming (b) Louisa M. Alcott (c) Nancy Drew

(d) James Bond

12. What does a lead pencil contain? (a) Carbon (b) Graphite (c) Lead (d) Silica 1. d, 2. a, 3. a, 4. d, 5. a, 6. b, 7. c, 8. a, 9. d, 10. b, 11. a, 12. b


Math Time 1. What is the next prime number after 7? 2. The perimeter of a circle is also known as what? 3. 65 – 43 = ? 4. True or false? A convex shape curves outwards. 5. What does the square root of 144 equal?

1. 11, 2. The circumference, 3. 22, 4. True, 5. 12


Can you find these hidden items from the picture above? feather party hat wishbone paper clip tulip

pencil artist's brush slice of orange bottle domino

ice-cream cone bird boomerang eyeglasses mug

banana slice of pizza

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February 2013


{Homework for Grown ups}

HOMEWORK FOR GROWN UPS EVERYTHING YOU LEARNED AT SCHOOL... BUT CAN YOU REMEMBER? GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ 1. What biscuit was created to celebrate the visit of a founding father of modern Italy to London in 1864? 2. The natural effect causing paint to rise up the hairs of a paintbrush, and liquid to rise up a narrow tube is called (what) action?

MATH PROBLEM Find The Missing Number




3. Spell the medical term: Cortorize; Quarterize; Cauterize; or Quortorize?

6. Roughly how long did the Pony Express service operate in the USA: 1 year; 5 years; 10 years; or 20 years?


30 6


3 18

5. What drink brand was first to be offered with a foam producing 'widget' in the can? Guinness - Bonus point, what gas does the widget release, producing the foam?

7. What drug company developed Viagra? 8. What car company was set up by Colin Chapman in 1952, subsequently succeeding in F1 racing? 9. What Canadian city was named by explorer Jacques Cartier, meaning originally 'Royal Mount'?


4. In 1971 the Russian-built Salyut 1 became the first what?


10. What controversial levy was introduced in the UK in 1989-90, replaced after prolonged protests by the Council Tax? 11. Dr Robert Atkins, (1930-2003), who died weighing 260lbs, was noted for what eponymous conception? 12. What ingredient, used cleverly very sparingly by the Romans, largely determines durability of concrete? 13. Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC), was better known as what hugely influential organization, notably in the colonial exploitation of Asia? 14. What does 'swaddling' mean: Wrapping in cloth; Covering in oil; Soaking in milk; or Protecting with straw?

The Sign Painter made a careless mistake on his sign. See if you can correct his error by changing the letters.

15. Technically the potato is a: Tuber; Root; Stem; or Fruit?

ANSWERS: The Sign should read 'AGILK MONKEYS'

16. In what modern country did the ancient Sumer or Sumerian civilisation develop and flourish? 17. Modern DNA studies show that the first migrants to the North American continent were: Asians; Europeans; South Americans; or Africans?


18. What modern convenient foodstuff takes its name from the Latin meaning 'salted (and preserved meat)'?


19. What famous detective/crime writer was the first goalkeeper and a founder of Portsmouth United Football Club?


20. What naturally occurring and dangerous material is commonly represented by the formula Mg3(Si2O5)(OH)4?



ANSWERS: 1.Garibaldi (after the Italian leader Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1807-82), 2. Capillary action , 3. Burning (from Greek kauterion, meaning branding iron - it stops bleeding and infection), 4. Space station (or words to that effect), 5. Guinness, 6. One year (it was replaced immediately the telegraph system was established in 1861), 7. Pfizer (originally as angina treatment), 8. Lotus, 9. Montreal, 10. Community Charge (known informally as the Poll Tax, which is a less technically correct answer), 11. Atkins Diet, 12. Water, 13. Dutch East India Company (known in Holland as United East India Company, the DEIC was arguably the first ever multinational corporation; it was the first to issue shares, and at its peak boasted 50,000 staff plus a 10,000-strong army, with powers to wage war and imprison and execute people - founded in 1602; it was bankrupted and dissolved by 1800), 14. Wrapping in cloth (a human, for example the baby Jesus), 15. Tuber , 16. Iraq (probably the first empire in history, c.2300-2000BC), 17. Asians (from what are now Russia into Alaska, so becoming Native Americans), 18. Sausage (originally via French, saussiche, from Latin salcicius/salsicia, from salsus, salt), 19. Arthur Conan Doyle (creator of Sherlock Holmes), 20. Asbestos


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