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“Harvest Abundance” “Ask of ME and I will surely give the nations as Thine inheritance. And the very ends of the earth as Thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron. Thou shalt shatter them like earthenware.” (Ps 2:8-9) Elisha Missions is a newly formed ministry to bring God’s power to the nations though salvation and healing. It is focused on missions, which is an overflow of the joy and mercy that God has given us. That God chose us to know Him is astounding. It is heart breaking to know that many are dying daily without Christ or do not even understand the purpose for their existence. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had never been given the opportunity to know God? What if you had never experienced the joy and peace in knowing your eternal destiny? We, the Church have the incredible privilege of working side by side with God to preach to those who otherwise would be unreached. God makes it clear in His word that the reason for our existence is to glorify Him. God is glorified when people accept Him as their Saviour. We are God’s instruments to transform the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Would you respond to God’s call for missions? The Prophet Isaiah responded “Here am I, Send me!” when God asked “Whom shall I send?”

neither the Son of Man that He should repent; has He not said, and shall He not do it? Or has He spoken, and shall He not make it good? (Num 23:19) There is power in proclamation and praise. It pushes back the negative forces. I have experienced God’s grace many times in every proclamation and praise that I have made over very difficult situations. The Lord watches over all who love Him (Ps 145:20) and He is sufficient in any crisis in your life. “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus Just to take Him at His word, Just to rest upon His promise, Just to know, “Thus saith the Lord.” I am so glad I learned to trust Thee Precious Jesus Saviour, Friend; And I know that Thou art with me, Wilt be with me to the end. Jesus, Jesus how I trust Him! How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus! O for grace to trust Him more! The above song was written by Mrs. Louisa M R Stead in her struggle with the ‘why’ questions about her husband who drowned trying to save a boy. This song has helped to strengthen the faith of many in crises. I, for one, have been touched by God in my early years of struggle when I accepted Him as Lord.

The Great Commission “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation. And these signs will accompany those who believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it shall not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.” (Mk 16:15-18). God is true to His word. “God is not a man that He should lie,

A Response to His Call When I was first born again in Sri Lanka, I never dreamt that God would use me mightily in the nations. Prior to my salvation in 1989, I was already tearing down the spirit of idolatory without realizing that one day God will use me in deliverance. One day in Sri Lanka, the van I was driving skidded and hit an ancient Buddha’s shrine in the busy street

Chennai, India (2004)

(Above image) Church dedication service.

(Above image) Children studying on the ground with no shelter.

of Colombo. This shrine had been there since the colonial days. The whole shrine fell and tumbled down in pieces. As I was a staunch Buddhist, I was afraid. Little did I realise then that God had a purpose for my life. It finally dawned upon me the significance of what had happened when I recalled the incident. Not long after the incident, I got saved in a village church in Sri Lanka. There I grew and was used mightily by God in signs and wonders for six years prior before my return to Singapore. In 1996, for two successive Sundays at our Evangelistic ministry in Singapore, a prophet of God prophesied twice that I shall be like Prophetess Anna who would see the Messiah. He was not aware that the Messiah had already appeared to me twice in Sri Lanka. I did not understand until I read the description of our Redeemer in Dan 7:9 which matched with my vision. Three months after that vision, I was mightily used by God, where stroke patients were miraculously healed as they got up from their wheel chairs and knelt at the altar. A 9-year old boy dumb from birth spoke for the first time after I prayed for him. Many who suffered eyesight problems, cancer, migraine, rheumatism and arthritis were set free. I praise God for using me mightily just three months after my salvation. This astounded not only me but also many others including my staff in Sri Lanka. Throughout Sri Lanka, my ministry attracted many from remote villages to taste the glory of God. Within a year, the church multiplied to 1000 saved souls.

His deliverance! I prayed for an Indian man in hospital who had suffered from heart attack. He could not speak. As I prayed for him, I told him he needed Jesus. He nodded his head. I was prevented from visiting him by his family but I faithfully prayed for him. One month, later I heard from my friend that this Indian man who is her uncle had been saved and is now worshipping in the Church. To God be the glory! God has also used me miraculously to heal marriages. In fact, many were restored within a month especially among the Indian community. Many divorces were also averted. In 2003, I started a ministry in the marketplace and by year end, it was converted into a church. I am still ministering at the marketplace and bringing breakthroughs by the power of the Holy Spirit. Ministry in India In 2004 I made my first mission to Chennai with a team. I preached to many churches and released prophetic words with accuracy which were confirmed by many. Two churches wrote to share their testimonies of restoration. Read about it, on our website Upon our return, I was directed by my mentor to remain in this city to build the church for five years before venturing on missions.

“ ... I will also make you light for the Gentiles, that you may bring my salvation to the ends of the earth.� Isaiah 49:6

Ministry in Singapore When I returned to Singapore in 1995, a sister shared she had to amputate her leg because of elephantiasis. No medication was ministered. I not only prayed for her but also medicated her as well. Within a week, she was completely healed! The colour of her leg changed from black to brown. I praise God for His deliverance! In 1998, I prayed for a lady who had been in coma for five days. On the first day, God led me to release the word that she will live to glorify God. Nodding her head, tears flowed from her eyes. She awoke from the coma five days later with no deformities. To God be the glory! Read her testimony on our website Another woman told me that doctors said she would die if she did not go for dialysis the next two weeks. She did not have any money to go for dialysis. I prayed and medicated her until she got out of kidney dysfunction within a month. Praise God for

Ministry in Batam I was disheartened. Nevertheless, I obeyed and last year, 2008, I felt led to accept an invitation to Batam to preach in three churches. There were fifteen salvations and miracles of healing in the third church that I ministered to. Ministry in Tanjung Pinang, Indonesia A pastor from an Anglican church in Tanjung Pinang who heard about my ministry, invited me on 18th June to preach in his church. The power of God came upon the people. From the start of the sermon many were already weeping. I knew God had touched them. I stopped preaching and gave an altar call. All responded and many were set free. One demonpossessed lady was set free. Praise God! I anointed a few ladies for deliverance ministry and today, they are my workers in Tanjung Pinang.

batam (may 2008)

(Above image) Receiving prophesy from Pastor

Ministry in Penang In November 2008 I went by faith to minister to two families and some women in distress. Our plans were not God’s plan. He had a better plan for us. (Isa 55:8-9). Deep in our hearts, we wanted to spy the land, bless them with the word and pray for people to turn their lives back to the Lord. God miraculously used me in a cell fellowship. I was asked to pray for a sister and a brother who were hospitalized. I wanted to visit them but the doors were closed. That night, the power of God descended and God sent heavy spiritual showers – it seemed like the latter and the former rain came together when we interceded in the power and unity of the Spirit. Everyone was awe-struck at how God moved at the meeting. At the end of the message, I made an altar call. I was not aware that all the leaders from the region were at the combined cell group meeting. The prophetic words given were affirmed with accuracy. Many were weeping including the men. You can also read about it on, Citylights 2008. I alerted the team over breakfast the next morning that God would send rivers of living water on the second night. The next night, I was invited to a combined cell meeting at Bethel of Glory. Again, the glory of God descended. The word, living water was in line with the worship songs selected. At the end of the service, more than half of the congregation responded to an altar call. The Holy Spirit’s fire descended and all fell under the power of God. Many women who approached me for prayer ministry were invited to attend the women’s seminar the next morning at the hotel.

was to come like a spiritual hurricane. When the Holy Spirit visited, He descended on a new believer (who was saved the previous afternoon) and several others fell under the power of God right where they sat. This new believer shared how she was touched by the Holy Spirit at the meeting. She felt God was more real in the Christian faith than her earlier faith. More than half responded to an altar call and the fire of God descended upon them without me having to pray for them. That night, I preached a testimonial message of revival and spoke briefly on prophetic intercession. During ministry, God’s glory descended upon the people. Some were crying, others were laughing whilst still others were soaking in the spirit for a long time. Many were given prophetic words and received healing. The prophetic words were once again affirmed with accuracy. Praise God! At a Sunday service at FGA God gave me a word on spiritual barrenness for the Church. I could not release the word during worship as I was only a visitor. At the end of the service, the speaker gave an altar call but there was no response. Then she invited me to release a prophetic word for the Church. It was an opportune time to release the word - “Spiritual Barrenness” and I made an altar call after that. Almost all responded to the altar call. Again, the fire of God descended upon many. I released prophetic words to the members, pastors and leaders under the unction of the Holy Spirit. The coordinator told me that all the words released were accurate. Several received directions by the Lord. I thank God for the honour. Even though I was not invited to preach, God used me mightily during ministry.

“ This is what the LORD says: “ in the time of my favour I will answer you, and in the day of salvation I will help you; I will keep you and will make you to be a covenant for the people, to restore the land and to reassign its desolate inheritances,” Isaiah 49:8

The women who came to the meeting were ministered to. Their brokenness was healed by the power of the Holy Spirit. At an interactive session, we addressed issues which several ladies raised. Then it was ministry time. What a ministry! Almost all the ladies were weeping bitterly before God. It was evident God had already touched them. That night, because of overwhelming response, FGA (Full Gospel Assembly) church opened the venue to us. About 100 people attended the meeting where I shared on prophetic intercession. I discerned a whirlwind coming from above. As I took over the pulpit, I burst out in prophetic praying, singing and preparing the congregation for a spiritual whirlwind that

That same afternoon, I ministered to many members at my hotel room. We had good fellowship until dinner time. They were so refreshed that the whole team accompanied me to the airport for my departure back to Singapore. Ministry in Tanjung Pinang, December 2008 I was once again invited back to the Anglican church in Tanjung Pinang now led by a Singaporean pastor. The ministry was so powerful that many fell under the power of God and were set free.

tg pinang ( june ‘08 - may ‘09)

(Above image) Boy healed of 9 days constipation

(Above image) Accepted Christ

(Above image) Healed of bad migraine

(Above image) Healed of back pain

In February this year, I was invited by another church in Tanjung Pinang with a congregation of 200 people. Word went round and they all flocked to the church at which I was ministering. The power of God descended and many with afflictions were set free and there were also much deliverance. Ps Jonson, the Senior Pastor was so touched by the ministry that he invited me to minister once every two months. I readily agree as I already had a strong urge that God has given me Tanjung Pinang the first day I set foot there on 17th June 2008. Ministry in Fourth Wave Christian Centre (FWCC), Penang In May 2009, I went to Penang on the invitation of a small church FWCC. He invited me to minister three days instead of two. I was stunned. God always gives me challenges. The glory of God fell every night and many were delivered. Some were healed of aches and pain which they suffered for years. I was miraculously healed of an eye infirmity prior to the trip through a divine visitation of Jesus. Many also responded to altar call for prayer for their eyes. The Sunday service was awesome and again the Holy Spirit’s fire fell upon the people and many received fresh baptism of fire. That afternoon, I preached on God raising an end time army of prophetic intercessors. Many signed up to be prophetic intercessors for Penang, Malaysia and Fourth Wave Christian Centre. These intercessors were added to the Church. At the end of the service, the Senior Pastor invited me to minister to them every quarter. I thank God for the honour.

was a long queue and there were more confirmation of the accuracy of the prophetic word. One sister in Christ shared with me on the accuracy of the word that I had released. The word was that God would use her right hand for healing. She shared with me that she praised God for the word as she was preparing herself to be a doctor. Praise God! I was told that those I ministered to also included pastors, leaders and missionaries. Prior to the last day of the camp, I had a vision of Prophet Collin speaking to many people in a hospital bed. I was taken aback, I told the intercessors to pray fervently for danger to be averted. We prayed and to my surprise on the next day he wore exactly the same suit as I had seen in the vision. I shared with the intercessors to continue praying for him. To my surprise, I received a sms the day upon my return to Singapore that Prophet Collin’s eyes were bleeding and the doctor scheduled an emergency operation for his eyes. He commented that Prophet Collin was very lucky as tears on the cornea could blind a person. I thank God for preparing me beforehand to intercede. God had answered our prayers! I was reassured that there will be no harm to Prophet Collin’s eyes. The vision God gave me was Prophet Collin recovering in hospital and was joking with his members. I was very delighted when Prophet Collin himself messaged me through my mobile two days later that God had miraculously healed his eyes. I thank God for distance healing.

“ ... He gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases” Luke 9:1

I have received many testimonies from this church. Two intercessors narrated that as I was praying for them they felt smoke were coming out of their ears and noses. Praise God. The testimonies of the pastor are recorded in this mission news. In June 2009, I decided it was time to seek the face of God. I was given a mandate to minister to India for ten days. I went to the Church Camp of Trinity Community Centre on 1st June to 5th June. Little did I know that God would use me in this camp. Every night, intercessors would come to my room and we would pray for the meeting. I also taught them on prophetic intercession. Some of them shared they would join me on my next mission trip to Penang. On the last day of the camp, God opened the door for me to minister to the campers. When I ministered prophetically, everyone affirmed the word. The next thing I knew there

At that camp, I was given the word that I will be a voice to the nations and that I should go forth to the nations. The local church is to be handed to someone whom God will appoint but I will still remain the apostle to the church. I praise God as it was an affirmation of many prophecies that I will be a mother to the nations. Another prophet released the word that my ministry to the nations would be supernatural and everything I do will be supernatural. God is also giving me supernatural provision. I need not be anxious about money for mission trips as He would provide. Upon my return to Singapore, I received a call from a sister in Christ who testified that my prayer for her husband had been answered. Also the prophetic word given for her husband was very accurate. She also shared that the whole church including the PA to Prophet Collin Gordon has been talking about my ministry. She asked me when I would be ministering again in Kuala Lumpur. It has been one amazing full year of ministry in missions. I

tg pinang (apr - jun 2009)

(Above image) Healed of appendicitis

thank God for using a simple handmaiden like me to touch many lives, train people for deliverance ministry and to see many women raised up powerfully in the nations. This is the year where God is releasing many women who are in their fifties for ministry. It has already come to pass in my ministry.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I commanded you and lo, I am with you always even to the end of the age.” (Mt 28:18-20).

Two of our members are now being used by God in Australia to save souls. My son, Darien and his wife are also God’s instruments in Norway. Another member from India who was in my church in the first year of my ministry is now ministering to the tribes and gypsies. He is now my mission coordinator in India.

If you feel you wish to be part of our missions, you may contact me on my mobile, +65 91154075 or email me at If you are blessed by this Mission Report, you may consider sowing into our missions.

I believe that God will use ordinary saints to minister prophetically and in signs and wonders as this is the day of the Saints.

God’s Blessings!

Kindly pray for our next mission to India from 3rd to 12th July. In November, I will be in Penang to conduct an inner healing seminar and thereafter, minister His word for the next two days. God has given me mandate to minister many more nations. Hence, I not only need all the prayer support but also financial provision, the anointing and the unction of the Holy spirit for salvation and healing.

Ps Alicia Teo “He who shuts his ear to the cry of the poor, will also cry himself and not be answered.” (Prv 21:13). “When a man’s ways are pleasing to the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” (Prv 16:7) “The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters will himself be watered.” (Prv 11:25)

“ ... My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations. ” Mark 11:17

penang (nov 2008)

Te s t i m o n i e s Ministering in the Holy Spirit It had been a good week with you and Pastor Alicia. The whirlwind that was brought by Pastor Alicia and her team knocked Penang flat. I also felt as if I just recovered from the whole ordeal. Your pastor is very unique, very humble, loving and caring for every soul. All she cares is ministering in the Holy Spirit even at the CRC table more than physical food. I’ll be more prepared the next time. I am very happy to receive the two emails from Pastor Alicia. And also i would like to thank her for praying for my father, and Benjamin. You are very blessed to have a pastor like Pastor Alicia. Andrea November 30, 2008

Witness God’s love & grace at City of Truth Dear Pastor Alicia Thank you for taking the trouble to reply my email. I am touched by your love to take time to write and reply. Yes, I have read your newsletter and the emails from Jasmine. They are well written. Glory to God! Please pray for the slumbering spirit to leave me when I read the word of God... most of the time, I will fall asleep whilst reading the Bible. Pastor, City of Truth Church is blessed to be a blessing to many nations. I speak of an extension of territory and promotion in the Church of City of Truth in Singapore. A year of fruitfulness and abundance of rain! Let the Holy Spirit move mightily in the lives of many who will witness God’s love at City of Truth Church. Be Blessed and Rejoice for the River is here.

Hannah December 21, 2008

Looking forward to another fruitful meeting Thank you so much for keeping in touch. I have read the email from Pastor Alicia. I like the message.... the direction given is clear and carries much conviction. We are looking forward to meeting you and Pastor Alicia again in May 2009. We believe more will attend your seminar and we will have a fruitful meeting. Take care God bless Hannah January 6, 2009

Changing Penang through prophetic intercession Ps. Alicia, Praise the Lord! I just came back from Thursday prayer meeting. As you know, today is our first meeting and God is faithful. He never leaves nor forsake us. His presence is always there as we pray and intercede for the church. We had a wonderful time of prayer, I believe that Fourth Wave Christian Centre will be different and is going to have greater breakthrough in the days to come. Truly God has used you Ps. Alicia to bring these prophetic intercessors to FWCC for fulfillment of God’s purpose in Penang. Through this, I believe Penang will change too. Indeed your ministry and prophetic prayer in our church is so awesome and wonderful that have blessed us so much. May God anoint you with double portion of the anointing as you serve in Tg. Pinang! I will continue to meditate and pray over the prophecy you released over to me and the church because it is awesome and powerful. Please continue to pray for me and the church till the will of God is fulfilled. We will pray for you and your church also. Once again, thank you so much for the love and Godly exaltation for this church. Pastor Isaiah May 20, 2009

Te s t i m o n i e s

Prepare for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit Hi, Pastor Alicia, To God be the Glory! God is so good. As you have prophesied, God is doing His works in our midst. He began revealing the sins of the members especially the spirit of pride and selfishness because He wants us to surrender all of ourselves. Anything that does not please Him, He will deal. Kah Hong is fine now. He has not received his financial breakthrough yet, but I believe that it is going to be very soon. Please continue to pray for him. I believe God is going to answer all our prayers this year. It will be a great miracle I believe. Amen.

about you to my godbrother who is a pastor in Sibu, Sarawak. He also moves in the prophetic realm. I was sharing to him about how your ministry has impacted the people of Penang recently. That’s all for now. Looking forward to seeing you. Shalom. Peter Tan FGA Penang December 1, 2008

Many women tremendously blessed I believe God wants FWCC members to pray and wait upon Him because He is going to pour out the power of Holy Spirit from on high especially to those who truly seek Him and obey Him. Please pray for us in this area, so that we can have a clearer understanding and revelation on this promise of God. On our last prayer meeting, God prompted Sis. Rhoda to join our church prayer meeting just to be prepared for this outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and it is going to be very soon. Pastor Alicia, my church and I need your prayer too so as not miss the promise of God. Thanks. Concerning the joining of church camp, it is a splendid idea. I will share this with the committee members and pray about it. We will pray for you as you minister in India. May God anoint you with double portion of the spirit of Elijah. Amen. Pastor Isaiah June 20, 2009

Hi Jasmine, Greetings and thank you for introducing Ps Alicia to FGA. We’re tremendously blessed so that we can be a blessing to the nations. I’m so glad to see the transformation in you. Glory to God in the highest. In the end it’s not about us but HIM alone. Amen. The women in particular were tremendously blessed. My life is more than a full timer. Glory to God for His love and the passion of Christ. Again I’m so glad and grateful to you, Ps Alicia and most of all His providence for His children that call on Him earnestly. Keep in touch and let us continue to provoke one another to love Him more each day. Glory to God in the highest. Amen! Agape, Peter Tan FGA , Penang November 30, 2008

Witness God’s love & grace at City of Truth Excited about the things of God Dear Ps Alicia, First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for being a great blessing to our FGA members. Your ministry here in Penang has indeed impacted us. One of the sisters was proclaiming fire, and more fire of God into her new business premise. They were touched by the ministry. I could see the hunger in them. Glory to God in the highest. Ps Chong Leang, my senior pastor was glad to see many of the church members getting excited for the things of God. Once again thank you for ministering to Sue. I mentioned

Ps Alicia, I rejoice to hear that your trip to Penang was so exciting and awesome. Yes, your appointed time has come for you to move in the prophetic. What you are experiencing is just the beginning of greater things to come. You will also move tremendously in the prophetic intercession where you will exalt, excite, encounter, enlarge, enthrone and enlist God during worship. I see you as a strong candidate for a “prophetess”. Keep up the good work. I also rejoice for Joshua who will make some inroads in his business in Penang. God Bless Rev Dr Collin & Marie Gordon

penang (may 2009)

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Internet Marketing To The Rescue ... Then something happened... my pastor prayed about my business problems. A word was released to me... Internet Marketing! I was totally blown away! I knew this was the confirmation from God I needed. I began to get serious about leveraging on Internet marketing to revive my business. I saw my network marketing sales increase!

How it all started...

No longer do I need to pester people to buy my products. Through the strategies learned from Internet Marketing University Wealthy Affiliate, I’m able to receive orders from people whom I never knew or met.

I quit my job since December 2005 on the inspiration of Robert Kiyosaki through his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. I figured I will never achieve financial freedom if I were continue working for another 20 to 30 years.

I didn’t even talk to them, It took just an exchange of several emails. I achieved over $10,000 worth of product sales and have built a database of more than 800 highly qualified leads to date. Praise the Lord!

I also fear that I may be retrenched when I’m in my 40s (which is happening to many folks during recent years) where I would have accumulated huge financial commitments for my house, car and children’s education. Therefore, I took action to get out of the rat race and started doing some business.

Blessings Bro Thomas Hoi

The first business I did was network marketing which was tough for me as I had no experience in sales and marketing. I found that I had to call up a long list of friends and relatives and share with them about my company’s products. Very soon, I found that people started to shun my calls and always say “Sorry I’m not free” or give some excuses. For those who have done network marketing before, you will know what I mean. Believe me or not, God actually gave me an idea to use internet marketing to promote my products. But I was fearful! I have heard of so many scams on the internet where people lost thousands of dollars. So there I was, still doing my network marketing business the usual way. As the sayings goes, “Insane is defined as doing the same things over and over again and expect a different result!” My sales was doing so badly that I was on the verge of giving up everything and even considered reverting back to a normal 9 to 5 routine job. Perhaps, I should become a more down-to-earth man, and just get a stable job.

My Family and I * Bro. Thomas Hoi and Sis. Sharon worship at City of Truth Church.

Programmes Highlight

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poverty in batam

(Above Images) Children in Batam without money for education...



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