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The Xenia Communicator Spring 2017 Issue

2016 STATE OF THE CITY OVERVIEW Click Here to Watch the State of The City

Last fall I was pleased to present the 2016 State of the City message to Xenia City Council and stakeholders from around our community. The State of the City message presents an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve accomplished and to express a shared vision for the coming year. A dynamic that echoed throughout the 2016 State of the City is a challenge that has carried over into the new year, and it is simply this: the need to balance change and tradition.

In a time of great uncertainty and as our culture and economy change rapidly, we are fortunate to live in a community with small-town charm where traditional values are still important. While our core principles remain unaltered in Xenia, it is at the same time necessary that our community embraces winds of change in order to leverage prospects for economic growth as we move into the future. Winds have not been kind to Xenia often in the past, yet we desperately need an economic breath of fresh air. In pursuing this, we are trying to change the perception of Xenia from that “poor city that had the big tornado” to a “premier family community with abundant opportunity.” As we look back on 2016 and move forward in 2017, this focus is prevalent. Creating a premier family community starts with providing excellent services. While improving customer service has been a focus of City staff, in 2016 core service delivery was threatened due to cuts in state funding and the state’s elimination of the estate tax, among other measures. These acts by the state took much-needed financial resources away from local communities. Here in Xenia, City leaders responded by leaving some staff positions vacant and reducing operating expenses. These efforts combined with improving income tax collections resulted in a better-than-expected financial position for the City by year’s end. Moving forward, the City is projecting positive balances that should enable us to fill vacant public safety positions and maintain the services Xenians have come to expect. It is imperative that we continue to expand our tax base to ensure adequate resources to meet the growing service demand in our community, particularly for public safety services—for which the majority of our tax revenue is provided. The second consideration in growing a premier family community is to help ensure a strengthening local economy. In pursuit of this, the City has continued our ED 360 program, which is a collection of efforts designed to address our business community needs by removing impediments and incentivizing new investments for business expansion and job growth. We believe these efforts are truly beginning to pay off. In 2016 local unemployment numbers dipped and held steady, the number of employed Xenians grew, and other key indicators, like new housing starts, saw significant improvements. Overall, the City is seeing increasing interest from industrial and retail prospects. In 2017, we are focused on continuing to expand services and improve the marketing of Xenia to attract new job creation opportunities. City leaders feel that we can grow and advance economically while retaining the quaintness and community values that make Xenia a special place. We’ll continue to focus on families and economic opportunities in the coming year. To learn more about our efforts to advance Xenia through economic projects and community events, please visit I hope 2017 continues to bring happiness, safety, and new opportunities to you and your family and our whole community.

Brent Merriman, City Manager

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Page Page 2 2 Spring 2017 Spring 2017 XENIA CITY INCOME TAX RETURNS ARE DUE State of the City

The deadline to file 2016 Xenia Income Tax returns is Tuesday, April 18, 2017. To avoid late filing penalties, tax returns must be postmarked* or received in our offices by Tuesday, April 18, 2017. Late filing penalties for tax year 2016 are $25.00 per month (or part thereof) up to a maximum of $150.00. Timely filed extension to file requests (Federal or Xenia only) are accepted and give taxpayers an additional six (6) months to file. An extension to file is not an extension to pay; to avoid a one-time, 15 percent non-payment penalty, the taxes due must be remitted by April 18, 2017. Copies of timely filed extensions must be included with the tax return to avoid late filing penalties. Taxpayer return preparation assistance for individuals (those filing under a Social Security Number) is available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Bring your proof of income (W-2s, 1099s, Federal Schedule Cs, Federal Schedule Es, etc.) and Tax Division employees will prepare your individual Xenia tax return. The Tax Division is now located in the new City Administration Building at 107 E. Main Street. Customer parking is available on the side and rear of the building. There is also a 24-hour drive-up drop box at the rear of the building. The Tax Division will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 18, to assist taxpayers. Lines should be expected. Even if you cannot pay your taxes due by April 18, 2017, you should still file your return on time to avoid late filing penalties. Information about payment plans is available on our website at REMINDERS: Both taxpayers’ signatures are required on a joint tax return. Xenia is a mandatory filing city requiring all residents aged 18-65 to file an annual tax return even if they have no city taxable income. For more information, please visit or call the Income Tax Office at 937-376-7248. *Mail deposited at the Xenia Post Office may not be postmarked until the following day.

SEMI-ANNUAL HYDRANT FLUSHING Twice a year the City of Xenia flushes fire hydrants to test the hydrants and clean the water mains. Hydrant flushing is typically done in May and October to avoid any inclement weather. In 2017, this important maintenance has been scheduled for the weeks of May 1 - 5 and October 2 - 6. Flushing hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. daily. During the week, residents should not be alarmed but may notice discolored water, low water pressure, and hydrants flowing for long periods of time. The water is safe to drink; however, it is suggested that ALL residents check their water before attempting to draw water or do laundry. Residents should be aware that when hydrants are flushed in one area of the City, water could become discolored in other areas. For residents with water softeners, we suggest the unit not be cycled at night unless the water has been checked. In addition, the softener can be bypassed if the water is discolored for any length of time.


Northwest of W. Church St., North of Market St. and Dayton Ave. and West of N. Detroit St. (Beverly Hills, Fairmoor Heights, Timber Ridge, North Galloway Areas and Laynewood north of Dayton Ave.)


West of St. Rt. 35 and Northwest of Bellbrook Ave. (The Colorado Sections of Arrowhead, Sterling Green, Childers, Reserve of Xenia and Wright Cycle Estates)


North of E. Church St. and East of N. Detroit St. including Amlin Heights and Old Springfield Pike. (Kinsey Meadows, Summer Brooke, Stadium Heights, and Greene Memorial Hospital)

Thursday Friday


Between Church St., Market St. and Dayton Ave. on the North and South of E. Third St. along Cincinnati Ave. to Industrial to Bellbrook Ave. and Northeast of St. Rt. US 35. (Including Arrowhead north of US 35, Laynewood on both sides of W. Second St. and the Downtown Area going east to the Corp Limit) South of Third Street and East of Bellbrook Ave. to Industrial Blvd., then East of Cincinnati Ave. (Including South Hill, Legacy, and Industrial Park)

It is the mission of the City of Xenia to provide exemplary Mission municipal services through responsible stewardship of community assets, Statement and the promotion of economic, environmental, and social vitality.

Page Page 3 2 Spring 2017 Spring 2017 FAREWELL CAPTAIN ANGER AND OFFICER SAMS

XENIA WATER TREATMENT OPERATORS KEEP IT CLEAN! Justin Mills is a Water Treatment Operator. His job is to treat and supply water to the citizens of Xenia. When asked why his job is essential, he stated “Without water, there isn’t life.” Justin recently attended a fivemonth class in Columbus and passed an exam to receive his Water I Supply License Certification. This license certification will benefit Xenia by having a Water Supply Operator who is more knowledgeable and better trained. Justin feels that he has a better understanding of the daily tasks and feels it helps him better react to any problems that may occur enabling him to more effectively do his job. Justin has been at his position with Xenia a little over a year. He has already registered for his next class, Water Supply II, to obtain the next certification to further his knowledge and job performance. He said this is the most rewarding job he’s ever had because he gets to work in the city he lives in. He feels he’s done his job every time he takes a shower, turns on the water, or does anything water related in the city. At the Water Treatment Plant, Justin is one of the youngest in his department, as it’s an aging field. The senior employees, who are beginning to retire, take the time to teach those just coming onboard the “tricks of the trade”, which makes it a great time to enter the field. According to Justin, “The City of Xenia is a great employer and it’s nice to be able to live and work in the same community and give back at the same time.”

EMPLOYEE PROMOTED Keith Koch has been promoted from Code Enforcement Officer to Public Service Supervisor. Koch served as Code Enforcement Officer in Xenia since 2013. Koch’s promotion reflects a commitment by the City of Xenia to provide excellence in constituent and customer service. Xenia Public Service Director/City Engineer Chris Berger stated, “In our efforts to continually elevate the City’s standard of excellence, we promoted Keith because he understands the value of working with others, delivering excellent customer service, and the privilege of being a public servant.” In his new position, Keith supervises the new in-house Facility and Grounds Attendants.

Captain Scott Anger (left) and Officer Richard Sams (right) retired from the Xenia Police Division on January 27 and 28, respectively.

Click here to watch Captain Anger’s Retirement

Captain Anger was with the XPD since April 6, 1987, and served several different positions within the Division, including but not limited to D.A.R.E. Officer, S.W.A.T. Unit, and Detective in the Criminal Investigation Section. Officer Richard Sams was with the XPD since January 20, 1992, and had many different assignments during his career including Detective in the Criminal Investigation Section, Evidence Technician, and a member of the Special Events Tactical Team. They both received many commendations during their employment that recognized their professional conduct and performance in various positions throughout their careers with the Xenia Police Division. The City of Xenia thanks Captain Anger and Officer Sams for their years of dedication and service, and we wish them well in all their future endeavors.

SOME NEW, SOME FAMILIAR FACES The City of Xenia welcomes several new faces and congratulates some familiar ones:  In Public Service, we welcome In-house Facility and Grounds Attendants Joslyn Jefferson, Tracy Melvin, and Josh Corn, as well as Laborer Kevin Russ.

 In Planning, we welcome Code Enforcement Officer Judd Muterspaw, who transferred from Public Service.

 In Probation, we welcome Probation Officer Connie Vellia as well as Katelyn Dotson, a new intern assisting the Probation Department.

 The Xenia Fire Division welcomes Firefighter Kyle Dudley.

 The Xenia Police Division welcomes Officer Ryan Linnell.  The Xenia Police Division also promoted three officers to new positions: Chris Stutes to Captain and Stephen Shaw and Matt Cvitkovich to Sergeants.

Be a Community of Choice

Grow Our Economy

Make Our Neighborhoods Great

Strengthen Our Core

Our X-Plan Vision

Page Page 4 2 Spring 2017 Spring 2017 SHOVEL READY FOR BUSINESSES Two industrial sites in the City of Xenia recently gained certification as “Shovel-Ready Sites” through a program sponsored by DP&L. The Arnovitz site in the Xenia Industrial Park and the Greene County-owned OVCH site on the south side of US Route 35 were both named as Certified Sites in December. “Companies looks at many different criteria when making site selection decisions, but the ability to reduce costs, reduce risks and save time are very attractive,” said Xenia Development Director Steve Brodsky. The goal of a site certification program is to identify and prepare project-ready sites. There are many critical elements to a certified site that include having sufficient developable acreage, utilities with sufficient capacity at the site or readily available, proper zoning, completed environmental and geotechnical studies, and sufficient access to transportation networks. “Being able to certify a site as shovel-ready increases the likelihood that the site will attract investment and valuable new jobs to the City,” Brodsky said. Site certification programs are a growing trend across the United States, and approximately 20 states have certification programs. In many other states, utilities similar to DP&L take the lead. DP&L created the program and hired McCallum-Sweeney Consulting, a nationally-known site selection firm, to administer it. It took nearly two years for the City, Greene County, and various partners, including property owner Matt Arnovitz, to complete all the necessary studies and certifications to reach this important designation. A total of six sites within the DP&L service territory received certification, with two of them located in the City of Xenia. The City, County, and DP&L are working together to create marketing materials to promote these sites to site selectors and industries.


Our Mission


City of Xenia officials joined with N.B. Patel of Tashi Hospitality, Inc., and Hampton Inn and Suites to officially break ground and announce the construction of a new 88-room Hampton Inn and Suites. Xenia City Manager Brent Merriman stated, “The partnership between Tashi Hospitality and the City of Xenia is yet another signal of the increased interest and desire of quality service-oriented businesses to move to our city and to serve an ever-growing marketplace, while filling a much needed void in the hospitality market overall. The addition of the Hampton Inn and Suites will greatly complement the accommodation needs of business and tourist consumers looking to stay and visit within our safe, economical, and business-friendly municipality.”

The owners of the Xenia Shoe and Leather Building, known as the “Litt Brothers Building” on the National Register of Historic Places, received an Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Award (OHPTC) to rehabilitate the building’s upper floors into five downtown housing units. This is the first building to directly benefit from its 2014 inclusion as part of the Downtown Xenia Historic District on the U.S. Park Service’s National Register of Click here to watch Historic Places. A Xenia Shoe & Leather credit of up to $183,714 is available to the Receiving The Tax Credits project, which is also the recipient of a HOPE VI-Main Street grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Tashi Hospitality, Inc., is owned by Mr. N.B. Patel, in partnership with other investors. Mr. Patel began his career in the hospitality industry in 1989. The new Xenia Hampton Inn and Suites will be the second under the Tashi Hospitality banner and is expected to open in November 2017. It will include an indoor pool, a fitness center, business center meeting space, free Wi-Fi, and free hot breakfast.

Not only did this downtown project receive an award, the State of Ohio Development Services Agency chose to announce ALL of the credits awarded across the State of Ohio at the new Xenia Administration Building at 107 E. Main Street. Staff from both the Ohio Development Services Agency and the State Historic Preservation Office followed the Press Announcement with a tour of the building and lunch at “One Bistro” restaurant.

It is the mission of the City of Xenia to provide exemplary municipal services through responsible stewardship of community assets, Statement and the promotion of economic, environmental, and social vitality.

Page Page 5 2 Spring 2017 Spring 2017

SPLASH PAD READY TO SOAK Construction of the new playground and splash pad at Xenia Station is complete! The City will hold an official grand opening of this fun new amenity on Friday, May 5, in conjunction with the first ‘First Fridays’ event of the year. This will give young Xenians a head start in their water play activities several weeks before swimming pools open up. The theme of the new splash pad is based on bicycles and Xenia and consists of a circular area with six vertical walkthrough “wheels” with “spokes” made of spraying water. There are also 24 fountains arranged throughout the splash pad, including an array of 13 shooting out of a blue Xenia “X.” The splash pad will be operational starting May 5 during the daytime through late summer. During open hours, users can press a button next to the splash pad to activate the water flow. The water will stay on for a limited period of time after which it will be necessary to push the button again to keep it going. This feature prevents excessive water usage when the splash pad is not in use. During closed hours, the system will be turned off and the button will not activate the water flow. Adjacent to the splash pad is a new train-themed dry playground for children of all ages. The playground includes a series of historic “storefronts,” four slides, numerous climbers, platforms, interactive noisemaking features, a tunnel and a locomotive-shaped toddler play area. The playground is adjacent to the existing historic caboose. While not part of the playground, the caboose offers an additional attraction for those interested in taking a tour. The Friends of Xenia Station (FOXS), a group of volunteers who have tirelessly worked to acquire, renovate, and maintain the caboose, offers tours to children and other groups. FOXS painstakingly restored the caboose to a historically accurate condition, creating a unique treasure, landmark, and reminder of Xenia’s past. The City intends to build a second open-sided shelter at the west end of the park in late 2017 or early 2018. This shelter will provide an additional gathering spot for local residents or cyclist events and bring activity to the west end of the park. The improvements complement an already active and impressive site that serves as a regional hub for cyclists. See you at the Station!

KMART DEMOLITION MAKES ROOM FOR DOWNTOWN CATALYST Xenia has reached a significant milestone in the revitalization of our downtown. The vacant former Kmart store at 200 W. Main Street has been demolished, opening up a 5.5-acre site for redevelopment. The City is working with its development partner, Brandicorp, Inc., to finish environmental assessments and clear the way for a new development project to include restaurants, retail stores, and other commercial development in the heart of our community. Demolition proceeded smoothly, on-time, and under budget. Contractor Jeff Assif and his crew from Badger Construction worked diligently through challenging site conditions, including close proximity to the adjacent former Fulmer’s grocery store, a fiber-optic line, and a former electrical transformer. Development is anticipated to commence on the site by late summer/early fall. Extended environmental assessments of the soil under the property have been necessary to comply with EPA rules because the site included former businesses such as a gas station prior to the 1974 tornado. The site was redeveloped following the tornado. These assessments will continue into the spring at which point the City and Brandicorp will develop a more specific timeframe for the project. Although these assessments take time, they are necessary to ensure that any redevelopment of the site will avoid exposure to any chemical contaminants that might be present in the soil. Detailed environmental assessments are commonplace when redeveloping older sections of a community that were originally developed prior to the advent of modern environmental regulations. When complete, the redevelopment of the former Kmart site will be a catalyst that attracts new businesses, traffic, and investment to downtown Xenia and spurs investment in other downtown properties as well. The City looks forward to providing additional site details later this year via the next newsletter, Facebook, the City website, etc.

Be a Community of Choice

Grow Our Economy

Make Our Neighborhoods Great

Strengthen Our Core

Our X-Plan Vision

Page Page 6 2 Spring 2017 Spring 2017 INFORMATION ON THE CITY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Click here to watch our ‘Lots of Parking’ Video

EXPLORE XENIA WITH FREE DOWNTOWN PARKING! Did you know there’s lots of parking in Downtown? In fact, there are seven Downtown parking lots where you can park for 30 minutes or up to two hours for free (where marked) each weekday and anytime most weekends! In total, there are 1,161 spaces surrounding Downtown where you can park for free within specific time limits allowing you to enjoy all Downtown Xenia has to offer including shopping, dining, or just taking care of important business! The City of Xenia has published an easy to understand free parking guide that you can access online at Call 937-376-7232 if you’d like us to email it to you. Come Explore Xenia … on us!

WINDS OF CHANGE ... “FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH” April 3, 1974, was a day of tragedy as Xenia was devastated by the infamous F5 tornado. As the years went on, we rebuilt, mended, and reorganized our community. We will continue to go on.

The new City Administration Building is a one-stop shop for business in the city including paying your utilities and taxes, applying for a job, reserving a park, or even obtaining a permit. The following table displays the business hours for various city offices at the Administration Building:




Utility Billing & Income Tax

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

1st Floor

Planning & Zoning

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

1st Floor

Finance Office

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

1st Floor

City Clerk

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

1st Floor


8:00 am - 5:00 pm

2nd Floor

Human Resources

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

2nd Floor

Public Relations

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

2nd Floor

City Manager’s Office

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

2nd Floor


The City hosted several events since our last newsletter including a visit by Olympian Grace Norman at Xenia Municipal Court, Hometown Christmas, Press Conferences with Sheriff Gene Fischer and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, and several events Turning a time of despair into what it is now—a celebrating staff retirements vibrant and welcoming home for many—has been our and promotions. goal. Forty-three years later, we take a moment to Keep up with all things Xenia through our Facebook remember all that was lost and damaged, but we look page and website! to a future that is bright and promising for our City of Xenia. Visit our website at to find Facebook: City of Xenia Government out more about the Winds of Change and new projects!

Click here to watch our ‘Winds of Change’ Video



It is the mission of the City of Xenia to provide exemplary Mission municipal services through responsible stewardship of community assets, Statement and the promotion of economic, environmental, and social vitality.

Page Page 7 2 Spring 2017 Spring 2017

Upcoming UpcomingEvents Events&&Activities...! Activities! FIRST FRIDAYS NEIGHBORHOOD NIGHT OUT May 5* (*Includes Splash Pad Dedication)

June 2 July 7* (*Also Kevin Sonnycalb Fireworks Festival)

Tuesdays from 5-7 pm

April 4 at Shawnee Elementary June 13 at Cox Field August 29 at Old East High School September 26 at McKinley Elementary


EASTER EGG HUNT Saturday, April 15, 2017 Shawnee Park Registration for Door Prizes: 10 am Egg Hunt for 10,000 Eggs Begins: 11 am Individual Egg Hunts for various age groups and those with Special Needs

Saturday, June 3, 2017 Shawnee Park Registration: 8:30 am Fishing: 9 to 11:30 am Awards/Door Prizes: Noon


ARBOR DAY April 28 - Arbor Day Event to be held at Shawnee Park where this year’s Heritage Trees will also be dedicated. May 9 - A Swamp White Oak Tree will be planted at Arrowood School

Submit digital photographs of spring flowers and tree foliage to Visit our website for contest rules. Photos must be taken between March 1 and June 1, 2017. Deadline is July 1, 2017.


BLOOM WITH XENIA Help us keep Xenia beautiful by adopting one of the downtown flower beds or flower pots with our “Bloom with Xenia … Adopt-A-Spot” program! Contact Nelson King at 266-0868 for more information.

If you don’t have space to garden at your home, the City has garden plots for rent for only $20 per 20’ x 30’ plot. The plots are located on Towler Road across from West Side Park. All gardens must be organic. Water is available at the site. Contact Public Service at 376-7265 for information.

Be a Community of Choice

Grow Our Economy

Make Our Neighborhoods Great

Strengthen Our Core

Our X-Plan Vision

City Administration Building 107 E. Main Street Xenia, OH 45385 376-7232 Xenia Police Division Non-Emergency 372-9901 Xenia Fire Division Non-Emergency 376-7278 Xenia Income Tax 376-7248 Xenia Utility Billing 376-7242 Street and Storm Sewer Maintenance 376-7265 Refuse and Recycling Collection 1-800-223-3960 (Rumpke) If you would like to receive an electronic copy of the Xenia Communicator and/or would like to opt out of receiving a hard copy mailed to your Utility Billing address, please visit the following to complete the form:

For more information, Visit Xenia’s website:

Upcoming Events & Important Dates 

April 1 – Greene County Public Health Spring Has Sprung 5K April 3 – 1974 Tornado Anniversary April 4 – Neighborhood Night Out: Shawnee Elementary, 5-7 pm April 9 – ORRRC Full and Half Marathon: Kickoff at YMCA April 13 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm April 15 – Easter Egg Hunt: Shawnee Park, 11 am April 18 – Xenia Income Tax Returns due to the City of Xenia April 27 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm April 28 – Arbor Day Tree Planting @ Shawnee Park April 29 – 4 Paws for Ability 5K and Dog Walk May 1 thru 5 – Semi-Annual Fire Hydrant Flushing May 1 – Community Garden Plots Available May 5 – First Friday from 5-9 pm May 5 – Splash Pad Dedication May 6 – Bloom with Xenia’s Volunteer Day: Justice Center, 9 am May 9 – Arbor Day Event @ Arrowood School May 11 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm May 19 thru 21 – Hamvention: Greene County Fairgrounds May 25 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm May 29 – Memorial Day: All City Offices Closed in Observance June 2 – First Friday from 5-9 pm June 3 – Annual Youth Fishing Derby: Shawnee Park, 9 am June 8 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm June 13 – Neighborhood Night Out: Cox Field, 5-7 pm June 22 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm June 24 – Toward Independence: Walk for Independence

July 1 – Deadline to submit photos for Spring Tree Photography Contest July 4 – Independence Day: All City Offices Closed in Observance July 7 – First Friday from 5-9 pm July 7 – Movie in the Park: Short Clips @ Shawnee Park July 7 – 3rd Annual Kevin Sonnycalb Memorial Fireworks @ Shawnee Park July 13 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm July 27 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm July 30 – Greene County Fair Begins August 5 – Greene County Fair Ends August 10 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm August 24 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm August 29 – Neighborhood Night Out: Old East High School, 5-7 pm September 4 – Labor Day: All City Offices Closed in Observance September 14 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm September 15 and 16 – Community Festival @ Shawnee Park September 26 – Neighborhood Night Out: McKinley Elementary, 5-7 pm September 28 – City Council Meeting at 7 pm


Spring 2017 - Xenia Communicator Newsletter  
Spring 2017 - Xenia Communicator Newsletter