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City of Sumner Newsletter

October 2007

This year’s Classy Chassis brought out cars from an era when community issues such as transportation and fire fighting were very different than they are today.

Road and Transit Vote Coming to Sumner The November ballot will ask you to decide about the Joint Roads and Transit Plan, which provides money for highways and transportation in Pierce, King and Snohomish Counties. This one plan actually proposes funding for two transportation efforts: Sound Transit and the Regional Transportation Investment District (RTID). Sound Move 2 For Sumner, Sound Transit’s Sound Move 2 includes money for a garage and pedestrian bridge at our Sounder station. The debate remains whether or not Sumner wants a garage, but the City felt it was worth waiting to see the outcome of this election before discussing it. If this plan does not pass, Sound Transit would not have the money to build a garage in Sum-

ner or explore a potential new stop in “North Sumner.” RTID: Roads in the Sumner Area RTID’s Blueprint for Progress also includes some road improvements that would greatly affect Sumner. The focus is on trying to relieve the most congested corridors in the region. This package includes • Reworking the interchange of SR 162 (Sumner-Orting Highway or Valley Avenue) with Highway 410 • Extending Highway 167 southwest into Tacoma, connecting with I-5 near Fife. • Beginning a new east-west connector south of Sumner from I-5 to Fredrickson.

Police Stories Lt. Mears Goes to Academy Lieutenant Mark Mears returned this fall from the prestigious FBI National Academy, a rigorous and competitive 10-week program designed to highlight leadership and physical training. Mears, who has worked for Sumner Police since 1997, was one of only 287 officers to attend the program Continued on page 4

Lt. Mark Mears (right) with volunteer Reid Williamson INSIDE: Business Made Easier • New Bus & Train Routes • Red Apple Site Watch • Fall Clean Up • The Easel Continued on page 3


Sumner Community Connection

October 2007

City of Sumner

Mayor’s Message When you read this, you’ll know more about what’s happening to Lake Tapps than I do right now. Instead of talking about the result, I want to talk about why we made an offer to purchase the Lake in the first place. It’s simple: we want to secure our water supply for the long term.

1104 Maple Street Sumner, WA 98390 253-863-8300 253-863-2850 FAX MAYOR Dave Enslow

Before you start rationing water, I assure you that we have plenty of good, clean water for now and the immediate future. (Although water conservation is never a bad idea, no matter how much we have!) But, one of the jobs we have as your City leaders is to be visionary--to look to the needs of the distant future as well as the here and now. Our city leaders bought the springs that provide our current water supply in the 1930s. We all know Sumner was a lot smaller then. Yet, they looked ahead and decided that they’d better secure that water when they had the chance. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I heard about the Lake Tapps opportunity. Sometimes I worry that we reap the rewards of past visionaries without looking ahead. It’s great that they scrimped and saved to buy the water springs in the 1930s. It’s great that 40 years ago, leaders realized we’d need the 24th Street interchange. So, what’s next? What do we need for a healthy community 20, 30, even 50 years from now? One thing is water, so even if Lake Tapps isn’t the future source, I will continue to work on this issue. It’s one of our City government’s values to be innovative and visionary. That may mean we’ll make decisions that don’t seem to have an immediate benefit. But, we’re doing everything we can do for the citizens of Sumner, present and future.


CITY COUNCIL Steve Allsop Curt Brown Mike Connor Randy Hynek Ed Hannus Leroy Goff Matt Richardson

299-5793 299-5796 299-5795 299-5792 299-5791 299-5797 299-5794


John Doan City Administrator


Diane Supler Deputy City Administrator


Carmen Palmer Communications Director


Brett Vinson City Attorney


Terri Berry City Clerk


Paul Rogerson Community Development Director 299-5521 Beth Anne Wroe Financial Operations Director


John Galle Acting Police Chief


Bill Shoemaker Public Works Director


Lee Anderson Parks and Facilities Manager


CITY OFFICES Administration/Finance Cemetery Fire (non-emergency) Golf Course Inspection Line Parks and Recreation Permit Center Police (non-emergency) Senior Center

863-8300 FAX 863-2850 299-5510 863-1800 863-8198 299-5530 891-6500 299-5523 863-6384 863-2910


Mayor Enslow greeted guests and provided clues at September’s Mystery Wine Walk in downtown Sumner.

Judge Stephen R. Shelton Court Offices


Cathy Pashon, Court Administrator


EAST PIERCE FIRE & RESCUE Main Number Dan Packer, Fire Chief

863-1800 863-5451

October 2007

Sumner Community Connection

TRANSPORTATION continued from page 1

Reworking SR162/Hwy 410 The reworking of SR 162 interchange would relieve congestion within our city’s limits. Specifically, it would reconstruct the existing SR 410 and SR 162 interchange and provide congestion relief by adding lanes to SR 162 from the SR 410 interchange to the Puyallup River bridge. It would also make improvements to the Traffic Avenue/Main St. interchange with SR 410 and add sidewalks from SR 410 to the Puyallup River. Finishing Highway 167 Completing the remaining six miles of Highway 167 back to I-5 in Fife would provide Sumner residents with a much easier link to Tacoma and I-5. It would also help alleviate the congestion that occurs with traffic having to transition from freeway to surface streets in our area. Beginning Cross-Base Highway And, the work on the new east-west connector, popularly referred to as the

“Cross-Base Highway” would give residents and businesses in East Pierce County an option to get to I-5 without using the Sumner-Orting Highway. Money from this plan would begin building interchanges and starting the process to construct this new corridor. This Roads & Transit Plan includes other projects in our region such as the extension of light rail into Pierce County, replacing the 520 bridge and reworking the interchange at Highway 18 and I-5. As the election draws closer, you’ll likely hear more about such “high profile” aspects of this plan. However, please continue to research how this plan affects you right here in Sumner and decide how you want to vote. Whether this plan passes or not will shape transportation in and around Sumner for a long time. Details are available at and


New Numbers, Routes Come to Sumner Sounder--North and South Each morning, the five trains going north to Seattle are now joined by one “reverse” train that goes south in the morning and vice versa in the evening. You can now commute by Sounder to work in Seattle or Tacoma! Bus 408 Joins 409 One route is now two. The 409 bus still connects Sumner to Puyallup and Tacoma, but the route throughout Sumner is now the 408, giving a link to Bonney Lake seven days a week. From Sounder to Bus The shuttle connecting the Bonney Lake Park and Ride to the Sumner Station has changed to Pierce Transit’s route 496. The bus will still serve the trains for no waits and plenty of free parking on the hill! Details at and

Guest Council Column In September, I attended a sustainable communities conference in Vancouver, Washington. There, I learned • what are considered sustainable communities, • why they are important, • what benefits they bring, • how we can create them, and • how communities have successfully applied the principles of sustainable development.

The attendees were mostly city planners and councilmembers. It was heartening to see all of these dedicated citizens take the time out of their busy lives to learn the tools necessary to improve the lives of their fellow citizens and future generations. The number of city council members who put an enormous amount of their free time into trying to help their communities is fantastic.

Leaders in the sustainable communities field from across the Northwest attended the conference. One of the conference’s principle benefits was bringing together experts to share ideas, information, services and technology for the benefit of all the cities and towns in the state.

In private conversations with many of the attendees, it is generally agreed that the current pace of population growth is unsustainable. With more and more of our industrial base leaving the country, the economic foundation required to fund future infrastructure and services will increasingly fall on the backs of the citizens.

It was interesting but not surprising to learn that on many of the key sustainability indicators, Sumner ranks at the top. These indicators include debt, walkability, the creation of local jobs to avoid commuting, open spaces and parks, public transportation, and proper planning to ensure development pays its fair share. Through the efforts of past and current staff, council members, mayors, citizens, churches and civic organizations, your city has ensured that Sumner’s livability and sustainability will continue far into the future. As the saying goes, many hands make light work, or in Sumner’s case, a nice place to live. Randy Hynek


Sumner Community Connection

October 2007

POLICE STORIES continued from page 1

from around the nation. Mears’s classes included interpersonal communications for law enforcement executives, executive leadership, stress management, counter-terrorism, and labor law. Heading to the Port With well wishes and great pride, Sumner said goodbye to Chief Colleen Wilson in August as she took

over as Chief of Police for the Port of Seattle. Although sad to see her go, the Sumner community took great pride in seeing her take on this tremendous opportunity to head a much larger force. Plus, she still lives in the area, so she’s expected to still show up around town when she’s not keeping order at the port! Lt. John Galle is serving as Acting Police Chief while the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs manages a search for a new chief.

30 Years of Service

Former Police Chief Colleen Wilson and City Administrator John Doan when Sumner became an accredited police department, just one of Wilson’s many accomplishments as chief in Sumner.

Thirty years ago when Bonnie Lugo started dispatching for Sumner Police, the duties included observing prisoners in the jail, making their meals, and doing their laundry! Now, dispatching involves the cutting edge of computer, phone and radio equipment. Through all the changes, Lugo continued to give the Sumner community her calm assistance during the greatest hours of need. We all wish her a well deserved retirement!

It’s Daffodil Time? While leaves are turning golden and a pumpkin pie bakes in the oven, it’s kind of hard to think about daffodils. But, now is the time! It’s time to get those daffodil bulbs planted in the yard, and Sumner Downtown Association is selling bags of 20 bulbs for $5. Sure, you can get bulbs many places, but when you buy these, the proceeds go to support Sumner’s award-winning float in the Daffodil Parade! Buy your bulbs at downtown locations including Spartan Agency at 1004 Main Street. Thank you to Knutson Farms for donating the bulbs.

International Visitors

Earlier this year, Sumner Police welcomed Inspector Kibinge wa Nuturi of the Kenya National Police (pictured right) and Benjamin Kilungo, chief chaplain of the Administration Police (left). They toured the station, rode along and watched SPD officers make a felony stop. They also experienced snow for the first time on Mt. Rainier!

Man Behind the Numbers

SPD lost one Wilson and gained another! Jason Wilson joined the department on October 1 in the new position of Administrative Services Manager. Although not an officer, Wilson has a background in and passion for public safety.

Business Made Easier Sumner is pleased to announce that Washington State’s Master License Service (MLS) will now take care of business licenses within our city. This just made licensing much easier for businesses. Businesses can now apply online, a convenience Sumner did not have. Plus, the MLS lets businesses take care of State licenses plus any of 16 Washington state city licenses (now including Sumner) at the same time. The link is available through the City’s site at Businesses may also still apply at City Hall. Renewing businesses will get a letter with instructions in the mail.

October 2007

Sumner Community Connection

Red Apple Site Watch The redevelopment of the old Red Apple site is progressing. You may have heard some rather loud noises when the former Sumner Towing building came down. That work is just part of the process of getting the site ready for redevelopment. In the meantime, the City continues to work through the process and negotiations of writing up a contract with the potential developer. The plan is to use the space for mixeduse redevelopment including condos, retail and parking. While the contract work isn’t as visible as a backhoe pulling down a building, we wanted to update you that everything is moving along smoothly!

City Resumes Passport Processing The City of Sumner is once again processing passports through the Municipal Court office. Fees per application 16 & older: $67 to US Dept. of State $30 to City of Sumner 15 & younger $52 to US Dept. of State $30 to City of Sumner Checks or money orders only; two separate checks required per application. Hours Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri 9 AM - Noon, 1-3 PM, Saturday by appointment only Details at or 253-299-5625.


Make Fall Work a Clean Sweep There’s change in the air, which means it’s time to clean, prune and rake. Here’s a little advice to help out!

Fall Clean-Up Once again, DM Disposal is offering to help with your fall clean up on the week of November 5. During this week, you can dispose of extra yard waste, an appliance and an extra trash can free of charge! Watch your DM bill for further details.

Out of the Gutter A few residents each year try the method of sweeping all their yard leaves into the gutter for the street sweeper to pick up. This actually causes quite a bit of problems for the sweeper. The machinery is intended to pick up normal leaf fall into the street, but not huge piles. Please use your yard waste recycle bin and DM’s Fall Clean-Up to get rid of extra leaves.

Paint Pierce Purple October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and various organizations will use purple throughout the month as a reminder. If you or someone you know is in this situation, you are not alone. You are not to blame. You do not deserve to be abused. Help is yours for the asking. A computer kiosk in Sumner City Hall allows you to electronically petition Pierce County Superior Court for a temporary protection order. For more information, visit and select “Ask about Domestic Violence” from the right-hand menu.


Sumner Community Connection

Council Action August-September 2007 August Accepted Ryan Avenue Water Main Replacement

Awarded bid for Elm Street Storm Drainage Outfall improvements to Johansen Excavating, Inc.

Accepted Rainier View Park Playground and Picnic Shelter

Authorized the Mayor to enter into a contract with Vadis for Property Maintenance Services through Feb 08

Adopted Ordinance No. 2223, the 2006 International Fire Code with local amendments Adopted Ordinance No. 2225, amending the Sumner Municipal Code relating to Business Licensing Adopted Ordinance No. 226, providing an interfund loan for Stewart Road ULID September Accepted Phase I and II of the Cemetery Improvement Project Adopted Resolution No. 1223 authorizing surplus of the cemetery house Set public hearing for Stepping Stones Development Appeal Adopted Ordinance No. 2227 amending the Employee Compensation Schedule

This year, the City’s Relay for Life team raised over $4200 to help Strike Out Cancer. Altogether, the Sumner/Bonney Lake community raised over $177,000!

Authorized an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Puyallup for Animal Control Services Awarded bid for downtown parking lot paving to Lakeridge Paving Adopted Ordinance No. 2228 adopting a new Chapter 1.18 of the SMC entitled Public Records Adopted Ordinance No. 2229 initiating the annexation of Sumner into Pierce County Fire District No. 22 Adopted Resolution No. 1225 ratifying the purchase and sale agreement for Lake Tapps and authorizing the Mayor to sign an interlocal agreement with Bonney Lake and Auburn Approved Joint Representation Agreement for Lake Tapps

Thank you to the businesses who supported the City’s team including Dillanos Coffee Roasters Farrelli’s Pizza High Cedars Golf Course Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse See’s Candy Tacoma Dome Tacoma Rainiers

October 2007

ASK DR. SUMNER: Why don’t the resurfaced streets have a center stripe? You probably noticed that a number of Sumner’s streets got a new chip and fog seal this summer. But, something is now missing-the center yellow line. There is a reason for this! No, the City is not being cheap, and no, there wasn’t a run on yellow paint. Rather, this is a way to reduce speeders on our neighborhood streets. It’s been documented that when drivers don’t have a center yellow line, they become more cautious. That means less cars exceeding the speed limit and more drivers paying attention to the other cars and pedestrians around them. We thought this was a good reason to skip the yellow line! You can e-mail Dr. Sumner at

mission: To provide needed and valued services that promote our sense of community.

vision: Sumner will set the standard of excellence for a progressive small city.

values: We are collaborative & professional. We are innovative & visionary. We are responsive & accountable. We serve with respect & integrity.

October 2007

Sumner Community Connection

Add Some Drama! Have you ever wanted to let your dramatic The side out? Tacoma’s Broadway Center for the Performing Arts is kicking off their first season of classes at the Broadway Center Conservatory. Classes offer a variety of performing arts training for ages 4 to adult with experience levels ranging from beginner through professional training. Take a look at the online class offerings and schedules at and go to the Conservatory section. Fall classes are already in session, but winter and spring sessions are available.


Go Online to Take Part in Art Enjoying an afternoon in a gallery or an evening at a performance just got as easy as going to the movies. The website now features arts events in King and Pierce Counties. You’ll also find any upcoming Arts Commissions events listed on this site as well. Check it out for easy event listings and ticket information as well as special discount offers!


City Hall Calendar October 11..... Forestry Commission, 4:30 pm 15..... City Council meeting, 7 pm 18..... Planning Commission, 7 pm 22..... City Council study session, 6 pm 25..... Arts Commission, 6 pm November 1 ...... Planning Commission, 7 pm 5 ...... City Council meeting, 7 pm 12..... Veteran’s Day, City Hall Closed 13..... City Council study session, 6 pm Parks Board, 6 pm 15..... Planning Commission, 7 pm 19..... City Council meeting, 7 pm 22-23 Thanksgiving, City Hall Closed 26..... City Council study session, 6 pm 27..... Arts Commission, 6 pm

Community Events October 11 Love & Logic: Parenting strategies to raise responsible children, 6:30-8 pm, Sumner Family Center, also October 18 & 25, free but registration required, LuAnn Ugas 253-891-6535 14 Come Walk with Me Cancer Benefit, 9 am - 1 pm, Downtown 31 Halloween Street of Treats, 5 - 7 pm, Downtown November 1, 8, 15 Strategies for Home & School Success, 6:30-8 pm, Free series, but registration required, Sumner Family Center, LuAnn Ugas 253-891-6535 5 DM Disposal’s Fall Clean-up 6 Election Day--be sure to vote! 10 Hometown Holiday Celebration, 10 am - 7 pm, Downtown 23 Bridge Lighting and Processional, 5 pm, Bridge Street bridge


Sumner Community Connection

October 2007

Safety Sally Says, Prepare for Emergencies with Three Steps I’ve been on the website for nearly a year, but this is my debut in the newsletter. Fall is the perfect time to get prepared for emergencies. Being prepared applies to most incidents -- from a cut finger to an earthquake. Don’t get overwhelmed at the start: it’s really just as easy as 1-2-3!


Think about how you and your family will respond to each possible emergency. Outline what emergencies are most probable and plan ahead. Most of your efforts will help you in any kind of emergency, big or small.

Prepare at home.


Prepare for an emergency while you’re away from home.

Draw a floor plan & mark two escape routes from each room.


Know how to turn off the water, gas and electricity at the main switches.

Check your workplace plans.

Watch upcoming Have an emergency kit you can grab. newsletters for more Safety Sally tips or go online Plan ahead with your neighbors at to help each other.

Review your children’s school plans. Sumner School District’s website features their emergency preparedness info. Select an out-of-state friend or relative whom everyone calls to check in.

Sumner City Council

Steve Allsop

Curt Brown

Mike Connor

Leroy Goff

City of Sumner 1104 Maple Street Sumner, WA 98390

Ed Hannus

Randy Hynek

Matt Richardson



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