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City of Sumner Newsletter

Strategic Priorities Become Realities in 2007 In 2006, the City Council outlined four strategic priorities. These are the areas that the City departments were to focus on in the following years. How did we do in 2007? Here’s a snapshot. PRIORITY: Protection of water, open spaces and other natural resources.  Opened Rainier View Park.  Refurbished the historic bulb entry sign and reinstalled it in original location.  Connected Confluence Trail with Traffic Avenue.  Made Bonney Good Sumner Grow available with popular response from area gardeners.  Responded to over 100 complaints of code violations.  Received a Tree City USA Growth Award from the National Arbor Day Foundation for environmental improvement and higher levels of tree care in Tree City USA communities. PRIORITY: Safe and efficient transportation system.  Implemented a comprehensive approach to downtown parking.

sidewalk through a voluntary partnership with homeowners, a state grant and a county grant.  Began construction on Valley Avenue from Washington to Elm, adding in-pavement lighted crosswalk, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, bus stop improvements, and low-impact development stormwater systems.

March 2008

Citizens to Vote on Fire Annexation on April 22 About what are we voting? You will vote on whether or not you’d like to be fully annexed into Fire District 22, more commonly known as East Pierce Fire & Rescue, for fire and emergency medical service (EMS). Does the vote affect our service? No. Whether or not this vote passes in April, you will receive the same service from East Pierce Fire and Rescue. The only difference is in the governance: the vote determines whether you receive service through our current contract situation or as a resident of the fire district. Why are we voting on this? Last year, the city began receiving service from East Pierce through a Continued on page 6

 Worked with large industrial businesses to advocate for transportation and transit service.  Chipped and fog sealed four major streets.  Conducted special traffic emphasis patrols with over 1300 stops. PRIORITY: Long-range financial stability to provide a balance of City services.  Joined the Master License Service program with the Washington State Department of Licensing.

East Pierce

Issue 53

East Pierce has been serving Sumner Continued on page 4 citizens well since January 2007.  Secured over 8000 feet of new INSIDE: Return to Sumner University • Journey to Africa • Rediscover the Daffodil Sports Complex


Sumner Community Connection

Mayor’s Message Were any of you surprised that in the midst of all the presidential campaign hoopla in February, Tim Hyland’s passing made the front page headline of The News Tribune? We expected the big response from our community, but we weren’t really anticipating such a reaction from the region. Why did so many people outside of Sumner take such an interest?

March 2008

City of Sumner 1104 Maple Street Sumner, WA 98390 253-863-8300 253-863-2850 FAX MAYOR Dave Enslow



Here’s what I think: Sumner still has the personal connections that so many other communities have sadly lost. It’s rare now for people to know their nextdoor neighbors, let alone the person who sweeps their streets. When those not familiar with Sumner heard Tim’s story, it was like they were hearing a fairy tale. We want to believe that one person can make such a difference, but it’s hard these days with all the pessimism that is so often peddled as “realism.” Many of us in Sumner know better, and Tim knew it best of all. He worked at all the celebrations, festivals and parades, not out of some sense of duty, but because he liked to have fun. To him, each celebration was a fun chance to meet new people and joke with old friends. He wasn’t sitting around talking about social issues, he was too busy out creating great things with his smile, his wave and his wicked sense of humor. So, to honor Tim, let’s continue to take care of Sumner. Try filling Tim’s shoes by volunteering to work at a community event or parade. I’ll bet you’ll find a bit of the joy that made him so happy. And, next time you pass someone on the street, smile and nod or say hello. Even if you don’t know them, in a way, you’ll be smiling at Tim Hyland and the community he loved.

Steve Allsop Curt Brown Cindi Hochstatter Randy Hynek Ed Hannus Leroy Goff Matt Richardson

299-5793 299-5796 299-5795 299-5792 299-5791 299-5797 299-5794


John Doan City Administrator


Diane Supler Deputy City Administrator


Carmen Palmer Communications Director


Brett Vinson City Attorney


Terri Berry City Clerk


Paul Rogerson Community Development Director 299-5521 Beth Anne Wroe Financial Operations Director


John Galle Police Chief


Bill Shoemaker Public Works Director


Lee Anderson Parks and Facilities Manager



The city’s street sweeper led the processional for Tim Hyland.

Administration/Finance Cemetery Fire (non-emergency) Golf Course Inspection Line Parks and Recreation Permit Center Police (non-emergency) Senior Center

863-8300 FAX 863-2850 299-5510 863-1800 863-8198 299-5530 891-6500 299-5523 863-6384 863-2910

MUNICIPAL COURT Judge Stephen R. Shelton Court Offices


Cathy Pashon, Court Administrator


EAST PIERCE FIRE & RESCUE Main Number Dan Packer, Fire Chief

863-1800 863-5451

March 2008

Council Column

Spring in Sumner

Sumner Community Connection


Thank you to Sumner Tractor for preparing the new Community Garden! Hurry to reserve your space at

Spring this year in Sumner is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, I thank our residents for maintaining their lawns and flower beds, to make our city pristine. There are colorful primroses, daffodils and tulips blooming in regalia, Then come flowering cherry trees, dogwoods, rhodies and azaleas.

Birds are singing in the trees and busily building their nests, Summer furniture is being brought out, in case there’s a chance for rest.

Kathy Hammad

I hear the laughter of children playing outdoors in the park, They’re picking dandelions and chasing butterflies until dark.

Volunteers help get the two garden sites ready: from left, Bruce Hotvedt, Randy Hynek, Don Proctor, Phin McDermott, Esme McDermott, Denise McDermott, Eileen Smith, Hamza Hammad, Matt from Sumner Tractor and Kathy Hammad. Council Action January-February

Inviting smells of the barbecue are beginning to fill the air, Spring brings an aura of optimism that no other season can share. Couples walking their dog stop to talk to neighbors they haven’t seen since fall, These are some of the reasons loving Sumner in the spring isn’t hard at all. Sumner is such a tremendous community to live, work and play in, So get ready for parades, festivals, ball games and outdoor fun to begin. Enjoy, Ed Hannus

Adopted Resolution 1233, approving a jail services agreement with City of Fife Elected Leroy Goff as deputy mayor Adopted Resolution 1232 establishing water use efficiency goals Accepted Elm Street Stormwater Outfall Project

mission To provide needed and valued services that promote our sense of community.

vision Sumner will set the standard of excellence for a progressive small city.

values We are collaborative & professional. We are innovative & visionary. We are responsive & accountable. We serve with respect & integrity.

Adopted Ordinance 2248 adopting Findings of Fact for Ordinance No. 2246 Adopted Resolution 1234, supporting Russell Investment remaining in Tacoma Adopted Resolution 1235, surplussing city vehicles Confirmed Mayor’s appointment of Heather Vezzetti to the Planning Commission Adopted Ordinance 2249, establishing annual CPI-U Index rate increase for solid waste collection and recycling Authorized Mayor to enter into a Consent for Use and Relocation Work Plan agreements with Puget Sound Energy Adopted Ordinance 2247 amending zoning code related to accessory dwelling units Authorized City Administrator to commission a feasibility study of a YMCA Awarded design of Safe Routes to School sidewalk improvements to KPG


Sumner Community Connection


continued from page 1 Permit Volumes 2003-2007

 Worked on such issues as yard setbacks and cottage housing design in the zoning code.  Worked toward reestablishing the Sk8 park as a safe place for skaters and the community.  Hosted Sumner University and helped the Arts Commission with Sumner Reads and Music Off Main.  Launched a new website. MISSION:To provide needed and valued services that promote our sense of community.

 Performed a feasibility study of the municipal court and decided to keep a city-run court.

Plus, there are many things the City does day and night to fulfill our mission.

 Expanded passport processing.

 Filled 14 positions at the City.

 Found ways to sell surplus tech equipment, recouping some revenue.

 Renovated North Street parking lot.

 Exchanged approximately 700 water meters for new, more efficient touch read meters.  Reduced the time required to perform regular vehicle maintenance by 30%.  Used virtualization computer technologies to reduce the number of physical servers required for applications.  Applied for funding for flood victims. PRIORITY: Enhance community character.  Implemented a Language Assistance Program in the municipal court.  Maintained 150 hanging flower baskets.  Installed a new flag pole on the corner of Thompson and Traffic Ave.

 Built sani-cans enclosures in parks.  Worked with Bonney Lake and Auburn to submit an offer to buy Lake Tapps for future long-range water supply.  Expanded the cemetery to provide 107 raised plots and 27 estate plots; built a new Niche Wall, Estate Section that has 420 spaces and added 48 Companion Urn Garden spots.  Continued to send feedback surveys to individuals who needed police assistance. Of those who took the survey, 89% rated their experience with the Police Department as “Above Average” or “Excellent.”  Answered all 911 calls within three rings, most within one ring.

March 2008

 Continued to expand emergency response capabilities with training, coordination between departments and other agencies as well as improvements to the Emergency Operations Center.  Filled potholes.  Expanded a partnership with Puyallup for animal control services and began streamlining data for improved renewal/licensing processes.  Conducted a survey of the Senior Center and from the feedback, began offering a site-prepared “scratchcooked” meal every Wednesday.  Installed a computer kiosk in City Hall for victims of domestic violence to electronically petition Pierce County Superior Court for a temporary protection order.  Processed more building permits than in 2006 despite national downturn in economy.  Tested and improved City Hall’s back-up systems in the event of a power failure. The full report is available online at

Bragging Rights Sometimes, you just need to brag about your community. Here are some topics from last year.  From the time a 911 call is received to the time police arrived on scene for the highest priority calls was an average of 3 minutes and 55 seconds.

 Published new children’s coloring book to help educate Sumner’s youngest citizens about City government.

 The International Association of Chiefs of Police selected Sumner’s Police Department to be one of eight agencies in the nation for a one-year pilot test site of their Enhancing Law Enforcement Response to Victims project.

 Reviewed design guidelines and hosted public meetings for input regarding guidelines.

 Sumner’s Judge Shelton served as President of District/Municipal Court Judge’s Association.

 Repainted the Ryan House.

 The Washington State Auditor’s Office gave an unqualified opinion on the City’s financial statements, in other words, a “clean” audit.

Cases Filed in Municipal Court

March 2008

Sumner Community Connection


Treasure in Our Backyard: Daffodil Sports Complex Wouldn’t it be great to live in one of the Sk8 Park. Recently reopened with those resort-like communities with new features such as a fence to sepatennis courts and playing fields? After rate skaters from bystanders (yes, they use that top level for skating too!) plus all, with the days getting warmer, it would be nice to meet friends for a a security camera that you can view on game of tennis or maybe a pick-up the City’s website and new landscapgame of softball. Maybe ing. SK8 reopened last DAFFODIL SPORTS month as a big hit. Even you’d like to shoot some if you’re not a skater, stop hoops on a lighted court at At: Washington & Graham twilight or pretend you’re by and watch the incred|at the beach with some ible skill in our community Key Amenities: sand volleyball? (from outside the fence). Baseball fields, soccer

park for you to use. The ball fields may be reserved for recreation games. But, if they’re not in use or being prepared for a game, go play! The Daffodil Complex also includes

less it will be used for unhealthy pursuits. So whether you’re jogging, skating or simply meeting a friend at a picnic table, don’t forget to use this wonderful treasure in our backyard.

Tomas Sumbera

fields, volleyball courts, Plus, like any park, the You can do all this and more basketball court, Sk8, at the Daffodil Sports Com- tennis courts, jogging more we use this complex trail, children’s play area for healthy activity, the plex! It isn’t a club: it’s a

Sk8 reopened in February to the excitement of skaters.

Sharpen Your Pencils for Sumner University Learn about your community, meet your neighbors, and help shape the future of your community. It’s time for the award-winning, popular Sumner University!

This free, two-night event on April 29 and May 6 is a favorite with firsttime “students” and returning “graduates” alike. So, don’t delay in reserving your space. Classes run 6-9 pm each night and include a textbook and refreshments. Graduates who attend both nights receive a diploma and t-shirt. Reserve your space today: contact Sally Abrams at 253-299-5520 or

Get Extra Help with Spring Cleaning Renew your garage, yard and house by taking DM Disposal up on their offer to haul away extra garbage, yard waste and even an appliance! You will receive coupons in the mail to use March 24-28. Follow the directions indicated on each coupon and welcome a clean spring.

Journey to Africa The annual Sumner Reads program, now Pierce The County Reads, is traveling to Africa. Take the journey with Alexander McCall Smith’s popular novel, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. Plus, reading the book is just the beginning. On March 29, join the Sumner Arts Commission at the Sumner Pierce County Library for Bead for Life and support the community of Ugandan women who turn colorful recycled paper into beautiful beads. And, on April 26, you can meet the author himself. Go to for more details and other great events.


Sponsored by Key Foundation, funded by KeyBank. Many community partners are also participating including Pierce County Library Foundation and Sumner Arts Commission.


Sumner Community Connection

March 2008

FIRE ANNEXATION continued from page 1

ten-year contract. This annexation vote would formalize the contractual arrangement.

tant review our options, and we looked at various options for partners. East Pierce fit best. So, in October 2006, the City Council decided to enter into a contract with East Pierce for fire and EMS service. That contract began in January 2007.

Specifically, this vote would mean two main changes: if fully annexed, you would be voting members of East Pierce, which currently is not the case How does East Pierce’s service benunder the contract. The ability to vote efit me? gives you a voice in topics such as With East Pierce, you receive imsetting the tax rate and electing Fire proved services such as ambulance Commissioners. The second change transportation with no out is that instead of paying the of pocket expense, more OPEN HOUSE EMS and fire taxes to the firefighters and equipment Sumner Fire Station City and having the City pay available and streamlined March 29, 1-4 pm East Pierce for services, you fire permit services--all at would pay taxes directly to no additional cost. the East Pierce district. What doesn’t change? Will I pay more for fire/EMS? East Pierce still participates in the comNo. You would pay your fire and munity at such events as the Daffodil, EMS taxes directly to East Pierce but St. Patrick’s Day and Santa parades as not at a higher rate. well as the Arts Festival and the Easter Egg Hunt. East Pierce is also hosting Why did we already change from a an open house at the Sumner Fire Stacity-run department? tion on March 29, 1-4 pm. Firefighting has changed a lot over the years. Medical calls are now the more More questions and answers available common need, and there is a demand online at or confor specialized equipment. Also, the tact Carmen Palmer at 253-299-5503 community has simply grown. or

What is the Sumner Family Center? The Sumner Family Center is a family support center where people can meet, drop in, or gather together as a group to receive help or provide support for one another. The Center offers a wide variety of human service programs, resources, health services, referrals and information. Programs and classes include • Parent Support Groups • Immunization Programs • Parenting Classes • Child Development Screening • Home Visits • Brief Counseling Services • Hispanic Services • Family Events • Summer Programs • Pee Wee Play Time • Sewing Classes The Family Center is supported by a number of different organizations including the City of Sumner and the Sumner School District. So, be sure to use this valuable resource. Stronger families build stronger communities.

Because of these changes, a few years ago the City looked at what options were available to provide you with the best service. It became clear that the City couldn’t afford on its own the level of service available through partnership.

The Center is located at 1503 Valley Avenue (at Daffodil Valley Elementary School Portable 1) and is open Monday - Thursday 9 am - 4:30 pm Friday 9 am - 4 pm (Closed for lunch daily Noon - 1 pm).

East Pierce

That study showed that consolidation was the best option because of economies of scale. The same selection of equipment was required, but as a stand-alone city, the cost would be borne by Sumner’s 9,000 residents while as part of the district, the cost is shared by 70,000 residents. How did that transition happen? We gathered a group of citizens on an advisory committee; we had a consul-


Firefighter Zane Gibson with a child he delivered four years earlier.

For more information, contact the center at 253-891-6535 or visit You can e-mail Dr. Sumner at

March 2008

Sum-more News Design Your Future There is an opening on Sumner’s Design Commission. If you would like to encourage and promote good design as a vital part of the community, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. Members serve four-year terms, and most represent design professions such as engineering, architecture, planning, construction, and landscaping. Get an application online at The Art of Sharing Your Thoughts A big thank you to the 132 people who took the time to fill out and return the Arts Survey in the last newsletter. In case you’re curious, your community would most like to see Music Off Main continue and explore beginning summertime movies in the park. 77.8% of you would consider making a financial contribution to art, with most contributing to Music Off Main, Hands on Arts Experience for senior citizens and outdoor movies. The Arts Commission is reviewing the responses and will plan their future endeavors based on your input. Thank you again. Garbage Rate Increase Starting this month, you’ll see a slight increase in DM Disposal’s garbage and recycling rates due to an annual CPI-U Index rate increase. The one can rate went from $17.54 to $18.35 per month. All the rates are available at No, You Don’t Get a Badge But, you do get to become involved in a lot of important and interesting police work if you become a Police Volunteer! Police Volunteers serve as extra eyes and ears for officers. They do house checks, park checks, run errands and assist with certain jobs so that officers can stay on the streets. Find out more and get an application at

Sumner Community Connection


City Hall Calendar March 10..... City Council Study Session, 6 pm 11..... Parks Commission, 6 pm 13..... Forestry Commission, 4:30 pm ......... Design Commission, 6:30 pm 17..... City Council Meeting, 7 pm 24..... City Council Study Session, 6 pm 27..... Arts Commission, 6 pm April 3 ...... Planning Commission, 7 pm 7 ...... City Council Meeting, 7 pm 8 ...... Parks Commission, 6 pm 10..... Forestry Commission, 4:30 pm ......... Design Commission, 6:30 pm 14..... City Council Study Session, 6 pm 21..... City Council Meeting, 7 pm 24..... Arts Commission, 6 pm 28..... City Council Study Session, 6 pm

Community Events March 16.. St. Patrick’s Day Parade, 1 pm, Downtown 19.. Senior Trip: Red Wind Casino 22.. 18th Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Sunset Stadium, 1-3 years old at 9 am, 4-6 years old at 10 am, 7-9 years old at 11 am, 10-12 years old at noon, food and monetary donations accepted for the Sumner Food Bank, sponsored by East Pierce Firefighters Local 3520 24-28 DM Disposal’s Spring Clean up, see page 5 for details 27.. 15th Annual Community Summit, 5 - 8:30 pm, Calvary Community Church 29.. Pierce County Reads’ Bead for Life, 10 am - 5 pm, Sumner Pierce County Library 29..East Pierce Fire & Rescue Open House, 1-4 pm, Sumner Fire Station April 6....Sumner Royal Tea, Ryan House 9....Senior Trip: Lunch at Steamers Seafood Cafe in Tacoma 12..Daffodil Parade, 2:30 pm, Downtown 19..Parks Appreciation / Arbor Day, 9 am - noon, Sumner City Cemetery, help with spring cleaning and planting new trees! Contact Lee Anderson at 253-299-5631. 26 Pierce County Reads’ Author Event, 7 pm, Pacific Lutheran Univ. 29 & May 6 Sumner University Spring in Sumner means parades! Get your green on for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, cheer on Sumner’s award-winning float for the Daffodil Parade, and on May 4 welcome back the Sumner Rotary May Day Kids Parade.


Sumner Community Connection

March 2008

Safety Sally Says, Pretend It’s Shaking Recently, a number of government agencies, including the City of Sumner and East Pierce Fire & Rescue, pretended there was an earthquake and tested their responses. Give this a try yourself! • What would you do while a shake is happening? • What would you do right after? • How would you contact your family?

AFTER • • • •



Drop, Cover & Hold

If you are indoors, • Do not go outside until the shaking stops. • Move under a desk or sturdy table. Hold onto it and move with it. • Stay away from windows, bookcases, refrigerators and other objects that could fall. • If you are in a crowded store or public place, do not rush for an exit. Move away from display shelves; drop, cover and hold. • If you are in a theater or stadium, stay in your seat, protect your head with your arms or get under the seat.

More specifically,

Check yourself and others for injuries. Provide first aid as necessary. Be prepared for aftershocks. Use the phone only to report life-threatening emergencies. If you smell gas or hear a hissing sound, open a window, take your emergency kit and leave the building. Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly.

If you are outdoors, move to a clear area away from trees, signs, buildings or downed electrical wires or poles.


If you are in a downtown area, get into a building’s doorway or lobby to protect yourself from falling bricks, glass or other debris.

• •

If you are driving, slowly pull to the side of the road and stop. Avoid overpasses, power lines and stay inside the vehicle until the shaking stops.


Take a first aid class. They’re free through East Pierce Fire & Rescue. Get your emergency kit ready. Establish an out-of-town contact. Sometimes, local phone lines are jammed but not long distance. Form a Neighborhood Emergency Team. Go to and the Emergency Management page for details.

For more Safety Sally, go online at

Sumner City Council

Steve Allsop

Curt Brown

Leroy Goff

Ed Hannus

Cindi Hochstatter

Randy Hynek

Matt Richardson


City of Sumner 1104 Maple Street Sumner, WA 98390


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