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Issue 61 City of Sumner Newsletter Winter 2009-2010

How You Can Make Holiday Dreams Come True The holidays bring gifts, food and festivities into homes. It’s also a time to share with those families in our area who are experiencing tougher times. Here are some ways you can help.

Toys for Tots/Sumner Giving Tree Sumner Police Department Through Dec. 15 Bring new toys to the Sumner Police Department at City Hall and volunteers will wrap them and match them to local kids’ wishes. Thank you to the Sumner Family Center for helping connect kids with the program. Toy & Food Drive Sunset Chev Through Dec. 16 910 Traffic Avenue Drop off your contributions at Sunset Chev to brighten the holidays

for others. Bring toys for St. Francis House and food for Sumner Food Bank. Annual Pancake Feed & Food Drive December 5, 7 am - noon Sumner Fire Station East Pierce Professional Firefighters are once again serving up pancakes to buy gifts for Toys for Tots. Proceeds will purchase any remaining wishes not covered by the toy donations. Donation is $3 per person. You can also bring new or gently used coats, gloves, scarves, hats or sleeping bags for the local community.

Through Toys for Tots, you can help fill kids’ wishes.

Thank you to everyone who voted in this year’s elections. Sumner voters chose to reelect Mayor Dave Enslow as well as Councilmembers Ed Hannus, Steve Allsop (not shown) and Randy Hynek, shown here with fellow Councilmembers Matt Richardson, Curt Brown and Leroy Goff--and Santa. Also not pictured: Cindi Hochstatter.

Construction Improves Flow and Travel Through City A number of projects are underway or completed that improve your ability to move around the City of Sumner. Riverside Trail Phase II Trails are a great way to get fresh air and exercise, and

Sumner’s trails are a good option when your favorite mountain hiking trails are under snow. Try out the recently completed 2,135 feet of trail. This new loop circles the White River between the Fryar Avenue bridge and the

The new trail offers walking/biking options and fills in one more piece toward a complete trail system.

Tacoma Avenue bridge. Stewart Road/8th Street The City of Sumner is currently working with Pierce County to widen the Sumner section of Stewart Road (also known as 8th Street) on the north end of town. The two lanes are being widened to four lanes (two in each direction) plus a center turn lane and sidewalks on either side. This will extend the four lanes from Lake Tapps Parkway to the White River. While the road construction is the most visible piece, this project also included extending sewer and water service (see next item), relocating a fish-bearing stream, creating new sections of trail and creating a new intersection at 140th. This project is still under construc-

tion although major work is on hiatus for the winter. Safe Routes to Schools A grant for Safe Routes to Schools is building approximately 1,995 feet of sidewalks on the main walking routes to Sumner Middle School and Maple Lawn Elementary. The project also includes 645 square yards of driveway approaches and associated ADA ramps. These sidewalks were under construction through the fall and further complete the City’s goal of a full sidewalk grid throughout the city. North Sewer & Water Citizens along Stewart Road on the north end of Sumner used to have to rely on the neighboring City of Pacific for water service, but not any-

more. This summer, Sumner completed 1,520 feet of water main and 2,110 feet of 6” sanitary sewer force main to bring service to these citizens. The project also involved building a new pump station, which should be finished by the end of the year. Fryar/Main Intersection The project to rework this intersection includes making West Main a right in/right out only. This change reduces the intersection’s streets or “legs” from five to four and improves traffic flow on the four other legs. The pavement will also be improved from the intersection north along Fryar to the Fryar Bridge, and restriping will make Fryar one


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Accreditation Places Sumner in Elite 10% of State’s Police Departments In November, the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) accredited the Sumner Police Department. Although few non-police personnel know of this designation, it affects every citizen in Sumner. Through this program, the top managers of law enforcement agencies throughout the state set standards by which police departments can be evaluated. Approximately 10% of the state’s police departments have earned accreditation. Sumner police did in 2005, with accreditation lasting four years.

However, this process was not simple renewal paperwork. Accreditation is always a rigorous program. To start, the Sumner Police Department had to review all of its own policies and procedures and compare them against WASPC’s 140 standards.

Why is this so important to you as a citizen? First, it gives you the comfort of knowing that not only are your police personnel and elected officials happy with how your department functions, but the best in the state also agree that you are getting the best of services.

The department prepared a report on each of the 140 standards. Next, WASPC representatives came to Sumner for an on-site assessment. They reviewed policies and interviewed employees. Sumner came through with flying colors.

In addition, accreditation tells future potential officers that this is a well-run department, which tends to attract a higher caliber of individuals to serve you. It decreases the department’s susceptibility to litigation and civil court settlements that would cost you, the taxpayer, money. And, it

broadens your department’s perspective, giving the opportunity for other professionals to suggest ways to make things work even better. Learn more about your Police Department online at www. ci.sumner. Representing Sumner Police to accept tation were (from left) Marsha McGehee, John Doan, Deputy Chief Brad Moericke, Chief John Galle and Jason Wilson.


Winter 2010

Sumner Community Connection

Mayor Column Did you notice that Ascension Productions, those fun people who fill Main Street with dancing scarecrows and lifesize Rockwell paintings, is at it again? This time, they’re lifting our spirits with the song “We Need a Little Christmas” from Mame at the Christmas Stroll. The song says, “I’ve grown a little leaner, grown a little colder, grown a little sadder, grown a little older.” I guess that’s one depressing way to look at winter. Times are definitely leaner. It feels colder, and we may even be sadder. (I’m not even

touching “older.”) But then the song says, “we need a little music, need a little laughter, need a little singing ringing through the rafter, and we need a little snappy ‘Happy ever after...’” That’s more like it. One of my favorite things about Sumner is that when you’re feeling lean, cold and sad, you have neighbors to provide laughter and maybe even music. Perhaps it’s The Old Cannery putting lights and music on our bridge to brighten our dark winter days. Maybe it’s your neighbor inviting you over

for coffee and a chat. Each of these moments build up our community and transform us from a collection of people who happen to live near each other into a kind of family. Like any family, we can have our disagreements and our hard times. But, we also know when to pull together. Sometimes we pull together for fun things like building parade floats. Other times, it’s quite serious, like donating to or working at the Sumner Food Bank to make sure none of our neighbors go hungry. We know in life there is no “snappy happy ever after” as the song wishes for, but if we continue to reach out to each other, we’ll get pretty close here in Sumner.

The annual Santa Parade provides singing and laughter for a little “happy ever after.”

Council Column Thank you for reelecting me to another four years in office. Upon entering office, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. I take that oath very seriously. People ask me why I talk about national issues at meetings. The reason is that the vast majority of issues facing Sumner originate outside our city’s boundaries, and I want you to know about them. You may figure that’s the role of media, but I believe there’s total lack of coverage of very important issues and worse, misrepresentation of the facts.

That’s why you can’t take information at face value; you need to question it and form your own opinion. I know that I state my opinions bluntly, to say the least. People either like what I have to say or hate it, but few end up in the middle and that’s fine with me. Please, disagree with me if that’s what you think. The point is, I’ve made you think. The evil forces that are corrupting and destroying our great country prey upon the ignorance and credulity of the people and succeed through the use of slander and deception. I realize this column is

City of Sumner 1104 Maple Street, Sumner, WA 98390 253-863-8300 253-863-2850 FAX MAYOR Dave Enslow


CITY COUNCIL Steve Allsop Curt Brown Cindi Hochstatter Randy Hynek Ed Hannus Leroy Goff Matt Richardson

299-5793 299-5796 299-5795 299-5792 299-5791 299-5797 299-5794

CITY OFFICES Administration 299-5500 Cemetery 299-5510 Finance/utilities 863-8300 Golf course 863-8198 Inspection line 299-5530 Recreation 891-6500 Permit Center 299-5530 Police (non-emergency) 863-6384 Senior Center 863-2910

MUNICIPAL COURT Timothy A. Jenkins 863-7635 Judge, Court Offices Cathy Pashon, 299-5621 Court Administrator

CITY STAFF John Doan 299-5501 City Administrator Diane Supler 299-5502 Deputy City Administrator

Carmen Palmer 299-5503 Communications Director Brett Vinson City Attorney


Terri Berry City Clerk


Paul Rogerson 299-5521 Community Development Dir. Beth Anne Wroe 299-5541 Financial Operations Director John Galle Police Chief


Bill Pugh 299-5701 Public Works Director EAST PIERCE FIRE & RESCUE Main Number 863-1800 Jerry Thorson Fire Chief


unlike others you have read but it explains why I say some of the things I say. When my end comes and judgment day is before me (which might be sooner than we think), and I’m standing before the pearly gates, and I’m asked by my maker did I do all that I can to resist evil and protect and help the people regardless of the consequences to myself, I want to be able to say YES!

Councilmember Randy Hynek

Generosity Abounds Businesses in the Sumner area don’t know the meaning of “Bah Humbug”! Thank you to the following for their wonderful dedication and generosity to the citizens of Sumner. Gift Thinks Big for Toys for Tots Walmart of Bonney Lake donated 14 pallets of toys and inventory to Sumner’s Toys for Tots program--an estimated value of $25,000! In addition, Dillanos provided a truck to move the gifts to their future homes. It may not be a sleigh and reindeer, but Walmart and Dillanos are definitely helping the big man in red make holiday dreams come true. Furniture, Coffee and Grocery Pitch In for Sandbags When Sumner wanted to make sandbags available, partners quickly joined in with vital resources. Pierce County Department of Emergency Management provided a sandbag machine, sand and bags, and workers to make and place sandbags. To keep workers going, The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse provided a tent, table and chairs; Dillanos donated hot coffee, and the Lake Tapps Top Foods gave snacks and juice. Aerospace Gives with Precision and Generosity Precision Aerospace has been spending quite a year collecting and donating food, clothing and toys. In the last food drive, their 160 employees filled seven grocery carts with food for the Sumner Food Bank (shown below). At the drive before that, they collected almost 800 pounds of food! Sunset Chev Brings Toys, Food and Warmth to Sumner Sunset Chev is collecting toys and food for the holidays (see page 1), but their sharing doesn’t end with the new year. In January, Sunset Chev also invites everyone to “keep that warm feeling going” by bringing coats, hats, mittens, blankets and sleeping bags to the dealer to go to those needing extra warmth. This drive will be available the entire month of January.

Precision Aerospace delivers gifts to the Sumner Food Bank.

City Council Action September-November 2009 Authorized Mayor to execute a contract with RS Underground, Inc. for Safe Routes to School Sidewalk Improvement project Approved purchase of cemetery’s commercial mower Adopted Ordinance 2296 amending the 2009 Compensation Schedule Authorized Mayor to sign the interlocal agreement with the Port of Tacoma for support of transportation projects Adopted Resolution 1276: 20102015 Six Year Transportation Improvement Program Adopted Ordinance 2297 requiring use of E-Verify Authorized Mayor to execute a contract with Anthony Construction Company, Inc. to complete Seibenthaler Pump Station #6 Improvements, Phase I Accepted Chip Seal and Asphalt Fog Coating Project Authorized Mayor to execute a supplemental agreement to a design contract with KPG, Inc. for Safe Routes to Schools Sidewalk Improvement Project Authorized Mayor to sign a letter of understanding with YMCA for support of a facility in Sumner Adopted Ordinance 2298 amending Comprehensive Plan

Adopted Ordinance 2300 amending Zoning Code for side yard setbacks and accessory dwelling units Adopted Ordinance 2301 amending Zoning Code for front yard parking and landscaping Adopted Ordinance 2302 renewing interim development regulations of off-street parking Adopted Ordinance 2303 deannexing portion of Highway 162 for enforcement purposes Authorized Mayor to sign interlocal agreement for Pierce County Tourism Promotion Area Adopted Ordinance 2299 amending Comprehensive Plan to include a manufacturing/ industrial center designation Adopted Ordinance 2304 amending Municipal Code to increase radius for public notice of certain land use applications Adopted Resolution 1278 declaring property at Wood Ave & Gault St as surplus Authorized Mayor to enter into an agreement with ESA Adolfson for updating Shoreline Master Program Accepted completion of Riverside Trail Phase II Authorized Mayor to execute agreement with Widener & Associates for environmental

permitting of Culvert Replacement Project Authorized Mayor to execute agreement with Berger/Abam Engineers, Inc. for design and PS&E of Culvert Replacement Project Accepted completion of North Sumner Water & Sewer Project Approved Resolution 1279 expressing opposition to I-1033 Approved Resolution 1281 expressing support for Wellness Program Authorized Mayor to execute a change order for Phase II of Parker Road Storm Repair Project Adopted Ordinance 2306 for an interfund loan between the LID Development Fund and the Sewer Operating Fund Adopted Ordinance 2307 amending E-Verify Approved Resolution 1282 declaring certain property as surplus and authorizing its sale Adopted Resolution 1283 authorizing Mayor to execute a purchase and sale agreement with Pierce County Accepted Street Striping Project Adopted Ordinance 2308 setting the 2010 Ad Valorem Property Tax Levy Adopted Resolution 1284 updating the Water System Plan

Winter 2010

Sumner Community Connection


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from Here!

See Sumner

Catch the latest Pierce County news, including past meetings of the Sumner City Council, on the new Pierce County TV (PCTV). Now you can stay in tune with city government when it’s convenient for you! TV: Comcast Channel 22


Does your pet Bet? Are you avoiding getting an animal license, forcing your pet to “play the odds” that he or she will never get lost? Why gamble with your pet’s future? The holidays are the perfect time to make sure your pet licenses are current. For as little as $10, you can tell him or her that you care enough to make your relationship legal. Shelter: 253-841-5595 Licenses: 253-299-PETS

Are You Listening to Your Pipes? Recently, one neighborhood in Sumner experienced the unpleasant results of their sewer line backing up into homes. Later, residents commented that they had heard a gurgling sound in their pipes for weeks before it happened. If you hear such noises or notice that all of your drains, not just one, are running slow, it may be a sign that your sewer line is getting clogged. Instead of waiting for a major incident or calling out a plumber at your own expense,

let us know! We can check if the problem is with your sewer line. (If the line checks out clear, then you may need the plumber.) In addition, you can help make sure your sewer lines don’t get clogged in the first place. The number one problem is people confusing their toilet with their garbage can. Do not flush things like cotton swabs, rags, diapers, kitty litter, latex gloves, hair, cigarette butts or disposable toilet brushes. We’ve even found things like wood and toys in the sewer lines! To request your sewer line be checked, please call the City Shops at 253-299-5740.

Trivia Question: How does Sumner have a direct impact on a new subway in Cologne, traffic tunnels in Shanghai and the proposed tunnel to replace the Seattle viaduct? Find out the answer--plus other up-to-date Sumner information--in next month’s e-news version of Community Connections. Sign up to receive it at

The new plans for Stewart Road include more lanes. lane in each direction with a enough, the water ran the othcontinuous two-way left-turn er way. This project disconlane and bike lanes on either nected the stormwater system side. The City expects to start for the streets and highways construction by spring. from the river so that this backwards flow won’t happen Pump Stations the next time the river rises. In flat Sumner, pump stations are needed to keep waste 166th Avenue East moving to the Wastewater Winco foods is currently Treatment Plant. The City is building a 99,451-square-foot nearly done upgrading the ex- store off 166th Avenue E. In isting Tacoma Avenue Pump addition to the parking lot Station to include newer and building improvements, pumps and a back-up genera- this project is also improving tor. This project should be 166th from the southern city done at the end of November. limits line to the intersecThe new pumps are already in tion of 64th St E. The project service. Next, the City plans will include on- and off-ramp on relocating and upgrading improvements to Highway the Parker Road Pump Station 410, two new traffic lights, from the corner of Parker and widening the roadway, adding Main to a lot north of Main. new lanes of travel, adding new curb and sidewalk to Mountain Circle Outfall both sides of the road, storm The name is a bit misleading: system improvements, and this is the project that should repaving the entire roadway help keep Highway 410 from through the project. This shutting down every time the project includes permits Puyallup River rises. The from Pierce County, the City water over 410 and going into of Sumner, and WSDOT. the Mountain Circle neighbor- Construction is moving along hood was never overflowing and is currently placing the a bank: instead, the neighbor- concrete curb and gutter at hood and WSDOT drains the new wider location. The were running backward. roadway beneath the overpass Normally, they emptied water has been widened with new from the streets and highabutments built, and most way into the Puyallup River, of the underground work is but when the river rose high complete.

ASK DR. SUMNER: Am I supposed to clear my own sidewalk when it snows? I’m glad you asked! Yes, you are. This surprised a few newer property owners last year when we got that nice holiday “gift” of weeks of snow. They assumed that clearing sidewalks was one of the services that the City provided. It’s understandable that this may surprise some as our snowfalls are (thankfully) so few and far between. However, it’s always been the role of the property owner to clear sidewalks. Why? It’s simply the most realistic way to keep our city moving. When it snows, our Public Works employees are out before dawn, attempting to clear and sand over 54 miles of streets in Sumner, starting with the main arterials. If it keeps snowing, like last year, they have to repeat the

process over and over. There simply isn’t a way for the same people to also clear over 100 miles of sidewalks as well. And, if you don’t get to it right away, you know what happens: the snow refreezes into ice, requiring something closer to a pickax to clear than a simple shovel or snowblower. (This is an illustrative point only: don’t actually use pickaxes on your sidewalk!)

Please make sure you’re prepared--pick up a snow shovel or talk to neighbors if you can’t clear your own sidewalk. When we have snow and ice, more people, especially our elderly residents, rely on sidewalks to get around. If we all do our part, we’ll enjoy safe, clear sidewalks for travel. You can ask Dr. Sumner a question at drsumner@

A cleared sidewalk helps everyone get around safely.


Sumner Community Connection

Winter 2010

Checking Up on Neighbors

There are the old jokes about small towns and how much neighbors know about each other. In an emergency, this knowledge can be helpful--even a life-saver.

SAFETY SALLY SAYS: Stock Up the Pantry Say you or one of your family members wakes up with a sore throat tomorrow. You know the drill: stay home from work or school, and don’t return until 24 hours after your fever breaks (on its own, not with the help of medicine). Whether you have a cold or the flu, it’s important not to share it. But, do you have the medicine, fluids and food you need to not share your germs at the grocery store as well?

Do you know where to shut off your neighbor’s gas after an earthquake? Do you know if they have gas? Do you have a neighbor with mobility issues if you need to evacuate? Do you know of a neighbor who relies on electricity to run a respirator?

Stock up so that you can take care of yourself for a week without going to the store. Some good things to make sure you have

If your answer to any of these is, “I don’t know,” it’s time to say hello again to your neighbors. The holidays are a great time to combine fun with a little preparedness research.

• Soup (there’s the old chicken noodle stand-by) • Fluids such as juice and tea

• Medicine (hint: make sure what you have already is not expired) If you’d like our help, you can sign up for Block Watch in a Box, which includes a roster for you and your neighbors to fill out with emergency contact • Any prescriptions you take regularly information and answers to questions such as these. Once you’ve completed the • Plenty of tissues, paper towels, etc. form with your neighbors, we can copy and mail it back out to them. • Crackers So, sing some carols, deck some halls, and let us know if you’d like to really • Whatever else you need to help you feel better--movies, books, etc. give meaningful gifts to your neighbors: the gift of looking out for each other in emergencies. Most of these should be in your emergency kits anyway. We usually assume those kits are in case we need to leave quickly for an earthquake or lahar. But, To sign up for Block Watch in a Box, contact Jason Wilson at it works the same, whether the store isn’t available or you can’t get to the store! or 253-299-5642.

“It is another’s fault if he be ungrateful, but it is mine if I do not give. To find one thankful man, I will oblige a great many that are not so. ~Seneca (5 BC-65 AD) Sumner City Council INSIDE: How to Make Holiday Dreams Come True Construction Improves Flow and Travel

Steve Allsop

Curt Brown

Leroy Goff

Ed Hannus

Cindi Hochstatter

Randy Hynek

Matt Richardson

Police in Elite 10% of State Generosity Abounds Listening to Your Pipes


City of Sumner 1104 Maple Street Sumner, WA 98390

What to Do with Sidewalks When It Snows ECRWSS

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City Hall Calendar

DECEMBER 3 Planning Commission, 7 pm 7 City Council Meeting, 7 pm 8 Parks Commission, 6 pm 10 Forestry Commission, 4 pm 10 Design Commission, 6:30 pm 14 City Council Study Session, 6 pm 14 Arts Commission, 6:30 pm 21 City Council Meeting, 7 pm 25 Holiday--City Hall Closed 31 Furlough Day--City Hall Closed

Community Events

JANUARY 1 Holiday--City Offices Closed 4 City Council Meeting, 7 pm 7 Planning Commission, 7 pm 11 City Council Study Session, 6 pm 12 Parks Commission, 6 pm 14 Forestry Commission, 4 pm 14 Design Commission, 6:30 pm 18 Holiday--City Offices Closed 19 City Council Meeting, 7 pm 25 City Council Study Session, 6 pm 28 Arts Commission, 6 pm

DECEMBER 4-6, 11-13 Miracle on 34th Street,, Performing Arts Center 5 East Pierce Fire & Rescue Pancake Feed and Food Drive, 7 am - noon, Sumner Fire Station, $3 donation per person 5 Santa Parade, 2:30 pm, Downtown, 9 & 16 Senior Trip to Spanaway Fantasy Lights, 4:45 pm, 12 Christmas Stroll, 10 am - 5 pm, Downtown,

FEBRUARY 1 City Council Meeting, 7 pm 4 Planning Commission, 7 pm 8 City Council Study Session, 6 pm 9 Parks Commission, 6 pm 11 Forestry Commission, 4 pm 11 Design Commission, 6:30 pm 15 Holiday--City Offices Closed 16 City Council Meeting, 7 pm 22 City Council Study Session, 6 pm 25 Arts Commission, 6 pm

January 23 and February 20, 7 - 10 pm Sumner Middle School

February 13 Sweetheart Wine Walk, Downtown,

Teen Late Nights

Do you have a teen who’s looking for something fun to do on Saturday night? How about enjoying movies on the big screen, foosball, ping-pong, basketball, dodgeball, karaoke, dancing, contests, prizes, pizza and more? Teen Late Nights are open to Sumner School District students in grades 6, 7 and 8 only. Cost is $3, and students must present a current ASB or student photo ID card.


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